Molly and her Big Smile!

There’s really one point and one point only of today’s blog post. And that’s to share these absolutely adorable photos of Molly! I know life with her is just going to keep getting better and better because this is absolutely, without a doubt, my favorite age yet! I’m so excited to see her grow and her little personality develop. Can you tell she was super excited to be wearing her new dress? (It’s so cute and $30. ) Like mother like daughter. I get like this when I get new clothes too! Ha!

I hope these pictures brightened up your Tuesday! I know her little smile always brightens my day. Love you guys!


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33 thoughts on “Molly and her Big Smile!

  1. Omg. Adorable
    She is perfect combo of you and Kevin

    Can you share different activities you do with Molly? Like books you read to her. Play games? Puzzle?

    1. We go to a toddler and me class. But mostly she just LOVES books and we read and talk to her constantly! She also has letters for the tubby that she loves to identity and learn from during bath time.

  2. Molly’s dress & her expressions are the cutest!
    You’re a proud Mama and you should be.
    Great photos! πŸ’œ

    1. Julie this age is truly the best. I thought motherhood was mostly hard the first year. But around 14 months it got so much fun!

  3. Great phots! My daughter was just like that at this age! The Best! Enjoy this and ever stage. Time flies. Now mine is 20 yr.

  4. She is just too adorable, Ali! I love her spunk and smile in these pictures:) I know what you mean about this being the best age. My daughter is fifteen months and I keep thinking the same thing each month. It’s the best when they are walking, talking and really expressing their personalities. Thanks for sharing these pictures. And thanks for always sharing awesome parenting tips and advice:)

  5. She is SO adorable! And you can tell that she’s happy, healthy (salad?? c’mon! ;)) and thriving – great job mama and daddy!

  6. She is so darn cute! I love these pics, they certainly made me smile today! I love this age too, mine is 19 months

  7. She is simply adorable and if those pictures don’t brighten your day, nothing will. I love how she poses and knows she’s wearing a pretty dress! Too too cute! I agree with others….enjoy every moment. My 3 are in their 30s and 40s but now I’ve got grandbabies from age 6 months to 25 years, and a little 4-month-old great grandson to enjoy! Cannot wait for the pictures of big sister with her little bro!

  8. She is soooooooooo cute! My daughter was born a few days after Molly, and I totally agree that this age is the BEST!

  9. Hi Allie. I was wondering about that white step stool with the rails you have for molly. what brand is it?

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