Maxi Dresses are a Must Going into my 3rd Trimester – It’s Non maternity!

Oh my gosh, I am 28-weeks pregnant. As of yesterday to be exact. I feel like I blinked and all of a sudden I’m in my third trimester. I guess that’s a good thing since I know this last trimester is NOT going to go by as fast. But here’s the thing, with Molly I wanted it to go by fast because I couldn’t wait to be a mommy! And I also had NO idea how much my life was about to change and to be honest, how much harder some things were going to get. And even though I am so excited to meet our son, I know how HARD it is to have an infant. And I can only image how hard it is to have a toddler AND an infant. So I’m honestly not in any rush for this baby to arrive. With Molly I counted the days until she arrived, but with this little guy I stress every time I see a week go by because we have so much to do to prepare!

And FYI, I took these pics a few weeks ago, so my belly is soooo much bigger now. The aches and pains are really starting to set in because I’m measuring so big. My doctors told me the baby is measuring over 3 weeks BIG! Eeeek! Kevin was over 10lbs when he was born so I’m slightly terrified. Ha! Anyway, even though my belly is a little smaller in this pic, this maxi dress still fits me perfectly! And it’s non-maternity. In fact you can see me wearing the EXACT same dress HERE but in a different print. In the post, I show myself wearing the dress at 9-months pregnant and again when I wasn’t pregnant a year later. That’s why I love wearing non-maternity for as long as possible when pregnant – you get more use out of the clothes afterwards! It’s a lot harder this time around though because I am getting so much bigger than the first time.


This is just such a great dress. I legit own it in 3 colors! One is a really cool print that I plan on taking with me to Hawaii when we go in a couple weeks! A little trip before the baby arrives! We are going on the trip just in time because I can’t travel after April 4th. I’ll be too pregnant then. Oh and I love maxi dresses for pregnancy because you can easily wear flats with them. Yay for comfort!

Speaking of flats and comfort, I’m wearing my most comfy sandals with this dress. They are neutral, so they go with everything and they have padded stitches in the sole that makes them soooo dang comfy! You’ll love them. I know this pregnant mamma does! I did a giveaway with this brand (BΓΈrn) on my blog recently and they gave me a discount code for my followers for 15% off. It still works if you wanna get them. Use code ALILUVS at checkout!

Just wanted to share with you guys! And wish me luck tackling my 3rd trimester!!!!


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14 thoughts on “Maxi Dresses are a Must Going into my 3rd Trimester – It’s Non maternity!

  1. You are looking gorgeous Ali! I’m 24 weeks pregnant with our 2nd baby and totally relate to this post so much! We have so much to prepare too & the weeks are disappearing with a blink! I hope you have an awesome time in Hawaii & happy 3rd trimester!

  2. Love today’s blog! We have a 3 1/2 year old boy and 16 month old girl. When I was pregnant with my daughter, I was in NO RUSH for her to be born. It’s such a weird feeling toward the end of pregnancy that you are closing one chapter of your life in turn for another, whether it’s starting motherhood or adding another child to your family. But just like having one kid, with the second it’s hard to remember life before being a family of 4.😊 I’m also so glad you’re getting to go away on a babymoon! Can’t wait to see pictures!

  3. Hi Ali
    You & Kevin are going to continue being great Parents having both a toddler & an infant!
    Hawaii is the perfect place for your vacation…the feeling of peace & tranquility from being there will always be in your heart & will help you ‘cope’. I mean that with sincerity.
    Yours & Molly’s outfits are both adorable!

  4. You look great and that blue is beautiful on you! I think it will go fast for you, I always felt my first pregnancy dragged on, but the second and third flew by. Probably because I had other kiddos to chase after, haha, along with work, home, etc. You are going to love having your two so close and honestly, I didn’t find baby 2 or 3 as big an adjustment as the first baby was. My first two are 16 months apart. Once you get in a routine, you will find 2 isn’t much different! Love seeing all the fashions! Maternity clothes were ugly dull tents back when I had my kids; you girls have so many beautiful options now!

  5. I love this maxi dress on you! Which color blue is the one you’re wearing? I noticed there are two online. Also, what size are you wearing? Thanks so much! Love your blog!

  6. Hey, Ali:

    I just ordered this dress in black & I can’t wait to get it. Looks awesome on you in both the navy & the print! I am 25 weeks along with baby #3 (a GIRL after our TWO boys!) and I feel like the time is FLYING by! Hard to even stop & think about all that we still have to do in the coming weeks because we’ve been so busy shopping around for a new, larger home to accommodate our soon-to-be family of five! Hope you enjoy your last trimester & it won’t be too tough on your body!


  7. Good luck Ali,
    You look beautifull and so does your whole family whenever you do photoshoots or just get up…
    They say you will learn how to takle being a mom of a todler aswell as a baby…

    But maybe if you still strugle ask your fellow bachelorette mommy…
    My other favourite mommy is ashley…
    Thats if you guys keep in touch…
    Never hurts if someone asks for help

  8. I have been coveting this dress for the past few weeks. Not pregnant currently, but I love that it works even with a belly and I am super bummed I did not have it when I was pregnant with my daughter. πŸ™‚ My only concern, though, is wearing a bra with it. Strapless bras are the bane of my existence, especially with a toddler to run around after, so how possible is it to wear this dress without a bra???

  9. I turned 28 weeks the 6th with my second boy! First time around my little guy came at 23 weeks, so I didn’t get to experience the whole pregnancy thing. Now I’m enjoying the jabs, kicks and punches. I’m also bigger this time around!

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