After the Final Rose and Our New Bachelorette!

Well last night was…something. I went from being confused, to being sad, to being angry, to being so happy for everyone involved. Let’s discuss…

Aries Mistakes

Arie’s biggest mistake was not being completely honest with Lauren about his relationship with Becca. I feel like when he spoke to her, he told her what he thought she wanted to hear rather than the truth about his relationship with Becca. And I don’t think he did that because he was necessarily trying to manipulate her like some of the girls on the show said last night. I think he was just so afraid to lose her, that he didn’t want to say the wrong thing. And even though it would’ve been very commendable and courageous for him to be flat out honest, I think he was just terrified. But that doesn’t make it right and I will say that I think that was his biggest mistake in all of this.

Arie’s second big mistake was lying to Becca about not knowing if Lauren was going to take him back or not. I can’t help but think that maybe the producers wanted to seem that way, so they told him to say that to her. Obviously they changed their mind because they had Chris Harrison ask the girls about it during After the Final Rose last night. Or maybe Arie just royally screwed up. This mistake is why I have a hard time understanding, or giving him any slack. It’s wrong that he lied and it’s wrong that he tried to look like the hero for breaking it off with Becca for the chance of love with Lauren.

Arie and Becca

It was so incredible to see how Becca handled talking to Arie. She has such class and poise that I can’t help but be in all of her. She was in no way better or hold anything against him and she even gave him forgiveness which I feel really takes a strong person to do. I do want to say however that I also think Arie handled himself very well. I think he did a really good job of explaining himself or at least trying to explain himself. He owned up to his mistakes and I applaud him for that.

Arie and Lauren

I’m honestly happy for Arie and Lauren. I don’t know that I would’ve been able to be happy for them if Becca wasn’t named the new Bachelorette. Because I feel like that just would’ve been too heartbreaking for her to deal with. But I remember what it felt like when I was announced as the Bachelorette, and it seems like Becca was feeling the same way I did back then! You’re just so excited and hopeful for what’s to come! You’re on a high and nothing can bring you down from it, even something like a very recent ex proposing to someone else.

And here’s the thing, Arie and Lauren have had the chance to get to know each other off-camera for at least a month now. That alone makes them more ready to get engaged than really any of the couples on the show before them. One month without cameras around them, even if it was just a few weekends together, that could mean more than the entire show itself! Because you get more quality time together without the other girls and cameras around. I have high hopes for their relationship to be honest. And I hope all of you do too. Because at the end of the day it just isn’t cool to root against two people in a relationship. So I wish them the absolute best and hope that they are truly happy together! And I mean that.

Becca as The New Bachelorette

I could not be more thrilled to have Becca as our new Bachelorette! I think we all agree that what Arie did to her was pretty horrible. Even if at the end of the day, it took courage for him to do it and he did the right thing by not stringing her along, it was still horrible. So what a way to get revenge! Becoming the Bachelorette yourself! OK OK, maybe I shouldn’t say revenge. But we’re all thinking it 😉

ABC knew they were going to cast Becca as the Bachelorette the second they knew Arie was going to break up with her. That’s why we saw all the footage of her flying out of LA and back home to Minneapolis. That’s why they filmed her getting emotional at home watching videos of her and Arie. I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if the producers told her they wanted her to be the Bachelorette five minutes after Arie walked out the door. In fact, I hope they did! I hope they told her that to give her some hope! I can’t remember if it was right after I was officially off the show or a couple days after, but I do know that the Bachelor producers told me they wanted me to be the Bachelorette very quickly after being off the show. So I hope they did the same for her. Even though it doesn’t take away all the pain, I just hope they gave her something to look forward to and the belief that she will find someone out there that’s better for her!

Everything about her makes her the perfect Bachelorette! She has an extremely touching and emotional backstory, she’s beautiful but also super down to earth and we just watched her get her heart broken so we’re all rooting for her to find love! ABC is so lucky to have her! And so are we!

The Guys

And I’m going to try not to judge the guys she met too much because they must’ve been extremely nervous coming out there on live TV. But I really wasn’t impressed with a few of them (one guys looked her up and down one too many times). In my mind so far Brian made the best impression even though he didn’t say much. His song was super cute and I like that he didn’t say much because he was obviously nervous and she seems smitten with him.

And before you leave I have to tell  you that I just found out the dress I’m wearing below is under $30! It’s on sale for 50% off! I couldn’t believe it when I saw it online this morning so I had to add to this post. Right now it’s available in all sizes!

Ok that’s all I’ve got for this season. And I honestly think it turned out great in the end. Becca gets to be the Bachelorette and Arie & Lauren are engaged and I think will have a long  and hopefully lasting relationship! What did you guys think? So curious if people are happy for Arie and Lauren or not. I am happy for them.  Let’s discuss in the comment below!



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218 thoughts on “After the Final Rose and Our New Bachelorette!

  1. I always love reading your thoughts!! I would have felt bitter if Becca hadn’t become the new bachelorette. It was a great way for everyone to (hopefully) have a happy ending. I’m with you – I definitely wish Arie & Lauren the best. I’m glad he found love in the end. Just crossing my fingers Becca does too!

    1. I have to say i think Becca was way out of arie’s league. She’s strong sweet & beatifull, she would never take any crap from him. On the other hand i think Lauren is also sweet but Arie will be the boss in this relationship. She will alwas need to be reassured & needy. I hope it works out for them, but i don’t give them 6 months

      1. Exactly my thoughts!!! It’s almost as if he needs the reassurance of knowing she will always need him.

      2. Agreed, but I think they have a bit of a curse on their relationship. It wasn’t cool, no matter how kind people are trying to be, to tell Arie to propose and for her to say yes so soon, especially if Arie backed out the first time so quickly. It may have nothing to do w Becca! He may be marriage phobic!! Think about it….

    2. I agree with Becka M in the audience, I hope Lauren gets out of it quick and runs the other way. I don’t trust him and she was not his first choice. Sue, you’re right, she seems very needy and insecure, not to mention immature, and for that reason she will stay with him. Can you tell I’m not an Arie fan?! Haha. Ali, I think you are being WAY too nice and forgiving to the guy, but I also get that you probably have to be careful what you say. Love your blog and love the photos of cute little Molly!

      1. Becks M rocks! She would also be a great bachelorette, maybe in a few years when she’s a bit older. Interesting how the producers didn’t bring out her strong personality until after she left. They portrayed her sexy, yet shallow.

  2. Unfortunately my DVR didn’t record the show last night so I have only read recaps, so take this how you will. I just cannot believe that Becca would want anything to do with this show after the way it all played out. I can’t believe Lauren is so quick to not only forgive Arie, take him back but also say yes to a proposal. I know that no one is perfect and we haven’t been in their shoes, but it all just sits wrong with me. It’s a lot like Ben and Lauren, she couldn’t get over him saying I love you to Jo Jo and he picked Lauren from the start. I guess we’ll see. I don’t know if I can watch this show anymore but Good luck to them all.

    1. Hi Jennifer. Well that sucks you couldn’t watch it. If we lived close I’d say come on over and we can watch it together. Lol
      For what its worth, I feel seeing it all unfold and watching the three of them muddle thru did help a ton last night. The first night watching Becca fall apart well the camera(s)chased her around that condo relentlessly was brutal but it also showed us what really happened. And last night was no different. It was real time with real people” unedited by producers) and I appreciated that.

      All three handled themseves with a grace and strength that was incredible in my mind because I honestly cannot imagine having this experience on TV for the world to judge. Yes they signed up for it but no one can predict what the heart is going to do.

      Don’t give up on the show. Becca will be truly special

      1. Becca is going to be amazing..
        I am also very happy for Arie and Lauren.. much better things are ahead for Becca keep it real people

    2. You should watch it. My guess is your opinion might be different. Becca is perfect of the Bachelorette and it will definitely be a season worth watching.

  3. Lauren, your comments are almost always right on with what I’m thinking and feeling and today is no different. I wish Lauren and Arie the best! They seem very much in-love. I must say that I thought it was SO TACKY for him to propose to Lauren with Becca still around. I don’t know why that couldn’t have waited until their out-of-country vacation.

    I hope Becca finds her love story! I can’t wait to watch!

    1. Sorry but everyone bashing Arie for following his heart, and poor Becca….she was so hurt, crying, devastated what 4 weeks ago they broke up in real time and now she is as happy as ever and accepts being the Bachelorette. Well if I were so devastated and heart broken the last thing I would want is to be the Bachelorette and meeting 30 guys. Becca is obviously fine…so bashing Arie or Lauren and wanted there relationship to fail why??? because he broke up with Becca. Its is not Arie’s fault they had him break up with her on camera blame that on Production and the show….they do that for ratings and themselves they do not care who they hurt in the process.

      1. He could have had the choice to get on a plane and meet up with her before telling or meeting up with the producers. He totally chose that himself and to me that lowers his character.

      2. They broke up 8 weeks ago in real time, wasn’t it? Lauren said they had been together 2 months, I thought…

      3. I agree… why did the producers have to film the breakup? It was humiliating and brutal for Becca. Arie was probably guarded if what he said and how he acted knowing the cameras were there and Lauren would be watching.

        1. Ok-lots to say.
          1. I hope Lauren and Arie are happy together-and I think they may actually last. They do seem good and boring together. Nothing against them-it’s a fact.
          2. I HATE Becca being the bachelorette. She had her heart torn apart in front of the world for ratings only. And people can say she’s perfect (nice, caring, sweet, attractive, etc) but that is EXACTLY why she shouldn’t be it. She will have her heart broken again. I mean, come on, the odds of these “relationships” working to none. So Becca, get prepared for another heartache sista. I would have LOVED if she agreed and then come time for them to announce said her name and then she said “no thanks, I’ll pass due to production not giving a shit about my feelings”. THAT I WOULD RESPECT!
          3. Adding on the #2, production and ratings. Harrison can say whatever he wants “Do you think it was too much to air the breakup” and all those girls (whom I like so far)-“No, not too much, It shows…” they all lied, they all thought it was wrong-but wnated a chance to be the next bacherette at some point. They ALL lost points in my book. The breakup It was all about ratings. And we take it in, like a soap opera. But it’s a real heart. The show is trash, but I still watch it. But reading everyone saying, I cannot believe they did that to her. Really??? They did it for us. So we can write, tweet, instagram, and talk about it, for more ratings. Harrison said it himself, this eposide BLEW UP SOCIAL MEDIA. We are the problem.
          4. Arie was boring but quite frankly, he did the right thing. He has some connection with Lauren (from what I saw) that was not present with Becca. I think he actually HATES the limelight and does not know how to handle these type of situations. I think producers said we have to air this, and he just agreed… I Think he honestly just wants to be with Lauren and be left alone. I will retract my statement when I see him on DWTS. Until then, I think the poor guy (yes, I know he’s a bit of an ass) made the right decision. I think it says a lot that he never shed one tear when breaking up with her.

          Ali-I agree with a lot with what you say. But I had to say all this, bc I also can tell with your writing style-since you are part of the franchise and in the biz-that you hold back a lot of feelings. Saying “he made me mad” and then taking it back with “but I guess I kind of understand why”. Not putting you down, it’s smart in your line of work 🙂 and I love reading all your updates!!! So nothing personal-but I think everyone needs to get real here. The show is a trainwreck and we all have to stop and look. It’s too good not to

          1. I’d be careful to mock the “relationships” that come out of the Bachelorette: I’ll just say…
            Trista Sutter
            Ashley Rosenbaum
            Desiree Hartstock
            Kaitlyn Bristowe
            JoJo Fletcher
            Rachel Lindsay

            I’m even going to say Ali, because even though her and Roberto didn’t end up together – they were together for over a year I believe! Not all relationships work out, but the Bachelorette track record is pretty impressive considering real-life relationships don’t typically work out anyway (marry one person after how many serious relationships? For many people – that is likely more than just their husband).

          2. Molly-I was mocking the word “relationships” bc 3 dates does not mean you have a relationship with someone. Ali said it herself-Since Arie proposed to lauren and they had the Most time together AFTER the show, that says a lot. Meaning not a lot of alone time on the show. Agree wtih you about life is a lot of trail and errors, esp. in relationships. I’ll give you some of those lasting relationships you mentioned above, JoJo isn’t married-but they seem happy. Lindsay is still too new to name a “couple” IMO. I think nowadays SOME (not all) ppl seem to go on it, to get air time, famous, or be the new bachelor/bachelorette. some don’t seem to be there for the right reasons. But statistically, the amount of ppl you just named with the number of seasons (counting both men and woman)-is not a lot. I just don’t want some douche to be fake to Becca or to see her get hurt again. Thats all.

          3. Exacly, why would Becca voluntarily allowed herself to be disrespected again. I personally think if any woman truly respects herself, she will never ever go to this show. It is all for show off, ratings, social media attention and a game with someone’s heart. Real love involves 2 people and that will never change. Nature is for a man to chase woman and woman to be unavailable for him to make him wanting her more. That is just how strongest bond of love forms, gradually growing love between TWO people.

        2. Arie also said he wanted people to know it was all him and not to blame Becca. I’m not sure he knew they wouldn’t edit it, though. I liked Becca better and saw more animation with her as the next Bachelorette and interacting with the new men than I ever saw with Arie. Yes, she looks happy! I actually thought Arie should choose Lauren in the first place but I think his family swayed him to think logically instead of with his heart. I wish them well: Becca as the next Bachelorette and Arie and Lauren for their future!

      4. Her heart was broken but it seems she has healed and sometimes the best time to get over heartache is to move one.

        I think Arie had a choice to do the break up on camera and I agree with his choice. I think it was good for the viewer to see what happened. We would have too many questions.

      5. Yesss! I agree with you so much! Yes public break up can’t feel good but she’s obviously over it so why can’t eveyone leave Arie alone & let him be happy with Lauren. Unfortunately sometimes we don’t know what we want until we don’t have it anymore. Everyone’s probably went back on a choice and lucky for us it wasn’t filmed!

        1. so true.I agree with you. she seemed to get over it real fast, thats what is so surprising to me.He was in love with Lauren more,than Becca,I think his family helped him make that decision.

      6. I recall the sharing of the fact that he 1st spoke with Lauren New Year’s Eve and then broke off his engagement with Becca the weekend of January 12th. He and Lauren have had closer to 2 mos. to be together.

      7. Agree. If Becca was feeling hurt and humiliated during the filming of the breakup, why didn’t SHE stop the filming?

    2. I agree, the proposal at the end was predictable and distasteful. Arie did a decent job explaining himself and digging himself out of a hole but then threw himself back into that hole by proposing there.

      1. I diagree. We don’t know if his plan was to propose on a sunny island. My suspicion is that his plan wasn’t to propose on the show & production talked him into it. They even brought in both families. I don’t personally know them & am not judging. You don’t have a clue what it’s like to walk in someone elses shoes. So, I wish them the best.

    3. I agree! I am happy that he broke off the engagement when he did. It would have been even more heart breaking had he stuffed his feelings down and made it until right before a wedding and decided he couldn’t do it. It’s a high pressure thing even though he knew what he was signing up for. One thing he said last night that bothered me was when he went to see Lauren and she asked if he was over Becca and he said a thousand percent he was over her. He never loved her if a month and a half later he was a thousand percent over her. With all that being said, he should have never proposed to Lauren on the After the Final Rose show. I feel like once again he was taking something away from Becca.

    4. Totally agree it was a tacky move. It was obvious the entire show that he was so into Lauren. She is uncertain and needy and he must like that. I wish them happiness as everyone deserves that, I just don’t like or trust Arie.
      I can not wait to watch Becca as the Bachelorette! She will be amazing and so deserves to have her heart held in a place of love instead of “a safe bet”.

      1. Maria, I couldn’t agree with you more. So tacky and made me NOT believe in their love story. For someone (Lauren) with so many “walls” and “deep rooted trust issues” (her words, not mine) she sure forgave him very fast. Did he even say “I’m sorry”? I heard her say “I forgive you, you have me. Duh!” I hope it works out for her sake because that is going to destroy her if he cheats on her.

        Becca is a Queen. She is the Kate Middleton of the franchise after her class & poise last night. True class act that KNOWS her worth. I am thrilled for her.

  4. I don’t think it’s so much rooting against their relationship, I think it’s that he comes with a reputation that puts him more with the likes of Juan Pablo rather than Sean, JP, or even Jason. At this point, I highly question his sincerity and that this wasn’t all done to boost his career. At the end of the day, though, I don’t care. We’ll wait and see, and we’ll move on with our lives no matter what they do.

    But I am thrilled Becca is the Bachelorette, and I can’t wait to watch her season. I also liked the banjo guy. I think his name is Ryan, not Brian. At least we got a great ending to one heck of a boring season. 🙂

  5. Am I the only one who keeps wondering what was going on with Arie’s mouth in the paast couple episodes? I can’t put my finger on it…. Like he got braces? Jaw wired? ….forgot to take his white-strips off? I googled, but can’t find anything. Something was just different….

    1. I noticed it for the first time last night and it was driving me crazy! I can’t figure out what is wrong with his upper lip area.

  6. I am happy for Lauren and Arie, everyone deserves to find their person. I’m also so happy a Minnesota gal is the next bachelorette. She was my favorite a season! I was really mad about the whole situation on Monday night and what Arie did. The only thing that upset me about Lauren was that she said Arie couldn’t have done what he did in a more “respectful way” which I don’t think is true at all.
    Thanks Ali I love your blog! I have been a fan since Jake’s season! 😊

    1. I agree about your Lauren comment with him doing it in a respectful way. I felt like it was horrible to say that when it’s not true and I feel like is she really that dumb or just being an ass?

      1. Well Lauren obviously doesn’t know how respectful or not it was becasuse she didn’t watch the break up! Lauren is exactly Arie’s type: blonde, quiet and 26. Emily was 26 when Arie was on her season….

        1. Exactly! Felt the same way and frankly think it’s pretty stupid not to have watched it and just trusted him.. I get love is all about trust, but since they wanted it all to be documented and bla bla bla it would only have been fair to watch it.

    2. I think Lauren seems very insecure and she is definitely very immature and would say anything nice about Arie whether she means it or not. I think she was foolish to take him back, personally; I would not trust him nor would I want to be second choice. And he was NOT respectful toward Becca, whatever Lauren thinks. They will have a tough road ahead, considering he didn’t like the fact he had to always ‘reassure her’ during the season!

  7. I’m thrilled for Becca, and I am happy for Arie and Lauren. I think people tend to forget that this is someone’s life, even though it’s unfolding on television. It’s crazy that people take it so far as threats etc. I wish everybody well.

  8. I don’t get how everyone made such a. If deal about little Bekah M being 22, but lauren B is barely older than her!! I love Becca K for Bachelorette – she reminds me of a mixture of Jillian Harris and Kaitlyn Bristowe – she isn’t fake, high maintenance and just has that girl next door personality that makes her easy to love, but a splash of spunk that keeps her fun! Who is Arie??? I have already forgotten him — lol

  9. I just was so uncomfortable with the fact that Arie proposed to Lauren there. I feel like Lauren deserved so much better, and it was insensitive to Becca. I mean sure, he doesn’t owe Becca anything….but still! You just broke off your engagement to Becca less than two months ago, and you’re going to propose to the woman you dumped her for right in front of her? (I mean, she was probably backstage, but close enough).

    And poor Lauren! He said they were about to go on vacation out of the country, and I wish he’d have proposed to her there, in a beautiful and romantic location, just the two of them — instead of in front of dozens of people who arguably don’t like Arie now, on a sound stage, on the same show that literally aired his proposal to another woman the day before. It just made hers seem so just not special, and that sucks because she deserves more. She seems like a sweet person and I know she’s going to get a lot of flack for taking Arie back so quickly, so she really deserved an amazing, romantic proposal. But if they’re happy, I guess that’s what matters.

    But WHOOHOO for Becca as The Bachelorette!!

    (Though I don’t love Arie going on TV this morning saying he had them film the break-up so she would have her shot as Bachelorette. She was already a strong contender for the spot, and I don’t like how he’s trying to make it seem like he’s the hero in this and he’s the reason she got it)

    1. I read somewhere that Arie proposed to Lauren on a beach in Los Angeles so I’m guessing last night was just for tv

    2. He is absolutely correct in making that comment. Do you think for one minute it is Arie’s fault that the break up was aired. Listen to yourself seriously it was not his decision to break in off with cameras. They absolutely
      were setting her up to be Bachelorette!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!He is so correct in that comment

      1. Becca is such a great person that she didn’t need the world seeing her crying to make her the next Bachelorette. Is that implying that she needs sympathy in order to be the Bachelorette, that she wasn’t good enough a person on her own? I think that is ridiculous. And Arie did have a choice to not call the producers and instead fly and meet up with her and break up with her on his own. Why do some people think he didn’t have a choice in that? He is his own person and he did not have to contact the producers, he is no longer being filmed 24/7.

      2. They don’t normally film the happy couple weekends though. He could have broken up with her in private and gone back to Lauren in private and just updated us all last night. Everyone would still be rooting for Becca as Bachelorette. But he let producers know first that he was going to break up with Becca. Even if he told them that and it was their idea….he told them first, and he went along with it. I respectfully disagree with your conclusion that it wasn’t his decision. He didn’t have to tell them his plans and get them involved with it. The show had already stopped filming.

        1. I totally agree with you, Kaley. Arie should have broken up with Becca in private without all the cameras. Tacky move on his part and shame on the producers for going along with it! Think they did it for the ratings at the expense of Arie and Becca.

          1. I wish someone knew how Arie got the Bachelor upper managment to provide the new diamond engagement ring for Lauren, transportation & expenses for his & Lauren’s families to California, and the overseas month long vacation. Arie’s season is quite an expensive product.

        2. I agree he could have done it away from cameras, but I’m pretty sure he had to notify ABC if he was going to break up with her. ABC controls when a breakup is announced, but maybe not necessarily how. These people sign their lives away and basically give up most of their rights when they go on this show.

        3. ABC has control over almost everything they do for a year after filming ends and he has to tell them when and what he’s doing. He cannot make an announcement without notifying them…for up to a year at a minimum. I’m sure they suggested it be filmed, but I don’t think he had to do it that way, but he did have to notify them and together they make a decision on when or how it’s done. ABC owns these people’s lives all during filming and one year beyond.

      1. That’s so funny Sue, that’s EXACTLY what my husband said! I wondered why he would propose in a room full of people who hate him and he said the same thing!

        Worst part is the ring looked almost identical to Becca’s…just keep digging the hole you’re in, Arie…

        1. I think he proposed to her there because both of their families were all there. And I think he wanted them there. And knowing they would be going out of town. He thought it would be special for hers and his family to witness.

        2. I saw People magazine article showing both rings. Lauren’s has 3.5 carats whereas Becca’s was 3.0 carats.

        3. If you planned to get engaged and married anyway and you had a choice to let ABC pay for a $10,000 ring if you did it on TV or you have to pay out of your pocket if it wasn’t done last night, which would you do? That’s a no brainer for me.

      2. I said the same thing! While I do think that he would have proposed soon, the incentive to propose on the live show so that ABC would cover the cost of the ring had to be difficult to turn down. I mean, a ring of that size is a considerable expense. So while I didn’t necessarily like it, I completely understood.

    3. I agree! I hated that he proposed while Becca was there and it seemed way too soon too. I know they have been dating 2 mos off camera but still! You would think if he mad the huge mistake once you would wait a while to really focus on the relationship off camera and then propose a while from now to make sure she is rt for him 10000%! I do think that him and Lauren are a perfect match though.
      Ali , you and trista are my favorite bachelorettes to date!! So real and down to earth. And I love your adorable ( and growing family).

  10. Yay for Becca as the new bachelorette. I loved that more of the episode last night focused on Becca than Arie!!!!! I cannot wait for her season. She is a first class lady!

  11. I love ahri and Lauren! I really feel so much of this was staged for tv. People are talking about ahri and Lauren getting engaged so fast but what makes it any different then Becca being thrown back into the bachelorette! Didn’t take her long to get over arhie either! Ahri has taken blame for all of this. I would rather him follow his heart then continue with Becca and lead her along. Why would Becca want to even be with him when he clearly told her he has feelings for Lauren . ahri telling Lauren he loved her when sending her home was very sincere.That made me think right away he was so into her!!!

    1. I totally agree with your comments. Everyone is forgetting that he toldBecca from the beginning that he still thought about Lauren. Agree about him moving on the same time frame of her doing the Bachelorette.

      1. Becca is such a great person that she didn’t need the world seeing her crying to make her the next Bachelorette. Is that implying that she needs sympathy in order to be the Bachelorette, that she wasn’t good enough a person on her own? I think that is ridiculous. And Arie did have a choice to not call the producers and instead fly and meet up with her and break up with her on his own. Why do some people think he didn’t have a choice in that? He is his own person and he did not have to contact the producers, he is no longer being filmed 24/7.

      2. I agree with Arie not continuing on with Becca’s relationship if she’s not the one for him, however I think it is so low of him to have gone looking at houses with her giving her all this hope in the world. I can see why she didn’t see this coming based on his behavior. Yes he did talk to her about his feelings for Becca but didn’t show his intentions of wanting to go back to her and not wanting to be with Becca at all.

  12. It’s a little hard to be happy for Arie and Lauren once I learned that Arie told Lauren NOT to watch his breakup with Becca. Lauren didn’t see the coldness and lack of empathy that he showed to Becca. Also, we have now seen Arie get engaged to TWO people in the span of two days on tv. Most absurd thing I’ve seen on the Bachelor lol.

    1. Yes, this!!!! I mean, technically they said “they” decided not to watch…. but I definitely think it sounds like it was his idea… Especially after they said that and she said he couldn’t have gone about it in a more respectful way, I had to REALLY wonder what he told her about the break up.

    2. Completely agree! I’m not rooting against them per se. It’s certainly not Lauren’s fault; I think she is just too young (maturity-wise) to understand that there is something wrong with a man who proposes twice in a few months. I fault the show a bit too. Don’t know if it was their decision to have an engagement on the show last night or if that was Arie’s decision, but either way it was hokey and seemed very stage, very fake. And weird to have his family there congratulating him for the second time within a few months. I think Arie dodged most of Becca’s questions. And I don’t like that he said he was 1000% percent over Becca. It just trivializes the relationship they had and treats her like she never mattered. I don’t know. This kind of turned me off the show a bit. As viewers of course part of us want to watch it, but I think a bigger part of me feels that both the breakup and re engagement should have been private. Arie just seems like he needs a LOT of attention and public approval for his actions, and I’m not into that. Still. Hoping for the best for all of them.

        1. I agree! Love Becca and happy that she’ll be the bachelorette (eventually), but it’s been 2 months since a public, messy broken engagement. Is she seriously over it and ready to turn around and jump into something serious so soon? Really torn here :/

    3. It was definitely wise to not watch ‘the break up’ for many reasons, one being Arie lied about not knowing Lauren would take him back & presenting a risk of ‘loosing everything’ when she was already in the bag, so to speak. Not a great way to embark on a engagement, but oddly, I wish them well.

      On another note I think Becca was a challenge & maybe even a threat (beautiful, smart, good conscience) that Arie knew he couldn’t live up to so he chose the pretty safety blonde who can’t even hold a conversation..

      1. I agree. Arie did not want a partner, he wanted a ‘little woman’ who he can control and who loves him more than we loves her. He belongs back in the middle of the last century when that was the way most marriages worked.

      1. Agree. I don’t wish anyone any bad luck, but I think Lauren was foolish to take him back. He clearly doesn’t know what he wants and she was obviously second choice.

    4. Let me get this straight…it’s perfectly OK for him to get engaged to Becca 2 months after meeting her cold, yet he’s known Lauren for 5 to 6 months and spent quality time with her for the past two and it’s too soon for Lauren? He loved Lauren already. Other than it being shown on TV, I think he broke up with Becca in a respectful way. People really get upset with the bachelors and bachelorettes because they don’t choose the people you would choose for them. People loved who they love. No one but them can make those decisions for them. It’s who they love, not who we like for them. People treated Blake Julian and Holly the same way, because she love Blake rather than Michael whom everyone loved. Did it not matter who Holly loved?

      1. Pat thank you for expressing what I wanted to say too! Arie owned up to his mistakes (especially proposing when he was so conflicted). I think the first time Lauren told him she loved him, his reaction was the most genuine: overwhelmed and had to leave for a minute! And I noticed when she was leaving, he naturally said “I love you.” When he thinks too much, he has a hard time expressing emotions and I think that is what happened with his breakup. He just didn’t know how to handle himself or Becca.
        And now, yes, he has had so much more quality time with Lauren, to have conversations without cameras. He even said he saw her walls coming down the last few days. So yes, they have what they need for each other!

  13. My biggest issue with last night was that I don’t feel Becca could really be honest and tell Arie how she really felt or tell Chris Harrison what it felt like to have your engagement broken off on national TV. As the next Bachelorette, she had to say the “right” thing. I’m shocked that she could be over Arie in a month, but kudos to her if she is. She deserves happiness.

    1. I think Becca is a wonderful person but she it might be too soon to emotionally and mentally be ready to give her heart to another man!

      1. Fame Or love?
        I think Becca seeks both.

        It’s nothing new on the show, but after seeing the level of overexposure and pressure Arie and Becca subjected themselves to it’s depressing and disappointing.

        Super sigh.

        Lauren demonstrated real strenght to me. But maybe that’s cuz she said the least and didn’t dig herself in, the way B and A did.

  14. I am really happy for Lauren and Arie. They do look very happy together and I like how Becca put it simply that she and Arie were just not meant for each other. I will say that I got annoyed with the other Bekah faces that they kept showing.

  15. Hi Ali,

    I agree with all of your comments and most of the comments above! I do wish Arie and Lauren the best because everyone deserves happiness but I am THRILLED Becca is the new Bachelorette! I do agree I think he should have proposed somewhere other then ATFR knowing Becca was backstage. They could have had a nice private moment just the 2 of them (like Jason and Molly) while perhaps on their vacation, but still documented on video and posted to social media if they really wanted to share. Overall, I hope Becca finds true love as she really deserves it!!

    1. I also read that they’re planning on vacationing to Iceland and Barcelona so I think it would have been much nicer to do a proposal in one of these places. I also think people would have gained more respect for him doing this personal moment off camera 🙂

  16. What I can’t believe in all of this is that I feel like Arie was a really good actor with Becca not showing how he felt about Lauren. Yes he may have said something about reaching out to her but when you see the two of them together after he proposed to her and the weeks after they seem so happy together. His face looks so generally happy. The fact that he actually went looking at houses with her I find sickening. He should have delayed that if he wasn’t sure about his future with her. Although I know many people hate Arie right now, I do think it is possible to be in love with two people at once and I do think he felt pressured being on the show. Do I think he made the right decision by proposing to Becca? Of course not, but I can see his side of it even though it’s not right. No one is perfect in making decisions in life and unfortunately he made a really bad choice and hurt Becca. I think it was really low for him to break up with her on camera and I’m surprised that she was okay with that. I realize she may just be saying that. I also think it is absurd that he proposed to Lauren last night after all this crap that went on. I feel he should have had more class and done it in private when they go on vacation, which they are doing right now. I absolutely love Becca and am amazed at what quality of a person she is and I still want her to be The Bachelorette however I feel it is too early for her and feel like they should have done it the next Bachelorette season. From what I understand Chris Harrison said this happened in February. This means that at most Becca has had a month to get over all of this and it is very emotional and I feel like going on The Bachelorette dating 25 men is very emotional. I’m afraid that she’s going to have trouble making good decisions. I feel like she may be very confused and conflicted because her emotions are messed up right now (and rightfully so) and I’m afraid that things will be messed up for her and that she won’t get anywhere. She deserves to get somewhere. Does anyone else think it’s too soon for her? I want the best for her and I want her to succeed and find someone she loves and I’m just afraid it’s too soon.

    1. I totally agree with you, Wendy. Time heals and I don’t think Becca has had enough time to sort out the “breakup” and get over Arie. It’s too soon… perhaps down the road would be better timing for her when her heart is mended!

    2. Rebound love usually doesn’t turn out good. She needs someone to care right now and it’s easy to mistake being loved by someone and being in love with them. Personally, I feel bad for the guy that falls for her, because if she was hurt as badly as she showed, she cannot be ready for a relationship other than a loving companionship.

  17. Yes yes yes! Everything about this blog post is a YES! Haha. I’m happy Arie followed his heart and didn’t string Becca along. If he did she wouldn’t be our Bachelorette today, and I’m over the moon that she is! You can see throughout the entire show that Arie was madly in love with Lauren! I’m sure Becca can see that as well. So hopefully she’s found peace in knowing he made the right decision. She’s going to kick ass as The Bachelorette! I so agree that ABC and us are so lucky to have her! Yay for Becca!!!

    1. ALSO! Why are people complaining about them getting engaged so quickly. This is THE BACHELOR! They are here to get engaged! Obviously it sucked we had to see it right after a break up, but let’s remember the break up wasn’t two days ago in real life people! It was MONTHS ago!

      1. They broke up in February from what I understand and this is only the beginning of March. The fact that Becca was in the building when he proposed to Lauren I feel is horrible. I feel he should have done in private on vacation that they’re going on now. I’m so happy for Becca that she’s The Bachelorette however I don’t think she could possibly be emotionally ready for that. I hope it doesn’t mess things up for her. I feel like she should have become The Bachelorette for the following Bachelorette season, not this one.

  18. I’m glad you wrote your blog so quickly. I’m a MN gal and am happy to see Becca as the next Bachelorette.
    What I don’t understand about Becca is that her questions to Arie about “when did he know?” He knew that he didn’t want to be with Becca before he proposed. And, still did it. She has a lot of class to forgive him for flat out lying to him. Glad she doesn’t need to waste anymore energy on him.

  19. I know we should all be happy for Arie and Lauren I am trying so hard not to be bitter and to feel happy for them but I still can’t help but feel that Arie is not a totally honest person after what he just showed us. I hope Lauren doesn’t regret her decision to take him bac but time will tell I guess. I am so happy for Becca being named the new Bachelorette and I just know she will find the man who deserves what she has to offer. She is one class act! Things have a way of working out the way they are meant to (look at Jason/Molly/Melissa/Ty) if you asked any one of them they wouldn’t change a thing and are all with the one they were meant to be with. The only thing I will say that I felt really awkward about was Arie proposing to Lauren on the air. I thought maybe under the circumstances, and given how people are feeling about him (and them as a couple), along with the fact that Becca was present, he would have chosen to wait and maybe do it at a later time, in private. I personally didn’t need to witness it. Again, it felt phony to me and I felt no emotion after the rollercoaster he had just put everyone through. I think it really took away from what could have been a very special and romantic moment for Lauren. With that said, did I really expect anything more from Arie? No. Moving forward, I wish Becca all the luck and love in the world finding “the one”. I know she’ll be great!

  20. I didn’t like how he told Lauren he was 1,000% over Becca. If that’s true, it seems he can fall out of love just as quickly as he can fall in love.

    1. Amen to that! Can you trust someone who is so capricious? I would have a hard time investing in that relationship given his track record.

    2. When he said he was 1000% over Becca, Lauren should have RUN. You are so right, he falls out of love awfully quick and it should be a red flag that his commitment means nothing.

      1. Exacly, Lauren disrespected herself to the MAX allowing the man who broke her to come back to her. Personally, I learnt from my mistake to never step into the same river twice. If a man chooses other girl, he at that second looses the chance of having me. That is his permanent loss. I will never be a second choice to someone. So good luck to Lauren, still many lessons to learn in life.

  21. People need to remember that the show has a lot of control as to what happens. I like Arie and Lauren together. I was shocked he didn’t choose her. It seemed like they were more into each other from the beginning. I would almost guarantee that the show manipulated him to televise the break up and to also propose. Although it was hard to watch it is great for ratings and that’s all they really care about.

  22. What really upset me is how Arie made it look like Becca knew he was reaching out to Lauren to see if there was potential, while She clearly said she gave him the OK to do so cause she thought he needed closure.
    Also.. the fact that arie and Lauren didn’t watch the first part of the finale, means Lauren didn’t get to see how Arie handled the breakup and I really feel she should have before committing to a lifetime with the guy. That being said, it is crystal clear Lauren is so so in love with him that I don’t think it would’ve made a difference. I do hope it works out for them but I have a feeling that she will never be the one waking out of that relationship, no matter what he gets up to.. which makes me really sad. Lauren mom’s in the audience didn’t seem too pleased with the engagement and I don’t blame her to be honest!
    I have to agree with the other girls saying he is kind of manipulative and just says what he thinks will make him look at his best.
    I am thrilled that Becca is the bachelorette and can’t wait for the season to begin!

  23. For all the crap everyone is giving Arie…I see it this way. He took the safe route. There were questions with Lauren…and he just wanted to be safe. So he picked Becca. Where he went wrong was proposing right away. He should have waited on that. The show should not insist that there be a proposal if indeed they do. There is nothing wrong with saying, “I want to marry you but lets get to know each other first-away from all the hype and cameras.” That is where -in my opinion-he went wrong. I think you CAN be in love with two people at one time. This show makes it very possible and only those that have actually been on this show can testify to that. It’s never happened to me but then again Ive never had 25 men at my disposal. So I can’t say with all honesty that I wouldn’t do the same. The heart is a funny thing…it wants what it wants. I don’t wish anyone anything bad or negative. This was a heart breaking season and I probably won’t watch anymore because I don’t believe it is a good thing for anyone to have to go thru. I will find other entertainment. I wish Arie and Lauren a lifetime of happiness. They deserve it…everyone does.

    1. Mary, I really like your response. It is grounded in reality and the absurd strange realities of a show like this. The Bachelor/Bachelorette franchise makes it possible for the lead to fall in love with more than one person at once. I also believe that you CAN.

      Shouldn’t have proposed the first time, but I believe Arie when he said he was pressured.

      I wish all 3 the best.

    2. Hmmmm I actually think the last couple days in Peru solidified Arie & Lauren’s relationship but he chose Becca because his family thought they would have a more solid future, plus she was a ‘catch’ to live up to (smart, beautiful, poised, confident). Becca was too good for him so he balked & chose his standard trophy blonde..

  24. Ali,
    I agree with you 100%. I do think that Arie is one of those guys who thinks it’s better to tell women what he thinks they want to hear. It doesn’t make him a bad person, but it also doesn’t make it right. I hope he has learned from this.

    I really liked what the women from Arie’s season had to say. They seemed to genuinely care about both women. Bekah M. was one of my favorites from the beginning. I know her age was a point of contention this season, but she showed more maturity in the 10 minuets she was on the stage than Arie was this entire season.

    Becca handled the situation with strength, poise & class. She’s incredible and I’m so happy for her to be the Bachelorette. I loved the way Bekah, Tia, Sienne, Kendall & Caroline all spoke so highly of her.

    I really liked what Jason had to say when he said “There are bad things going on on the world, and he’s just trying to find his wayl I completely agreewith him. To add to that there are things happening in this world that are WAY worse than what he did, so I really hope everyone moves on and wishes Arie & Lauren well.

    p.s Bekah’s facial expressions during tte episode were EVERYTHING!

  25. First of all I’m sure everyone is feeling the same Bachelor hangover that I am!
    I think it was completely distasteful for him to do it on that stage with Becca in the same area, But at this point nothing he does surprises me. I love Becca but I just feel like it’s a little too soon or she got over him very quickly. I hope the best for all of them 💜

  26. I agree what happened with Arie and Becca was horrible. But I also wonder- would we all be as upset if it hadn’t unfolded on TV? Probably not- we probably wouldn’t have cared as much. I agree it was a horrible thing to do, but in the end why string someone along when your heart isn’t in it? I think he shouldn’t have proposed to anyone if he wasn’t ready (but I know that’s not how the show works).
    I’m happy for Arie and Lauren, I thought he should have proposed to her the first time. I do think it was very distasteful to propose to Lauren on the show though, especially with Becca backstage. Time and place people.
    I think Becca will be a wonderful bachelorette. She’s poised and knows what she wants. I wasn’t super impressed with any of the guys last night. Looking forward to the season in May!

  27. I honestly feel a little bad for Arie, I can’t imagine the pressure he was under being on the show & being as confused as he was. He was just trying to find the right love. But I do also feel the way he went about it was a little distasteful & the proposal to Lauren should’ve been left for a private moment just like breaking up with Becca.
    Hopefully Lauren & Arie can get through all the backlash & have a happy & successful relationship!

  28. I agree with most everything you wrote and as a fellow Minnesotan, I am thrilled Becca is the new bachelorette! With one caveat….If I have to listen to her say, “Let’s do the damn thing” one more time, I’m going to lose it. It was funny once or twice. I agree with the new guys too – not that impressed though Brian was very cute.

    1. Agreed on the “Let’s do the damn thing.”

      I chose to fast forward through the awkward guy introductions for the same reason I can’t always watching ice-skating. Someone’s going to fall and I feel embarrassed for them!!!

  29. Arie cheated on Becca with Lauren. He was contacting Lauren while still in a relationship with Becca. Becca asked him to stop communicating with Lauren. He did not. That’s cheating. Lauren knew he was engaged to Becca and allowed him to pursue her. That is complicit. I don’t wish cheaters well. Someone in Lauren’s life needs to tell her that if he will cheat with you, he will cheat on you.

    1. Yes, thank you! Was it wrong of him to break things off with Becca to pursue a relationship with Lauren who he had stronger feelings for? No, that was the right thing to do. However, let’s stop calling it brave to line up a new relationship before you have the integrity to end the relationship that you are still in. Are we supposed to applaud cheaters all over the world for “following their heart”. I’m sorry, that is not how it works! Ending things with Becca without any prior contact with Lauren would’ve been taking a risk to pursue love. Arie on the other hand made a calculated decision to only end things with Becca once he knew he had a shot with Lauren. He is a coward who was afraid to be alone so he chose to pursue Lauren under the pretense of getting closure.

  30. I could not believe that Arie proposed so soon and again in front of cameras – I think he is addicted to two things, the spotlight and to girls fawning all over him. There is absolutely nothing authentic about him!! Ugh it was so hard to watch him. When he wouldn’t leave Becca and just sat there stone faced watching her in agony it was truly the lowest moment in the history of the show. He is the worst bachelor they have ever cast and I have watched every season! Ali I think you are giving him the benefit of the doubt when he doesn’t deserve it. Lauren will get her heartbroken again and there won’t be any cameras to capture it all…

    I like Becca – I think she is genuine but that whole introduction last night to the guys was so awkward and just forced. Ick. I hope her show goes a lot smoother after this trainwreck and ABC redeems themselves with their casting.

  31. I agree with u Ali, but wonder about the ring he gave to Lauren…surely this was not the same one he proposed to Becca with?????

  32. I have loved reading along with your thoughts after each episode this season. I was super disappointed with the season. I think the whole thing was a mess. I agree that Becca is one class act and super thrilled that she’s the next Bachelorette. I think that Arie could have been more upfront with her – I mean I think we ALL saw that coming. We saw how he just couldn’t resist Lauren, for whatever reason, because the edit of the final show sure didn’t show us any compelling reason. I do hope that Arie and Lauren are happy but what I’ve read elsewhere (and I know, it could be all fake news) he’s just a player and already DMing Bekah and other exes on Twitter and Instagram. Just glad the season is over. It seemed to go on forever. I can’t wait for Becca on Bachelorette.

  33. Thanks as always for your thoughts! I always look forward to reading your posts. I totally agree with all you said and really hope that Arie and Lauren are happy together. I think it’s smart of them to go on vacation out of the country for a bit. The one thing I didn’t like is that he proposed to her last night on the show. It felt a bit in poor taste and honestly with a large chunk of the audience not happy (Chris even pointed it out) it may have put a damper on what should be a happy moment for a couple. They seemed to be good and very happy after but I wish that had been different. I also was really curious how Lauren’s family all felt about all of this. If she had been my sister I probably would be very wary of him and worried for my sister’s heart.

  34. I’m happy for Becca. I think she is so poised and put together and I’m excited to see her be happy. I think she deserves it more than anyone else at this point!
    Oh, Arie. I just don’t know how I feel. I agree with you that it’s good that he broke it off with Becca but I HATE that the camera crew was involved. It just makes me upset. But at the end of the day, I think I’m happy. I’m excited to see Becca take on the role and I think that she will do a great job, especially since she kind of now knows some mistakes that she won’t make. I’m ready to see her be happy.

  35. I am just glad this season is OVER!! So ready to move on to someone like Becca who is ready to move on and find adventure and be happy in love!!

  36. I just want this all to be over. I can’t stand the hateful things people are saying about Arie. They’re treating him like he’s a murderer.

    People are downright horrible.

  37. I remember when the 2 girls met his parents and I think they liked Lauren better, however, they said something along the line of Becca is more ready or made it seem like on paper, Becca would be better for him. I really think that influenced his decision. Instead of following his heart, he thought he was making a wiser decision. And it did sound like he had been struggling with the decision from the start and Becca was aware of that. I am happy for them.

  38. I was honestly so shocked that Arie proposed there on national television. With all that he put Becca through, I really didn’t think he was going to do that. I would have much rather him propose privately and honestly probably would have taken it more seriously if they would have waited and not done it on national television. As if Becca isn’t hurt enough? He goes and proposes while she’s in the back listening to it all? I just really didn’t expect that at all. And I was ready to give Arie the benefit of the doubt but that just ruined it for me. I am SO happy Becca is the next Bachelorette. She reminds me a little of Jojo and her personality is just awesome. I can already tell it’s going to be a great season and I can’t wait for it!

  39. Regardless of following his heart or not, Arie is scum. Not only for what he did to Becca, but Lauren as well. He should’ve never proposed to Becca in the first place when he was not sure, which was very obvious from the footage. It is clear that he had prior communications with Lauren and the way she jumped into his arms when he came to talk to her proved just that. He lied to both women and clearly has no respect for either one of them.

    He can be sorry, he can make a mistake, but the way he handled both of these women was simply wrong. He is selfish and manipulative and he knew along with his family that Lauren was a better match for him. Proposing to her last night while Becca was there and stealing her spotlight in a way shows just how selfish and ignorant he really is. Truly disappointed in the way the season played out. And for producers to allow this to unfold… that’s another story…

    1. I totally agree!! I think he knew she would be the Bachelorette so by him proposing it definitely took away her spotlight in that now people are talking about his engagement..

    2. Wow, so well said, tb. Yes, he is manipulative for sure and hopefully Lauren gets out of it sooner than later because she, too, will get hurt.

  40. It’s evident how in love Lauren and arie are. I truly hope it works for them. Everyone deserves happiness. Becca is so gracious. I cried when she told arie to hold Lauren’s heart high. What an amazing woman, to be so concerned for Lauren after what she went through. Truly inspiring. As for the guys they brought out at the end, I didn’t like any of them! Haha. The bango singing guy was my fave but still not crazy about him. The rest talked too much and were painful to watch.

  41. I can’t help but wonder what would have happened if Lauren had told Arie to take a hike when he contacted her. Would he have continued his relationship with Becca? We’ll never know.

      1. I think the world is making Arie to be way more of a monster than he is. He made some mistakes but that’s doesn’t make him the world’s biggest scum bag.

  42. Arie got his trophy wife, and that’s all he ever wanted. He is thrilled that Lauren is pretty and young.

    He still seems creepy and sleazy to me. I kind of feel bad for Lauren because she seems like something he objectifies, like more of a novelty than a real person. We’ll see if it lasts.

    The person I am truly happy for is Becca. Good for her for being named the next Bachelorette!

  43. I mean honestly, I think that we all knew he was conflicted and wasn’t sure of who to pick and I believe that one of the main reasons he did go in the direction of Becca was because all of his family said that she was the best suited for his lifestyle. You could tell that he didn’t necessarily agree with that comment but I think he respects his families opinion and sort of led with that. Like him and even Jason Mesnick said, you really don’t know the situation until you’re put into it. It’s a television show and it’s almost pushing for that engagement at the end. He felt he had to and yes, his mind just couldn’t get Lauren off of it and I think that his lack of honesty with both girls is the part that bit him in the ass for the fans of the show. I wish Lauren and him all the best. You can tell that they are in love and I hope that they are another success story. I’m also incredibly excited for Becca and am interested to see if she will actually end up proposing at the end of her season just because of all that she just went through after being proposed to.

  44. Once again Ali – I agree! Firstly, I think Becca handled the situation with the utmost maturity and class. After all as she said, no matter how it went down, she doesn’t want to be with someone who doesn’t love her. I thought, although some of what Arie said didn’t square up, I thought he did his best at owning it all, of facing Becca. I truly think it worked out well because I truly think he and Lauren are going to make it and I am so happy for Becca becoming the Bachelorette so she can find someone hopefully. I only liked Brian btw and thought he was just so darling. The others – well, nope! But she handled all of them so gracefully, as always. The season couldn’t have ended any better and I can’t wait for her season.

  45. I think the reason Becca forgave Arie was because she knew she was going to be the next Bachlorette. and I have no idea how going from being engaged, having your heart broken by someone you thought would be spending the rest of your life with, to turning around a month or two afterwards and be willing to go through finding another relationship so quickly. I honestly don’t know how people can get over a heartbreak this soon. However, I do wish them all the best. At the end of the day, it is their own lives and they should be able to live it however they choose and with whomever they choose.

  46. Arie better be glad Becca’s the next bachelorette. That happy ending saved him. I think people (myself included) are now more focused on Becca being the next bachelorette than they are Aries drama. So hope she finds real love!

    My main question is… if when Arie reached out to Lauren she had said that she was over him and didn’t want to talk to him, would he still have broke it off with Becca?

    1. I was wondering the same thing. Would he have broken up with Becca if Lauren wasn’t so quick to take him back? Those girls are so different from one another. Both beautiful but Becca is confident and has her stuff together and Lauren is very quiet and insecure and needs constant reassurance. She can be easily manipulated. Maybe that’s what Arie wants. How could he tell Becca he loves her sooo much and be over her 1000% after 2 months?? Seriously. Hope Becca finds her perfect person !!!

    2. Exactly……thinking he would still be with Becca if Lauren didn’t respond when he reached out to her.

    3. I agree, he would have stayed with Becca. That’s what is so wrong to me about this whole thing, and I don’t understand why so many people are giving him a pass. But everyone has their opinions. Lauren seems so insecure and may just be the right person for him, but I still think he made not one, but MANY mistakes. He is very manipulative but maybe Lauren likes that.

  47. I’m so genuinely happy with the way the bachelor ended. I just couldn’t shake the fact when he was so torn that it was so obvious how much he loved Lauren. He wanted to puke watching her drive away. And his proposal was so fast with becca like he just wanted to get it over with and go home. So, although it wasn’t an ideal situation, I think watching back, everyone should be able to see why he had to go back to Lauren. And becca gets a chance at love now so for me, it’s a win-win. I am not in with the popular vote, but I really loved this season and really believe they may actually get married.

    1. I 100% agree. His face said it all when he said goodbye to Lauren, it broke him. And you could see he couldn’t shake that feeling even when Becca came towards him.

      I could see the connection between Lauren and Arie very early on. I have written on this blog before saying I think they got a bad edit. And if it was truly how they are and not an edit then who are we to judge. Being comfortable with each other in silence is a great quality to have.

      I don’t believe she should be getting crucified by being scared to open up, being a quiet speaker and a deep thinker – just because she wasn’t wrapped up in drama and outspoken then shes labeled ‘boring’ and a robot (can I mention the viewers also crucify the cast that are that way, no one can bloody win).

      Its great that there are so passionate people out there – but how about put that passion into something meaningful! Not by being keyboard warriors, judging others when you have no idea what they are going through (we get a glimpse of what really happens, remember that people), and for just following their heart. I hear too often ‘Well they signed up for the show, they wanted fame and all that comes with it is their choice’ – that is ridiculous. They signed up for the show to find love (most anyway) and should not expect to come out of the show to an onslaught of hate and threats.

      I wish Arie and Lauren all the love in the world and hope they hold on to each other for support through all this.

      Love wins, always.

      Kelsi x

  48. I agree with a lot of what you said Ali but I do feel sorry for Lauren. When Arie went to get her back she told him she was expecting him to propose almost immediately. I just can’t understand how someone who got their heart trampled on was okay with being proposed to right away. It makes me wonder if she just wants to get married no matter the cost. Even when Jason and Molly got back together, Molly had said that it was not a quick forgiving. She had a lot of questions for Jason and I think she was smart in the way she handled it.

    But I couldn’t be more thrilled that Becca is the bachelorette! She is such a cool person and deserves so much better than what Arie put her through.

  49. At the end of the day, Arie made some mistakes and acknowledged them. I wish the best for him and lauren, and of course I am rooting for Becca! Crazy season but it seems like everyone is happy and that’s all that matters! Xo!

  50. Normally, I am cool, calm, and collected in the comments but…Arie knows he made mistakes and has said it countless times. We need to stop rehashing it. Last night broke my heart because I feel like he’s just pouring his guts out and nothing he say will change anyone’s mind about him…for now at least. The accusations from some of the gals on the show and in interviews I’ve seen on YouTube are waaaaaaaay below the belt. Also, the Bachelor franchise is not exactly a normal situation by any means and THERE SHOULD NOT BE PRESSURE FROM BACHELOR NATION OR PRODUCERS TO PROPOSE!!! Maybe we need to own up to our mistakes as fans and stop expecting a proposal at the end. I am not going to expect one anymore and for good reason!

    We really don’t need to keep reminding Arie of all the mistakes especially when he is owning up to it and apologizing. Just because we don’t feel like he is really sorry or feel like he really gets it may just be a judgement on our part. I know some people have said they don’t feel like he is really sorry. If Becca can forgive him, maybe we can???

    To be honest, I am kind of over the whole thing and it’s kind of sad how its turned into everyone hating Arie to the point of threats?!?!?!?! What is wrong with our world where we are threatening people over a silly reality show???? That is NOT normal.

    Jason and Molly went to hell and back with their ordeal and now I think most people have gotten over it. Hopefully everyone gets over this in time and let’s Becca, Lauren, and Arie move on. Becca seems to be happy and wanting to move on. She also wants Arie to be happy. Maybe she is just saying that or maybe she really means it. I hope she does!

    I hope Becca’s time on the Bachelorette gives her everything she wants and more!!!!!! Hopefully, her and whomever she picks really, really, really digs deep to see if a proposal is right in the end or just moving forward in a committed relationship off the show (and maybe a proposal down the road). Maybe future contestants can learn from Arie to see if they are really ready to propose at the end…

  51. Sooo, I have a lot to say about this. First of all people need to stop sending threats and stop saying such hurtful things. This is a tv show. Those people knew they would be on camera so for me and on the show last night the girls agreed with me that they knew there lives would be documented and they all including myself felt they needed to show that unedited seen of arie and Becca because if they didn’t and just told us they broke up I feel everyone would be very pissed and confused for them not showing more but they did so just get over that. For how sad Becca still seemed the past two nights, I’m very shocked she accepted to be the bachelorette. I support her if she wants to move on but I do think it’s very very soon. I am kind of pissed that people are saying arie is not genuine or manipulative because he’s not. He’s a guy trying to live his life the best and he was in a very tough situation that none of us can understand unless we were the bachelor or bachelorette. Everyone makes mistakes anr he made a few big ones. That doesn’t make him a bad person. It makes him human and the good thing is he owned up to them and did as much as he could to explain and fix the situation. I’m so happy for Lauren and arie because I was rooting for them the whole season and they truly seem so happy. I hope they have a great life and I hope everything works out for Becca and that she finds that one person she can share her life with. So ending on a good note, it’s not cool to send threats and say hurtful things. I know I said this earlier but I’m just stating it one more time because these are people’s lives you’re hurting by saying those things. It’s not funny and I think whoever is doing those things needs to stop. That’s all.

    1. So it’s very very soon for Becca to move on but not for Arie and Lauren to be engaged? Let’s remember that Arie said he was in love with both of them. Also Becca was alone for the last two months when Arie just jumped right into another relationship and engagement. Plus he told Lauren he was 1000% over Becca so why shouldn’t she be able to be over him in the same amount of time.

  52. Sorry to be nit picky, but the “Arie and Becca paragraph had some issues. You wrote, “can’t help but be in all of her,” which does not make a stich of sense. I think you meant you can’t help but be in awe of her. You then go on to say that “she was in no way better” again I think you meant she was in no way bitter. Anywho I hope you don’t hate that I’m a grammar/spelling freak. Love your blog and wish you well with everything.

  53. I’m glad he broke up with Becca because I’ve always felt she deserves soooo much better than him!!!

  54. The problem i have with arie is that he cared more about his reputation and his chances with lauren than he did about becca. On AFTR the first thing becca asked was when did he know, he gives her a quick answer and then proceeds to give an excuse on why he filmed it, trying to make it look like he was doing this for her. I think bekah m. Said it perfectly, he is very manipulitive. Tbh i hope lauren gets out because she deserves so much more!
    On a positive note, i can’t wait to see becca as bachelorette. So much class and she has a great personality.
    Much love!

  55. As much as I want to be mad Arie I really can’t be. Yes he could have absolutely handled the situation better but in saying that I can’t imagine being in love with two people and it all coming down to one day. I was really rooting for Lauren from day 1. I think Becca was a “safe” choice for him. I think he loved Becca but you can definitely tell he was in love with Lauren. I have second thoughts about Becca being the bachelorette. For someone so in love with someone it didn’t take her very long to get over him to date 25 men. So that for me makes me a little angry at how Arie was portrayed to be. Lauren is a class act and handled herself beautifully. I wish them nothing but the best!

    1. As I posted before it’s too soon for Becca to date again but not to soon for Arie to be engaged? That just doesn’t make sense. At least Becca spent the last two months alone and actually mourned the relationship unlike Arie who hasn’t spent anytime alone.

      1. O but he will (spend time alone once he gets dumped)

        Arie and Alone are kinda

        Like, in the future, like, you know

  56. I am really happy for Arie and Lauren They are happy together! That’s all matters! Becca moved on really quickly anyway
    And I am sure she couldn’t be more happy how things turned out! Everyone is happy! Let’s move on!

  57. I am so excited for Becca to be the Bachelorette! She was so classy and strong last night, I know she is going to be a great Bachelorette. She is so fun and open, I know she is going to be awesome.

    I was very disappointed in Arie and Lauren last night. Arie continued to talk in circles and was never really honest with Becca. In all of this, he really only thought about him and what he wanted. The same thing goes for Lauren. She took Arie back way to quickly, I understand that they did not show everything, but it was clear from the second she opened the door, that they had already spoken and she had every intention of getting back together with him. She never once said anything about Becca and asking if she was okay. If I were Lauren, I would have wanted to apologize. Lauren wanted a ring and that is all she cared about. If they stay together, good for them but I for one will not be keeping with this couple.

    I am ready for Becca’s season. Although it was weird for them to bring out the 5 guys, I was happy to move on to them rather than spend any more time on Arie.

  58. I have been watching the bachelor and bachelorette since Trista and Ryan (I always rooted for you Alli) and I am about to say something that’s “not the popular thought” ha but The outrage for him changing his mind and Lauren taking him back is ridiculous. I do think he could have handled it better, been more sympathetic and more honest even if it made him afraid. I am up in the air about it being on air but like the contestants last night mentioned it helped us understand the situation better. Alli I’ve always asked for your thoughts on whether u can fall in love on this show and whether it’s real love because u r put in the most ideal situations and places to fall in love with a person. The bachelor or bachelorette gets their pick of 25+ people and dwindles it down from there, I am more surprised that this situation doesn’t happen more often! or maybe it does but usually they pick the right person the first time. I feel like Ben Higgins is a perfect example he fell in love with two people and he picked Lauren his right choice, but he was so conflicted! Unfortunately Jason and Arie did not and they had to find a way to right their wrong to be with the person that they loved more. Lauren and Molly said it is ur dream for the Man U love to call and say I made a mistake it’s u I love please take me back. There’s so much hateful words being said about them but I have a feeling these two are going to be a success story. I love Becca I can’t wait for her to find love, this all happened for a reason and now she can find her happy ending 💗

    1. Totally agree with you! I feel like Arie has been crucified over this! I think there’s so much pressure from being on the show that he did the best he could. Do I feel bad for Becca? Absolutely. And I don’t know how I feel about the breakup being aired either… but they did sign up to be on this show… And couldn’t Becca have told them to leave if she didn’t want them there? (Genuinely asking…)

      Also, the proposal to Lauren felt VERY awkward – just because of the circumstances and timing. I would think they would want to just kinda fall off the map for a bit and stay out of the public eye. But I feel Arie and Lauren have something special and hope they are stronger because of this.

      I’m excited Becca is the bachelorette. I must say I am SO surprised she still wants to put her life out there for all to see. But I think she will be a good one. Who wants to bet her old bf Ross applies to be on there?! lol. But how freaking amazing would Peter K and Becca be together?!

      1. Yes, totally agree with you about the proposal ! But I guess Lauren seemed okay with it lol I am excited for Becca to be bachelorette just surprised because she was so heartbroken and u know the producers were hounding her probably the moment Arie FINALLY left 😂 at least that’s what Melissa Rycroft said they did in her situation after Jason Mesnic did it to her. I don’t know Why it would be different this time around. But hey it’s bachelor world 🌎 and things happen so flipping fast and so do heartbreaks apparently lol

  59. Ali!!! I agree!!! And I thought Brian too!!! She did look smitten wasn’t that incredible. Glad you saw that too!
    B xo

    1. It bugged me that they *entertained* us with a hasty roll out of dudes for Becca..if it were me, after an emo evening of talking to my former fiance..i just don’t think I’d want to meet my potential husband in a chaotic studio.
      Unromantic, commercial, and crazy.

  60. I was super happy that Becca was chosen, not because she’s from MN where I’m from but she deserves to be happy and I really liked her. I just felt for her when Arie decided he didn’t want to be with her anymore. Thanks Ali for your posts on the show and everything you do

  61. Ali, Ok, this is me being really cynical but I wonder how much of what is filmed is about money or “gifts”? I read that Emily Maynard ended up with about $250K after all was said and done. The rings are provided by Neil Lane when presented on air. But they don’t own them for something like 2 years and can’t keep them if they break up. Were Arie and Becca paid a “bonus” for the breakup on air? Were Arie and Lauren paid a bonus for a proposal on air? And the show pays for a wedding if they air it – but not of course if they marry someone not from the show.

    Can you shed any light on the financial part of the show? Or are you bound by contract not to disclose?

    All that being said, I do believe the relationship between Arie and Lauren is more sincere than what he had with Becca. I just wish he had handled it better and like Molly said, “Why didn’t he come talk to us when he was so conflicted”?

    I like Becca and think she will be a great Bachelorette but am a little concerned about the heartbreak factor.

  62. Arie is a creep, plain and simple. He is the bad boyfriend every girl has experienced. I honestly don’t see him and Lauren (or any girl) working out in the long run. He will always be looking for someone better. Poor Lauren, she needs some counseling because I think she is insecure and easily manipulated. The fact that she is 25 and has been engaged twice before is a big red flag. The one thing they have in common is that they are both super boring. As for Becca, she won in all this. She is no longer with a creep and she now can hopefully find someone that loves just her. She has a great personality and handled the whole terrible situation with grace.

  63. This hit home for me which is why I feel disgust towards Arie & Lauren. My ex {my first love} broke my heart then strung me along for a year making me think we’d get back together. He was in boot camp and before he came back he told me he wanted to get back together and said we’d make it official in person. Turns out he met another girl on MySpace and had been talking with her behind my back. He surprised me and came into town for a weekend but after seeing me he kept making plans with other people then left back to boot camp. Found out he was really meeting up with this girl and sleeping with her. Told me he wanted to be with her {only after getting caught} and said I was getting mixed signals. They got engaged shortly after but broke it off a few months later then he came crawling back. I had thankfully moved on and was over him. I only wish Becca happiness in this situation.

  64. SO happy for Becca! But I have 2 gripes where Arie is concerned!
    1. Imagine how Becca must have felt when/if she heard Arie tell Lauren that he’s 1000% percent over Becca. Really?? He was JUST engaged to her!! That comment seemed to have really minimized their entire relationship/engagement in my opinion. He mourned the breakup with Lauren, won’t he mourn the loss of his Becca at all?
    2. Could he have at least respected Becca a little bit more last night? I don’t think proposing to Lauren last night was appropriate at all. I know he’s happy and madly in love with her, but couldn’t he have respected Becca enough to NOT propose to Lauren THAT night? While Becca was there? I understand wanting to do it publicly so the world can see how in love he is with her, but please respect the woman who’s heart you just broke.

  65. I think it was their second date that I knew he would pick Lauren. It was a facial expression or something even thought at that point I was rooting for Tia and Becca. When Lauren ended up being in the top three I knew he would pick her.

    I applaud Arie for calling things off with Becca. I think at the time he thought he should propose to Becca. For all we know, Becca and Arie would have eventually called it quits anyway.

    I don’t think he should have proposed to Lauren last night but waited to do it privately…something more romantic.

  66. I’m happy that Becca will be the Bachelorette and I’m happy for Arie and Lauren. All worked out in the end. Period.

  67. Interesting hearing about this from the perspective of someone who has been on the Bachelor and was also a bachelorette. I think Arie went about things in a very wrong way and I was also honestly disappointed with the Bachelor producers. I don’t think it was ethical for them to film the breakup without Becca knowing what was going on. She got blindsided and didn’t deserve to have it all be filmed and put on national television. I want to know your opinion on the filming of the breakup, if you were Becca would you have been upset at the fact that they filmed this emotional time in her life?

  68. Arie proposed because if he waited he’d have to pay for the ring himself. Let’s be real, they aren’t going to make it a year, he is not dropping $10K himself. I saw this morning they have never even been to a restaurant together. This is not a real relationship! They never should have picked a man with the personality of a mashed potato to be on this season, if they couldn’t find anyone more suited to settling down, they should have picked another Bachelorette instead of recycling him out of 2008 or whatever year he was last on. Becca dodged a bullet! He reminds me of every bad boyfriend I ever had. He is so shifty and insincere.

    Having said that, I think Becca will be a great Bachelorette, looking forward to her season!

      1. Okay you’re right. But that was not the main point of my comment (ie that they chose a terrible person to be the Bachelor).

  69. Life is messy. As humans we falter and stumble. But each step or misstep along the way pushes forward to the place we are designed to go. Ali went through her own Bachelorette heartbreak, but it was the path to be where she is now, happily married with a beautiful daughter and a son on the way and Owen. She has a career blogging and I love to see her on Hallmarks Home and Family. Melissa Rycroft Strickland had her heart broken, but she too is happily married with 3 kids and a great career all in part of her Bachelorette journey. Molly and Jason came through the firestorm and are happy with 2 kids. Life is messy, but most times it turns out the way it’s supposed to. Let go of the negativity and celebrate the love and joy. Life is too short to do anything else.

  70. Ali, love your blog! Probably one of the only ones I agree the most with!! But one question, in your first paragraph about Arie’s biggest mistake, how wasn’t he honest with Lauren about his relationship with Becca? What did he say that was dishonest? In my opinion, he was so honest with her. I do agree that it came off maybe a little heartless but in reality, Lauren was his true love. I think about it this way, whenever the bachelor or bachelorette breaks up with the one person then turns around and proposes to the other, they get over the heartbreak with the first because the one they proposed to is the one they really live. So I think it was easy, for lack of a better word, for Arie to tell her he was 1000% over Becca…Lauren was the one he truly loved. Does that make sense?

  71. I was so incredibly annoyed by the dude who put his hand on his chin and looked Becca up and down and then finished it off with the phrase “that’s gonna be all me.” WTH. I would’ve made him turn around and go back to where he came from. SO. RUDE.

  72. After Monday night, I was super unhappy with how everything turned out. But, after Tuesday I was at peace because I knew Arie ended up with the right person.
    As for Becca, I am really pumped for her and so excited to see her in the driver’s seat. I am a little scared that this process could leave her in heartache again, but if she learned anything, I’m hoping maybe she’ll push to continue “dating” at the end, instead of her season ending in a proposal. I know that’s probably not what the show or the rest of the viewers want, but I feel like she’s going to be much more guarded when it comes to engagements.
    Let’s do the damn thing!

  73. Okay so I have many thoughts about the finale and AFTR, but you said a lot of them. I think you brought up a great point about how he basically lied to both of them. I never thought about it like that, but it’s so true. I mean TIA THREW HIM UNDER THE BUS! She flat out told Chris that she was there and that Arie knew Lauren would take him back. Which explains why she just jumped right into his arms as soon as she saw him.
    I’ve said this before about the whole situation and I’ll say it again, it’s not about him following his heart and being happy. I really don’t think that’s what people are upset about. I think they’re upset because he lied, he led Becca on for weeks, and then he called the production himself and said hey I wanna talk and you can film it. We all know the once the show is over the cameras stop, it was his choice to call them up. I think it was really messed up to put Becca in front of the cameras like that and just basically talk nonstop about how you’re in love with the other person. That was so wrong. On so many levels.
    As for Becca, I AM TRULY TRULY ROOTING FOR HER! I really hope that she finds the one as the Bachelorette because she deserves it. I just wish for one season, they could find someone who is down to earth and truly there to find love too. I’m hoping her season is the one where that happens.It’s also really bothering me that people are like, you were just in tears over being broken up with and now you’re saying yes to the Bachelorette. What people need to understand is he broke up with her early January, she had time to be upset, be angry, grieve that break up. Everyone has their own timeline of getting over relationships. I think she realized it was for that best and that’s why she moved on from him and said yes. With that being said, all I have left to say is….. LET’S DO THE DAMN THING!

  74. Does anyone else feel like this entire season was scripted and the only one not in on it was Becca? Lauren wasn’t shown until the end of the season and they were already all in love? When did that happen? Their “breakup” was a 2 second conversation and off she went, looked to me like they knew they were going to see each other again. And supposedly Arie met Lauren in Dallas prior to the season. Ridiculous!

  75. Also, no one is bringing up the fact that Arie said he couldn’t talk to Lauren? Like Chris didn’t even ask lauren about that???!!! He basically said she had no substance it felt like?… Ali, Thoughts?! 😊😉

  76. Honestly, it was the network going for the biggest ratings. Do the must outrage things get the bigger ratings, which they did. Things could have been handled with some sensitivity and class which it wasn’t. When Becca was asked by Chris what she thought about how it was filmed and handled you could tell she was uncomfortable answering it she can not tell the truth. Chris Harrison needs to go. His phoniness makes it hard to watch. Ali it’s total different show then when you were on it.

  77. I think some of this was totally for ratings. While Arie must have had some say about filming the break up do you think the producers played a big role in encouraging it???? It all works out for them right? They get to give America more drama then every loves Becca even more than they did before so BAM they make her the bachelorette because certainly everyone is going to tune in now to support her.
    If it was just another season of a failed relationship they likely would continuing down the path less and less viewers. But now they have hooked America in for another season.

  78. I saw People magazine article showing both rings. Lauren’s has 3.5 carats whereas Becca’s was 3.0 carats.

    1. UsMagazine said Laurens is 3.6 carats and Becca’s was 4.0 carats. They said that Becca’s was $80,000 and Lauren’s is less in price. Not that this matters at all, just commenting hahaha.

  79. I love Lauren and Arie together! I think she is so precious and saw them fitting together more than he would with Becca. And honestly saw Becca being the best bachelorette out of all the ladies on bar show. So win win in my book! Happy for them all. 🙂

    1. I thought tia was gnna be bachelorette cause Becca was heartbroken but I’m
      Glad she is but I love Lauren and arie together too

  80. I’m sooo going to miss your Bachelor blogs! They were literally the highlight of my Tuesday mornings! I mean, I’ll still read as I follow the upcoming birth of your baby boy! How exciting!! I love how you to try to be fair and not (too) judgmental of the cast. Its hard not to sometimes, but we’re all imperfect people just trying to get through this thing called life. So, until The Bachelorette airs….🌹

  81. It all worked out how it was supposed to…. I just hope they gave Becca a heads up as she was backstage before he proposed to Lauren.

  82. I don’t think hes awful because he changed his mind (though he obviously shouldnt have proposed) but he’s human and he made a mistake and while it’s awful for Becca it’s better that she knew right away.

    My only problem with the whole thing is that he didn’t break up with Becca BEFORE he contacted Lauren. He so clearly knew Becca wasn’t the one after he proposed, so in my eyes, regardless of Lauren possibly taking him back or possibly not, it shouldn’t have mattered in terms of ending it with Becca.

    That’s the part I can’t move past and him trying to hide it behind “being honest” about his feelings to Becca seems very fake to me. The only reason you wouldn’t end it first is because if the other route went south you weren’t going to end it.

    Also the engagement to Lauren at the end really gave me a stomach ache. Seemed in such poor taste. That was, as Jimmy Kimmel “jokingly” said last night – to get a huge, FREE engagement ring. Because honestly there was zero need for that at this point in time. If that’s his one true love that’s great and I hope they are both happy, but the over eagerness for that engagement after all that happened seemed totally off to me. Something is not right there. Not how I’d want my engagement to happen.

    1. I totally agree with you!! He is a liar, he asked Lauren first if she would take him back and after that decided to end things with Becca. Jason Mesnik didn’t talk to Molly before hand, he asked her after ending things with Melissa. And Arie tried to make it look like he didn’t ask Lauren first and lie over and over again to Becca.
      Also the engagement, wowww, just wowwww, it shouldn’t have happened, it was a mistake, it was like he wanted a free ring and he was like: heyy I gave you a tv proposal just like I gave Becca!! Lauren’s mom was soooo sad, she sure was thinking my 25 year old daughter’s 3rd fiancé and engagement!! She didn’t make him fight for her or prove to her that he really love her, she just took him back like he didn’t do anything wrong.
      This whole thing was so messed up that I can’t be happy for anything, I’m just happy with the fact that Becca is the Bachelorette!!!!!

  83. I wonder how Becca’s ex boyfriend feels about her being the next bachelorette and if he will show up again!!

  84. I couldn’t be happier that Becca is the new bachelorette! Love her and not just because of what happened. Well, everyone has their opinion and here is mine. In my mind, Arie’s mistake was simply that he proposed in the first place. He KNEW he was conflicted at the very end and he should never have proposed. Then there’s this: he had to ‘see if there was a chance with Lauren’ BEFORE he broke it off with Becca. Which implies that if Lauren had said no, he would have stayed with Becca. Sorry, but that is just wrong. I personally think Lauren was a fool to take him back, as second choice.

  85. I really feel that Arie was being honest with Becca and yet, he’s getting all the flak. Becca knew he was feeling conflicted, but I think she wanted this outcome so badly, that she was willing to just ride it out, with hopes he would stick with her.

    I also feel that all the girls that have been mouthing off about Arie have gotten way too much air time! They were being disrespectful on all levels, when they would have been falling all over themselves to get that final rose, had it come down to that. And if not, then they were just playing the game, as well.

    It’s so apparent that his feelings for Lauren were genuine and Becca is going to get more free trips and publicity, so it seems like it all turned out for the better.

  86. Are you saleing Easter dress? Also I like Becca glad she got to be bachelorette but my thing is how does she get over arie so fast and move on with another guy after a couple months. Some people it takes along time to get over s guy but wish he luck im happy for Lauren and arie they seem happy I love that Lauren found happiness.

  87. I was soooo Happy he went back to Lauren. I was Team Lauren from day 1. I did feel bad for Becca but I do feel like she got over it pretty quick so I don’t know! Love Arie and Lauren!!! ❤️❤️

  88. After just reading Brene Brown’s “Braving the Wilderness”, I sort of think that that’s what Arie was doing. It wasn’t the popular decision…he knew it would come with a ton of scrutiny and that he would take a lot of slack for his change of heart…but inevitably, he braved the wilderness and stayed true to himself. He did make a few errors in all of it…but overall, he did what was right for him while trying his best to be as honest as possible. I’m very happy for the new couple. And am happy a Becca gets her moment in the sun, too. ☀️

  89. So I was totally on board with letting bygones be bygones at one point. I mean, everyone has the right to be happy, and the heart wants what it wants (so they say). But my big issue with the live show was honestly Arie proposing to Lauren. I thought it was tacky overall … for Arie, for Lauren, and for Becca. It wasn’t really romantic or special or Lauren, and come on — his ex fiancé was right back stage! Just seemed forced to me. I’m sure it was encouraged by the producers, but in bad taste as far as I’m concerned!

  90. Please please let me know how you got the mirror to stay out in your car so you can see Molly. My middle seat doesn’t have a head rest either, so I can’t figure out how to get a mirror to stay. I have a 19 month old son.

    Love your insta stories! My son loves watching Molly since they are close to the same age ♥️

  91. Time to retire this franchise. Do we really take love and marriage in such a shallow way where women compete for a man? I want better for my daughters.

  92. I heard Arie say on Good Morning America…that part of the reason he had the breakup filmed was because he wanted her to have a chance to be the Bachelorette!! Give me a break…just trying to make himself look good for what he did!! He is so full of it!!

  93. Becca is so classy and brave. Honestly, I wanted to slap Arie so many times during the breakup and although he was a little better on ATFR (actually apologizing), I don’t really take those apologies to heart. When he’s saying I’m sorry, he just doesn’t look genuine to me. He doesn’t look like he’s feeling anything. And when he said that he and Lauren didn’t watch the finale… I think they didn’t watch because they know they hurt a lot of people starting their relationship this way. I think that they should watch it together and talk it out so that Lauren knows the whole story, not just one that Arie tells her.

    I don’t like the way Lauren was just like “I forgive you, give me a ring.” Really? He just dumped you not that long ago for another girl. BUT, now that I know she had already agreed to give Arie a second chance prior to this parT of the film, it makes sense she was so quick. (I wonder what the first phone call was like). I agree with Bekah when she said that’s the fairytale story we all want: your man running back to you and sweeping you off your feet. It’s the common story in all of our rom-coms. Of course Lauren said yes, she loves him.

    I’m super curious what Lauren’s parents, specifically her mom, thinks about all of this. She was so suspicious and guarded toward Arie during hometowns, and to watch it all played back, knowing that your future son-in-law was saying “I’m falling for you” and “I love you so, so much” to a bunch of girls at once wouldn’t sit well with me if I was her. Especially when Lauren has had heartbreak before, AND Arie originally dumped her daughter for another woman.

    Those billboards for Becca were 👌 and the one from Minnesota made me tear up. Seriously, this girl is so strong and she has the whole country rooting for her! I’m really glad that she’s the Bachelorette. I agree, I don’t think the guy who kept eyeing her is a keeper; he just had a creepy vibe 🤣 But the banjo guy and Blake (with the horse) are cute!

  94. Of course, I wish them all happiness in any way they can find it, but so many things bothered me about the second part of After the Final Rose.
    Did anyone else notice that when Lauren asked Arie if he was completely over Becca, he said yes but shook his head NO?
    I also thought Arie was super robotic, probably nervous. But I think he lacked emotion with Becca and Lauren.
    On the first night Becca was visible sad and heartbroken. Then suddenly night 2 and she is excited to be the Bachelorette. While I hope she finds love, how IN love could she have really been with Arie to fall out of love so quickly and be ready to move on in front of millions of people again. It made her seem a little fame hungry. I also wish she would have asked Arie the really hard questions. She had time to prepare, she had her friends there, we all wanted to know, but she let him off too easy.
    And no one asked him about all the kissing!!!
    Night one I was sad for everyone involved. Night two made the whole season seem like it was an act.

  95. Im thrilled Becca is the next bachelorette. My feeling is that Becca is very confident and poised and actually intimated Arie and scared him off. Then he ran to Lauren who hasnt much confidence in herself and wld depend on Arie…making her feel stronger and giving Arie the upper hand. They deserve each other and Becca deserves much better. No clue as to why anyone wld take him after being second choice.

  96. Arie obviously made a mistake by proposing to Becca in the first place and I don’t take issue with him deciding he wanted Lauren. My problem is how he did it. I didn’t like that he broke up with her on camera but even if he was convinced to do it, he could have been a man and not gone back in after she told him she wanted him to leave. My other issue with him was his distinct lack of empathy. I couldn’t believe he actually told her that he was worried that he’d lose his chance with Lauren if he stayed longer with Becca. He seemed to be more concerned with getting out of it than trying to make Becca feel a little better. My other issue is he’s trying to make excuses after the fact and I’m not buying them. His story keeps changing as he’s getting criticized. I’m not really impressed that Lauren basically took him back while he still had a fiancee but she has enough problems with all the red flags that she’s ignoring. I liked Arie going into the season but have had a big change of mind now that I’ve seen him in action.

    I think Becca handled it so much better than I would. I think what’s helped her to move on was knowing that she didn’t want someone who didn’t want her. I think she’ll be a great Bachelorette and I hope that she finds someone special. The women have done a lot better than the guys and it’s worth noting that most are married (either to their f1 or someone else) or engaged. Just check the list of the guys and there’s not many of them.

  97. Thank you Ali for having this blog. I have watched the Bachelor since it started. This was the first time that I couldn’t wrap my head around what happened.
    The show ended and I can’t stop thinking about it. Everyone in your comments pretty much has been saying the same things. I am still angry. Mistreatment of women is not acceptable in my book. It happened often this season.
    Arie’s character stems back to the way he was raised. His parents are to blame for that. Unacceptable. They should but they are probably not embarrassed.
    To make things fair why weren’t we privy to the phone calls that Arie made to Lauren to try to get her back? And to the DM’s he sent her? Becca is a doll and she was treated so poorly from beginning to end. I wish her love and happiness. She is a no nonsense gal with a heart of gold. I love her humor and her honesty.
    Arie and Lauren not watching the breakup is big in the world of denial. Ridiculous.

    1. Yeah, abt the “mistreatment of women”- the unity of the cast off castmates said it all – no words needed. You could see they were all relieved to have dodged the bullet of being Aries *final* rose.

    2. They said they will watch the finale, they just didn’t want to watch it right before ATFR. They seem happy and I’m happy for them.

  98. The choice that Arie made was not a popular thing to do – but I applaud it – only because he was following his heart. I love Becca & am glad she will be the next Bachelorette….but if Arie was thinking of Lauren the whole time he was seeing Becca, then he did her a favor by ending it with her…..he did himself a favor by getting back with Lauren – the one that really got to his heart & he did Lauren a favor – because she still loved him & wanted this.
    So all in all – maybe not a popular decision for the fans……but a great decision for all involved – and that is what matters more.

  99. I just don’t understand how so many people are upset about Arie proposing to Lauren before the live audience. It is the Bachelor – and it is Arie’s “love story” – and it is about HIS happy ending! His ending is with Lauren – so the Final Rose story – should show HIS ending!

    I am so happy for Arie and Lauren! You could see throughout the show he was falling for her – he just didn’t want to get hurt either. Also, the breakup with Becca was part of his story.

    He finally followed his heart – and we got Arie’s “happy ending – love story”!

    “The Bachelor” is the show we have all been watching. The ending for us is where the Bachelor is at the time of the “live” Final Rose show. So why wouldn’t we see Arie’s proposal to Lauren on the Final Rose story live – isn’t that the whole point of watching the show – to see the “Bachelor’s ending”?

  100. Yes, I agree with you completely. I think it was obvious during the end of the season that Arie was more in love with Lauren, but he was so worried about making the wrong decision and his family was a huge influence on his decision to choose Becca.

    I am rooting for Arie and Lauren and I don’t think what he did to Becca was that bad, I mean they only knew each other a couple months and there’s not enough time together to really know that person on the show.. I think they need to give the bachelor at least a full week with the person before they are supposed to choose/propose.

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