My Sweet Husband

Hey loves! I can’t believe we’re already just a few days away from Valentine’s Day! The fact that it’s almost mid-February is blowing my mind. Mostly because our little baby is due in May and the months just seem to be flying by! I need time to slow down! Don’t we all 😉

Anyway, I wanted to share this super cute video with you guys today because I’m just so proud of my husband! He sat down with Taye Diggs to talk family, love and Valentine’s Day. As you guys know, I work for Hallmark Channel on Home & Family so I was proud when they asked him to talk with Taye on behalf of Hallmark Signature cards. I love being part of the Hallmark family and now Kevin is part of it too!

Watch the video below to see the advice that Taye gave Kevin.

Also, I have to share the cutest thing that Kevin did for me. He was so inspired by his conversation with Taye, that after he left he went straight to the store and got me flowers, cupcakes and not 1 but 4 Hallmark Signature cards!!! And there was a sweet note in each one of them. But they weren’t all from him! One was from him, one was from Molly, one was from Owen and one was from our baby to be. How he got a 19-month-old, a dog, and a baby in utero to write on cards is beyond me. He he 😉

When I walked in the door from work and saw what he set up, I seriously think that might’ve been the hardest I’ve ever “happy-cried” in my life (besides maybe our wedding). It was just the sweetest thing ever! The dinosaur one was from Owen because he thought an animal should give me an animal card. Too cute! And for real, these are the most gorgeous cards I’ve ever seen! The designs quite literally pop off the page.

Anyway, I’m just so proud of him so I wanted to share his interview with Taye Diggs and gush about the incredibly sweet thing he did for me when he got home. Like I said in my Instagram post, feel free to tag the men in your lives on that post to give them a subtle hint on how to step up their Valentine’s Day game! I think both of these amazing men agree that a hand written note (or even poem!) on a beautiful card is the way to go! It means so much more than any material gift!

Hope you all have a wonderful Valentine’s Day! You’re all my Valentines!!! xoxo

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31 thoughts on “My Sweet Husband

  1. Loved the video! Such a cute story, too. I love how positive your blog is and how you always have something uplifting to share. Even if it’s just a fashion post, you always project an upbeat attitude, and it really makes me glad that this blog is one of my morning reads! Such a good way to start the day!

    1. Kate – I can’t even tell you how much it means to me that you come to my blog every morning to see what I’ve posted! Honestly. I work hard to update it almost everyday and people like YOU make it worth it. Thank you thank you thank you!!!!!! xoxo

  2. I always look forward to reading your blog too! It’s part of my morning routine at work 🙂 Which usually leads to online shopping at work, Lol!

  3. Super sweet! Love the photos too! And I have to say that I too check your blog daily to see what’s new! It’s even become a frequently visited site on my phone so that I can easily access it 🙂 Your posts are great and light and enjoyable to read every time- keep them coming! I’ve been a long time fan since your days on the bachelor and it’s so nice to see you growing your family and spending it with a wonderful man by your side! Enjoy each moment! 😘

  4. Love love love this!! How sweet of him! Beautiful photos, Your little family is so adorable and very blessed ❤️❤️ love your blog!

  5. i check your blog every morning as well and have purchased a ton of the outfits that you post! 🙂 glad you’re so open with everything that you’re feeling and things going on in your life!

    1. AGREE!!!! That’s exactly what I thought. Kevin just so happened to go out and buy cards because it was his own idea?! Um. Nope. We all know it was part of the gig.

      1. I’m so tired of getting sucked into these ads. I too fell for it but won’t again. Going to Hallmark for a card is not something I need an ad to remind me to do like it’s a brainstorm idea.

        1. Sorry you guys feel that way! KEVIN FOR REAL DID THIS! And it was super sweet. Just because he worked for Hallmark for the day (who is also my employer so I’m talking abut a company I love and care for), doesn’t make it less sweet. I’m proud of him and proud to support his interview!

          1. Go get them Ali! He is a super sweet guy(I always hear him talking about you on Valentine in the morning) and your blogs are great!! Keep up the amazing work!

  6. Hi Ali
    I’ve been reading your ‘blog’ for awhile now & I really enjoy it! I love all the photo’s & your fashion tips! I like that you are so honest & down to earth about your own feelings, too.
    I feel we are friends. 🙂
    Kevin is a sweetheart & his love/thoughtfulness & sincerity shows.
    He reminds me of my best friend, Trevor who always does his best to show & tell me that he loves me & always has my best interests in his heart.
    (I don’t even mind that sometimes his hair is a bit of a mess—it’s just ‘him’)
    Happy early Valentines Day!

    1. We ARE friends! I mean that. This blog is a place where I really feel like I have this big extended family that I can reach out to for advice and count on for support. I LOVE you guys!

  7. So sweet, Ali. You have such a nice family, and even though we obviously don’t know you, this blog really does bring us closer to you. Checking your blog everyday to see if there’s a new post had that lovely feeling, like when you’re expecting a letter or a postcard from a friend and keep checking the letter box. Thank you for letting us into your life 🙂

    1. Thanks Chiara! It brings me closer to all of you as well. I rad all the comments and try to respond to each one. I feel like we are a big family 🙂 And it means so much that you enjoy what I do here! Thank you!

  8. Yes, she happens to work for Hallmark which she is very upfront about but the inspiration came from the interview. Let’s be honest can’t we all use a little inspiration in our lives. Thanks Ali for sharing yours.

  9. The thing is, we are watching these people exclusively through the filter of Kevin’s memories, with all his biases. So Winnie is soft as a melting marshmallow because that’s how Kevin sees her. Keren is an overcompensating hippie because Kevin remembers her that way. And Mrs Arnold might be sexy, for all we know, but Kevin won’t see her like that, so nor shall we.   Kevin Arnold flanked by best pal Paul and marshmallow Winnie.   Almost three decades ago, when I first watched The Wonder Years, my empathy resided almost exclusively with Kevin.

  10. Life gets tough as you age…can’t believe I’m nearing 49. Bigger issues with teenagers. I truly enjoy seeing your growing family. It reminds me of my earlier years with little ones of my own. Those are the best years!! Thanks for sharing! I’m always smiling when I see little Molly! My daughter and I adore her!!

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