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As you guys know, this season of The Bachelor is soooo confusing to me. I think that’s one of the reasons that I was so excited for the Women Tell All last night. I was very intrigued to see the women confront Arie, because I felt like he kind of lead on a few of them at certain points throughout the season. Meaning he would make out with them and then send them home an hour later. So yes, needless to say I knew it would be a very interesting confrontation when they all sat in front of him.

First, seriously what the heck is/was up with Krystal’s voice?! I was soooo confused when she started talking at the beginning of the show. Is it possible to lose your voice for 6 weeks? Maybe. But it’s not just the sound of her voice that completely changed, the tone of her voice did a 180. She always spoke so “zen” on the show (for lack of a better way to describe it) and her tone on the Women Tell All was nothing like the “peace and love” Krystal we saw attempting to me portrayed throughout the season. Bekah said it best last night, she shouldn’t try to be all “zen” if that’s not who she is. I honestly think she needs to see someone for professional help. I’m not saying that to be mean. I just think she would benefit from working out her issues with someone trained to help her. She clearly has a good heart deep down, she just needs help with communication and needs to learn that hurting others won’t stop her hurt. I truly feel sorry for her.

Sienne impressed me even more last night. My favorite thing she addressed is how her education and travels are such a small part of what makes her worth getting to know. I agree! I found it strange how that was all the show focused on with her. Is it that odd to see a well-educated, well-traveled and sophisticated woman?

Tia is definitely being set up to be the next Bachelorette. Which I would totally be down with. I think either Sienne and Tia would be a good choice. But I’m also holding out for one of the 3 girls left.

Can we talk about Caroline’s comment saying “I know what you did,” I’m not going to discuss spoilers on my blog because not everyone knows the spoilers and I don’t want to ruin it for anyone. But I will say that I’m shocked that ABC left that moment in. Maybe they know that the spoilers are out and many people are aware, so they wanted to create anticipation for the rest of the season. Let me say this, if the rumors are true, I think we clearly have our new Bachelorette

There were some mixed opinions on how Arie talked to Krystal. I honestly thought he handled it really well. He wasn’t nasty, but he was firm and let her now that he didn’t appreciate being mislead by her on the show. If the gender roles were reversed we would be applauding the Bachelorette for calling out a guy in the same situation. So I applaud Arie for calling her out. But I’m not letting him off easy, I wish the girls called him out more for misleading them!

I’m going to end by saying that those bloopers sucked. Ha! But they totally did right?! And the rest of the season looks soooo good! Excited for tonight’s episode! Follow me in Instagram because I’m going to be doing Insta stories during the show tonight!

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110 thoughts on “Bachelor – The Women Tell All

        1. ugh I heard about the spoiler and if it’s true Arie deserves to get punched in the face for wasting everyones time this entire season. I’ll leave it at that.

          1. i honestly can’t imagine what it must be like to go on that show. its not realistic to think you can fall in love with someone after going on 3 dates and sleeping together. they all need a reality check IMO.

    1. I try to avoid them EVERY season but someone always end up tweeting me the spoilers sadly. I ALMOST made it the whole season without seeing them this time. But they aren’t always correct!!!! So I still blog based on what I see and not what I hear 🙂

      1. At first i was thinking omg did she sleep with him and then i had to look up the spoiler lol it is what it is i still hope he is happy even though doesnt appear to be my choice

      2. Since you have been on the show twice ! Do You think that you can truly fall in love in such a short period of time ? Or do you think you’re falling in love with idea of loving this person because of the situation they are put in, with the romantic settings and romantic destinations. I’m so curious about your thoughts on this !!

      3. I think that if it really is a wild finish that the producers are trying to prepare the audience for anything and that’s why they left that comment in.

  1. I thought the Women Tell All was the best episode of the whole season! Ha And I had the same thought on Krystal’s voice before the “girl who left on the first night” called her out on it!!

    1. I have to agree with you. “The Women Tell All” was probably the best episode all season! And I have to say as much as I dislike Arie for the way he handled everything, the one thing he did do right was how he handled Krystal. I loved it! What did she think was going to happen? And speaking of her voice changing, it changed again between the time she was talking to the girls and when she got back on stage to talk to Arie! I agree with Ali, I feel sorry for her in a way. She clearly could use some therapy to figure out why she feels the need to be that way.

  2. I haven’t read any spoilers, so Caroline’s comment was SO random. Haha! I love how Arie spoke with Krystal. He was over her fake attitude and it showed. I also agree that a lot of the woman didn’t call him out, and I wish they did! I’m so excited for tonight’s episode. Sienne is a beautiful and a sweet woman, but I think she might make a boring Bachelorette, but I could totally be wrong. Also, I wasn’t a big fan of Bekah at the beginning but she really grew on me. She is by far the most mature and well spoken for being the youngest. I feel like Arie could’ve been extremely happy with her. I’m super excited to see her on bachelor in paradise. She’ll be a hit!

    1. I’m excited to see her on BIP too! And I agree with you, I didn’t love her at first but she really grew on me! I wish she was older so she could be the Bachelorette. I just think she’s too young for the role now. Maybe in a few years!

    2. I actually picked out Bekah from the preview / intros. I loved her! I think they made a great couple. I’m glas she pointed out the ages of others. People have said it before: other women were only a year or too older!

  3. Tia was definitely trying to set herself up as the next bachelorette! I didn’t like her for talking about Becca to Arie. I hate when the women act like they want to protect Arie. I think it is demeaning to them. I’m guessing a boring season will turn tonight.

    1. Same! I was fine with her mentioning it to Arie, but the way she did it and then all her comments during the interviews were rather immature and seemed rather jealous of Bekah. It felt like she was trying to win a competition by throwing someone under the bus, instead of focusing on her own relationship. I don’t want her as the Bachelorette!

      1. Agreeeeed!! And Bekah handles herself so well. She’s right, no one talked about the 23 year olds in the show so it obviously wasn’t the age factor! I kinda loved the shade she threw at Tia too…like don’t ve condescending!

        1. I agree with you guys (and Bekah) about no one talking about the 23 yer olds. That wasn’t fair to her. But in my opinion people SHOULD have been talking about the 23 years olds. I personally think 23 is also way too young for 36 (in most cases – there are always exceptions). What age is more appropriate? I dunno. Maybe 25 and up?

          1. Don’t you think the reason the other young ones (23-24) weren’t brought up is because they didn’t have as close a relationship with Arie as Bekah did? Isn’t she the only REALLY young one (22-24) that went far with Arie? I couldn’t keep them all straight. I was disappointed there weren’t more 30 somethings.

          1. Yes that was perfect when Bekah called out Tia on her previous relationships! I do not like Tia at ALL for the bachelorette. I think she is phony. Give me a break with the “little sister” comment after throwing Bekah to the wolves. That was so wrong and Bekah is right – they know nothing about each other.

        2. Tia clarifies why she said something to Arie though. It was a comment beckah had made about going home and if anyone knew of single guys available. So for Tia it was a combination of was she in fact ready to settle down not just because of her age but also comments beckah had made. I think Tia handled the situation gracefully and you could tell she genuinely was sad that she hurt beckah but she wouldn’t take it back because she truly felt she did the right thing.

    2. I completely disagree about Tia. I see her as someone who was in love with a man, and heard Bekah ask if there was anyone at home the girls were hoping to date after the show. Being in love with Arie, Tia couldn’t stand the thought of him potentially falling in love with, and ultimately choosing someone who maybe didn’t have strong feelings for him. She was trying to protect her boyfriend.

    3. Totally agree. I feel she has been setting herself up for a while to be bachelorette. I hope they pick someone else for bachelorette.

  4. I just can’t believe that not ONE of the girls would call Arie out for making them think they’re the ONE with the way he would kiss them! Especially Tia and Bekah!

    1. I was really surprised by that too. Maybe it was edited out? But WHY would THAT be edited out? Which makes me think they didn’t say it to him.

      1. I understand he was kissing them really passionately, but apparently it seems like that’s the way he kisses. I mean this is the bachelor, and the other bachelor’s and bachelorette’s have done plenty of kissing and making the other men/women feel special.

  5. What in the world is Caroline talking about?! Caroline, ” I know what you did” Arie,” it will play out later.”
    This must be the most exciting part of the season & I need to know😭😭😬
    Its driving me crazy.
    You will not spoil it by saying what it is, promise. The show has been so😴😴😴

    1. Google it if you really want to know, but at this point I’d just hold out and watch it as it plays out. I wish I didn’t know the spoiler- it would make the last episode so much more exciting!

      1. I know the spoiler, too, and I tell my friends who want to know that I wish I didn’t. I think it would be much more fun to watch it play out without knowing. That said, I’m still excited!

      1. Thank you for finally bringing that up. 🙌🏻Long-time fan here, what haven’t we seen lol. Excited no matter what. AND Excited for the new Bachelorette. I think whoever it is will be more tasteful than this season (No offense!).


    2. I tried to avoid spoilers. But they come up in comments so often! I saw it on this site and gave in and read the whole thing. Yeah, I wish I didn’t know. Just enjoy the show!

  6. I wish when Bekah M confronted Tia, she would have said the most obvious argument – which is, what does it matter how old I am? There’s a chance of every single person getting their heart broken on this show, so even whoever Arie chose, they could have their hearts broken already, or next week, or next year.

    1. I think you had selective hearing during the show lol Beckah had made a comment about whether she was really ready when one of the girls went home and then another comment asking girls if they knew of any single guys (or something along those lines) so this made Tia question whether she was in fact ready to settle down and yes her age was a concern. I don’t blame Tia one bit for saying something after hearing those comments. Just like she was upset in hearing he chose Kendal over her when Kendal had uncertainties about getting married when Tia was all in.

  7. I’m surprised at how many DON’T know what happens (I admit, I read the spoilers…not to mention it’s all over IG). Lame bachelor & I am really disappointed in how he led sooo many on (not just by the kissing, but telling them he’s falling for them or actually telling them he loves them)! Did anyone notice Chris Harrison didn’t ask Arie if he’s happy & in love? He ALWAYS ask a that to the BachelBachelorette at the “Tell all” show…my guess is Arie is with no one at this point.

    1. Pamela, I wondered that too why Chris Harrison didnt ask that. I don’t know any of the spoilers either. I am surprised I’m watching this season since it hasnt been great. How can he tell 3 girls he is in love with them and end up with no one? Now with Carolines comment I feel I have to watch to the end!!

  8. I am not a fan of Krystal at all but I did not like the way Arie said good-bye to her. They way he left her was not gentlemen-like. He should have walked her out and gave her a proper good-bye. I agree with Krystal in that it seemed cold. I get that she was not friendly but at that point, Arie did not know that. So why not be a gentleman and walk her out? I really hope that Tia is NOT the next bachelorette. I did not like how she treated Bekah M. just to get ahead. I don’t buy the whole ‘I am looking out for Arie’ thing. She was looking out for herself. I get that it is scary to be so vulnerable but you do not ever throw someone under the bus. Especially because Bekah M. was so sweet and kind to her. Arie is a grown man and can decided for herself. I also think Arie will choose Becca K. in the end. I love Kendall and she is my favorite but I can’t see her with Arie. I am not convinced that there is a connection with Lauren B. and I am surprised she is still there.

    1. In the 2-on-1s, they rarely do get “proper” goodbyes- remember leaving Taylor in the jungle or leaving people on the beach while flying away in a plane? And his words to her last night were the 1st time I saw Arie with a backbone! I can only imagine how he felt after he saw how kind Kendall was to her and how she threw that back in her face. I also thought Tia was brave to actually tell Bekah was she said to Arie despite how it backfired. But I agree, Tia was playing the “gunner” in that specific episode. I also don’t know why Lauren is still in it- I see nothing between them! I think Becca will win, but I also think Becca can do much better. Does anyone else miss Nick right about now!? I keep comparing Arie’s behavior to Nick and I can’t say enough how well Nick handled things SOOO much better! I miss all his girls too. Arie’s season has been terrible all around…

      1. I have a feeling Arie wanted to say goodbye to Krystal when she flipped out about the bowling date and he went to chat with her in her room. He seemed pretty pissed and I loved how he said “small things in this environment tell me a lot about what life in the real world will be like with you.” I’m sure production made him keep her (and give her the final rose!) to put her on the 2:1 date. Arie already seemed to be over her drama by then. 😕

    2. I think it was a combination of just making the cut and having to get over to the Eiffel Tower by a certain time. Not sure where, but I think I read that.

  9. Is there a reason they did the WTA before over nights? Don’t they usually do it after they are down to two girls?

  10. Ok, so I admit stalking Krystal’s Instagram… to be clear, I am not a fan at all. But what I don’t understand is all the women commenting on her posts encouraging her and applauding her?!? I feel like I’m taking crazy pills… either there are many more women out there who think her behavior is good/normal, and/or people want to give her the benefit of the doubt, which I I don’t think she deserves. I really don’t understand her fan-base… and it makes me confused and frankly quite sad that other women support her behavior and look up to her.

  11. Hi Aly, I agree with your blog except the part about the new bachelorette..i dont see any of these women being the next one! And certainly not Tia..! I would rather see a new face..someone we don’t know!!! We need new blood! 😉

    1. I agree, Josy! No offense to Tia, but I don’t think she would be the best choice. I feel like there is a boring factor that could come into play if they are not careful with who they choose this time around. They need someone unique, some variety to hold a strong audience after this season. Ali—I think I see where you are going with your comment about if the rumors are true then they have their next bachelorette. 😉 I could get on board with that!

      1. I think they should pick the Becca Tilley! She was on Chris S. and Nick’s season! I follow her on instagram, she is super sassy!

  12. nope not Tia for Bachelorette! Think the women are jealous of Krystal. Not sure why Caroline upset. After you give a gift to someone..done. They can do whatever they want with it.

  13. I am totally not feeling Tia as the next Bachelorette at all. I’d love to see it be Kendall (just assuming she doesn’t get picked)!

  14. I think there were lots of outstanding women thus season, many I think are too well educated, worldly, and interesting to be happy with Arie, long term. He should never have led so many women on, but it doesn’t surprise me. He had 29 women after him, many who are gorgeous and were focused on him. He was bowled over and easily flattered. He was not a good choice for The Bachelor. He is hell-bent on finding a wife and starting a family. He’s the one who is desperate. He wants a simple, quiet family life. I just hope he really loves who he ended up with and she loves him and realizes the life he wants and wants it too. I love Kendall but I don’t think she would be happy w/Arie. I really like Becca and have thought she understands and accepts Arie for who he is. Lauren would struggle with his family and Scottsdale and miss her family so much and she’s so shy that I don’t see her being comfortable venturing out to explore the area and make new friends. I’ve heard some rumors but choose to watch it play out.

  15. I’d like to see Becca or Kendall for the next Bachelorette, unless one of them is w/Arie. I do not want Tia to be the Bachelorette. She is a fun, smart woman but I think she would benefit from moving from her small town in Arkansas, if thst’s where she lives now. Meeting lots of new people in a fun, bustling city, working, playing, exploring and dating people who treat her well would help her mature and not be so desperate to fall for the 1st Mr. Nice Guy.

  16. Definitely best episode of the season because it had the least amount of Arie! 🙈 also I know the spoiler and it’s the only reason I’ll actually watch the finale because I was reallyyyy losing interest! Sienne has to be my FAVORITE and Caroline is second. Tia is being pushed because she fits the bachelorette mold but honestly I wouldn’t be too excited to watch her season.

      1. Ugh I totally agree. Noticed his hands very early in the season and I do NOT get what they all see in him. Totally gives me the heebiejeebies!

  17. Hi Ali,

    I absolutely LOVE reading your blog and I look forward to your blog every week after the bachelor! Love your insight on everything and it’s cool to feel like we get a little “behind the scenes” access on your blog. Love it! Anyways, last night’s episode was the best one of the whole season in my opinion. I think this season has been pretty boring so far, but I do know what happens at the end and I am anticipating it’ll be very “dramatic” and worth the watch. Thanks, Ali!

  18. I’ve read the spoilers too & also was very surprised that’s ABC left Caroline’s comment in!! Guess we will see how they play it out in the next couple of episodes. When Chris Harrison was leaning so hard on Tia about if she was ready to find love again, I almost thought they were going to abandon tradition and name her the bachelorette.

    1. I think the ratings are
      Low and so they left that in just so folks would bother watching tonight. He will have a boring life with Lauren just matching his boring personality.

  19. I love how Arie handled Krystal. He would not apologize bc after all – he was so mad at how he fell for her manipulations, which really, made him look like a fool, and also the way her behavior affected everyone on the show and hogged so much time and attention. I do agree with you Ali however that she underneath is just a soul who could benefit from some help to work out her issues. I think Bekah M is the most intelligent and insightful contestant! I do understand why Arie didn’t want to risk it with her bc of the age different but I do understand why she was miffed at people commenting on her age when other contestants were nearly the same age. Just jealous is my thought. It does seem like Tia is being groomed doesn’t it? Sienne was so articulate – I think she meant why do people have a hard time with her being so well educated and travelled AND beautiful. People are just weird that way. I guess it prays on their insecurities. I don’t know if anyone followed Aries live-tweets – but they were priceless!

  20. Last night was awesome but I was so confused by “I know what you did” comment and so I can’t wait for tonight’s episode! I also love how Arie called Krystal out and I do hope this was a good learning experience for her! I’m excited that aria could possibly be our next bachelorette. I enjoy your blog and I’ve fillowed you since you were in the bachelor!

  21. Ugh. I don’t have an Instagram & feel like I’m always missing out on your stories when you talk about them on your blog. I miss you on SnapChat! Come back 😉

  22. I saw an interview with him some weeks ago and all he said was “he was happy”. Never really said it was with someone. I think he doesn’t pick anyone. Would love to see Sienne or Tia as the next Bachelorette.

  23. I have never really been a fan of the Women Tell All or the Men Tell All shows. I watched some of this Women Tell All and was reminded why it’s not my cup of tea.

    As for the next Bachelorette, I could see it being one of the last three left 🙂

    As for spoilers- I have a love hate relationship with them! 😉

  24. I was so disappointed in woman tell All – I thought so many women got played by Arie and all the kissing – and that they would all have a lot of questions for him, but no one really did. It was kind of strange.

  25. I tried to pay attention to the show but I was transfixed on Caroline and her incredibly bodacious outfit. Stole the show for me. I would have put money on Ali giving it a shout out!

  26. I agree 100%, Ali! If the spoilers are true – and at this point, given Caroline’s comment I think they are – I think we have our next bachelorette. It would suck if they chose someone else. I am not really onboard with Tia as the bachelorette, am I the only one who would love to see Sienne instead?
    I really think Tia showed immaturity with her move on Bekah and that continued last night.. Bekah May be younger but handles herself a lot more maturely in my opinion.
    Also, I totally agree with the age issue.. it’s not like between 22 and 23-24 there’s a big difference. So why the drama on her age and not the other girls’?!
    Personally, I think Krystal got what she deserved from arie who was polite but firm and didn’t dal for her sorry act. She definitely needs to work through her issues and think she could only benefit from professional help. Also, I don’t believe for a second that her voice was like that due to a medical condition for 6 WHOLE WEEKS! Come on! At the beginning, maybe. But then it was just all an act. Did you hear how she switched back to it with her “hiiiiii” to Chris Harrison?! Like a switch.
    Curious to see how it unfolds now and especially the ATFR!

  27. Krystal’s voice irritated me from the beginning. She put on her seductive voice when with Arie and used a different voice when with the ladies. I’m glad Arie put her in her place.

    Bekah was my favorite on this season and fully believe Arie would have ended up with her if it wasn’t for her age. Their chemistry was by far the most real out of all of them. And for her age, she was still one of the most well grounded and mature women there.

    I hope it’s not Tia for the next Bachelorette – not crazy about her. We need someone quirky. Someone to keep us entertained. It does look like it’s heading that way (judging by Chris Harrison’s questions) but I think someone like Kendall would be great. Or as other’s have mentioned – Becca Tilley.

    Oh yes, I couldn’t help but have a little chuckle when Arie was introduced to Kendall’s furry friends – it reminded me of how freaked out you looked when Kirk’s Dad introduced you to his furry friends on his hometown date 🙂

    Special hugs to Owen.

  28. I know the spoilers I can’t resist reading them every year!! Haha! I just hope Arie and one of the final three are happy together and make it work… I love either Tia or Sienne for Bachelorette!!!

    I am looking forward to the rest of the season and must say this has been one of my favorite Bachelor seasons ever! Not a dull moment!

  29. I noticed On the Women tell all that they didn’t really give the girls much time to ask
    Arie Questions like they usually do and it seemed as if they filled in the gap by promoting that New show that will
    Air soon. I also noticed Chris H didn’t ask Arie if he was happy like he usually does he other bachelors and bachelorettes. It was odd and off. It’s as if they wanted less
    Interaction with Arie. Not sure if anyone else felt that?

  30. Uggg if Tia is bachelorette I’m totally out. This bachelor season has been so bad and I don’t think I can handle another crap season with Tia as bachelorette. We need another Rachel or JoJo who had some fun personality.

  31. For years I have been wanted Arie as the next bachelor, but after seeing this season, I may have change my mind. Maybe i will change my mind again after tonight or next week episode. I keep my fingers crossed for Sienne as the next bachelorette.

  32. I’m curious to hear your thoughts on Bekah comment to Tia about how Tia shouldn’t be talking “because of the bad past relationships she’s been in.” I personally was very hurt. I’ve been in a bad relationship before as I’m sure most women have and I don’t think it was right for Bekah to shame or blame Tia for that. Women need to be uplifting women and I felt Bekah was just wrong for saying that to Tia.

  33. What confused me is that Chris Harrison keep saying this scenario hasn’t happened before, but if the spoilers are true and he changes his mind after the ‘proposal’–that DID happen before, so maybe I’m thinking the girl he tries to go back to doesn’t take him back? (and good for her)

    Bekah is smart and had some great comebacks…and won me over, until the part about needing to check out for awhile and camp at the marijuana plantation…all that maturity and then a sharp detour back to what 22 looks like. 😉

    I’d love Kendal as the next Bachelorette, but I got the feeling she’s not totally ready for commitment at her hometown. Really I’d like to see the Bachelor do a few normal dates to see how these things play out in real life. Like make them plan a date with a budget normal folks have for an evening out. Send them to Applebee’s. I think farmer Chris’s season was interesting because he took the girls to Iowa for real life. Or let America help make the match by voting some people off.

  34. Just an FYI about the whole Tia vs Bella thing. Tia knew Bekah came on the batchelor thinking it was Peter Krause. She was not really into Arie like Tia. Bekka even told Arie she had never been in love. Seriously I just felt she was mature but like Krystal showed her non zen side Bekah showed her immature side at times. Reguardless bekkah and Tia are good friends and have moved passed this.

    I loved Sienne! I think tonight we just might see what makes this season ending the most dramatic!

  35. I am so shocked that people are upset that Tia said something to Arie about Beckah!!! How many times have we seen girls say something to the bachelor or guys say something to the bachelorette about someone in the house they were concerned about !? The only difference is that this time is Beckah was not the show villain. I liked her ! She was outgoing, bubbly, very well spoken and mature for her age, but even I questioned some of the comments she made, whether she was ready to settle down. Tia let us know last night the comments Beckah had made along with her age what drove her to say something to Arie and it was something that did not air and Beckah did not deny it. If I were in that situation and in love with the guy, I would have said something too and I also would have went to that other woman and told her I did that and why! That being said I do think it’s ridiculous the show and the other girls seemed focused on her age when there were other girls there that were nearly as young as she was. I think a lot of people are also avoiding the point that this was something that Arie was struggling with already for a long time and even Beckah could tell (as she said something last night) Beckah was going home whether Tia said something or not.

  36. I am not a Tia fan for the next Bachelorette. She seems immature and somewhat uncouth to me. They had to blurt out so many of her comments which is very unbecoming. We all curse at times but on national tv it does not project well. I am still holding out for Kristina.

  37. I’m not going to say any spoilers but I think it’s so interesting that you say we know who the next bachelorette is if the spoilers are true…… I was thinking the same thing. I’m excited for the finale to air so that we can hear your thoughts!!! I’m really on the edge with how I feel about Arie. I guess we will see how the finale goes. Can’t wait!!

  38. Sooo he reminds me of Ben..telling every girl I love you. Aaaand Jason Mesnick. I think this has been my least favorite season in the history of this show.

  39. I don’t understand how come no one’s really talking about how messed up Tia is. Her comment about how ‘I don’t know why he would need to talk. This makes sense to me’ right before she gets eliminated bothered me. It’s down right rude to Kendall and she shouldn’t have a say in what he should do or not do. Just not yet anyway. Same thing with talking about Bekah’s age….she should be focused on her relationship and not be concerned with someone else’s. History of bachelor shows that if Krystal or some other ‘villian’ would have pulled this move, it would have been talked about so much. And yet, everyone applauded for her yesterday during the women tell all. I just don’t get it. I do think she is full of crap. And this whole making her the bachelorette thing….just please don’t.

  40. I’m not an arie fan I’m just being honest I believe He should not tell any of the ladies he’s in Love. Love takes time to develop as anyone who’s been in love knows this. A complete no no to confess your heart to two women. My hearts breaks for both these women after he makes each one feels like she’s the one.

  41. Please no to Tia. She cusses every other word and just doesn’t come of as a lady. Don’t want her as bachelorette. This season is a bust. Thank god for the winter games and paradise coming up to redeem this for me.

  42. I found it so telling that Krystal made excuses for her behavior on the show by saying that’s how she felt “in the moment.” It says a lot about her character if she flips out, swears, name-calls, and asks for negative attention when she is unhappy.

    Her interaction with Arie on the Women Tell All special was so charged and negative! He so obviously wanted nothing to do with her. The weird low-talking was obviously an act, and she made herself look crazier than everyone already thought she was!

  43. 1. Sienne is awesome. Ali said “ Is it that odd to see a well-educated, well-traveled and sophisticated woman?”. I think people have this reaction because she’s Black and they unfortunately don’t expect it. Sad, America.
    2. Bekah M. is awesome and was spot on about the age hypocrisy. There are several 23-25 year olds. I think she was targeted because people were jealous and that is the “worst” thing they could say about her. Girl, carry on.
    3. I don’t care for Tia. She strikes me as a bit self-righteous. The irony is that her lack of maturity was on display when she shared her impressions of Bekah with Arie. Leave it alone, girl.

  44. I do not think it is impossible to love 2 people at the same time, I do feel it is impossible to be in love with 2 at the same time. If you are getting different needs met, emotional or physical, the loves will be different. The relationship dynamics are so different that you can love 2 people and 2 relationships that are impossible to compare. I feel it is best to avoid these situations because, as they can not be compared, it is a hard choice to choose between them. I think that is where Arie was left.

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