Dress up with Molly – Pink or Blue? What do YOU think?!

I’m super excited about today’s blog post for two reasons. One, the dress I’m wearing is only $20! Can you believe that?! I feel like it’s so beautiful and an absolute steal at only $20. And two, I just completely adore this set of photos of me and Molly. My amazing photographer actually captured some of the sweetest moments between us and these are memories and photos I’ll cherish forever! The second picture of Molly below is one of my favorite ever! She just looks like a sweet little angel! If I ever get to meet an angel one day, I’d imagine they’d look something like her in that photo 😉

Anyway, let me tell you about this dres – Pink and Blue!s! I want to start off by saying I absolutely love it and think it is so gorgeous for a $20 dress. However, I want to be realistic with all of you guys and honest about some of the challenges of the dress. First, I did have to put double stick fashion tape on my shoulders to keep it in place. It’s hard to explain but it kept sliding forward on my shoulders and I need it to stay put. But for $20 I don’t mind using a little fashion tape when I wear it. Also, please know that the fabric is very thin. I personally felt the need to wear a slip underneath it to make sure it wasn’t sheer. But in general, if you don’t already own a good quality slip to wear underneath your clothes that are on the sheer side, then I definitely recommend investing in one. You’ll find yourself using it again and again with different dresses. I know I do with mine!

But other than that, I think this dress is worth every penny of the $20 I spent on it! The details on the sleeve are just so beautiful. I posted a close-up picture of the sleeve below so you can see for yourself. It only comes in one size so if you’re on the petite side it might be too big for you. But I love it because it’s not maternity but obviously works great with my bump. I got it from Shein. I’ve written about this website before and I always warn you guys that I don’t recommend buying anything that I haven’t reviewed for you myself! Just because I can’t speak to the quality of all the clothes, I can only speak to the quality of things I review on here. And I will say that I have had a few misses in the past. But if you go to the search bar on the right hand side bar of my website and search Shein you will see all my posts from them and hopefully be able to order multiple things if you decide to get this dress! It’s a good way to save on shipping. (If you’re reading this on your mobile phone the search button is at the bottom when you scroll down.)

And how adorable is Molly‘s little dress?! As soon as I saw it online I knew I had to get it for her! I honestly don’t even have anywhere planned for her to wear it right now. She’s wearing a size 18 months and she’s 19 months old so the sizing is pretty perfect.

Anyway, I just want to share the super cute pics with you guys and share details on these two dresses since I think they’re both just perfect! Also I’m just now noticing that her dress is blue and my dress is pink! Boy or girl?! What do YOU think we are having?! We plan to announce soon! Hopefully 😉

Oh my gosh! And Happy Valentine’s Day! I love you all and you are all my Valentine’s!




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48 thoughts on “Dress up with Molly – Pink or Blue? What do YOU think?!

  1. Looks so cute but not surprised you had to work with the dress a good bit. I bought the white with navy striped shirt you linked to and was pretty disappointed. The elbow patches were no where NEAR your elbow and it was way longer in front then back! So cute ideas, poor execution.

    1. Ohhh bummer! Really? I’m sorry to hear that. I have that top and LOVE it. Elbow patches are quite at my elbows but I think that’s the style and I like it. But the front isn’t longer than the back. I wonder what happened. Did you reach out to the company?

      1. I ordered the shirt as well and I absolutely LOVE it …such a steal for 10 bucks! I would try again and reach out or order another one!

        1. Oh good! I am so happy to hear this Alli! Thank you for sharing. I’m glad you love the one you got!

          But still bummed for you Lindsey. Maybe it was a one-off mistake?

          1. I got two!! One in black and the exact same. I don’t mind the elbow patches being off but the front being longer makes it hard to wear. Maybe I should ask the company?

  2. Two pretty Angels.
    Love the sleeves on your dress, Ali & Molly’s dress with the matching ‘bloomers’ is darling.
    ❤ Happy Valentine’s day

  3. You should check out Jane.com. They have a lot of cute things from different boutiques that are always on sale or sold at a cheaper price! Love the adorable pics!

  4. You two are so cute! May I ask what type of slip you wear? I always have trouble with finding the right kind. TIA!

    1. I wish I knew where I got mine. It doesn’t even have a tag in it so I cna’t look. I think I must have cut it out! But I’ve had it for soooo long that it’s getting a bit worn out so maybe I will look for a new one that’s great and blog about it! Thanks for the idea!

      1. Yes, please refer to post. I have gotten a few things that weren’t up to par in my book. The quality of this dress is similar to Forever 21. It’s not the best quality of course, but it’s worth $20! And the sleeve details are so good for the price!

  5. love this dress with a bump. I have been looking for a dress for my baby shower and like this one. but I will be 30 weeks at that time. do you think it would still work with a bump that big? also did you size up to accommodate the bump? thanks!

    1. Yes it will FOR SURE work all the way up to 40 weeks!!! Unless you are super tall. Meaning like 6’3″ or something. Then it might be short.

      And it only comes in one size. You’l just have to use the double sided tape and a slip like I described above.

  6. You both look so beautiful! Molly is seriously the cutest little girl! I love reading your blog, Ali. Thank you for being so honest, open, positive and inspirational. I look forward to reading your blog every day:) This is off topic, but I’m wondering if you can do blogs on the following? Molly’s favorite toys (by age range), how to take great pictures with your toddler (I mean, how in the world do you always get such awesome pics of Molly standing still and even looking at the camera?!), and a sleep training follow up (I’m currently failing miserable at sleep training my 14 month old daughter). I’d love to hear your thoughts!

    1. Hey Becky! Thank you so much for reading my blog! I din’t really have a follow up to sleep training since Molly hasn’t had any issues (expect a quick regression that she worked through on her own in a few days) so I don’t have anything to share really. But check out my posts on sleeping training that I’ve already done! They might help! Good luck luv!

      And I LOVE the idea about how to take great picture with your toddler. I will do that post for sure! Thank you for the idea!

  7. I’m guessing a boy! I know a ton of people (myself included) that are due in Spring with girls. There’s gotta be some boys out there to even things up 🙂

  8. I totally think you will be having another girl! Do you already know what it is? Or will you be finding out the same time you announce it?

  9. I guess GIRL! because I feel like you’ve been doing a lot of pink/blush color on your blog. Perhaps a foreshadow?? Either way– super excited for you and big sister Molly!

  10. Happy Valentine’s Day! Adorable dress, dress color, baby bump, and Molly!

    What are your thoughts on Bachelor Winter Games?? One thing that has irked me over time is how xenophobic / borderline racist / ignorant Chris Harrison can be. This was apparent last night (saying there is “some odd version” of himself in different countries, calling Bibiana “fiesty” and the other anchor saying “no one wants to mess with her”). He always seems to caricature the Hispanic contestants as the “spicy” ones. The way a lot of Rachel’s season was covered was questionable too, even though it was “historic” for having a black lead and more black contestants than usual.

    Speaking of Rachel’s men, I was SO sad to see Eric go! He is literally the sweetest guy in the whole franchise!! What gives?? Did women think he was still in love with Rachel? I do not understand why he was voted off.

    I also really feel bad for the girl from Japan. I could not imagine being on a TV show where I do not speak the language! Can someone get her an interpreter so she can have meaningful conversations with these guys? Poor girl! I would feel so lost if I were her.

    1. Hi Alex! I didn’t watch last night so I can’t speak to what you are saying. But I will say that I do think Bibianna is feisty based on what I’ve seen of her on the Bachelor! Don’t you?! But I love that about her!

      I’ll try to watch it and blog when I can

    2. I heard that she has an interpreter on the show who’s always with her, I guess we just don’t get to see him/her on the show. And Yuki is so adorable and hilarious, I think she will 100% be the fan favorite, and the whole cast seems to love her! So i wouldn’t feel bad for her 🙂

  11. Hmmmm boy or girl?! I was never great at guessing my own! I just found out I’m having baby girl #3, and I was actually sure I was having boy. Go figure! I guess we’ll be a real “girl family” with three princesses! 🙂 If I had to guess I’d say girl but like you said- it’s 50/50! Can’t wait to hear! Don’t keep us waiting too long! 😘

  12. These are such sweet pictures Ali! I absolutely love mother daughter dress days. I hope you all had a Happy Valentine’s Day! For some reason I think you are having another girl but I know that a happy and healthy baby is all you need. 😀 Thank you as always for making your blog so much fun to read and for all the great fashion and momma advice!

  13. Dear Ali
    Love your blog and your many comments.
    I am a grandmother and enjoy looking the part of a real motivated and groovey one. Up and about almost everyday and you clearly are an inspiration! Keep us smiling and youthful. A senior reader Karen

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