Who is Ready for a VACAY?!?! My Packing Tips And a Born Shoes Giveaway!

UPDATE: Congrats to the winners of the giveaway Jordan Noelle and her sister/bestie Rachelle! You guys both won and will be getting emails shortly about receiving your Born shoes! But don’t worry if you didn’t win, I will be doing another giveaway SUPER soon! Within a month for sure! xoxo

Have you guys heard of the law of attraction? Well, in case you haven’t, it basically means that if you live your life as though something has already come into your life, you will attract that certain thing into your life. For example, one thing I used to always remember when I was single is that the law of attraction says that if you want to attract a significant other into your life then you need to make room for them in your life. So do things like leave space for them in your closet to hang their clothes and park on one side of your driveway to leave room for another person’s car. Basically, create that space for the person to come into your life. Well, I’m using the law of attraction today to will a vacation into my life! Ha!

I’m not even kidding. Kevin and I both really want to go on a little babymoon vacation before our second baby arrives. However, it was so much easier the first time around when I was pregnant with Molly because we didn’t have a little one to look after. With this second pregnancy, I feel like we keep procrastinating and putting it off. Not only do we want to take a babymoon, but our one-year anniversary is coming up on March 3rd so we thought that weekend would be the perfect time! We could celebrate our first year as husband and wife as well as the baby!


So anyway, today in the blog I’m showing you guys what I did to plan for that trip that we don’t even have planned yet. Ha! That’s right, I legitimately already packed a suitcase for our unplanned trip because I plan on attracting that vacation into my life!

While I was packing, I realized that there are really three rules I live by when packing for a vacation and I thought today would be the perfect opportunity to share them with all of you!

  1. Roll your clothes. By rolling your clothes in your suitcase when you pack, it not only allows you to pack much more, but it helps keep your clothes from wrinkling during the trip. So I always roll my clothes when packing. But quick caveat with this one, make sure you don’t pack a huge suitcase with tightly rolled clothes because it will almost certainly go over the weight limit when you try to check your bag. So I always pack a medium-size suitcase with rolled close. That way I’m not lugging around a huge suitcase, all my clothes stay wrinkle free, and I’m able to pack Molly’s little suitcase full of clothes! Including her SUPER CUTE Born kids shoes. What I love about these shoes for kids is they are so comfy for her and just darling! I once got her a cheap pair of shoes that gave her blisters and it broke my heart. Never again. We loves her Born kids shoes. They make her feet happy and mommy happy!
  2. Only pack two pairs of shoes. Look, I would love more shoes but let’s face it, they take up a lot of room in your suitcase! If you pack more than two pairs, chances are you won’t have much room left over for clothes. So I always pick two pairs of comfortable, versatile, and of course super cute shoes to pack when I go on trips! My absolutely favorite shoes to pack for trips are Børn Footwear shoes. You guys have heard me talk about Børn shoes before because I just love them. The quality of their shoes is so good, they’re ridiculously cute and right on trend, and most importantly for me right now (because I’m pregnant), they are extremely comfortable! Every one of their shoes has a padded sole that makes my toes very happy! Ha! Us girls like our shoes to be super cute but comfortable too right? And us pregnant girls especially like our shoes to be comfortable!
  3. Pack a ton of swimsuits! Obviously, I’m trying to attract a tropical vacation into my life. And I always pack at least a dozen swimsuits when I go to a tropical location. Why? Well, I try to spend at least 95% of my time by a pool when I’m on vacation so really do I need more than a swimsuit? Plus the more clothes I pack, the more I’m setting myself up to be away from the pool. This mama wants a virgin cocktail in her hand, earbuds in her ears, and the sun on her face 😉


So those are my three rules on packing for vacation. Now I’m gonna break down my outfits for you guys!

First, you absolutely have to have a good travel outfit when going on vacation. I not only have a go-to jumpsuit that I wear pretty much every single time I fly, but I also have a rule about shoes when I travel. And that rule is, always wear close toed shoes when traveling. I kid you not, I’ve been on flights where people have put their feet in between the side of the plane in my seat and their bare feet are right next to my arm. Has this ever happened to anyone else? It’s so disgusting! So cover up your feet when flying! No one wants to look at your bare feet! Even if they are perfectly manicured 😉 And always bring socks if you’re not wearing them already! For example, I absolutely love the CAYO loafers I’m wearing in the photo below, but because I don’t want to wear socks with them, I will definitely put socks in my bag to throw on when I’m on the plane and when I’m going through TSA security. I always cringe when I go through TSA and I see people walking barefoot. It’s so gross! So cover up those tootsies and bring socks people! And if you love my CAYO loafers as much as I do (I also own them in black – so chic!), you can get them for 15% off right now! Just use my code ALILUVSBORN2 at checkout.


And my go-to outfit when flying is a black jumpsuit. The jumpsuit I’m wearing in these photos is a maternity jumpsuit that’s also breastfeeding friendly. It’s such an essential piece of clothing for any moms that are traveling with little ones or any women who are traveling pregnant. I even wear it all the time when I’m not pregnant or breast-feeding. It’s just so comfortable! And I threw in a cute hat because I thought it made the look feel more vacationy like I’m going to a beach! And super cute luggage doesn’t hurt either! I’m obsessed with this rose gold luggage that I just got. I specifically ordered it for this imaginary trip. Ha!

You also want a comfortable walking look when going on vacation. Since I spend so much time at the beach and pool when I’m vacation, I’d like to cover up my legs and arms a little bit for my exploring looks because I don’t wanna get too much sun. Protecting your skin is so important and the best way to do that is to not only wear sunscreen, but also cover up your arms and legs. But I certainly don’t want to look like I’m dressed for fall, so I’m packing a lightweight long-sleeved soft blue shirt that just screams beach vacation to me! To keep the vacay feel, I paired it with a super lightweight comfortable pair of white maternity jeans. And since I’m gonna be walking around a lot in this look, I need to have comfortable shoes so I’m able to explore my new destination AND I can wear them on the plane. Remember I said I only bring two pairs of shoes so I have to make sure my shoes work for different looks!


And finally, you have to have a super comfortable sandal that not only works for when you go to the pool, but is also comfortable enough to wear when you’re walking around whatever beautiful resort you’re at! That’s why I am so obsessed with the MAI EASY sandal by Børn. The sandal is so versatile, and as you can see from the photos below, you can wear with a beach cover-up, a mini dress, a long maxi dress or even with jeans or shorts! It just goes with absolutely everything! And you really need a great neutral sandal like this if you’re only gonna pack two pairs of shoes. It also has a super padded insole that makes it really comfortable, which I love. And the ankle strap makes it a great walking shoe as well. And of course you can use my 15% off code for these too! (Code: ALILUVSBORN2). Outfit details on every look I’m wearing are below each picture! Just click on the links to shop the looks!



And you can’t go without seeing the little video I put together with my friends at Juicebox Media! I normally share only photos on my blog but I starting to think about doing more video! Watch the video below and let me know what you guys think! Should I do more like this? Do you like it? Tell me in the comments below! We had SOOOO much fun making it 🙂

And finally, I am so excited to tell you guys that I partnered up with Børn and they have agreed to give two pairs of Børn shoes away to two of my followers! One pair for you AND one for your bestie! This is all you have to do to enter.

  1. Tag a friend on either my Instagram post or Facebook post (which will be up later this morning) where I’m wearing my Børn shoes. Because that friend will also win if you win! And winning is so much better when we get to do it with our bestie!
  2. And the only other thing you have to do is comment below telling me which of the Born shoes I’m wearing is your favorite and why!

I had so much fun last time we did a giveaway like this and I promise you guys I would do another one. So here it is! But don’t worry if you don’t win, because like I mentioned above, you can still get a pair of Børn shoes for yourself for 15% off with my code ALILUVSBORN2.


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605 thoughts on “Who is Ready for a VACAY?!?! My Packing Tips And a Born Shoes Giveaway!

      1. I love the loafers! So so cute and comfy to wear on the street and at work! Loafers are so IN right now too! 🙂 Thanks Ali!

        1. I love the loafers too!! A comfy choice for work! As a mom, I’m always looking for a comfy shoe for work & play! 🙂

    1. Love the Mai easy sandals!! They look so comfortable and easy to take on and off! With three kids I need easy AND comfortable! Enjoy whatever destination comes your way!

    2. I really like the sunburst! I am more of a shoe type of girl and they look super cute.

      Thanks for the opportunity to win 🙂

    3. I love the CAYO loafers!!! They look super comfortable. I am pregnant with my second and need a stylish comfortable shoe. Love this giveaway Ali!

    4. I like them all! The sandals look so versitale but I also like the sneakers! The loafers would be fab for work – I’m a teacher and am on my feet all day. They look like they’re comfortable.

    5. Thank you Ali for a chance to win the Cayo Loafers. Also a Huge thank you for sharing your family with us. Love that Molly! Her hair is getting so beautiful !!!😘💗

    6. I love them all, but I’d have to say the light pink loafers!! They would be perfect for spring for work. I work as an outpatient occupational therapist, so I gotta dress up but I always need to make sure I got comfy shoes on!!

    7. Oh my….this is a hard decision!!! Malena is adorable exoeciaklu for all the colors it comes in!! Light blue and yellow!! Oh my!!!
      But I live in Austin & sandals are basically worn year round (& even at work!) so I may have to say Mai Easy…! Love the two tone straps on these too!!

    8. I love the Mai Easy sandal. So cute! Thanks so much for a fun giveaway in light of all the terrible things going on in this world we live in. It’s a breath of fresh air. Enjoy you baby moon wherever it ends up being. 💜

    9. Thank you for those awesome tips! I love them all, but the sunburst looks like my kind of shoe! Molly is a lucky girl, and you and Kevin are amazing parents! Love watching your family, thank you. 👍🏻👟

    10. I had a pair of Born sandals and wore them so much, literally until they were completely unwearable! Love the Mai easy sandals! Sooo cute and so versatile! I need them 😉

    11. Love the light pink loafers easy to dress up or wear with a casual outfit. And the color is an unexpected neutral look!

    12. The loafers for sure! They look so easy to slip on and go and sooooo comfortable. Thanks for a great packing tips! You’re the best and Molly and Owen are so cute!

  1. Hi name twin 🙂 Loved this post and the tips. I always struggle packing!! and always pack WAY too much!

    I would totally love the Mai Easy shoes. I have yet to find a comfortable, but still cute go-to summer sandal that actually stays on!!

  2. Love your packing tips! Shoes is always wear I go overboard so the Mai Easy sandal would be perfect! Cute, comfortable, and multi-purpose – you can’t go wrong!

  3. Hey Ali!

    Thank you for doing another giveaway! I love the Mai Easy sandal you’re wearing! I’m currently 17 weeks pregnant, due late July, so I know I will need a comfortable and versatile sandal to wear this summer!

  4. Hi Ali
    Your packing tips & video are great! Owen coming out from under the bed… so funny.
    I need a vacation too & wearing extra face moisturizer helps because the high altitude plays havoc on my skin.
    I like both pairs of shoes but especially like the pink slip-ons.
    I like your hat too.

  5. I hope your tropical vaycay comes soon!

    My favorite born are the mai gladiators because they remind me of the basic adorable sandals we wore as kids! cozy never goes out of style!

  6. Love the post. I pray you can attract that vacation into your life! Love the Mai Easy sandals! So cute and would be perfect here in the south most of the time. I’m praying for a Vacay soon too!

  7. My favorite shoes are the Cayo light pink loafers. They look like they’d go with a lot of my clothes, and i’m all about easy and comfortable shoes.

  8. You have got some great packing tips. Thank you for another giveaway. 😊

    My favorite sandal is the Mai easy sandal. I like the ankle strap so the sandal won’t be flopping all over my foot and I absolutely love the color ☺️

  9. The Mai Easy sandals look like they could cover all of the fun of vacation, but also able to wear into the office during the summer time!

  10. Love Born shoes! so comfy AND cute! I’ve been on the look out for a good sandal that will last more than one warm season and that i can walk in all day so I would have to go with the MAI EASY!

  11. The nude loafers 100%!! The tone of the nude is so unique and really versatile for so many looks. For me, living on a budget means buying stuff that I can wear in multiple ways without looking like I’m wearing the same thing daily. The only thing more appealing than the obvious cute shoe, is that they look comfy!!! Winning at life is not compromising comfort for style.

  12. Thank you for such a fun blog post! I love any packing tips I.can get. I LOVE the Born Mai Easy tan sandals! I live in Arizona now and it’s sandal season all year long!! These sandals are fabulous and versatile. Happy Baby-Moon planning! 😘

  13. HI Ali,

    I really like to KAYO loafers because I don’t have a shoe like that. It would be something different I’d like to add to my wardrobe.


  14. I would love the Mai Easy sandal for the spring/summer. I’ve been wanting a comfortable sandal that I do not have to worry about hurting my feet after several hours.

  15. Thanks for all the tips! Wish I could’ve gone on a babymoon with this pregnancy maybe next time!

    I love the MAI EASY sandals super cute and comfortable looking it’s hard to find nice sandals on my feet.

  16. I love the sandals!! They would work with any summer outfit! If I don’t win I’ll be using the coupon code! Still hoping I win!!!! 😊

  17. Great packing tips! We all need a vacation every once in a while, especially after a move and with a baby on the way. I love the loafers since they are so in style right now. Plus, I’ve been on the lookout to get a pair but these were the first ones i saw that look cute and comfortable! Hopefully your imaginary trip comes true!!!

  18. Hi Ali! I love this post. I have a little one also, so your tips for packing light and keeping the outfits comfortable yet cute are super helpful!
    Both shoe styles are super cute, but I LOVE the CAYO loafers. The color is perfect.

  19. Love all the packing tips… will definitely use some of these for upcoming trips. Thanks for doing the giveaway- would love the sutra perf style Born shoes because they can be styled for both winter and summer! (Good transition shoe)

  20. Hi Ali!
    The CAYO loafers are super cute! I am going to Portugal in March (my anniversary month too!) and they seem perfect for a long day of exploring or just for a night out! I am definitely going to try the clothes rolling for packing, I could always use more room 😉 have a great trip!

  21. Hi Ali! I love the Sunburst sneakers- they are perfect for traveling. You can do a ton of walking/sightseeing and still look stylish!

  22. I absolutely LOVE the Sunburst sneakers in light pink! My twin sis Sammy and I are going to Amsterdam in April with our parents to celebrate our Dad’s 60th birthday. We are going to do so much walking and those shoes look great for comfort but also are still stylish. Also my sis and I have similar taste in clothes and shoes, so the idea that we can each have our own pair is very appealing! 😋 these outfit ideas are totally adorable and are inspiring me on what to pack for my trip!

  23. Hi Ali
    I could definitely use the Sunburst sneakers in blush. I need a comfortable shoe to use when I am walking around touring. I plan on going to Philadelphia for Easter and I need a comfortable shoe that also matches my outfits. Thanks Cheryl

  24. Loving this packing post! We’ve always rolled our clothes! It truly makes life so much easier! Would love to win a pair of
    The Mai Easy!! They look so comfy!!!

  25. Thanks so much for the packing tips! I know when I packed a huge bag for the honeymoon, my husband thought I was crazy! I never thought to roll your clothes, my husband is a stickler for no wrinkles so this will help!
    I love the Mai Easy sandals!

  26. I love the sunburst… it looks so comfortable and “safe”…by safe I mean it doesn’t look like I would trip or fall wearing them! I try to stay active by working out at home (while my kids ages 3.5 and 19 months) nap and once a week I play in an indoor coed volleyball league. Last December I landed wrong from a jump and tore my acl, mcl and meniscus!! I am now in PT trying to gain all my strength back before my acl reconstruction surgery in May!This has been very mentally depressing! I barely got to enjoy all my sole society boots during my first winter here in Maine! Argh! I def took my health for granted. I’ve always enjoyed your blog while I do my PT! Thanks!

  27. Love that these all have comfy soles! The Cayo slides are so cute but I think my favorite is the Mai Easy sandal. Living in southern California I could almost wear them year round haha.

  28. Love reading your blog posts! Thanks for your packing tips! I’ll have to try them when I travel next! Lol

    I really like the Cayo loafers! I’ve never had a shoe style like it before and I’ll be starting a new job next month and I’m definitly looking around for a comfortable shoe since I’ll be on my feet 90% of the time!

    Also, loved the video blog (vlog) it always gives the followers a better visual and I think it’s relatable too! 🙂

  29. LOVE all their shoes! 😍🤗 but the MAI Easy sandal is absolutely so cute and my favorite! Thank you so much for the packing tips also. I’ve traveled my whole life with my parents due to my dads job and still never thought of some of those great tips.. but the MAI Easy sandals are the perfect sandal to wear to the beach to visit my sister in Florida! 😍 but also versatile enough to wear out during the day or night in town! LOVE.

  30. Love the sandal! Mostly because I’m not a loafer person. Born shoes are my absloute fav because you can wear them FOREVER and they make your feet feel amazing! Chasing around two little ones I need comfortable shoes (just like you will!!) sending love onyou and yours! Hope you have an amazing baby moon!

  31. It’s so hard to pick just one pair of the Born shoes listed above that I love! The light pink sunburst sneakers and the Cayo loafers are both so fabulous but if I had to pick I would say the cayo loafers. They are chic but simple and I love that they are slip-ons.

  32. Such good packing tips! Now I’m ready to go on vacation! Haha. I wish!

    I love the CAYO loafers! They are so cute, look comfy, and I loooove that color!

  33. Great packing tips!! I rolled my clothes the last time I traveled and it worked like a dream!!
    The CAYO loafers in black are a dream shoe. Cute, diverse, and comfortable are the way to go. They would be such a staple shoe.

  34. Love those Cayo loafers! I am loafer obsessed and have been thinking about getting a slide-on/mule version. That pink is so cute!

  35. The neutral sandals are definitely my favorite! They’re so cute and go with everything. They also look incredibly comfy!

  36. Love the Mai Easy sandal! I’m going to Hawaii for my 30th bday in two weeks and would love to be wearing those sandals on the beach. Also, they are so versatile so I wouldn’t have to pack more shoes. 🙂

  37. Great tips. Love the born sandals best. Hope you and your hubby are taking your vaca without Molly. It is important to do things without the kids.

  38. Hi Ali!
    I love the Mai Easy!
    You guys should go to Kauai. It’s my happy place ❤️ So so beautiful there!
    Stay on the south side near Poipu. xo

  39. I love the malena loafers in copper. I live in loafers at work they are so comfortable in a job where you’re on your feet alot!

  40. Hi Ali! Love your blog, your packing tips, and all the cute outfits you out together. Wish I could show you all the outfits in my closet that I’ve purchased from seeing them on you or pictured in your blog! I LOVE a comfortable shoe. I have bunyans and so comfortable shoes are hard to find. My favorite are the CAYO loafers. Love the dusty pink/rose color. So stylish and look incredibly comfortable! Can’t to hear where you go on your babymoon vacay! Have fun!

  41. Hi!! This post was so full of great ideas, and i loved the switch up with a video.

    I think the Mia sandals are my fav. Of the ones posted… i think they would get the most use 🙂 easy to dress up with or be super casual 🙂

    Have a great time and thanks for the love back to your fans! ❤️

  42. Love the pink loafers! I have to wear closed toe shoes at work because of safety reasons and sometimes it’s hard to find cute ones for spring and summer and these would be totally perfect!!

  43. Thanks for your vaca packing tips! And also for doing a giveaway! I love the MAI easy sandals you’re wearing. Color is super cute and versatile and they look comfy.

  44. I love the Mai Easy Sandals! So cute and would go with a lot of clothes I have. Thanks for this giveaway opportunity!

  45. Mai Easy Sandal for sure!!!! Perfect for a summer full of hot days and chasing toddlers -my own toddlers, I should say. Not random strangers 😂🙈

  46. I love the versatility of the Mai sandals! Spring, summer, or fall, you can pair them with some capris, shorts, or a cute dress/skirt, and you’ve got a great outfit!

  47. How wonderful to do this for someone!! My favorite were definitely the neutral sandals!! I am a mom of 3 little ones (4, 2, and 2 months)! They are perfect to match any outfit and so cute! As a busy mom having a great pair of sandals is key!! Quick to grab and comfortable! PERFECTION!!

  48. Thank you so much for sharing these tips and doing a giveaway. We are pregnant with number 2 (due in August) and hoping to take a little baby moon before baby because we weren’t able to with our first. I really love the MAI Easy flat so that would definitely be my choice. So simple yet very classy and easy to match with everything and they look oh so comfortable and perfect for summer while heavily pregnant and perfect for post partum too. Thanks again! ❤️

  49. Hi Ali! I love the Mai Easy sandal because it looks so cute yet comfy! I love a shoe that I can dress up or dress down depending on the days activities!

  50. I love the Mai Easy Sandal, so effortless and versatile! I’m also obsessed with the Starburst shoes you’re wearing on their website. I’ve been searching for something like that for when our warmer weather comes back!

  51. After having two surgeries on my right foot, I am all for comfort in shoes – and once in blue moon will actually find a cute pair of shoes that are comfortable! These seem like they would fit the bill – stylish, cute, and comfy! Would love the CAYO loafers.

  52. I love the sunvirst sneakers because being a mom they would be easy to chase toddlers and babies around all while looking stylish! I would love to have a pair!

  53. I love both the sandals and loafers, but the loafers would probably be more practical! As a mom of two (21 months apart), slip on is so much easier!

  54. I love love love the Nuetral Sandals! Soooo practical and could be worn a lot. I am obsessed with born shoes because they’re so comfy! Who doesn’t love comfy shoes that are also COMPLETELY stylish! Born for the win! Thanks Ali!

  55. My favourite is the Mai Easy Sandal, they are comfortable and easy to match with any outfit and would be perfect for my trip this summer!!

  56. Hi Ali! Thanks so much for doing this giveaway and trying to spread kindness and love.

    I love the SUFTA PERF shoes! But I’m not sure if they are one of the shoe options since they were listed on the page but not in your photo… As a second choice, I also really like the summer sandals 🙂

    Sending love and light right back to you!

  57. Hello!! I would absolutely love a chance to win the Mai sandals! They are so beautiful and they look really comfy for this fellow pregnant lady! I’m due right after you in June! I honestly don’t have many spring/summer shoes and I could see myself living in these shoes when the weather gets warmer!!

  58. Love, love, love the Mai Easy sandals! I live in San Diego so wear open toed shoes year round. Love how versatile these are (and the name reminds me of a mai tai, which I can pretend I’m drinking when I wear these)!! 😉🍹

  59. LOVE love the light pink loafers!! They are such a great shoe for moms because you can just slip them on. Plus they’re super cute!! 🙂

  60. Hi Ali, love you and the light pink sneaks! I am such a sneaker lover😍 and who can go wrong with pink! Love reading your blog, keep spreading the love💓

  61. Hey Ali! Loved reading your post and tips for vacay. It’s so hard to only pack 2 pairs of shoes on a trip but with shoes like these I think I could manage!

    Any who, I love the Mai Easy Sandal. It’s hard to find beach and vacation sandals that not only stay on but are comfy and those look like just the ticket!

    Love your posts and daily pics and videos of your 2 babies! (Plus Owen)

  62. Thank you for the tips!! Love reading your posts ❤️❤️ I would love to win the Mai Easy sandals please ☺️

  63. I love love the loafers! They are super cute and I have no shoes like them. Plus the color is super cute to 😊
    Ps. Thanks for the great tips about packing!

  64. I love the sandal! Going to Cabo in 6 weeks and I just might need these! Great for the casual days on Mexico! Off to Villa La Estancia! I remember just missing you there a few yesrs back! I hope you get your tropical vacation soon!🙌🏼

  65. I love the light pink loafers!!! Such good timing on this post! I am headed to San Diego tomorrow for a Valentine’s Day getaway with my babe :). Love your blog!

  66. Love the video, Molley is growing up and so adorable. Thanks for the packing tips! I think I should attract a vacation in my life as well and start packing later. As a mom of 3 a vacation for hubby and I is overdue 😉🏝. I loved both of the Born shoes you mentioned but the MAI looked amazing with the dress in the video and looks so versatile, they would be my favorite.

  67. Love your blog! I also love your little family! Molly is such a cutie!!❤❤ love seeing your snaps and Kevins😊 would love the loafers! ❤Lacy

  68. I love Born shoes and have worn them forever because they are my favorite! Would love to win a pair!!! Both pairs you’ve picked are great and it’s hard for me to choose between the two. If I had to pick, I’d probably pick the loafers because of the color – pink is my favorite! Also, I don’t own anything like them and they would be a great transition shoe and look very versatile.
    I do hope you get to go on a babymoon! Love your idea of pre packing so it will happen and some of your travel tips. Thanks for a chance to win too! 😍

  69. I really need to start rolling my clothes when I pack. I never do but I end up packing SO MUCH and it gets crammed!

    I would love to have those neutral sandals. Those are exactly the type of sandal I am in need of, and as a mom of two, I always put off things for myself and I keep wearing the same sandals I have had since college….I am now 31.

  70. Ali, OMGoodness I love all these ideas especially rolling up your clothes. Definitely trying that soon on my upcoming 20 year anniversary trip! 😊 I love the born sunburst (tennis shoes) they will come in handy when traveling.

  71. Hi Ali! Thanks so much for the awesome packing tips ♥️ My husband and I LOVE to travel and he is always trying to get me to pack lighter, I mean a girl needs options right!? Can’t wait to try these tips out on our next trip!

    Also I LOVE the open toed black wedges from born they are AMAZING! Thanks for this fun giveaway!


  72. I just booked a beach trip so this blog is perfect!

    I love the neutral sandals best. They are so versatile and could be worn with so many different outfits!

  73. The Mai Easy sandal you are wearing is my favorite! So stylish yet also classic! They make me so much more anxious for spring!

  74. Hi Ali you look so beautiful all the time I’m so jealous 😉 I love your blog and Instagram. You are an amazing mommy its so nice to see as I’ve followed your journey ever since the bachelor to the bachorlette and I am so happy for you!!
    I love the pink shoes called Cayo that you are wearing. The reason I would love them as I am newly pregenant, 8 weeks, with first child (had a miscarriage back in November early into that pregnancy but luckily got pregnant to months later :)) and it will be summer in my third trimester so with it being so hot and me growing and swelling from heat it would be nice to have comfy shoes to help me at that time 🙂
    Anyways take care and much love from Edmonton Alberta Canada xoxoxo

  75. Hi Ali!!! Oh I just love love love the sunburst shoes! I’m a high school teacher and those shoes seem perfect for the classroom! I’m so happy you did this giveaway given recent tragic events. I hope that this puts a smile on someone else’s face as it did mine! My bestie works at Neomed and I know she would appreciate these too! Thanks so so much for doing this!!

  76. Loving the neutral sandals in the last pic! It’s SO HARD for me to pack only 1-2 pair of shoes. I have gotten better when flying, but if I drive I’ll have an entire suitcase. Eek! Also, guilty of going barefoot in the TSA line…. 😳 I’ll start bringing socks!!

  77. It was a tough choice but he mai easy I think is just too perfect for summer coming up. Especially in my arizona heat!!

    Thanks Ali for the chance 😊

  78. Hi Ali!!! Oh I just love love love the sunburst shoes! I’m a high school teacher and those shoes seem perfect for the classroom! I’m so happy you did this giveaway given recent tragic events. I hope that this puts a smile on someone else’s face as it did mine! My bestie works at Neomed and I know she would appreciate these too! Thanks so so much for doing this!!

    @alexx.klingshirn -Instagram

  79. The Mai Easy sandals are my fav—they are sooo cute & Born shoes are so comfy, too, so i love that comfort doesn’t need to be sacrificed because the shoes are cute—they are literally the best of both worlds!! 😍

  80. Love love love the CAYO loafers!!!! I’m obsessed with loafers, I have a pair I wear everyday to work and a pair for the weekends! Perfect shoe for the mommy on the run! Especially when I don’t have a pedicure done- which is always lol.

  81. I love the CAYO loafers. I feel like they are the perfect pair if you want to dress up my outfit while chasing around my little guy. Born shoes are the best!!! Thanks for this post:)

  82. I love the Mai Easy sandals!! Sandals are my go to from April to September! These are so cute and can be worn on a casual outing or dressed up!

  83. I’m going on a trip this Sunday and I haven’t even started packing! There’s no way I can only take 2 pairs of shoes…that’s too much pressure on me! Lol
    The Sunburts shoes would definitely be a pair that I’d take on vacation though. They look so comfy and can keep me walking for miles. Love how they look on you ☺️☺️

  84. Those neutral sandals 👡 look so cute!! Would love to wear them chasing my little one around Myrtle beach for our vacation coming up in May! Xox. Btw Molly is super cute!!

  85. I love the light pink sneakers, because I am a work from home/stay at home mom with a 6 year old and 10 month old and I am nonstop on my feet. A great pair of sneakers is practical and perfect with every outfit

  86. Definitely loving the light pink sneakers 😍 I love a good pair of sneakers traveling, always my go to. Especially because my feet get cold on the plane and it’s the best type of shoe to chase my 18month old around the airport 😂

  87. The Cato loafers! So cute and look super comfy! They look mom friendly and still so pretty, that’s a great combo when chasing 2 little girlies all day!!

  88. I love your blog! It inspires me on so many levels! You’ve even helped me to purchase some items online that I never would have done before! Like your shoes! I’ve never heard of them before but after this post, the Sunburst sneakers in light pink are totally something I would get!

    Thanks for always being honest you!

  89. Hi Ali!

    Congratulations on expecting baby number 2! Can’t wait to know if you’re expecting a baby boy or girl!!
    Thank you for doing another giveaway! I love the Mai Easy sandal you’re wearing! I am expecting baby number 3 NEXT MONTH, so I know I will need a comfortable and versatile sandal to wear all summer long to chase my two toddlers with newborn baby girl strapped to me!


  90. Thank you for doing another giveaway. My sister is my best friend I live In Georgia and she lives in California. I believe our bond is strong because we actually share the same birthday February 16 but we are three years apart. Anyway I love your blogs and videos great tips on packing. I like the sandal the best they look so comfy!

  91. LOVE LOVE LOVE the Mayo soft pink, wearing them to the airport for traveling seems like the best way to travel since they make us take out shoes off. Fast Easy and Comfy, gotta love that. Have fun on your travels and be safe as always.

  92. I LOVE the Mai Easy neutral sandle! It is so hard to find a comfortable and chic sandle that you can wear with multiple outfit styles and this fits the bill perfectly!

  93. Hey Ali! I LOVE the MAI EASY sandals. I too am pregnant with my second child and am dreading the swollen feet I’m bound to get at the end of this pregnancy. I had it so bad with my first! Comfortable shoes are so important but I also like to stay stylish! I think the sandals are the prefect combo of both!

  94. Love love love the neutral sandal! It goes with everything and it looks so comfortable! Thanks for the tips and this giveaway! You are beautiful inside and out.

  95. Hi Ali,
    I love your blog! So many great tips for moms and fashion! My husband and I are in the process of adopting our foster daughter and this is probably going to sound cheesy, but I really would love to wear matching mommy and me outfits for the court hearing when she officially becomes our forever daughter. I have been trying to do some research and find some matching dresses or skirts and tops (we need to be dressy) for us but I haven’t had much luck! I was wondering if you had any ideas for me, I would really appreciate your help!! Thanks so much for all of your honesty and transparency on being a mom, your tips and advice have been really helpful to me!

    PS- my daughter wears 9-12 month clothing and I am size 4 or a small to medium depending on the fit, if that helps.

  96. I love the mai easy sandals!! I wear tennis shoes all day as a nurse at work and I love being able to go home during the summer and just easily slip on a cute pair of sandals!!

  97. I love your blogs but never comment; however, I’m in LOVE with the Mai Easy Sandals. Even if I don’t win this giveaway, I’ll be getting myself a pair.

  98. Thank you for all the packing tips! I love the Born sandals you are wearing the color is so versatile and they look so stylish and comfortable.

  99. Love th tan sandals! Always looking for a comfy pair! And yay on packing tips! I’m about to go on a trip and always over pack 🙈my husband loves Born shoes for work!

    Ps hope I win 🙂

  100. I love your blog and you in general. Your stories and post bring a smile to my face. Baby moons were not a thing when I had my babies but being a nanny to four littles now, I have had the opportunity to help expecting mama’s. I am blessed but oh how I would love the soft pink loaves. Honestly a true gift in deed. 🙋🏻‍♀️

  101. I love Born shoes and the Mai Easy sandals are adorable. Wearing a comfortable shoe is a must with having a bad back. Born has been a staple for me for several years. Also love your blog Ali.

  102. Love love love all the born shoes but especially like the sutra perf shoes in brown !! Thanks Ali for sharing with us !!! You are awesome !!!

  103. The neutral sandals are beautiful! Looks like you can dress them up or wear them casually! Perfect for packing on a trip!

  104. I love the MAI EASY sandal by Børn because they look so comfy and cute, but still very stylish. I need a good, reliable shoe for work. I love something that can be casual or fancy.

  105. Hi Ali,
    I love your blog!! And I love the Cayo Loafers in pink so cute and they look so comfy!! I listen to Kevin (and of cousin Val and Jill) every day on the radio and I watch you on Home and Family. I love all your tips on packing. You and your family bring joy to my every day.
    Thanks for taking the time to read this!!
    Mary Kay

  106. Love love love the mai easy!!! And you sweet girl. Yo make me smile every day. Your little Molly has so much life in her!!!

  107. Now that I’m a mom, I go for practical, comfy and cute. Those sneakers are perfect!!!! 😍 I would wear them all the time

  108. Hi Ali!

    First off, I hope you and Kevin get that babymoon! ❤

    The Mai Easy sandals look so comfortable and they’re super cute 😍 my kind of combo!

    Fingers crossed! Love following you ❤

  109. I love the mai easy sandal. They seem versatile and EASY 😉 Thanks for the giveaway.

    Your baby bump is so cute! When will you share if you’re having a boy or another girl?

  110. I hope you get to go on your babymoon!! I would really like the sandals. I live in the south and let’s face it, it is HOT down here. Sandals are the perfect go to for the beach, date night or anything you want to do!

  111. I love this post and all of your tips!

    Hard to choose but I love the neutral sandals the best. They look so comfy!

  112. I definitely agree with the “living in flats”! I have three boys (9, and 4 year old twins) so I am always on my feet and on the go!
    I love the neutral sandal because I live In Florida and can wear them practically year round!

  113. I really hope you get to go away soon. I personally love neutral sanders (my problem is wide feet. Other wise I do also like the loafers. I am not sure about my friend. She lives in Arizona and I am In the Boston area. Thank you for the packing tips. I am packing right now for TN. Can not wait to see your family grow, I am sure Molly will be a great big sister.

  114. I love the Mai Easy sandals! They are so cute and perfect for any outfit. I have been looking for new sandals, and those look so comfortable and stylish!

  115. I love the light pink loafers!! They look so comfortable and easy to slip on if you’re on the go! I need a new comfy pair of shoes to wear on air plane trips. 😉

  116. Ali I love the neutral sandals. When I was pregnant the only shoes I could wear was slippers and flip flops since I was 5 months pregnant. Now that I have had my sweet boy my feet don’t fit in any of my shoes lol. Still can only wear my slippers and flip flops. These sandals look so comfy but cute!! They would be the start of my new shoe collection that I need to start.
    I hope you figure out your baby moon!!

  117. I really need those Mai easy ones to finish my last two months of pregnancy! AND I’m on my feet all day teaching 6th graders so Born shoes are perfect for comfort and style.

  118. Love this! Love your giveaways! And LOVE your blog! I love the Mai Easy shoes because they look like a super comfy and versatile sandal!

  119. Thanks for the tips Ali! I always tend to over pack, but I do roll my clothes as well. Saves SO much room!….I do love the sandals but I would have to say the blush tennis shoes would be my favorite! I am more of a comfy casual type of girl so I know I would wear them ALL the time! 🙂 <3

  120. Hi Ali!
    I love your style so much and I would love a pair of the Mai Easy sandals. I’m from London, Ontario and we’ve had so much snow and cold weather lately so I am greatly anticipating our trip to Florida for a family trip at the end of the month. The Mai Easy sandals would be perfect for our Sanibel Island getaway and so I’m also going to tag my sister who is going with me as I know she would love a pair too.

  121. I love the strappy sandals because they are perfect for summer and go well with anything! I love Born shoes. They’re so comfortable!

  122. I love your blog. And definitely love the mai easy! The tip with rolling the clothes definitely helps I have used that
    So excited to find out the gender of the baby

  123. I honestly don’t think I can pick between the MAI EASY and the CAYO. So hard! They are both so cute!! I would be grateful for either! The Mai Easy reminds me of summer and I miss the warmth in this Nebraska cold!!

  124. Oh gosh! I cannot decide! I literally LOVE both! Love the slides because they would be amazing for a put together casual look for a mom of littles on the go! And of course, those sandals! It’s so tough to find a pair of cute flat sandals these days that are actually padded and go with everything. This is so important to me because I’m on my feet all day, but still want to look cute too without trading in style 😉 Thank you so much for doing this give away! I’ve really enjoyed fallowing your journey along the way and so appreciate all of the real life tips and budget friendly style inspiration! 💕

  125. Love the MAI EASY!! So adorable and look so comfy for travel! I’m also a wedding photographer (@hayleypethelphotography) and these would be perfect for summer weddings!!

  126. Love these packing tips. We are going to Europe soon to visit family so I will definitely be using them! I love the Mai Easy sandals and just know they would be perfect for my trip!

  127. Ali…I can’t even handle how gorgeous these shoes are! Picking just one favorite isn’t easy! I love Malena for how versatile they seem, Mai Easy for an amazing summer sandal, and Hazy for a perfect slip on. You are amazing!

  128. hiiiiiii Ali💛💛💛
    These are such cute shoes and the pink look so good on you and would love it, I love you and all your blog posts, you’re so pretty and i should stop talking now😭Ok bye love you💛💛💛

  129. I love the cayo slides! They look so easy and versatile. I love a pretty pair of shoes that I can just throw on. As mommas we always have our hands full and we are always running late (unfortunately) so these look perfect and easy! I love shoes that I don’t have to bend over to put on! Haha

  130. I love the light pink loafers! Cute color for spring! And I love a pop of color because I have a lot of black in my wardrobe ;). I’d love to win!!!!!

  131. Love the Cayo loafers !! Soft color and very versatile – plane, with shorts, sightseeing, shopping, with skirts – love these !!

  132. LOVE LOVE LOVE the light pink sneakers 💕 also…I’m 29 weeks pregnant today (with our first, a little girl) & totally understand the wanted to take a vacation! I wish we could have slipped away somewhere but never got around to it! Also…I’ve had some pretty bad breakouts during my pregnancy…they say you break out more when pregnant with girls because of all the extra hormones 😬💕

  133. I LOVE the Mai Sandals in tan! I live in south Texas, where it stays pretty warm year round. They are adorable and look extremely comfortable too!

  134. I love the mai easy sandal!!! I’m pregnant too and with a little one running around, COMFORT is key! But I also like to look semi fashionable! Thanks for your spirit and bright spot in the day! There is too much hate! Love you!

  135. All of the shoes are so fun! I’m always looking for fun, new, stylish shoes to wear out and about. And a bonus that they look SO comfortable, count me in!! I am so loving the Sunburst in the Blush Knit Fabric. They are absolutely adorable and you can style them with any piece of clothing which is perfect for on the go people like myself! Thanks for the blog Ali and introducing me to these awesome shoes!

  136. The mai easy sandals are looking like the popular choice and I can’t help but agree. So cute!

    I’m headed to Hawaii in May and these packing tips are awesome! Thanks so much and I always enjoy your blog posts <3

    And Hawaii is always a fun place to go for ANYthing to celebrat 🙂

  137. Such awesome tips. I always find myself over packing for trips! I love those loafers because they seem so versatile! I need more shoes like that because I always end up packing a billion and a half shoes so I’m not over or under dressed.

  138. I love the sunburst shoes! Super cute and look comfy!! Thanks for the tips! Just got home from my honeymoon and definitely way overpacked on shoes! 🤦‍♀️

  139. I love them all how is a girl to choose?! I love blush, so the light pink Cayo loafers jump out to me, but so do the Mai Easy sandals! The loafers I would dress down or up, depending on the occasion. The sandals are perfect for the upcoming spring/summer months and look super cute with the dresses you chose! Cayo was my first double take, so I choose Cayo for the versatility and longevity of wearing time since its cold in Minnesota! Thanks for the opportunity! My sister Jaime is a Born lover, so if chosen, my bestie, aka my twin, would get the second pair!

  140. I love the light pink loafers. They look so chic and sure do cover your feet when flying on planes, haha! They look incredibly comfortable and so cute!! Thank you for all of your helpful tips!

  141. I have a tie between the Cayos and the Mia Easy. Both are super cute, look comfortable, and easy to style as a busy mom.

  142. Hi Ali 🙂

    This post was so wonderful to read! Very helpful because i always overpack and don’t end up wearing it all. Looking forward to using your advice for my next trip (tbd with a little one not so easy).

    I love the BORN Mai easy sandals! The color is just perfect and can be worn with jeans, dresses, shorts you name it! Summer is right around the corner so i know my twin(bff) would also love those.


  143. I like the light pink CAYO loafers. They seem like they’d be pretty versatile…could use them to dress up an outfit a little bit or just go for a casual (yet comfy) look with them! Also, who doesn’t love pink?!?!?

  144. I loveeeee the mai easy sandals! Love something that is super versatile! Who has time to pick out a different pair of shoes with every outfit when you have a toddler?! Not me lol so these would go with so much!

  145. The loafers are my FAVORITE!! They’re so cute, and I’ve been looking for a stylish, modern, (& most importantly) comfortable pair that I haven’t found until now. Keeping my fingers crossed that I win the giveaway!!

  146. LOVING the Cato shoes in black! 🙌🏼 Such a classic piece of footwear to have in your closet and you can dress them up or down. I love shoes that I can wear to work then wear out that evening as well (plus a comfortable is a huge plus!)

  147. The neutral sandals are so cute. Perfect for Spring & Summer and can go with many different outfits! I don’t own any Born shoes but haveyeatd how amazing the are and would love to try them 😀

  148. I love the Mai Easy sandals. Living in Texas, it always gets so hot so it’s nice to have a little bit of airway to your feet!😊

  149. I love the pink sneakers ❤️ this is my first time looking at your blog and I love all the tips and beautiful honesty.


  150. Thank you for shining a little light on us today.

    Love lovedddd the packing tips. I’ll be putting them to use when I pack for my honeymoon this October. I hope to also pack the CAYO loafers. They would be perfect for casual and dressing up. So dang cute.

    P.S. hope you get that babymoon. 😉

  151. Thanks for the chance Ali! I love the pink flat ones that you are wearing!! I would love to wear them to work!!

  152. Ahh! I love all those shoes. Either the pink sneakers or the sandals, I’ve got a baby to run after so comfort is key!

  153. Hi Ali 💜
    I love the Mai Easy neutral sandals (size 8😉)

    Also, I believe in the law of attraction as well but never thought of it more than being my thoughts. I struggle with the single life and now that I read about making space in the closet and driveway…I’ll definitely be practicing that!

    Hope you get the vacation you’re dreaming of 😊


  154. I LUV the Born sandals! I luv, luv, luv sandals but sometimes they can be so hard on your feet because they don’t have the support that closed toes have. These are so supportive but more importantly STYLISH! They are not granny-ish like some supportive sandals. As a teacher on my feet all day I don’t want to compromise style for comfort when you can have it all!

  155. Hey Ali!!
    Love your style and Molly is just the cutest! I really love the sunburst sneakers you were wearing! Such a cute and comfy style which I always love 🙂 hope you get to go somewhere tropical! I’m on my honeymoon in Panama right now! So nice to get away 🙂

  156. I love the Mai Easy sandals! Those are adorable and would be perfect for my upcoming honeymoon where I’m also trying to pack super light and versatile!

  157. I love the neutral sandals! They look perfect for casual errands with jeans or brunch with a flowy dress ❤️

  158. I love the Mai neutral sandals! They are absolutely adorable and versatile! Another great thing is that they are flat! A must with two toddler boys to run around after!

  159. I love the Sunburst (light pink sneakers) you’re wearing!

    They look both cute and comfy. As a mother of 3 little kiddos and always running around comfort is so important but never without that stylish factor!

  160. I love the brown sandals! I have a little bit wider feet, so I’m not sure how they would look/fit but they look so comfy and like the perfect sandals to either wear casually or they would even look great with a little bit fancier sundress.

  161. @sarahnburkert is going to be a mommy for a second time! She deserves a free pair of shoes. I’d love to share. 😊 We’d love the Mai Easy sandals

  162. I’m in love with the pale pink loafers! One of my favorite colors and they look so comfy! I love that you can dress them up or down.

  163. Can I be honest and say that the name of the Mai Easy was one of the main draws..I can already picture myself walking around the pool with a tropical drink in hand! 🙂 Thanks for the packing tips. I’ll be putting these to use next week! (I do love the Cayo loafers too, so unique and beautiful! )

  164. Love love love the sutra perf. 😍 I am a shorty, so a little heel is what I’m all about. They would be perfect to pair with some of my teacher outfits!

  165. Hey ali!! Thank you for all the packing tips. I am hoping to go on a summer getaway! I really love the sunburst shoes you can either dress them up with a pair of jeans or a fancy dress or dress them down with a maxi dress or some leggings! And as a mom to a almost two year old im ALWAYS running around and these shoes look extremely comfortable☺

  166. Love them ALLLLL!!!!! But…. if I had to choose just one, it would be the Mai Easy Sandal💕
    Thanks Ali!!


  167. I love the Mai sandals! They are a great neutral color that would go with everything. They also look so youthful, carefree and fun!!

  168. I love you lady. This is my first ever post on someone’s blog. So I’m nervous but I had to write as I love your Facebook page. I love the pink loafers on you. Loafers to me resound fierce, elegant, chic, playful, and super comfortable all in one.
    I have two little girls and I completely fathom it when you say that packing is harder with kids. Before kids, my partner and I traveled around the world with one backpack. After our first, we managed to travel to Germany and India with two backpacks and didn’t check in any of those bags.
    I love love shoes and my 3 yr old loves shoes too. Crazy. I hope I win your shoes. Keep being fabulous!

  169. I love the Mai Easy sandals!! As a special education teacher, I need shoes that are stylish but practical in case I need to run!

  170. I love the Mai Easy tan sandals! They look so comfy and would be perfect for any occasion!

    Thank you for sharing! xo

  171. I love the sandals! I love that they go with everything! With spring and summer right around the corner, they’re the perfect accessory for a busy mom!

    I’ve never commented on your blog before, but I love reading it! You’re still my favorite bachelorette and I’ve always been a fan of yours! I love how real you are in your blogs and don’t make it seem like life is always perfect! Especially as a new mom it’s refreshing to read that other mom’s have rough/long day too and are open about it instead of just saying how great life is!

  172. I love your giveaways! Thank you Ali! And thank you for the packing tips! I have two trips coming up and this is so helpful! I love the light pink loafers!

  173. LOVE the Mai Easy sandal! I love sandals with a strap around the ankle, they’re cute and make them nice and secure for when I’m chasing my 1.5 year old around!

  174. My favorite shoes are the Cayo light pink loafers but both are super cute!They look like they’d go with a lot of my clothes, and love easy and comfortable shoes.
    Hope you get away and have a great vacation!👙🌴☀️

  175. I LOVE everything you are wearing (and packed!). I’m torn between the neutral sandals and the loafers. I wear flip flops everywhere/everyday so I immediately thought the sandals were a no brainer fav but I LOVE LOVE LOVE the pink slip on loafers. They are way different than I normally wear but they are so cute and can actually be very versatile. So I’m going with those as my favorite! Happy baby moon!!

  176. Love love love the sandals!!! They look super comfy and are definitely the perfect go-to shoe for spring and summer!

  177. I love the Mai Tai shoes! I live in Arizona- so I’m always looking for a cute pair of sandals to wear that is cute and versatile, but also has good support!

    Love your blog! 🙂

  178. Great tips. I also love to roll clothes. I’ve learned with kiddos if I pack the whole outfit in a gallon ziplock, it saves a LOT of time in the mornings, too! Love the Easy Mai. Go with everything!

  179. Love the sandles, Ali! I’m like you where I only bring a couple pair of shoes and those sandles are perfect for most occasions!

  180. The Cato loafer slides for sure because they’re so versatile and could be worn in no h tht spring and summer! And, I love the blush pink….such a fun neutral!

  181. I like the light pink loafers, because I am starting law school at Vanderbilt in the Fall and will need a staple loafer to wear with my black suits. The pink loafer will give my usual bland wardrobe, a pop of color and fun.

  182. I LOVE the MAI sandals. It can be hard to find a flat pair of sandals that are cute and also comfortable enough to wear over and over—these are perfect!!

  183. Oh this post is oh so relatable! But you should definitely do a baby moon/ 1st anniversary! We such had our second baby and personally I could never be prepared for the exhaustion- but sneaking some time in with my hubby when ever I can is the absolute best!!

    I love the mai easy sanders! They look so cozy yet so practical!

    Thank you for you constant joy and helpful tips to other mamas:)

  184. Hi! I love the Cayo loafers! So cute and easy to slip on. Perfect for traveling, light and easy to mix with every outfit.
    Love all your tip. Thank you

  185. I love the opal sandal/heal in nude!! I’m always struggling to find the perfect work shoe that is both comfy and cute! I think they would be the perfect little shoe to wear daily to work!!!

  186. Hey Ali! I love what you love and the affordability! I’m a physical therapist and I’m all for the comfort of the Born brand! My most comfortable wedges are Born because I can actually walk in them! Anyway I hope your pregnancy is going well and Molly is so adorable by the way. So I love your Born pink loafers the best because they look versatile and what an amazing spring color and these can be worn to work! (And perhaps happy hour so I’m not the awkward one to wear sneakers to the bar!) And I don’t have loafers! Rant over. Love ya Ali and love what you luv!

  187. I agree those Mai Easy sandals are so cute! I love the Sutra Perfs too! Being a short girl I could use some tall comfy Born shoes to stand in all day! I tagged my salon bestie on Instagram because we could both use comfortable shoes to stand in behind the chair all day. Thanks for the giveaway Ali!

  188. I love the sandals, but the loafers are so cute!!! I’ve been really trying to incorporate mules into my wardrobe! They always look adorable on other people!

  189. Hi Ali,

    I adore the Cayo loafers. They’re exactly what I’d put together with so many outfits. I’ve never worn this brand before. So, thank you for this wonderful post! Tips about travel and comfortable stylish shoes. 🙂

  190. Mai Easy sandal is super cute. I love wearing Born because they are stylish and cute and my feet love them as well. Talk about comfort.

  191. I love the CAYO loafers!! They look so cute and comfy! They would be perfect for spring. Such a great giveaway 😍

  192. Love the Mai Easy sandals! Like so many others, I was drawn in by the giveaway then ended up reading other blog posts. Thanks so much for doing this, and for having such a sweet presence online. ☺️

  193. I really hope you get to go on your babymoon! I love all the shoes but the CAYO loafers in light pink are my favourite! They’re so cute!

  194. I love the neutral sandals !! They would be so perfect for my honeymoon trip to Japan this spring. They can go with any of my outfits I plan to pack and will keep my feet happy with all the walking I’ll be doing. Also I need something stylish to compete with the Japanese fashion icons !!

  195. Not sure I can pull of loafers yet (though I wish I could)! I love the Mai sandals for a comfy, easy look.

    Lots of love from Cincinnati xo

  196. Love this! I just did a SoCal vacay in Newport! You should totally go there- great food and taking in the ocean breeze before it’s too hot! And the food in Newport is phenomenal! I love you in the soft pink loafers, the Cayos. I love a good loafer, my friends always tease me! My personal fav are the Sutra peep toe sling back heel, they are so in right now and perfect for date night.

  197. I think I like the pink sneakers the best because they look so comfortable and they’re the perfect “mom shoe” which I need!

  198. Love the pics and traveling advice! As a new mom, I also think comfort takes precedence over everything else. I am going to New York soon, and would love to win the sunburt sneakers because they look comfortable and fashionable. Hope you get your vacation soon!

  199. Hi Ali!
    I love following you! My favorite shoe is the Sunburst! ♡
    Good luck with your second pregnancy. You look great!

  200. I love the nude straps sandals. I love nude sandals they go with everything cute jeans or a dress or even sorts. Warm weather staple

  201. The loafers because I would wear those to work all the time when the weather is nicer!! Currently in Chicago and wearing boots for the foreseeable future but those are 😍

  202. Hey Ali, thanks for the travel tips! My favorite born shoes are the Mai easy neutral sandals! I live in Texas, so comfortable neutral sandals that go with everything would be a key item in my wardrobe for most of the year.

  203. I LOVE the pink loafers!! They are adorable and look so comfy AND are very versatile- can wear with so many different outfits!!!

  204. You’re adorable and you’ll always be my favorite bachelorette! I also love the MAI EASYs! I just moved to Hawaii for my fiancé’s job and I’ve been on the lookout for versitle sandals!

  205. I love the Malena in the Rosa color! It would go with everything, but also provide great support and comfort as I chase my 18-month old around the house 🙂

  206. Not only do I love your blog, but also your Instagram stories! I love how open and honest you are!!!

    Loving the Sunburst shoes! They would work great for my upcoming travels!

  207. Born shoes are the best! It’s a tough decision to choose between the two but I’m obsessed with the soft pink loafers. I love that they slip on and they’re just adorable! Thanks for the opportunity Ali!!!

  208. I really like the Mai Easy sandals! They are super cute and look really comfortable! I also like that they can be paired with many different outfits!

  209. LOVE, love, LUV the neutral sandals! You can wear them anywhere with anything! Dress them up for a summer wedding or down for a casual night on the town! UGHHHH so in LUV!! … also love the Mai Easy for their versatility! My sis and I are the same size (I tagged her in the post so we’d have a chance to win TOGETHER <3) so we can get one of each and share (LOL). Not only is winning together fun, but sharing is more fun! DOUBLE PRIZES 😉

  210. Hello Ali!! I love the light pink sneakers that you are wearing because I feel like you can wear them all year around. Living in Wisconsin, I tend to buy more cute sneakers.

    Ps. Best wishes as your are (soon to be) approaching the home stretch with your pregnancy!

  211. I totally love the mai easy sandals!! They look so comfortable and universal!! I’d wear them with anything and everything!

  212. Loving the Mai Easy sandals 💓 It pretty much goes with anything and being 5’10, I’m always on the lookout for flat chic shoes that are comfortable to wear all around the city.
    Little videos like the one above compliments your blog perfectly 😊

  213. I definitely love the sandals! They are super cute and perfect for the warmer weather that is coming fast. These would be perfect for a business casual outfit or a good addition to some summer dresses!

  214. I’m in love with the light pink sunburst sneakers. They are both adorable and comfy. Honestly I wish they made kids shoes because I would totally get a matching pair for my daughter Peyton (she a few months older than Molly). There is something so fun about matching mommy and daughter outfits or shoes. Plus I love the blush color. Being military we don’t always get to be girly so I take any opportunity I can to be feminine and flirty with my wardrobe. Thanks for being so honest in your blog. I know I appreciate knowing other moms have the same challenges, joys, trials, confusion that I often feel. Blessings on your expanding family. 😘

  215. Love the Mai Easy in tan! They are stylish yet look comfortable (which is a must with a 3 year old and a newborn in a few months!)

  216. I’m an Arizona girl and we do Summer 10 months out of the year! Your Mai Easy Sandler’s are adorable and perfect! Thanks for all the travel tips! Celebrating out 10 year anniversary this summer and totally using these tips!!!

  217. I love born. They are my favorite shoe company. I have really wide feet so it’s hard for me to find good shoes. The loafers are my favorite in this post! Perfect for travel!
    Thanks Ali!

  218. I love the Born Neutral Sandal!! I think that it’s perfect shoe for on the go, you can dress it up or you dress it down. It’s practical for this busy mom. (:

  219. I love the Cayo loafers. I just had a baby girl 11 weeks ago and they’d be great for the rest of my maternity leave and when I go back to the office. Have a fun baby moon!

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  222. The Maui Easy neutral sandals are my favorite. They are really similar to the Børn sandals I wore for my wedding (but those were white)!

  223. I love the Cayo light pink loefers the best. I can’t get enough “blush” color this spring & mules are my favorite type of shoe. Born shoes are so comfortable.

  224. I love you and molly you guys always brighten my news feed. Thanks so much for always sharing your stories and fashion sense. I love those neutral sandals. Post shared 😀

  225. I love the sandals because you can dress them up or down! And they have the ankle strap to keep them as simple as can be.

  226. Those Born sandals look SO comfortable and I would love to have a pair! They would especially be convenient when running after my two little girls (3 years old and 10 months old). ❤️❤️

  227. I love the Mai Easy because they seem like they would go with pretty much everything on the weekend from jeans to a cute skirt.

  228. I love your blogs! Thank you for the giveaway! The pink sneakers are my favorite because they are stylish, comfy, and casual. That’s what I need in my life 😉

  229. Love the Mai Easy sandal! We are leaving next month for a trip to Disney and it seems like the perfect, versatile shoe to wear with everything.

  230. LOVE a the Mai Easy sandal!!! I don’t have good summer sandals. I need a pair and only like ones with straps (I have sweaty feet- I know GROSS!) would love to have a pair!!!

  231. Ali I’m Going to have to say the sandals are my favorite your wearing. I don’t know how anyone pulls of loafers. YOU GO GIRL!!!! I really like this idea of leaving space for it and it will happen

  232. Those CAYO loafers are SO cute! I have a very on the go job so I am definitely going to check these out!!!

  233. Those loafers are great!! I’ve been looking for a good pair too. I can be somewhat casual at work, but I think these will help keep my casual look a little more polished. Thanks for sharing!! xo

  234. Love you, your family, & your blog! I have an 8 month year old little girl, Eloise, and love your product tips and real life Mom vibe!

    Thanks for the giveaway, I LOVE the Mai Easy sandals and would love to win a pair!

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  236. Thank you Ali, I really like them all but of course I need the comfortable one, especially since I have a disabled 9year old who I have to carry several times, and I go to college.

  237. I love Born shoes! I’m a new momma who just returned to work, and this is one of the only brands I can wear all day wherever I go (around the office, day care pickups, and running errands)! I love the loafers you featured in this post – you can never go wrong with a good pair of loafs!

  238. We have a trip to California planned in April and I’m looking for a comfortable, yet stylish pair of sandals to wear to be able to chase my 19 month old toddler around and explore all day! The Mai Easy sandal looks perfect 👌🏻 💗

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  240. I love the Mai Easy! They are so cute and can be thrown on with just about any outfit I feel like. They would be easy to wear to dress an outfit up or down.

  241. I loved the pink loafers! I’m a teacher and having shoes that are comfortable AND stylish are a MUST! Thank you putting out positive light and energy in the wake of a tragedy! As a teacher it is terrifying knowing that this event could have been my kids. We’re making extra meaningful music together today in the choir classroom! Xoxo

  242. The Cayo Loafers are my fav! I love that they can be dressed up or down and still look CLASSY! Crossing my fingers for a win, this mama could use some new shoes. Since I have two littles who need help with their shoes, it would be nice if mine were easy slip ons! 🙂

  243. I would love to win the shoes except that I would want share them with my 2 best friends my sisters. I don’t want a pair. I rather they get them. My middle sister and I didn’t always see eye to eye. But as the years have passed she is my best friend and I can share anything with her. My little sister (17) years younger has a 4 year old and 1 year old. And need all the help she can. I love her my other best friend.

  244. Oh my goodness I love them all! I think the Mai Easy is my favorite…so cute to go with spring and summer dresses! Also great to chase after my littles!

  245. The blush Sunburst sneakers are absolutely adorable! I have to be on my feet and ready to go at my job so these look super comfy to me! Thanks for this giveaway Ali!

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    Thank you for giving your fans a chance to win stylish apparel, even fans all the way up in Canada, eh! 😊

  249. Those pink sneakers are so cute! And perfect for being comfortable while pregnant and postpartum. I’m pregnant with my second baby too (two under 18 months, pray for me😂) and I think comfortable shoes will be a necessity!

  250. I’m a 26 year old full time nanny and I’m always looking for cute comfy shoes to wear to work, I need comfort and durability but I still want to be fashionable also! I love your style and I love the mai easy sandals!
    Thank youuu, Sam

  251. Hi Ali!
    You look super adorable in each of the shoes!! I love them all but my favorite would have to be the Mai Sandal! Living in Southern California you can easily get away with wearing a sandal pretty much year round!

  252. My sister Kelly and I are HUGE fans of You, Molly, Kevin, and Owen!! We can’t wait to see the new baby!!! We both love the Mai Easy Sandals, could use for my sis’ bachelorette in Disney World! xoxoxoxo

  253. In love with the Mai Easy sandals!! I’ve been wearing Allbirds recently because they’re the most comfortable shoes for my long days working at an SF startup, but with warmer weather ahead I’d LOVE to add a pair of these to my daily wardrobe to stay comfy but cute! I had a pair of Born boots a few years ago but they got worn out from how much I wore them 😳 Thanks so much for the chance to win this giveaway!! Also loving your rose gold suitcases 😍

  254. I love the Mai Easy Sandal!!! They’re so cute but look so comfortable so you don’t have to give up cute for comfort, which often times is what happens! I live in San Diego so I am always in sandals, but chasing after little ones means I need something super comfortable!!

  255. I love the mai easy sandal!! Super cute and so versatile! My husband and I are going to Mexico next month and these would be perfect for our trip!!

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  258. I could dieeee over the sunburst shoes! I love a good stylish “sneaker” that you can either dress up or down, depending on the outfit. They are so versatile and go with pretty much anything. Plus, those are adorable! Would love to have a pair!

  259. Thanks for the tips!! Love the neutral sandal..I hate full shoes and socks..wish it was sandal weather all the time!

  260. Hey Ali! I hope you and Kevin are able to sneak away on your babymoon! 🌴🍹👙 As for your giveaway I love the Mai sandals they look so versatile and comfortable!

  261. I seriously love all of your outfits and tips! They’re the best ever. I also love watching you on home and family! The loafers are absolutely adorable and perfect for spring days but the neutral sandals are my favorite! They’re so cute, can go with almost anything and can be worn all year round here in sunny San Diego!

  262. I love the Mai easy sandal. A nice neutral sandal is so easy to dress up or down and it is a great asset when the sandal is as comfortable as it is stylish. I also love the sandal because I am ready for spring and summer weather!!❤️

  263. I feel like you can’t go wrong with any of these shoes! I’m loving the pink sneakers! I’ve been DYING to find a cute pair of neutral sneakers to walk in! I want to keep them separate from my athletic sneakers because, let’s face it, fashionable athletic sneakers are hard to come by.

    Thanks for the giveaway, you’re such a doll!

  264. Love your blog and my favorite shoes are the CAYO loafers in soft pink. They are the perfect color and look really comfy. Perfect for chasing after my toddler!

  265. Ali – I’ve been following you for a little while now since you’re pals with my pal Ashley 😍 I love your joy for life and how you share it with the world! This post is so fun especially for the giveaway! I love the Mai Easy sandals 😉. Thanks for your generosity!

  266. I love all those packing tips! My husband and I are moving to Atlanta Georgia for the summer for summer sales and we can only really bring a couple suitcases!

    My favorite Born shoes are the neutral sandals.

  267. I love the sandals! It’s so hard to find sandals that are comfortable for all day wear and go with some many outfits

  268. Loving the light pink sneaker! Something about wearing a sneaker energizes me and makes me way more productive than if I were in a sandal or flip flop. Don’t know what it is, but I love it! (Not to mention, it’s my all time favorite color!😉)

    Many blessings to you and your sweet family! -Christina Batson

  269. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Mai Easy! They are adorable and look sooooo comfy! Nothing better than some comfy sandals! I tagged my friends and told them to “like” your pages and tag me back! 🤗❤️👞👠👟

  270. Ali I love your blog!! I love those MAI Easy sandals! I live in Sandals when it’s warm enough and I love when they are comfy and can go with any outfit! 😍

  271. The soft pink loafers are my favorite! Not only they look extremely comfortable, but I also feel it gives a classic look to a comfortable laid-back outfit!

  272. I love the light pink loafers you’re wearing! They’re so versatile, adorable for spring, and they look so comfy!!
    Haven’t quite jumped on the loafer train yet, but these would definitely get me there!

  273. I love the light pink sneakers because I wear sneakers all the time! I’m always looking for a super comfortable sneaker that is soft and not hard on your heals! ☺️

  274. Love the neutral sandals!! Easy to pair with jeans or dresses! Also, I love you and think you’re wonderful!!

  275. Love the sandals or the loafers! I have a nerve injury from childbirth and just had to sell all of my heels 🙁 On the hunt for great flatter shoes!

  276. I love the Malena loafers in blush! Mom if 4 here who needs to keep things simple, but also fashionable! They’re so cute…and might motivate me to make it out of the house on a date with my husband or a night out with friends. I could use that!

  277. I LOVE those born slides/loafers! 😍 so casual and perfect for spring! Can totally be worn with cropped jeans or a cute dress! I’m obsessed!

  278. You are awesome and I love watching your stories and reading your blog. As a full time working mom with 2 girls life is busy. I love the Mai Easy Sandals. I hope I win!

  279. Seriously love those neutral sandals but the loafers are really cute too. My mom always wore/wears born shoes so to be quite honest, I never gave them a second look because I didn’t think they offered cute shoes like these. I’ll have to try them out. Hopefully I win!

  280. All your looks are so cute! Thanks for the packing advice because I’m the worst. If I’m going on a week trip, I swear I bring a months worth of clothes and shoes! 😬

    The Mai Sandals are gorgeous! Would love those!

  281. I love the light pink loafers! I am headed to California in a few weeks and could really use a pair of cute spring shoes! I also love your style.

  282. Gorgeous pictures and helpful travelling advice, Ali. Ah, I really love these shoes! Never heard of the brand before but they look like a perfect combination of comfy, cute, and classy! <3

  283. Gorgeous pictures and helpful travelling advice, Ali. Ah, I really love these shoes! Especially the CAYO soft pink loafers. Never heard of the brand before but they look like a perfect combination of comfy, cute, and classy! <3

  284. Great packing advice! Love the mai sandals and the pink loafers! I have a two week trip I’m prepping for in April and the shoes are always a struggle! Live your blog and your style!

  285. I love the Mai easy sandal because they are easy to dress up or down! Also, I live in Texas so sandals are a must!!

  286. I love the pink loafers!! They look soooo comfy and are more professional than a simple sandal. Perfect for work!

  287. Thanks for your packing tips Ali!!!…..🤔hmmmm…such a hard decision!! I love my Born shoes!!😍. I would love to get the Sunburst sneakers in blush. 🤞🏻

  288. I love them all!! But if I had to pick, I’d say I love the loafers most! I need a good pair of close toed shoes and these look so comfy 💕

  289. Love the Mai easy sandals 😍 I have not yet tried sandals like them but am trying to be brave and step our of the box! ☺ You can wear them anywhere!

  290. Love the MAI EASY in brown and black! Cute, fashionable, practical and comfortable too! So many sandals are not supportive but these look like they’d be!

  291. CAYO loafers! They’ll hide my nasty toes without making my pregnant feet too hot haha. So classy and nice!

  292. Definitely mai easy scandals! They are so cute and seem to go well with everything!

    Love your post about traveling! I will be going away next week too! Can’t wait!!

  293. Love your blog and I also love the Born Pink Sneakers!! They are cute and I’m sure super comfortable! I have tons of Born shoes and they are the best!!

  294. The Mai easy sandals! I’m trying to win these for my sister who is the mom of my two beautiful nieces. She is doing me a huge favor by helping me move across the country. We are taking the kids on this road trip so it would be really nice to have easy and comfortable shoes to bring with us. Thank you!

  295. The Mai Easy sandals in tan are my fav! 😍 they would go with so many different outfits. You could dress them up or down & we all need that pair that you can dress up or down 😉

  296. Hi Ali,
    I love the MAI EASY sandal. It looks easy (no pun intended lol), comfy, and stylish!! I’m trying to rebuild my shoe supply as they have all perished after giving birth! Who knew I would go up half a size! 🤷🏻‍♀️ Being that my daughter is 3 months old, mama is needing some new sandals in her life for the upcoming Spring & Summer to walk all over NYC.

  297. I love the CAYO loafers! They are so versatile! Not only are they perfect for vacation but they can definitely be worn at the office as well.

  298. I absolutely love the Mai Easy sandals. They’re super cute and look so comfortable. I would definitely wear them a lot here inFlorida. Have fun on your vacay.

  299. Hi Ali,
    I just wanted to let you know that I had enjoyed the video and I hope you plan on doing more.

    Thanks so much for putting together your blog. I always look forward on keeping up with your choice of fashion and reading all that you share on your life and family.
    Thanks for letting me in. 🙂

    Stay safe,
    Be blessed,


  300. This guy was very careful to protect himself from suffering any public humiliation – he first contacted Lauren, who most likely assured him she’d take him back, and only afterward he broke off his engagement to Becca. I guess he was so concerned with protecting himself, he had no thought left to spare on Becca’s humiliation at his hands.

    One has to wonder how differently things would’ve played out had Lauren not given him any positive assurance.

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