We’re Having a Boy!

We’re having a BOY!!!! Oh my gosh you guys, I’m so excited to finally share this news with all of you. We’ve been wanting to share for such a long time now but we kept putting it off because we just kept forgetting to plan a cute gender reveal photo for Instagram! Ha! That seems like such a silly reason to wait, but you guys know I’m obsessed with photography and I really wanted a cute photo to commemorate the occasion. And of course I had to get cute baby blue pajamas and fun balloons for these super fun pics by my amazing friend and photographer Ashley Burns.

Photos by Ashley Burns Photography


Kevin and I would’ve been totally thrilled with either a girl or a boy, but I have to say, we were pretty overwhelmed with emotion and joy when we found out we were having a little boy. We don’t plan on having any more children and we knew that if this baby wasn’t a boy, we would never raise a son (well a human son. We have our poochie son Owen). Which, really, would’ve been totally fine! But we were pretty dang happy when we learned that we would get to experience the joy of a little baby boy!

Video Of When We Found Out the Gender

We actually filmed the moment we found out the gender of our baby back when I was only 11 weeks pregnant. I did the test you can get at 10 weeks pregnant that looks at the chromosomes of your baby and tells you the gender. And you’d think that we would open the envelope as soon as we picked it up from the doctors office, but we were so anxious and nervous to find out, that we didn’t even open it until 24 hours later. And anyone who knows us knows that Kevin and I are both pretty anxious people and couldn’t wait to find out the gender via ultrasound, which is one of the main reasons we did this test in the first place.


And as you can see in the video below, I was pretty overcome with emotion even before opening the envelope. I just knew that whatever it said was final. And I know this sounds crazy, but I was almost a little sad to find out the results. Just because either way, Molly would never know what it’s like to have a sister or never know what it’s like to have a brother. I guess never say never though right? But unless there is an “uh-oh” down the road, we are only having two. Anyway, I really hope you guys take a minute to watch this video because it’s just filled of so much raw emotion and I absolutely love it.


And if that video looks familiar it’s because we sat in the exact same spot in our old house when we opened the envelope telling us Molly’s gender results. That video was equally as emotional, and if you guys want to take a trip down memory lane and watch that one too, I’ll post it below.

Help with Names!

So now that you all know that we are having a boy, I really need your help picking a name! I am so completely stumped. There are a couple parameters that I am hoping for when it comes to the name. I’d love it to be a two syllable name. And I’d look for the name we give him to be the name he goes by. For example, I don’t want to name him Thomas and then call him Tommy or Tom. I would want to name him something like Nolan and only call him Nolan. Make sense? The reason that’s important to me is because my full name is actually Alexandra, but nobody has ever called me that. Even my parents have called me Ali since I was a baby. And I just find that extremely confusing when I’m filling out paperwork and setting up appointments. I know that sounds silly, but it’s honestly just been a pain in my butt at times during my life and I just don’t want my kid to have to deal with that pain in the butt throughout his life.

So please give us your suggestions in the comments below! I need your help on this more than anything I’ve ever asked for your help with before!

OH! And I am going to be post so much fun BOY stuff on my insta now that we’ve announced. Like nursery decor ideas, name ideas, and more so make sure you are following me on Instagram HERE! So many fun Insta stories to come!!!! Yay!


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544 thoughts on “We’re Having a Boy!

  1. Eeeeekkk!!! How exciting!!! How did you announce to your families?? I wish you and your family all the best and love in the world.


    1. So excited for you to have a Girl and now a Boy your such a cute family. I had Five Boys, but I have 3 Granddaughters and One Grandson, his name is Finn love them all so

        1. So excited for y’all!!!!
          Some cute names for baby boys that I like are Hudson, Wells, And my brothers name is Stratton!!

    2. So excited for you! Boys are awesome. I REALLY struggled with naming my son but we decided on Braxton and I LOVE how his name is pretty unique but not hard to say or spell. Hope this helps!

  2. Thrilled for your family, Ali! Question re the name suggestions: Absolutely no names that may be shortened, or OK if it’s so obviously just the shortened version? For instance, I love Finley, Peter and Cameron, for starters, but the world may call your little boy Finn, Pete or Cam. It’s hard to know. Our youngest son is Alex Peter, but he’s been called Aly, Aly-Pete and Al by so many. We named him Alex, not Alexander, but the nicknames just came.❤️🍼🐾

    1. Agree with this. I have a Peter and wanted him to be called Peter but it gets shortened daily! I think most boys get nicknames etc.

  3. Aw yay!!! So excited for you. My son will be 9 months tomorrow, let me tell you, the mother son bond…. the sweetest. He’s my little man <3

  4. Ahh! So exciting! I love last name as first names — if that makes sense! Like Miller, Marshall or Mitchell. I feel like you have to stick with the “M,” because Molly Manno is so darn cute!! Congrats, again!!

      1. I like the M and Michael and idea too! And I agree that nicknames always happen whether you want them to or not. But I’m a Katherine that always goes by Katie, do I feel your pain Ali. I’ve got 2 little boys and love them to death. They’re so fun!

        1. Katherine and go by Katie too. Super fun!

          For boys names I love: Charlie, Henry, James, Michael, Miller, Payton, Brooks!

          Congrats and best wishes!!

  5. Happy for you. Name him Chris(Harrison).
    If there was not the Bachelor then there is not all that you have now 😀.

  6. Wauw Ali! I’m so happy for you guys 💙 What a blessing that your family will be enriched with a little baby boy. Enjoy this wonderful time and I cant wait to meet your handsome son 💜

  7. Congratulations! How perfect to experience both! I have a 18 month old boy and expecting anothe little boy in a matter of weeks. This made me cry! Both outcomes are obviously pure blessings, but I can’t tell you how special my sweet son is!

  8. This is so exciting for you all. Congrats!
    -Aaron, Adian, Asher, Brayden, Evan, Ethan, Grayson, Liam, Mason, Silas, Sawyer, Tristan.

          1. The names sound good together as well! Think about Christmas cards and family announcements. *Love, Kevin, Ali, Molly, and Mason.* Has a nice ring to it!

          2. OMG! I love that! Mason Manno would be so cute. I was trying to figure out a way to combine Kevin and Alexandra. I thought maybe Alexsin but I really like Mason too!!

      1. My son is Mason I love it. He goes by Mason. No nickname except I call him Macy baby. Lol.
        I like it also spelled Maysin or Masyn or Macyn

  9. Ali! I am straight sobbing. This was so sweet. Goodness I remember watching back when you guys found out Molly was going to be Molly and I love that I’ve been here for your journey! How exciting. So happy for your family! I have one of each too 😍

  10. What kind of name are you looking for? More classic or unique? I think the name Jagger is cute and not too out there. Congratulations!!!!

      1. I love Aspen or Aspyn
        Mason or Masyn
        Logan or Logyn
        I have a friend her boys middle name is Harbor I love that name.
        Warren or Waryn
        Jason or Jaysen
        Brycen Bryson

  11. Ali, congratulations! That is exciting…I have three boys, ha! I wanted to tell you that I’m WAAAYYYY older than you (like your mother’s age) but I still love your blog! I have ordered lots of clothes from here, I love reading your recaps and you just are so down-to-earth, real and fun. Thank you!

  12. Congratulations Ali! So happy for you! My husband and I are having our first but I’m not due until September 6th. We’re waiting for the ultrasound to find out and I can’t wait! I feel like it will feel more personal and real once we know what we’re having. I love following your blog and reading about motherhood and babies. I’ve been a huge fan since your bachelorette season and love being able to follow each season of your life. Congratulations again! Keep the pictures and tips coming!!

    1. My husband and I are also pregnant with our first due Sept 6th and we’re waiting until the ultrasound to find out too!! Twinners! 🙂

  13. Congrats!! Such a great video! My nugget just turned one last week. Boys are amazing. We named him Benson and I LOVE his name.

  14. Omg I’m 9 weeks pregnant and an emotional mess myself so this made me ugly cry 😂😂 so excited for you guys! And also, more random emotions – I love that this was filmed in your old house. How special for you guys 💙💙 blessings!

  15. Congrats!!! As an Andi (real name: Andrea), I totalllly get the thing about wanting your son’s name to be his name. We named our son Drew, not Andrew, just Drew for the exact reason you are talking about. I know it’s only one syllable but it’s a good one… 😉 Good luck with your baby naming and congrats! Boys are a ton of fun

    1. I’m so glad other people understand this struggle! I am a Kimberly but have ALWAYS gone by Kimmy. Kimberly sounds so formal and I do not like being called Kim, which has been a stuggle in the professional world. Some people don’t want to call me Kimmy because it sounds like a nick name, but that’s who I am!

    2. We also named our son Drew. He’s our third, and our older two boys go by the shortened version of their names, so this time we made it short to start with. We joked in the hospital that his name should actually be “Just Drew” because everyone was asking if it was Andrew.

  16. Hi Ali! I just wanted to say congratulations to you, Kevin, Molly and even Owen. I know how exciting it is to add another member to the family!! I just wanted to share a fun coincidence between your family and mine. I actually have a younger brother and we are the exact same age difference that Molly and your son will be. I was born in July and my brother was born in the March, before my 2nd birthday, which if I remember correctly is just two months more than the age gap will be between Molly and her brother. If this similarity means anything, I know that Molly and her brother will get along so well, as my brother is actually one of my best friends and I don’t know what I would do with out him! I’m sending all my love to the 5 of you and I can’t wait to see the little one when he comes and I know that Molly will make a great big sister. Congrats again!!!

  17. Congratulations! How special and exciting. I have four boys..so I know a little about boys 😉. So much fun and adventurous. I have a Tucker, Wyatt, Maddox, and Silas. Good luck on picking a name, although I’m sure whatever you decide will suit the little man and be just perfect!

    1. Oh my goodness, I love all your boys names! My son is William so super traditional, but I have some grandsons with different names and I love them all. Have a great grandson Wyatt, too. love love love Silas, it’s a family name, and maybe I’ll have a grandbaby with it someday!

  18. I think you should name him Alex. If he’ll carry the Manno name, he’ll always have a little bit of his Mama too (similar to your full name!). 😊 Congrats!!

    1. I love this idea! And Alex is a good solid ‘guy’ name! I have a son in law Alex and his first son has that for his middle name, so that’s an option, too.

  19. Congratulations! Such an exciting time. As an older sister I know the joys that little brothers bring and I’m so excited the Molly gets to know that love. My best name suggestion would be Colin. It can’t really be shortened which I like and also I feel like it grows up nicely. All the best with your sweet blue bundle!

    1. Love this! My oldest is Molly and if our second was a boy it would have been Colin-we had a girl :). Maybe #3 if we have another will be Colin

  20. I don’t know if it’s my own pregnancy emotions (21 weeks with our baby girl!) or what but I was crying right along side you that whole video. What a precious moment and a beautiful memory. Congratulations!

  21. Hi Ali,
    Congratulations on finding out you are having a boy! Boys are the best! You are going to love it! This is totally random question, but I always wondered if you have a Russian ancestory in you?

  22. My name is Katherine, but I’ve always gone by katie, so I totally get it!! I love the name Hudson, my little boys name! We picked it because it sounded masculine and it wasn’t common but it wasn’t too weird! Boys are great and he will be so sweet since he has an older sister! I have 2 girls and a boy!

  23. Brecken Graham!!! We loved this name for our son. It is unique but not crazy weird! Everyone that has heard it has LOVED it! He goes by Brecken.

  24. Congratulations!!! I totally feel you on the name thing and don’t think it’s silly AT ALL. My full name is Allyson, but I’ve been Ally pretty much my entire life. SO annoying to have to correct everyone!! We named my son Max, not Maxwell or Maximus, just Max. No nicknames possible! 🙂

  25. Completely understand wanting to name him what you will call him. I have five sons. My oldest is named after my husband so he has a name with a nickname but the other 4 we named exactly what we wanted to call them. (Like we did Eli instead of Elijah and David but don’t call him Dave or Davey). Good luck in your search for the perfect name for you sweet boy!!

  26. Jaxon…. One of my son’s names! The other is Jace but not two syllables. Congrats! I’m sure whatever name you pick will be perfect for him.

    Other names i like…. Carter, Logan, Parker, Caysen. 🙂

  27. Yay! Congrats to your growing family. We just had our first baby six weeks ago.. and it was a precious little boy! They are so much fun and they love their moms. 💙

  28. Congrats!! So happy for you guys!! I have a little girl a month younger than Molly and I am also pregnant with a boy. We love the names Chase and Grant for a little boy. We are looking for names that can’t be shortened as well!

  29. So exciting! We did the same test to find out the gender, and we are having a boy too. There was no way my husband or I could wait until the halfway mark to find out the gender. Little Talon will be joining us in April!

  30. Congrats! I love suggesting names for any kids or pets that my friends have, here are some names that I think are cute, solid names. 🙂 You have a beautiful family!

    Liam, Noah, Jacob, Jesse, James, Austin, Walker, Hayes, Lucas, Owen, Patrick

    1. First two names you like are the best! I have a Noah, Liam and Landon in that order. Three boys are the best!

  31. What better tribute to his Mom (Alexandra) and Dad than to call him Alexander Kevin. Alexander is a very strong name and will remain strong until the end of time.

  32. Congratulations!!!! So happy for your little family! Boys are so much fun!! I have a 2 year old named Brody! Molly and Brody – has a nice ring to it! 😉 enjoy all things BOY! You will love it.

  33. Congratulations! Boys are so much fun!
    I have two sons and found it so hard to name them and wanted names that couldn’t be shortened Or changed either! Our boys names are Maddox and Lawson. Good luck with the name game!!

  34. Hi Ali!
    My son is 14 months old and his name is Grant Levi. I am a teacher and names are extremely hard me me to pick. I am also due with a baby girl in June. I am sure you are feeling super blessed to be able to have one of each. We didn’t care what gender the 2nd one was as long as it was healthy but I also went through all the same emotions you had about what the sibling would or wouldn’t be.


  35. Huge Congratulations!!!! I’m a momma to a little boy ~ your little boy will worship the ground you walk on. The moment he calls you momma or tells you he loves you…the relationship is definitely a special one! Kevin is in for a real treat too!!! Wishing you and your family all the best!!! xx

  36. hi!!! i think there are some cute names that would compliment Molly’s, maybe Mason or even Parker. I also love the names Ryan, Brayden, and Colin. Hope this helps! Congrats!

  37. Congrats!! We have a boy who will be 2 in a month and a girl due end of May! How did you guys decide 2 kids were ‘it’ for you? I’m not racing to have more but wonder if we should try for a 3rd in several years. I go back and forth though – just wondering how you made your choice!

  38. Congrats! Boys are great! My favorite non nickname two syllable names are: Logan, Evan, Mason, Ryan. They are all such handsome names. Good luck deciding!

  39. Kevin and Ali, first and foremost congratulations to you all!! Having two boys myself I am probably as excites for you as I was for me!! LOL Boys are fun and love to cuddle and get messy and trip and fall and give you more adventures than you can imagine BUT at the end of the day they’re your heart!! My boys (I too only have two kiddos) are my heart and soul and my life and am so so thankful to God for these boy blessings!! Now for the name, I’m going to give you the name I would have picked if I’d had a third boy and that’s Jonah. I picked the name because of my favorite movie Sleepless in Seattle and not because it ties into any religious elements. I wanted to name my oldest (Marcus) that but was overruled by my husband (and I agreed because looking back he’s definitely a Marcus & not a Jonah). When i was pregnant with my 2nd son and before i confirmed the gender, I knew his name would be Brandyn (See the spelling…yes on purpose) because of a feeling I got and again looking back, the name suit both of them well. I don’t allow the boys to have shorten versions of their names (i have nicknames for them but that’s a mommy thing) so I definitely understand your wanting to have a name that can’t be shortened. Good luck to you all!!! Much love,
    Prayers and hugs!!

  40. Congrats!! Love little boys. There is something about a Mom and son relationship that is so special. I have 2 little boys and I love their names: Rivers and Ford. I’m sure whatever you choose will be perfect 🙂

  41. Congratulations, Ali! I have two boys (with our first girl on the way!) and can tell you that boys are SO special! Everyone always told me, “boys love their mommas” and that could not be more true! The bond I have with my boys is so special. I’m so happy you’re going to get to experience that.

    As for names, I’m the same as you in that we wanted our kids to be called whatever we named them. I’m not big on nick names so it was important to me that we find names that weren’t easily shortened and that we teach our kids that it’s OK to tell someone that they like to be called by their actual name. With that said, my favorite boy names are Beckett, Lincoln, and Bowen.

    Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy. I love following along!

  42. I totally agree with you about names! I’m Katrina AKA Katie, Kate, Kat and Katdog (yes, seriously). So I want my kids names to be what everyone calls them.
    My son is Levi and nobody calls him anything else! Good luck finding the perfect name 🙂

  43. Congratulations! Your video made me tear up! 4 years ago I found out my first was a girl and a week before she turned two we found out baby #2 was a boy. My husband and I are done having kids so I completely relate to how you felt about founding out the baby’s gender. Congratulations again!

  44. Congrats Ali!!!!!!! Omg I swore you were having another girl, so exciting to have one of each!

    My 16 month old sons name is Henry and I feel like it’s becoming popular again but I love it and there’s really no nickname for Henry (well, Hank, but I do not allow that). Molly and Henry sound so cute together too, with both having 2 syllables and y’s at the end ❤️

    Anyway, congrats again, I’m so excited for you to experience a baby boy!!

  45. Congrats! We are having a little boy in April after having a daughter too! Boy names are so so hard but I think we’re naming our little guy Barrett 🙂

  46. Ash! So exciting!! Congrats! Good luck on the name. You will find than perfect name for your little guy. We landed on Coen for our son and it’s been a good little name so far lol!

  47. We named our son Beckett and get so many compliments all the time from people on it! It’s a strong, unique name but not too unique where it’s weird 🙂 and it can’t be shortened!

  48. Congratulations on the boy. I have a “Ben” and people call him Benjamin ALL the time, so already going ahead and shortening hasn’t worked out for us either. I love names like George and Jack!

  49. My sons are
    Leo Wyatt
    Lucas Owen
    Logan Dean
    Lennox Riley (in heaven)
    Lyle Everett (due April 20th )

    My suggestion is Malachi , Mason or Maddox for yours ❤️ Congrats ❤️

  50. I know you said two syllables, but what about Sullivan (Molly’s middle name)? I love this name for a boy and would totally use it if it weren’t so alliterative with my husband’s last name. And clearly if you used it for Molly there must be some sort of sentiment behind it?

    You should read (or write into) the “Duana Names” column on laineygossip.com (it is under the Lifestyle tab). People write into her asking for help with names and you can get some good ideas from it!

    1. I was going to suggest Sullivan too! Because Molly’s middle name is so cool and also special to you.
      But if you want 2 syllables I also love Levi and Henry.

      Congratulations to you all 🙂

  51. Both our boys we are weird about syllables. There is a flow that comes with 3 names and how many syllables each name should have. Our first is Silas Gideon Ramsey and our second it Titus Zane Ramsey. 2-3-2 and 2-1-2 😂 I’m big on meanings.

  52. Congratulations of the news of your little boy! They are tons of fun!

    My sons are Parker and Kellan (pronounced like Helen but with a K)
    We also loved Rowan and Deacon. Nolan and Noel, Emmett.

    Good luck. Names are so tough!

  53. we have a baby boy who is 8.5 months old and his name is grayson – two syllables and not really any options for nicknames.- few people have called him gray, but we politely correct them. I think nicknames are hard to avoid completely, but I agree with wanting to call your child by his given name! 🙂

  54. Ahhh I’m also having a boy (I swear everyone is having boys right now!) I’m 23 weeks along and we are totally in the same name boat- I feel like there are just more choices for girls and boy names tend to have more bad associations because there are so few!

  55. You just have no idea what your heart is in For with a little boy 💙💙💙💙 I had my girl first(which I love for a variety of reasons) but I had 2 sweet boys after her. They are SO special to their mamas and he will love you more than you can even imagine!! Congrats…love following your adorable family.

    1. YES! I can’t believe nobody else was mentioning Miles. It’s so cute and goes perfect, if you’re wanting to keep with the M M theme. I see a lot of Mason suggestions too…i know a few Masons and EVERYONE calls them Mace for short and of course, all I can think of is mace spray. Ahh! People just love to shorten names and make cutesie nicknames though. This is coming from a Jennifer who only goes by Jennifer though (only Jenn to a select few and NEVER Jenny). Congrats on the exciting news! Just go with your gut…the right name will just feel right 🙂

  56. Congrats!!! Boys are awesome! I wanted to have a third child but wasn’t able to but i really love the name Luka ( or Luca) 🙂

  57. Congratulations! For names, I would use the same approach you did with Molly. Name him after two of the most important men in your and Kevin’s lives (Kevin, Jr.? 😉)

  58. Congratulations Ali! I’ve always loved following your story and this made me so happy and excited for you! My son’s name is Liam, and although a common name, I still love it so much and love the fact that it can’t be shortened. I think it goes well with Molly ;).

  59. funny you mention Nolan as your example because I had the exact same name stipulations as you mentioned and I named my first baby Nolan! He’s six months old now! We absolutely love the name and so does everyone else it seems! So happy for you! I have never commented but read all of your blog posts and have even gone back to your old posts when Molly was a newborn to get advice for my own baby!!! Thank you for what you do!!

  60. Congratulations! That is oh so exciting! Some of my favorite boy names are Mason, Lincoln, Parker, Jackson, and Grayson off the top of my head! Hope that helps! Can’t wait to hear what name you decide on!

  61. Ahhhhh crying like a baby!!! Congrats! Little boys are so much fun!!

    Our little guys name is Sterling. I also love Declan and Levi.

    Enjoy the last few weeks of your pregnancy!

  62. So exciting for you guys! I’m sure it’s that I’m 24 weeks pregnant with our 2nd and the emotions are wild these days but I totally teared up watching you open the envelope!! We’re not finding out the gender and this makes me want to! 😉 Congratulations!

  63. Congratulations!! Boys are so fun! And I totally agree about the name thing. My husband goes by his middle name and it is unnecessarily complicated at times.
    Our little guy is 8 months old and his name is Darren! No one has shorted that or given him a nickname yet! 🙂

  64. I cried with you guys during this video. Such a sweet moment to capture!! I have a one year old boy named Brooks and he is such a joy!

  65. Congratulations!!! My little boy Tucker will be one next week! Picking names is so hard, it took us forever to find one we both agreed on, but now it just suits him so well!

  66. I can relate to your feelings exactly! We have a daughter born a couple of months after Molly and are expecting our second due in a August! We just found out a few days ago that we are expecting another little girl. I was so emotional because only wanting two kids this was our “final” moment to know what our family would be. It was very hard to explain but I love knowing you shared similar feelings. Healthy babies are, of course, the most important 🙂

    Congrats on a baby boy and best wishes!

  67. I’m sitting here watching the video and crying my eyes out!! So happy for you, Kevin, Molly and Owen!! We have three girls, (they are adults now), so we didn’t get that “Boy”! Maybe when our girls start having babies, we will get a grandson! Congratulations!! You look beautiful!

  68. Yay ! That is sooo exciting…. we are due around the same time and we are having another girl !!! And we are naming her Molly ❤️
    Congrats 🍾

  69. Omg! CONGRATULATIONS! That is so exciting!!! It is seriously so fun to have one of each. Our oldest (boy) is about to be four and our girl is 17 months and they are such sweet friends!! Molly is going to be such a good big sister 🙂

  70. I actually really like Nolan! Another would be Noah. Nick. Mason. Miles. Aiden. Henry. Some possibilities, can’t wait to see what you choose! And congrats!

  71. Congradulations. Love the name JACK. Whatever you choose i am sure it will be cute. Jack and Molly. Sounds so cute together.

  72. Congrats on your little boy!! Like you, I have a little girl named Molly (2) and our second was a boy (6m). We named him Dillon. We thought they sounded cute together and loved that they also share a double L! So happy for you, its so nice to have one of each!

  73. Congrats! I was hoping you were expecting a boy! We have a boy who is 2- we named him Jordan for the same reason – but we do call him jordy – even though we didn’t plan on it! We just had a girl 3 weeks ago and I was thrilled to have one of each! I hope the rest of your pregnancy goes well!

  74. Congratulations! Our son’s name is Hudson and we’ve never called him by a nickname. Hudson and Harrison were honestly the only boy names I liked at all. Good luck!

  75. My full name is Alexandra and everyone calls me Ali, too! I’ve always felt connected to you (with the same name and spelling) since watching you on the Bachelorette and finding out we have the same full name is too crazy! I totally understand your struggles with filling out paperwork, etc.. I never know whether putting Ali is okay or if they will need my official full name. I’ve never written a comment on your blog, but just felt like I needed to after reading that. Hope your family is doing great!

    1. I feel the same way! I am also Alexandra and Ali!! Also wrote my first comment today after reading this! Too funny. Not a common spelling of Ali either!

  76. Yay! Congratulations 😊 I have an Emmett and at nearly 4 nobody has ever shortened his name in any way. Good luck choosing a name, you will settle on the perfect one.

  77. So exciting! I love the name Noah. My cousin’s name is Andrew and he is called Andrew. Some other boy names I like are Carter, Parker, Mason, Ethan, Miles, and Kyle 🙂

  78. Congratulations to all of you. I’m crying as I type this. Thank you for sharing your life with us all the time, I love being along for the ride. I’ll have to think on the name!

  79. I have an 8 month old girl and waited until delivery to find out the gender, but watching genders reveals is just the best! Loved it. Congratulations!

  80. Congrats! I too am pregnant with a boy and we are naming him Waylon. I liked the idea of naming him what we’ll call him too. So exciting 🙂

  81. Congratulations!!!! 💙 I have a 3 year old boy and he is amazing!! A name I like is Luca. Two syllables. Congratulations again!! Love your blog!

  82. Soo exciting!! My baby boy will be six months old on March 7th! It’s insane how fast the time has gone by. The mother son bond is no joke, the love we have for one another is insanely strong and I’m obsessed with him. We didn’t know what we were going to call him, I was in labour and we were driving to the hospital and my husband was asking what his name will be lol! When we saw him we both decided to call him Everett and middle name Sawyer. Best day of my life was the day he was born. Congratulations to you, Kevin and little Molly (and Owen of course)

    Sending lots of love from Canada 💕

  83. My 10 year old, Spencer, loves his name because it’s not too out there, not popular and you can’t really shorten it (Spence, but that’s it).

    Boys are so much fun! I’m in the tween years with my boys and loving it.

  84. My sons names are Brayden Thomas and Carson James. I also didn’t want them to have nicknames and they’re 7 and 9 now and are still called just Brayden and Carson. A little biased but I love the names!!

  85. Congrats on your little boy. I get the whole name thing. My name is Madeline and I’ve not been called anything but Madeline although people ask me all the time if I have a nickname. My sister named her son Drew. She did not want to name him Andrew and have Drew as a nickname. So you can pick a name that is typically a nickname and have that be the actual name.

  86. Congrats !!
    I have three boys under two .
    My 21 month old is Owen 😉
    And my identical twins are Henry and Harrison- 3 months
    Love my boys !
    – Henry and Molly sound cute !

  87. My name is Jennifer and because there are a million of us I wanted my son to have a different name, but not weird. His name is Hudson, I get so many people telling me they love the name. Good luck and Congrats!

  88. The males in your house end in “N” so I think it only fitting that your little man also end with “N” you and Molly both end in the sound “ly”
    Mason, Gavin, Nathan, and Ethan are all nice N names….. Carson is another good one. Corbin as well. and that are all two-syllable! All my boys have Two-syllable first name and a single syllable middle name. Brayden or Brendan are also great.

  89. Congrats to you all! I have two boys & ironically if we had a girl she was going to be Molly! Our boys are Parker & Brogan & it’s pretty hard to short either one!
    Best of luck!

  90. Our favs were Trevor, Gavin and Connor. Connor got to be a bit too popular so didn’t go that way! We were the same as you in that we didn’t want Mike/Michael etc…just wanted it to be their name. Of course people say Gav, Trev etc…but that’s fine. Congrats! Nothing like mama/son bonds!

  91. First of all, congratulations!!! Boys are so much fun. I have 2 and then one baby girl.
    I really like the name Logan and Luke. Good luck ❤️

  92. How fun that we get to be a part of your baby’s naming.
    Suggestions: is there another grandparent on either side you want to honor?
    If you go with the “M” again here are some suggestions:
    Maxwell, Max or Maks
    Miles of Myle
    Marston ( ooh love that!)
    Mika or Micah
    Merrick or Marek

    Can’t wait to find out the name! Love you and your little family and excited for you to have your little boy!!!!

  93. Wow! Congratulations to you and your growing family! Super duper excited for you guys. That video was so sweet!

    Hmm, boy names? I have always liked Liam and Andrew.

  94. Congrats!! We just found out we are having a boy too (after 2 girls) and def our last… we are leaning towards the name Tucker:) we were in shock as well and so excited we get to experience both!

  95. Mason! Molly Manno and Mason Manno! Congrats! I have a girl and a boy, but they are 6 years apart but still best buddies! So happy for you!

  96. Ahh congrats! So exciting! I’m totally with you with the names. I also always said I didn’t want a “nickname type of name.” Also I have a Nolan 🙂

  97. Congrats!! I have an Austin the same age as your Molly and one of the things I love about his name is that it doesn’t have a nickname. Wasn’t intentional but I love that it worked out that way. And I’m pregnant with #2 – a girl – due when you are too! Enjoy the ride – boys adore their mamas.

  98. Congratulations!!! I am getting married in June and we plan to start trying to get pregnant right away! This makes me even more excited!! I love the names Liam, Aiden, Logan and Cameron. Good luck choosing a name!!

  99. Congratulations! Boys are so fun! Our 14 month old is named Brayden. And just so happens that my maiden name is Sullivan so it’s his middle name…just like Molly!

  100. Cograts! Boys are so fun and looooove their mommas! Molly, Owen and their little bro will have such a great time together.

    I didn’t read all the comments so someone may have tossed these out already…but going with a Cubs theme and two syllables that can’t be shortened, what about Maddux (Greg) or Dawson (Andre)? Maddux Manno is pretty cute!

  101. Oh my goodness!! Watching Kevin get emotional is so sweet!! I’m expecting my son (in June) after having 2 girls. What an exciting time!! Congratulations!!

  102. Congratulations! We have a Bennett, but we do call him Benny. Long story short I loved the name Benny, but thought it would be weird to name him that, so we found a name we could nickname him Benny! Glad to see everyone is happy and healthy. Good luck with everything!

  103. Ah… so happy for you guys! Love the raw emotion of the video, you had me crying too! I have a little girl myself and would love to have a little guy next. Also, I have a friend who could realllly use little girl clothes if you are donating yours! I’m lending her a bunch of mine but need to keep some, in case when we have a second, it’s another girl. Love you!

  104. So Exciting congratulations! 🎉 I got so emotional watching that. My daughter is 16 months and I want to start trying soon for # 2. We are also only having 2 so it made me think of that moment for us when it comes. I really want a boy next time. I like the name Colin because there really isn’t a way to shorten it. I’m also not a fan of nicknames. Good luck and congrats again!

  105. Oh my gosh you guys! We don’t have babies yet but this made me ball and made me want to have babies even more! So happy for you both!

  106. The number one thing I wanted as a first time mom was to name my child something that wouldn’t allow for them to have a nickname! I had a son 7 months ago and the only name my husband and I agreed on was Luke. Not Lucas but Luke. And we love it and he will never have a nickname! If we have another child and if it’s a girl her name will be Kara 🙂 Congratulations!

  107. Congrats on a little man! 💙 I’m currently pregnant with my second boy and I am having the hardest time with a name as well! The funny thing is, I have the same criteria as you! Two syllables and no nick name. My 3 year old sons name is Declan and we are trying to find names that are somewhat unique like his. Some that we have put on our list are….


    Good luck! Im excited to follow along and see what names and boy stuff you post on Insta!

  108. Ah! You’re video made me cry. When we found out we were having a boy we didn’t realize that that’s what we were hoping for all along. Like you, we would’ve been happy either way, but when we found out our little guy was coming we were over the moon happy. I’m so happy for you guys. As for a name, you can always take our little man’s name 😉 We named him Layne. It’s not two syllables, but he wouldn’t have a nickname.

  109. Congratulations Allie,Kevin and Owen and Big Sister Molly!!!!

    That’s amazing news… having a boy
    And I think having a girl and a boy is amazing!!!! 💙💙💙💙
    Congratulations to all💙💙💙

  110. My son’s name is Nolan. Love that name. He’s 6 now and my oldest. I have a 3 year old daughter named Whitney. Boys are very close with their mom’s! Congrats!

  111. That was so cute!! I got teary eyed watching the video! Congratulations to the Manno family!!

    As for names we wanted the same with our son. I loved nicknames but it felt weird to name your kid the nick name like Alex instead of Alexander. We actually named our son Noah Alexander because i liked Alexander still and it didn’t bother me as a middle name. But Noah is just Noah! Good luck! I know you’ll pick something perfect since you put so much thought into Molly’s name!

  112. Eeeek!! Yay! Our second was a girl after we had a boy first! So fun to have one of each! They’re definitely different to raise (so far, we are only 6 months in). My oldest is named Parker and we love it since our last name is so long and we needed a simple name. It’s a great solid name I feel. Anywho. CONGRATULATIONS! Boys are so fun, full of so much energy and keep you on your toes, and are fun to dress! (Despite what some may think!) so excited for you!

  113. We have an Axel and Levi. They very rarely get shortened. We also liked Tate, Trey, Oak, and get this …. Ari. It’s my father in laws middle name. Our most recent baby was a girl so we didn’t use it.

  114. Congratulations 💙 Here’s a few boy name suggestions Conner, Colton, Liam, Harley, Ashton, Jackson, Ethan, Everett

  115. Hey Ali! I’m so happy for you. We are having a boy also, due in April! We have one little girl Reagan and I have always thought of it being a gender neutral name. We love it! Also some favorite boy names we liked: Blake, Aaron, Harrison, Nolan, Isaac, Isaiah, Noah and Logan.

  116. Congratulations! We have a boy then girl and I was so excited to have one of both but also torn at never having a bro/bro or sis/sis relationship for my kiddos. And you will hear “one of each, how perfect” all. the. time. We actually did know how fortunate we were to get to experience both until we had multiple friends have same gender children and long for the other gender. Enjoy this excitement! And I love Blake for a name. 😊

  117. Congratulations!! So exciting! I can completely understand the name situation! I am also Alexandra but have always been called Ali! It was totally a consideration when naming our daughter!! You will come up with something amazing for your son!

  118. Oh my gosh I’ve been waiting for this!! 💙💙💙 congratulations!!

    I had the exact same thoughts on names! I’m a Christina, but I’ve always been called Christy! I hated having a formal name so I purposely chose names for my kids that couldn’t be shortened 🙂

    My son’s name is Miles, and I love it! Never too common, but still a traditional, gentleman sounding name! Can’t wait to see what you decide on! So excited to watch your journey with this new little one too!! 🙂

  119. Congratulations!!!! So exciting! How fun that it’s the first boy on both sides! I’m in a very similar situation— I am having my first baby in early June and it’s the first girl on both sides! She’ll be surrounded by lots of boys! If you wanted to keep the MM initials for your babies— maybe Micah or Marcus. Another boy name I have always liked is Jordan! All sound good with Manno— hopefully my #2 will be a boy so then I can experience what it’s like to have both!

  120. Wow, such a cute video. That takes a lot of balls to show your raw emotions and experiences to everyone, both of you. Thank you for that 🙂 Congratulations and best wishes to you and your family. My son’s name is Devin. We absolutely adored it. We loved that it was a name that wasn’t too out their yet a name that wasn’t too common. Good luck!


  121. So my youngest little boy and Molly had the same due date, but I think they ended up being born a couple days apart. His birthday is 7-11-16. But his name is Maxwell and we don’t call him max. We have been so set on calling him by his full name! I think Molly and Maxwell sound like absolutely adorable sibling names 😍😍

    1. And congratulations on your sweet boy! 💙 I have 2 boys and I will say the bond between a mommy and her baby boy is the best!!!!

  122. Thank you for sharing such a sweet moment with us all! It totally made me cry! Saddle up for a wild ride with your sweet little man! Boys are all dirt, energy, farts, giggles, bugs, more energy, SWEET mama snuggles, and yes… even more energy! Congratulations to your sweet family!!! 😘😘😘

  123. Congrats, the perfect little family you will be, well you already are. I love watching Molly, so I hope you share the little man just as much!! I like Mason, Cody, Jaden.

  124. So excited for you Ali! Boys are so much fun! this time we find out we were having a girl- I had the same thought you did! Now i can donate his clothes! lol Look forward to seeing how you do the nursery and the name you choose! Our son is Jimmy and we painted his room like Toy Story so blue walls with the clouds. =)

  125. I felt the same way about finding out the gender this time! It was BITTERSWEET either way! Another boy, he would get to have a brother! A girl, would totally change our family dynamics but add some softness to this crazy house. We had anxiety in the opposite way and waited until 20w to find out. Yet, I was convinced it was another boy the entire time! It was the same pregnancy. Nope. Girl! I hate to say I had gender disappointment bc I think I would’ve felt a little loss with either, which is why I say it was bittersweet to find out! Anyway, here is our boy list I’ve passed on because we plan to stop at 2 as well 🙂

    Caleb Grant
    Bexley (Bex)
    Oliver (Ollie)
    Callum (Cal)
    Maverick (Mav)
    Lachlan (Locke)

  126. Congratulations Ali! ❤️💙 I have a Thomas and am adamant he is called Thomas. He’s the III, so my husband (II) goes by Tommy and grandpa (I) goes by Tom. I did not want 3 heads to turn when I say one name. Our second son is Mason. I required 2 syllables as well. Hope the rest of your pregnancy goes well!

  127. Ali, Congrats!!! Long time reader and fan, first time commenter. I cried along with you guys, this is sooo precious and how wonderful that you have these moment markers!! (Will be stealing this idea for reveal for baby 2!). We had our first boy 11/9/17 and named him Austin. We adore him, of course, and his name because it’s short, no nickname, not as popular, and has a great meaning. It was soooo hard to come up with a boy name; Austin was the only one we agreed on! You will find the perfect name and your little boy will be the perfect addition to your family!

  128. Now I’m realizing all the boy names I know are or have nicknames 😂
    The only two I can think of that are two syllables without obvious nicknames are Garret / Garrett and Charlie.
    Except I just said Charlie Manno in my head and changed my mind. Too much like Charles Manson. Sounds like a nickname for Charles Manson.
    I was hoping this comment would be more helpful than it ended up being the more I thought about it.

  129. Congratulations! A million dollar family….so special 💙 You are truly blesssed! As for a name I always like the name Asher, Caleb, Griffin, Noah……Good Luck with the rest of your pregnancy.

  130. How exciting for your little family to welcome a baby boy!! 💙💙 Congrats!! We had two daughters first and we finally got our little boy who is 5 months old and we named him Hudson. Boy names were hard for us to decide on so good luck!!

  131. I am 26 weeks pregnant and I was convinced it was a boy. I loved the name Louis but we had a hard time agreeing on girl names. But surprise, it’s a girl! We are now waiting the arrival of our little Sadie Ann!

  132. Congrats! 💙 watched the video and was in tears. It’s such an over whelming feeling to find out. We found out with both our boys. I personally love the “easy names”. We have an Evan and Max. Awww Molly and Max would be cute!

  133. Congrats! I have 2 boys – they are wonderful! I have an Eli and a Connor, but I also love Ryan. Boy names are so hard in my opinion (part of why I was hoping to have a girl!), but these are some of my favorites.

  134. So excited for you! Boys are the best! I was in the same position as you with only wanting 2 children. We have a boy and I obviously deep down wanted a girl next but it turns out we’re having another boy and honestly I am so excited it surprised me! : ) I wouldn’t change a thing! But we named our first Carson and we honestly have no nicknames coming from anywhere for that name it’s great! Our second will be named Carter, also a no nickname name 😉

    Wish you the best! 🙌🏻

  135. Boys!!!! 💙💙💙…I’m lucky enough to have four! I love Bridger, Ethan, Grayson, and Henry. Whatever you choose, may you enjoy health and happiness always!

  136. Congratulations on your soon to be born baby boy. It is such a blessing. I think you should consider naming him Ben.

  137. Congrats! My sons name is Brody and we love it and get a lot of compliments on it from everyone 😊 we also liked Ethan and Calvin (the other ones are 1 syllabul so I’ll skip them)

  138. I have two little boys, a 6 year old and a 2 year old. They are so much fun and so sweet to their mommas!!! My boys are Gunner Royce and Kaiden Jason. I also like the name Ryder, Gage, Colton, Cooper, Mason,

  139. Congratulations Ali, Kevin, Molly and Owen!!!! That is so exciting!!! My suggestion for a boy name is Liam. I’ve always liked that name and when I hear it I think of a sweet little kind boy!

  140. I have 2 boys, Lucas and Camden. I love them both so much! They have both only even been called by their full name. I am with you on that! Congratulations!💙

  141. Congratulations!!!!!
    I will give it a whirl and through in my two cents with boy names…. so exciting!!!
    Aiden James (or Michael )
    Have fun, enjoy the new array of colors.
    Best wishes on the delivery.

  142. So happy for you Ali and Kevin. And of course Molly you are going to be a great big sister. I like the name Maxwell for a boy. But what ever name you choose it’s going to be special just like Molly. Congrats <3

  143. Congratulations Ali! It was so funny to hear that you want to name him with the name he will go by (don’t name him Thomas but go by Tommy). I think the exact same way! I had a friend named Victoria who went by Torrie her whole life – when I gave her a monogrammed present for our wedding, I didn’t know whether to monogram it with a V or a T. Also on the first day of school when the teacher says “Victoria” and none of your classmates know who they are talking about. Just too confusing for me – glad someone else feels that same way. Good luck naming the little guy – I know you, Kevin and Molly will pick out the perfect name!!

  144. Congratulations, Ali!!!! I am so excited you’re having a baby boy!! You’ve already got the cutest baby girl. 💙 My son’s name is Riley Blake. I was using Riley either way, boy or girl. I can’t wait to see what you choose!! Do you think you will do another name with a “M”? Molly & …. Manno💙👌M&M. Lol!

  145. I’m an Israeli so our names are completely different.
    But here are my favorite “American names”

    Cheers from 🇮🇱

  146. Congrats! The video reveal was so so sweet, made me tear up to see your excitement! Last year when we had our fourth baby, we didn’t know what we were having so we had both a boy and girl name picked out. We had a baby girl which we named Alice! But never used the boy name. The name we had picked out was Jack Alexander! Jack and Molly has a cute ring to it! 😁😁
    Anyways Congratulations again, I wish you and your sweet family all the happiness in the world!

  147. Congratulations, Ali! That’s so exciting! Here’s some of my favorite boy names:


  148. I have a Connor and we call him Condor and Conman as nicknames.

    My sister is Nikki. She was never named Nicole. Legally she is Nikki

  149. I have an 19 month old son named Jacob William. Other favorite names have always been Ethan, Noah, Mason and Cameron. Best wishes to you!

  150. How exciting! We just found out we’re having a boy after two girls and the feeling really is so overwhelming. It still feels weird buying boy stuff!!! I can’t wait to see everyone’s boy name suggestions and what you’re going to do for the nursery! I’m such a “girl mom” it’s strange and beyond exciting knowing we are going to have a sweet baby boy in our lives.

  151. I’m so excited for you guys! I love the names Mason and Logan! Can’t wait to see your little one when he’s finally arrived! Congratulations!❤️

  152. Congratulations! It’s such a blessing to be able to have the opportunity to raise a daughter and a son! My sons name is Tysen and we loved it because it sounded strong, if we were to ever have another boy the names we’d choose are either Emmett or Asher. Good luck in your name search, I know you’ll find the one that suits your family perfectly!

  153. Congratulations!!!!! We had our girl first and named her Emily. Then we had our boy and named him Aaron. I love names that cannot be shortened either. I like Miles for a boy.

  154. Congratulations! I have two boys, Ashton and Bennett. We didn’t want nicknames either! Boys names are tough to pick out! Good luck!

  155. I love the name Easton…not really sure how anybody could shorten this name except if they call him “E.”

  156. Congrats. It was so fun to watch this! Yall are so sweet to share with us! Every one loves you all!!
    I do like when the first and last name have the first initial the same! So with that I like: Marshall💙Mason💙 Memphis💙
    Also i think naming him with first and middle name that are initials MD and call Him MD💙 If he ends up being a Doctor too, well that would really me cool,🤪

  157. Congratulations Ali! What a wonderful and exciting time in your lives. That video made me teary…I’m such a sap 💓 Looking forward to following your adventures leading up to your family becoming a fivesome 😊

  158. Congrats! Luke is my favorite boy name..only one syllable but hard to shorten🙂 It was the only boy name my husband and I could agree on…but we ended up with 2 girls!

    I also like Gavin, Nolan, Jordan, Brandon, Kyle, Logan and Charlie.

    Jack and Brett too:)

    Good luck!!

  159. We have a boy and a girl as well! Our girl is Peyton and our boy is Hunter! Congrats on your very exciting news 🙂

  160. I just had my LO 8 weeks ago! His name is Karter which I LOVE. We chose a different spelling because we both start with K but of course you could go with the traditional spelling. I love that it’s a strong name and good for baby/kid and adult. So excited to see all your boy postings now so I can get ideas! Congrats!

    1. My husbands name is Carter, but he’s 45. It was non existent when he was little but now he hears it a lot and it totally freaks him out!!

  161. Molly and Milo! Love it.

    Congrats love! I remember this moment. I’m currently 36 weeks pregnant with our second and final baby and I was so nervous to find out what he would be! It certainly changes your life forever. There is nothing in this world like the love from a son. I wanted girls so badly but I absolutely love being a boy mom. I cannot wait to read your blogs about little wieners, because girlllllll it is a whole different ballgame 😂

  162. Such a great video. Definitely cried! I am 20w with our first child, a boy! We are set on Parker! No nickname really. I totally feel you on the inconvenience of not going by your first name. Mine is Victoria but have been Tori since I was super little. Congrats on your little man! So exciting! 💙 I also like Bennett, Camden, and Emmett. I guess I’m a fan of last names as first names!

  163. Congratulations!! Yay!! 💙💙💙
    I love the names
    Nathan Levi Mason Alex Mark
    And I absolutely love the name you had as an example Nolan, that’s so cute, I just love it.

  164. Congratulations and how exciting to have one of each!! In terms of boy names, I love the unique and uncommon names for children nowadays. A few that I love: Memphis, Phoenix, Kingston, Emerson, Jagger, Jackson/Jaxon, and Brooks. I can’t wait to see what you choose!! Lots of love from Canada 💙💚

  165. This made me cry, I have a 9 month old boy and he is so darn sweet and such a mama’s boy!
    We named him August. But we wanted the opposite of you: we loved the nickname Gus but wanted a full name in case he wanted to go by something more adult when he’s older. Now I sometimes wish we had just gone with Gus since everyone calls him that! 😂
    Enjoy sweet baby boy Manno!

  166. Congrats!! I teared up watching this. I follow you on IG and you guys are such awesome parents. The joy and ease that you both have when dealing with Molly is so refreshing. She’s so cute. Makes me smile daily. Thank you!

    1. Oh and I totally get the name thing. My parents named me Anna Blaire but I go by Blaire. All through high school and college on the first day they would announce Anna. “Thats me but I go by Blaire” If I had a dollar! 🙂

  167. Congratulations Ali, Kevin, Molly!!
    I cried when I watched your gender reveal video!
    You and Kevin have such pure love for one another..
    And I wish nothing but the best for you and your growing family.

    And for the boy name,I’ve always loved the name “Felix” it’s a classic. And it means “happy” and I’ve been following you and your blog and you’re always so jolly and happy..

    Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy.!

    Jed Uriah

  168. Kevin + Ali = Kaleb
    I love Mason as well…if you don’t have a middle name you could do Kaleb Mason Manno or Mason Kaleb Manno. Just a suggestion. Congratulations 🎊🎉

  169. You were so spot on when you said you had mixed emotion because Molly will either never have a sister or never have a brother. Each experience would be so different (long term). I had the same thoughts! I have one of each and that mother and son bond is pretty darn special! Congrats!!

  170. Congratulations! My husband and I are similar to you with names- want there to be no nickname since we also go by our nicknames only. Our son’s name is Luca 🙂
    Best wishes for health and happiness!

  171. Congrats!! You already have such a beautiful family so adding this little boy to your family is going to be amazing 🙂 I’m not a mom yet since I’m only 22 but I can’t wait for that day because your family set such a great example of what a family should be!

  172. Congratulations!! So beautiful!!

    Our son is named Ryland and we never call him anything else. It’s not common which was important to us, and not weird. I think it’s a strong boy name and kinda sexy when he’s older haha.

    Good luck!!

  173. Congratulations Ali, Kevin, Molly, and Owen! Super excited for you- million dollar family! We have a boy and a girl, and it’s so neat to see how different they are, even as babies! My name suggestion is Clayton (our son is Clayton James and we call him CJ)!

  174. Congratulations! I’m 17 weeks pregnant with a boy. So exciting! The names we have thought about are Caden, Gatlin, Easton, Rowan, and Hayden. So difficult to choose a name! So happy for you!

  175. Congrats!!! We have older girl and little boy 18 mo this apart. My husband had the idea of getting the green monster walk at Fenway as an accent wall in my sons nursery. Love it!!!

  176. Congratulations, Manno family! I am so very happy for you. What a blessing to have another child added to your family. 💙 I have a couple of names. I will give you the names of my 2 boys. My oldest name is Clay Michael and my youngest son is Collin Rey. One with one syllable and one with 2. Both have gone by their whole name. No nicknames. I hope you are feeling better Alexandria. (Ali) 😉 Congratulations again. Your are a beautiful family.

  177. This makes my heart so happy. From one mom to another, you have handled this pregnancy with beauty and grace all while being so real. This little boy is one lucky dude. Congrats. (Would share my baby names but we are trying for #2 and don’t want you to steal any hehe)

  178. A huge congratulations to your family! How exciting! Yes, boy or girl, it wouldn’t have mattered, but little boys are wonderful and how great that Molly will be a big sister to her little brother. As for names, I went with the “M” theme after Molly and thought of Micah, Michael, Mason and Matthew, but I also like Noah too (and you have a lot of great suggestions above). Congrats again!!!

  179. Congrats!! I am so excited for your family. My son is 14 months old and I’m expecting #2 in late summer. This will be our last baby as well so it was so emotional watching you guys because I can relate so much. I wish your family so many blessing.

    Name suggestions: Theo (my son’s name, which means gift from God)
    Walker, Magnus

  180. Bentley and Burton are boy names in my family and they go by “B” just as a nickname it’s never been shortened to that. I think both are strong names. My husbands name is Lyle and also nothing to shorten!

  181. Since my oldest nephew’s name is Owen and you already have an Owen i’ll tell you his two brothers names that all go together well I think. Evan and Griffin. Emily Maynard used my last name for her most recent boy too…Gatlin. Only the second time I’ve ever seen it used as a first name. Congrats on the boy! Little boys are so much fun

  182. CONGRATS to all 3 of you. I feel the same way as far as the name. I have 3 boys Jordan, Devin, Cameron and Kailyn and wanted names that did not have a nick name attached to it. Since Molly was picked after your grandmother, do you have any male family names that could be named after him? I have a cousin Molly, so love that name too. Since this is your last, would you want it to begin with M also?? Probably shy away from Mike.. LOL Mike and Molly…haha.. hey maybe Devin which goes with Kevin Manno… Devin Manno.. Nice ring. When all else fails.. How about Harrison Manno.. lol

  183. Congratulations!!!!! Boys are so fun!!!! We have a 2.5 year old boy named, Nolan! So..I may be biased, but it’s such a strong name! It means, “Noble”, and I wanted a name that would fit a kind, gentle, and honorable person (which is who we are raising our son to be). So any name you pick will be perfect because it’s the name that YOU TWO pick. Good luck and enjoy these last weeks of being a family of 3 (you have to count Owen in there right?!).

  184. It is so awesome to get one of each! You get to experience both genders differently and it’s so fun. I have two of each and I feel super lucky that it worked out that way.
    Our last name is Cherry, so my husband was super adamant that our kids could NOT have any names that ended in E or Y. Like, no bobby Cherry. He always felt like it had to be a very strong first name for such a unique last name. So I totally understand where you’re coming from. Our boys are Sawyer and Cooper. We ALWAYS wanted to use the name Dane (cooper was almost named that but decided against it and I still sometimes regret it because he is totally a Dane). We also loved Colin. Colin Mitchell specifically. Haha. I swear I hear Logan all the time now. Like almost every other boy that’s born (that I know) has Logan in its name!
    Have fun deciding!

  185. Many congratulations! 🎈 a few fave names… Alden, Spencer, Declan, Malcolm, Deacon, Dashiell, Aaron, Julien, Roman, Griffin, Bennett, Caleb, Rufus, and I love Owen too but that’s taken! Great good luck.

  186. Congratulations on your baby boy! So excited for all of you. I was so hoping you were having a boy! I have 2 boys…Philip & Justin. I have also been blessed with my first grandson and his name is Carson.

  187. Congratulations! Boys are a lot of fun. I have 2 sweet boys. As I have been doing family history, it’s been a wonderful experience to look through the many generations and see all of the names of my ancestors. So many names get passed on through the generations. I took my grandfather’s last name and used it as a middle name for my son. Definitely do something meaningful in his name! So happy for you. PS I vote for Jackson 🙂

  188. First off…my husband and I also did the blood test at 12 weeks and were so un interested in any type of gender reveal that I actually had the lady from the lab tell me over the phone!!!

    Second…we are also having a boy and the name we picked has a long “full” name but we are naming him the shortened version for some of the same reasons!!

    Congrats on the little man! Mine will be here in a few short weeks!!! 💙💙💙💙

  189. Aw congrats!

    Just want to say how much I sympathize with you and appreciate how you want to name your child. My name is Katie, my parents have called me that all my life, but on my birth certificate and all my legal files it says Katherine and I can’t stand it! So i know how frustrating it is!! Especially when it comes to filling out paperwork and it’s just not me! I will definitely be doing the same when I have kids one day. But as for boy names…my boyfriend’s name is Andrew actually and that’s the only name he’s ever gone by. Just have to be careful of any nicknames he might get but that’s with any name. I also like Jake, Dylan or Ryan. Something people can’t mess up!

    Anyway, congrats again and good luck with the rest of your pregnancy!

  190. Congratulations, Ali!! Molly will be the best big sister! I have a friend that named her son Grayson and thought that was adorable! Duncan is my maiden name and thought that’d be cute for a boy too.

  191. So happy for you guys!! I have been following you since the very beginning on the Bachelor. I started crying with you while watching that!!

  192. My sons name is Harrison and he goes by Harrison but he’s only 2 so he doesn’t have a say yet! Whatever you pick will be as lovely as your little girls name! Congrats to the three of you! Boys are so wonderful and SO much fun!

  193. Congratulations! So so happy for your family! I would suggest naming him Micah! My almost 2 year old’s name! 😭💙 That way Molly and Micah will having matching M’s! So cute! 💙 Wishing you the biggest blessings and an easy pregnancy!

  194. Soooo happy for you! I have one of each as well and I have to say, boys are the sweetest! We named our son Landon 🙂

  195. Congratulations!
    I immediately thought of the name “Jack” when you said you wanted a name that wouldn’t be shortened. Obviously not a two syllable-er, but a classic. 🙂 Family names are also so fun to look at for boys!

  196. Congrats! I have two boys whose names both fit your criteria – Sawyer + Hudson. Boys are so much! And that’s awesome that you’ll have one of each! ❤️

  197. Congratulations to you all! I have 2 boys and a third BOY on the way! I’ve never experienced a girl so can’t compare, but boys are great! My boys are- Brody Patrick and Cameron Joseph. Struggling picking the right name for #3…. but some on our list are Declan, Weston, Parker, Dylan, Drew, Bennett, Tyler and Smith.

  198. Oh my goodness, congratulations!! A little boy! We have a 7 month old son named Everett and so I think boy babies are so much fun. I definitely understand the desire to not have your son called by a nickname, I had the same requirement!
    Some of my favourite 2 syllable boy names are: Henry, Samson, Callum, Colin, Isaac, Noah, Holden, and Eli. Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy!!

  199. We just had our 2nd little boy, our first is 18 months. We love classic names too and are the same about calling them what their names are (I’m a teacher and can’t stand nicknames sometimes). 😂 Our boys are Henry and Oliver!

    Congrats to you all!

  200. Congratulations Kevin, Ali and Molly! I vote for Weston as his name! I think it goes so well with Molly’s name 🙂

  201. So happy for you! Little boys are the best! My little boy will be 8 months tomorrow and it’s amazing! For names i am partial to Ezra as that’s what we named my little one. I agree with the nicknames!
    We also liked Eli, Noah, Asher, and Jordan!
    Good luck!!

  202. Yay! Being a mom to a little boy is such a joy. As for a name, we named our little dude Eli and I love it so much! It’s not super common and yet has been around forever. Sometimes people think his name is Elijah but we named him Eli specifically for the reason you talked about, not wanting to call him something other than what his full name is. Plus I think it’s a name that fits with all ages. Cute for a little guy but also solid for a grown man. Whatever you pick, enjoy the amazing ride that is parenting a little guy.

  203. How beautiful! Your heart must be so full. My husband and I had such a difficult time choosing a boy name as well. We ended up choosing Mason 🙂
    Thank you for sharing your wonderful news and video with us!

  204. Congrats!!! 💙💙💙💙 We have a 16 month old we named Hayden bc we didn’t want him to have a shortened name or weird nickname either. And it’s a little different without being weird. Boy names are so hard!!

  205. So, I basically am one of those stalker people that follow you on Instagram, hahaha, no shame….. Anyway, I watched your video and bawled! I have three boys, and when we found it our 3rd was a boy I had major gender let down. I cried for two weeks. Felt so incredibly guilty. My “baby” is now a year old and I can’t imagine my life any differently. Your emotions were so genuine and raw, and I appreciate it so much!!! We will have a 4th baby eventually, and maybe I will get that feeling you just experienced. Though, at this point I feel like a girl would just throw our dynamic off. Also, Weston is my new favorite boy name. I have a Liam, Luca and Lawson so I’m tied into “L.”

  206. Congratulations! How about Greyson or Griffin. As a parent you have to correct people if they try to give your son a nickname. They will follow your lead. Best of luck.

  207. Well my first sons name is George and I can tell you it’s a classic and I love it and I love that everyone always has a story about their grandpa George and such. my second son is Nicolas and we are finding out it’s a little bit more common in the spelling is been a little tricky as I saw Nicolas Cages name without the H but actually were finding that there’s a lot of kids that are spelling it that way so good luck with whatever you pick I’m so happy you’re having a sweet boy

  208. Congratulations Ali! I’ve been following your blog ever since I was pregnant with my little boy (now 16 months). Some of your mommy posts have definitely helped me know I’m not alone with some of those mommy-questions 🙂

    My son’s name is Wyatt so I will leave that as a suggestion! Obviously I’m biased, but I think it’s not so common that everyone has it, but it’s still timeless and strong. And it fits your 2-syllable, no nickname criteria! (Although, some of our family members started calling him “Wy Wy” when he was teeny tiny and it somehow caught on to my husband and I…but we will definitely stop calling him that when he’s older! Haha)

    Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy! <3

  209. Soo happy for you guys! Congrats! Boys are different if you have the same sex siblings they fight way more haha. Congrats again and can’t wait to follow your journey!

  210. Congratulation to you and your little family. Wishing you all the very best.
    These are some of the names I like.

  211. Congratulations to you all! Boys are so much fun! My little boy is named Hudson. I also like Miles for a boy. Good luck picking out a name! 😊💙🍼

  212. Wow congratulations! I loved reading this post because I found some similarities to my family. My husband and I have a girl (Nora) and we just had a boy last year (Emmett) and we’re done at two. I also had the exact same name specifications – at least two syllables, no nicknames.

    On our list:

  213. Congrats! I teared up watching! So cute! We have one of each, our girl being the oldest as well. It’s been great to experience one of each. We also are done after 2! Our son is named Grayson (but we call him Grey) and we also loved the name Carson. Good luck!

  214. Such wonderful news Ali 🙂 Congratulations to all of you! Molly will be the best big sister ever 🙂
    When I was 8 yrs old, my mom bought me a record (yes, vynil!!) of Elton John. One side had the song “Friends” and the other one had “Daniel” 🙂 There was a huge family dinner at my grandma’s place that day, so I announced to the entire family this : “I dont know when or where, but if I ever have a son, I will name him Daniel!!” (I fell in love with Elton’s song)
    At the age of 21 I had a son, and I did name him “Daniel” 🙂 My son grew up to be the most amazing young man, and he was always proud to tell the “story of his name” 🙂
    Choose a name that carries a beautiful story with it, that way he will always be proud of it! Just like my son was 🙂

    Boy names I really love:

    Wishing you all so much happiness!


  215. So my daughter is Alexandra too and we call her Alexa since she’s been born which is almost a year ago. Would you have rather had your parents call you Alexandra right from the start until you were old enough to choose what to go by? Just wondering….

  216. Congratulations!! I have a son and daughter as well. Experiencing both has been a blessing! Our sons name is Caden and he’s never been “nicknamed”, everyone calls him by his name.
    All the best!

  217. My son’s name is Caden and we just love it! I am an Alexandra too and I wanted a two syllable one name for the same reason!

  218. Ali, your family is the absolute sweetest. I truly love watching your stories and reading your blog. Your happiness is infectious, and you truly deserve your beautiful life. 💜 Early congratulations on your baby boy! I’m sure Molly will be a wonderful big sister. Ps…every time I show my husband a picture of Molly he just melts. She’s the cutest little girl ever!

  219. Congratulations to you and your family! Thank you for sharing such a personal moment. It was beautiful to see!

    Wishing you all the best!

  220. Congratulations! Our son is named Carter. I liked it because it is easy to spell, easy to pronounce, and not too common…yet!

  221. Congrats! I’ll go out of the box and say Munro for a little boy. It’s a strong manly name ☺️ I may be biased because I have a Monroe as a girl 😉 but I do get a ton of compliments and nice to have a more unique name!

  222. Congratulations to you, Kevin, Molly and Owen.

    What are your thoughts on the names – Noah, Luke, Doc, Kyle, Dean, Adam or Ethan?

    Best of luck on your search to find the perfect name for your boy.

  223. Congrats Manno family!!! I have a girl, and a boy! It really is fun to have the best of both worlds. My sons name is Camden Thomas, and I get compliments on his name all the time! Excited to see what name you pick for your son!

  224. Hi Ali, I have 2 boys(young men now). Ages 21&18. When we were picking out names, especially boy names, we thought about a few criteria’s:
    1. When they are 30, will they be embarrassed by their name? I.e. it seems parents these days give their kids names with no thought like Scout, North, Summer, etc, who wants a name so unique that just by the name you have no clue if it’s a boy or girl? Don’t do a trendy name…why end up in a class with 3 Eli’s or Noah’s? Be normal!
    2. Boy names with no nicknames. Bobby, Tommy, Matty, Jonny, etc. NO!
    3. Boy name that cannot be teased when in elementary school.
    My boys names are Adam and Grant. Strong names when they were babies, but now they fit and they are stong young men. Other strong names: Garrett, Drew, Eric, Ryan, Will, Oliver.
    Please don’t do weird spellings.. it seriously just confuses teachers and they will be spelling their name their whole life.
    Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy!

  225. Ali,

    So many congratulations your way! My first, Charlotte, was born three months after Molly so I’ve so enjoyed following your journey with her. I found myself in so many of the same places as you with nursing and sleeping and working… I just had my second, a boy as well (!!!) two months ago. So my two are fifteen months apart. (I think your age gap will be much easier- things have been more challenging over here with Charlotte so little!). Anyway, I just felt so emotional watching your video and reading your post because I’m right there with you!!! And we are done after two kids as well. 🙂

    Take care!

  226. I gave a son almost the same age as Molly to the day. He’s born June 28th 2016. His name is Andrew Spencer. I’m a little impartial to his name. I just had my daughter 5 days ago and her name is Molly Rose.

  227. Congrats on a boy!! We were blessed with 2 beautiful girls (and we are done) so I never got to use my boy name. Like you I didn’t want nicknames but a single name (my oldest daughter’s name is Maya for that reason). Our pick was Gavin for a boy and I still love it!

  228. Hi Ali- I have always loved you from the time you were a bachelorette. My daughters name is “Alexandra” too and we call her “Alee”. I couldn’t be happier for you, Kevin & Molly. I have two older boys and Alexandra is my baby of the three. I had the same test done as you did at 10.5 weeks and it was the best thing I ever did. My Alee was born a preemie at 30 weeks, 4 days. Although she was only 2 lbs. she has become a healthy beautiful girl I always dreamed of. I have a few name suggestions for you.


    Enjoy the rest of your pregnancy and good luck naming your little guy💙💙

  229. Holy guacamole the love is REAL on this post!!!! So so so happy for you Ali!!! I was rooting for a boy! I am the middle child, older sister 25, me 22, and my brother 20! My little brother and I have ALWAYS been the best of friends…older sister and I only until very recently! Molly and baby bro are going to be soo soo cute with eachother! I loved / love having a little brother and would not change it for the WORLD!

  230. Oh my gosh SO excited for you! I have an almost 4 year old boy.. and my girl is one week younger than Molly… and now pregnant with another boy!! They are so fun! Our boy names are Camden and Beckett- which I love!!!! Picking a name IS so hard though!

  231. I have 2 girls and we are stopping at 2, so I understand the feelings you had in the video. We saw the pros and cons to each combo, but I do love having 2 girls. Our boy names we had considered were Noah or Parker. Congrats on adding another little Cubs fan to the world!

  232. Congratulations Ali! I could feel your emotions and was screaming at my computer monitor “Open the envelope already!” LOL. So happy for you both. Excited to watch the rest of your story in your blogs. 🙂

  233. Congratulations!!!
    You and Kevin are going to make amazing parents to a little baby boy, and molly is going to love having a baby brother!!
    I have 3 boys myself and they are so much fun! I had the hardest time picking names for my second and third boy though. My boys names are Mason, Jacob, and Colin

    We also liked Cooper and Brayden (just in case you wanted a couple more options to add to your list lol)

    Again congratulations!!!

  234. Yay!!! A mothers bond with her son😍. So happy.
    I love the name Braden. I also said i dont want a long name for the nickname reason.Well Brady it was😂. And I totally didnt know your name was not Ali 😲.
    Congratz and enjoy the last pregnancy.

  235. William is such a wonderfully classic name. Which is the name of my fiancé and if blessed with a baby boy later in life, we will name him William as well.

  236. I couldn’t help but get emotional watching this video!! Congratulations! That is so exciting!! I’m just about 15 weeks pregnant with our 2nd bundle of joy and I can relate so much to what you were feeling. We have an amazing 4 year old daughter and are so anxious to find out if this one will be a boy or girl. Being 1 of 3 sisters, I know how wonderful it is to have them, but I just know our family would feel complete with a little boy. Either way, it’s a blessing but I can so relate! So very happy for you! You are such as positive role model to women everywhere! Thank you for sharing your journey!

  237. Congratulations to you and your family! I always love how you include Owen in everything! ❤️🐶
    I’m excited to hear what you decide & to see Molly be a great big sister!

  238. Congrats!! What a sweet video!!! I totally hear you on the original name/nickname! My full name is Carissa but my parents (and everyone else in my life) have called me Cari since I was born!
    My son’s name is Emmit and it’s my favorite:)

  239. So happy for you and your family!!!! I have to say I love the name Mason!!!! I have 2 girls and a boy. Having a son is truly amazing!!! Good luck and I can’t wait to see him!!!

  240. I love that Molly is such a sweet old fashion name. What about Truman for your boy? Congrats!!! You have the most beautiful family!

  241. Congratulations that is so exciting and your family will be blessed with a girl and boy, the best of both worlds. Maybe down the road you will get that tie breaker, ha. Never say never. All the best this pregnancy.

    Love the names Micah Cole, Mason George, or Milo Sawyer. All to stick with baby “M” names.

  242. Congrats Manno fam!! I personally think you have a *great* first name, being an Alexandra myself (😉), but I totally can see where you’re coming from! I’ve always gone by Alex, and whenever people call me “Alexandra”, it feels super formal or like I’m in trouble! But having a more gender neutral nickname, I do love having a full name that’s more feminine and can make me feel formal when I want to be.
    Regarding names, I love that Molly’s name was sentimental and was wondering if either you or Kevin had any male (or male “passing”?) names within your families that could work for your little boy? I’ve also seen people suggesting another M which I think would be super cute too! And I like the idea of maybe using another surname close to your family as a middle name as you did with Molly, it could be a nice little tie in with the two of them if you didn’t like the idea of another M.
    Sorry I don’t have any actual specific names to suggest (I like so many I’ve seen others comment though!), but hopefully this helps the process! Congrats again to you guys!! 💙

  243. How nice for you that you got to do 10 week testing purely to find out the sex (not gender). Some people need this for actual genetic issues.

  244. Congrats Ali and Kevin!!
    Been a long-time reader of your blog, and I feel like I’m part of the family. The video made me cry, you guys make me so excited to start a family of my own! I’m getting married next year, so only a few years away from having kiddies.

    Name suggestions, my fiancé and I can only come up with/agree on boy names, so here are our favourites: Aidan, Asher, Lucas and Leo!

  245. Congratulations guys! Soo happy for you 💙
    Names that I suggest are

    (Mason) has become too common in my opinion
    Best of Luck!!

  246. Congratulations!! Love both videos..
    Some ideas.. just for fun.
    Anthony (NOT Tony) (I’m biased) ☺️
    Adam (no real abreviatkons there)
    Whatever you choose, he’ll be your baby boy forever.
    Enjoyyyyyy. 💕💙

  247. Omg Congrats. You guys were so cute that I actually got emotional with you lol.
    I love the names Austin, Max and Jameson.
    Good luck and congrats again

  248. My mouth dropped open when I opened Instagram today and that was the first picture I saw!!! Sooo happy for your family!!!!💙

    Names: Mason, Maxwell, Zander, Kurtis, Harrison, Jameson, Smith, Cameron.
    Do you prefer more “classic” names like “Molly” is there anyone is your family that you want to name him after?
    It’s a lot of pressure picking out names!! But have fun and you will find just the right fit for your new SON 💙😍

    Congratulations again to your family!!

  249. Congrats ali! Here are some boy names I’m liking right now (I keep an ongoing list in my phone LOL)


  250. Congratulations, Alexandra!! Lol! (See what I did there!?) Love your cute family and I totally understand the name thing! That was why I named my daughter Paige-no nicknames! But I will say that lots of times teachers and coaches give nicknames regardless. That being said, my boy name was “Miles” for the very reason you’re saying–no nickname and a great strong, cool boy and man name, right!? I know it’s not two syllables but it sounds great with Molly! Molly & Miles. As far as two syllable names what about Easton, Landon, Mason, Keegan, Keaton, Logan? So many to choose from! Miles Manno & Mason Manno have good rings to them!

  251. Oh my goodness. Your video made me cry!! Congratulations!! We have an older girl and younger boy, 2 years apart. It is SO perfect. It is so fun to experience a little boy, and honestly, there is just something so special between a mom and her son. I am so excited for you to experience that! Oh happy day!! 😍😍😍😍

    1. Oh names!! My brothers name is Joe, and that’s always been a favorite!! My son is Zach, which I love too of course. It’s not weird but not too common either. Since my name is Molly, my nieces name is Ali, I think we might have similar taste in names 😋

  252. Like many others have said I think you should stick with the “M” theme as well! I love the name Mason and think Molly and Mason Manno is just adorable!! 🙂

    Congratulations to you and your beautiful family!!!

  253. Congratulations! You have a beautiful family, what a great moment . I have 3 girls and 1 boy and his name is Nolan so I kind of love that name.

  254. Congratulations! So excited for your adorable family! I’m a mom of two boys and it’s true that little boys love their mommas. It’s a special bond. My boys names are Joshua Paul and Ryan Hunter. If we’d had a third son his named would have been Luke or Lucas. My husband’s name is Kevin too and I love Kevin & Ryan together. Molly & Ryan is cute too.
    Have fun with the process! 🙂

  255. As the proud grandmother of two amazing little boys, we have Tristan who is almost 4, and Corbin who is 5 months. Congratulations to all of you, Ali. Little boys are soooo much fun!!!

  256. We are expecting a baby in a few weeks and we are waiting till the birth to find out the gender.. but a couple of my favorite boy names that we passed on were Oliver and Connor.. ultimately I didn’t win that battle 😂😂but yeah I saw in your comments some one suggested Miles.. “Molly & Miles” sounds so cute! We picked out 2 names that go well with my sons name.. that’s one thing i wanted in a name was to have them all mesh well 😁😁good luck! Congrats! I have a little boy and it is loads and loads of fun every day!

  257. Hi again, Ali…. my sons names are Kevin and Daniel. Can’t go wrong with those!!

    And just for the record, your video brought me to tears. I feel like you’re another daughter, even though I’ve never met you!!!

  258. Congrats ! I followed along with you on your first pregnancy as I was pregnant and due within weeks of you, and now the SAME with the second ! Boys names were so hard to agree on between my husband and I. We named our baby boy Wesley Ryan, and our second boy( if it is🤞🏻) George Stirling.

  259. Congratulations!! I’m currently pregnant with our second son. We have a daughter as well! This is my last planned pregnancy. It’s been rough!!
    I completely agree about naming them a name and calling them that name. It drives me insane when people say “We are naming them X but calling them Y.” Just name them what you want them called!! Granted I know nicknames happen but normally it’s later in life by friends. It also makes me mad when you tell people your baby name and they say “Oh they’ll call him/her this or that”. Ahhh!!
    Our first son is named Jay. Plain and simple. We are naming the second, Marcus. My husband and myself are both named Jordan so they will be both have the middle name Jordan.
    We had the hardest time deciding on a name this time. We narrowed it down to Issac and Owen. Then I randomly thought of Marcus and my husband loved it so that was it! Months of stressing was solved in a minute of random thinking! Ha!
    Good luck with naming and the rest of pregnancy!

  260. Congratulations! 💙 we just brought our baby boy home two weeks ago to our 19 month big sister! So we are some what in the same boat and let me tell you… it’s truly the best! Best wishes to all of you!

    Name choices- we went with Luke for our boy. Just Luke! Our daughter is Morgan. Same as you we wanted simple and what we wanna call them is there name!

  261. Congratulations! Boys are the best. We have a baby named Xander (not short for anything) it’s a great solid name and a modern version of Alexander. Good luck! Picking a name can be tough

  262. Congratulations Ali! I teared up watching your video too! Lol. As far as names, I have a Landon and an Austin so of course I’m partial to those. If we were to have another (which would ONLY be an uh-oh baby), I really love the names Lincoln and Anderson. Hope these names help! Good luck! Boys are amazing! And momma’s boys are even better! 🙂

  263. Congrats Ali! That’s SO exciting! Molly will make a great big sister to her baby brother. I have always loved these boy names: Landon, Logan, Camden, Parker, Wyatt, Evan, and Liam. Can’t wait to hear what name you guys pick! 🙂

  264. Congratulations! I am so excited for you all! We had a little girl first and now we have a sweet baby boy. It is so fun having one of each. I had a blast decorating the nursery for a boy and now dressing him. So different from our daughter but so fun! Boys are so sweet and it is such an amazing bond to have as a mother. And to raise a son with your husband!!

  265. Congratulations Kevin, Alexandra, Molly and Owen!

    I love the names Beckett and Jack, but my fave to compliment Molly’s name is Miles!!

    Happy name hunting!!

  266. I think you need a normal but not common name (like Molly). I also like the “M” theme but there’s a zillion Masons out there and you don’t want an uber boring name like some that come to mind! Sticking to the criteria of normal, not made-up, no nickname names, I like: Everett, Miles, Merritt, Rhys, Declan, August, Deacon, Arlo. Good luck!

  267. Congratulations!!! I am so happy for you guys!! A little boy!! That’s amazing news!! I love the idea of having one of each. & Molly & him will be close in age which is so great. I loved seeing tour raw emotion in the video, it’s truly beautiful!! I know you’re going to get tons of name ideas but I just want to throw mine out there. I think Caleb is an adorable name! For some reason Hershel is on my mind too! I know it’s totally random, but it reminds me of a strong name you would have probably heard years & years ago, before we were even born! Good luck to you ♥️

  268. My four youngest grandsons are: Odin, Otto (these two are brothers), Gregory, and Xavier. I love all those names. Also love Grayson, but it’s super popular right now so you may not want that. Example: my daughter Heather was one of 5 Heathers in her Kindergarten class in 1980. Who knew that was going to be SO popular in 1975?

    You’ve gotten a lot of great names. And really, the child will be called what you set out from the start. My grandsons William and Gregory both are called just that. They started out with the full name and that’s what everyone calls them. No nicknames.

    So happy for you!

  269. First of all, congrats! It’s so exciting for you guys to have one of each and thank you for sharing all of your special moments with us. Watching Molly “talk” lately has really been the cutest thing, too.

    But secondly, it’s SO funny that you mentioned the thing about picking a name and calling him that because I went through the EXACT same thing you did and even now sometimes I don’t know when to use my full name or nickname. And I decided a long time ago that I would not want that for my kids either. I’m so glad someone else thinks that way too! Haha

    But if there is a nickname version of a full name you guys like, then just name him that! Are there any special male names in either of your families? It would be nice for him to have that special meaning like Molly does.

    Congrats again!!

  270. Totally understand the name thing/dilemma! I also wanted my son to be called by his name and not by a nickname… these were some in my name list… Ian, Martin, Diego… I’m Latin and my husband is American so I also wanted a name that was pronounced more or less the same in both languages… ended up with Diego! You’ll love having a boy!

  271. So exciting!!! Congratulations!!! Boys are amazing!!! I have a 14 month old boy named Cameron. He is so fun and such a mommas boy (which I love!) If my husband and I have another boy one day, we love the name Connor. Good luck picking out a name!

  272. Congratulations Ali! That is such exciting news!! Just like you, I had a daughter first (she is almost three) and her little brother was born this past summer. I was equally thrilled to have one of each! Molly will surely love her little brother so much. As for names, my criteria were identical to yours! We decided naming him Hayden, but others at the top of my list were Jared, Jasper, Braden, Taylor, Connor, Finley, and Riley. One syllable named we loved too were Blake, Nate, Blair, Reid, and Dean (yes, inspired by ‘that’ Dean, haha!). Good luck choosing a name! You look so beautiful (as always) by the way!

  273. Congrats to you all!
    I am a mom to a wonderful 11 year old boy named Carter. I picked this for him because I felt it was strong and couldn’t be shortened. So far it hasn’t been. I have also received so many compliments on it. There are now a few other Carter’s I’ve heard but at the time it wasn’t as popular.
    Good luck with your choice!

  274. I have been waiting for you to announce for forever! And I just got so emotional watching you find out you were having a boy. I had my first daughter a few months after you had Molly and reading your blog has been fun to do it along side of you. We are planning to start trying for a second this summer! Congratulations!!!

  275. I have 2 boys! My oldest is Nolan (we use nicknames Nolie and Noles) and youngest name is Jacob. (I personally don’t like Jake so we use Jay)

  276. I’m also crying after watching and nursing my 5 month old son who is a little brother to a big sister ❤️ It’s so amazing to see how different they both are and how sweet our daughter is with our son. I’m excited for you to watch Molly experience it too! Congratulations!

  277. Congrats, Ali!! Oh my gosh, baby boys are the best! 💙 I so wanted a girl, but now, wouldn’t trade for the world.
    Our little one is named Leonardo, a name I absolutely love and pretty much the only one that was on my boys’ names list.. obviously everyone is calling him Leo, but maybe just Leo could work for you guys? It’s not popular over here in Italy, but I’ve been hearing it a lot over in the US and UK. I also really like Cooper and Alfie, Henry or Harry.
    Wish you all the best

  278. I am over the moon for your family. Congrats on the boy. I have 2 boys and my sister had 2 boys. So my mom got all grandsons. I love boys. It’s such an amazing bound between a mother and a son.
    As for names I love the name

  279. My son’s name is Sullivan and that’s ZERO help to you. But my husnband and I had the hardest time thinking of boy names. Try babynamewizard.com to look up names. They offer helpful searches that are unique. Look up Molly’s name and you’ll see brother name suggestions. Good luck! Enjoy learning about little boys! My one suggestion, point the penis down when doing diaper changes. That’s all. The rest is fun to discover. 🙂

  280. Congrats to you guys!!! I just had my little guy, Wyatt two months ago and he is the best thing ever. Little boys are so so fun! I wish you nothing but the best and I hope you enjoy the rest of your pregnancy 💙 I do love the name Nolan, very cool and dapper!

  281. Congrats! So happy for you! Can’t wait to watch Molly be a big sister. I’ll throw out Brady, my little guys name, no one ever shortens it. Also have a nephew named Myles. Molly and Myles, has a cute ring to it!

  282. Congrats to you and Kevin! I have 3 boys & 2 grand daughters so far. Boy names always seemed hard.

  283. Congrats! Loved watching this. I literally just went through the exact same experience and posted our video yesterday. We have a two year old little boy and I’m pregnant with baby #2. I wanted a girl so bad so we could experience both. The second I saw it was a girl I just started bawling. Little boys are so fun! You’re going to love it.

  284. Congrats! I have one of each and it’s such a different experience with both. There’s definitely a different kind of bond with a son vs a daughter neither better than the other, just different ❤️ My favorite names are Holden, Hudson, Watson, Wyatt and Mason. My sons name is Holden and he is such a character

  285. Congratulations to the Manno and Fedotowski family!!!❤

    I have two boys. Our first son’s middle name was named after his dad’s first name. That would be a sweet tribute to Kevin!!!❤

    Ryne (Kevin will like that one!) 😊

  286. congrats on the little boy! We just found out we are expecting another boy ourselves today. We named our first born Nolan Oliver and loves the name. Has a good meaning to it, not hard to prounce and so far haven’t met any baby with the same name 🙂

  287. How exciting 🙂 we have a little boy who turned 2 in October and a little GIRL on the way early June! It really is special to have one of each and get to experience the best of both worlds!
    Our little boy is named Landen
    Wirh an “E” because we felt the traditional spelling of Landon is spelled like it should sound “Land-On”

  288. My little brothers name is Jamen and I have always loved that. It’s unique and almost no one has it!

    • Jamen (we have only ever called him Jamen)
    • Grayson
    • Sawyer
    • Saylor
    • Hayden
    • Austin
    • Ryan
    • Nolan

  289. WOW! I just can’t imagine that you will read my post after seeing all of the others. Molly is such a sweet name so for your baby boy, how about something boyish like, Maverick or Liam? Congratulations to all of you!

  290. Congratulations!! I have 3 children, the first two were girls and I now have a baby boy who just turned 5 months old. Having a boy is completely different than girls. But I love my baby boy so much and I think he’s already a momma’s boy😍. My son’s name is Cole Mathis. A “C” name after my husband and the men’s side of his family and Mathis is also a family name on my husband’s dad’s side. I love using family names for middle names. I know you will find the perfect name for you baby boy and can’t wait to see pictures of him. Again, congratulations!💙😍

  291. Hi Ali,

    LUV your site and your blogs, instagram, etc. FYI, the comforter is on sale at Target and Walmart for $104 for a King size 🙂

  292. Man how do you ever read all of these!! Took me forever to get down here to the comment box! Haha new to your blog. But I’ve always enjoyed your insta stories and your season of the bachelorette was what made me start watching the franchise. Congratulations on your family addition of a little boy! I have two girls and one boy and I can tell you its equally rewarding to raise both but in the most different and special ways! Boy names I like with the two syllables are: Jaxon, Jamie, Brady, Bobby, Dylan, and Everett. If you overanunciate Everett I know it’s technically three syllables but saying it fast so that it rolls off your tongue it really sounds more like two syllables! But that’s just me!! Good luck!!

  293. Congratulations! I am not sure what you should name your son but please do not name him Mason. I have never met a nice Mason (although I have not met very many so I am sure a nice Mason exists).
    I’m partial to Nolan but that is because my 5 year old is a Nolan. Our other boy names we considered were Ethan, Caleb (each became way to popular), Cole, and Clayton (pitcher names to go with Nolan). And I love the name Bodhi but my husband could not get on board. I don’t think that sounds very good with Molly though.
    I am sure you will find the perfect name and fit for your family.
    One of each is so great!

  294. Landon has always been a favorite for me for similar reasons as you.. cant really shorten it! My husband liked Trevor between the two, more.. and again its a name not shortened.. we didnt have more kids.. so Landon never got used but its so cute! Molly and Landon sounds cute also!

    Congrats to the family! Enjoy every moment! Xoxo

  295. Aw – so excited for you guys. Our little boy, Aaron, just turned 18months and it was also a big thing naming him – hoping people won’t shorten his name. So far, so good :-p

    All the best in picking a name. … and congratulations!!!

    Love from South Africa xox

  296. Congrats Ali! I totally get the not wanting a nickname feeling. I was the same way (Georgina and nickname Georgie). My husband and I definitely wanted the name to be what they were called when we had kids. We just had twin boys at the end of the year and named them Austin and Bennett. Austin is pretty hard for anyone to create a nickname out of and Bennett could be shortened but I’m standing firm on people when they try to! Ha It is tough though to think of a name that people won’t try to shorten! I do like the name Nolan as well!

  297. Congratulations! So excited for you guys! The video was so adorable. <3

    I've always loved the name Kieran (pronounced keer-an). It's an Irish name but I love it. 😉

  298. Oh my goodness!! So first of all, I hope you and Kevin do have more babies because you make darn cute ones and the world needs more cuteness right now!

    Secondly, I’m an older sister to a big brother and I LOVE having a little brother. He is literally my best friend. He is taller and stronger than me so he acts like an older brother when he needs to but we always have each other’s backs! I wouldn’t trade him for anything. Molly will love having a baby brother!!!

    Third, I really like the name Maverick. Maverick Monno. It’s a longer name and it reminds me of the movie Top Gun 🙂

    Praying for a healthy end to your pregnancy! Blessings to you and your growing little family.

  299. I’m not crying. You’re crying. Congratulations Ali, Kevin, Molly and Owen!!! Such a great video. What exciting news! Hugs and kisses all around!!!

  300. Congrats to the Manno family! Excited to hear the name you choose. I have a Ryan…I also like Cody, Milo, and Kory 😃

  301. Congrats! Bots are so much easier 🙂 You could go with the “lee” theme; Molly and Bentley (which I love).

  302. Congratulations!!!!! How exciting!
    Some suggestions are Taylor, Jack, Jax, Ryland, Lincoln, Morgan.
    I’m sure whatever name you pick will be perfect!!

  303. Congtratulations!! 🎉 We have two little boys and a girl in the middle. It’s so much fun to have to experience having a boy and a girl. Noah and Beau ☺️

  304. Congratulations to the Manno family! This is so exciting! Michael Manno has a nice ring to it!

  305. Congratulations ali!!! We have a girl then a boy, 2 years 3 months apart, and it is so awesome. They love each other SO much. I have only sisters and nieces so I knew nothing about boys and I absolutely love raising one and watching a sister/brother relationship grow. Our son’s name is Adam. We went classic. My mother-in-law had great advice about naming a boy. She said boys have to grow into their names. Not sure why that’s true but it is, at least for me! So we tried to picture what name our son would want in college or on a resume.

  306. Omg congrats🎉🎉🎉 little boys are such a blessing I have 3 boys 1 girl. My name is Cristina but everyone calls me cristy! And I actually don’t like that name lol my boys names are Ethan, Louis, and Ryan but I really like Mateo, Luca, Liam, Ezekiel, Ezra, Avery, Isaac And Noah

  307. OMG!! So excited and happy for you, Kevin & Molly!! Congratulations!!
    I have a boy who is now 12 years. Boys are special for mothers and girls are the apple of their fathers’ eyes.
    Like you, I don’t want people to shorten my son’s name. His name is Ezra and his friends try to call him E.Z or Ez. I don’t like it but he doesn’t seem to mine.
    What about Noah or Luke for ideas?
    Once again, congratulations and all the best!

  308. So happy for you all! I can’t believe you’ve known this long and been able to be it a secret! I would’ve slipped, haha! We’re finding out the gender at our ultrasound Monday, but we’re going to wait till the 18th at our gender reveal party with our families to find out together. I’ll have to bring some tissues because I know I’ll be emotional. That’s gonna be tough to have the envelope and not peek for almost 2 weeks!

    1. 😊…besides Aaron being a strong biblical name, and the main reason we picked it for our son… the fact that you cannot shorten it is the other reason 💙

  309. Congratulations! One of each is just perfect! My little dude’s name is Myles. Molly and Myles sounds like a pretty darn cute duo if you ask me 💕

  310. Yay!!! So excited for you and your family!! I love the little video of Molly. So adorable! We struggle with boy names too!! When I was pregnant with my daughter we didn’t find out what we were having and we had 3 girl names and 1 boy name that we actually didnt love. Here are some of the names we had on our list but could never decide on :

    Charlie- I wanted just Charlie but my husband insisted we had to call him Charles but I didn’t want Charles at all haha

    Good luck Mama!!

  311. This was so exiting to watch, congratulations! We have 2 boys and a girl and there bond is really just the best. Our sons names are Weston Robert and Beckett William. Can’t wait to see this little make his way into the world.

  312. Congratulations on the boy! How exciting!

    I have a Nathan. ❤️ My nephew is Reid which I really love.

    When I was pregnant we also liked the names Keegan, Grayson, Noah, Ethan, and Landon

  313. Our second baby was another girl, but the boy name we would’ve chose and love was Kohen with a K instead of a “C” to make it a little more unique. Congrats having 2 babies fills your heart with more love than you ever thought possible!!!

  314. Angela that goes by Angie, here. Since Molly was named after your grandmother, are there any male names on either side of the family you’d not go with? What is Kevin’s middle name?

  315. Hey, Ali!

    Our stories are so similar, so I’m compelled to leave you a comment for the first time! I read your blog often and love it.

    I had a daughter a few weeks after Molly was born in 2016, and now I’m 26 weeks pregnant with a little boy as well! We’re naming him Emmett, which is two syllables and can’t be shortened 😉

    I’m so happy for your family, and can’t wait to continue on this journey right along with you!

  316. Congrats!! Boys are so fun and Molly will be such a great big Sis!!

    Our two boys are Brayden and Benson 😍

  317. Congratulations, on the news that your having a Boy, Molly is going to be such a Brilliant Big Sister.

  318. Congrats! We are expecting a girl in July and our son’s name is Beckett (sometimes we call him Beck or Becks). So fun to have one of each!

  319. The video was so cute and happy and full of love. Congratulations on baby #2. I wonder if you wish you would have waited until the birth? You kept saying you weren’t ready. We waited for both of ours and it’s such an amazing feeling after 9 long months. Either way it’s a happy surprise. I was just curious. Congrats!

  320. My ‘baby’ boy is 37 years old this month. 🙂 His name is Skyler and I have always loved that name. You don’t hear of it often. I’ve heard of it for girls as well. Different spellings: Skylar, Schuyler. If I had had another boy, I would have named him Tanner.

  321. You brought me to tears!! So happy for your family. Praying for a safe and healthy delivery for you and your baby boy. I love the names Caleb, Samuel, Travis, Trey…so many amazing strong 2 syllable names.

  322. Congratulations! We named our son Lyndon (like the President) but liked that we could shorten it to Don, because both our grandpas went by Don so we were able to honor family without naming him after one specific relative. We like strong names and since I’m a history major, I think we’ll always have a President’s name in the first or middle name for our boys haha. I’ve been loving the names Oliver, Benjamin, Caleb, Asher and Samuel lately. Strong names that are timeless.
    Congrats again and I can’t wait to see all the boy mom stuff!

  323. Silas
    Langston (super classic unlike Landon)
    Louis or Luis (Spanish v Italian)
    Avery (can you tell I love Grey’s?)

    I am child-free and a labor nurse and love collecting baby names for others to use or that sometimes I use for my fur babies.

  324. Congratulations on your baby boy!! You’re about to have such a new experience with him. The bond between a mother and son is so wonderful and amazing. A love like no other!!!

  325. Oh my goodness congratulations! I cried watching the video! So happy for you guys! Our daughters are very close in age and we are also pregnant, due in 27 days and also having a boy! Thank you for sharing your excitement with us and also for sharing the realities of being a first time parent and everything else in between.
    PS I’m also having a hard time picking out a name for our son, hubby wants Ezekiel but I’m not 100%. Our daughters name is Stella. Looking for something short too.

  326. CONGRATULATIONS!!! So happy for all of you! How does Kyler sound? I named my son Kyler….thought I made it up (Tyler and Kyle together) but have since found other Kylers…. :/

  327. Oh congrats on your baby boy! Loved loved the video. Thanks for sharing it with all of us! I have one boy and one girl and it is just the best. We are done too and it is just so fun to have one of each. You’ll love having a boy-such a special bond with mommy and son. Congrats!!

  328. Congrats! This video brought tears to my eyes! Such a beautiful moment. Thank you for sharing. As for boy names: I love two syllable names as well. Some of my favs: Hudson, Finley, Dawson, Sutton! Hope this helps! 💙

  329. Seems like 11/11/17 was a great day, it was also my wedding day. ❤️ my coworker is pregnant with a boy and she has decided to name him Cohen. Congrats to you guys

  330. Congratulations!! Boys are so fun! You have a lot of great suggestions! Here’s a few more – Madden, Miles, Brady, Landry, Easton

  331. LOGAN 💙
    Congratulations, hopefully you find a name that you feel fits with the little one inside you. For each of my 3 kiddos, I had to feel that the name was a perfect fit. Whatever the name will be, it will be perfect and wonderful in every way. Good luck!

  332. Congratulations from New Zealand!!!!!
    I never got to use my boy name as I have two beautiful girls. But if I’d had a boy he would have been Jayden. I’m also fond of Callum.

  333. Ali
    I don’t think it’s silly at all to what to name your son what you would call him. I am Cheryl but have been called Cheri all my life. Teachers, doctors, employers would always call me Cheryl and it felt so strange. So when it came to our kids we wanted the same as you and ended up with Taylor and Ryan which of course people shorten to Tay and Ry but that’s fine! Congrats! I am sure you will find the perfect name!!

  334. I’m soooo excited for you and your sweet family. Love watching you on Home and Family. You are wonderful. Best wished you with Love and Hugs.

  335. Congratulations! Such exciting news!

    My husband and I are pregnant with our first and also have a last name that starts with M. We don’t know the sex yet, but like the idea of a first name that starts with M. A couple of less popular boy names I like are Monty and Merrill, though after reading the comments I might be sold on Molly and Mason!

    Thank you for sharing your life with us, I look forward to reading your blog every week!

  336. I like Colton and Cohen lately. My son’s name is Alan and he was an absolute gem to raise. Actually he’s 30 and I call him Ally still and he even signs his cards to me Love Ally. Lol. Congrats on this super exciting news and time!!

  337. Congrats to You & Kevin and Molly! (Owen too) I’m sure whatever name you decide upon, will fit him just perfect. Thanks for sharing your news.

    I’ve always liked: Eli or Dawson

  338. Oh hey congrats!
    As far as names…I like unique ones. Even though mine are Luke and Liam. Lol
    Wyatt, Levi, Finn, Mason, Silas, Gavin, Charlie

  339. Congrats Ali! So exciting! We also have a 2 yr old daughter and now expecting a boy in July! As far as names, it looks like everyone is suggesting going with an M name. I think Micah is really cute! Also Myles.

  340. Congratulations!! My husband and I just welcomed our first bundle of joy on Monday, a boy, and we named him Ryder. We have had nothing but compliments on the name because it’s unique but not too crazy different. We also liked the name Liam and Max as well!

  341. Had to pop in again! I shared Spencer, Finley, Peter, Kirk, Taylor, Colby and Cameron in earlier posts and am now adding a few favs others have shared: Parker, Jackson, Cooper, Riley and Tucker. Wow, many have shared Mason and Miles. Are they too popular right now?

  342. Congratulations, Ali! Boys are so fun!! My little boy was born 4 months ago on November 1st. We name him Simon after my maiden name. I suggest Simon to you because it cannot be shortened and it is a classic name! Xoxo

  343. Aww, congratulations! This video was super sweet and brought tears to my eyes!
    I’ve followed you for so long and we have a toddler (Nolan!!) Molly’s age, and are due with our second in May too! I’m like you, 60/40, hoping for a girl but will be thrilled no matter what! Of course I’m biased on Nolan, and since you mentioned it, I think that would be a great fit!
    Congrats again!!

  344. Congrats! My vote is Miles. You have about a bazillion responses to go through. Short story for you, when my husband and I were dating we decided on a boy and girl name for our kiddos. We picked Jacob and Molly. See love your daughters name! Well when we were expecting baby #2, we found out we were having a boy. So…we had to come up with a boy name and our only requirement was it had to start with a M. We came up with and Mason and Miles. Pretty quickly we decided on Miles, and so glad we did. He is one sweet, and kind kid!! Good luck!

  345. Ali! I have been thinking about this… but I LOVE the name Mason for your little boy! I think it’s so cute paired with Molly, plus your last name!

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