Molly’s Pool Day

Happy Sunday everyone! Earlier this week, Molly really wanted to get in the pool. Or at least I thought she did. So I put her in this cute blush swimsuit, lathered her up with sunscreen, lathered my big old pregnant belly with sunscreen and started to heat up the pool. Yes we live in Southern California and it was really nice last week but the pool still wasn’t quite warm enough.

So anyway, after doing the whole routine of getting everyone ready, all she wanted to do was go outside and look at the pool and blow on it. Ha! She’s at a stage right now where she’s obsessed with saying everything is hot and insisting on blowing on it to cool it down. She especially loves telling you that the fireplace and candles are hot. She also likes to tell you that all food is hot and you must blow on it (even if it’s ice cold). It’s pretty adorable. But her cuteness went to a whole other level when she was trying to cool down the pool by blowing on it even though the water was actually pretty cold. I think it’s because I told her we had to wait to go in until the water warmed up and got hotter. But even after it was warm, she didn’t want to get in and just wanted to walk around the pool telling me how hot it was. It was pretty stinking adorable and I got some really cute photos out of it! So I think it was a pretty successful pool day after all!


Her super cute swan swimsuit is from Nordstrom (She’s in a size 2T so I think you can size up in this). You can shop it by clicking any of the photos on this post. But I also want to share some of my other favorite swimsuits for toddlers from Nordstrom because they have so many cute ones right now! I want Molly to have a few for the summer (obviously none of the ones she wore last summer fit her anymore) so I’m thinking about picking out one from below as well. But they’re all so cute that I just can’t choose! Which one is your favorite?! Help me pick!

These are the suits I’m trying to choose from!

Hope you guys love these picks of Molly as much as I do!


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14 thoughts on “Molly’s Pool Day

  1. So cute! My son is now 13 but his first word was hot! He was also obsessed with things that were hot. We made him a “hot book” that he loved. Just a little photo album with pictures of things around the house that are “hot” (coffee pot, stove, candle, etc.) and he was in a lot of the pictures too! We still have that book 😊

  2. Great idea about the ‘hot book’ I can’t decide which swimsuit is more adorable…I’d buy them both!
    Nice to see Owen 🐶 can he have an extra treat today or does he still have to shed a few lbs? ☺

    1. Oh man! That’s chilly! We are lucky here in SoCal in the Winter (it’s especially warm where I live), but not so much in the summer when it 115 degrees!

  3. Hi Ali,

    All the baby suits are so cute. Based on my grandma experience, I’d pick the first suit: 2 piece (great for toddlers who are in the midst of potty training and have to “go” real often); and the long sleeves protect more skin so less lathering up and UV exposure.

  4. All cute swimsuit choices, but the two-piece is definitely easier as we’ve gone through potty training. Also love the long sleeves adding a little extra protection for your sweet girl. My four year old “big girl” saw Molly is her swimsuit and said, “That baby is so darling!” They honestly grow up too fast!

    1. You and Sherry (above) both mentioned potty training! SO smart! Thanks for the advice! And that is too cute of your little girl!

  5. Oh my, she is so adorable, Ali! I wish we had such winter weather here (Norhern Italy).. but it’s rain and snow instead 🙁
    I looove the striped bathing suit, so cute!!

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