Pregnancy Fashion – My Go-To Looks

I cannot believe I’m just two days away from being 28 weeks pregnant! I’m going to be in my third trimester which is just insane to me. That’s correct right? You start your third trimester at the beginning of the 28th week? Or is it at the end of the 28th week? I always get confused about that. But regardless, I’m just about to enter my third trimester and I’m kind of freaking out!

I’m so excited for Molly to have a sibling but I feel like I have so much to do before this baby comes. When I was pregnant with Molly, I remember counting the days until she came. Mostly because I was so excited, but also because I was so uncomfortable and I just didn’t want to be pregnant anymore. And a little, OK a lot, because I wanted to have a glass of wine. Ha! But this time around, I want this baby to stay in my belly as long as possible! I might be singing a different tune as we get closer to my due date but as of now I’m perfectly happy being pregnant for another three months.


And it’s funny that I feel that way because I’m actually more uncomfortable earlier this pregnancy than I was when I was pregnant with Molly. My aches and pains started way sooner this time around. They probably started halfway through my second trimester, whereas when I was pregnant with Molly my second trimester was a breeze! That’s why you guys may have noticed that I’ve been wearing a lot more flats and comfortable shoes lately (But yes I still break out the heels, just more comfy ones if I’m on my feet for awhile). Really I’ve just been loving comfortable clothes in general! Comfort is huge when it comes to style for me and when I’m pregnant, comfort is even more important! But here’s the thing, I love clothes! I love fashion! And I love sharing my passion for clothes and fashion with all of you! So even though I wanna be comfortable, I still want to be stylish so that’s why I’m sharing some of my favorite pregnancy looks that are not only super cute but extra comfortable with you guys today on the blog! And I am giving away shoes to 2 of my followers! Yay!


I feel like I have to wear fitted clothes or else I just look like I’m wearing a tent. And I don’t mind showing off my curves when I’m pregnant. Especially my most important curve, my big belly! But while showing off those curves I also like to hide some things as well. That’s where this first one comes into play. I absolutely love a fitted dress (mine is only $7!) while pregnant! Given that it’s only March, it’s still pretty chilly for many of you around the country but Spring will be here before you know it and any of you that are in your first or second trimester will definitely need some cute fitted spring and summer dresses to show off your belly! But here’s the thing, when you wear a fitted dress it not only shows off and accentuates your belly, but it also can accentuate your backside. How can I put this, I gained weight in two major places so far this pregnancy. My belly and my butt! I think 20 of the pounds I gained are in my butt alone! Ha! And I know a big booty is on trend right now, but mines not looking so great, so I kinda like to cover it up a little bit. So when I wear a fitted dress, I’ll either wear a duster or jacket over them. Or if it’s a hot day like it was when we took these pics, I just tie a shirt around my waist to cover my backside.


Finally, probably the most important part of your outfit whether you’re pregnant or not is the shoes! Most people might pair a heel or even a sandal with a dress in the spring or summer but not me. Well I guess I should say not me every time. Sometimes I like to wear those with dresses but I absolutely love to wear a cute sneaker with a fitted dress like this! And the SUNBURST Børn sneakers I’m wearing in these pics are the best! No really. They are the most comfortable shoe I think I’ve ever had. The fabric on the top of the shoe is stretchy and moves with your foot with every step you take. And the soles are like clouds under my feet. I know I sound crazy talking about these, but that’s only because they’re that good! And I love this really cute blush color that they come in! They come in three other colors as well just so you guys know. If you use my code ALILUVS you can get 15% off if you decide to treat your feet to these amazing shoes!

And how cute are Molly’s little butterfly sneakers? I just think they are too cute! They are by Børn too! I once made the mistake of buying Molly a cheap pair of kids shoes and they gave her blisters on her little feet. Never again! Børn kids shoes are just as comfy for her as they are for me!


And of course the sneakers look super cute with jeans too, as you can see in the first photo of this blog post above!


Another look I love while pregnant is fitted jeans with a fitted top. Even when it’s ALL white! (this maternity tank doesn’t have a built in bra with a LOVE because the built-ins always feel to tight on my ribs) I know you would think that given my fuller shape I might want to steer away from white, but I actually find that when I’m pregnant it’s the one time I feel the most comfortable wearing all white. I don’t know, I guess for me because my belly is so big and round I feel like it almost makes other parts of me look smaller. My white maternity jeans are one of my favorite jeans to wear honestly (I have two faves!). If you have any trepidation about wearing all-white then I STILL think you try it but make sure to do these two things. First, tie something around your waist. As you guys can see from both of these outfits I talked about so far, I’m wearing a shirt tied around my waist in both of them. Like I said, I’m just not super happy with my backside at this moment and I choose to cover it up. It just makes me feel more confident. And two, wear a heel. I know I know, many of you are probably thinking that heels and pregnancy don’t mix. But here’s the thing, you can definitely still wear heels during pregnancy you just have to make sure it’s a super comfortable one. I personally love the Børn SUTRA PERF heel! The block heel makes it comfortable to start but what really takes the shoe above and beyond is the handcrafted construction – the sole is sewn to the upper of the shoe, instead of just glued (which makes it really flexible). And I love that the shoe is open toed which makes it great for spring and summer, but it still has a ton of structure so it supports your foot and securely stays on which is super important when you’re pregnant. I just recently got the shoes specifically because I’m pregnant! I knew they’d be perfect because every pair of shoes I have from Børn are ridiculously comfortable and have never let me down.


Of course you can wear the heels with the dress too as you can see I’m doing in the below photo. Finally a SUPER comfy heel to wear with a dress!

And I can’t go without telling you guys about my giveaway! Last month, I gave away a pair of Børn shoes to one of you and your bff so you guys could both enjoy them together! So I guess technically I gave away two pairs. I enjoyed doing that giveaway so much that I decided to do it again this month! You guys have told me that you love it when I do these giveaways so I’m gonna keep them coming as long as you guys want me to! So here’s all you have to do to enter for a chance to win these awesome shoes!

  1. Like AND comment on my post of me wearing Born shoes on Instagram or on my Facebook post of me wearing the shoes (The one I post today). If my post isn’t up yet, it will be up shortly!
  2. Tag a friend that you think would love a pair of Børn shoes too! If you win, they win.
  3. Comment on this blog post telling me what Børn shoes you’d love to win and why! See all my style picks HERE.

And if you don’t win don’t worry you can use my code ALILUVS to get 15% off the shoes! If you’ve gotten them in the past when I posted about them please comment below and tell me what you think! I have no doubt that you love them as much as I do!

I’ll leave you with this super cute video we made!




Thank you Born for sponsoring this post! xoxo

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564 thoughts on “Pregnancy Fashion – My Go-To Looks

    1. Love both the shoes you have on in this post! I couldn’t figure out how to comment so I’m replying 😬

    2. This is so thoughtful of you to share you favorite Born shoes ! The sunburst are so cute and perfect for the summer 💗☀️
      Thank you

    3. So hard to choose, but I guess it makes more sense to choose the Sunburst Born sneaker, with having foot problems they seem to be the best choice.

    4. I love the Sunburst Born sneakers! I’ll be traveling to Eastern Europe while 28 weeks pregnant and these would be Ohh so perfect for all the walking we’ll be doing! Did I mention I also have a toddler Molly’s age to carry around!? Xo

    5. I would love those Sunburst Blush sneakers! I stand all day at work and love to stay stylish but since playing soccer for years my ankles can’t handle heels for very long! These sneakers would not only be comfy but could easily keep my outfits classy and professional! Both my sister and I found out we are a week apart on our first pregnancy together and could definitely use some supportive soon to be, new Mom shoes! 😉

      Thanks Ali!

    6. Hi Ali. The Sultra perf heel brown color would go so well with my skin tone and perfect shoes for the summer months. Oh I love how it looks on you too.


  1. Hey Alli…

    I love the SUNBURST Børn sneakers (sorry had to copy the text to get the right wording) you look very beautifull in all your pics and very stylish aswell…

    Molly is so pretty and looks like an exact riplica of you …

  2. I LOVE the SUNBURST Børn sneakers. I have a 3 year old and a 1 year old so comfy shoes are so important when I am chasing them around. I love your blog and have loved following you over the years. I am a DIE HARD follower of the Bachelor franchise and love your take on life and watching your little family.

  3. You truly look amazing! Pregnancy looks really good on you 🙂. I hear what you’re saying about a growing backside though. I’m right behind you at 27 weeks and I swear my butt is growing faster than my belly! I like to conceal it too. I love all these outfits! Thanks for the inspiration.

  4. You’re adorable! I am loving the Born SUNBURST sneakers! With three little ones to chase after I need comfortable shoes. ☺️

  5. I would LOVE to win the Børn SUTRA PERF heel! I LOVE heels and am always looking for comfortable heels that I can wear walking around the city on a nice day or add a touch of style to my outfit when going out for lunch or dinner with friends and family.

  6. Hi Ali! The sunburst are my fave!! You are so adorable pregnant! My son Jack shares a birthday with Molly and we are about to start trying for #2. You’ll love being a boy Mom!! ❤️

  7. Hey Alli!!

    I love the sunburst born sneakers!! They would be perfect to chase my little one around in!! They look super comfy!!

  8. I would love to try these shoes!! I have a hard time finding shoes that are comfortable since I have flat feet. I want to still look stylish while being comfortable and haven’t quite found the perfect pair. Crossing my fingers I win and get to try these out!!

  9. I would have to steal your style and go with Sunburst.

    And can we just take a moment to admire how beautiful your entire family is! You, Molly and Kevin are so lucky! Can’t wait to see baby #2!

  10. So fun! And so generous of you!! I loveee those brown heels with the peep toe, perfect for spring/summer! And the blush and the flats! I can’t pick which I would love because they’re all so cute!!

  11. I am SO obsessed with the ones you have on in the picture! I’m also pregnant with my second and those shoes look beyond comfy!! I’m already super bloated and puffy not looking forward to 20 more weeks. It’ll be worth it in the end though! Would love to win and get matching colors for my girls!

  12. I would love to win these sneakers to wear this spring/summer commuting in and out of NYC! Also planning on taking a trip where I will be doing A LOT of walking in September, and the blush sneakers would be perfect for this!! They’re so cute!

  13. Ali, you make being pregnant look flawless. Although I also love seeing your stories and your transparency of real life 😊 Thanks for another great giveaway. Loving the Mai Easy sandals. Being 5’10 I’m always on the lookout for cute flat shoes.

  14. I would love to win the SUNBURST Børn sneakers!! My style is very casual and I can see myself getting lots of good use out of these…. also did I mention how cute they are?!! 🤗

  15. Hi Ali!
    You look like a beautiful mama of 2! I really like the SUNBURST Børn sneakers. First of all the color already stole my heart and the fact that they are stylish and comfy!! That’s so hard to find. I stand for long hours everyday and I have to look chic at the same time it gets very painful 😭
    I have a pregnant friend who loves to wear heels! I’m sure she’d love those!!

  16. I’d love to win the blush sunburst sneakers!! They are so cute & it will be easy for me to chase my toddler around in them:)

  17. The born SUNBURST sneakers are sooo cute! I’m always looking for cute and comfortable sneakers to wear throughout the spring and summer. An I especially love them paired with that dress! Adorable!

  18. Ali the family you have is just so stunning and you guy are all just so fun and cute, Molly is sure a little doll. I personally love the black Keri, living in Canada they are a versatile any season where, as well as being over 5’11 and plus size they would look good with any jean I wear. I also love the Tamara, being a die hard sneaker girl, they are so cute, and easily dressed up or down.

  19. ALI
    I’m excited to hear about the giveaway!!
    Love the brand..
    I have a tan wedge sandal from Born.
    One of my favorite to wear..
    Counting down until Spring to wear it and others…

  20. THE born sutra perf heels are so adorable and perfect for my Euro trip coming up this summer!!

    The Cayo loafers are so adorable too! The light pink ones would look amazing with some jeans or white pants this summer!

    Thanks Ali! You are the best!
    I love watching your family grow and your relationships flourish after the bachelor!


  21. Your clothes are always so cute! It’s too hard to pick just one pair of Børn shoes, but I was forced to chose it would be the Sutra Perf. I’m a teacher so I’m on my feet all day. These look both stylish and comfy!

  22. Hi Ali
    I love the Born Brand as well.
    I own one pair of tan wedge sandal..
    So comfy..
    Excited about this GIVEAWAY!!!

  23. Sutra perf heels are so cute! And I bet so comfy since all born shoes are! Not sure if I’d want the black or brown!

  24. I love the born perf heel! Looks so comfy and definitely need comfortable shoe with a 2 and a half year old and 5 month old girls💕 thanks for the relateable fashion blog posts😊

  25. Oh my gosh, it’s soooo hard to pick my favs! I think I have to go with the Sutra Perfs! So cute. 🙂 Thanks for treating us with another giveaway, and hoping the rest of your pregnancy is great for you! So excited for your new addition. <3

  26. Hi Ali, have loved following along and seeing your life grow and evolve since day 1!! I would love to win a pair of the sutra heels! I love how they can be casual or dressy, and I love the open-toed booty look!!

  27. I LOVE the SUNBURST born sneakers!! I’m pregnant too and I have been living in some cheap Skechers sneaks that are starting to fall apart and smell 🤭 so I would LOVE to get my feet into some quality! Keep cooking that baby!!! I’m about 7 weeks behind you!!!

  28. Id definitely love to win the sunburst sneakers! Now that I’m a mom I’m all about wearing comfy but stylish sneakers! Love your pregnancy style!

  29. Ali you look cute in everything you wear! I love the sunburst born sneakers that you are wearing! I just entered my second trimester (third kiddo on the way) and always looking for comfortable yet cute shoe ideas – these fit that criteria! Lots of blessings your way as you enter the third trimester! Xoxo

  30. So many amazing Born options!! I love all of your styling options! I would definitely go for the Born Mia!

  31. I love the sneakers and the tan sandals. With a little one just learning to walk, these would help me chase him around while still looking cute!!

  32. I love them ALL! 🙂 Would love to get the heels……they look great with jeans or a dress.

  33. I love the Hazy shoes in the blush color! I would love to win a pair as a spring shoe that is comfy and casual!

  34. I LOVE the Sunburst sneakers! I’m always looking for cute and affordable sneakers to wear throughout the year. Your family is so adorable!🙂

  35. I lovveeee the sneakers too! I’m 5’11 so I generally try and wear shoes without heels, and I love cute comfy sneakers!!

  36. You are beautiful pregnant!! Ice cream is a must!
    I would love the Sutra sandal it’s beautiful and with a 14 month old it looks like the perfect heel height I feel like I need to dress up alittle so that looks perfect! And I love love the Mai sandal it looks like the staple sandal every woman needs!
    I love reading your blog especially as a mom now! You are honest and real and that is so appreciated!!

  37. I love the sunburst born sneakers in blush! I have a three month old so it seems like I am always running around ! I haven’t been able to buy anything for myself since before the baby (babies are so expensive! But worth it 😊) so I would love to win!

  38. I hadn’t heard of the Børn Brand until I saw your post but now I will definitely have to get some of their shoes because there are too many cute ones to choose from. My favorite two pairs are MAE and Sutra Perf Heel because they are both great transition shoes from winter to spring that you can dress up or wear with jeans. I don’t know about L.A. weather but in MS, 65-70 feels great but in February/early March it’s technically still winter so I never know if it’s appropriate to wear sandals yet or still wear booties. Also, I am so excited for your family on the new baby boy! Molly is the cutest thing ever and will be such a great big sister!

  39. Love these shoes. Been a follower for years. Need comfie shoes at this stage of the game running around taking 2 boys to baseball and 1 girlie to soccer. I spend a lot of time on my feet….the extra comfort would help.

    And for the record, I had a not fudge sundae from McDonald’s everyday during my second pregnancy!

  40. I would love some of the cute sunburst sneakers!! I’m a high school math teacher, so I’m on my feet all day. Teacher and mom combo 😬🙏🏼🙏🏼

  41. I would like the Sutra Perf Heel. I don’t where heels bc my foot usually feels crammed but those look comfy and easy to walk in☺️

  42. Hi Ali!
    I’m your fan since I saw you on the bachelorette ❤️ and now I’m fan of molly she’s adorable!!
    My fav shoes are the sunburst in pink color!
    Thanks for sharing all your outfits and molly’s adventures with us!!

  43. First off, you look great! I would love the Sunburst sneakers. As a mom to a one year old, I find myself more in sneakers these days so I can keep up with him!

  44. Honestly, I think you two are a power house couple and make absolutely wonderful parents. My daughter and I listen to Kevin every morning on the way to school. I would love for my daughter and I to have matching sunburst born sneakers. Kevin reminds me of my late husband. He loved to spend time with our daughter and have Daddy dates. Thank you for being great role models.

  45. I’m almost 29 weeks, so right there with you on the need for comfy shoes. I love the melena loafer. They’re perfect for work or with jeans or dresses. And the sparkly pink is just too cute!

  46. I absolutely LOVE the sunburst sneakers in blush. I have a one year old that I’m toting around with me all day long and by the end of the day my feet are absolutely killing me! I suffer from small bunions so I try to wear comfortable shoes but I’m only 30 so I’d like to still look cute too. These seem like an adorable answer! 🙂

  47. Oh man do I love shoes! The Sutra Perf is lovely! I will have to try this brand! Thanks for sharing.

  48. You are so adorable and I love following your journey of life and fashion! I love the Mai Easy sandals and sunburst sneakers and would wear them a ton 😊 As a runner with sore feet, I’m always looking for comfortable but fashionable shoes!

  49. Hi Ali! I’m a new follower and fan! As of a mom of a 1 yr old and 2 yr old, comfort is key but it’s nice to feel stylish too! I love the Born sunburst sneakers! I love that you can dress them up or down. Thanks for the inspiration!

  50. The Sutra Perf Heel. I have been looking for a stylish heel that will go with everything and these are it. The color will match everything in my wardrobe and who doesn’t feel stylish rocking a pair of heels even if they are stacked heels. They would be comfortable enough for me to wear all day.

  51. Ali, do you mind sharing who makes the adorable bib overall dress Molly wore in your stories yesterday? I’ve been on the hunt for a jumper like that for my daughter. Thank you!
    I like the Mai Easy, I think they might be a need 🙂

  52. I didn’t know Born did kids shoes, so good to know! I would probably go with the Mai Easy sandals or Sunburst tennis shoes! Thanks for doing another giveaway for us!

  53. I’m just hitting the 20 week mark and the aches are starting! It’s my first baby, so I’m just figuring out my pregnancy style and your blog has been so helpful with finding great deals that still look cute! I would for sure pick the pink sneakers if I won! You can’t go wrong with a good pair of sneakers!

  54. Hello! I love the sunburst sneakers you are wearing! I love the color and look with the dress. Would love to win and try out this cute style!

  55. I love the sunburst sneakers in blush! They will be great for chasing my almost 4 year old around, and being 20 weeks pregnant!

  56. I would LOVE to win the sunburst sneakers you are wearing in blush! They would be so cute with jeans and I need a good travel shoe for walking around cities. And as a side note, I’m not the *most* stylish gal, but I’m forever trying! 😊 Good luck all you ladies on the win too!

  57. i love the sunburst shoes! My daughter had complete reconstruction on both her feet so i know how important it is to wear good shoes 🙂

  58. Thank you so much for throwing such an amazing giveaway!

    I cannot tell you how much I love following you on Instagram and your blog. It’s such a fun, lighthearted and all around lovely part of my day. If I were to win, I would LOVE to own a pair of their clogs! I’ve needed some for awhile and the style and quality of theirs is amazing! Either CRATO or CANNA would be my choice <3

  59. I’d LOVE the sunburst blush! Perfect for spring when I’ll still be pregnant and even more perfect for summer when I’ll be out and about with the new baby!!

  60. I would pick the Sunburst in the blush knit fabric (just like the ones you’re wearing). I’m pregnant too! I’m only 18 weeks, but I know I’m going to be looking for comfy shoes soon. My style is very similar to yours so I would love to win a pair for myself, and my sister because she’s great too! 😉

  61. I would love the Sunburst Born sneakers in the blush color you’re wearing! They look so springy and comfy-the perfect sneaker to get you out of a winter slump

  62. I would love the cameos, they are prerfect for me because I have a two year old and another one on the way so an easy mule works best for this momma! They are so cute and look comfy, I have a hard time finding shoes that are comfortable since they grew a whole size after having my first.

  63. Hey Ali!

    I just love the Sunburst born sneakers! I was actually looking all over last night for the best pair of sneakers like this to go with all my summer dresses. And these are perfect! They are a good neutral color and not too clunky which is perfect for me! Hope all is well with Molly and the new baby boy! 🙂

  64. I want to win the same pink sneaks you’re wearing in your pictures because they’re the perfect spring color! And this mom of 3 under 3 yrs old (including 4 month old twins!) needs some comfy shoes in my life!

  65. Hi Ali!!! I would LUV to gift the pink Sunburst shoes to my amazing mom. She has rheumatoid arthritis and hAs a very difficult time finding shoes that are comfortable. I think these would be perfect for her! I love reading your blog and I am so excited for all that is in store for you! I have a little boy Molly’s age and they are so much alike! Thanks!!

  66. Thanks for sharing your tips and tricks with pregnant fashion! Love your posts! I would love to be the winner of this giveaway, I adore born shoes. It would be awesome to have the Sunburst Sneakers!

    With love, Hannah!

  67. I would love to win the SUNBURST Børn sneakers!! I am a busy mom of two active boys and they would help me keep up!

    As always, I love reading your blogs!

  68. Hi Ali!

    I’d love to try the Sunburst sneaker – so cute! I’m busy chasing a 20 month old around and expecting #2 so they would give me comfort and style! You look radiant, love following your journey!

  69. Oh My!!! I have been looking for a pair of shoes like this to wear with Capri or Crop pants!!! Also shorts for the summer!!! Would love to win a pair in the Sunburst color.

  70. Your posts keep me alive and happy. Not many people in the spotlight can sit down and write such a real posts and be so sincere. LOVE IT!! Favorite “Bachelorette” for life. You’re in inspiration. (Umm and how cute is Molly?!)

    I have had my eye on winter boots but with summer coming around I think I’d have to say I’m totally loving the Lovely!

    Keep being the sincere mom and wife that you are!

  71. Hi Ali! You look absolutely gorgeous in these photos, truly radiant! Thank you for sharing them and your pregnancy journey with us. My favorite shoes are the Sutra Perf (tan color), but it was quite hard to choose! Thanks for doing this awesome giveaway! Sending love and light!

  72. I love the Sunburst Born sneakers you’ve are wearing. That color is gorgeous!! We are taking our daughter to Greece and Italy for a month this summer. These would be the perfect sneakers to pack!

  73. wow ! so many styles to choose from! but i love the pink ones you are wearing! super cute and simple!

  74. Hi Ali! I’d love to win the Born Mai Easy Sandals. We are about to go on a trip to Portugal/Spain in April so would be great to have a comfortable sandal option!

  75. I love the Sunburst sneakers! They look so comfy yet cute. I also love how you styled them. I’m always looking for cute comfy outfits so I can chase my 15 month old son around!

  76. I love the sunburst sneakers! I’m always looking for comfy sneakers that are super cute like these. Love the way you paired it with the dress as well. Thank you !

  77. I LOVE the born sunburst sneakers you are wearing!! They are so cute and are the perfect sneaker for me to wear to work everyday since I have been looking for something comfy as I am also 28 weeks pregnant and I love how comfortable born’s shoes are! Also by the way I love this blog post because I have been following your pregnancy especially since we have been on the same week and love your style and think you look amazing so I really appreciate all the tips! Thank you!!!

  78. Hello beautiful!
    While I’m not pregnant, I’m still a girl on the hunt for cute, comfy, quality shoes! And unfortunately you can’t always find the best of both worlds. I’ve never heard of the Born brand but this post makes me want to try them! I LOVE the Sultra Perf and the Opal Stretch – they would look so cute with jeans or a sundress. My best friend Jaclyn and I both walk to work so having a pair of shoes that are comfortable and cute enough to wear to and from the office like these would be AMAZING!

  79. I would love the Sunburst Born Sneakers in the blush color. They are super cute and look comfortable which is vital for this mama to a now walking and getting into everything 13-month-old!

  80. I love the sunburst sneakers! Super cute with anything and would love to win!

    And seriously your blog is amazing! I read every single post! Can not wait to hear what you have to say about what happens tonight and tomorrow on The Bachelor!! Crazy season!!!

    Oh and if you have not chosen a name yet, I love Mason. Two syllables and Molly and Mason Manno just fit together!! Just my two cents! 🤷🏻‍♀️😉

  81. Seriously you are absolutely adorable pregnant! 🤰🏼And Molly…OMG that gender reveal video melted my heart!!!! 💖 Her slow clap at the end was perfect!!! I have been a fan of yours since the bachelor and a Born shoe lover for-EVER! Their products are comfortable and stylish. If I had to choose my two favorites I’d have to say the Mai Easy sandals (I have a sandal obsession) and the Malena loafers. But all are adorable. Keep rocking your precious pregnant belly. And here’s to a healthy and easy next three months. And keep the IG posts and blogs comin’! Thanks Ali

  82. I LOVE the SUNBURST Børn sneakers and the little butterflies 🦋 ones Molly has. I have a 1 year old little girl and comfy shoes are so important when your trying to keep up with them. I love your blog and thank you for all the great fashion advice. My closet has many amazing pieces that you have wore over the years. I was actually looking through your past few dresses to see if there was anything that would work perfect for a wedding coming up in May. Thanks!

  83. I absolutely love the CAYO in the soft
    Pink. I also can’t help but love the pink ones from your latest Instagram post! Such a great brand 😊

  84. Hi Ali!

    Thanks for another chance to win another pair of Borns! I tagged my best friend/twin/sister, Jaime, to win the second pair.. ever since we were small she has always loved Born shoes and never wanted to part with her old Born black sandals! Ali, all look good on you! I especially think the Cayo and Mai Easy are adorable! Both can be dressed up or down. Cayo was my first double take, so perhaps I would choose them, but Mai Easy would be an awesome summer go-go. Living in MN, the winter is starting to get long and I’m ready to hang up the boots and wear some cute flats! Have a great day!

  85. I love the Sunburts sneakers that you’re wearing in your post! You have such a beautiful family and I wish you the best with your second pregnancy!!

  86. I Love ❤️ the sunburst sneakers!! I would absolutely love the light summery color. I have been looking for a good comfortable pair of sneakers. I love your style Ali!!

  87. I am LOVING the Sutra Perf & the Sunburst. What great shoes! Thanks for sharing your fave fashion items and your adorable family with us all.

  88. Hi Ali! I LOVE the brown heels that you are wearing in your photos on this post! I am newly pregnant too and love your style. I would love to rock similar looks and with warm weather on its way (hopefully soon!) I think these shoes would be the perfect compliment to some cute pregnancy outfits. Thanks for considering! ❤️

  89. Hi Ali!
    I just love your style and you look amazing! I am also preggo in my 3rd trimester (due early May with my third (but first boy!) and have been looking for a good pair of white maternity jeans. I’m gonna give the pair you showed a try 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

    As for the shoes, the super perf or mai easy would be my top choices

  90. Love, love, love your style. You’re absolutely gorgeous and I love the Sunburst sneakers! I’m also pregnant and they look like they would be super comfy.

  91. I love the Mai Easy sandals! They’re so cute and functional for all day every day! They would be so cute with jeans, shorts or a dress, which I think is brilliant! And they look so comfy which is a major plus considering I’m chasing after 3 little people most days!!

  92. Ali, I am excited you are doing this with Born! They are so comfortable and AND stylish!! I like the Malena (Rosa). I think they would be perfect for my upcoming 40th Anniversary trip to LA!! I love following you on your blog and also watch you on Home and Family! Love you and your growing family!! 💗

  93. I love both of the shoes you are wearing in this post! I am 26 weeks pregnant now too and have been looking to other pregnant bloggers for tips, because fashionable I am not 🙂 I love that you prioritize comfort though, because that is me too! That is awesome you are starting your 3rd trimester! So exciting! Sending you good vibes for a wonderful rest of your pregnancy and thanks for all of the pregnant posts you’ve done and fashion tips you’ve given…it’s really helped me out!! xoxo

  94. Ugh… I can’t choose just one! There are so many cute ones!!! 3 of my faves are Mai, Sunburst, and Emmy II. How do you not buy them all??

  95. I would LOVE the sneakers. I have two bigs ages 1 and 2, they’re 16 months apart and I am all about comfort these days but never treat myself to something that’s both comfy and stylish. I tagged my sister on Instagram because she is a single mom of an almost two year old boy (whom I love). She works and goes to school while taking care of her son alone! (My other sisters and I help of course because it does take a village) but like me her style is the last thing she worries about. We would both love a pair of cute Born sneakers because who wouldn’t!!??

  96. Hi Ali! I know the chances of you seeing this are sliiiiiiim, BUT in the hopes you do, I am in serious need of some slip-on shoes!

    I am 32 weeks pregnant, and as you know, bending over to tie my shoes or zip up my boots is incredibly hard. I haven’t found a pair of slip-ons that are comfortable enough to wear during the day, but I came across the Børn CAYO shoes and am drooling. If I don’t win, I may have to make the splurge and buy them with your discount.

    Thanks for continuing to post such inspirational blogs! Makes the rest of us preggo mamas feel like we can still look cute 🙂


  97. I LOVE the Sunburst sneakers! I’m obssessed with keds and anything that resembles them! My feet get cold so easy that I love a cute sneaker that can be dressed up!

  98. I love the sutra perf!!!! I am always looking for nice comfortable heels especially for the summer. Those are perfect for everything. 😍😍😍

  99. The Sutra Perfs in black are SO cute! They can be dress up or dress down, perfect for the spring summer that’s rolling around (hopefully quick) in New York!! Hope i win a pair to have fun styling them 😉🤗

  100. You are seriously ADORABLE pregnant!!!
    As a mama to THREE boys comfort is key, and super cute is a major bonus! I love Born shoes, I used to own a pair of their sandals and wore them while backpacking all throughout Europe…so comfy and stylish!
    I’d love to get my hands on a pair of blush Sunburst…Or tan Mai Easy…Or brown combo Sutra Perf! 😂 So hard to choose, love them all!

  101. The hazy style looks so comfortable! I teach preschool and it looks like it would keep my feet comfy! Comfort is important when I’m on my feet all day!

  102. Love your Instagram post!! I would love to win a pair of Sunburst since I can only wear flats since my knee injury! So excited for you and your little boy! Boys will pull your heart strings in a different way……

  103. I would love the pink sunbursts. I love fun flirty sneakers that can dress up any outfit while I’m at school!

  104. The Sunburst in Blush are to die for. They definitely would complete my put-together-hot-mess look I’ve got going on since I had my twins. ☺️❤️

  105. I really love the sneakers! So cute and versatile! They’d be great for chasing my toddler and keeping up with my 8 year old 🙂

  106. I would love to win the sunburst sneakers. It would be nice to have a pair of comfy shoes that are also stylish. Im a mom of one baby girl who just turned 15 months today so comfort is important while keeping up with her. Added bonus because the shoes are super cute!

  107. I’m absolutely loving those blush born sunburst sneakers! So cute for spring/summer. My daughter Genevieve turned one TODAY, and I’m going to need s good sneaker to chase her around in 😂 love your blog- the mommy and fashion advice are 👍🏻👍🏻

  108. I love the Sunburst! Any color 😊

    I have a 3-year-old boy, do they have shoes for boys too? I guess I’ll have to check! Thanks for doing the giveaway and telling us about your outfits. I LOVE that dress, can’t believe it’s only $7!!

  109. My eyes were instantly drawn to the sneakers in your picture!! I have been on the hunt for the perfect pair of sneakers and if I happened to find them in blush pink… even sweeter!

    I would love to be considered for a pair of the sneakers! This is such a generous give away! 💜

  110. I would love to win the Sutra Perf because I am always in search of cute shoes to wear to work that I can also wear casually. These are perfect! I have a couple of pairs of Born shoes that I LOVE. I definitely have to get more!

  111. I love the sunburst!! I am a sahm on the go with my two boys, 3 and 1. And hopefully soon fostering another little one, so sneakers are the most comfortable to run around in 😁

  112. I would love to win the sunburst in blush sneakers. I love reading your blogs and posts on Instagram. You are a hardworking mom with a career and wife:) I have a 18 month old little boy and working and have an amazing husband- it’s so nice to read your words of encouragement and struggles through parenthood. I know sleep training has been our biggest struggle and creating a routine so reading about yours helped! Molly is absolutely adorable, love how she eats pasta like momma in the morning:) thank you for doing giveaways! I have never had a pair of these shoes but they are adorable and would be great for everyday wear and chasing Riley ( my son) around everywhere:)!!!

  113. I would love to win the born heels! I love wearing white jeans in summer and being short I’m always on the lookout for comfortable heels. They look fantastic on you. I love to read how comfortable you are in your pregnant body and dress to show it off. I was always very conscious and wish you had this blog 10 years ago when I had my first and didn’t know what to wear.

  114. I love the blush born sunburst sneakers! I have a 16 mo old daughter Scarlett and I spend my days chasing her everywhere! I just started staying home with her and am shocked the number of steps I have at the end of the day.

    Also I have a flat foot so is hard to wear a lot of sandals. There are sooooo many shoes I wish I could wear but can’t!

    Ps your blog has helped me a ton with baby product suggestions you have posted esp the Owlet! It saved my daughters life! Thank you!

  115. I love the sunburst sneakers. I have always loved BORN shoes. So comfy! Your always so stunning💛 I loved the video on your anniversary night with Molly in the bag and Kevin running with her in it. Best laughs!

  116. I love the SUNBURST Shoes (I would like them in black)! You look anazing in every outfit! Thank you so much for this opportunity:)

  117. Hi Ali!

    I would love the Sunburst in rose gold like you are wearing in the pics above, they are so cute!!

  118. Ive been following you for the longest since you were first on the bachelorette and now here. I have your page bookmark and look at it daily. I love reading it because its so inspiring. I have a 5year old, 2year old, and a third on the way. Would love the sunburst sneaker to chase my little ones around. 😘

  119. I love the Born shoes because of the added style and comfort they add to any outfit. I sold these shoes for years but could never afford to get a pair being in college so I would love to share these with my best friend to style up my next favorite outfit

  120. Hi Ali! I would love the Mai Easy sandal!! All of my nice summer shoes have heels so this would be the perfect shoe to look put together while chasing after my toddler 🙂 thank you!

  121. Love all born shoes that’s you are wearing, especially the sunburst sneakers! Super cute and comfy 👌 would love to win a pair! 🙂

  122. The pink sneakers are adorable and look very comfortable which I would love to chase my wild toddler boy around😍 love your blogs!

  123. Hey, Ali! I would love the Sunburst sneakers! I’m a size six though so, I might be a little small for your own sneakers, lol! But, I would love them because they look so cute but maybe the navy color is best for me! I need some comfy shoes too and these would be perfect!

  124. I’d “luv” to win the Cayo in soft pink (I think that’s what it was called!). Slip-ons to me have always been an amazing staple that can be worn with pretty much anything and are always extremely confortable. These ones look amazingly soft and really pretty 😍

  125. Love the photos! Gorgeous! I’m loving the Born Sunburst sneakers! I’ll be in my 3rd trimester this summer and chasing a toddler too, these would be perfect!

  126. I would honestly love any pair. I bought the born Felicia wide calf boots after you posted about born and I love them. So comfortable and fit my wide calves!

  127. Love the Sultra Perfs in brown! I’m 14 weeks pregnant and those look like the perfect comfy heel!! Would love them fir summertime pregnancy!

  128. I would LOVE a pair of the Born Sunburst sneakers in pink to wear this spring and summer with a cute TShirt dress 🤗.

  129. I love following you and your cute family! I am so excited you are having a boy!!! I really enjoy your style and I especially like the Born Sunburst shoes in blush. I love the outfits you wear them with and how it adds an athletic touch to the look!

  130. I love the born Marlena loafer. They are a great comfortable shoe. You are very sweet to share your life with us all and we all appreciate your giveaways. Thank you so very much. That is so thoughtful of you and Born to do that. Enjoy this time with Molly as just you and her will go by so quick. Love your cute little family.

  131. You are stunning as always <3 hope you enjoy every second of the 3rd trimester because it will go wayyyy to fast!
    I love the sunburst sneakers and the loafers are super cute too! But in all honesty, I’d end up getting my daughter sneakers before myself! Ha, it’s so much easier to spend all the $$$ on her!
    Keep up the blog posts! I love them!

  132. I LOVE the sunburst shoe! Super cute with the color and I cannot wait to try them! I need a comfy pair of sneakers, yet stylish 😉

  133. Hi,

    I’m in love with all the shoes! My choice is Sultra Perf in brown. Style and comfort are a must!

  134. I would love to have the sunburst tennis shoes, I am always looking for cute comfortable shoes. Being almost 2 weeks postpartum I could really use them to keep up with my 3 year old and newborn!

  135. Ali, why are you always looking so cute! You really set the bar high for all the pregnant ladies! Haha 😉 I love those sutra perf heels on you. Such a fun style, and could be used for a fancier night out or a casual afternoon out. The brand seems high quality as well.

  136. I would LOVE a pair of the Sunburst sneaker in blush just like yours! I’m only 1 week behind you in my pregnancy and we were also pregnant with our first at the same time, so my feet could use some love! 😁

  137. I’d love the exact pair you’re wearing! I love the colour and if they feel like clouds under your feet, then that’s exactly what I need running around after my toddler 😉

  138. I would love a pair of the Sunburst Born shoes! I’m always looking for a way to jazz up my wardrobe while being supported while on the go with my 7mo old baby girl! I keep procrastinating buying a nice supportive and fashionable pair of shoes. At 7mo post partum I’m starting to feel like my wardrobe needs a pick me up because I’m not loving my clothes right now (or my body which I know is OK bc I created life BUT it still is on my mind) and these could be the ticket!!

  139. I love love love the sneakers! As stay at home/ work from home mom, I am always on my feet and on the go. So a great pair of sneakers is always what I need!

  140. You look simply stunning!!!

    I’d love to win the kids bitterly sneakers for my 1 year old niece…want to make her feet are comfortable and taken care of while she makes us chase after her 😊

  141. I never win anything but I wanted to reply because I too have a 13 month old and he’s always on the move! The way you describe the sunburst sneakers makes me want a pair! I like to be comfortable and stylish at the same time. These sneakers look like they could be worn all day long! Love these and your insta posts!

  142. I LOVE the sunburst born sneakers, the color is so perfect and they look so cute, I feel like I could match it with so many outfits!

  143. Those Sutra perf heels are perfection!

    I always wear booties in the fall and winter but come spring and summer I realized that all of my warm weather heels are uncomfortable! I think I only wore heels to work maybe 3 times last summer so I definitely need some comfy spring heels!

  144. I LOVE the SUNBURST Børn sneakers. I have two boys who keep me running to and from ballfield all the time. I need a nice comfortable shoe to keep me going. Thanks for the chance to win a pair!!

  145. I love the Sunburst shoes!!!! I’ve had two knee surgeries and I’m only 24 years of. So I literally lived in ugly old lady sneakers, but now that I’m up and walking I love to wear all the cute and fashiony shoes. My family is everything to me, so I tagged my older sister to win along with me. She is my best friend, so if we both win a pair of shoes, we’d be those annoying people that are matching…hey I don’t mind 🙂

  146. Omg the Born sunburst shoes in blush are super cute! I might have to get a pair soon if they are that comfy because I’m hoping to get into grad nursing school for the fall!!! I love your blog by the way! #brokecollegestudent #needcomfyshoes

  147. I love Born sandals! My favorite pair I have are black gladiator Borns. I’m thinking I might want to try the shoes you have on in the post today. Looking comfy and cute in them. 🙌

  148. I love the block heels!! They are perfect and practical to wear from work out to a happy hour! I’d love to win them.

  149. could really use a new comfy pair of shoes for work! But I have such a big foot (size10)! Can never find anything cute in my size! These look adorable!

  150. Hi Ali! Love you and love your blog! Also loving the sunburst born shoes. They look super comfy and spring like. I’m So ready for Spring.

  151. Ali-
    The Malena or Cayo look perfect for going back to work! I’m on week 7 of 12 for maternity leave and both these options look professional enough while I run through airports to find a room to pump between flights!

    Congratulations on baby #2! We had a girl in July 2016 and recently welcomed a boy. Careful, the outdoor plumbing on the boy will make changing diapers far more interesting…


  152. I love the Born Shoes!!! The pink ones are too cute and they are the perfect “neutral” to go with anything! You look great ! Thank you you for sharing all of these tips!!!

  153. I always get confused about when the trimesters end and begin too. For me it was the opposite – baby 1, stay as long as you like and baby 2, get out. Ha.

    I love all these shoes. I didn’t know there were kids shoes, Molly’s butterfly sneakers are too cute. And I could use some non running shoe type sneakers.

    Good luck with the third trimester!

  154. Love the Sunburst Born Sneakers!!! And omg any odd those kid shoes are adorable!! My daughter is only 8 months but I can’t wait to dress up her little feet. Love reading your blog. Especially being a mom, love your insights and fashion advice 😊 Goodness knows my fashion has gone through the tube since having my daughter…need to remedy that lol. You’re looking awesome!! 28 weeks wow! Where does the time go?

  155. I would love the Sunburst Born sneakers for my daughter. She had a difficult first pregnancy but her son was born healthy and is now 9 months old. She is on her feet constantly and these look like they would be very comfortable on her.

    I’m going to say it, Ali, but she is a split image of you and a fashionista for sure. Even dresses her little boy in such cute clothes. So many people tell her he should be a model but there’s no easy avenue to that.

    I have been a fan of yours ever since you were on the Bachelor!

  156. I love the sunburst shoes but then I saw the malena shoes! They look perfect for work and easy on the heel for driving! I love my born boots that have lasted me years!

  157. Ali!!! Of course it is incredibly hard to say which pair I’d love to win, the truth is ANY PAIR😂. Given my lackluster history with winning anything, just the idea of a win is exciting:). The sunburst sneakers in blush are my pick! Right behind would be the block heels!

  158. Hi Ali, I’d choose the style Lake because it’s really cute and right now the only style that wouldn’t press on my incisions on both my feet from recent foot surgeries. Unfortunately for the next 6 months to a year I’m super limited. Thank you for the opportunity 😘

  159. Hi Ali! I LOVE the Sunburst Born Sneakers in blush or black! They look SO comfy! I’m with you on keeping baby#2 in the belly! I was so anxious for my first, but quickly realized I wanted to put him back in cuz the world is a scary place!

    Side note, Molly is adorable and I loved the video of her saying she was going to have a baby brother! 😍 Congratulations and good luck with everything!

    -Ashlee 🙂

  160. I love your blogs! I also love the black heels and the sneakers. But, if I have to choose one, it has to be the sneakers. With 5 kids, and spring sports starting up again soon for three of them, comfort on the go is key!

  161. I would love to try the sneakers and the sandals!! The kids shoes are also super adorable for my little girl. 😉

    Thanks for the giveaway, Ali.


  162. Since I gave birth just a month ago I’m okay with a comfy chunky heel so I am drooling over and would choose the Børn SUTRA PERF heel!!

    Love your blog and especially love the bachelor recaps!

  163. IM going to have to agree with the sunburst ! They are adorable ! I have a daughter just a few weeks behind you and a 4 year old so as you know we need something easy and comfortable to chase after them!

  164. Ali, I’ve followed your journey for quite some time now. All the way back to you being on The Bachelor and then in to your family life. I love blogs and yours is really the only one I consistently read. I just feel like I can always relate! I too am in my third trimester (30 weeks this week) and comfort is a top priority! I love the sunburst knit blush sneakers. All Born shoes are incredibly comfortable, but I’ve actually never owned any flats! Keep being awesome!

  165. Ali!
    I love all your outfits!
    The Cayo loafers are so cute! Haven’t stopped thinking about them since your last post!
    The sunburst sneakers are just as adorable!


  166. The Sunbrust shoes look comfy. I’ve had foot surgery so a good fitting comfortable shoe is a priority for me!
    Thxs for having this contest & all the best with your 3rd trimester
    xo Jen

  167. I would love the strappy sandals in white with the single gold strap. The mai something they were called. So cute and comfy for chasing my 3 little boys this summer

  168. Hi Ali!!! You have the cutest family! I would love the MAI EASY’s in white, as I live in Palm Springs, CA and everyday is sandal-weather!


  169. I’ve been following your Instagram for a while and I’m always in love with the fashion inspiration and watching your sweet little family! Y’all are so precious! If I win the Born shoes giveaway (which I hope I do because Born is my FAVORITE shoe brand!), I’d like to win the Malena in Rose. They’re so beautiful and I don’t own any flats! Hope to win!

  170. I will love to win the Malena pink metallic.
    I knew about you on E news I just loved❤️️your style and personality and I started following you.
    P.S. I don’t watch 📺 in English

  171. You really make me miss being pregnant!! Your so beautiful and love that you love great deals on clothes and shoes too!! I would love sunburst tennis shoes since I seem to always be on the go and dressed for comfort chasing the little one.

  172. Ali I love the sutra heels you are wearing! They are adorable and will be perfect with little summer dresses…I’m trying to get out of the mommy routine of leggings and sweaters and those heels look comfy and adorable, definitely my style! Thank you for these giveaways! So much fun!!

  173. Hey Ali!

    Love reading your blog! I have a ten month old so have always enjoyed reading different things that you and Molly are going through before I do with my little girl! I love the sunburst and sutra the best 🙂 always looking for comfy shoes!

  174. I would love to win simply because being pregnant has been hard on my feet! I love to stand during the day at work and a comfortable pair of shoes would be amazing! I am going to be a first time mom <3 so excited

  175. I would love to win the shoes! Shoes are my favorite thing. I also love following your blog post!! You’re honesty and truth make me want to be like you! I’m so excited for you and your family!

  176. Hi Ali,

    I’m loving the SUNBURST sneakers as I feel more comfortable in flats. I hope I win.



  177. I would love the WINEMA BOOTIES in TOBACCO DISTRESSED please. My size is 9 and my daughter( although I tagged 5 friends) is a size 6.5 and she’s the first one I tagged. I’d love to win as I can’t afford shoes like these. Thanks Ali!!

  178. Would love to rock these shoes as I take care of my 2 kids! You look beautiful!! Congratulations!

  179. LOVE the Sutra Perf Heel! So perfect for work and or going out on a date with the hubs or girls night! Love how transitional they can be ❤️
    Seriously, can you be any cuter?! Cutest preggo EVER! Love your blog, post & insta stories!

  180. Omg Thats exactly how i felt with my second pregnancy. I wanted that boy to stay safe and cozy in my belly. Not to mention i was freaking out about having a 2 1/2 year old and a newborn needing my attention. Molly will be an amazing sister, little girls love having a younger sibling. Covering my back side was a must as well. I felt like the Hulk when i saw my backside, what in the world happens to us? The end result is beautiful though and completley worth it. Love your posts and i love that you show easy and unexpensive ways to style the bump. Pregnacy clothes can be ridicolously expensive. Thank you for the giveaways, makes your blog extra fun 🙂 If i win i would love the Sunburst shoes in the blush !

  181. The Sutra Perf heel is so cute! Trying to transition back into clothes beyond stretchy pants, Nike’s and a sweatshirt after baby and I’ve heard born shoes are incredibly comfortable ! Will have to go take a look 🙂

  182. I just love your posts and your blog! I’m just now in my second trimester with my rainbow baby so I’m reading your blog for advice on clothes! It’s gets HOT here in GA so I am I taking notes, lol! I would love the sutra perf shoe to help encourage me to dress up more often. It’ll help me feel better about myself right now and I know my hubby wouldn’t complain 🙂

  183. Hi Ali!

    I LOVE the Born Sunburst Sneakers! As the Assistant Director of a Preschool, I need to dress professional but also comfortable! I’m constantly on my feet, running around checking on teachers and children, playing with kids in the sandbox, and giving wonderful families tours. So I’m always looking for cute, stylish flat shoes to wear!

  184. Omg I LOVE the hazy style and cayo style for myself {black or blush. Perfect shoes for a busy mama of 2} and the taylor rainbow🌈 and Leah for my daughter. I was just shopping online last night for shoes for her 😊. I never win giveaways so I’m hoping to win this one. Mama needs a new pair of shoes! 😂 Thank you for doing this giveaway! 👞

  185. Hi Ali!

    1st of all, love your blog! Sunburst and sutra. I’ve never own a pair of Born. I’m more of a running shoe kinda of gal. Seeing/reading your style tips, makes me want to come out of my comfort zone. I have 3 kids, 13, 9, and 18 months. Jeans, shirt, sneakers, and a pony tail are my go to style, I know so boring. I’ve been doing for so long that I kinda lost my sense of fashion, lol. So thank you for the tips!

  186. As a mom of three boys, I think the hazy style would be awesome to wear as I try to keep up with them! Super cute and light weight! (And don’t worry about the weight gain! You’ll lose it eventually and even miss your preggo belly!)

  187. Hi! I just love how real you keep things! So refreshing to follow someone like that whose in the spotlight.
    I’d die for some cute sunburst sneakers or those slides! I’m chasing a toddler and an almost 9mo around and I just contanstly throw on my very old, very worn, old navy flip flops because they’re just easy! However, I’d love to have an actual shoe that doesn’t compromise comfort for cute factor. Most sneakers I find give me heel blisters too from rubbing so I’ve really tried to search for some that would work, maybe these?!
    Thanks and you guys are adorbs!


  188. Ali,
    Thank you for the opportunity to get a peak inside of your life through your blog as well as Instagram and Facebook. You always share such positive and real insights and advice! It is so nice to be able to relate to someone who is such a great role model for women today.

    I am so excited about the giveaway! I live and work in San Francisco and would love to try the BØRN Sunburst Wingtip Sneaker in Blush Fabric. They would be absolutely perfect for living in this city as San Francisco is such a walk-able city and hiking up the hills would be made much easier in a comfortable sneaker. Thank you again!

  189. Sutra Perf are perfect for us busy moms that are short( haha) and need something comfy to run errands, pick up kids from school and make dinner in❤️ Thanks Ali

  190. I love the Sunburst in the blush knit fabric! They look so cute and comfy and I am currently obsessed with anything blush/rose gold. SO CUTE!

  191. Hey Ali! I am obsessed with both your Instagram and your blog. When I am bored at work, I usually pop over to your blog and bookmark all my favorite outfits you are wearing, lol.
    I love how versatile the Børn SUTRA PERF heel looks, it is perfect for every outfit, and would be PERFECT for Spring in Massachusetts, where I live.

    Love your blog!! xo

  192. Love the Sunburst because it seem as though the shoes can go with anything!

    Also, the Mai Easy, Love a good sandal!

  193. Hey Ali!!!! First, you are absolutely adorable and inspiring. From one pregnant girl to another, thank you for sharing that you think your butt is big….. it made me feel so much better 😂 Second, those Sunburst sneakers are adorbs. And the the mulesare really cute, too!!!

  194. I’m a registered nurse, currently finishing up grad school to be a certified registered nurse anesthetist! Whenever I am not in the OR (which feels quite infrequently these days) I want to be comfortable and stylish. My feet take a beating being on them all day everyday and I’m always on the hunt for shoes that are comfortable, good to my feet, and still cute :). I’d love to win these as a nice treat for my spring wardrobe and feet!

  195. I have loved you since you were on the bachelor! You have been such an inspiration to me and I can’t thank you enough for that! I am working to become a woman as independent and confident as you. I enjoy every blog you post and can’t wait to read each one! Thank you so much for making me realize how beautiful I am and to work hard for what I want! I truly love the SUTRA PERF børn small heeled shoes. Congrats on your baby boy, and best of luck!

  196. I love the Sunburst. They are so cute and look beyond comfortable. I am on my feet all day at work and I’d love to have something super comfortable. I am currently pregnant with my first child in which I was told for 10 years I’d never be able to have children. We are over the moon!!!

  197. I love the simplicity (and comfort you mentioned!) in the Sutra PERF brown combo.

    So simple and perfect for making everything from commutes to nights out breezy and fashionable.

  198. I would LOVE to win the Sunburst in blush knit because they are soooo pretty! And look amazing on you! 😏
    This mama could definitely use some new comfy shoes!!
    Ps- you are THE CUTEST pregnant mama ever!!! I’ve been following you since the bachelorette days haha (fan girl! 🙋🏼‍♀️) and I couldn’t be happier for you and your beautiful family! Adore you Ali! 💕 Xoxox

  199. That sutra perf heel is adorable! I would love to win a pair! And as always, your family is just too cute! Can’t wait to see your new addition in a couple of months!

  200. I love this post!! Of course I’d love to win any shoes, but the heels just seem awesome, am I a bad mom though if I don’t pick a baby pair for my daughter?

    Anyway, I love all your fashion advice. I starting following when you had Molly and the sleep training info you shared saved us! Of course I only told the hubby about that and not all the extra fashion advice that I loved to then buy 😉
    I’m basically always a few months behind you w pregnancies, I’m on the second as well. Congrats on your little man!

  201. Love your pics and your blog. Congrats on the new baby! Y’all are just the cutest little family. I love the Sunburst Born sneakers. They’re so cute in blush. Would love to own a pair!

  202. Hey Ali! I’ve never worn a pair. But they are super cute and would also love to wear a pair. I’m new to your blog and love it. I love following you on Instagram ( I don’t do facebook).

  203. I am on my feet all day at my job and then take care of my two young kids, two dogs and a hubs. I will take any color… I will find something in my closet to wear with em. Your fam is so stinking cute!!! 😍😍😍

  204. I love the Sunburst sneakers! It’s so hard to find cute and comfy; these sneakers cross off both! I’ve realized chasing after my boys (4yo and 16 months) that I need a good comfortable shoe that offers support. Love these and you always look super adorable!

  205. Love this blog post!! Your maternity style is the best!! I would love the SUNBURST sneakers!! Comfort is key with little ones!

  206. I’d love something comfortable like the sneakers! I’m pregnant with my second little one and it’s allll about the comfort this time around! 🙌🏻🙌🏻

  207. I love the sunburst born sneakers because due to a recent loss we’ve suffered, I’d LOVE to have a reason to need comfortable shoes to wear because of being pregnant.

    You’re so adorable. Your family is beautiful. And you’re spirit is uplifting.

  208. I would love love love to win/have the Børn sunburst sneakers! As a teacher, I spend most if not all day on my feet, so I need as many comfy shoes as I can get! I feel like these are shoes I could wear at school with the right outfit and still look like a professional teacher, but also wear them at other times and be cute and casual. They’re so cute!

  209. I love the blush ones! Comfy shoes are soooooo hard to find and I would love to have a comfy pair of shoes for those last minute trips to the grocery store, comfy walking shoes for shopping and to wear to school!

  210. Happy Monday!

    Can I just say you’re adorable and look amazing in everything.
    All of these shoes are amazing but I would have to pick the sunburst sneakers! I have three kiddos that I am busy chasing around. Being comfortable is always important but style is also something I look for and these are so cute 😍

  211. I love the Sutra perf heel, I love that you can dress them up or down. Also you are the most beautiful mama ever!

  212. Hi Ali!

    Congratulations on almost getting to 28 weeks- and a boy!! So lucky to have one and one 🙂 all your outfits look super chic and effortless- i will use these as guide to dress up my mom look! ( active wear in the morning and jeans/sweater in the evening).

    I love the Born Hazy sneakers! All colors look great and they look like the perfect go to shoe to run errands in, play dates at the park, you name it! I know my twin would love a pair as well.

    Thank you for sharing!


  213. I would love to win some Born sneakers because I’ve heard that they are comfy. Being pregnant for the first time. I am 5 months pregnant & I’m already expierencing discomfort & being pigeon toed doesn’t help. I’d love to go through the rest of my pregnancy in comfort!!

  214. Hey Ali!

    I have always loveddd reading your blog and seeing your posts but I especially am loving your pregnancy posts lately since I’m 19 weeks pregnant this week 🙂 I love your real and honest take on everything!! My favourite of these shoes is the black knit sunburst but they’re all gorgeous! Thanks for all your posts and for keeping it real 🙂


  215. I need those Sunburst sneakers in my life. As a mom of 2 with one on the way, i need some comfy and stylish shoes!

    I love that you love wearing fitting outfits during pregnancy. Our curves are beautiful and it’s great to show them off!

  216. Fellow 🤰🏻 mama here, but with my first! I’m 24 weeks and due in June! The SUNBURST sneakers would be great for walking around before and after baby comes!! I know I’ll be wearing a ton of dresses once it warms up in Chicago and these sneakers would be a great addition to a summer dress look when I want to be comfy and cute!

  217. I would love to win the pair of tennis shoes they look so comfortable! That’s what I love about born shoes.

  218. I would love to win the Sunburst sneakers. They’re cute, plus they would go with so many things. I‘m done having babies, I had four. But I work at my daughters Elementary school, and comfirt is always good. You have such a cute family, can’t wait to see your baby boy! Best wishes. 💙

  219. I would love to win the blush sunbursts! They are super cute and the color would go with everything this spring!

  220. You are seriously the cutest/most stylish pregnant woman I have ever seen! I love that you share so much about your life and style tips on your blog— I am also a huge bachelor nation fan. I recently got married and graduated and am now pediatric occupational therapist! I spend most of my days in Nike sneakers and fun scrubs and find it hard to spend money on anything else! I would love to have the Sutra perf heels as motivation to dress up and stay cute for my new hubby!

  221. Thank you for introducing me to the Sunburst shoes. They look like the perfect combination of comfort and style. I’m entering my 34th week with my first pregnancy and it’s so hard to find fashionable comfortable shoes. Would love to win these!! Thank you for always promoting such good quality products and brands for babies and mamas.

  222. Oh my gosh, the tennis shoes are so cute. They look very comfy too. You are gorgeous. I love following you.

  223. You are seriously such a stunning pregnant woman!!
    I’m 29 weeks pregnant with my second child too, and I defintley don’t feel or look as good as you do!

    I love the BORN sneakers for myself and for my little girl! They are SO cute and I’ll take your word that they are really comfy!!

  224. I would love the Mai Easy sandals in white!😍 so cute for spring and summer! And born shoes are so comfy!

  225. Hi Ali! Congratulations by the way on baby #2. All of your top picks are very nice, I’d probably pick the Malena if you pick me. I’m also expecting a baby boy this summer. I love following your blog and hearing your mommy, fashion and meal tips. Keep up this great blog and insta stories. 💙💕

  226. Ali, I’ve heard of this brand many times but never did I think it was for younger aged women. I am so excited that you shared these shoes with us, as I am shoe obsessed and always looking for a new pair ! Especially on a budget which you’re amazing at finding 🙂
    Thanks again for sharing!

  227. I love the Sutra Perf heels. Super cute and perfect for spring. I have born boots and they are my absolute favorite. Hands down the most comfortable boots I own and the boots I get the most compliments on.

  228. Love the Tamara and sunburst!

    I love following you Ali your such a sweetheart! I’m expecting our second daoughtet so some comfortable shoes would be great!!!

  229. Hi Ali,
    I love the SUNBURST born sneakers! I’m a busy mama so I think I would get a lot of use out of these cute sneakers. I also love the blush color because it will match with many looks! Love your blog!

  230. Ali, your family is just a ray of light! Thank you for sharing with us. The mai easy is tan would be a perfect staple in my wardrobe. Love!

  231. You are having a beautiful pregnancy and couldn’t possibly glow anymore than you do!!!. Thank you for your give away I love yours they are my taste. I would also pick the Sunburst!!! Enjoy the rest of your pregnancy!

  232. I would love to win the Sunburst shoes. I’ve been wearing Born shoes for about 10 years and there is not a more comfortable or stylish shoe! Love them!

  233. Hi Ali,

    I am seriously so in love with your whole family and Congratulations on a little one on the way!!!! You are so inspirational with your blog and I love learning about your life! I recently found out that I am pregnant and this is my very first pregnancy!!! Eek I am sooo excited and eager to see what my body does during this whole process of pregnancy. I have so much support though and guidance that it really is awesome to have such good guidance through this. My fiance is very excited which makes me feel even more lucky to have a wonderful father to our child. Thank you for being a great mentor for me Ali. When I saw the SUNBURST Born shoes I fell in love with them and let me tell you I would really benefit with these when I get a big belly coming my way in the coming months. I love the soft color of them and I love that they have good cushioning in them! Like you said comfort and fashion while pregnant is something I will live by through these months! You are such a kind hearted person Ali and it is too kind of you to be doing this for somebody. Thank you so much for being amazing Ali!!!!

  234. Hi Ali – I would love to win the Sunburst Born shoes because just like you I am also pregnant (almost 26 weeks!) and I think they look so cute and comfy!

  235. I would love the sunburst sneakers!! I have been a fan of yours since the bachelor and you are #goals of a mom and such a style inspiration! I want to look like you so that’s why I think I should win 😂 🍦! Blessings to you.

  236. I’d love to win the sutra perf heels in brown! After any day walking around in heels my feet always hurt so I’m always looking for a comfortable pair of cute heels to wear! I especially love the brown as it would look so cute on a spring/summer day with jeans!

  237. Sunburst Sneakers are absolutely the cutest. My little guy, Wyatt is just starting to cruise around and I definitely need a comfy pair of sneakers that are cute and stylish!!

  238. Loving the Sutra Perf Heel!!!! I’m 29 weeks pregnant and already trying to figure out what type of shoes to wear to 10 weddings this summer with a little one in tow! These would be perfect!

  239. Thanks for all the great maternity styles! I’m due with my first baby in July! We are having a little girl! I would love to have the Malena (or any other style, really!) They look perfect for a long day of teaching! I also love all the little girl’s shoes for our soon to be princess!

  240. I would love the Sunburst sneakers! They look like the perfect spring/summer shoe for bopping around town or even a cute but casual work shoe!

  241. I love following you! You seem so humble and genuine. I started watching your show on the Hallmark channel in those early newborn days :). I would love the Born Sutra Perf Heel. This mama needs some cute comfy heels.

  242. I loved these sneakers! With two littles ones to chase after, they would be perfect for Soringtime and summer!

  243. I would love the sneakers because that is all I really wear anymore! You look fabulous for a pregnant woman and I love reading all your tips for life ! Keep up the great work!

  244. I love the sunburst! I work in an elementary school, so sitting down never happens and I need comfortable shoes that are still cute!
    Thanks for sharing and you look great!

  245. Hi Ali! I am so obsessed with the born tan heels. I live in Manhattan and walk A LOT. These would be perfect summer, comfy heels to wear to work, or just around town with a summer dress. LOVE!

  246. Love the Sunburst…but I would enjoy a comfy pair of the Hazy in the stone shade! They look perfect and comfy for on the go weekend out with kids!

  247. Hi Ali!!

    I got a pair of born wedges last summer, definitely my all time favorite shoe!! They are the most comfortable shoe ever! My favorite shoe from the blog is the sunburst sneaker, love the blush color! I always enjoy reading your blog and seeing all the good fashion finds! Wishing all the best to your growing family!!


  248. I’ve never looked into Born shoes before seeing you wear them!! Holy cuteness with those Sunburst sneakers!!!! We have a 19 month old so comfy shoes are going to be a MUST this spring and summer while chasing her around!! I’m so going to look at the baby Born shoes for my little one now too!!

  249. You are going to be so in love with that baby boy. After 2 girls, I had a boy…let me tell you. There is something about a baby boy. They fit perfectly in the crook of your neck..they snuggle harder and deeper for some reason.
    I am torn between the coya and the sunburst shoes!

  250. Hi Ali! Love watching your family grow!! I also love Born shoes. I think i love the heels because it’s so hard to find a comfy pair. But all of them are too cute!

  251. Hi! I love the sneakers, they are so cute! I wear sneakers a lot and would love to add these to my closet 🙂

  252. I love all of them! Especially the sneakers<3
    I have a bad back and wanted black boots so badly. When I tried on my Børn boots I fell in love!!! I walk all over San Francisco wearing them with my daughter!!! By far my best purchase!!!

  253. I would pick the same exact pair you’re wearing the sunburst in the blush! They’re so cute and girly with looking so comfy! And being pregnant with our 3rd in August and having a 2 and 1 year old to chase these would help my feet so much!

  254. I love the Born Sutra Perf Heel. I’m currently 25 weeks pregnant with my first child and have been wearing flats for the most part but am missing wearing heals. Those are the right style I like to wear and they look so comfy!

  255. Hi Ali! So many great maternity suggestions on this post! I would love love love the Sutra Perf heel in brown. I could wear them to work and outside of. Perfectly chic and versatile. Also as a mama to be the chunky heel would be comfy enough to wear 🙂 my insta handle I commented with is @kalyssamo

  256. Hi Ali! I love your blog, but this is my first time commenting. I’d love to win the the Børn SUTRA PERF heel. I just had my little girl, and I have to go back to work soon, which I’m so sad about! I wish maternity leave could last forever. (I cry whenever I think about dropping her off at daycare.) But my students need me, and I would love to look cute when I go back!

  257. I love Born shoes! I have a pair of black Born ankle boots I bought in 2014 that I still wear EVERY week. They’re my comfiest pair. I’m a huge fan and I tell everyone about them. I love those wedges.

  258. Hi Ali! I would love to win the Mai Easy or the Sunburst! They would be perfect on so many occasions. I can’t seem to pick just one. 😍 You have the best style!

  259. Hi Ali!

    Always love your posts! I would love to win the Sutra Perf Heel! I am on my feet for work all day long and have such a hard time finding a comfortable pair of shoes without compromising the style I am going for. These are absolutely adorable and I feel like they could help make my work days so much more enjoyable without my feet aching!

    Thanks so much for taking the time to read!

  260. Hi Ali, I would love to win the Mia easy sandal. Love watching your blog and seeing sweet Molly grow. You have a beautiful family! ❤️

  261. You look so gorgeous pregnant! And I LOVE all of the Born shoes! The Sutra Perf Heels are my favorite! Hope to win!

  262. I just had a baby girl 2 weeks ago. Recovering from a c section so I cant wait to get into some new shoes and start walking 🙂
    The sunborn sneakers would be great and are very stylish, but those sutra Perf heel looks like a good walking heel with style. Both are nice and comfy looking 🙂

  263. Ali,

    I love reading your blog! I have been a fan of you since the bachelor/bachelorette <3 the mai easy sandals look SO cute and comfy! I’m a teacher and I could easily wear those everyday in the spring and summer here in MN 🙂

  264. Ali,
    It’s nice to see you pregnant. You are more feminine, more sensual and more sexy !!! And then, it’s like Christmas, we wait for you to send us a nice gift from heaven …

    You make everyone dream . . .

  265. I just love the Sunburst sneakers!!!! I have a 4 month old and I’m always on the run with her, they would be a great addition to my closet!!

  266. I’m sneaking up on 24 weeks and those sneakers look like a life saver. My heels have started killing me! I’m jealous of your first pregnancy being so easy! I am hoping this foot nonsense is short term! Thanks for sharing this and I’m keeping my eye on those shoes! xoxo

  267. I ❤️❤️❤️ the sneakers…super pretty color and cute with both jeans and dresses which I live in!!!

  268. Hi Alli!! I love your Instagram posts and blog and honestly have you to thank for so many great purchases I’ve made since I’ve started following!! Also – I’m not kidding, but Molly is probably the cutest little girl ever!! Her being so talkative lately is adorable! I’ve been following you since your bachelorette days and truly admire how honest you always are in your posts and how much you care about your family! So thank you for being such a great role model!!!

    The sutra perf heeled Born shoes would literally be perfect for my months ahead. I’m getting married in June and have so many events I could wear them to! You’ve opened my eyes to how many cute shoes Born actually has! (My mom always wears them but I always thought they were too “mom” haha) so thank you!!!

  269. Hi, Ali! I love the Sunburst sneakers in blush. I am a first grade teacher and spend most of my day on my feet. I am always looking for shoes that are both cute and comfortable and these sneakers definitely fit that criteria!

  270. Hey Ali!
    I would seriously LOVE the sun burst sneakers! I absolutely love the blush color! I am a brand new mom and my little guy is almost 8 months old and on the move! Since becoming a new mommy my wardrobe has definitely taken the back burner! (also I don’t have many shoes that fit now🤦🏼‍♀️) I am slowly getting my style back. I really appreciate you making it easy to just click links to your wardrobe, I love your style! These shoes would really would help out a bunch to start getting myself back! Thank you so much!

    1. Also- I am a full time operating room nurse- on my feet all day! It would be amazing to have a fashionable (non work shoe) to wear outside of work! Thank you!!

  271. I absolutely love the soft pink Cayo (size 8)
    I can wear these with several outfits I have when I start my new job next week. Love these mules!
    💕Danna Anderson

  272. The SUTRA PERF heels are perf(ect), especially for us short girls! I hope I look as cute as you when I’m pregnant! Can’t wait to see pics of your little boy & find out his name!!

  273. The sutra perf heels are SO cute!!! I love that they’re open toe! They look like a cute sandal, but in a heel form! Super adorable!

  274. As a teacher, it is critical that my shoes are cute AND comfy! Let’s be honest…I don’t sit between 7am and 5pm. Those Sutra Perf Heels are the perf solution 🙂 so cute but I could survive all day without my feet killing me!! Help a teacher out Ali! Thanks for keeping your blog honest and real – love it!

  275. I love the sneakers – your outfits always look amazing, and to be able to pair them with comfy sneakers is perfect!! I’m pregannat with my fourth, so any live my feet can get is so appreciated!

  276. Hi Ali! I love the Born Sutra Perf Heels! I’m a teacher and they’d be perfect for the days I want to dress up an outfit without being uncomfortable!

  277. I would love to win the SUNBURST Børn sneakers!!!💕 Thanks so much for doing another giveaway! How fun!

  278. My pick is definitely the Sunburst shoes in blush or navy! So cute and just the style I’ve been thinking about getting lately!

  279. The pink sneakers are super cute! I have been eying them up for some time !! It would be great to win!!

  280. Hi!!

    I would LOVE to win the Sutra Perf. Seeing them on you makes me want them more! They look so cute. I’m 21 weeks pregnant and having a cute and comfortable pair of heels to last me the rest of my pregnancy and into the summer would be amazing! With having baby showers and events to dress cute to a comfy pair of heels would be perfect. Love reading your stuff!! 🙂

    Ashley Clark

  281. I already LOVE the born brand for their comfort and style, but as a brand new, first time Mom, I would love rocking the BORN SUNBURST blush colored sneakers! I am 8 weeks pp and am still getting used to how different my body is and learning to love and embrace it. It wouldn’t be fair if I wasn’t honest with myself – and how sad I feel sometimes when I look in the mirror. I know I created a little miracle and she is my world, but I don’t love what I see when I look in the mirror. There is something about wearing the color blush in my fashion picks that just helps make me feel pretty again – even on those days when I feel my worst. These sneakers would be great with leggings, which is all nncan wear right now, and help me feel like I have a little sense of style again. Thank you again for the opportunity to win these.

  282. Hi! My moms birthday is less than a month away and i would love to win these for her! She’s always loved this style of shoes!! And it’s even better because there comfy! If i won these it would make me so happy that she finally got a pair of comfy casual shoes!! She would love the blush sunburst! Thanks so much!

  283. I’m 27 weeks pregnant with my 2nd, and I’d love to win a pair of the Sunburst Born sneakers to wear around the office for when I can no longer tie up my military combat boots. They look really comfy! Can you do a post on what you’re packing for the hospital the 2nd time around? What didn’t you need/ what you wished you had brought for Molly. I feel like these next few months are gonna fly by… Good Luck!!

  284. I’m loving the Sutra perf for spring and summer season! Being 5’3” I need some height and the cute style touch too!

  285. We are due date twins and I completely agree about already being uncomfortable this pregnancy! I have a 15 month old and I think a lot of the discomfort is from keeping up with her! But unlike you I cannot imagine being pregnant another 3 months!! Haha.

    Excited for your latest contest! The mai easy look super comfy and perfect for spring!

  286. Hi Ali … love you on H&F!!

    I’d love the Børn SUTRA PERF heel because they are out of my comfort zone. I’ve got three boys 11,8 and 1 and I’m usually running around looking like a zombie. 2018 is my year to focus a little attention towards myself again … exercising, eating better, and looking better for myself 😊😊😊.

    Anyway good luck to all 🍀☘️

    Congrats on baby boy!

  287. I just love your blog!!! It’s one of my favorites- I just love your cute little family!!

    I’ve actually purchased several of the things you’ve posted. Love them all!!

    SUTRA PERF Are my favorite shoes! So adorable!!

  288. First off, I just wanted to say that you are GLOWING Ali!! Congrats to you, Kevin, Molly, & little Owen! Can’t wait to virtually meet him, ha!

    The Sutra Perf heels are to die for. They’re so cute and are perfect for spring/summer (and fall and winter because socal weather!) I can imagine wearing them with a casual outfit or for a night out!

  289. Hey Ali-

    Thanks for once again sharing some amazing finds! I have been following your blog for awhile now and have purchased many a things you have posted!

    Your family is adorable! I’ve gotten some great gift ideas for family & friends who have had children recently as well!!

    Thanks for sharing your finds & style! It is much appreciated!!

    I love the SUTRA PERF shoe! They are so cute and stylish!!

  290. I love Born Shoes! I own some of their sandals, but would LOVE to try out the Sunburst Borns! I love that they can be dressed up or down, and are a perfect color for spring!

  291. Hi Ali!
    I own the Born loafers in red and love wearing them to work! Especially since I work with children and need comfy shoes! I would love the slip on Cayo loafer in pink! Darling! And perfect for spring!

    Ps: you look beautiful pregnant! Congratulations!

  292. Ali- you are so generous to do another giveaway! The born sneakers and the striped dress make me so excited for spring and summer! All the born styles are amazing! Would be lucky to get any of them!

  293. Sunburst in Blush for sure! I tagged my sister! She’s such a great sister and mommy to her two kiddos! She deserves a cute comfy pair of shoes! 👟❤️

  294. Love all these styles!! And I love reading your blog and at 8 months pregnant I am dreaming of wearing the sutra perf wedges!!!

  295. Love all those styles! I for sure need a pair of those Sunburst sneakers as a busy mom chasing a 15 month old. Can’t beat a pair of comfy shoes! Thanks for sharing these in our post. I didn’t know that Born made kids shoes too! I have many styles of Born shoes (all so comfy). I need to check out some of those styles Molly has for my daughter! 😉

  296. Would love nothing more than those sunburst sneakers! I’d been eyeing toms’ new sneakers but honestly, I bet these are even more comfortable!

  297. My third trimester will be in the hottest months so I think I’d have to pick the Mai Sandals! Cute, comfy sandals are hard to come by!

  298. You are such a beautiful pregnant woman! You are seriously giving me baby fever with how happy and radiant you are-all while keeping up with an adorable toddler! I’d love to win the Sunburst Born Sneakers. The color screams spring and they look so comfortable for casual days teaching and chasing my almost two-year-old son around.

  299. Hi Ali! I love the Born boots! I bought the Cookie Dough Poly boot after Xmas. I lost my job soon after that and had to return them! I miss them soooooo much!

  300. I fricking LOVE Born shoes…especially those blush Sunburst. Being the mom of a 1 year old who is now mobile, I’ve grown to appreciate comfy shoes that are also cute. It’s a tough balance (hello “mom shoes”) but these hit the mark. I tagged my sister who would love to wear these while walking her 2 dogs (a rescue mutt named Margaret and a Golden named Hudson)!

  301. Hello from the Berkshires! Wish it was warm enough to be eating ice cream…another storm this week! I love the sunburst sneakers!

  302. I’d love to win the sunburst born sneakers! So cute and perfect for chasing my little ones around!

  303. The sunburst is so adorable. I have been looking for something besides the plain Jane tennis shoe.

  304. I love the Sutra Perf. I just don’t know if I like the brown or black better. Haha! You are seriously adorable. I loved the video of Molly talking about her baby brother! So sweet!

  305. I LOVE the Born Sutra Perf Heels! I’ve wanted to try wearing a heel in this style, but I’m always afraid that I’ll style them incorrectly or that I’ll spend money on a pair and end up not wearing them due to discomfort. But I’d love to try them and get comfortable experimenting more with footwear fashions!

  306. Always trying to Evolve my style while staying practical! These looks like they check both boxes!

  307. I love either the Sutra Perf or the Mai Easy are so freaking cute! I want them both! If I win I’ll pick one and buy the other!

  308. Loving these Born sneakers. I’ve been dealing with severe sciatica and pain in my sacrum in this pregnancy and my chiro said no more cute shoes for me! It’s been tennis shoes or sneakers even with nice dresses but these would go great with anything!

  309. I so love Born so any shoes would be a blessing! The tennis shoes you’re wearing are incredibly cute and I’m also so ready for Spring in Oregon, so sandals would be nice too lol.

  310. Hi Ali I love the Cayo shoes in the soft pink. With just almost ending my first trimester it would be lovely to have shoes that don’t hurt my feet by the end of the work day ;)) take care Ali
    Ps Molly is the sweetest little girl 🙂

  311. They are all super cute! I really like the SUTRA PERF. They look so cute while still looking comfortable. I have trouble with my feet so it’s hard for me to find something that’s got comfort while still cute! Hazy looks amazing also!!

  312. Love love love those blush sneakers, girl! I’d have to go with those being my fav, although the heels are adorable too. There is a good chance I’ll be pregnant by summertime as well, so having some versatile comfy shoes like these would be amazinggggg! 🙂

  313. I love the Malena shoe in pink metallic! They are super springy looking and they look comfortable! I’ve struggled through three back surgeries and so I need to wear a good shoe as my youngest child is 8 yrs old and she is a busy girl and I have to keep up! Since my surgeries my style in shoe wear is lacking! Zzzzz. If I were to find these comfortable- I’d be a loyal fan. Haha. Anyways you are glowing- pregnancy looks amazing for you. You have a sweet family.
    💙 Megan

  314. Those shoes are so cute. I love the Brown combo Sutra Perf. Those would be perfect with everything: leggings, shorts, pants, dresses. I have been dying to get my hands on a pair like that..

  315. Loooveee the born sunburst blush colour! They’d be perfect for the rest of my pregnancy and for being a new mom 😀 You look amazing !

  316. I would absolutely LOVE to have some cute and comfortable shoes. Sometimes they are so hard to find, but these look wonderful!!! Ready to make comfort a priority now that I see they can be as cute as sunburst! Thank you 😊

  317. I’d love to win either Sunburst or Hazy!! But they’re all so cute! I’m looking for a comfy sneaker to wear this Spring.

  318. Oh I’d love to win the Sunburst blush sneaks your wearing. They are so cute and versatile plus since you said They are comfy too is a huge plus!! Pick me. Pick me!! Thanks foe sharing your fashion faves!

  319. I would love to own a pair of the sunburst tennis shoes. They are so cute and I honestly don’t own a pair of tennis that cute and comfy. 😊

  320. Sorry I’m late 🙋🏼‍♀️ I just saw this instastory. I absolutely love the born block heel! Chasing around 2 toddlers is tough already, let alone anything uncomfortable. That being said, I hardly ever wear a heel anymore (😫). I would love to have a “tried and true” heel that works in all occasions!

  321. I love the sneakers in the color your wearing! I’ve been following you for so long! I love all of your adorable affordable fashion tips and of course that sweet baby girl too!

  322. You look adorable in your maternity clothes! Thanks for the contest. I would love to win the Born Sutra Perf heels. I’m a big fan of Born shoes. So comfy!

  323. Love The sutra perf heels! You look stunning Ali! My daughter is about Molly’s age… Molly’s vocabulary is enormous compared to my Maya’s. She’s adorable 🙂

  324. I absolutely LOVE your style both pregnant and not! You always look comfortable and fashionable! I love that! Those Sutra Born Heels in your pictures and your video look gorgeous!!! I am falling in love with them. I’m 5’7” but my husband is barely 5’8”. I don’t wear heels too often but I love them and I have been trying to add them to my wardrobe more and more. I love ones that have the thicker heels or wedges. I’m all about comfort. I’ve never actually tried Born shoes before but I’d definitely love to try the Sutra Heels! If you are wearing them while pregnant then they have to be comfy! I’m all for comfort!

  325. I love your fashion so much. Plus I LOVE that I can usually afford it too! I would love to win for me and my preggo sister. I like the sunburst sneaker too but the navy ones ate more up my alley.
    Can’t wait for the bachelor update!

  326. I love the sunburst sneakers! I’m always looking for cute and affordable sneakers to wear throughout the year. Your family is so adorable! 😘

  327. What size blue dress are you wearing?? I noticed it was non maternity! I am also pregnant and would love a few of those for the spring/summer! So cute! Thanks for sharing!

  328. Love all Born shoes, but in these pictures the Malena Pink Metallic and Sunburst-Black Knit are pretty awesome. The reason I love Born is because I broke my ankle a year ago and these are the best shoes for my feet now!

  329. You are so cute, Ali! You are rocking your pregnancy! My oldest is a girl (shes 4) and my youngest is a boy (hes 2) Can I just tell you how much FUN you are going to have with two?!? Yes, it is hard and a challenge, but having two kiddos is just a blessing.You and Kevin are in for the ride of your life! Enjoy every second of it! Thanks for sharing your journey and for the giveaway! I love those Born heels you are rocking 🙂

  330. I have three littles and would love to win the blush Sunburst sneakers, perfect for spring outtings with the fam!

  331. I really love the Sutra Perf heel. It would go well with both work and weekend attire which versatility is always key.

  332. Ali love this post especially as I considee becoming a momma in the future. Your maternity style is so cute! I have a pair of born wedges that I bought years ago at the rack that are the most comfortable things on earth but I bought them in my twenties and thought they were “mom” shoes but didn’t care. Love the new born styles, can’t decide between the sunburst or sutra. Maybe get have to just get both!

  333. These are so cute!!! I would love either the Sutra Perf or the Sunburst! They both would look great dressed up or down and versatile in my closet – which I NEED!!!

  334. LOVE the sunburst pink sneakers, they are fashionable and would be great for chasing my two kids around!! Love your style, you are adorable!

  335. I’m dying over the sutra perf heel! If I were to be lucky enough for you to pick me I would go with those. I have three children ranging from 11 to 8 months. I’m nursing the 8 month old and I feel like I live in flip flops, yoga pants and tank tops. I’m trying SO HARD to look cute sometimes which is why I follow you. Your tips are amazing. Your looks are always so cute and you always look comfortable. I think these heels would be the answer to my need for comfort but also a cute look.

  336. I love the heeled sand Les you wear in this video. I think they are Stra Perfect and I love the brown color. It’s perfect for spring!!!

  337. Ok, I’m gonna need to know where you got that white duster from? It’s SOOO CUTE! My pregnant self NEEDS it!

  338. I loveeeee this Sutra Perf heels. They look so comfortable and so stylish. I’d love some heels that wouldn’t tear my feel by chasing my baby around!

  339. I would love the sneakers! I’m going to Italy and Greece with my husband and they would be both comfortable and cute to walk around in and explore!

  340. I love the Hazy born shoes in the stone knit color! Because I need a comfy shoe that I can wear on my days off other than sandals. I live in FL and that shoe just looks so breathable. 😁💙 !!!My best friend/cousin is who I will tag on Instagram to win with me if I win because on multiple occasions we have bought the same shoes without being with each other! 😂 anyway she would want black in the Hazy born shoe I think lol. BTW love the blue striped dress and $7 🤗!! Just have to say your insta video with Kevin running with Molly in the bag was hilarious and so cute! 😂 Also I read your bachelors post and I agree with you! He made the right decision but man that was hard to watch!

  341. I love all Born shoes, boots, etc. They are great fit for my feet and last for a long time. Malena is my favorite for travel.

  342. Ali you are a doll! I loved your blog and bought so many great, recommended- pieces during my pregnancies! I love the sunburst shoes in blush and am entering for me and my mama friend Landree 👯‍♀️

  343. Sunburst are my favorite. I’ve always wanted shoes like this and never had the chance to buy them. Ali you are beautiful, love reading your blog post!

  344. My sister in law just has her first baby on Sunday making me a happy Auntie!!! We love your blogs Ali — on fashion, The Bachelor & motherhood! I would love for this new mama to be comfortable in these cute new blush Born sneakers!!! They are adorable just like my new niece 💕💕💕

  345. Gosh I would love the sutra perf or the sunburst! I have plantar fasciitis pretty severely and I’ve heard Born would be good shoes to try!! Love all your posts! ❤️

  346. Ohhhhhhh I can’t pick between sunburst and the brown sutra perf sandals. Channeling my indecisive Arie I guess?! 😂🤣😂🤣

    Thanks for keeping it real Ali – your little sweet girl is presh!

  347. Oh my!! I’ve been looking for a pair of comfortable shoes for work. I hurt my lower back and need the support and comfort. Thx for this opportunity!!

    Btw love ur blogs!!

  348. I love the Born Sunburst Sneakers!! They look so comfy and would go with so many outfits! They look like the perfect, Mom of 3 on the go shoe for me!

  349. Emmy II are so adorable for spring and summer. I also love the trinculo and the Kerri are both amazing looking.

  350. Madly in love with the pink sunburst sneakers by Born! These are the missing piece to my Spring wardrobe!

  351. Hi Ali
    You’re so kind.
    I’m going to take your lead and wear an all white outfit.
    My black lace up worn out shoes won’t complete the outfit though so I’d accept any pair of the lovely shoes/sneakers. 💟

  352. Okay your shoes are simply adorable!!!!! I have never tried Born shoes before and would LOVE to win a pair of any, but the sneakers are what I’d wear most!!!! So cute!!!!

  353. I would get the Sunburst in blush like you did. So cute with a dress, I need to do that more often!

  354. I love all BORN shoes! it’s hard to pic just one favorite. They have the most comfortable fashion boots for winter by far!

  355. I love either shoe. I have a 3 1/2 year old and a 1 year old. Mamma needs a new look. I’ve been sporting “active wear” and tennis shoes for way too long!

  356. I’d love to win the pair you’re wearing and the butterfly pair Molly is wearing as I’m currently pregnant and think I’m having a little girl! If it happens to be a boy, well they would make a perfect gift for a friend!

  357. I would love the sunburst in blush!! You make them look so cute and sounds so comfy, I feel like I need them!

  358. The sutra perf heel!!! I am 5’0 so it would be nice to feel a little taller but not have to suffer for it. Heels can be so uncomfortable so I rarely wear them. My husband is 6’2 so heels would be amazing. And being a busy mom of 4, having a pretty shoe I could wear that wouldn’t hurt to be in as I run errands is perfect!!

    Thank you for doing this and being so open and always willing to share with us so honestly ❤️

  359. The sunbrust born sneakers are absolutely adorable!! I don’t own any casual sneakers but you made them look so chic with the striped dress that I thought I need to have a pair! Haha so adorable thanks for sharing 😊💕

  360. I would love to win the Born Sutra Perf Heel because they look like the PERFECT sandal to wear at work (and Born is famous for comfort!). Thanks for giving us the opportunity to win these Ali! 🙂

  361. I just absolutely LOVE 😍 those brown heels you have on! They would be perfect for spring 💐 & I love the fact that they are also so comfy! I’m a sucker for a pair of stylish comfy heels!!!

  362. Love ❤️ the sunburst! They look so comfortable especially as I head into the last 7 weeks of my pregnancy!! 🤰🏻

  363. I love the blush sunbusrt sneakers! They are super cute and I would’ve never thought to pair them with a casual dress!

  364. I would want Sunburst pair of casual sneakers. The Mai Easy look cute too! I wish they made them in big kid sizes. The baby butterfly sneakers are adorable and my 7 year old daughter would have loved them!
    I love reading your perspective on all things “Bachelor”!

  365. Love your fashion tips! Also, fully trust your word when yo I talk about comfort. When you were pregnant with Molly you posted about the shoreline converse that were comfortable and I bought a pair based off your post and they have become my favorite shoes! So I’m excited about these born shoes! My favorites are the CAYO and the SUNBURST. Comfortable but stylish!

  366. I’d love to win a pair of shoes! I’m a teacher on my feet all day. I have a herniated disc and that would help relieve my pain. Also I’m a mom so added comfort running the little one around would be a plus!

  367. Ali! I am so happy you have a blog! It’s like having girl time when I read your blogs, love it! I have been searching for a pair of shoes I like other than my workout ones and I think the sunburst sneakers would be on my feet everyday! Super cute 🙂 My sister and I are both mothers and what mom doesn’t need new shoes to feel extra special! Eeeek! Hope we win!

  368. I was just telling my husband I’d like some shoes like the Born Sneakers you are wearing in the first look! So comfortable for mamas like us who still want to look cool 🙂

  369. I LOVE the sunburst by born! They are so cute! I tore a ligament in my foot so after it healed they are super comfortable on my feet! You look so cute pregnant and i love your posts

  370. I’d love to try this brand! Anything I have bought that you’ve posted, I’ve absolutely LOVED, so I’m sure it will be the same with these shoes 🙂

  371. The sunburst born sneakers would be so comfy for running around and doing errands this Summer! Love the heels you have on as well!

  372. I would love to win the mai easy sandals in the tan color because they’re the perfect spring and transition to summer shoes!

  373. I love following your blog, Ali! I am due with my first baby this Sept. and I love reading all about how you have raised Molly, and getting all of the latest maternity fashion tips. I have definitely purchased a couple of the dresses you have posted! 🙂 I, too, am all about comfortable shoes and would love a pair of the blush colored Sunbursts! I love the color as they look super cute and adorable!

  374. Love, love, LOVE the Sunburst sneakers! Love the blush color for Spring. I struggle with what shoe to wear when I’m wearing a casual outfit…ya know when you want to dress casual, but still look cute? These are it!!!

  375. Been seeing these a lot these days! I absolutely love the sunbursts that you are wearing in these pics, and would love to win them or try their wedges!

  376. Love your style!!!!!! Especially love the SUTRA PERF shoes ❤️ Definitely taking style notes for the next time I’m pregnant! Xoxo

  377. I think it would be awesome to rock the “BORN SUTRA PERF HEEL” when I want to be fancy and then Sunburst when I want to be casual (which let’s be honest would be most of the time!).

  378. I’ve been watching you since the bachelor! We have the same first name and you’ll always and forever be my favorite bach contestant! I’m so super envious of the pink trainers you have in your pic with your family:) can’t wait to hear what you have to say about the finale today !!!! Xoxo

  379. I would honestly love either or pairs of shoes! They are both so cute and I adore them both. My favorite color is that blush pink of the sneakers, but I also have been looking for a nice tan summer heel!

  380. I love the Sutra Perf shoes!! I haven’t worn heels since having my second child 10 months ago. These look like such a comfy shoe, would love to win them and wear heels again!

  381. OMG! You look great Ali.

    I totally LOVE the SUNBURST sneakers because I’m such a sporty girl and the Sultra Perf (heels in brown) are super cute too. I’m conflicted. Can I love 2 shoes at the same time? LOL 🙂

    – @AggieCooks (Instagram)

  382. Love the Born sneakers you’re wearing in your IG post!! Can’t have too many cute (and comfy) sneakers in your wardrobe!

  383. I’m feeling so pregnant at 17w6d 🤰🏻 so I would love to win the Born sneakers! And thanks for the all of the outfit ideas. Hard to imagine what will fit around this bump by the time I’m 28 weeks like you!

  384. I would LOVE the Cayo soft pink shoes they would be amazing! Im pregnant with my first and a high school math teacher so being on my feet all day kicks my trash so I really like these shoes and think they’re a good option. I love having a blog that can give me some tips on this pregnancy!

  385. I would love the Sunburst Born sneakers because I’m 34 weeks pregnant and needing comfy shoes for now and when I have the baby! They look so cute and adorable and like they would go with everything!

  386. Such a fun giveaway!! I would love the Sunburst shoes because they would fit into my everyday life of chasing around my 3 small children. I love shoes that are both cute and functional!

  387. I love all the shoes you listed, but would probably go with the sunburst sneakers in blush because I think I would get the most use out of them.

  388. Love the sunburst sneakers in blush! With 2 babies under 14 months, I am always on the go! These will dress up my sweats a bit. 🙂

  389. That stripped dress is super cute!!!! I think I need to buy it, I’m 18 weeks pregnant 🙂 question though, I’ve never purchased from that store, I normally wear a small do you rec a small
    Or medium?! Also, what do you wear under fitted dresses when preg bc I don’t like when underwear lines show and we know when preg everything is more accentuated lol 😉

  390. I love the SUTRA PERF. Love the brown color. It matches so much! I must have cushiony shoes or it’s a no go. How stylish and comfortable these look!!

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