The Bachelor – Who is he REALLY falling for?

Who is Arie REALLY falling for? I wish I had some sort of clue, but I just don’t. I was disappointed to see him tell 3 girls he was falling for them and then leading one to believe he was falling for her by saying something like “I wish I could tell you everything I’m feeling”. Why?!? I like Arie but I just wish he was more honest with the girl about his feelings and honest with HIMSELF! Anyway, forgive me if I talk in circles in this post and forgive typos! I really wanted to get this up as soon as possible for you guys and I wrote it EXHAUSTED last night.  So with that said, let’s break down last night’s episode.

Kendall’s Hometown

If I had to guess, I’d say Kendall’s hometown was most likely the last of the four hometowns. Why would they fly all the way back to Los Angeles for her hometown then go to the others and then fly back to Los Angeles for the rose ceremony? It just doesn’t make sense. Plus when Arie saw her for the first time on her hometown date, he said that it had been too long. Which makes me think that they definitely didn’t film this hometown first. Because technically the first hometown is just a day or two after the last date. And she was on the two-on-one with Krystal not long ago.

I just don’t understand why Arie told Kendall that he was falling for her. I just feel like it’s almost impossible to be falling in love with FOUR people at the same time. So by telling her that he was falling for her, it was almost like saying she should feel safe that she’s not going home this week. What do you guys think? I don’t know, I was just so careful about who I said those things to on my season. In fact, I only told two guys anything even remotely close to that all season long.

I have to say that it was really cool to see how emotionally in-tune Kendall’s entire family is. They all seem to know her so well and just seem to read people very well. I remember when I took the bachelor to my hometown, my entire family & I were just kind of giddy at the whole experience. It was hard to sit back and look at everything and ask if it could actually work. I just really respect her family to be able to separate the cameras and the excitement of The Bachelor coming to their house and really hone in on the relationship that is or isn’t developing between them. It’s no wonder Kendall is so grounded and analytical. She definitely gets it from her family

Tia Hometown

Tia’s brother obviously scared the shit out of Arie. Heck, I was a bit intimidated by him just watching. But I have to say I love that he just flat out called Arie out on being known as “the kissing bandit” and on the rumors that he is a playboy. I’m not sure I believe the rumors. Just because once you become The Bachelor or Bachelorette, people tend to make stuff up about you so I’m choosing to ignore those rumors. I think there’s just as good of a chance they aren’t true as they are true so I’m choosing to ignore them.

And similar to how I feel that Arie made Kendall think she’s potentially the one, he did the same thing with Tia. When she told him she was in love with him, he said that he wishes he could tell her everything he’s feeling. But the way he said it wasn’t like he was warning her, it was more like he was saying he’s feeling the same way she is. And we obviously know he wasn’t, because ultimately he sent her home. I don’t know if Arie is nervous and saying things because of nerves or if he is purposely trying to throw the girls, and all of us, off. But what he says and what ends up happening just don’t match up for me. Just like last week when he passionately kissed Bekah on the two-on-one date and then sent her home. His actions just aren’t matching up with how he’s handing out the roses. Anyone else agree?

Becca’s Date

I don’t know if you guys are going to agree with me on this, but I really feel that it is a massively big deal that Arie and Becca aren’t on the same page in terms of religion. I know Arie is saying that he is open to going to church and being a part of Becca’s life in that way, but from everything I’ve ever read when I used to study couples and intimacy in college, and from everything I’ve experienced in my own life, if you aren’t on the same page in terms of religion, it just won’t work. Some of you may know this, but my thesis in college was on couples and therapy and one of the biggest predictors of the relationship not working out was being on different pages regarding religion. Finances was the number one issue. But religion was a close second. Maybe studies have changed since then, but that’s just what I think. I would love to know what you guys think in the comments below. And I would especially love to know if anyone out there has stories of being married to someone that is on a totally different page than them spiritually and religiously. How do you guys make it work? I don’t only welcome people that have a different opinion than me on this topic but I’d love to hear more about people‘s experiences. But with that said, even though it can work if you’re on different pages when it comes to religion, that doesn’t mean it’s likely to work. In my opinion, if you’re able to work it out you’re the exception, not the rule. And yes I’m quoting the movie He’s Just Not That Into You. Ha!

Anyway, Arie also told Becca’s mom and uncle that he is falling for her. So at this point in my recap he has basically told all three girls that he is falling for them. I’m counting what he said to Tia. Because the message he was sending is the same.

Lauren’s Hometown

I mean did anyone really find it shocking that there was weird silence between Arie and Lauren’s family when he got there? Lauren and Arie‘s entire relationship has been awkward silences.

I didn’t really love when Arie sat down with Lauren‘s mom. I think it’s great that she flat out asked him if he was saying the same things to all the other people on hometowns. And honestly, he is kind of saying the same thing to every family and every girl. Every time he tells a girl that he’s falling for her, he’s leading her to believe that she is the only one he’s falling for. Or at least someone special. But it’s not special at all when he says it to every single one of the girls left. And look, hometowns are really hard on the bachelor or bachelorette. It’s super awkward that you’re dating someone’s daughter/son, as well as three other people at the same time, and you have to somehow explain that to the parents. It’s hard. But it’s especially hard in Arie’s case since he is really making each girl feel like she’s going to be the one. And I’m not saying he’s doing this on purpose. I don’t think he’s a bad guy. I just think he really sucks at dating multiple girls at once. Ha! And honestly, that’s a compliment. When you’re good at dating multiple people at once that’s a bigger warning sign in my mind.

And of course, I don’t even have to say it but yes, Arie also said he was falling in love with Lauren. He’s told every single girl that at this point! And what really kills me is when Lauren told her mom that she didn’t think he would say he was falling deeply in love with her, if he was saying it to all the other girls. Well, I guess he didn’t use the word “deeply” when he said it to the other girls, but he has said it to every other girl! (Ok not the exact words to Tia but he basically insinuated it with what he said to her that I discussed above). I guess that right there tells you that Lauren doesn’t really know Arie at all. Gosh, I’m just so bummed about how this season is turning out. Only because I really like Arie and I really want this to work out for him and whoever he ends up choosing but it’s just isn’t looking great right now.

Rose Ceremony

Anyway, I was super bummed to see Tia go home but I knew it was either going to be Kendall or Tia. To be honest with you I really thought it was going to be Kendall so I was a little bit surprised. But either way, Kendall will be the next one to go home and it will most likely come down to Becca and Lauren. I have no idea who he’ll pick between the two of them though! So yes, as there is every week, there’s so much to discuss! What do you think about Arie telling every single girl he’s falling for her? Were you surprised to see Tia go home like I was? And who do you think he is going to end up with in the end? Let’s discuss!

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213 thoughts on “The Bachelor – Who is he REALLY falling for?

  1. I agree religion is a HUGE factor in a relationship. I’ve always been Catholic and my now busband wasn’t. He knew how important it was to me, and one I was sure that he just wasn’t going because I wanted to, we started learning more about it together. It’s been a slow process, but he’s always the one who wants to learn/do more (I’ve always struggled sharing that part of my life). Sorry if that’s confusing! What I’m trying to say is, if you’re with the right person, and people are willing to grow together, it can work:)
    Love your blog!!! I always read it before watching the bachelor here in Canada. We can’t seem to get Winter Games here though!!:/

    1. Erin, I was your husband. I was the non-Catholic. I had small things guiding me to the end that I didn’t even see at the time. When the time was right, everything fell into place. Several sources for you and your husband/ EWTN cable network, books (Scott Hahn, Patrick Madrid are easy reads to start.) and of course Mass, prayer, and talking about what you believe.

      1. Thank you for the kind comment Elizabeth! I’ll check out more of EWTN, I think all I’ve explored so far is Mother Angelica.

    2. I’ve been watching Bachelor winter games in Ontario! It’s on ABC…channel 6 in my region 🙂 It’s a complete mockery of the actual Olympics but so entertaining nonetheless and really cool to see some of the other bachelor(ettes) from around the world!!

    3. While I am not extremely religious, or even go to church every Sunday, I do believe in God and feel that there is a place for religion/spiritualness in my life. My husband, is a very scientific person who is unsure about God and doesn’t believe in an organized religion.
      But it works! We respect that we have different views and opinions, as we have every right to. We talk about our different beliefs without judging. If I want to go to church with my son he has no problem with it, as I don’t have a problem with him staying home. I fell in love with him knowing his stance on these viewpoints and I thinking trying to change their minds is where people fail at the relationship.

      1. This is basically my situation as well. I am not extremely religious, but was raised catholic and do believe in god. My husband was also raised catholic, but now identifies as an atheist. I believe as long as you respect each others beliefs there shouldn’t be any issues.

    4. Common values are more important than religion. I have two masters degrees in religion and theology and my partner is an atheist. He is one of the kindest people I know. We’ve happily been together over 10 years and religion has never been a hot button issue. Scripture says “where love is, there God

      1. It’s Jason Mesnick. And you know, he was right to do what he did, all things considered. He and Molly are happily married now for what, 7 or 8 years, and Melissa and her husband too. It might have made for crazy tv, but I’d rather follow my heart than settle for someone I wasn’t in love with. Just my two cents worth!

  2. I think any of these girls are going to be blindsided because Arie acts like each one of them is the “one” through his actions – passionate kissing and words! I felt so bad for Tia last night because she had every indication from Arie that she was IT!

    I feel like Arie sticks with Lauren because she is the “type” he falls for. With that being said, it’s a recipe for not working out if he ends up picking her.

    I’m a religious person and I don’t think I could marry a non-Christian. My husband taking me to church every Sunday is an absolute turn-on! We pray together and every day our life is centered around God. With that being said, if it is true love for Arie & Becca, this relationship just may be where God is directing Arie to be!

    I’m an Indiana girl, a HUGE race fan and a total fan of Arie’s dad, Arie Sr. I wish I would have had the opportunity to bring Arie to my hometown. I’d have him take ME to the Indy 500 and show ME around!

    I’m rooting for Becca!

    1. I completely agree with you, Jill, in regards to the religion aspect. I am a Christian and it was a non-negotiable for me that my husband had to be a Christian, as well. It is such an important part of our relationship and I love that I can be at peace knowing that we will always be on the same page in regards to how we spend our Sundays, how we will raise our future children, etc.

      Something that came to mind was the fact that Sean Lowe was a strong Christian when he went on The Bachelor, too, but Catherine didn’t become a Christian until after they had been together for awhile (they talk about it in this video here – Obviously it worked out for them and now that is such a strong aspect of their relationship! Like you said, if Arie and Becca are supposed to be together, I believe the Lord will direct that too!

      1. Same here, totally agree! I am a Christian and before I met my husband, it was important to me that first and foremost, my would-be husband is also a Christian. Praying, going to Church, and serving are the most important thing as a couple. Plus factor is lifestyle. If you and your spouse do not have the same lifestyle, I doubt the relationship would work. On the other hand, I have friends who have totally opposite beliefs and they make it work!

        Tia is my bet but when Arie said he was falling for the other three girls, I knew she was going. However, Kendall is the one that doesn’t have much connection with Arie so it was kinda shocking to me when Tia was not picked.

        Pretty sure, Arie will pick Lauren because Lauren’s Mom told Arie not to break Lauren’s heart, then he told the Mom that he wouldn’t want to see Lauren heartbroken as well. Oh well. 🙂

  3. I don’t think he knows what he wants or who he’s in love with. I think Becca’s beliefs are so important to her and I think in the end it will be a deal breaker. I think he’ll pick Lauren but I don’t think it’ll last!!

  4. I agree, religion is huge. Right when they started talking about how they weren’t really in the same page about it I thought they should move along and be with someone else. I have a strong faith and Christian upbringing and my husband did not and it has caused a lot of problems in our marriage. He has grown in his faith over the years but I do think finding someone on the same page as you makes things easier and better! I also just have no clue what Arie is doing. He doesn’t seem to be into any of the girls but then says he is talking for all of them! He also looked like he was wearing a lot of makeup at the rose ceremony 😬

    1. I agree, Sara. As soon as beliefs/religion was brought up on the date, and she seemed fine to just overlook them- I thought get out now. It won’t work.

      1. I agree- I was Arie in this situation and told my ex boyfriend that I was open to trying to work on my faith and go to church and while I was open to it, it just didn’t work for me. It actually makes me feel so much better to know that this is a leading factor in relationships failing, because I’m not alone! You can’t force something that you don’t feel in your heart and ultimately it just becomes too much.

  5. I vote Becca for the next Bachelorette! I think he’ll break her heart and she will go on to be Bachelorette. I think she’s the most likable girl this season, she reminds me of Jillian Harris. I do not get the whole Lauren thing. I cannot think of a more boring girl who made it to the final 4. I do not see chemistry or passion with them at all. Kendall’s a doll but she doesn’t strike me as the type to find love on this show.

    1. I completely agree w/Leslie’s comments…..Becca seems the most down to earth, mature and level headed……yet I think she ends up broken hearted. Unless there is some MAJOR editing happening I don’t see much chemistry or connection w/Lauren. I can’t see that relationship lasting if she’s the one w/Arie in the end. Anyone else wonder if he’s either intentionally or unintentionally choosing Lauren because she looks the most like Emily??

      1. I’ve thought the same thing for awhile now. Lauren and Emily could be sisters. I just don’t see any personality whatsoever in Lauren but she seems to be his #1 given his declaration of falling deeply in love. I remember being shocked when he told her that because it seemed as if she was going home.

    2. I agree with you about Lauren! She kind of came out of nowhere and has like almost no personality—at least not from what we’ve been able to see. I have a bad habit of cheating and going to Reality Steve to find out what happens and I won’t spoil it for others but I actually feel bad for the one he chooses. I was honestly happy it was Arie in the beginning but the more I’ve watched the more confused and unsure I am about WHY he is actually there. I don’t think his actions align with what he says. And Ali is right about him telling all the girls the same thing and making them believe they are “the one”.. What’s up with that?? But one thing I found kind of odd last night was when he told (I think it was Kendall?) that he wished he could tell her more about what he was feeling?? Why couldn’t he?? He’s already told all the girls how he feels so what would stop him? That to me was a big red flag where she’s concerned! Something is just off. I do not feel like he is being 100% genuine but that’s just me. Time will tell.

    3. Really ?? I thought she’s been in the background or maybe the cameras haven’t really focused too much on her cause she’s not so dramatic. Ha! I bet Tia will she’s got the personality for it

    4. I really would love to see Kendall as the next bachelorette. She seems so real and seems to really care about everyone. I like her quirkiness and I just think she’s the best bachelor contestant ever.

  6. Sometimes it seemed like Tia was “playing the game” in a way. She was the first one to say “I love you” and she made that unnecessary statement against Bekah M. in the last episode. While Arie was talking to Kendall in the middle of the rose ceremony, she was the only one obsessing over who he was deciding between, which made her sound competitive, especially this close to the end, when people are claiming to have real feelings. I think her goal might be to become the next Bachelorette more than to end up with Arie.

    1. Totally agree. I really like Tia but I also felt like she just “wanted to win” or just get further than the other girls…

    2. MaryBeth!! YASSSS! I feel the same way, I like Tia but it doesn’t seem to be real love with her. She is caught up in it all, probably from seeing where Raven is now in her life due to the show. FYI-Not putting down Raven, she seemed real on the show, and has made a somewhat “household” name for herself. I just think Tia is playing the game to strong…Esp when he took Kendall away at the rose ceremony, and kept saying “we three make sense, She (Kendall) does not”. Seemed like an odd statement.

      1. I think Tia was just starting to feel less confident about her relationship with Arie and was trying to convince herself she was wrong during the rose ceremony delay. Possibly by saying out loud that Kendall’s wrong for him that it will make it true. Does that make sense? Her tears and heartbreak seemed entirely genuine when she was sent home and i really felt for her.

        1. I agree it made me cry. She was truly crushed. I believe with my whole heart she was in love with him. Poor Tia

      2. I Linda dis agree about the statement about Raven. She had her own successful business before the show. And found try love in Bachelor in paradise. I think Tia really did love him. But that’s just my opinion. I do not think any of it has to do with Raven.

    3. I agree with you 100% Mary Beth. I personally dislike when girls go after other girls on the show, even if those girls have faults…whatever they might be.
      Just keep your focus on your relationship, if that’s why you are there.

  7. I wasn’t surprised at all he sent Tia home, she reminds me alot of Raven. All though beautiful ladies, their immaturity an child like behavior isn’t what most bachelors are looking for at Aries age. Kendall omgosh beautiful inside an out. She’s so honest with herself an her feelings, never saying what she thinks Arie wants to hear staying true to herself! Love this girl! Becca has the maturity I think he is looking for but I don’t feel the strong connection here. Lauren what a mystery girl, love her family, but she’s such a snooze fest. I must be missing something here. Yes she is gorgeous but I don’t see any sense of humor, I don’t see any personality what so ever! I’m totally confused!

    1. What made you think Tia was immature ? I did not get that impression at all. I don’t think calling out someone’s intentions or having an opinion about someone is immature. That being said how you say it and when you say it may come across as distasteful. I can’t think of a thing that Tia did that is considered “ immature” .

  8. Totally agree!! I’m not a super religious person, I’m basically agnostic and my ex boyfriend who I ADORED was SUPER mega religious, and it was kind of a turn off for me bc it was such a huge part of his life that he talked about it ALL THE TIME, it just wasn’t for me. But we clicked in every other way possible and had amazing insane chemistry, so the religion thing was ultimately the deal breaker because it was such a defining characteristic for him, and I just couldn’t relate.

  9. I agree – no idea how the season will end. I did like the part with Becca’s uncle and Arie because he said, “we’ve actually talked about that” and he genuinely sounds like he would go with her to church and is open to exploring that more. But the biggest surprise was that they actually talked about it. I wish the show would show us more of the conversations and not focusing on all the kissing because of the nickname he was given. I too like Arie and I love Becca – but I am not into this season at all.

  10. I think it is very misleading and hurtful to tell them all that he’s falling for them. I can’t remember this happening in previous seasons, as they normally keep their feelings in check until the end. I think he will end up choosing Lauren. As you know, the producers can twist things by only showing the footage they want throughout the season and I think they have focused a lot on the ‘silence’ between Arie and Lauren. I think they’ve had more connection and conversation than what’s being shown. Just a thought.

  11. I think he will pick lauren but it won’t last because it seems she loves her looks more than her personality. Although who knows because I feel like she has been edited in a way that makes her seem soooooo boring.

    Also I guess my husband and I are an exception to the religion thing. I go to church with the kids every week and he is not religious, but he also never undermined me when it comes to religion and my desire to raise our children with a belief in god. I was married to a man before who was my religion and he was much more a a hypocrite because he didn’t live the things he was supposedly believing. So it’s nice to know my current husband is what he is and doesn’t pretend he is something he’s not.

    1. Agree. Lauren is his type he’s creepy now. Lying to the girls. Does he think they won’t all watch this? And I hear he chooses one and changes his mind. He’s immature in love it’s why he’s single – wants a trophy wife.

  12. I still feel like we’re missing a lot with editing, especially when Lauren was telling her mom or aunt that they are so alike and she can always tell what he is thinking. They obviously know each other better than we’re lead to believe. I do think that religion is a big factor but it depends on the two people in the relationship to make it work. If one person has strong beliefs and the other doesn’t but is willing to learn and open up themselves to their loves religion, then it is possible to work. It’s usually with the cases like Arie that one doesn’t really have strong or any beliefs and the other has very strong beliefs.
    As far as Tia, I LOVE her. I don’t feel like she was playing a game as much as she was starting to stress that she was going home. I think you could see it in her actions and words more than the others that she was truly falling for him.
    I love Kendall but I don’t think this process is for her. I didn’t really agree with Arie pulling her aside asking her about if she’s ready for an engagement. Don’t go for the person ready for an engagement or not, go with your heart.
    Maybe it’s just me, but I don’t see any excitement with Becca either. If she isn’t picked and they’re crazy and don’t choose Tia as the next Bachelorette and she becomes the Bachelorette, I hope we see more personality out of her. I guess I still don’t feel like we know much about these women outside of Kendall and I think she’ll go home next week.

    1. With regard to the editing, I was wondering the same thing, but how many weeks in a row can they really edit out the meaningful content? They’ve shown it with the other women and their families, so if there was genuine, meaningful conversation happening with Lauren and her family, wouldn’t they show at least some of it?

  13. Ali! I wanted to ask when you’re gonna do a home tour! I love the sneak peeks I’ve been getting from your pictures!

    2nd. I agree that money/religion are the top 2 things that make or break relationships! For me, I def cannot compromise on my “religion” because it is who I am! And I ended up marrying a pastor, figure that, haha! But I also believe in things working out. My mom became a Christian when my dad wasn’t, and it took decades but and a lot of heartache but eventually he believed too, all on his own timing, and it was a beautiful moment!

  14. Hi Ali,
    First off I love reading your blogs! My parents came from different religions and they have told me that in order for a marriage to work and then especially when you bring kids into it that when raising kids in different religions it can be eye-opening and broaden the child(ren)’s horizon, however, I agree it can also cause a lot of problems. Some couple religion might be important to one of the spouses and not the other so you raise that child in that religion and when they are old enough they can then choose what religion they want to be if any.

  15. I completely agree with you on religion. When I was in my early 20s I didn’t think it was a big deal and that love meant you could work anything out. I am Jewish and I kept saying I didn’t like Jewish guys, didn’t want to date them, was an anthropology major and felt that it was people who were different from me who were the most interesting. But, then I met my husband, also Jewish, and not only Jewish but the same level of observance as me. We were so compatible in so many ways but being the same religion and having the same opinions on how to observe that religion made us work even more. Now we have two kids and in the chaos of life it is so helpful to be on the same page when it comes to religion, raising kids, holidays, etc. I know couples make it work who have different views but I think, like you said, it has to be the exception to the rule.

    As for the Bachelor I really feel bad for whoever Arie picks b/c she will watch this and not feel special at all – he says the same things to everyone and kisses them all the same way (great observation on your part there!). When he told Kendall he was falling for her I wanted to scream!

  16. Religion is a huge factor in a successful relationship/marriage! I regularly attend church because I am the church organist. My husband doesn’t attend, and I thought that if I converted to his religion (Catholic) that he would start attending. He wasn’t supportive of me converting, so I didn’t, and I continue to attend my own church without the support of him or his side of the family. It puts a tremendous strain on our marriage because I HAVE to be at church but lack the support of the one purpose who should be supporting me. So for Arie and Becca to differ on religion is a major deciding factor in their relationship, and to me, it’s a deal breaker if they don’t agree.

    1. Heather it sounds like your husband is nominally Catholic. He was raised in the Church but doesn’t feel strong about it or has some issue that keeps him away. Unfortunately many people (of all Christian faiths, not just Catholic) drift away when they become adults. Stay strong, pray, and continue your faith life.

    2. I understood Arie to say he’s never explored faith….and that he was open to exploring that with Becca, so he really doesn’t disagree with her beliefs. That he is open to exploring her Christian faith is admirable, IF he truly means it. That’s the huge question for me…..believing what he says!!

  17. I was shocked to see Tia go home, too! I definitely thought he was going to send Kendall home.

    I happened to watch this episode while my husband was in the room doing something else, and when Lauren said what she did about how Arie wouldn’t be telling every other girl the same thing, my husband laughed out loud and said, “But he IS telling them all the same thing!”

    Oy. If I were any one of these women, I would feel so, so sad to go back and watch this episode in particular because he’s leading all of them on, which is not right.

    And yes, the awkward silences with Lauren’s family! That’s pretty much what I was expecting! His hometown with her family was so different than it was with the other women—just so boring and unexciting with no real spark or connections. SO BORING. I had no idea why he felt so nervous and seemed to implying that she is the one whom he is most interested in. It grosses me out because all I can think is that he looks at her and thinks she is hot and that’s all he’s focused on. Ugh, get it together, Arie!

  18. SPOILERS: He ends up with Becca and then pulls a Jason masenick and picks Lauren B after…100% confirmed! (Like you don’t read reality steves site Ali, come on now..I call BS that you don’t or don’t have any idea about his information). Ali…I love how you said he is telling them all the same thing…I watched your season and you didn’t exactly tell any of the guys in your final 4 you weren’t into them either cause you can’t. You even told Roberto and Frank you had feelings for them and I bet your other two (Chris and Kirk) in your final four thought the same. The show is about making them think your into them cause you can’t exactly tell 2 you are not into them cause you have to make the episodes each week. Maybe he is falling for all 4 but falling for 1 or 2 “deeper”…I love how you assume or know what he is feeling. Also, Arie is a player considering he broke up with his gf right before going on the show… read Reality Steves site with all the facts and proof he has. I’d love to hear ur rebuttal but I know you won’t…

    1. Right on topic. Arie is a player and when WTA airs all these women will know (country) that he is. So we will have another season 13 repeat. I hope it’s not as brutal for Becca.

    2. We don’t really want to know SPOILERS, so thanks for ruining it for us!! And I’m sure Ali wasn’t aware of what happenes either..
      So I call BS on your dumb ass!!

    3. Msmith what the hell is wrong with you? A lot of people don’t read RS because he is a pompous ass plus DON’T WANT TO KNOW SPOILERS. If you really want to address Ali, then do so privately.

  19. I think Arie will choose Becca. They seem really great together on camera. But I think there will be a twist or something that he will blindside Becca and break up with her and want Lauren.

  20. I’ve thought from the beginning that Tia would be the bachelorette – she’s beautiful and has a great personality! So it’ll be interesting to see who they choose.
    Religion is too big of a factor. It’s something that (for most) you just can’t conpromise on. Differences in religious opinion may be ok in the early stages of a relationship, but ultimately I think it would cause people to part ways.
    This season is so hard to figure out! I can’t see him with anyone. I honestly thought it seemed like he had the best chemistry with Bekah – even though we all knew it would never work.

  21. So,you’re totally on point with Kendall’s hometown being last. I read that the order was actually Tia – Lauren – Becca – Kendall. Totally different order than shown; I always find that so interesting!!

    Honestly, I think Tia will get the next Bachelorette! (Wells said so on his instagram last night, but I dont know how in the know he is!)

  22. Did anyone catch in the final segment when he was with Kendall and they were playing with the mice that he said “Kiss me Lauren”. I replayed it twice, he definitely said Lauren when he was with Kendall. Also, no one is addressing the fact that one of the girl’s previous boyfriends comes back into the picture. The only girl in the final four that was previously engaged was Lauren…it is her prior fiance that tries to win her back and Arie ends up with Becca?

    Also I think Tia would make a great Bachelorette!

    1. I thought he said “Lauren”, too, but my husband caught that he actually said “woman.”

      And as far as the ex goes… He has a Southern accent. Since Tia is gone, the only other one from the South is Lauren, who is from Virginia.

  23. Hi Ali,

    Big fan and long time reader of your blog!! I have to say that your blog hit home today. My husband and I have been together for almost 18 years. We were high school sweethearts and are now 34 with a 7 month beautiful baby boy. My husband was raised Catholic and an alter boy. I was raised Episcopalian. Although that was my religion, my parents were not religious and I never went to church. They always raised me to believe in God and I said my prayers before bed when I was a child, but that was pretty much the extent of my religious upbringing. My husband, as an alter boy, was raised a bit more religious than I was, but when we met at 16/17 we did not have it in our lives very much…we were just two typical teenagers. When I was expecting our son I started thinking about religion more because he needed to have a religion and I knew I wanted him baptized. My parents did not enroll me in schooling for religion or take me to Church, but I knew I wanted that experience for my son. I have to be honest, it was a tough conversation for me and my husband to have. In the years of being together, any religious beliefs he had had all but disappeared. He lost 4 family members within 4 months time and lost his job in that same year. He lost faith. I on the other hand have always had some base of religious belief. In the end, we agreed that it can only help our son be a more grounded person and have another support system for him. I was not trying to change my husbands beliefs and he was not trying to change mine. Our son is raised in my religion and he was baptized in November. My husband has attended Church with us (we do not go every Sunday) and we both really do love the people that we met there and they absolutely adore our son! I guess what I am trying to say is that each couple is different and I guess we are one of the exceptions to the rule lol. I think if you love someone enough you can overcome certain things….even big ones like religion. Keep being real and honest. So happy for you and your growing family!

  24. Ok Ladies-I really want to like Arie (i do!) but I don’t. He is missing the empathy card big time. I mean he always has that blank stare when talking to the ladies and the parents too. ALWAYS THE SAME LOOK. How could he not cry (I mean f’ing shed one tear) when he sent Tia home. Or when the Uncle (the pastor) was talking about Becca’s dead father and teared up. I even teared up. He just sat there with that blank stare and said “it’s ok”. Or when Beckah came sobbing around the corner (before she got sent home) and just kind a chuckled at her. I could not marry a man like that, life/marriage delivers tough times, and I would need a man who can left me up and not stare at him and just rub my face and push my hair back when I’m upset. ON THAT NOTE, he kept touching Tia’s face and hair when they were saying goodbye. I wouldn’t have been mean, but I would have been like please don’t touch me like that anymore. It’s odd. AS you can see, I’m not a fan.

  25. As someone who has a deep faith in God, I don’t think I would feel 100% known in a relationship if my spouse didn’t have the same beliefs as me. My faith is a huge part of me and informs nearly all decisions I make. Someone who doesn’t share these same beliefs wouldn’t understand all of me and why I do what I do and am who I am. I know people who have been successfully married while not sharing the same beliefs but I also know this difference has been one of the biggest challenges in their marriage, especially when kids enter the picture. There will always be people who say “It worked for us!!” but they are the exception, not the rule.

  26. First, I want to say I wish I had been as stylish as you are when I was your age!
    Second: your question on religion. I think because he says he is open and not saying he doesn’t believe at all is a good sign. I was raised somewhat Christian but whiteout church. That is to say, since the culture was more Christian and my parents had been raised Christian, I knew about God and Jesus. We celebrated a mostly secular Christmas but I also sang definitively Christian songs/Christmas carols in choir. My husband was a cradle Catholic, as they say. We were married in the Catholic Church (even though I wasn’t Catholic or Baptised). I attended Mass with him when I could (nurse = weekend shifts). Eventually I converted and joined, but it was never an issue with us.

    Ok 3rd: question on hometown order. Arie was immensely nervous on Lauren’s date. I was thinking at first that might mean it meant more to him than the others. But after your comment about order, maybe it was the first date??

    As for the rest, I think he really is conflicted. I think he does have feelings for all of them. And yes, he should play more by the “rules” and not express so much, but he also wants them to feel safe enough to open up so he can make the right choice for him (and his future wife).

  27. I’m a Christian and my husband is agnostic. We talked about it a lot before getting married, especially at how I’m raising my kids Christian. If he wasn’t ok with that, we wouldn’t of gotten married. My husband has been completely open and our daughter went to a Christian daycare and starts a Christian preschool in the fall. While he’s determining his own beliefs himself, he’s still guiding our daughter towards Christianity. Otherwise, I’m with all of you that it wouldn’t work. So it can work!
    And you nailed it Ali. I’m so confused all the time – especially about Lauren.

  28. I think that he liked Tia and Lauren the most but felt like he had to let Tia go so that he could focus on just Lauren for the rest of the season. I think he knows that he will let Kendall and Becca go so he wanted to deal with the hard break up first (Tia) so he’s not a mess when he moves forward with lauren.

  29. I have been lurking for awhile, but had to join in the conversation today! I made the same comment about religion immediately during Becca’s date — right after she mentioned that her uncle was a pastor. I am happy that Arie has had up-front conversations about religion and is open to attending church with Becca, and I think he was sincere when he said that. But you’re right, it will definitely be something for them to overcome in their relationship.

    While Arie said he “was falling” for the other three ladies, I believe the only one he has actually said “love” with was Lauren. Unless I missed it somewhere! I know to some people that’s just semantics — and I agree that he probably should not tell the other women that he’s “falling for” them, if he’s not sure if he really is or not. But in the moment if he thinks there could be potential for something, I can’t really blame him for saying that. You know better than all of us, since you have been in that position, but it just seems like having such an accelerated relationship forces you to have an extra amount of openness and willingness to leave the door open on what could develop, much more than it would outside of this show.

    I was pretty sure Tia was going home too. Honestly, Arie just did not seem comfortable at all on her hometown date. I think they both have wonderful families, but they just lacked things in common. It was awkward. Whereas there was a moment of awkwardness at the beginning of Lauren’s hometown as well, but they just seem like a more formal family — so the awkwardness came from not knowing how to handle a TV show being filmed in their living room. Once Arie found common ground with Lauren’s dad, you could tell he was as confident as ever and became much more relaxed. And when it came to sending Tia home, of course he can’t tell her he’s just not seeing it with her and can’t imagine a future as part of her family — that would be unnecessarily hurtful. So he was struggling with sending home Tia, who he knew was ready to be engaged, or keeping Kendall — who he felt he could see more of a future with, but was not sure if she’d be ready to get married after the show. I agree that Lauren and Becca will be the final two as well.

    Things have gotten a lot more interesting, to me anyway, towards the end of this season. I think Tia would be a great bachelorette — and if not, I’m sure we’ll see her again in Bachelorverse.

  30. I think Arie is in love with the idea of love. I think Becca and him are a great match, but religion is a big deal to me as well. My husband and I are struggling with that and it’s definitely something we are working through. With that said, I have read the spoilers. I do every season, including yours (LOL!). Now it’s time to see if they are right or wrong.

    Love the blog and all of your photos. You are amazing Ali! 🙂

  31. I agree, religion plays a big role. I’m Christian and my husband and I share that belief. I guess if could work out if two people really love each other and have different beliefs but I think it just puts extra pressure and stress on the relationship. You tend to understand a persons thoughts and actions if you share the same religion and beliefs.

    Btw are you going to be sharing thoughts on the bachelor winter games?

  32. Love your blog and how “yourself” you are all the time!

    Re: religion – can definitely be a dealbreaker but doesn’t have to be if one person is flexible. I’m Hindu and my husband was raised Irish catholic and is now more agnostic than anything. More important than whether or not we could agree on religion ourselves as agreeing on what our kids would be. He’s super tolerant and flexible about me practicing as long as I don’t force him and won’t force our future kids into anything. I’ve seen religion break people up, bring people together, and everything in between with our friends – like everything else, it depends on the couple!

    Re: Arie – I’m sorry but he’s almost robotic. I can’t get a read on him, and he also said very similar things to girls before the hometowns. He said he was falling for Tia last week and also said similar things to Sienne. He seemed sooooo into young Bekah too. I wonder if it’s a mix of editing and also getting caught up in the moment. Lauren B and him barely talk about anything of substance at all because she’s so shy so hearing about the spoilers surprised me!

  33. Did anyone else notice Arie telling Lauren he loved her when he was getting into the car? I had to rewind it twice to make sure that is what I heard. I’m pretty sure it was.

    1. I went back and watched. He did and she said “I love you too”. I think this is the most honest, sincere thing he’s said. He wasn’t thinking. He was just saying goodbye. A natural response.

    1. It has always been 4 on the hometown visits. The 2 visits are between the Bachelor/Bachelorette’s family and the fins 2

  34. Hi Ali! I think it’s interesting you’re able to suspend your disbelief of Arie being a playboy while being such an outspoken proponent of the #MeToo movement. It seems to kind of fit into the same category of not believing women over powerful men, to me at least. Would be interested to hear your thoughts and continue the conversation, no judgement!

  35. I 100% agree with you Ali that religion is a huge factor. When I was dating, I decided that I did not want to date a Catholic (although I’m not really sure why I decided that). I grew up Protestant and I wanted someone who was that or at least similar because religion is important to me. Low and behold, my now husband grew up Catholic. In the beginning, it was frustrating being from different religious backgrounds because his parents strongly pushed for us to have a Catholic wedding ceremony and me to convert. However, we have tried to do what’s best for us, in terms of religion. We both compromised and attend a Lutheran church.
    I know this may be an unpopular opinion, but I do not like Tia anymore. I think she knows exactly what to say or do to ‘play the game’ so she can become the next Bachelorette. Throughout the season, I have noticed times when her actions didn’t feel authentic (in my opinion) and the past two episodes as really shown that. I thought it was odd how she was slightly freaking out when he took Kendall outside to talk to her before the rose ceremony. And, I’m sorry, but why would she say “I love you” to Arie on their first one-on-one date?! Huge red flags!

  36. Perhaps he also sent Tia home because she is at a different level spiritually? I remember Tia asking Arie on their one on one about his faith and that it was something that was important to her but she wouldnt turn anyone away because they had different opinions (something along those lines!).

  37. I think religion is huge but I also feel like it can be sorted out between two people. My parents are actually a walking example of it. My mom is Catholic and my dad is atheist. My dad allowed my mom to raise me and my brother as Catholic but he would never go to mass with us (except when my mom made him for Christmas and Easter). Her extended family is also all Catholic so we would pray before big meals, etc. But I never felt that they ever had their different viewpoints on religion create unnecessary conflict between them. They have now been married for 26 years and my mom still goes to church while my dad does not. They seem to make it work.

  38. I agree with you, Ali. I’m a practicing Psychologist. I’ve also been married and in long term relationships. I truly feel that Religous Studies 101 was the single most important class in college for my own personal maturity. Funny enough, religious values in my marriage were similar. And we divorced for other reasons. So that wasn’t the deal breaker. In other relationships, they can be huge deals. Something to think about. It comes down to personal respect in my opinion and values. If a spouse can respect and value their cherished loved ones beliefs without forcing religion one way or the other, then they have a shot. If the spouses can tolerate difference while maintaining respect, then they have a shot. Otherwise, it’s a crapshoot…

    On Ari, I think he’ll choose Lauren because of the Emily projection factor. I noticed he mentioned her on Lauren’s hometown date. But then again, who knows! Whoever he chooses, I hope they’re happy:).

  39. I’m not surprised at all that he sent Tia home. I can’t get past Tia’s entitlement of being selected as a contestant because of her friendship with Raven. I couldn’t see Arie being a Bachelor guy who travels and hangs out with Raven and her entourage. That’s just not what Arie is about and he’s more mature than Tia and the people she surrounds herself with. He’s 36 and ready to settle down… not party with people from Paradise.

    1. Wow that’s a lot of judgement to have. Do you know Tia and Raven personally ? It sure seems like it. Did you know Arie is best friends with Sean Lowe also from the bachelorette and than the Bachelor ? Does that mean they’re like a bachelor posse ? I don’t think you should be passing judgement just by what you see posted on social media.

  40. I have a few observations….

    1. Yes, he told them all he was falling for them. Woop dee doo. But he only told ONE that he was falling IN LOVE with her. And he’s only said that exact phrase to the one – the blonde one from Virginia Beach (I suck at names- I can never remember them). And it strikes me as weird because she’s so boring.
    2. Arie likes a challenge. He LOVES a challenge. That’s why he gave so much time to the 22 year old he finally let go last week. Cuz she intrigued him. She made him think. And work hard for her attention. Blonde from VB does the same.
    3. That’s why I believe he left blonde from VB for last. Save the best for last! And that’s also why I believe he loves her – cuz she’s challenging. I mean, the girl barely ever opens her mouth to talk. He’s the most nervous around her – keeps walking out to catch his breathe only when he’s with her.
    4. I was so completely taken a back when he let Tia go. I thought he liked her more than that. BUT – again, he loves a challenge. And Kendall wouldn’t marry him that minute, so he needs more time with her. Tia had already given him everything. Her whole heart. She was too easy for him.
    5. I’m a firm believer in the religion thing, too. I’m a Christian and the Bible clearly states to not be unequally yoked. That means don’t marry someone who believes differently! Would it work, probably. But it’s a very, very difficult ride.

    That’s all!

  41. Love your blog Ali! <3
    I can only speak from my experience here, and I'm sure there are exceptions with these kinds of topics, so perhaps we're an exception. My husband and I are from two different religions. He is Muslim – his family is from Turkey, he was born in France where we met, and now we live in San Francisco with our two daughters (and a boy on the way). I am not religious. I'd say Im spiritual – maybe agnostic. My family is predominantly Christian. I think both our families had a hard time with us not being of the same religion. They feared it would be hard to see eye to eye on things, and to raise children. I think if Im being honest my family didnt know enough about the Muslim religion and had her mostly negative things in the media. But what has happened in the last 10 years has been nothing short of beautiful. Our families have opened their minds to something they just didnt know about before. And as for us, I respect his religion so much. There is so much goodness that comes from it, even if it is not mine (and will never be). Its really shaped him to be who he is and I love it. As for our kids – we decided many years before we had kids that we'd do our best to educate them on religions – all religions, not just ours, and that it can be their choice some day. We'd lead by example but never push our agenda on them. So far its worked for us. With lots of love and respect and space. I think us being from different religions, cultures, countries, etc is really what makes our relationship work – we're always learning and growing from each other. Of course its not always easy, i could never imagine it any other way. 🙂

  42. Spot on. But one thing that has concerned me over the past couple of weeks is Tia. Tia has had something to say about someone not being ready for marriage/marriage material. Although her comments have been correct on some level, they’re also a little mean. Either way, just my two cents. At this point it’s moot since she’s gone.

  43. The more I see, the more I am just annoyed with him. He is just such a womanizer and manipulative. He most definitely told every single girl and every single family the same thing. Tia was so blindsided it was heartbreaking and honestly so was I. Lauren and him seem to have no connection. They never really had a full conversation. Kendall and him have really weird body language together every time they hug I wanted to cringe. This is just an odd season.

    1. I agree with you Liv. He doesn’t seem sincere at all with any of them. I think the women are so much deeper than him that he doesn’t know how to act around them. I also found it very disrespectful that he kissed the girls so passionately as he was sending them home. That’s a d##k move IMO. Whoever he chooses is going to be upset when they watch this.

  44. Yes, religion is a huge factor! I also thought Kendall was going home last night. I think it will come down to Lauren and Becca. My guess is he will pick Becca! I like Lauren but she is quiet and has a hard time opening up. I just hope he is happy in the end!

  45. Hi Ali,

    In reference to your thoughts on Tia’s hometown, it seemed like her hometown may have been the first one based on her saying it’s only been a few days. That makes me think that maybe he was ‘feeling’ that way in the moment and then once he had all the other hometowns that changed by the rose ceremony. Overall, I do feel like he’s not as genuine as I would like him to be with any of the girls, but I know that can be due to editing. I really enjoyed Tia and got a little choked up when she lost it hugging Becca and then Arie. You can tell she was blindsided.

  46. I’m actually a little sad/ disappointed in Arie and how this whole season has been. I lovedddd when he was on Emily’s season. Obviously he only had to kiss one girl but I really think I felt the chemistry with them so much every single time. I’m just not feeling that this season and it makes me sad bc I really like him and want him to find his new Emily! I don’t want to compare but it’s hard not to! I don’t think he has it all with any of the girls and that stinks. I think Becca is the most natural girl- she’s open and real but something is missing with everyone in my opinion!

  47. I have heard rumor he pulls a “mesnick”. So my guess is he goes with Becca because she seems like the solid choice but really he is truly in love with Lauren and will break up with Becca and end up with Lauren in some form at the After the Final Rose. And I haven’t read any spoilers other than that rumor I heard but it definitely sounds probable when it comes to Arie.

  48. I was actually shocked that Kendall stayed and Tia went home! I thought for sure that Kendall would be going home especially since she was open about not being ready for marriage when he so clearly said that’s what he wanted from the beginning….however, we now know that maybe even he’s not sure what he wants? I’m more confused every episode.

    I couldn’t believe he told EVERY SINGLE family that he was falling for their daughter! Watching this back, they are all going to be so upset and so is the one he chooses in the end! Maybe he’s compartmentalizing the relationships TOO much and can’t see who he really wants in the end because he focuses so intently on each one individually? At some point though you HAVE to know who your person would be…there has to be some kind of “aha” moment that he realizes “she’s the one” over the other remaining girls? I just can’t see this ending well for him sadly 🙁

    1. They made it to the final four……I would imagine he would be falling for all of them….which is why they are still there.

  49. I can speak to the religion challenge as I live it in my marriage. Although my husband I were both raised Catholic, he is not a practicing catholic. It is just not part of him anymore. I do believe that it helped him develop his sense of morality and how he treats people, part of the reason we have been married for 17 years. We did not get married in the church, but I am a practicing Catholic and raising our son Catholic. We discussed our differences at length prior to marrying and although it’s challenging, it doesn’t define us. We have allowed our son,who is now almost 16, to decide for himself in terms of his faith as he has grown. At this point he goes to church with me and is studying to be confirmed…all his choice. The hardest part early in our relationship was telling my devout Catholic parents that we wouldn’t be marrying in the church. My father’s response was “Does he love you? Do you love him? Then nothing else matters”. Turns out my now departed Dad was right💕

  50. My husband and I are complete opposites on religion. I am extremely involved in my church and he is somewhere between agnostic to atheist. It’s not easy… There are so many days where I want him to be in the same page as me and just understand where I’m coming from and a lot of times he can’t understand and doesn’t see the world through the eyes of god like I do. I know it’s going to get harder as things go on since we have a son together who is 3 and already asking why daddy isn’t at church. We struggle through it because there is ultimately love there but it takes so much work and patience.

  51. I think Arie doesn’t mean to be leading them all on. I think his “falling for you” just means I really, really like you and I like you more every time we see each other. Therefore, he is “falling”. I am not sure he understands the value behind these words. I think he probably feels strongly for all of them because he has kissed their tonsils. Obviously when you “feel” that deeply – because clearly you don’t feel with your tongue, but Arie seems to feel more with his mouth than his head – you are “falling”. I don’t know if that makes sense. That is just my interpretation from watching

    I think belief is everything. You’re either on the same page or you’re not. There really is no middle ground here. Especially if kids are going to be involved.

    I’m not giving anything away, but I have read spoilers. All I’m gonna say is ATFR is going to be interesting.

    Arie. Bless him. Not right for this job.

  52. Well, let me say that as always, I REGRET letting myself read the comments. Someone always has to post a spoiler. I’ve tried to hard this season to avoid them and I know better than to read comments on blogs and recaps about the show, but I let myself do it. And bam – season spoiled! People who post spoilers in comments SUCK!

    That aside, maybe I am not remember correctly, but when he has told the other girls that he is “falling” for them, I don’t believe he used the L-word. With Lauren, he used the words “falling deeply in love with you”. I feel like, on this show at least, that using the phrase “I’m falling for you” has never meant I am in love with you or falling in love with you. It just means you are starting to have feelings for this person. Now, throw the L-word into the mix with the phrase and I think it gives it a different meaning and I am fairly certain that Lauren is the only one where he has used the L-word so far. Someone can correct me if I am wrong.

    1. Same Stacey~Purposely avoid spoiler sites to no avail!
      And I don’t understand why people are compelled to SPOIL the show for others on non-spoiler sites; they are total buzzkills & should refrain from posting comments..

  53. I could not agree more with you on where Arie stands as far as Becca’s religion goes. I mean her religion is a huge part of her life and for the Father to ask Arie what does he think about it, he responds with “Yeah, I will go to Church.” I just think its easier said then done. Watching Becca’s family interact was just akward. I know things got better through out the night, but I just do not see it. I feel like he does have a good connection Becca but I feel like the family dynamics are not going to work out.

    I feel like he is going to choose Lauren. But again Lauren is very hard at opening up so I really do not feel as though that relationship will last.

    I guess we will see soon enough!!

  54. Wow- I think people are being harsh about Lauren being a snoozefest. I’ve known people like her- more on the quiet, introverted and reflective side. She isn’t there to “act” or be all dramatic for the cameras. She observes then thinks before she speaks- Arie even said that he knows that about her at dinner on their Paris date. But if you watch her in scenes closely- even ones where she’s not the main focus (more off the main camera)- she’s very bubbly, smiley, and definitely not “boring.” Sometimes its okay to have quiet moments of just “being” or walking next to soneone and not having to fill the moments with sarcastic jokes and mindless flirtatious chitter chatter. That being said- I’ve heard a few little jokes she’s cracked on her dates and that is enough of insight to the fact she definitely has more personality than we are seeing. It’s very obvious Arie is very into her. If it isn’t her in the end I’ll be very curious to know why. And if there is a Mesnic situation here, just remember how well that worked out- they are still happily married with a kiddo (I live in Seattle and saw them at a charity softball game last summer.) Sometimes you make decisions that seem right at the time but feelings change. These shows create such an unrealistic situation- such a pressure cooker- it’s not suprising so few actual succeed in the real world. I’m personally happy Tia went home. Sweet girl but I did not see much beyond a fun friendship with them. I’d love to see Kendall as bachelorette but I’m not sure its the right setting for her. Maybe Chelsea?!

      1. Thanks! I use to be quiet like that when I was younger (I’m 47 now) I think people thought I was boring, stuck up, whatever. But I just didn’t need to be an attention getter and once I got to know someone or a group of people, I was more comfortable showing my silly side. 🙂

  55. Also, who is this boyfriend that comes back for one of the girls?? He has a southern accent in the preview for next week…

  56. Arie is strangely in love with Lauren! Lauren is the only one Arie seems really desperate for. Lauren’s quietness makes her different and intriguing. Arie obviously thinks Lauren is the prettiest! I think the only one who could have competed with Lauren was short-hair Bekah, if she had been ten years older!

    The telling thing is that Arie told only Lauren about his past relationship. A woman carried his child, miscarried, and left him. That’s a pretty big deal. I haven’t seen him tell anyone else.

    Arie is a little bit boring, and I think Lauren’s quietness matches his speed. Her awkwardness challenges him.

    Kendall is too quirky, spontaneous, and young for him. Tia and Becca have religious differences, which like you say, is usually a recipe for disaster! It’s Lauren all the way peeps, though I am (of course) unsure if that relationship will last. I hope they find a few things to talk about, haha! Ultimately, Jaqueline is right: how can anyone build lasting confident love in such an accelerated environment?

  57. The only one I can see for Arie is Lauren. They seem to have a pretty strong connection between them. But I sure hope he doesn’t pick Becca cause it would break her heart. I could not believe that he picked Kendall especially after that final conversation. She told her mom too that she wasn’t ready to be engaged so why would she play it that way. Arie wants to me married and there is no way that he wants to wait a few years. I can see him married before the end of the year. He is eager to start a family and wants the whole package. I just can’t see him with anyone else but Lauren at this point.

  58. Kendall told her sister she wasn’t ready for an engagement and she suggested that Kendall tells Arie that. But when Arie asked her point blank she didn’t give him an honest,straight answer. This was very wrong on her part.

    1. I actually thought her twin had a heavy influence on Kendall. I felt she was…a bit meek or deflated , after hearing her sisters thoughts. It was fascinating tv, though. (And twin Kylie was genuine abt her ideas- it just felt too defining to me. That Kendall is very swayed by fam )

      I think producers are d y i n g for Kendall to be Bach-ette.

      They LOVE twins, more than anything. And Kendall has a tv background, which must comfort producers…also she Xries Big, at most of the rose ceremonies. ( And they love Emo as much as they love Twins!!)

  59. He’s going to pick Becca and then regret it and want Lauren back…
    And yes I’m Christian and there is no way I would ever marry someone who is a non believer. Especially regarding kids. I can’t imagine raising children without my beliefs.

    1. Oh and Tia is 100% playing him for he next bachelorette spot. She didn’t seem genuine in her tears in my opinion. She would make the most sense for the next bachelorette. Pretty, interesting…etc.

  60. I’m a Christian and my husband is not religious. We have 5 kids aged 6 and under.
    It does have us butting heads at times in certain areas. And politically we aren’t generally on the same page.
    But he likes that I take the kids to church and encourages that. So that’s nice! And he’s extremely respectful of what I believe and how it dictates areas of my life and with the kids.

  61. I was team Tia and was totally shocked when she went home last night.. I truly feel like when whoever he picked watches the show back(if she chooses to do so) she will be in for a big shock.. I know with Ben and Lauren in the last Bachelor Season Lauren had a really hard time with him telling one other girl he was falling for her… I can only imagine the shock of hearing him say it to 3 other women… I truly feel like whoever he did chose it wont last.. I don’t know for some reason I just feel as if he just doesn’t have that deep of a connection with any of the girls.. I so hope I am wrong because I wish him nothing but the best and want it to work for him.. If I had to pick one girl it would be Lauren, their is a connection there to me it just doesn’t seem like it’s the I am head over heals in love with you kind of connection.. maybe I am wrong.. 🤞🏻 I am wrong

  62. I think he’ll end up with Lauren but unfortunately don’t see it lasting – but who knows, they may have something we don’t see or know about that will make them have not only a great marriage but long lasting.

    I was bummed to see Tia go home though – she was my fav – maybe she’ll be the next bachelorette!

  63. All I know is if my husband did not agree on religion with me it would NOT work out. Forgiveness spiritually is the most important factor in making a marriage and relationships thrive (for me at least). & then of course there’s a problem when you decide how to bring up your kids religiously or not. So I 100% agree religion is a VERY important factor when it comes to a relationship.

  64. Ali, I Agree Wholeheartly With You, Arie Was Passionately Kissing Too Many Young Ladies. I Really Enjoy Watching The Bachelor/ Bachelorette. I’am 70 Years Of Age.
    A True Romantic At Heart, The Reason I Love Watching The Show. I Did Not Enjoy This Season, I Hope Arie Find His True Love. I Will Be Watching. Thank You For Sharing Your Thoughts With Us. God Bless You , Kevin, Baby Girl Molly And Your Dog Owen.

  65. Am I the only one who doesn’t understand why people are being so harsh towards Lauren? I’ve seen her getting called boring and awkward and no personality. I think she just is someone who is quieter in group settings and takes a little longer to open up. I see this in her as I am the same way. If you really watch esp. like in her hometown date you can see that her and Arie have had more conversations and she talks more than it seems. It’s just not so in your face like with other girls. It does not mean she’s boring or has no personality. Arie obviously sees something in her and I’m sure she’s a great girl.

    1. Me too- I wrote a comment above regarding this! It’s like the girls can’t win- you’re either too loud and bitchy or too quier. Jeesh. They’re just people! And honestly most of then are “too comfortable” in front of the camera- wanting future rolls, endorsements, acting gigs. Ugh. 🤣

  66. Ali, I Also Wanted To Share, My Husband And I Will Celebrate 52 Years Of Marriage, December 13, 2018. He Is Not Well, I’m His Caregiver, Also Our Dear Precious Daughter, Heidi. Thank God For Heidi!
    If You Will, Say A Prayer For Me.
    Thank You!🙏♥️

  67. As an agnostic, one of the most frustrating things is having someone push their religion on you. This has happened in a past relationship where my longtime boyfriend’s family was christian scientist and didn’t want us to go to the doctor! In the end, we couldn’t make it work and this was a huge factor. I have christian, catholic, and buddhist friends which makes for some beautiful conversations where we learn and teach each other – no judgement. But with a partner, this can get very tricky. I think it depends on how strong each’s convictions are. It can often times be easier if one person in the relationship is not religious than if both people are strongly religious (with differing relgions). There are non-religious folks who are perfectly ok with their partners’ strong beliefs and having their children raised that way. I have a few friends whose non-religious husbands “gave in” and let their children be baptized (which is kind of a sad way for them to put it). My now fiance and I both grew up catholic but are no longer religious. This is actually something that really connects us and we can identify with how the other grew up and how that affected our worldviews now. Mouthful! But I think it’s subjective and really depends on the individuals.

  68. Just wanted to comment on your thoughts on the religion piece with Arie and Becca. I want to draw the distinction between being “on the same page” and having all the same beliefs. My faith is a big part of my identity and my life. Just because it isn’t the same for my husband doesn’t mean it’s not something he loves about me and wants to encourage and embrace! He doesn’t have the same belief system, but we both love learning more about what the other believes and supporting them in that area. I think it becomes a problem when it is something you can’t talk about or if talking about it makes either person feel unsure/uncomfortable. I get the sense Becca wishes Arie had her same faith, but is willing to “settle” or “get over it” because he is willing to go to church with her. In my experience, forcing someone to go to church with you when they don’t find value in it can be a source of tension or resentment, even if it isn’t at first. But being on the same page can mean having some different ideas about religion, but willing to embrace and love that about each other!

  69. Religion TOTALLY matters. If someone thinks it doesn’t matter then maybe they’re not as devoted to their religion? But for me I want to pass my beliefs and traditions on to my children including teaching them that we come from a loving creator and if my husband was atheist that wouldn’t really bode well would it? It would be a major division in the family and my beliefs are part of my daily life.

  70. I don’t want this to come off the wrong way but when I saw Tia’s family there seemed to be evidence of drug abuse. Yes it was likely prior use as her brother hinted that he was gone for awhile but- This would have scared the pants off of me! My husband and I recognized signs immediately and both saw Arie didn’t look comfortable there, he didn’t fit in with her family. I was not surprised at all when he sent her home. And also I LOOOOVE how Kendall handled Krystal, she was very gracious and almost empathetic when confronting her. She’s a good woman!

  71. I might be overly sensitive, but am I the only on who thinks Arie asking for every single parents blessing is so disrespectful..? since he will end up saying goodbye to 3 of them.

    I would be so hurt if a man asked my father for his blessing in asking to marry me and then ended things with me.
    And when I say I would be hurt, I mean I would be hurt for my dad to have that experience, which I’m sure is a special moment for a father to have, only to have the man break up with the girl.

    Now I’m not sure because I’m not a father 🙂 but I would think it would be a very special moment a father will have… and Arie doesn’t really care about that at all and looks to be doing what he thinks is the “right thing”.
    I know other bachelors have done this in the past, this is always something that has really bothered me.

  72. It’s all a big joke… until someone doesn’t get a rose 🥀

    I think what is lacking this year is sincerity. Seems To just roll along with the usual…

    Tia would NOT be a good Bachelorette and I’m not sure if I could sit through that..

    I say, change it up a little and throw a celebrity in there!!! Now, THAT would be so fun to watch the contestants drool!

  73. Or do a divorce’ bachelorette/ bachelor! Can you imagine the drama????

    Imagine the baggage, the tears, oh what a sight!

  74. I think the shows editing has a lot to do with why we all have zero clue as to who he is choosing. I’m totally stumped.

  75. I really think they are editing out great conversations. At least I hope that’s it. The dates are very boring. Not feeling it seriously with any of them. I hope Kendall is the next bachelorette! Love her!

    1. So far *it’s Kendall*

      Bekah for DWTS.

      Kendall will have to be teary on the goodbye, interesting (thoughtful) and sweet – which seems a given. She wants to be in front of the camera, so season 23, here comes Kendall.

      She and the crew are motivated for it – plus the Twin Factor is like crack to the exec producers .

  76. I think he likes Lauren because she’s similar to Emily Maynard… both gorgeous blondes, quiet & mysterious. I think he’ll end up picking her, even after all the awkward silences!

  77. Honestly Arie is boring and all he says is yeah and I love that…oh and I’m falling for you…puke!! I don’t think he has true chemistry with any of them and I think he just is into Lauren for her looks cuz honestly what else is there..certainly not a personality!!

    I just don’t think he is being fair saying that to all the used to be the Bachelor would just smile but not give any clues!! Idk I think he’s gonna make a mistake!!

    1. I love your comment ! So true . He’s boring and so are all the girls besides Kendall. No substance and a snooze fest of an insincere shallow guy who just likes Lauren’s looks. This seasons a flop and I hate it ! Haha

  78. I’m liberal Jewish woman from Miami and I married an Irish Catholic New Englander. I mention all of these details to show how beyond just religious differences, 2 people with vary different “beliefs” can still fall in love and make their relationships work. The main reason why my marriage is not effected by our different beliefs, is because one of us (like Arie) was open to supporting the other person’s religious beliefs as their own were not as strong/important. We discussed this together BEFORE we got engaged/married so as to avoid conflict after ESPECIALLY when the time came for choosing how to raise our children with respect to religion. It seems Arie and Becca have had this discussion which is a great sign that they are taking their relationship seriously and genuinely thinking about how they could work as a real couple once the show is over. She is my choice for him without a doubt- though I just happen to adore and respect what they’ve shown of her.
    I lost quite a bit of respect for Arie last night when he sent Tia home. I agree with your observations Ali about how Ari seems to lead the women on, but it wasn’t until last night with Tia that I felt for the first time that it was done with true intent. When sitting with a crying Tia, his choice of words: “I ADMIRE you” 😱 I smacked my husband’s leg so hard in shock that he would dare say something so…. sooo… I don’t know- it just did not match up with his behavior towards her on her hometown date, or dates prior.
    She deserves better. Arie doesn’t deserve her. Tia for Bachelorette!
    My husband’s take- he so obviously is going to pick Lauren 🤦‍♀️🤷‍♀️

  79. Also- Kendall’s sister’s Name is Kylie!!?!???? A la Kardashian’s hahaha but they are older- and live in LA, so I’m curious if Kris Jenner knew their mom and took inspiration from their names somehow 🤪

  80. I just don’t get anything from Lauren. And I actually found it kind of funny that her family seemed so reserved and quiet as well. They’re either getting the same edit or they’re just a very reserved family. Also, him saying “I love that” was creepy with so many girls. I actually caught him saying it to the parents too, and it was even creepier! Gave me chills – EWWWW!

  81. I was surprised Kendall stayed in voting for Becca or Lauren for sure I like tia so I am shocked but I have a feeling Lauren will win I don’t think he is serious about religion but I don’t have a say in it so we will see. He and Lauren are good but they are quiet sometimes but he said he deeply is falling for Lauren. I think he shouldn’t of said he was falling for 3 girls he could of said he likes them I wish them the best.

  82. I was sad when he let becah go last week. I thought they were cute together and I don’t think age really matters. It is all about compromise. I think she made him happy and excited and just happy!! Right now, I don’t think he will propose to any of them. I hope he looks becah up after the show is over!

    1. He could, but she is So Far beyond him. At this point I imagine she looks at the episodes and says Thank You, Jesus.

      ( I can hear Arie reply Yeah, *if you know what I mean*)

  83. YES. Religion is huge. As a person with a strong faith, my faith dictates how i live my life and the decisions that i make. Everything is centered around my faith and what i believe—how challenges are tackled, where finances go…everything. So I don’t see how it can work if someone isn’t on the same page with you on all of that. I’ve dated people who don’t share the same faith and eventually i always hit a wall we couldn’t break through because we just saw things differently.

  84. So I’m really unhappy with how this season is going. I say that because like you said you it still isn’t obvious who Arie ends up with. I hate how he has told all the women that he is falling for them because they will be completely blidesided (like Tia was when he sent her home) I get that he wants them to know that he is developing feeling as well but he shouldn’t lead them to think he is in love with them if he doesn’t see them together at the end of all this. So now about the diffent beliefs in religion. I think you need to have the same moral beliefs and that it is a VERY important part in a relationship. I believe that a religious foundation is very important and is the key to a strong relationship. I think your love one should always push you to be a better person and what better way then become closer with God because that’s the most important relationship that a person should have! God should be the center of all relationships in general so yes I think it could definitely cause a big difference in Arie and Becca’s relationship.

    1. They ALL tell all the woman they are falling for them! There is a difference in telling one he’s “falling for you” versus saying “falling in love”- or saying “I love you.” 😉

  85. Love your perspective Ali. Although I believe Ari is probably a good person with good intentions, I’ve got to say, he is probably the worst bachelor in bachelor history! Seems phoney (and a little boring!) He literally says the same things to everyone. I’m really disappointed in this season! Should have been Peter!!!

  86. My parent’s had very different religious views almost their entire marriage. It wasn’t until they had been married for 24 years that my dad started studying her religion and was baptized. What made it work for them was his respect and support of her and her children attending church, and never trying to compromise her beliefs. He even attended church activities with her on occasion and developed friendships there. That, in my opinion, is the only way it will work. I have many more friends who struggle to attend church because their husbands are not supportive of it, and it’s easier to not go than fight about it.

    100% agree the his actions don’t match up with his decisions. Who do you think that guy is there for? I’m thinking Lauren, but I’m not sure why specifically. I kind of expected Tia to stay, but I’m not a fan of how she’s acts when she has felt threatened, it brings out a bad side of her.

    1. Feb 26
      Harrison was pitching her the standard Bachelorette softballs – and she made it to first base.

      So we’ll see…is Bach nation embracing her already? Kendall is up next…and becca is unlikely for Bach-ette since they’ve shown almost nothing of her. Ditto lauren.

      I agree w your statement that the process brought out Tias weak ess. I feel she is the one who has the most to learn out of The Girls. Krystal is a survivor and i suspect has done alot of work already herself. Bekah M is remarkable, at any age…so Tia…tia has the farthest to improve in my book. And can!!

  87. Religion is important when people are zealous about it and not open minded and in the spirit of truth. In these comments there have been several references to two christian sects as different religions! What does that tell us about the state of Christianity when someone raised in a different “brand” is seen as not good enough and of a different religion? As for those who said oh its all good as long as he/she let me raise the kids my religion; religion is supposed to be chosen with a pure heart not brainwashed indoctrination. If two parents have differing religions the children should be taught both and maybe even taught others as well. When they are adults they will make their own choice. If you do not trust the morals you are teaching your children unless they they are only boxed in your version of a religious dogma then you are raising your kids all wrong anyway. Some of the best hearts I have ever known have no religion but believe in a higher power and some of the greatest evils get done in the name of religion. Families who must have their kid marry someone within their own religion are just control freaks who do not trust the hearts of their own children. Sad to see Tia go I hope she is the bachelorette!

    1. I agree 100% about indoctrination. So many people “pass on” their religion for no reason except tradition. I feel that religion falls into a personal choice category and indoctrinization leaves no room for exploration or education of self.

    2. I completely agree with the comment about indoctrination as well! Most of my husband’s family are very strict Lutheran and it’s their way or the highway when it comes to religion. They just assume that my husband and I are going to raise our kids the same way they were raised and the same way they raised their kids. Boy, are they in for a rude awakening. I don’t believe in pushing anything down another person’s throat, especially religion. I will raise my kids the way I want to raise them, and if they choose to make religion a part of their lives, then I will support them 100%, but I will not force them into anything.

  88. I must say I’m pretty upset with this season – I wish I saw more of a honest sincere connection between Arie and someone by now. Religion I’ve lived this life you think you can marry someone who is not a. Hutch believer and have kids with them – it is very stressful they way you talk – they way you talk – the events you go to as a family or separate – it seems little but with kids it gets bigger and feels torn. Lauren never seems happy.

  89. I think that Lauren B. is going to be the winner. I feel that the general consensus is that Arie is not a good bachelor and therefore the focus has been on making the women the most likeable part of the show so that we have crowd favorites for BIP and the Bachelorette. Lauren is getting what I call “the boring girl” edit. They want to throw viewers off so that she doesn’t seem like she will get picked because they don’t talk, and since I predict she will be the winner, they don’t need to make her seem likeable I the chance that she is picked for Bachelorette like they do with other girls. Not to mention, several girls from Arie’s season said it was obvious that he liked her on group dates. It’s pretty clear to me that Lauren B. will be his choice. Honestly, I would LOVE to see Becca as the Bachelorette. Tia as well, but I felt like that was her goal all along so I don’t know.

  90. I find it interesting that when Tia and him had a conversation on religion, he sounded very uninterested in trying to sway or support her religion since he said he created his own destiny. However, to Becca’s family he said he was open. I don’t know if he just willing to make it work more with Becca than Tia… but I’m glad Tia wasn’t the one for Arie mostly due to their conversation of religion.

    I do want Tia or Kendall to be next Bachelorette. They would forsure make for a fun season.

  91. My husband and I have been married for 6 years and we are on different pages with religion but guess what we make it work 🙂 A relationship is all about COMPROMISE – GIVE & TAKE. My husband compromised with me to come to church and participate but not participate to the fullest if that makes sense and that is totally fine! If he is willing to come sit with me and support me in that aspect that’s all I want! You need to be married to someone who is willing to compromise with you on everything if that is either money or religion or whatever else that is most important in a relationship! And I think it all comes down to time and being selfless enough to support your spouse with everything! If you are willing to go to a sporting event with your husband or support him in one of his hobbies then he better be willing to support you in yours! Just my opinion. If you and your partner love each other enough and are selfless enough to compromise and you BOTH give and you BOTH are able to take then your relationship should thrive! Nothing should be able to tear down a relationship as long as you and your partner truley love each other and if you don’t truly love each other then you will let anything either be it religion or money or children tear you down. If you don’t truly love each other with your whole being then you will let anything divide you apart. Yes money and religion are probably the main excuses people use to leave a relationships but that doesn’t mean it could not have worked. All that tells me is they obviously didn’t love each other enough to make it work! Relationships take WORK no matter whose relationship it is you have to water it to make it grow or it will not grow and could potentially die. You need to be selfless enough, make compromises, give and take and most importantly if you love that person enough and want it to work you will give your 100% same as your partner… not 50/50.

  92. While I do think spirituality is important, I have an entirely different perspective on matchmaking. It was important to me that my spouse was open minded about religion in general, neither subscribing to or ruling out any single religion. It was more important to me that the person I married could see past categories to real spiritual truths which transcend religion. Love, kindness and compassion are more important than any belief system. Both my husband and I come from historically Christian families but had embraced, early on, the study of comparative religion and a philosophical approach to faith. We appreciate that all religions are important to those who practice and strive not to judge or condemn anyone for their perspectives. #OneLove #OneHeart

  93. Can I start by saying that the best part of this post was your cute outfits? Seriously, I’m kind of over Arie, but I’ll see it through. I bet on him not deciding or pulling a Resnick at the start. He thinks he should get married because his brother did and he’s feeling OLD. He’s like one of those girls that wants a WEDDING, not necessarily the marriage that comes with it. Like he thinks it’s time to settle down, but he’s more in love with the idea of it than he found a person that he wants to do it with. Just my two cents.

  94. Ali-i was really confused by Ari taking Kendall aside before the rose ceremony. i hoped you would have some insight? what was the point of that??

  95. I think he’s physically attracted more to Lauren. He knows he’d have more fun with Kendall but is not as physically attracted to her, and he thinks Becca is probably the one he SHOULD choose.

    And I am an Agnostic, and my husband of 17 years is a practicing Catholic. I am a liberal, and he is a conservative. We never argue about it. I respect his choices and he thinks I’m wrong lol We have a safe word “LOVE”. When one of us says it we hug and quit talking about it. We just navigate through it like everything else.

    1. Wow
      LOVE your safe word

      (And agree B is his Should and L is his want, but someone will tell him – his fam – that she looks just like Emily and his other gf who looked like Emily, and That will make him pick Becca)

      Kendall will be next Bach.
      Right…she is such a drew fave.
      I’m thinking they night give us a Big Show of his love life after the final rose. If he did swithc, o think they are going to make that a real part of the show. I thjnk this becuase of the kdd structure of this Sunday and Monday fantasy/women tell all…theybe never done that…unless the Oscars (mar 4) are mucking up scheduling….? ? ?

  96. Arie says he hasn’t been in love since Emily. I’ve heard a podcast, I think it was Reality Steve maybe…with Aries last girlfriend for over a couple of years. She said he NEVER told her he loved her in the years they dated? She also indicated that she’d slept with him from the 1st or 2nd date and they ended up living together. With this being said I’ve been surprise that he’s basically telling all 4 girls he loves them?? Here is my theory on why he loved Emily. Emily was a mom and a Christian and I believe did not do the fantasy suite with any of her 3 remaining men. I believe Arie loved her because he respected her because of her high standards. An “easy” girl will not get respect from a guy. Love & respect go hand in hand.

  97. Hi Ali! First, I just want to say that I love reading your blog and always look forward to reading what you have to say about this week’s Bachelor episode! In response to your question about couples who have different religious values/opinions, my husband and I definitely fit into that category. He was raised in a very religious family while I was not. I don’t not believe in God, I just don’t believe in going to church as faith, in my opinion, is something that you nurture and build on your own through your own life experiences, values, morals, etc. After we got engaged I started going to weekly church services with him and even went through 12 weeks of classes to get confirmed! As you can tell, I was obviously very committed to making changes for the better of our relationship. We continued going to weekly services for about a year after my confirmation until I finally realized that this was all for him and to impress his family and none of it was for me. I was truly unhappy as I felt like I wasn’t being true to myself. I explained everything to my husband and said that I love him and want nothing more than to marry him, but I can’t do that if he expects me to continue to be involved in the church like this. He heard my side of things and his only response was that as long as I was ok with him continuing to go to church then he was ok with me not going. That was like music to my ears because him going to church has never bothered me at all! It was really easy for us to transition into this new “agreement” we made for each other and things have been great ever since. (Honestly, it’s pretty awesome having quiet time to myself every Sunday morning.)

    1. I love your willingness to try God “their” way, and finally seeing through the process that it wasn’t true to you.

      I imagine your husband (then fiance) recognized and values the depth of your commitment, to love and to truth.

  98. My theory on why Tia went home this week is that Arie knew she was much more emotionally invested than Kendall is at this point. I think it would have been much harder for Tia to go home a week from now, rather than nipping it in the bud at this point and sparing her from falling for him even further.

    I feel like there has to be editing going on with Arie and Lauren because she tells her family that they can look at each other and know what the other is thinking … what?! Maybe that’s why they don’t need to talk?? Ha!!! I don’t see their connection, so I feel like it’s been majorly hidden to throw us off for some reason.

  99. Hi Ali,
    This is my first time writing on your blog, I look forward to reading what you have to say about the episode and you pretty much always say what Im thinking.

    Ok so regarding your question about religion my husband grew up nazarene christian and I grew up catholic (he’s Filipino and I’m Mexican). I think our religions are pretty much the same but I honestly just don’t believe in any religion and he clearly knew my views before marrying me. His family is more religious then my family because he does have some family members who are pastors but I will never express to them how I really feel about religion. I actually love that they are religious because it truly makes them good people to be around (fact that they are filipino is also fun). My husband understands my views on why I don’t believe in any and he is fine with that. We both still go to eachothers church if needed. Honestly for me I think my religion is more of a tradition (catholic) in the things we do so I do embrace those aspects but I may not fully agree with what they both say its fine other people’s views dont bother me. Yes we both want our children to be raised believing in god and we will take them to both our churches (his family is farther away so we just go to his when we visit) and when they get older if they wanna continue to practice their religion then they can if not then that is their choice and Im more then ok with them if they choose to not believe. Unlike my mom if I slightly express my views on religious, she gets mad and tells me I have to believe and I’m gonna go to hell if I don’t (wouldn’t want my child to have to hide their views from me). So I guess we are the exception!

    Ok so about the bachelor, yes I agree I can’t see what he sees with Lauren and it also bothers me how he is telling all these girls he is falling for them (totally not ok) we’ll have to see if he says anything about that in the finaly episode after the rose. But I’m just gonna call it now and say Becca K will be the next bachelorette …..boom!!!!

  100. I liked both Tia and Kendall who both seemed sincere and genuine. I’m not that crazy about Becca. Hard to believe she is religious. She is very political and gets nasty with opposing sides. I don’t think holding up her middle finger at a poster of a president Becca doesn’t like, is classy. Lauren is sweet and more reserved. Who implied that Lauren isn’t a Christian? Lauren was engaged to a born-again Christian. Anyways, I’m not sure Arie knows what he wants? He loves women in general, that was clearly apparent on the show.

    1. I hadn’t heard Lauren was engaged to a born-again Christian, but maybe since they’re no longer engaged, she couldn’t hang with that aspect of the relationship?

  101. Hi Ali….great post about Monday’s episode. I’m finding Arie to be disingenuous….telling all the girls what he thinks they want to hear…it’s just wrong on so many levels. Does he not realize that they will be watching this back?? I keep trying to figure out where Lauren and Arie got so close. They were so boring in Paris, and she couldn’t muster up ANY excitement about ANYTHING!! It’s FREAKING PARIS!!! And then in Italy, same thing. If he ends up with Lauren, due to them being “so alike” all I see is them boring each other to their wits’ end!! I’ll be so glad when this season is over….I loved Arie to start with and was excited to see his season when they first told us it was him, but it’s been a cardigan snoozefest this season. Good luck to whoever the couple is at the end, I don’t see this one lasting, no matter who he picks. Sorry, just my opinion. Kendall or Becca (long haired) for Bachelorette please!!!

  102. The thing I find confusing about the end is what has happened after the fact. I see that Tia and Becka are hanging out a lot in real life. Do you think if Becka was engaged to Arie that it would be fun or even comfortable to be going on girls trips with a girl he just dumped (Caroline who was on this season and was sent home just before Florida) was also present at this vacation. I’m not sure if it means anything, but it seems like it would be weird or uncomfortable to me.

    And my sister doesn’t believe in organized religion and she married a life long catholic and they’ve been making it work, but I think it’s just like you said- the exception, not the rule.

  103. Your blog has become my favorite place to discuss bachelor!!

    Regarding religion, I wonder if believes or practices are more important. In terms of my husband and I, he was raised in a family that believed in God but wasn’t very religious (Catholic Mom, Protestant Dad), but he is currently agnostic. I was raised Catholic and went to catholic school and I do believe in God and pray regularly, but I do not go to mass regularly. I don’t have any intention on changing his believes as I feel that faith is an extremely personal and ever evolving thing, and he doesn’t want or try to change me. Once in a blue moon I will go to mass on my own. We got married in the Catholic Church and we plan to raise our children catholic but it was be something that I share with them. I am okay with him not coming to mass with us besides special occasions (e.g. baptisms, first communions, etc). I am also pretty open minded and would be willing to go to look into Episcopalian churches and schools as he likes their open-mindedness. He is open to praying with me even though he doesn’t really believe, and I would never try to force him to feel differently. I’m also somewhat agnostic in the sense that I know that none of us really have the answers, but I do believe in a power greater than myself and I believe in connecting with it. He and I have the same moral values and to me that is what is most important. We have similar political views which helps a lot too (scarily similar and nuanced, even though we don’t follow any party line). So it just works for us. We respect and love each other and accept each other’s beliefs.

  104. Regarding the religion thing….I mostly agree with you that when someone does not have your same faith…that a relationship may not work…..but I have a co-worker – a woman – who has such a strong faith – super involved in her church – & I just recently found out that her husband is not “saved” ……they have been married for probably 35 years….and have a great relationship & she is hopeful that one day he will come around……I don’t really know all her details…so I guess it is possible that when they 1st got together – that maybe her faith was not as strong back then?…
    Anyway – I may be wrong – but I thought that Lauren was the only one he used the “L” word with….he said he was falling deeply in Love with her…but the others – he only said he was falling for……perhaps I missed it.

  105. I wanted to comment about the religion thing. I’m catholic and my husband is not. He just believes in science and says that maybe there’s some sort of something out there but believes more in facts then any faith.
    We’ve been married 2 years and together for a total of 8 and we have an amazing relationship. We support each other and he respects my faith as I respect what he believes in. I’m not super religious but I decided to start going to church and I didn’t ask him to come with me. I went alone once and he decided to come with me ever since. He says he enjoys it as well. I’m pregnant now so I feel better going to church and he thinks that as long as I feel good that’s all he cares about.
    When our baby comes, I want it to be baptized and my husband is leaning towards not. I will convince him though. That’s the only problem I can foresee. But I know at the end of the day he will do it for me. We do plan on later on, letting our kids choose what they like to believe in and explore other options. But to me, they can’t choose when they’re babies and I’d rather have God watch over them until they’re old enough to make their own decisions. Just my thought.

    Thanks for bringing that up! I can totally see how it can be a problem on other couples. I guess if I was more devoted I could see a bigger problem developing but I’m not blind to the issues in Catholicism

  106. 100% agree about the religion issue. From the first moment the two of them discussed religion on their first date (I think) I knew right then it was a red flag and would never work out. I do think it’s great that they are discussing it though because it’s HUGE.
    I keep thinking about if I were Becca… My faith is the number one most important thing in my life and my husband and I share the same faith. In fact, we met at church. I cannot imagine how a marriage would work if you had different believes, marriage is hard enough as it is. If I were Becca I would have removed myself from the show as soon as I found out that he had no faith to speak of.
    Not to mention that this show is hard enough to be successful on as it is and keep a relationship going after being engaged three months after knowing a person. If you’re not on the same page in how you view the world and your core beliefs, you’re never going to be successful coming off of this show in my opinion.

    I also agree I’m super disappointed in this season as a whole. I don’t think Arie is a bad guy but I think he’s made some very poor choices. Interested to see what happens!

  107. Watching Fantasy Suites.

    Wonder abt the sequence of the dates.

    Feel bad for Lauren and Becca, because this I love your were Intense no matter which date came first.

    He does get to it quicker w L though.

    Man. Almost too much Reality.😥

  108. BACH-ETTE
    Rethinking Kendall, too.
    She’s great, but her way of speaking is unusual , and therefore not so easy to follow…

  109. God
    This ManOMano is Prime Bachelor…never better
    I feel bad for Arie… Beccas dude looks like a million bucks after climbing every mountain…and A looks a little love drunk…

  110. Ok , I can’t stop

    Aries Whut! was classic. Because compared to what – or Whut!- he’s just done…what gives anybody the Right except All is Fair In Love & War


  111. Yeah the religion thing is a big deal.. I totally agree..

    As a kid I grew up going to church, but absolutely loathed it, I thought it was so boring and didn’t make any sense, and as an adult I decided it wasn’t and still isn’t my thing.. if I had a significant other (which thankfully my husband is not religious) it’d be hard for me to just be like “yeah I’ll go to church with you” no thanks….. but hey everyone is different though, to each their own..

    I honestly think Lauren is a snooze fest. When she was talking to her mom about Arie she was so vague and didn’t sound excited at all, I mean towards the end she got teary but idk I don’t see anything exciting about her… people could be right though, the producers could be messing with us to make her look boring when in fact she’s actually great!

    I totally cried when tia was sent home because her reaction was SO REAL, and SO RAW.. I just felt so so soo sad for her, so I cried.

    And lastly I did love Arie’s reaction when Kendall brought him in the taxidermy room, it was so f’ing funny 😂😂 he had a “real” moment, and showed some emotion and character, it was funny and made me laugh.

    Lastly, lastly I love the little behind the scenes dirt you throw in every post Ali! It’s always fun reading your bachelor nation posts! Look forward to them every week 😁

  112. My husband and I are on completely different pages when it comes to religion. I’m Catholic and he’s an atheist. I’d be lying if I said it hasn’t caused tension…especially in the beginning of our relationship. We would get into very intense and almost heated conversations when we discussing our beliefs. We’ve been together for 9 years, and we have two daughters. At the end of the day, he respects my faith and I’m so grateful for that. Our daughters go to a Catholic school and I’m glad he can put his beliefs (or lack thereof) aside and is okay with me raising our girls in a Christian home.

  113. Hi..I left a comment when I first found this site June 24th. I don’t think it was ever posted. It would not take my email address which is dr_mack @yahoo. com……it waited to use a email address I used a few years back when I published a couple of blog post on WordPress. I really hope this post get published because I have been to share my testimony on how i got my lover back …. this is a miracle. So much is going on right now…..but mostly I want say i am so happy. Dr Mack was a great helper when my Husband broke apart from me but he later came back after i used the service of Dr Mack.

    Thank you so much for saving my marriage.

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