Fun with Fashion (Oh So 70’s!) and My Big Bump!!!

Hey guys! Happy Friday! This week has been such an exciting and fun week for me that I don’t want it to end! Although I’m sure most of you are super psyched it’s Friday. Ha! It’s actually a really busy day for me because I’m filling in as co-host at Home & Family since the regular co-host, Mark, is taking a well-deserved day off. So the shows other co-host Debbie and I will be holding down the fort! Girl power!

Anyway I wanted to share this look with you guys today because I just think it’s so cute, super fun and perfect for a big belly even though it’s non-maternity! I fell in love with the dress when I saw it online because I love the 70’s feel of it. It also comes in other colors/prints that aren’t quite as retro, but I love how retro this one feels. I just think this dress is so great, not only because it looks super cute, but also because I feel like it’s great for anyone that might want to hide a little extra love around the midsection. Or in their booty! And I thought this dress would be so cute as an Easter outfit! I actually think I might wear this on Easter because I love it so much.


I went ahead and sized up to a large just because I wasn’t sure if my normal size of a medium would have fit over my huge bump. But if I wasn’t pregnant, I would’ve gone with my normal size medium. Speaking of my huge bump, Kevin and I went to the doctor yesterday to have a more extensive ultrasound where they measure the baby’s brain, heart and limbs. Every woman has this ultrasound around 20 weeks but we had to get another one around 28 weeks because at our 20 week appointment, the baby was showing a small cyst on his brain. I’m super happy to report that the cyst is no longer there! Thank goodness! However, we did learn that he’s measuring 3 weeks big! So basically, my doctor is reevaluating my due date at this point. My doctor told me they’re going to re-review my 8 week ultrasound images to see if they should adjust the due date (that age of gestation gives the most accurate results). Oh and on top of that, it looks like I have some excess amniotic fluid like I did with Molly. So since I not only have a very big boy growing inside me, there’s also excess fluid which is resulting in my belly being larger than it normally would be at 27.5 weeks pregnant. So needless to say, I have to make sure I have as much room as possible in my clothes. So this dress was the perfect option for me when I wore it the other day! Just had to size up one size. Get your normal size if you aren’t pregnant!

To play off the 70’s vibe of the dress I got these fun white round sunglasses. I can’t help but smile when I wear them. And finally, I finished off the look with this bamboo purse! I’ve seen so many other fashion bloggers and stylish women in general carrying this bag and I had to jump on the bamboo bag train! I feel like it instantly makes you look more fashionable when you’re carrying it. You just can’t put anything in it that you don’t want anybody else to see because it is see-through. But honestly, when I use it, I just take the basics. In these photos I only have my phone and credit card (in phone case) in it. But when I want to put things in it that are smaller, I just use little bags and I kind of like it because it stays more organized.

Oh and everything I’m wearing is from Modcloth! Have you guys checked out their website before? I’ve written about them a few times because I just think everything on their website is so unique and fun! And they tend to carry a bunch of different sizes for women of all different shapes and sizes! For instance, this floral dress comes in sizes XXS up to 4XL. How great is that?!?!

Anyway, I just wanted to share this with you guys today because I think it’s super fun and the perfect look to share on a Friday! Hope you all have the best weekend! Love you guys!

Ok.. I may have written more below 😉



You know what, I was gonna end this blog post by just sharing the one dress but I want to share another one with you guys too! It’s this chiffon A-line dress in pretty pastel colors! The reason I want to share it is because one, it’s on sale so it’s the time to get it! And two, I feel like because we announced the gender of our baby this week, the pink and blue dress just seems appropriate to share right now! Oh and three, it would be so cute for Easter because of the pastel colors! It also comes in sizes from XXS to 4XL. I will say though, the color of the dress is a little bit darker than the photos on the website. So just keep that in mind if you decide to order this one. It’s super cute and girly and would even be cute to wear when you do your own gender reveal! Gender reveals are on my mind this week since we just did ours. Anyway, I wanted to share one more look with you guys today! It’s also from Modcloth! Hope you love it!



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31 thoughts on “Fun with Fashion (Oh So 70’s!) and My Big Bump!!!

  1. You look amazing! Love the dresses! Can’t wait till Monday to see home and family, I watch that show everyday and love when your on!
    Hope your week continues to be amazing!

  2. So happy that all was ok at your 28 week scan with your gorgeous baby boy! You look so fabulous (as always) in these photos and I love the 2nd dress so much!

  3. Hey Ali!

    Sweet photos! The dresses are super cute. I’ve ordered from Modcloth before and al though they have cute things, I live in Canada, and the duties I had to pay on my total purchase totally sucked (so a little FYI to anyone ordering outside the US).

  4. So glad your scan was good! My oldest son (now 6 years old) had a brain cyst at his 20 week scan too. Apparently it’s normal but it still made me freak out and worry… my doctor assured me he’d be just fine and he is now a very energetic strong smart sassy little boy! Yours will be too I’m sure. 🙂

  5. Hi Ali
    I’m from Canada too & agree with Kate. Paying extra for duty/taxes/$ exchange can be costly 😕 but sometimes i treat myself.
    Glad you & your Doctor are taking good care of you & your Son! 💙
    Have fun on Home and Family.

  6. Just wondering do you do kick counts? I’m 24 weeks with my 2nd and some days she is super active and other days more quiet and of course I freak out on those days. Just was curious how often you feel baby kicking at 28 weeks…thanks Ali!! Super cute dresses too!!!

  7. Also my son measured 3 weeks ahead at all of my ultrasounds they told me he was going to weigh like 11 pounds! But he only weighed 8.5 pounds 😊

  8. I’ve always measured about 3 weeks ahead in my pregnancies but my babies were normal sized and born at 40 weeks. My doc said they always rely on the earlier ultrasound for the most accuracy bc the later ultrasounds have greater room for error on measurements.

  9. Ali, I’ve also had two pregnancies with a large belly early on. I’m 5’4” and about 130lbs so fairly petite. I’ve pushed out a 9 lb baby girl one week late and 4 months ago a 9lb 14 oz baby girl 3 days early. My body just likes to grow em Big! I always got comments (early on too) about “are you sure there is just one?” 🙄🙄 It’s hard not to be self conscious but hang in there and know your big beautiful babe will be here soon. I’ve always enjoyed following your pregnancies because I can relate to you. You are a beautiful pregnant mama!! Sending good vibes!

  10. Since you were actively TTC this baby you likely have a good idea about your ovulation date or date of conception so there is no way your due date is 3 weeks off! Babies just measure big sometimes and I’d be worried if they adjust the due date to be 3 weeks earlier when your baby really isn’t ready to arrive that early and needs longer to cook! I always measured about 2 weeks ahead with #1 and ended up having him a week late (over 9lb baby and I had excess amniotic fluid as well – paired with a short torso! – so always seemed huge). Don’t freak out too much and just let that baby grow at his own pace!

  11. Love this look!
    I’m also around 28 weeks preggo with my second and I’ve been following your blog and insta! The doc told me I’m measuring 2 weeks ahead so I can relate to what you are going through… ugh hang in there, we are almost there!
    Best of luck to you and your beautiful family ❤️

  12. Ali I was thinking you looked bigger than 28 weeks. At first I thought it was because trimmer women sometimes pop out more but excesss fluid and bigger baby certainly explains it.

  13. I measured 3 weeks early as well and they did another glucose test at 29 weeks and I ended up having gestational diabetes. I guess that’s why she was bigger. I got gestational diabetes late in pregnancy. But everything turned out well. My girl was born at 36 weeks.

  14. I measured 3-5 weeks ahead my ENTIRE pregnancy and the drs scared me estimating he would be 10ish lbs. Delivered at 39.5 weeks and he was 8lbs 3oz -completely average size. It seems to me it is always truly just a “guess”. 🙂 glad he is healthy and growing!!

  15. Just popping in to say I also had a baby boy who measured huge my entire pregnancy (and we had extra ultrasounds too, due to an abnormality on the 20-week anatomy scan AND because he was so big). All of that to say – I delivered a healthy baby boy without induction or C-section at 39 weeks and 3 days and he was in fact quite large, just like they thought he would be. 10 lbs, 5 oz. to be exact! (And I didn’t have gestational diabetes – he was just a big boy!) He was my second and my labor was only 2.5 hours from start to finish; I got to the hospital less than an hour before he was born, so no time for an epidural (eeek). I just want to encourage you – you’ve got this! It was hard knowing he was big, because I really got in my head during labor and delivery, and unnecessarily so. It seriously went so smoothly, it was shocking (like I said – he was my second). Good luck, mama! You look great!

  16. I measured 4 weeks big!! Monitored weekly then even daily!!!! I delivered naturally 4 1/2 weeks early and he was 8lbs 15 oz and considered a “preemie” because of being too early. He was perfect!! Don’t worry all will be fine! You look beautiful!

  17. I had an 11 pound baby boy last summer (my due date was Molly’s birthday!). I was measuring normal so no one knew how big he was going to be! I will say that since he was bigger as a newborn, breastfeeding was a breeze! And not painful at all! Just throwing some encouragement your way if you do end up with a big boy!

  18. Yay for positive results on the ultrasound! My baby boy is also measuring big (a week and a half) so I feel you on the nerves about it! These doctors know what they’re doing though so you’re in great hands I’m sure!

  19. Both my babies had the cysts on their brain at the 20 week ultrasound. Talk about freak out! Ugh. But both are perfect healthy little babies. Even when the doctor tells you not to worry it’s still a worry in the back of your head. Glad it went away by this ultrasound. Xo

  20. First of all that 70’s dress is everything!! Adore adore adore. You look amazing. I am 31 weeks pregnant with baby boy too and he is also measuring 3.5 weeks ahead. My daughter (who is the exact same age as Molly, was 9.1 at birth, so they said I just have big baby’s). Like you, I am also tall, so that must have something to do with it!! Also, just love that we are along the same path right now in terms of our girls being the same age and having a boy a few weeks apart…makes following in your journey so fun to watch. Please please tell me how Molly is such a good talker. I’m AMAZED and need to know all the tricks!! Xo

  21. I measured 3 weeks ahead my whole 3rd trimester. Turned out in bad 2 water bags. And my son was born 3 1/2 weeks early and weighed 9lbs. Glad the cyst dissolved itself!! Great news.

  22. Both my Boys I carried a lot of extra fluid and they thought I was four weeks off my first but I was not. my due date was correct I just carry big babies naturally. Both boys via c section for safety reasons, not size of child, at 39w2d 9.6lbs and 9.06lbs 😂

  23. Hi! I was wondering if you have any recommendations of good website or stores that sell maternity photo dresses? I scoured Pinkblush and ASOS already. If you know of any others please share :). Congrats on baby boy! We are expecting our own baby boy at the end of June. So exciting!

  24. So fun! I was so happy to hear you are having a boy! Can’t wait to see all the super fun things he will get. This is such a cute dress-I was wearing dresses from about 20 weeks and on during my pregnancy-granted it was during the summer time too! Glad to hear everything is better with the little man and pray that it will continue to be that way.

    xo Allison

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