The Bachelor – Arie is REALLY confusing me

I hate even saying this because I do like Arie, but he reeeeally upset me last night. Rather than just jumping into it, let’s start from the beginning of the episode…

Lauren’s Date

Lauren wasn’t even on my radar as somebody that might end up with Arie. I thought the fact that she got her 1-on-1 date so late in the season meant for sure he couldn’t be that into her. But Arie continues to throw me off. I’ve talked about this before and it’s so hard for me to tell who he’s really into because he kisses each girl so passionately. It doesn’t seem like one kiss means anymore than the next, which I find very interesting, but also kind of disturbing. I can’t imagine what his fiancé must think watching the show back. Every kiss is so passionate! But right at the beginning of his date with Lauren he told her he had been saving this date for her. I find that very interesting. I wonder if he really had been saving the date for her or if he had JUST realized she was somebody he was interested in so he wanted to make her feel special. I also have a hard time believing he was saving the date for her because when I was the Bachelorette, I didn’t even know what dates were coming up! I was kept in the dark. Sometimes the producers would tell me a special date was coming up so I could give it to someone who I was really into. But for the most part, I certainly didn’t know all the dates at the beginning of the season. I found out at the beginning of each week or even the beginning of each day. Maybe things have changed in the franchise, it has been over 8 years since I was on the show. But still, I kind of feel like Arie just said that to make her feel special since he is now realizing that she’s someone he’s really into.

Obviously the whole first half of their date was extremely boring. They barely spoke and I honestly thought she would be going home. But at the dinner portion of their date, it was obvious that Arie is extremely intrigued by her. I mean, she’s absolutely gorgeous (doesn’t she remind you guys of Lauren from Ben’s season? The 2 Lauren B’s could basically be sisters!), but she’s also super sweet. Will they end up together in the end? I honestly don’t think so but who knows. He throws me for a different loop each week!

Group Date

I thought it was so cool that the girls got to go to the Moulin Rouge and learn a routine on stage from the shows choreographer. However, the costumes really disturbed me. Look, I get that it’s the Moulin Rouge and that’s what the girls wear there. But I wouldn’t have been OK with wearing one of those outfits if I were there. Mostly because I honestly didn’t have the body to wear something like that back when I was on the show (and I DEFINITELY don’t now). I had a big ass and cellulite. And that’s the truth! I would’ve looked ridiculous in one of those costumes and I probably would’ve cried my eyes out if they asked me to put one on. All of the girls looked incredible obviously. But that got me thinking that maybe it’s time we put some more women on the show with more body diversity. It just blew my mind that every woman on that date was totally comfortable wearing a thong on stage in front of Arie. I don’t know, maybe I’m overly sensitive to all of this because I’m now the mother to a daughter, and I would never want her to feel like she needed to wear something like that in front of a guy who was dating a bunch of other women. I just think that a thong is something that only your significant other should see you in. But then again, I guess I must be old fashioned since some people wear thongs the beach now-a-days. Oh goodness, I sound like my mother right now. I must be getting old. Ha!

2-on-1 Date

Krystal is the worst. I wish I could have reached right through my TV screen to shake some sense into her! I mean, Kendall might be one of the sweetest people to ever be on the show. She’s super nice, always thinks before she speaks and just seems like such a genuine person. For Krystal to be so flat out rude to her face is just beyond me. The way Krystal read her name on the date card was so slimy and for her to be laughing about Kendall being nervous about the 2-on-1 was just flat out mean. I’m really starting to lose my patience with her.

And how amazing was it when Kendall sat closer to Krystal on the 2-on-1 date and and told her in such a heartfelt way that she empathized with her pain. I’ve said in past posts that hurt people, hurt people. When you feel so much pain inside, you tend to try to deflect that pain onto others. And I definitely think that’s what Krystal is doing and I’m glad that Kendall has such a beautiful soul that she can see that and be kind to her about it.

And did it make anybody else furious when Arie was walking with the two of them on the date and he had his arms around both of them at the same time? Look, I get that this is the Bachelor and he’s dating more than one woman at a time. But to have his arms around both girls felt more like sister wives to me. I just think that was inappropriate.

And when Arie decided to keep both girls for the night portion of the date, Krystal‘s true colors started to shine through. I don’t think there’s ever been a character on the show other than Bentley on Ashley’s season of the Bachelorette who was such a completely different person in their interviews than they are with the Bachelor or Bachelorette.

In the end, Arie saw through Krystal and sent her home. I’m so glad he did because I was having a hard time watching her at this point. But I have to add that it truly upsets me how passionately he was kissing her earlier on the date. I just don’t understand that. These kisses obviously mean nothing to him. I know I keep saying it but it’s just getting more and more disturbing to me. Anyone else with me on this? I really feel like we need to discuss this in the comments below because it’s really bothering me. To be honest, I feel like Arie played Krystal on the 2-on-1 date. Almost as if the producers wanted him to string her along or something so she kept feeling so confident only for him to break her heart. And as awful as she’s been this whole season, no one deserves that. I honestly feel sorry for her. And I’m not completely blaming Arie either. When you’re in that situation and producers are telling you to do one thing you kind of just go with it because it feels like they’re “the boss” in a way. I don’t know, I’m not trying to make the producers sound like evil people either. They’re not. I guess I’m just trying to make sense of it all. Because right now, it makes no sense to me whatsoever.

Jacqueline’s Date

I was surprised by how well they seemed to get along. She genuinely seemed to make him laugh and they seemed to enjoy each other’s company. However, I have to say I was pretty surprised she ended up getting a rose. I thought for sure at the beginning of the date she wouldn’t be getting one. I think SHE thought the same thing! But there Arie goes again talking about how great of a connection he has with her. I’m just so confused. I don’t think there’s ever been a Bachelor that’s ever said they feel so deeply about so many different people. What do you guys think? We have to discuss EVERYTHING!

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336 thoughts on “The Bachelor – Arie is REALLY confusing me

  1. I’m so glad Krystal is gone this week! She just seemed so fake. And you’re right, it’s totally disturbing how he kisses all these girls. I mean, I expect him to kiss the girls (it is the bachelor after all), but come on! Maybe it’s the whole holding their head thing, I don’t know. I would have thought it would have been awkward to be the girls on the group date watching Bekah and Arie dance together. And I am totally loving Kendall at this point! She seems like such a sweet girl who really tried to connect with Krystal.

    1. Kendall is a very classy and intelligent young lady! She handled Krystal perfectly. The fact that Arie kisses one so passionately and what seems only seconds or minutes later, makes me ill! I can see why he is still a batchelor. Not a lot of intelligence in his character!

      1. I TOTALLY agree with you! There is just something about him that drives me crazy. I can’t quite put my finger on it yet, but there’s definitely something!

      2. I completely agree that the kissing is ridiculous and he is just plain uninteresting and unintelligent. He has the same boxed comments for all the girls and jumps to kissing so he doesn’t have to figure out what to say. Bad bachelor pick if you ask me because most of them would be better much off without him. Also I love your blog and agree with all your thoughts!

    2. I am glad she is gone too. However I don’t feel sorry for her….because I don’t think she had real feelings….she just wanted to win.

    3. I agree with everything you said. How could you have a connection with so many girls and treat them all the same way. I don’t find him exciting he seems to be very bland in many ways. Lauren didn’t talk much on a date but obviously she must’ve said somethings that intrigues him enough to keep her around I Leica Crystal was so annoying I couldn’t watch it I had to change the channel I’m glad she left for her own sake. I have a feeling that the ending is not going to be what we think it will be! I agree with everything you said. How could you have a connection with so many girls and treat them all the same way. I don’t find him exciting he seems to be very bland in many ways. Lauren didn’t talk much on a date but obviously she must’ve said somethings that intrigues him enough to keep around I Leica Crystal was so annoying I couldn’t watch it I had to change the channel I’m glad she left for her own sake. I have a feeling that the ending is not going to be what we think it will be

    4. His kissing makes me legit gag. It’s the sickest and fakest thing I’ve ever witnessed on the Bach and let’s be honest, there are some pretty sick and fake things that have occurred on that show. I’ve never been so disinterested in a Bach/bachelorette and I am a ride or die fan.

      1. You’re right. It was fake. A lot about the show is fake. Honestly, that’s why I watch it. I just like to see what they (the producers) come up with. I think Arie was done with Krystal long before she left, and he was most likely prompted to keep her around — as long as he didn’t have to send someone else home that he wanted to keep around — because she was/is good TV. These people are not actors, and it was clear he wasn’t happy with her, even if some of his actions and words said otherwise.

      2. I am a 67 year old woman and know what a real man should act like. And I am telling you, he is gay. Gay! Gay! That man is making money. He was the greatest actor, but know its getting to the nut cutting time and that is so distasteful to him, he wringing his hands like a girl. Wake up people. He will eventually come out of the closet with his girl panties on.

        1. I totally agree, he’s gay. Even if he doesn’t admit it, or else he’s in denial. What’s sad is that he put them all through this. He doesn’t know how to kiss a woman, for one thing and he has so many feminine attributes that it seems clear to me he’s a gay man. Which isn’t bad, EXCEPT that he’s the Bachelor!!! How did the producers not catch this when they were picking this guy to be the Bachelor? Maybe the surprise ending is that he ends up with a man??

        2. Agree 100%…could they really not find a gorgeous straight guy this season? I truly think Both girls know it too…

        3. I am gay…in my mid to late twirties…and yeah…Arie is totally gay. But do you have to be so mean about it? You are not his friend…how is it appropriate to equate “panty” wearing with homosexuality? What if I made jokes about your Geritol or Polident?

          1. Mark…Who in the heck gives a rift or a rats behind if your gay?
            GIRLFRIEND, this blog isn’t about you or your panties!
            Debbye, I diffently concur, the man is gay! BTW, so is Mark!

    5. I know he is gay perpetrating a heterosexual his actions attitudes and behaviors are just to effeminate that’s it

  2. I just came here to say real quick-it’s been EIGHT years since your season?!? You were the first season I ever watched, I was 16!! Been a huge fan of the franchise ever since 🙂

  3. I agree i hate how he kisses each girl so passionately! sooo disturbing! This might be the worst season of the bachelor i have ever seen. im always so disgusted when watching it!

    1. Everyone is different. His kissing honestly doesn’t bother me. I like every season! EACH is different and I respect the participants. It can’t be an easy situation to be in.

      1. I agree, seems if people don’t like it and it disturbed them STOP WATCHING. I’m not trying be nasty but if you were on this show I really wonder how many you kissed. Every one kisses allot remember Chris he did allot. It’s a realty show …

    2. My husband actually watched this with me last night and I kept mentioning how gross it was that Arie was kissing all of these girls! And not just a peck- he practically sucked their faces off. It was definitely uncomfortable and feel bad for all the girls.

    3. Yes, he practically tries to swallow them. When whoever he chooses watches the show she’s not going to be happy seeing him kiss all the women.

  4. When Arie was speaking with Krystal on the 2 on 1 he seemed so disapproving and disinterested, so when he went in for a full out make out session I was beside myself! It seemed so out of place that they would kiss at all after that conversation, never mind a kiss like that! I’m with ya Ali.

    1. I agree, totally shocked to see Arie making out so passionately with Krystal. I know Arie has had the reputation of player in the past, and part of me still sees the player side. He says he has deep feelings for so many different women and kisses everyone, almost at any opportunity.

      1. I am SO glad that I am not the only one that finds Arie gross and insincere. He is so busy making out with every woman and saying the same thing to each of them that you can’t even see who a front runner is! He has “player” written all over him and I too would take that bet that whomever ever he ends up with doesn’t last a year.

        1. He is gross. I don’t find him attractive either. I agree that he is gay. I don’t have an issue with that but just be honest. I also think Lauren is a social misfit. She is very odd and a bit of a recluse. Ughhh. Might not watch next season as it is starting to get fake and ridiculous.

          1. I agree with you….social misfit is a perfect description. She has such a sad, cynical look on her face most of the time. We’ve all had love heartbreaks but she’s definitely a “cry baby.” If they have children, Ari will be wiping tears for all! They deserve each other…two needy people. Hope they will be happy.

    2. I agree! It seems like his default… “I don’t know what to say, I think I’ll just kiss her.” And as far as how he kisses each girl the same way, I also think it’s so weird. But I think that is just how he kisses. Not like he’s thinking he will kiss any of the girls differently.

  5. OK! So I’m a spoiler reader for every season, don’t worry I won’t spoil here!!
    But let me tell you, thus far it doesn’t make any sense. Because according to ALL the spoilers (and there are some twists) his connections don’t make any sense right now. It’s frustrating, the dates are boring his conversations lack emotion and he’s just there to kiss it seems. Super disappointed in this season, I’m just scrolling through the episodes to learn if the things I’ve read are true. He was a poor choice for the franchise.

    1. I totally agree, he is boring with no emotion and with monotone voice. Ugh I really am not sure why I’m still watching

      1. I said the same thing last night! Why am I still watching this! The only time his voice changes is when he uses that patronizing, baby voice sometimes. It is worse than Krystal’s fake voice she uses.

    2. Sorry to disagree, and it is probably just me. I absolutely love this season and Arie. He seems so real to me. I just think he is a low key person and boring is so far from my mind. I tried to get my daughter to
      try out for the show and now more than ever I so wish she did.

      1. I like him too!! I love this season! I think there is a lot of editing going on with how much he kisses and as for how he kisses I think he’s just a passionate person and it’s clear that physical touch is his love language. I’m not bored at all watching Arie I think he is a breath of fresh air and is really opening up to the process which is why at this stage of the show he is falling so hard
        For several women. I respect what everyone is saying and you all are entitled to have your opinion but I say Give the guy a break there is so much editing going on that it’s hard for us to truly judge him! Sheesh 😘

        1. Also, everyone needs to remember how big of a deal they made the “kissing bandit” moniker. I almost feels like some pressure was put on him to uphold that title. He’s been built up so much as an amazing kisser, he doesn’t want to disappoint, or look foolish, if he isn’t. Just my take. I like Arie too and I’m enjoying this season. I hope he finds what he’s looking for.

          1. I agree. He’s trying to live up to his name. I also think he’s kissing a lot… but not more than any other bachelor. Jason Mesnick kissed everyone, Ben Higgins fell in love and said so to two women… who knows what you’d do in that situation. I think the kissing comes with the show. I do sometimes feel like Arie kisses when he doesnt know what to say and that unfortunately sends the wrong message to the girls.

      2. I agree. I really like Arie. He seems like the first guy in a long time that isn’t interested in fame. He really wants a wife and kids. I just hate that the producers keep putting contestats on that are too young. It’s not fair to Arie or other Bachelors. Ali, remember Sean Lowe’s season…we didn’t see much of Catherine and she came out of nowhere to get engaged at the end. Producers might just want to change the pattern of air time to throw off past contestants that predict by air time.

      3. I agree with you! I think he’s just a real guy, a 36 year old who seems “boring” to the younger crowd because…well, because he acts like a real 36 year old.

      4. I love him too! He’s human, he’s not going to be perfect, but I started watching the show again BECAUSE he was the bachelor. Before this I hadn’t watched in several years.

    3. I agree! I thought he was a great choice in the beginning but he turned out not to be. And yes so far if spoilers are true then none of this makes sense! And he’s worse than I thought. I feel like he doesn’t know what he wants. And if I was his fiancé I’d have some questions.

    4. I agree! Bad, bad choice! The girls,though always beautiful, are also becoming more fake and looking for ‘face time’ only!

      1. When I found out that he has dated Courtney from Ben’s season on/off for the last five years that kind of changed my opinion of him. He seems like a nice guy but he doesn’t seem to have the ability to settle down, despite saying he wants to. I’d be shocked if he stays with whoever he picks. I also agree that he is super hard to follow on who he has a real connection with.

        And I would have never put on that thong outfit!! I feel like they are doing more and more dates like that and I bet it’s hard to speak up and say anything when you’re not comfortable.

    5. I totally agree w/ you. I’ve read the spoilers as well and am not a fan of Arie. I think he is just a player .
      Lauren sorta favors his ex g/f.

  6. I toooootally agree about the kissing. Although I did notice on Jacqueline’s date while shopping, he gave her a friendly peck and said let’s go checkout, rather than really planting it on her like I think he would have with Becca M or someone he has more “passion” for. He frustrates me sometimes because I can’t tell if it’s just his personality or if he’s not into somebody. Krystal was blatantly rude to so many girls and especially in her interview. Hopefully Arie sees that now and is so glad he didn’t keep her around. Although like you said, why did he make out with her and tuck her damn hair the whole time? Aghhh. This guy. Haha!! Love reading your input!

  7. So is it just me or does Lauren B kind of bother people?? She seems a little immature to me in the way she speaks to Arie and to others. Maybe that’s just me. Everyone talks about how young Bekah M is but Lauren is one 3 years older!! And what’s with them not showing Becca K anymore?? Weird presentation this week by the producers.

    1. Yes, Lauren B bothers me, too. I cannot quite put my finger on exactly why, though. She is definitely very boring. I think he just thinks she is gorgeous (which she is) and has that confused with being interested in her, unless they have had better conversations that were not shown.

      1. You pulled the words right out of my mouth! I’m glad I’m not the only one. I have a feeling he’s really interested in her though. Even though we don’t see it!

      2. Nah, I think she’s really struggling internally to let her guard down and be herself. Like she said last night, she was engaged before and that didn’t turn out right. I think she has a lot of anxiety, she mentioned last night that she clammed up when one of the girls went on their 1 on 1 because she’s just constantly worrying about the other relationships that are forming. The bachelor environment is in no way normal. When they showed a clip of her last night at the end crying, I really could sympathize with her (never been on the bachelor) but more so in a way that you just want to let your guard down and be yourself, but you’re scared and can’t get out of your head.

    2. Lauren B needs to grow up. She has the mentality of a 14 year old. She also speaks like a 14 year old. She says “like” every other word and needs to go home. She thinks that because she is pretty that she can get whatever she wants. WRONG. You have to be able to carry on an adult conversation just as a starting point. I don’t care how beautiful you are. If you bring absolutely NOTHING to the table besides a pretty face, that will fade anyway, then you aren’t even worth a second glance.

      I may be off here but my first gut instinct of Arie is that he is homosexual. There is nothing wrong with that except he shouldn’t be the bachelor if he is.

  8. I couldn’t agree more, on so many fronts!!! Those kisses are way too passionate! I have watched every season of the Bachelor and Bachelorette and I always remember at this point in the stage them saying they have feelings for multiple people. But I don’t remember people kissing so many people this passionately! It’s odd, and makes it hard to tell who he’s really into!

    Regarding Krystal, YES! Hurt people…hurt people. She’s hurting so badly on the inside and taking it out on others. I can not begin to explain how impressed I was with Kendall’s composure and maturity. She is just amazing on so many fronts, and so much more patient than I could have been.

    I’m sad for Krystal because she’s definitely hurting but I’m glad he saw through her. I think now that she’s gone (and the drama she brought is gone) he can focus more on his relationships with the women.

    All that being said…NO clue who he’ll end up with!! He has me totally confused!

  9. I was so aggravated the whole episode because of how he acted. No one knows who he is really into because of the way he kisses every woman and also because of him telling every woman he is so interested in them. I think he needs to make up his mind or at least quit saying things that just makes him more comfortable. Both the one on one dates threw me for a loop because it’s this late in the show and these 2 girls are now girls he has deep feelings for? I just find that too hard to believe but I guess we will see. I feel like the ending to this is going to be a disappointment just because of how things have gone so far but I’m hoping for the best for him!

  10. Hi Ali!

    Omg everything you said I felt the same. Arie and the kissing is getting hard to watch and like you said how can you kiss every girl with such passion. Krystal yes sooo glad shes gone her voice annoyed me and she was just so mean. Kendall was a class act and she felt bad for her but so glad he sent her home. I honestly after seeing him kiss her tbought she was staying. So we will see its really hard to see who hes really into. Even though Becca is young I them together. Lauren I understand her concerns but that was a really awkward moment on their date. Its just a date have fun!

  11. I couldn’t agree more!!! I love that you put Ari out there! I was wondering why I like him less every episode! The kissing?!? Gross. The walking with arms around both girls?!? Gross!! And then Having those girls parade their butts on stage for him!!! Arghh!!! Shame on you ABC. This was not a good look and I had second hand embarrassment watching this! I really can’t watch anymore. This episode really made me feel yucky 🤢

    1. I TOTALLY agree with you! Shame on ABC to act like that would be normal for the girls to parade around with thongs on. Super inappropriate and grossed me out to think that Ari was probably enjoying it 😒 Terrible message. Maybe I am getting older now too, but I think part of the appeal of this show is some of the chivalry. I don’t have a problem with the fantasy suites because it’s at least pretending to be real life dating but that date, along with Ari’s arms around the two girls on the two on one day was just wrong. Ew!

  12. I am right there with you! I am extremely confused by this season. There were so many parts of this episode that made me cringe and anxious just to watch.

    I am hoping now that the drama (and cruelty) of Krystal is gone, maybe we will be able to see more of these “deep connections” that Arie is speaking about. I guess time will tell!

  13. I CAN NOT believe Jacqueline is still on this show! She’s gotten no air time and she’s just awkward to me. I thought for sure he wouldn’t keep her. I’m glad Krystal was gone and I think it just took him a little longer to realize she wasn’t genuine. I also agree with you regarding the outfits. My son is 18 months and I’m 20w pregnant with my second and there’s no way I’d be comfortable wearing that, even pre-kids. And I also was a little surprised he kept Lauren because she seems so dull but she’s gorgeous so I figured he’d keep her. And yes she totally looks like the other Lauren from Ben’s season. I told my husband that last night haha!

  14. So happy Krystal left and you’re totally right about his passionate kissing with every girl ! It’s so hard to read him as much as i do
    like him as the bachelor i can’t tell
    Who he is truly INTO!

    1. I totally agree. He is very much into kissing as many girls as passionately as possible. You can tell he isn’t really interested in anything more than that. When the girls are talking to him, you can see his wheels turning and wondering how long he will have to feign interest before he can get back to kissing. I also don’t like the way his hand rests on their chest so close to their breasts.

  15. I thought I was the only one feeling this way. I’ve hated how in past episodes he didn’t care what they weeee saying he just wanted to rub on them. I think he’s a total horn dog LOL.

  16. I’m glad to see someone shares my thoughts about Arie. Prior to the season, I really liked Arie. However, he does not seem to be genuinely searching for love. It seems that he gets more fake in each passing episode. I understand that this is TV, but I’ve been a Bachelor fan from season 1. There are people who are there for love and then there are people who are there for fame. If I were Arie’s fiancé and watching this season, I would not feel confident in our relationship.

  17. I am truly just over Arie, which disappoints me because I loved him on Emily’s season. I normally can tell right away who the bachelor/bachelorette will pick and this season I’m perplexed but mostly because I feel he doesn’t have a real connection with anyone! The convo with Lauren might have been the only real conversation that we have seen. I honestly don’t know if I’ll finish out this season. Maybe just watch the After the final rose. Thanks for letting me blab on. Love you Ali! Oh and 8 years!? Holy guacamole I’m old.

  18. I agree with you 100%. The group date was fun but the dressing was awkward and inappropriate. I had the same though as I watched about how I wish we could have some girls who were all different sizes because in reality most women don’t look like that. We have cellulite and curves, i dont know they are beautiful too I just wish we could have a mixture of all sizes. Arie is so confusing to me. I honestly have no idea who he likes more at this point. Maybe it is the kissing, because yes it’s intense and uncomfortable but I don’t know he seems today the same thing about having such a deep connection with sooo many of them. He is different that’s for sure. I would hate to be his fiance watching this, hopefully she’s not. And as for the two on one im so glad krystal went home besides the fact that she was hateful and drove me crazy, i think she has a lot to work on. I’m sure she’s not genuinely a bad person but she has too many insecurities she needs to work on to be on this show. It was more of a game to her it felt like. Kendall is great and I was super proud of how she handled it and I’m so glad he gave her the rose not only because I wasn’t a fan of krystal but because it shows that when you are genuine and you truly care about people it gets noticed. Great blog ali I look forward to it every Tuesday! Love you and your beautiful family.

    1. Also ali what did you think of that conversation Lauren was having after the rose ceremony, it was random and strange?

  19. Ahhhh you said it all soo perfectly in your blog. I am soo frustrated too and he sure uses the word “love” a lot. Not flat out I love you, but I love our connection…

    I love reading your breakdown of the episodes because it comes from a person that has been through it all and you can give it to us straight.

  20. I feel they are really playing up the Kissing Bandit mantra, I think there is a lot more conversation that goes on on these dates, but since he has been tabled as “The Kissing Bandit” they are going to over play that, on that note I think there was far more conversation on the first part of his date with Lauren then what they showed, do I think they talked non stop? No, but I do think there was some, they are not going to be silent all day and then suddenly become chatty Kathy’s at dinner. As far as him having his arms around both women on the two on one date, I honestly did not realize it and probably wouldn’t have had you no pointed it out. I think he would have felt awkward just walking in-between the two of them with his hands at his side

    1. You said what I was thinking. I think I editing is not showing us everything. I think they edited Lauren’s date to make it seem like she was not connecting and might go home. I think what she did say about being overwhelmed is true. I’ve been to Paris and just sightseeing was amazing! Plus she was nervous about her date.
      Also about editing, I think you are correct about them pushing the kissing scenes and limiting conversation video.
      And I actually appreciated that he put his arms around both women. It lets them both feel included. I’m sure the whole date was awkward and tough for him. It’s one thing to have a group date, another to be 2 with 1 going home!
      Personally, I’m enjoying the show even though I can’t figure him out either (even with one article I saw that said a picture indicated who he chooses).

      1. I agree with you on many points, Elizabeth. I thought the editing was somewhat disrespectful of Lauren during the 1st part of their date when we were shown Tia and Kendall talking about Lauren’s struggle with opening up, then 3x flashing back to Arie pointing out something and making a statement and Lauren answering with just a “Wow.” Watching her crying at the end of the Rose ceremony and mumbling how hard this show is for her makes me think she may choose to leave. She really likes Arie, but her emotions are too fragile to handle the competition, I think. She does not want to be crushed like she clearly was when her engagement ended. Arie is a patient, gentle, kind man. He IS wowed by the beauty and the brains and accomplishments and goals of Seinne, Jacqueline, Tia and Kendall. I do not think, long term, either of the first two would be content with him for a husband. I DO see Becca, Tia or Kendall being happy with him and not phased by his Kissing Bandit–for sure being encouraged by the show–kissing mania. As for Beka, she is so adorable and spunky and confident and I think she absolutely intrigues Arie to the point of fascination, but I do not think he will be with her in the end. I saw nothing creepy about Arie putting his arm around Krystal and Kendall. He IS a sweet, thoughtful, gentle man. Considering the conversation he was having w/Krystal on the 2/1, I did think it was yucky that he kept gently pushing her hair back and kissed her quite passionately. I couldn’t tell by the look in his eyes whether he was feeling complete lust for her or if he’d decided he was going to send her home and knew it would crush her. His eyes looked kind of dull and were half closed.

  21. I 100% totally agree with everything you said to a T!!!!
    I have been super annoyed with Krystal I think she’s a rude person, but also a hurt person. I love Kendall for that conversation she had with her rather then getting mad at her. Loved that maturity.
    As much as I dislike Krystal and was so happy to see her go I think Arie was very cold to her after giving Kendall the Rose. Just goodbye and left. He could’ve took her to the side to say a few words making her feel a bit better! He just passionately made out with her 10min prior and had her thinking she was staying.

    I’m not going to lie I am not a Arie fan. He is confusing and making out passionately with every girl. I wouldn’t want to be his fiancé after all this I know that much.

    I love Tia and Bekkah the cute short hair girl 🙂
    Tia I would say is more like me, I think we could be awesome friends haha so I think she should be the next bachelorette not be with Arie 🙂
    Or Bekkah 🙂 that would be awesome to watch!

  22. I agree! I’m so torn about who he is actually into! I thought he was going to send both Lauren and Jacqueline home for sure and was surprised when they both got a rose. And yes to bringing in girls with more body diversity! I also agree with you about the costumes they wore on the group date and I don’t think it’s “old fashioned” of you to think that at all (I’m 25 for reference) ! There is no way I would have worn that!!!!

    1. I am old fashioned! I was a bit shocked at the choice (by the producers) of the Moulin Rouge for the group date. Yes it is part of Paris/history. But as one of the ladies mentioned, so is fashion. I was glad to see Bekah’s public outfit for the onstage dance was less revealing. It’s not even a matter of whether your body is perfect or not. It’s a matter of maintaining modesty – and good taste! Sorry Bachelor, your group dates this season have been tacky and leaving a lot to be desired.

  23. Could not agree more about Arie and also that the costumes were really skimpy (not sure how all the girls were comfortable with that!). I cannot believe it is almost home town week and there are no clear front runners! Also, just have to say Ali-you look great (you are growing another little one and also running after a toddler-I have a 16 month old and know that the running is no joke :)!!

  24. Ok, a few things. I totally agree about the kissing. He’s gross and I feel like he is saving zero “passion” for the lady he ends up with. It’s distespectful and I am really struggling to watch this season. I’d be so pissed watching this back if I were engaged to him. If someone kisses me like THAT I feel like they are falling in love with me. And if he kisses everyone like that then…????…ugh
    Also-the outfits at moulin rouge..I’m with ya. I’d never be comfortable wearing that…cough…cellulite…cough… but good for the girls for veins so confident I guess.
    I can’t even get started on Krystal. She makes me so angry and I have zero respect for people like her and she doesn’t deserve the Bye, girl!
    The date with Lauren totally shocked me. I do think arie is telling each of the girls what type want to hear. It was awkward watching the date with Lauren. I didn’t even really feel like the dinner made up for the awkwardness of the day. But, we also don’t see Maybe she’s awesome. She’s super beautiful and hope she’s happy in the long run.

    Love your blog! Xo

  25. ok, TOTALLY agree about the kissing! yes, i expect him to kiss the girls, but the hands on the faces every.single.time?? its way too passionate. and if he was kissing me like that, i would definitely think he was into me the most.
    kendall may be the sweetest person ever. her convo with krystal after krystal tried to sabotage her — truly heartwarming.
    Lauren B… she barely talked to him on her date – um, hello you are in Paris!! all you can say is wow? i get that you are shy and guarded, but you can still make SOME conversation. Also, she has had ONE date with him, very late in the game and now she feels possessive of him? What was up with that convo she was having with producers at the end? So strange that they showed that.
    I agree with you Ali about a lot of things your mentioned. This is such a strange season. Not sure where this is headed.

  26. Ali, I agree with you about the kissing. I feel like he sucks face with each of these girls and it kinda grossed me out… and I also feel like it’s more about being physical with these girls than actually getting to know them for him. The only one I really feel like maybe he cares about or has a connection with that’s not just physical is the young Bekah and honestly, that whole situation is just plain weird as he seems old enough to be her dad.

  27. Couldn’t agree more!!! Krystal made me laugh SO HARD last night, she is literally psychotic. And I don’t understand all the kissing either – so bizarre! And the double arms around Arie for that 2-1 date was beyond weird. OMG, all around hysterical.

  28. I agree 👆🏻…weird they didn’t show hardly any interaction with Becca K? They hit it off in the beginning. It’s almost like she’s sitting back waiting for all the other girls to show their true colors and work through their relationships. Are the producers hiding something ? We shall see. The constant kissing is too much. I too feel sorry for his fiancé … wouldn’t want to watch this season back with him sitting near me 😂

  29. Gosh, how about how Kendall? She easily could have responded with “You B!t$&!” But instead took a breath and was full of grace. Her parents should get an award for instilling that kind of empathy. Even though she is one of my favs because of her comeback, I don’t think she is to be with Arie in the end. I also agree with the deep connection thing. Come on Arie, stop being so above the surface and let’s see some real connection!!

  30. In total agreement. He is very confusing….he seems to “love” everyone….and that’s probably why all the crying is coming….THEY ALL THINK THEY ARE THE ONE!
    The ladies are the saving grace of this season!! They are a great group of girls.

  31. I have to say I’ve watched the Bachelor for years… I’ve never disliked one this much! He seems super annoying. Can’t make a decision? Normally I would be like yep, it’s her without reading the spoilers.. However each girl he has left have NOTHING in common… All are completely different. I find the season boring, and honestly uneventful. I am glad Krystal is gone, she needs a reality check BIG TIME!

  32. I think Arie is just as insecure as some of the women on the show. Maybe that is why he kisses so passionately, to want them to like HIM? Just a thought.

    Ps: Love your posts pretty mama!

  33. Hi Ali!

    I have a couple questions for you and a comment!

    Do you think that Arie is more into Lauren than she is into him? It honestly felt like he was really trying to desperately seek approval from her, like he was really pushing or forcing something to exist between them. He is clearly attracted to her but I just really didn’t see a great connection between them and it felt unnatural to me…

    I do agree with you regarding Krystal. The way Arie looked at her during their private conversations on the 2 on 1 was odd, he didn’t look at her with trust or kindness I thought. It was almost like he was being “controlled” by the producers and knew she was going home but had to keep her there for the drama. In that way I feel bad for her even though she was horrible to the other women, but she is still is a human and regardless of how one acts, no one deserves heart break.

    Can you provide your thoughts on why Becca K. didn’t receive much screen time? I honestly thought she for sure was going to be the last one in the end but it seems like they are cutting out her time between the last two episodes. The focus seems to be on Lauren now (especially with the way the episode ended), so what are your thoughts?

    Side note, if Becca K. isn’t engaged to Arie in the end, I sure hope she is The Bachelorette! 🙂

  34. I never thought I’d dislike a season more than Nick’s, but Arie is proving me wrong! He’s so all over the place and it’s so confusing. I don’t know it you’ve heard the spoilers for this season or not….but if they are true, I’m honestly not surprised.

    Was anyone else surprised by Jacqueline’s date? He kept saying he felt like she was too intelligent for him, but he is always gushing over Seinne’s ivy league degree. That didn’t make any sense to me. Arie is so confusing!! And I am with you on the kissing, it’s uncomfortable to watch! But what can I say…I’ve watched almost every season of the bachelor/bachelorette so you know I’m gonna finish this one too 😉

    Also….Tia for bachelorette!!!

  35. I agree with you regarding his kissing so passionately with ALL the girls!!! It’s SO disturbing!!!!! He may pick someone at the end, but I’ll bet my house he doesn’t stay with them. I have been watching this show since season 1. Keep up the good work Ali!

  36. I really like Arie, I think he’s a great person but I agree, he doesn’t really seem to have much of a connection with anyone except Bekha M. I have read the spoilers, so I won’t give any details but, I was shocked!!! And maybe the drama with Krystal has just over shadowed the connections he has been forming with the other ladies. Now that she is gone hopefully we will see more of that. Krystal was insane, based on his goodbye with her I think it’s safe to say he was told to give her a rose last week for dramatic effect. He barely even said goodbye, no explanation and didn’t even walk her out, just got up and walked away with Kendall. But those kisses!!! At this point he should be kissing everybody but some times it’s a little too much.

    I’m looking forward to seeing how he gets from where he is now to where he ends up in the end.

  37. Definitely an interesting season. What about Bekkah showing up on the missing persons in Cali? Was that true? I think he’s into lauren B because he actually has to pursue her. She seems to be really struggling and as an introvert myself I can sort of relate. Funny too how this is the first bachelor we don’t see shirtless every 15 minutes. I agree on the moulin rouge… I would not be comfortable showing my stuff to Arie or tv cameras etc!!! So awkward! Love your blog and love you on home and family!

  38. I totally agree with you – and my thoughts are; everytime he leans in to kiss, I look away – because I’m just basically grossed out. He seems kind of “old school” to me. I mean, even his comments of each girl on the first show (after they met and walked into the house), seemed a bit politically incorrect.

  39. Well I am glad she is gone and sorry I do not feel sorry for her at all!!!! She deserves what she got, being to confident and assuming Kendall would get hurt and not get a rose, and the way she tried to get Arie to pick her by trashing Kendall….I do not feel sorry for her at all.
    As for Arie, he had reputation of player before even becoming bachelor, so him sucking face with each and every girl does not surprise me at all!!! It is written everywhere that 2 months after proposing to the final girl he since has broke up with her and now dating 2nd runner up. I will not spoil it for you with names but I am sure even Ali knows all this information and the final 4 for that matter. Arie will not marry anyone trust me on that one!!!!!!

    1. If you’re correct, that is still sort of a spoiler! Please don’t spoil it for those who like to be surprised!

  40. I totally agree with everything you said. Kendall is such class act. To act out in kindness instead of anger to Krystal takes a very strong person. I would love to know the conversation that Arie had with Kendall right before he gave the rose to Kendall on the 2-on-1. She left with lipstick on and came back with no lipstick so maybe there was no conversation to show. And why no conversation with Krystal? Unless he already knew that Krystal would not get the rose. And if that is the case..why did he drag the date out? Arie is definitely frustrating to watch this season.

    1. I really wanted to see their conversation, too. They just put in the women at home talking! I actually backed up my recording to see if I missed something!

  41. Ok was anyone totally confused about why Arie just up and left Krystal at the table with no explanation??? usually this far into the season the bachelor/bachelorette walk the person out and say their goodbyes…

    I agree about all of the kissing being too much. I am definitely interested in seeing where this season goes!!!

    1. On the last few seasons, after the 2 on 1 date, the bachelor(ette) leaves the person there. Remember someone being left on an island? I think even on Ali’s season it was that way. She helicoptered off and left the guy on the iceberg. It is just the way it is produced… To look extra sad for the person left behind.

    2. Ladies, do we all remember when Kasey got left on a Glacier on Ali’s very own awkward 2 on 1 date??? I mean I remember there being an explanation at least (it WAS 8 years ago) but I feel like the editing always makes the exit of the 2-on-1 date look so dramatic! Plus what could Arie have even said to Krystal? I can’t believe she was so shocked that she was going home and actually had no idea why. I get that hurt people, hurt people but I cheered when he chose Kendall! That girl was raised sooooo well. I couldn’t believe the grace and maturity she showed when trying to empathize with Krystal during their conversation and when Krystal wasn’t interested in listening, Kendall just said they should focus on their own relationships with Arie. Class act!!

  42. He is kissing everyone with such passion and he loves everything about everyone. No real indication of who he is getting close to or falling for exactly.

    I just love Kendall. She is truly one of a kind. I was blown away he chose Kendall only because the way the show was going it seemed like it would be Krystal. She is one of my front runners but not necessarily for Arie.

    I think the are making Lauren B the next villain or drama. Now that she has a connection with arie the whole show is just too much for her.

  43. I think he’s staying pretty surface right now with everyone and I have to say, all of these women are fantastic so it’s easy to see why he is keeps giving out roses on one on one dates. If hometowns are coming up then everything is really going to change for him and he’s going to have to get serious. At this point I have no clue who he is going to choose. I can tell he’s going to have a really hard time letting go of young Bekah. As far as the moulin rouge costumes go, they were pretty skimpy & I would be totally embarrassed but I thought the same thing about that stupid photo shoot on Nick’s season where Corrinne took her top off. Typical Bachelor stuff in my opinion.

  44. I agree 100% with everything you said in your blog. No to the outfits at the Moulin Rouge, I felt so uncomfortable with it. And yes he treats everyone the same and kisses everyone so passionately that who is he serious about. He just comes across insincere. I want to like him, but this is one of my least favorite seasons of the bachelor.

  45. Okay, he is really starting to bother me. Sometimes it seems as if he’s leaning forward waiting for the girls to shut up so he can just make out with them! It should have been Peter… 😁
    Side note… so glad Krystal is GONE!

  46. I’ve very disappointed in this whole season. I think it is ridiculous that every woman left is in her 20s and he is 36. I think he seems completely disingenuous how he kisses every woman the same way and with such so-called “passion.” He doesn’t seem to have a solid connection to hardly anyone because he doesn’t seem interested in getting deep to me; just in making out. I absolutely hated how he kept sweeping Crystal’s hair aside especially when he likely had a good sense at that point that he was going to let her go – I agree with you, Ali, that it was inappropriate how he led her on. I can’t root for him or any woman left because I just honestly have not liked how he has behaved this season.

  47. I agree with your entire post wholeheartedly. The kissing is just out of control. It’s not a special moment between two people. It feels like a script where it says “and now kiss”. No matter if the mood is appropriate or not.
    Krystal was just plain awful and I’m so glad she’s gone. Her hurtful speech will come back to haunt her.
    I would have never worn that thong outfit. No way! But I found interesting that we didn’t see Chelsea much in that part. Maybe she felt like we do…
    The part that sums up the whole season is that we have no idea who he likes. We know who we like for him but do we even really know him? Stop telling these women you really “love” that about them or how amazing they are. You said that 5 minutes ago to the other girl. I want to see real genuine connections and I just don’t know that we will. He just likes to kiss. Which is fine, if you like who you are kissing.

  48. I’m not condoning anything Krystal has done, but I also don’t think it defines her as a person. I do feel like it became stressful when in the beginning everyone kinda ganged up on her. I feel like it just got worse because a negative environment was created, and she probably didn’t know what to do! Her voice btw isn’t even that bad and nobody can control their voice! I get she did some things, however, Corinne to me had been way worse and seems like she got more support from people! Idk to me Corinne has some growing up to do, but don’t we all in some way. It just seems like these women on Arie’s season are such bullies and have twisted everything around, and it’s not all on Krystal despite some undesired behavior! I just wish our society wasn’t so cruel because we never know what someone has endured and the scars they have, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t allowed to have love! Many things in life also come down to communication, so I feel maybe in the beginning when the foundation was in the making, maybe if everyone had approached Krystal differently things probably wouldn’t have been so bad, but that’s just my perspective! Also for Bekah the 22 year old to be calling Krystal a liar and this and that, when she apparently is “missing” and didn’t tell her family where she was etc, like who does that???? I just think Bekah talks the talk and doesn’t walk the walk and she creeps me out! Idk I also feel that Courtney on Ben’s season has been the ultimate villan and I still probably would never like her, she did awful things way worse than any other girl villan!!!! Bottom line the Bachelor doesn’t define anyone’s life though, and we all make mistakes and learn and hopefully
    grow! I apologize for any typos btw since I’m typing from my phone. In the end it never makes me happy to see animosity, I just wish everyone the best in life!

  49. I felt at the beginning of the season that maybe he was like Sean, who kissed so many girls on his season and took a lot of heat for it. But Sean was never kissing as passionately with the girls as Arie seems to be, and he definitely didn’t talk about how great his connections were with every girl. It’s beginning to feel like Arie wants to keep all of them and date a bunch of people. He doesn’t seem ready to settle with one person at all!

  50. I absolutely LOVE Arie as the bachelor and I’m 23, married, and have two babies! I know a lot of younger people don’t like him but I think he is so refreshing! He clearly is a passionate person and I think his love language is for sure physical touch. It doesn’t bug me as bad because I think Arie treats his role as a bachelor as normal as possible. I truly think he is so serious about this, that he treats every girl like he would in real life. He has mentioned a few times that he is so worried about choosing the wrong girl which is why I think he invests so much into each girl he’s with! For example, most bachelors would give up on the quiet girl that was late to the game. Instead, he looks ate her and her individual potential, story, and background and doesn’t compare it to someone else as if her insecurities put her at a disadvantage. I really respect that and think it sets him up to find real, long lasting love. I think he knows if he kisses passionately and doesn’t feel enough passion from that, that it would be a huge red flag. But that’s just his way of feeling love which is so different for a lot of people so I don’t really feel like that bugs me because he is so genuine with everything else. I’m so rooting for him!!! I don’t think I’ve respected or loved a bachelor more! It’s hard to see a real person on a show that is so unrealistic which I think is why it can run people the wrong way.

    1. HURRAY! Someone else who likes Arie! LOL. 😉 I think it’s hilarious he’s being called a player when that is literally the entire premise of the show!! 😛

  51. Am I the only one who noticed how Krystal totally stole Bekah’s line that totally stumped Krystal last episode, when she and Bekah were talking together?? Bekah totally stumped Krystal asking her “Why are you here??” Then Krystal took that experience and dished it on Kendall, boldly saying to her “Why are you here?!” Only difference is Kendall is so well spoken, she was able to actually answer the question.

  52. I totally agree with you about body diversity on the Bachelor. Every single girl on that show is a toothpick. It would be nice if they threw in some size 8,10,12, and even some 14. It gives the stigma that only skinny people can find love. I’m a 10 and would feel horrible if I went on that show. Thankfully, I married a guy who loves me for me. 🙂

  53. I’m so glad you brought up how every kiss is exactly the same! My mom and I were discussing just that earlier in the day and we couldn’t get past how it absolutely makes my skin crawl watching him so passionately stick his tongue down every girls throat.
    I’ve been waiting for Lauren’s date! I’ve had a feeling about her bc of her lack of screen time. It remind me of when I watched Sean and Catherine’s season and Catherine was NO WHERE on my radar and then they had their 1on1 late in the game and I was like whoa this girl?!
    I really feel like this happening to Lauren, it’s her time to shine now!

  54. I TOTALLY agree about the body diversity! I was literally just telling my friend how it is so crazy to me how every single girl there has basically the same body. There is not one single curvy girl on the show. I even had the thought that there are so many wonderful girls out there that would want to go on the show but wouldn’t because they don’t fit into to the obvious beauty standard of the show. I’m also with you, I would NEVER put on those outfits. I also would never go on a two on one. This season I am realizing I really don’t like Arie’s character, choices or judgement calls. ;/

  55. Can I just say , I was so shocked how Krystal reacted initially when Kendall tried to empathize with her. However, maybr she hasn’t been shown kindness before so she was speechless (but still rude). Ok fine. Deflecting. But when the date continued at dinner, and Krystal sat there being awful to Kendall saying she (Kendall)was patronizing her… then Arie came up and she was telling Arie how her and Kendall had a talk and made the seem like they were gettin along great and was like “right Kendall??” THAT made me want to jump through the tv. How uncomfortable Kendall looked being practically forced to lie to Arie since she clearly wasn’t going to let drama take up her time with Arie. I applaud Kendall and her maturity.

  56. I really am having a hard time watching this season of The Bachelor. When Arie makes out with these girls it makes me feel like I’m watching something that should be happening behind closed doors. He is overly sexual when kissing the girls and to be that way with ALL of them? It also really bothers me how when one of the women is talking to him he stares at their lips. Like we get it, you want to kiss them, but it seems that’s the only important thing to him. The only person I felt he was really listening to and took interest in was Lauren B. on the second part of their date.

  57. I was so happy Krystal went home. It should have been sooner. They way she talks down to everyone else is one of the least attractive qualities I’ve ever seen in a person. I firmly believes she does this because she is THAT insecure. So when she says she’s above everyone else, I think that’s her trying to convenience herself that she really is. She’s going to get eaten alive at The Women Tell All and I’m going to have a hard time feeling sorry for her. Hopefully seeing things played back she realizes just how rude and condescending she is, hopefully she can mature from this.
    As far as his kissing, I think that’s just him. Not that it’s an excuse because if he was my fiancé and I was watching this back, I’d have a hard time seeing how he’s kissed all the other woman. But he was dubbed “the kissing bandit” for a reason, right?
    I love your recap blogs! I love your honestly and insight. Hope you are feeling well, that the move has gone smoothly for you, & that all is well with you & your family.

  58. Kendall has a smart head on her shoulders!! Unlike so many of the girls on this franchise. Arie is a player, I do not believe he will get married anytime soon. Poor choice for The Bachelor. Stop with kissing every girl!

  59. I feel the frustration from this season…I’m telling you it’s bachelor editing.. we are not seeing the truth about who he’s into. We can figure who may be top 4. But, who’s bf is coming next week to get her?? I love Arie and his passion and how every girl has said, they feel safe with him, however, in life a man cannot do the same with everyone. That bothers me. It was time for Krystal to go and you could tell when he was talking to her, by the look on his face, he didn’t believe her stories. I think there is something there with Lauren. He spoke about her in way that he hasn’t about anyone else…Just sayin.

  60. I haven’t been following the blog this season until now. I find it so interesting that there’s so much dislike for Arie! I absolutely love him. I think everyone’s being a little harsh on him with the kissing criticism. Everyone figures things out differently. And it’s easy to get swept up in the moment with someone. I also think that Arie has done a much better job that other bachelors in asking the girls questions. I find the conversations he starts — at least what we end up seeing — to be more thoughtful and meaningful. Maybe that’s why it seems like he has a connection with everyone.

    This week I was surprised he kept Lauren, but I feel like there must have been more to that date that we didn’t see. It seems it was set up to make it look like Lauren was boring and quiet and then … SURPRISE … she’s had some challenges in her life and Arie really DID connect with her! It’s a little predictable.

    Also, I absolutely loved Jacqueline’s date with him. I had the same reaction — thinking like “Who is this girl? She’s had no air time.” But I loved her personality. She’s so funny. And I kind of love that she said she wasn’t into shopping and she’s going for a PhD. It’s like she’s the anti-bachelor contestant. I thought it was great that they had the conversation about their lives being different. It seems so real to me. Sometimes we meet someone from a totally different walk of life and we hesitate but it’s hard to just put the brakes on and not at least give it a shot. I’d love to see more girls like Jacqueline on the snow.

    1. Arie and Jacqueline had one the most honest exchanges on the show Ever. Made both of them look good.
      I flinched when he threw Krystal under the bus when he was alone w Kendall by dumping his concern abt Kendall’s lack of long-term relationships as Krystal’s doing. He seemed weak.
      Kendal was mostly impressive handling Krystal, but she was visibly pissed – it was not anangelic compassion-fest- Kendall was trying to knock Krystal out.
      I give Krystal credit for not bullshitting Kendall abt what she said to Arje – that is a good mark of character. Let’s not forget: Kendall was part of The Gang bad mouthing Krystal last week, which Krystal overheard. Krystal was dismissive, but it was to someone she knew was decidely and vocally against her.

  61. I think Krystal got her so much confidence when Arie brought her home, showed how he lives, and brought her in on Arie’s past (baby photos, etc). Also meeting the parents is such a big deal and Krystal puts that in her head that she must be the type that Arie wanted (despite her bad attitude) because she was shown the real Arie. And, nobody in the house had that experience but her. It also gets to a point that she thought of herself so highly which I think was so inappropriate and rude.
    I am a married person but seeing Arie kisses these women was so yucky! I am thinking he would end up with Tia. Young Bekka (who was a missing person in CA LOL) might be 3rd runner up. Just guessing. 🙂

  62. Ali, I agree on the Krystal side of she seemed fake and all about herself the whole time. Question for you, did the producers ever make you keep the ‘villain’ on your show for ratings or anything? Another thing is do you think, feel, believe that the bachelor/bachelorette would get more out of actually seeing some of these scenes played back before the end? I just think if they knew what they were getting into with the last 10 or so people, they would make better choices and maybe the success rate would be better as well. Now, for the kissing, even my hubby mentioned ‘He sure likes to kiss a lot’. I agree, I could never kiss that many people if I were only truly into 1 or 2. I don’t know how a person can fake it either. I figured with arie and him being older he would be a bit more direct and know what he wants, but hopefully it turns out in the end with someone good.

  63. Know that you are not alone in the uncomfortable feeling of having the girls dance around in thongs. I would be mortified and would likely not participate if I had been on the show, and I even grew up dancing! I think the show should cast so more curvy women as well – this would be a lot more relatable for us audience at home.

  64. I agree with you about the kissing. I 100% understand that the Bachelor is going to kiss multiple people and even passionately kiss multiple people. But you do see on episodes, when the lead is SUPER into one or two people and with him…. you cant truly call it because he seems super passionate about all of them, Kinda sucks!!! Glad Krystal went home though…

  65. I have to agree with everything you said. I am most shocked that Lauren B ended up with a rose. Zero chemistry and “Wow!” was all I got out of it. I still think Roberto is the sexiest man to ever be on the bachelor franchise. He was my favorite! 😍

  66. Ali you have always been my favorite bachelorette. I would like to say i love Arie and he does kiss alot however its shown so much because its how they edit it. I do not see a problem with him kissing the girls , he has to be sure the passion is there as well. So glad Krystal is gone but now Bekah needs to go she is way to young .

  67. I am disturbed by how passionately he kisses them all too! I sort of feel like maybe he feels pressure to live up to the whole “kissing bandit” thing. I feel so bad for whomever he ends up with because you want to feel like those kisses are special and the passion is for you, the one he really loves.

  68. This is indeed an odd season. I, like you, can’t get my head around a few things. Maybe that’s the point.

    I think Arie is nice enough, but I find him very condisending, often treating the women like he is teaching them a lesson in some way. Mainly the way he talks to krazy Krystal.

    Speaking of Krystal, did anyone else notice during the evening portion of the date when he asked for Kendall to go with him, she came back without a lick of lipstick on. Lol. I can imagine there wasn’t a lot of talking going on 😝.

    I do wish he would stop kissing and start talking to these women. I feel like we haven’t gotten to know him very well, or for that matter the girls, as they are only showing us kissing time.

    P.S. All of the group dates have been strange this season. Like the producers are running out of ideas.

  69. I think Arie is driven by physical appearances more so than personality. I think he wants a trophy wife, and all the kissing reinforces that thought—I think he is able to make out with all of these women so passionately because they are all so beautiful, and that’s what he is attracted to. If he was really interested in finding someone who is smart, sincere, dependable, ambitious, and genuine, that would influence his attraction to some of these women, and he would not be making out with all of them the way he does.

    Lauren B. is beautiful and comes across as a very nice person, but she seems to lack personality (or she is edited in a way that doesn’t show it). I don’t see anything particularly interesting, fun, or cool about her the way I do with Kendall, Bekah M., or Chelsea. I suppose she could just be a really chill and laid-back person, which definitely has its benefits, but I can’t help feeling that Arie’s attraction to her is purely physical.

  70. You just summed up how I felt about this episode. I just can’t read Ari. I don’t think he wants to send anyone home honestly. He just wants to keep kissing them all! He keeps saying he wants to get to know them, but then seems to zone out while they bring up issues that could really be send-home-worthy (age difference, 6 years of school in a different state) and just waits until he can kiss them again!

    The dates have been a bit over the top. The group dates don’t really seem to further any of the relationships at all. I would like to see more one-on-one dates honestly.

    Anyway, loving following along with your thoughts Ali! I love that you have an insider viewpoint – like mentioning last week why the girls always seem to be just sitting around waiting for the date card. Cute pjs also, I’m heading over to Nordstrom’s to check them out!

  71. His nickname is “the kissing bandit”. He’s known for his passionate kissing so it is playing a role in this. I think he is acting with everyone and only cares for one or two genuinely. The producers are no doubt encouraging him to keep kissing front and centre.

  72. Yes yes and yes to all of this! But one other thing that set me off last night.. the fact the he didn’t stop Krystal from speaking negatively about Kendall. He should have told her it is NOT her place to question her past. It’s his. And to top it off, he actually told Kendall he was questioning her commitment abilities (my words) because of what Krystal said. Why would he give her that satisfaction? Ughh! I was so looking forward to this season but he has really let me down. Guess that’s why he’s still single!

  73. The way Kendall approached the situation with Krystal was so amazing and says so much about herself, it was probably my favorite moment in Bachelor history. See, The Bachelor is all about drama and I’m sure the producers wanted to do a 2 on 1 with Krystal to stir up some drama and Kendall didn’t get caught up in it. She’s such a wonderful soul, I would love to see her as the next Bachelorette if she doesn’t get the final rose.

    1. the next Bach makes sense- she has a tv set background, great looks, and knows how to handle herself.

    2. Yes!!! I would LOVE to see Kenall as The Bachelorette! My top 3 pics for Bachelorette are Kendall, Becca K, and Jacqueline.

  74. I really disliked how he said the Moulin Rouge date was “for the girls to be fun and sexy” and then made them prance around in thongs… definitely cringeworthy. Everything about this season is cringeworthy, I agree with everything you said – he seems way too passionate about every person and continuously changes his mind. Also doesn’t show much empathy! I thought Chelsea deserved a better goodbye. At least Krystal is gone!

  75. I also thought it was so Kendall and Krystal looked like sister wives because Arie was holding both of them on each arm!! Also, the Moulin Rouge was fun but I think they were showing way too much skin (specially on the rear side). I would love to see more body diversity on the show. I was really looking forward for your blog this morning, I couldn’t agree more with everything you shared

  76. I feel like I’m only still watching because now I want to see it through to the end. I hate to say it, but I’m a little bored with Arie. ( And his over use of the word “amazing” to describe everything!) The kissing is just too much…control yourself man, you’re 36 not 16!

    I love Tia and Bekah K. They just seem like so much fun! They would both be fun as the Bachelorette. And Kendall seems like an awesome person overall, especially after last night! I mean, way to stand up for yourself while still being compassionate!!

    I like many others have no idea who he will end up with!

    1. Also, bye Krystal! I hope she can gain some self-awareness and reflection when she watches her self on the show. I’ll be interested to see her on The Women Tell All!

  77. Arie is the worst bachelor yet! I can’t, for the life of me, understand how a grown man can say the word, “like”, so much!! That is a HUGE turn off!! He is also so boring! This show is so scripted and I hate how they always cast one that is completely ridiculous and mean and keep them around for so long. I don’t even know why I keep watching it.

  78. I honestly don’t get Arie at all. I’m right there with you. From the beginning I wanted to truly believe he’s in this for the right reasons. But you are so right, he kisses every girl so passionately and it’s just like…is this a joke to you? Also some of the things I’ve read and heard about him, I don’t think people will be too happy with him after this is all over. I hope I’m wrong, but I just get this awkward vibe from him. I don’t see this season getting any better, honestly. It’s so cringeworthy.

  79. I’m here to say that I completely agree with you about the Moulin Rouge costumes!! The girls all looked great and seemed totally confident, but in my opinion, any costume that involves the need to censor the women’s bodies should not be something that they are made to wear. I understand that they probably could have said no, but I doubt any of them would have felt comfortable declining to participate in the group date activity. There’s so much art and culture in Paris and I found it disappointing that they didn’t use that to their advantage rather than having the girls’ butts hanging out. It also made me uncomfortable to see them prancing around in the costumes for Arie. Aren’t we past the point at which we need to make the women flaunt their bodies for attention? I found the entire moment to be pretty tone-deaf with where we are culturally.

  80. YES!! I was also watching and thinking the same thing about how passionately Arie kisses each woman, what is up with that?? If I was on the show I sure wouldn’t want him to kiss me passionately and then watch him also kiss 6 other girls like that! Lol
    I was super impressed and proud of Kendall for being so mature in how she handled Krystal…honestly that’s something I would do. Krystal was intentionally being mean and rude and I love how Kendall flipped that around on her…she totally called her out on her BS. This makes me wonder what kind of a person Krystal is in her other relashionshops with people…maybe this is why she is single?

    I’m not too sure what to think of Arie and Lauren’s date. Although she seems nice, I thought Lauren came across as quite dull and boring on the date. I think Arie likes her for looks and is digging to find more that just isn’t there.

    I LIKE Jacqueline! I think she’s really sweet and I can see her and Arie getting along really well…not sure about meant to be together and put a ring on it kind of thing, but we shall see!

    Bekah is adorable, but I do think age is going to creep back up and end up being an issue in the end. Arie is attracted to her electric, cute and bubbly personality. If only she were older. That being said I can see her getting a hometown date, but not making it further than that

  81. I don’t know which is worst. The nasty kissing with all the women and Aire! Gross….Also, every other word out of the ladies and Aire is the work “like”. Come on! Speak proper English or don’t talk. Like…Like…Like……

  82. Kendall’s convo with Krystal was awesome! Props to her!
    Not many people have spoken of Tia but I think she might have managed to stay with Arie and even been good for him. She almost reminds me of Ali from a different season. Just a little more fun. I did not care for Becca K. I think Bekah is there more for the excitement. She seems to love herself!
    I’m not sure about Lauren B. That date was terribly boring, but it may only have shown her lack of experience in the past with different people and different situations. Let’s face it, Arie is kissing and making out with everyone (part of the show) and I wonder why Lauren K even signed up. Unless someone else convinced her to as she does not seem like the type.

    It will be interesting to see how the show all pans out. Including After the Final Rose!

  83. I would love to know what he talked to Kendall about right before he sent Krystal home why didn’t they show it???

  84. I’m writing this only having lightly watched last nights episode but I wanted to comment on a couple of things you mentioned.
    1) Yes, I noticed him walking with his arms around both of them and thought THE EXACT SAME THING. If I was walking with him and he was doing that to another girl, I would have started walking by myself.
    2) I’m SO grossed out watching Ari kiss any girl now. The way he kisses them makes me gag, how are you able to be that way with so many girls?!
    3) YES. We need women of different shapes on this show. All this show is doing is supporting that tiny is the only beautiful size. Let’s get all different kinds of women on the show.
    4) No, you are not old fashioned. You shouldn’t have to parade around in a thong in order to get a guy’s attention, unless you’re a certain kind of girl.
    5) I wonder if he’s telling everyone he feels deeply about them because he’s barely seemed interested up to this point and producers started encouraging him to share “his connections” with them. I don’t know Ari personally, but he’s coming off (in my opinion) as very shallow and as someone with dating ADD. Yes, I realize he’s on a show dating all these different women, but I think looking back to Sean or Ben or Nick, we saw them making an effort to make people feel included or special. I don’t think Ari is interested in 90% of these women, the “interest” he’s showing is forced/fake, and so it is coming off like he has “deep connections” with everyone.

    Sorry if my ramblings went in circles. Loved your outfits on the post!

  85. I thought I got Arie too and then I was thrown for a loop!

    I could not agree with your more on with what happened last night. The Moulin Rouge costumes- I get it but I bet the girls felt obligated to wear them- but probably didn’t want to make a big production.

    Kendall is such a sweetheart! I just cringed at Krystal facial expressions and down right rudeness to her.

    1. At least Krystal didn’t pretend to be kindly to Kendall’s face – Kendall was part of The Gang trash talking Krystal last week – at the Bowling After Party. Kendall.was going for the kill, and Krystal kept it pretty real, avoiding engagment – it didn’t make her look good, but it wasn’t fake friend talk, either.
      I think Krystal was a gift for the producers – nobody played the girls more than the producers.
      Ultimately I believe Krystal will come out stronger in real life – I truly hope so- she has suffered, probably more than most of the other women cast.

    1. His laugh makes me laugh- sounds like he is a devil underneath a Santa ho ho ho costume with all the girls lining up to get close to him.
      I think he is l o v i n g being the Bach.

  86. I must say I was suprised with both 1-on-1’s that they got the rose. I like Lauren and last week her and Arie’s connection seemed better. Her 1-on-1 was so silent and awkward to watch I for sure thought she’d go home. She also almost didn’t seem that into Arie, but as we saw after the rose ceremony she was rather upset, in a jealous way. As for Jacqueline, I like her and want to see more of her, I don’t think she’ll end up with Arie but she seems great!

    So with the 2-on-1, I always feel like the bachelor/bachelorette already knows who they’ll send home before the day begins. Was that how it was for you Ali, or did the date change your mind? I’m so glad Krystal is gone, I couldn’t stand her thinking she’s better than everyone else. I admire Kendall and would love for her to be the next bachelorette, since there is a good chance she wont end up with Arie.

    Does anyone else worry the rest of the season will be boring without Krystal?

  87. I liked Arie on Emily’s season, but he kinda turned into a man-whore after that and I don’t like him on this season at all!! Kissing that many people like that one right after the other is just gross and very disturbing.

  88. So Krystal and Arie aside… how about Kendall? What a lovely, articulate, kind hearted woman. My hubby, who is not a reality tv fan, watches The Bachelor franchise with me from time to time and even he was throwing her accolades. She didn’t allow herself to be a doormat but she approached it with grace. She knows who she is and why she’s there. And, although perhaps it was a little overstep, her compassion showed through when she showed genuine concern for Krystal. You can’t just edit in that level of character and class – she has it.

  89. Hi!! I’m so glad you discussed the costumes. I was astonished at how confident each of the women were-Go ladies, however I’m not sure I would have been as thrilled.

    I’m so confused as to why everyone is so hung up on Arie’s kissing. If that’s his way to discover women, let him. We don’t know what goes on in fantasy suites, for all we know the contestants at the end all have sex…with 3 different individuals…GASP and yet here we are giving him hell for showing his feelings through kissing. I just wish I was kissing my man as much as that, I’m jealous!

    Also, I have actually met Arie. My husband and I were on a cruise and I spotted him on the ship. He was legitimately the nicest most respectful person. He could have easily shrugged me off and told me to go away but he and I had a great conversation. Btw, I got prego on that cruise and named my now 18 month old son, Arie 🙂

  90. Omg I thought the same thing about him holding both Krystal and Kendall while walking into their 2-on-1 date together. My boyfriend and I both said out loud “well, that’s really weird and awkward”. Obviously they all know they’re dating the same person, but it just felt really weird to me and I can’t be sure that I’ve ever seen that on this show before.
    And the way he kisses everyone the same, so passionately really bothers me, too! It’s to the point where I can’t wait him kiss anymore. This might just be me and is probably the way the show is edited, but I’m having a really hard time seeing any true connection between him and any of the girls. I think he thinks they’re all beautiful and kisses them passionately, but their conversations seem SO vanilla and I feel like he’s not really establishing a true connection with any of them past the attraction level. And the fact that he is so into Bekah M. disturbs me. She’s beautiful and funny, but doesn’t seem ready – I can totally tell she’s 22 and don’t know what a 36 year old wants with a 22 year old.

    Also, pleeeeaseee comment on the whole Bekah M. missing person thing. Dying to know what you think about that!!!!!!

  91. I TOTALLY agree with you about the kissing thing!! My friend and I were discussing last night. I actually cringe and turn away when he kisses some of the women. It’s just too much to watch! We came to the conclusion that maybe he’s a bad/sloppy kisser?? I feel like maybe that’s just HOW he kisses but there are no lips involved! (EW). It’s definitely way to much with each woman. And I agree with you, I have no clue who he likes best!

  92. I’ve seen every season of that bachelor and bachelorette. And I must say I’ve always thought they never have girls and guys with diverse body types. It’s always the same perfect body type- everyone can always wear a bikini. Same goes for the bachelorette though- always bodybuilder type shapes. Bob Guiney is the only person I could think of who wasn’t the above average type. Bob was the most normal body type though. It drives me nuts but maybe it’s all about what ppl want to see on TV? 🤷🏻‍♀️

  93. The joke is you have to have a “perfect” body and long beach waves to be on The Bachelor. The fact that Bekah is “revolutionary” for having short hair is hilarious. I couldn’t agree more about the need for different body representation on the show, but at this point there’s just no way they’ll do that. It goes along with everything we are brainwashed with about bodies in our society, but we also are hypocritical because let’s face it, watching the beautiful women on the bachelor is fun and inspiring too, even if it’s unachievable for average people like myself. I’m glad that stood out to you too Ali, thanks for saying it! I wouldve asked for some boy shorts at least lol

  94. OK I’m not at all a prude and I have to cover my eyes EVERY time he kisses someone on this show! It’s just too much at this point! And thank gd Krystal is gone because I was starting to press mute when she would go off on her weird tangents.

  95. Agree Agree Agree Ali!
    This was the best episode so far but still gross and confusing!
    I can’t with his kissing so gross and aggressive with the hands! The worst was the closeup of him licking the bowling ball last week! 🤮
    I have been saying that I don’t see him with any of these women. I think the one he has a true connection with is way too young. The fantasy dates are going to be awful!

  96. I’m not watching this season of The Bachelor because of Arie – I didn’t like him on Emily’s season and was disappointed they chose him. But I read blogs recapping the episodes, like yours! The thing I wanted to comment on was what you said about different body shapes – I’m so with you!! This show definitely needs more diversity when it comes to body shapes, sizes and abilities, as well as when it comes to skin colour and race! I mean, has there been a single woman on this show who is larger than tiny?! And what about people with disabilities? There’s only ever been one person with a disability on the show, right? More diversity is definitely needed because beauty comes in all shapes, sizes, abilities, and colours.

    1. 100% agree on the body sizes! They all look like beauty queens! Maybe they should do a Bachelor / Bachelorette 35 – 45! That would be so fun to see!

  97. As much as Krystal is horrible. I thought Arie would at least walk her to the car to drive her to the airport? Ya know?

    1. That is the show – Chris Soules left Ashley I and the wacko woman to fend for themselves, too. (In the Badlands – ouch)
      It made him look weak to me, too – he went along with it.
      Krystal deserved an honest goodbye. He did single her out, then acted like she did everything wrong all by herself. I hope he sees the bulkshit she had to cope with *on campus* as the show airs

  98. I might be on an island by myself here but I actually really like Arie as The Bachelor. I don’t agree with all that he says and does sometimes but, nevertheless, I think he was a great choice.

    And I really don’t see how his kissing is any more passionate or overdone than any other season of this franchise to be honest…

    I think because we’re in this season we think he is kissing more but if we compared to every other season, I think all the other Bachelors and Bachelorettes did their fair share of kissing. I feel like Arie is just joining the club of this whole thing and all that comes with it unfortunately. I couldn’t imagine ever being in this position. I would hate it LOL. I feel bad for him because I honestly sense that he is just a real down to earth guy looking for love.

    A lot of people didn’t have the best things to say about Nick, Ben got a lot of flak for saying I love you 2X, and then there was Juan Pablo who became public enemy number one. I just find it all sad really. The media can act like townspeople with pitch forks (like the Disney version of Beauty and the Beast). On that note, the Bachelorettes get a lot of flak too. Rachel with the Peter drama, Andy and Nick, etc. No matter who is the Bachelor or the Bachelorette we’ll never 100% agree with them on everything and that is okay. The media will never be kind and then it will be off to the next victim.

    Perhaps Arie is trying to find a connection physically along with the emotional connection. Can he be affectionate with these women or are they just friends…kind of a thing. Perhaps kissing is his way of figuring that out. But, I am not Arie and so it would be better for him to answer this lol.

  99. I feel like this is somewhat comparable to everyone losing their minds when Kaitlyn Bristowe slept with Nick before the fantasy suites. I think it’s hilarious we are picking apart the WAY he KISSES!

    Whatever, man. We’re all about letting people have the ‘right’ to choose – so if Kaitlyn decided to sleep with Nick that’s her choice. And if it that’s how Arie kisses all the time that’s how he kisses all the time! AND! If the girls *didn’t* want to kiss him back, or if they wanted him to ease up, they could choose to say that, too! *sigh* I’m riled. 😛

    If the girls want to believe a 36-year-old guy hasn’t ever kissed ANYONE the way he’s kissing them, I mean come on. Even if he wasn’t the Bachelor that wouldn’t be true. Not to mention *editing!* There’s literally dayyyyys worth of footage we will never see. And I’m inclined to believe that there was more conversation and ‘connection’ than we’re being shown.

    And let’s face it, people love a little drama (helloooo this is why there’s always a “villain!”) So maybe production was kind of hoping someone would be weird about wearing the Moulin Rouge outfits. I mean, I would be! for sure! 😛 But these girls don’t strike me as the type who would stay silent if they were THAT uncomfortable with it. I would have an issue if someone was clearly uncomfortable and was forced to do it anyway. But if they were fine with it, good for them.

    *sigh* I’m over it.

    1. You are so right Caitlyn. It’s so a double standard! The argument that kissing a certain way is what you do when you love someone, well that’s exactly how I feel about sex. Andy and Kaitlyn felt they had the right to have sex with some of the contestants if it was consensual, of course. They got flak for it but they stood up for themselves in that situation because they didn’t feel they were in the wrong. So, Arie is deciding to kiss multiple women passionately and he is getting the same kind of flak. So, women AND MEN get criticized for this kind of stuff. I would make different choices then some of these bachelorettes, bachelors, and contestants but I can certainly recognize the double standard.

      1. Haha – glad to hear it. I was beginning to wonder if I would be left all alone like these poor, poor, 2-on-1 rejects. 😉 I am amused at the response to him not having an obvious front-runner. I have felt for several seasons that it was WAY too obvious WAY too early on and was therefore bored out of my mind. Chris Soules, Kaitlyn, Ben, JoJo, Nick….was it not totally obvious with them? And I’ve been watching since Jake’s season. So I doubt that in real life Arie’s deep feelings are as spread out among the group as it may seem. They’re keeping us in suspense and I am HERE FOR IT! 😛

  100. So glad Krystal went home- I am (have been) over her drama. Can’t wait to see her on After The Final Rose when she has to come face to face with all the girls!

    Never did I think I’d be rooting for a “flesh-eating taxidermy collector” 😉 but I really liked Kendall last night! She is so mature and in tune with her and others’ feelings! How big of her to empathize with Krystal instead of get into a cat-fight with her. It’s hilarioua that Krystal can dish it out so easily to the producers in her interviews, but when confronted in person “she has no words.”

    I’m okay with Arie! I feel like he’s said some things that are more “real” than others have before when assessing situations. My fav (to Krystal last week): little things here translate to big relationship problems in the real world.

    Finally, could Jacqueline touch her hair any more?! I was just thinking “take a drink every time Jacqueline touches her hair… just kidding don’t do that, you’ll die!”

  101. I think Arie is showing his player (play-a) side with full colors on that 2 on 1. One arm around one girl and holding the other’s hand. It looked like the beginning of an “adult” film.

  102. Besides all the kissing, we’ve noticed that he’s a really, like REALLLLLLY loud kisser. With the hands on the face, soap opera kisser. That said, Arie is a GUY and maybe kissing/touch is just his love language. I think maybe he is just trying to see where the spark is and have no regrets. Agreed it’s a little much to watch. Thank goodness Krystal went home. I was getting ready to tune out, she’s just so, as my 9th grade daughter would put it, “extra.” I have a feeling it was kind of an act though, she started out nice and then decided to be the villain this season to extend her stay with the franchise. Her voice was like fingernails on a chalkboard on top of the cattiness, which is just unnecessary. Arie seems like he is missing something and I can’t put a finger on it. Like he’s not confident, he seems so non-committal or benign when he says he’s into someone and detached from it all. I see Chris Harrison is promising that the non-Arie fans will be converted in the end, but I’m not sold. Right now I’m loving Kendall, I really thought she was doing to turn out to be the goofy chick like the one that found an onion and some stray cats on (Nick’s?) last season? I’ve been pleasantly surprised that she has a ton of substance and is really real. #teamkendall

  103. It really grosses me out the way he kisses the girls. Like honestly it’s gross. I think in Emily seasons when he kissed her like that the viewers all thought he looked like a great kisser… and he got that reputation so I think he feels like he needs to kiss the girls that way now but when he does it to EVERY girl it’s disgusting .

  104. In the day and age of women’s marches, equality, and all of the scandals regarding sexual assault I really found the coustumes the girls were told to wear completely classless. The picture the franchise posted in Facebook today of the girls around Arie dressed like that really turned me off. I would’ve said hell no out of self respect.

    1. Do you think that any of the girls in the group DON’T respect themselves? I think this is one of the most intelligent, self-respecting, mature groups ever – with a few obvious exceptions. 😉 So if they were truly uncomfortable or felt exploited in the costumes, I really can’t see any of them not speaking up. The costumes made sense in the context. Unlike the tractor racing date on Chris Soules’ season when they were in bikinis for *absolutely no real reason.*

  105. I’ve been trying to hold off commenting because I didn’t want to be too negative but I can’t hold back anymore! Arie is a bit dull this season. And I am SO OVER the way he kisses EVERYONE. EVERYONE! Ewwwww! It’s like all the girls are kissing each other in a round about way. I feel so bad for whom ever he chooses, too, to have to see him literally making out with almost every single girl. Gross. And poor sweetie. It will take an extremely understanding fiancée to be able to handle that! And why, Arie?!?? WHY do you HAVE to kiss almost every girl? And how can your man body even handle all that man passion night after night – if you know what I mean!

  106. Glad Krystal is gone as well. Yes his kissing is disgusting but I think in general he likes the shock value. I honestly don’t know who he’s into and I think whoever he picks it’s not going to last. I’m really on the fence at this point about who I even like.

  107. Oh man! The only good thing that happened last night was Krystal going home! But, he sure led her on right to that moment! At this point, all the rest going home are all leaving heartbroken! Because they all kiss him passionately and believe their connection is amazing! It’s toooo much! Ali, didn’t you know when there were 8 or 10 left, who you had the best chemistry with. I keep imagining every season that at this point you know who you have to string along, even though you know who your top 2,3 or 4 are. But Arie wants them all to be head over heels, passionately into him! There’s just too much choice for him! I think 22 yr old bekah at this point has his head spinning, and with the age difference, he’s just coming off like a horny older man. It’s a disturbing season. But I’ll keep watching, because his choices are always unpredictable.

  108. I’m sure Arie is a nice guy in person but I can’t help but feel bad for all of the remaining women. He is at least a decade older than all of them, they are all beautiful, and they are all intelligent. I definitely think Arie would hold Jacqueline back from her PHD dreams. He has said Seinne is too smart for him and I agree! Bekah is young and ready or not for marriage, I think she would feel too settled. She wants adventure and Arie wants to watch TV and go to bed. Every season, the hopeless romantic in me, truly hopes the lead and their chosen one make it and every time they don’t I’m slightly shocked and sad for them. This season I actually hope they all part ways.

  109. I’m so glad that Krystal is gone too, she was getting hard to watch! I hate to say it, but I am not a fan of Arie at all. I feel like he just isn’t as genuine as some of the past bachelors. I can’t even with all of the kissing. He doesn’t have to kiss everyone so passionately all of the time, I find it super uncomfortable to watch after awhile. I mean, chemistry is important, but he’s kissing some of the women he isn’t really into! I like your idea of more diverse bodies. I have had two babies and proud of my mom bod for the most part, but I would never have the courage to wear a thong on stage nor would I want to. I have a 5 year old daughter and I definitely feel more passionately about these issues after becoming a mom!

  110. I am so glad you mentioned the group date. The whole time while watching I was thinking “o my word! I could never do this, even before having children lol” I shared the same thoughts with my husband as we watch the show together. He even made the statement saying he was surprised that not one woman had a issue with it. I’m happy they are all confident in their bodies but I do agree they need to have a more woman with other body types. I don’t know about you but I have never been that confident on my body to do what these women did 😂

  111. I actually like Arie. I think all of the kissing has to do with two things: first, I think it would be pretty darn hard to turn away kisses from so many beautiful women and we’ve seen this happen with several of the previous Bachelors, but there’s usually a point where the kissing like that stops except for the two or three women you can really see as front runners, so it will be interesting to see if that happens again. Secondly, Arie must have some insecurities based on his conversation with Jacqueline about feeling intimated my her, commenting on Siene’s degree previously, etc. I’m still cheering for him and is fiance. I thought Lauren was going to go home too, until Arie shared his story about the miscarriage and you could see something shift and change in her right away and she opened up. I also appreciated he shared such a difficult time in his life with her (and all of us). I really don’t see any connection with him and Jacqueline (did it bug anybody else how often she played with her hair???) and I noticed it was her reaching up to kiss him far more often than he leaned over to kiss her, but we’ll see what happens. Like everyone else in Bachelor Nation, I’m ssssssooooooo glad Krystal is gone. She just has a mean soul and her ego is too much for me. Every season there is a “villian” and she was it this year, so maybe it will really get down to the nuts and bolts of the true relationships since the light is off her now. I certainly hope so. Like everyone else, I think Kendall is a class act and I just love her. I also love Becca (with the longer brown hair) and I think the other Bekha is totally adorable, but I still feel like she’s too young for Arie. I also love Tia and if she isn’t picked, at this point, she’s my vote for the Bachelorette.

  112. I do not like him on this season.Thought I would give him a chance,but he is a player and will never change.I think the last two are Lauren and Bekah . Not Bekah M. But I do not see it lasting.Heard he plays a Jason and changes his mind, and then leaves that one too, and he is single right now.So sad. And we worried about Bekah being immature!

  113. This entire season is crazy. I do not like his make-out sessions with every woman. It just seems wrong. Also Lauren did not have anything to say to him for the first half of the date. towards the end of the show she is seen talking to someone but I do not think we saw who it was. Very strange show this time.

  114. I honestly think it’s a shame that Bekah is so young. If she was older I really think he would choose her. He always seems SO happy to be with her.

    Also, you are SO right about the kissing thing. I didn’t even really pay attention to it until the first time you mentioned it. Now it annoys me every time. It definitely has to suck for whoever he chose to see him kiss other girls like that. It has lost any and all meaning. AND you’re also so right about the outfits in the group date… I would be way too shy for this show lol

  115. Ok I totally agree with what your saying, first of all I love the bachelor franchise I watch all the shows since the beginning. I love Arie too but if Krystal stayed one more week and if he keeps kissing all the women the same way I was going to stop watching. A kiss is one thing but he seems to be so into each kiss in the same way that it doesn’t feel like one is any different from the other. If all of them are so passionate then how do you tell what’s real. Kendall is a one of a kind person love love love her and how kind and sweet and thoughtful she is and if she doesn’t end up with Arie I think she could be the next bachelorette. This season just seems so staged to me which causes me so much grief as a watcher it’s too scripted. The outfits were too much Or too less in reality. I was also shocked he kept Jacqueline they seem so different and she seems like she is trying to hard when she is around him and not her self.

    1. I totally agree with you! Arie seems like he’s in to Becca the short hair and tia. Tia maybe the winner. But the whole show was boring. Arie doesn’t really know what he wants.

  116. SOOO many things going on this season! But I think my biggest pet peeve is the editing of this season. Its horrible! Its random and all over the place. I feel like there are zero storylines (other than Krystal). I have been watching The Bachelor from its conception and I really don’t think the problem is Arie, the problem is the editing.

    I feel like we know nothing about these ladies. I hate to admit it, but I literally can’t remember their names. I have never had this problem in seasons past. During the 2-1 date last night, Arie took Kendall away at dinner to talk to her, with a rose on the line, and we saw nothing??!! WTH? The random scene with Lauren after Arie said they were going to Tuscany was just bizarre. We know she is insecure but I feel like we have not seen a side to her because the only storylines have been about Krystal and Bekah’s age. Why have we never heard a word out of Jacqueline, but they finally have a 1 -1 and we are all left beyond confused about where their chemistry came from. We have seen 30 seconds of them talking all season, yet Arie was vulnerable saying he was afraid of how smart she is? Same with Lauren, he admitted multiple times how big of crush he has and its very obvious how smitten he is with her but know nothing of them. Why are we half through the season and know absolutely nothing about these girls??? And I don’t think Arie is necessarily to blame, because he dug deep into his past and was very open with Lauren about his last serious relationship. I am truly surprised they even aired that part of dinner! The story telling and editing has just been horrible. I think Arie is a low key guy but with brutal editing, it makes him look even worse. The girls we have gotten to know, have been sent home and we are left with girls who are virtual strangers.

    With that being said, he could totally slow down on the passionate make out sessions with each and every girl. Totally agree with you on that. I feel like it saves nothing for girl he chooses in the end! I feel like we are all very confused today about what is happening in the show but I think this is just the tip of the iceberg for confusion and analyzing what the heck is happening.

    1. right, they showed us him taking Kendall away to talk. Went to the other girls, then straight to giving the rose. We saw nothing about their conversation. That was bad editing.

    2. Oh my gosh you are so right. The editing makes the scenes look like a puzzle that wasn’t put together right. It makes no sense.

  117. All I could think about during the Moulin Rouge scene, is there is NO WAY I would ever wear a thong on stage. NO WAY. I would have flat out said NO, even if that meant I was sent packing. Too much.

    I am still in awe of Kendall’s kindness and discernment. That was just beautiful to watch. I have no idea if she believes in God or not but to me that was pure love and an overflow of God 🙂

  118. I know the show only shows us what they want to, but you barely see him have any serious talks with any of the girls because he is always passionately kissing everyone. I wish we could actually see the connections he is making instead of all the kissing. I can usually pick out at the beginning of the season who will make it to the top 4 but I can’t this season because we never see any talking! Tia was the first real conversation we saw that wasn’t interrupted by kissing. Anyway basically I’m with you just being confused by him and thinking there is no connection between him and one of the girls and then he keeps them around.

    1. I disagree with you and the many people who have said Arie has had no meaningful conversations with many girls. He HAS had informative chats with Becca, Bekah, Jacqueline, Kendall, Lauren, Sienne and Tia. He has spent an inordinate amt. of time kissing, but he almost always makes a point to try to learn more about each girl and share tidbits about himself.

  119. I actually cried a little bit when Kendall was talking to Krystal – she has a big heart, she’s super empathetic and she’s so good with her words. I don’t know if anyone else in the house could have done that. I know I wouldn’t have been able to. Kendall has a heart of gold and a good head on her shoulders. While I don’t think she’ll get the final rose, I do think she’d be a great Bachelorette! When Krystal didn’t get the 2-on-1 rose I was soooo relieved! Her drama was getting to be a bit too much, and I love good drama on a reality show! The group date was something I couldn’t have done. I’m not about having my booty all on display for the world to see. I was surprised Jacqueline got a rose as well. I just didn’t see any connection between them until last night, but is it too little too late? Don’t get me wrong, I love her personality! Chelsea leaving was actually a little sad for me too – even though I didn’t like her to begin with (“I deserve more time since I’m a single mom”). I didn’t see them ending up together either, but I thought she’d made it like top 5.

  120. I noticed on the group date, Chelsea was not in a costume on the stage, but was there for the after portion of it. I wonder if that was because she was a mom and wanted to set an example.

    Also, Arie’s kisses are tooo passionate. I totally agree I can’t read who are front runners because he is all over the woman.

  121. Oops forgot to add, Kendall is a class act! So genuine and so nice even when she is being attacked. Love her

  122. Arie is seriously the worst. He’s a total snoozefest. All of these girls are way too good for him. I am having a hard time rooting for him this season…

  123. My fiancé and I watch the show together and EVERY time Arie kisses a girl we both look at each other in disgust. Not because the kisses are disgusting but because it looks like the same one over and over again.. just like you said!! He kisses the top contenders (or what I consider top contenders) the same way he kisses girls whose names I don’t even remember. Him and Jacqueline seemed to have a nice time on their date BUT I don’t understand how she got a rose at the end of it?! Everything you said in this blog (even how Lauren looks like the other Lauren LOL) is everything I was thinking last night!!

  124. Hi Ali!!

    I agree 100% with everything you’ve said. I was so shocked and proud of Kendall! And just glad to see Krystal go. Too much negativity from her. I was also bothered by Arie and how he had his arms around both girls on the 2 on 1. I thought I was weird for noticing that, haha! I remember him putting his arm around Krystal in the hot tub in front of other girls on a previous episode, not cool. And I’m also a mother of a little girl and thought it was a little much with the thong outfits. Was definitely surprised Jacqueline got a rose as well….

    Love the blog 🙂

  125. Can we talk about Chelsea for a minute? It seemed like Arie and her had a good connection and then he just lets her go last night with no reasoning. And he did it at a rose ceremony instead of one on one which would have been the respectful way to do it being that she is a mother spending time away from her child for him. That really upset me! Has soon as he felt like there wasn’t a connection, he should have let her know instead of dragging her along to a rose ceremony. Ugh Arie, what are you thinking?

  126. I feel just as Ali, I don’t get him. I think this season is not going to end well. Got a bad feeling. Who ever he chooses is going to get hurt at some point.

  127. Ali girl… I missing something about Lauren B? I mean I think she’s a nice girl (from the little I’ve seen) but do we know anything about her personality? I don’t understand his connection to with when they’ve barely had a conversation?! From last night I can tell he’s really into her…..but why? Lol

    1. She looked even more like Emily Maynard tonight Feb 12th – facially and body-wise ( and style wise too, a bit).
      Are set has a type.
      I seem to recall tabloids way back showing another Emily look alike w him.

  128. I agree about the kissing. I think Arie just really gets into kissing whoever it is at that moment. I was surprised he kissed Krystal like that because I think he knew he was sending her home from the start. Good riddens to her! The only thing that I’m absolutely sure about is that he is CRAZY about Bekah (young). I think she will be there in the end.

  129. Re Arie and his kisses – someone said here early on in this season it’s as if this way of kissing worked early on for him and he’s kept it as his “move” – similar to a man in his youth doing something in bed that he thought “worked” and kept it as his “move” and didn’t realize through maturing that women – esp emotionally mature ones – don’t respond to “moves”. Re. Krystal – I’m so glad she is gone but I don’t want to be mean either. I think Kendall was dead on and so amazingly empathetic and what she did in reaching out to her made me love her even more! I can’t put my finger on it but I just feel like she won’t make it to the end tho. I totally think the producers had a hand in stringing Krystal along. I honestly think he wanted to end their dating after the stunt she pulled last week. I did love how he was with Jacqueline – I thought he was amazingly mature with his assessement of her and their potential but I was also like – where on earth did these feelings come from? Maybe they just cut their tape completely out until now w/ all the K drama. I agree about the thongs btw although nearly everyone (young) where’s them now at the beach, esp in Hawaii where I used to live. I just find them inappropriate too. On the beach and on the show. I can see why he likes Lauren after their dinner but I’m like what the heck happened to Becca with the long hair? It seemed to me that she was a front runner. Now I think it’s Lauren. I’m confused too but from a gut instinct I think Tia, Lauren, and Becca w the long hair are the top 3. I like Tia the most. Oh my – this is too long!

  130. I think there is lots of kissing in every season. I think the cameras could back off some so we don’t have to see such detail. I love Bekah M with the short hair. She is just so full of life and personality. I think other girls that were older than her acted like babies. (Krystal) I was so glad to see Krystal go. She really buried herself when she said Laren shouldn’t be here because she is not ready. That did it with Arie if he hadn’t already decided. As a fan, I loved it. I loved that she did not even get a walk out.

  131. I was very happy to see Krystal leave! Loved Kendall and her approach- she’s such a beautiful soul!

    I don’t really mind the kissing- although I hate watching it- I understand that if he’s going to find a wife he should have chemistry! Pecking isn’t going to necessarily tell you if that passions there- I really think the editing should be done so we as an audience see waaaaay less of that and more of the actual conversations but overall, I understand why he kisses so passionately!

  132. I couldn’t agree more with you !!!!!! A woman wearing a thong isn’t what I want to see on dates either… the group I’m in I said something about it n was told hey you fire the date cordinarer and handle the dates lol to which I replied I would certainly do a far better job!!!!! While watching other women in swimming suits is ok watching them parade n dance in a thong is just not good!!!! But in all I’m happy he got rid of Krystal I think everybody can agree she had the wrong motive for beginning on the show….. throwing others under the bus isn’t good wife qualities!!!! And since all the spoilers are out it’s hard to say who he picks I don’t read the spoilers but I do have 2 that I hope make final 4 !!!!! Congratulations on motherhood n just wait grandmother hood is the best !!!!

  133. To me his kisses seem choreographed and rehearsed, all the kisses are the same no matter who he’s kissing. Example, he kissed Krystal the same way on the 2 on 1 date just before he sent her home as he kissed her every other time.

  134. Completely agree with you!
    Glad Krystal is gone. Arie is boring! I think he will pick Becca M. and they are probably already broken up! Ha!!

  135. Hey Ali – I totally agree with you! First of all, I truly don’t understand how he kisses so many women so passionately. That is something that has truly bothered me from the very beginning of the season. I almost feel like he is grossly sucking on all these women’s faces and these kisses don’t have any meaning behind them… If I was the woman that was picked in the end, I would almost feel betrayed. Even though I do understand that that’s the name of the game “The Bachelor“, I feel that at that point there’s a lack of genuinity.

    To recap what you said about the group date, amen sister! This Moulin Rouge date extremely objectifies women. Look, I’m not prude, and trust me I know how have a good time, but the way that Arie chose to judge these women in their “barely there“ costumes, was uncomfortable and I felt, disrespectful to the women. As I was watching, I was sort of thinking, “how in the hell are none of these women objecting to this activity? How is it that every single one of them can’t wait to prance around these costumes?” I suppose we could all say “It was all for fun and it’s a cool experience“, but that’s not quite what I was thinking. I guess in my opinion Arie just isn’t worth embarrassing my own self-worth. But on ti more interesting and unsurprising news…

    The 2-on-1 date could not have been more predictable even if it had tried. I really like Kendall! I think that she is so sweet and so genuine and I love her natural spirit. I love the way that she thinks before she speaks and she embodies strength. Therefore, it’s probably pretty obvious I have to say about Krystal. Krystal played it like she was the best for the job, but the way she whined when she spoke, behaved in a “holier than tho” manner, and for lack of a better phrase, was a “backstabbing bitch”, she had get the boot. I am so happy that Arie was able to see through her, even though the girls had for weeks. I mean come on, when Krystal thought it was so cute that they had their first fight last week? No. Red flag girlfriend, let me be honest – a fight only weeks into a casual relationship isn’t cute. It’s just a red flag.

    Anyway thanks Ali for debriefing on Monday night’s episode. I would love to hear what you think of my comments! I’ve loved you since the day you were on the show! Have a good one!

  136. I seriously cannot even watch this season. I am ONLY watching about half and none of the dates, he just seems too fake for me. I just want to get to know the girls since I’m sure one of them will be bachelorette! If he ends up with anyone, it won’t last long…. Bachelorette’s for the win! Kaitlyn, JoJo, Rachel and Desiree are all still with their men!! HELLO ABC get it together! LOL

  137. I gotta say, Ali. I have tried turning on this season several times and end up turning it off after several
    minutes. I have never felt so UNCOMFORTABLE watching the Bachelor! I completely agree about the passionate kissing. I feel like I’m a fly on the wall in their bedroom sometimes and I do not want to see all of that! And I do feel so bad for whoever he picked. I’d feel like he didn’t save anything special for me. 🙁 And I couldn’t agree more about getting some more diverse body types on the show! Preach!

  138. Did you notice they never showed Chelsea in the costumes? She clearly didn’t want to have her child see her like that and opted out right? Totally cool, but what surprised me what that the producers didn’t make that into a huge deal for the show… but yea it made me feel so uncomfortable to watch him sit there while they paraded around in thongs. Just weird..

  139. Ok I’m 100% happy that you said what you said about the overly sexy Moulin rouge attire. I feel like the whole thing set women back yet again. How is it ok that they are objectified to win a man. So gross and I have a daughter who I want more than anything to be judged by her character over her body.
    To be honest I don’t care much for Arie he is very passionate with almost every woman on the show and it comes across as almost creepy old man-ish. Obviously I don’t know him and I’m sure he is a very nice person but he gives me the heeby
    I do have to say that I have really liked his group of ladies this year, excluding Krystal. And I LOVE Kendall and vote her bachelorette if she doesn’t fall for Arie.

  140. It’s like Arie is making love to their faces!!! I’m now grossed out! I mean every single makeout session is exactly the same! I just role played with my husband and we both laughed out butts off! So weird!

  141. Ali, I have to say – your blog is amazing to me how ppl are so good about not telling spoilers! I love being able to read the comments here….any other place there’s always someone (if not many ppl) throwing out the spoilers just for the fun of it. Part of the fun to me is seeing it all unfold and not know the ending ahead. I really stopped reading comments on anyone else’s Instagram, etc.

    Thank you ladies for being respectful!

  142. I’m curious how much the producers have to do with the Krystal types each season. I mean, every season there is a girl who acts that way and who says horribly immature things. It has to be scripted. Any insight Ali?

    1. They look for extreme types to get their *villian* ( they need to cast someone w black and white thinking and a temper). They also need to have a *good girl*, *star*, *tomboy* *oddball* and *diva*, too.
      JoJo, athletic home coming queen. Ali good girl next door who is a star. Kaitlyn quirky vamp. Andi brainy glam girl…and so on…

  143. I totally agree with you about the kissing. I don’t understand how he can kiss every girl so passionately. If I was his fiance watching this back it would make me extremely uncomfortable. I would feel like there was nothing special about what we had because he treats all the girls the same. And usually by this point in the show it is so obvious who the Bachelor is more into. I can always tell by now who the final women will be. But on this season I honestly have no idea. I will be watching him with one woman and I think oh he really likes her and then the next scene I will be thinking the same about the other woman. It’s just so confusing. This far in we should be able to tell the 2 or maybe 3 he is really into. I just don’t see how he can seriously propose to someone in the next few weeks. Something dramatic will have to happen for me to buy this engament.

  144. I absolutely love Kendall. I wish I hadn’t judged her so quickly in the beginning, I thought she was going to be weird, with all the taxidermy stuff. But I love how she does have her weird quirks and totally owns them. She has become one of my favorites! I don’t think I could have handled that situation the way she did. She thinks before she speaks and when she does speak you can tell she is sincere. Every time there was an issue with Krystal, Kendall would always speak to her with respect and never have it come off as being an attack. She is so classy, and kind, the way she spoke with her after Krystal tried to sabotage her chances with Arie. I wish I could be more like Kendall!

  145. Omg…I’m with you 100%! That’s why, sadly, I’m not watching the show. Maybe now that Krystal is gone and there are fewer girls I’ll tune in, but the kissing…??? It’s just not genuine anymore. I love what you said about hurt people hurt people. I’m a teacher, and I always try to remember that people who need love the most will often seek it in the most unloving ways… Sad for her….

  146. Arie doesn’t have any favorites at this point. He’s doing the “back of the throat tongue inspection” on every woman. I don’t see him connecting with any of them specifically, but he seems to “connect” with ALL of them. He had absolutely nothing good to say about the daytime sightseeing tour part of his date with Lauren, then that night he tells her what an incredible day they had. I was like, “wait, did I miss something??” Because I’m sorry, you’re in FREAKING PARIS FRANCE, and you don’t act excited, you don’t engage with one another, your enthusiasm was about as much as I’d have for a root canal. Seriously, what he sees in Lauren I don’t get. Glad to see Krystal go, Arie is creeping me out, and I give a two thumbs up to Kendall…what a great lady she is. Total class all the way. Kendall for next Bachelorette!! Lauren B does remind me of Lauren Bushnell from Ben Higgins season, his ex-fiancee’.

    I don’t know about others here, but I’m super disappointed in how this season is going….not only boring, but so predictable and enough kissing with every single woman. Jaclyn (sp) and Lauren, I thought would be sent home. So suprised they both got roses. Perhaps his “connections” and I use that term loosely as does he from what I’ve seen, aren’t very strong with ANY of the ladies. He seriously has questions, and a good make out session seems to wipe out any fears or doubts he may have had. Really Arie, get your priorities in order. Pronto!!! Have a great week, Ali!!

  147. Totally agree with the thong opinion! Totally inappropriate for the girls to dress that way! And I completely agree that arie seems disingenuine with these girls because he’s all over all of them! He sort of seems like a womanizer to me and I’m starting to believe all those things I read about him on reality Steve 😱 lol
    Love your recaps ali!

  148. I can’t believe he said he’s not smart enough for Jacqueline but since he finally got rid of Krystal and Chelsea he’s not a total doofus.
    He should choose Jacqueline; the other women are kind of dull and he really seemed to have fun with her.

  149. Krystal is a CHILD. Kendall is SO much more mature than Krystal is, and you can see that through the way Kendall handles herself and how she handles situations. Krystal making up false things about Kendall is extremely childish, and the way that Kendall handled the situation was very adult. Kendall being kind to Krystal instead of being a bully back to her shows the difference in maturity between the two. Kendall is definitely a strong contender to win!!!!!!

  150. I agree, the passionate kissing is VERY confusing! He seemingly has a connection with every girl at this point and I can’t even figure out who is leaning towards. I thought he liked Chelsea (I liked her too after their one on one) but he sent her home. I don’t get his actions.
    Jacqueline is a sweet and genuine girl but basically said she can not commit the way he wants her to. He wants to be married and start a family. School is a priority for her, which there is wrong with that, but that will put marriage and a family on hold for him. And the way she flipped her hair constantly annoyed be a bit. Yes, that’s a weird thing to pay attention to.
    I still do not understand his connect with Bekah (the 22 year old). She is too young, immature and I absolutely do not see them lasting long term. Take it from me, married at 23 and divorced at 24, after being with my ex for 8 years before marriage. Too freaking young! Their relationship is gross to me at this point.
    Lauren is a nice, sweet and beautiful girl but she apparently doesn’t know how this process works. She isn’t the only woman trying to win his heart and she seems surprised and anxious about the process. The previews for next week looks like it dives more into her insecurities. I did not see a connection between the two and was surprised she got a rose, but then again, Arie has been full of surprises and confusion.

    Love your recaps! You say and think everything I do. Xo

  151. My mom and I were watching it last night and I said the same thing about the Arie kisses all the girls! For me it’s uncomfortable to watch because if I was in the position I would want a kiss so passionate to be a special thing! Not just sharing it it with everyone thing! It has actually gotten awkward to watch him kissing all those girls so passionately. I am actually really surprised he gave Jaqueline the rose. I didn’t really see any sort of connection with them and again with the awkward, it was a little uncomfortable to watch at some parts.

  152. Yes! Totally agree with the kissing thing. I have thought this for weeks! It’s almost like he doesn’t even hear when they are talking and he just goes straight to sucking face! I am tired of it!

  153. I LOVE Kendall! She is super weird and quirky, but also possibly the most mature and genuine person on the show. I could not believe how well she held her cool with krystal! So glad Krystal is gone…

  154. Spot on! This season is the worst one by far. The kisses are disturbing, actually kinda gross (passionate not the word that comes to mind) no meaningful connections seem to be evident. Arie is boring beyond boring! The girls we know little about. This is why the youngest of all is the most interesting to watch because she has personality! If she opens her eyes she would get how this is so not her forever person.

    Bring on big brother!!!

  155. SO glad that Krystal is gone. And Arie will be so relieved when he watches the season back and sees how fake she was. She always talked about the show as a competition and I get the sense that he really is trying to think the women through because he wants it to last.
    I have a theory about the two on one. I think that he may have included both women on the dinner as a test. Last week Krystal threw a tantrum when arie changed the plan. Then she gave a fake apology to get back in his good graces. I wondered as I watched the episode if he was needing time to process their conversations and also to see if Krystal would show her true colors if the plans changed again (which she did, but I’m not sure if he saw). If so, I think he’s genius.

    1. Krystal is SO manipulative.

      The look on Arie’s face was priceless as they were sitting on the bench and talking. He looked genuinely disgusted with her.

      Krystal sat there and pouted at him like a child while she talked about how much he regained her trust the previous week. She is really unhinged, and if Arie had not already realized that, then that moment confirmed it. For her to talk about Kendall was completely inappropriate, and I love that Kendall pointed out that Krystal didn’t know what she was talking about.

      I do hope Krystal looks back at the show and sees how embarrassing she was, but let’s be honest—aren’t the producers going to cast her for another show like Bachelor in Paradise just because she was such a weird drama queen? Also, how much of her personality was fake and played out for TV?

  156. Ali, I couldn’t agree more about the Moulin Rouge outfits. Completely inappropriate. I would never feel comfortable wearing something like that in public, let alone on a TV show, even if I had the body for it. Like you, I find myself watching the show from a different perspective now that I’m a mom and a lot of it is hard for me to stomach. I feel very old too!

  157. I have honestly never watched The Bachelor (or Bachelorette) before, but sat through an episode with my husband last week. I seriously had the exact same thought about the way he kisses all the women on the show. I didn’t understand how one person could kiss so many people with such “passion”. I even told my husband I felt bad for whichever woman he ended up choosing because she’s going to realize fairly quickly that he kissed every woman the way he kissed her..and she probably felt special in those moments. And if I’m being ridiculously honest, I’ve always felt this show was a bit creepy and watching it last week reinforced those feelings.

  158. I am starting not to care for Ari. The way he goes at it with every woman is so insulting and his kissing is so gross. I don’t see him as ready to settle down at all,and as much as I disliked Krystal I felt sorry for her when he gave the rose to Kendall and they just got up and walked away leaving her sitting at the table. Don’t they usually walk the woman out who is going home? Not sure how this is going to end on a happy note.

  159. I agree with every single thing you said. I’m disturbed too. I seriously wonder how he was chosen to be the bachelor when their are so many other guys from previous bachelorette seasons who are deep and mature. He’s stringing each and every girl song more than I’ve ever seen. Making each girl think she’s the one. I would be so insecure too. He didn’t even give Any signs that Chelsi wasn’t going to make it either, because he doesn’t truly make sense. And he doesn’t discern anyone well. He’s all about looks and kissing. And it’s gross honestly. Everyone on this show but Krystal honestly ha such a heart of gold and they all deserve better than him. Krystal was a witch, but it broke my heart truly when Kendall pointed out that she’s probably a broken person. Kendall is truly a saint. I’m sad Krystal didn’t accept that. She’s very delusional and I don’t get how arie couldn’t pick that up before. This season is weary for me but these girls make it worth it with their huge hearts. Side not: Tia for bachelorette!

  160. I can get over how each girl at the beginning thinks she is such hot stuff and the only one that has a connection. Cracks me up what egos… so immature.

    1. Everyone looked stressed out – I didn’t know if he’d keep either of them. And I’m not sure he should have. Kendall is not *road worthy * by Aries standards. No relationship beyond 10 months is a real red flag.

  161. I totally agree on many levels! Some additional thoughts:
    -All the girls seem really invested already, and are all way more nervous and jealous than on other seasons. It feels way more uncomfortable and stressful and less fun than usual. I think it is because each girls feels she got so much so early (passionate kissing, verbal encouragement) and yet they don’t really know where they stand since other girls are getting that too. I also think that Arie is not being very sensitive or respectful to the other girls, as he is very openly physical with girls in front of the others. This breed jealously.
    -Krystal is the worst. Seriously a sociopath. She’s all about competition and winning, when what she doesn’t realize is that it is supposed to be a matchmaking. It’s not a game.
    -I agree that whoever is his fiancé now must be having a hard time; I would be if I were her. I feel like it may even be grounds for further jealousy and the relationship not lasting.
    -The thong outfits were definitely a lot of pressure to put on the girls and felt a bit sleazy. What if someone just really doesn’t want to wear that publicly?
    -PS big butts are beautiful! But then again I was raised in a culture where I was praised for my naturally curvaceous derrière.
    -Lauren B is beautiful!! A bit young for him but extremely sweet. I was not a fan of Lauren B on Ben’s season so I think this Lauren is way nicer and way prettier. I also love her hairstyle, makeup, and burgundy dress.

    1. PS I was also so surprised that Chelsea went home!! I so thought Jacqueline was going home and Chelsea would stay. Then maybe he’d dump her before hometowns if he knew she wasn’t the one so he doesn’t meet her son and then dump her. Jacqueline is cute and accomplished but she is the most random. She doesn’t quite fit the mold of the bachelor girls (I.e. she’s not a model or actress, she’s not trendy, she’s not artful with makeup. She’s a normal girl and reminds me of someone I would’ve gone to college with). Which isn’t a bad thing, but I just don’t see him with someone like her. And I totally thought he wasn’t into her, and am frankly surprised she had gotten this far. I see her dating investment bankers or scientists/doctors in NYC. I’m not sure who I see him dating but not her. I’m surprised she even came on the show. The whole thing is just confusing.

      1. I find Jacqueline really high end. (But I believe she feels like college girls you knew.)
        I think she loves adventure, and this was a lark for her, and I think his insecurity about his lack of education makes her more magical to him.
        I liked how real they were with each other, but I don’t think it will last. I also think she can have someone more distinctive than him. She keeps it real, but she is rare, and he is not of equal seriousness.
        I find her wonderfully unlike any Bach castmate ever.
        I wish she was the next Bach-ettes but no one would believe she wants to get married soon.
        Interesting that so many young adventerous women were picked For Him. Maybe the producers are kinder than we think, and did t want to put anyone serious in his path, as he seems to be exploring the idea of marriage, more than preparing for it.
        Playing house, one kiss at a time.

        1. I so agree with you about Jacqueline. She is lovely and amazing. I like how you said she is “high end.” She is stunning, and bright, and interesting. I would LOVE to see her or Kendall as the Bachelorette because they are not “typical” but they are intriguing to me. They are both rare in the Bachelor universe.

          1. O Meh u made me smile.
            Kendall IS a are find, too…we can only hope they choose her… (producer’s prolly l o v e her )

    2. As far as the clothes – let’s just give a round of applause for the wardrobe the ladies have brought to set. Not a junky thread in the lot.
      I like the escape as well as *the reality*

  162. I’ve been a fan for many years, and this is by far the least entertaining and most disturbing season I’ve seen. I mean, even with Juan Pablo, at least you knew he was a jerk for the majority of the time. He was pretty sincere in his jerk-dom. Arie is just throwing me every episode. He just seems to lack genuine emotion overall, which is frustrating.

    1. I agree – disturbing things abound this season. I watch, but do I like how women are handled by the show?
      I don’t.
      I think antagonism is bred by the producers to a great extent. It hurts to see castmates isolate, trash talk, get shady editing, and be publicly humiliated under the excuse of *entertainment* .
      #FinalRoseArmy: are we all signed up yet??

  163. I haven’t loved this season. I also have noticed that the young Becca is always gossiping about the other girls in an antagonizing way. At first, I thought she was fun and energetic and now I feel like she isn’t all that nice.

    1. I notice the back talking by Bekah M seems really consistant.
      She looked over-the-moon when she was onstage. I think performing is her true love – and perhaps gift – and Arie is just a pit stop on her Grand Adventure.
      No judgement on that, he is an adventurer, too, but when she puts down other women in set, I have to wonder is it a lack of maturity, or a permanent character trait?

    2. I’m not a fan of the way she mocks the other girls. I also agree that she seemed way more excited about performing/acting on stage than spending the time with Arie. The weird thing is, her “alone” time with Arie was so public and not private at all, so if it was supposed to be a bonding experience, it seemed really wasted on her because she was clearly more into it for her own personal reasons than because of Arie.

    3. After Arie gave her the group date rose, saying that she would be performing with him on stage, she almost started to cry. I think she is a performer, too, so getting to be in a show on the Moulin Rouge stage would be a dream come true for her. Also, the first words out of her mouth were that she was excited because she would be there another week. Not that she would have more time with Arie. I think she is darling (aside from all the bad mouthing other girls) but is just there for the adventure. Which I honestly don’t have a problem with.

      1. Just saw her on Kimmel Feb 12th. She is a fantastic personality. I’d
        watch her on anything.
        And the s t y l e, aahhh

  164. Agree with everything you said! I have read some spoilers so at this point I feel like I’m just watching to see how this unfolds because right now it makes no sense! The only girls that seem to have a great connection with him are Bekah, Tia and Kendall. He seemed to enjoy Tia the most on their date. On the group date- was literally thinking OMG when I saw the thongs. I thought it was a little too much. On the two and one- loved how Kendall acted so mature and reached out to Krystal. Hated the way Krystal reacted, especially after she said in a previous episode that it would be nice for a little compassion from the other girls. On Lauren B- this is clearly a physical attraction thing. She seems sweet but a little immature and quiet. At least from the edit shown on last nights episode, their conversation seemed forced and unnatural. Was a little hard to watch last night!

  165. Ali I too have read the Spoilers and was shocked to read how Arie’s Bachelor season ends. I think you will be too. He sure won’t win any fans. The way he passionately kisses every woman you wonder if he really falls in love and can be trusted. Kind hearted Peter would of made a sweeter Bachelor! 😍

  166. I could not agree more to this post!!
    1. The whole body and diversity thing- SO TRUE. Like I do not understand why it is only women who are tall and skinny that make it. I am by NO means saying they shouldn’t, but give other women a chance! I have always dreamed about going in the Bachelor, and with the way I look now, Id NEVER get that chance.
    2. Arie is so confusing. I also felt bad for Krystal. He totally played that whole thing. Was it just me, or did anyone else thing Krystal had the rose hands down!?
    3. Regarding the kisses, I see exactly what your saying. I feel like he definitely sends mixed signals. It bothers me.
    4. I truly think the 1-on-1 with Lauren B was pathetic. I really thought that was a joke (not lying). He wasn’t into it AT ALL and then boom, he was. It’s fishy to me… also whatever happened with her after the rose ceremony, like what???? Any thoughts on that?
    5. I just feel like this show is getting more and more scripted. Even though I have no idea how it works, that’s what it seems to me…
    6. NEXT WEEKS EPISODE PREVIEWS!? What is going to happen!? And future episodes, whos boyfriend comes on!?

  167. Oh wow. I mean, I am all for keeping your options open and deciding carefully who you want to be with.. but man, Arie sure is taking that to another level!
    I agree that his kissing style totally takes the value out of kissing. If he is engaged to one of the girls and she has to watch this every week.. well, good luck!
    I am so happy that Krystal is finally gone. Such a negative role model to be on TV. I do hope she’s better than that in real life, but I think that this episode she really showed her worst side ever in the interaction with Kendall who is SUPER SWEET. Wow, what a nice girl, really.
    I also agree on Lauren, the first half of their date got me really worried she’d be going home.. but then again it seemed to get better and he really seems to be into her. By he way, anyone else got the feeling they are trying to portray her as the new “villain” or at least someone who doesn’t get along with the other girls? With that final segment post final rose when she was talking to a producer (I assume) and one of the other girls (I forget who now) was mimicking her? I think that they are building her up cos she’s potentially going to be his choice or at least getting very far. Can’t wait for more, soooo confused as to what will happen next, but excited to see them coming to my country and my favorite ever region in it, beautiful Tuscany ☺️

  168. If Arie doesn’t get someone pregnant in the fantasy suite, or “pull a Mesnick” and ditch his initial pick for the runner up, I’ll be surprised.
    This guy has a passion for any and every woman.

  169. I just can’t get over why he is SO INTRIGUED by Lauren B.

    Tia, for example, is equally as beautiful but light years more interesting. Lauren B. seems so bland.

  170. I agree with you about Arie. I have watched every season since Trisha and Ryan and this one is boring! I honestly think they kept Krystal for some
    Excitement on the show. Think about if she wasn’t there? There would be no excitement. My feelings on Arie is that he is very “vanilla”. I can’t think of any other word to describe him. He seems very nice but boring. His conversations seem very lame. I understand we
    Don’t see off camera but there is no excitement. I love that the rest of the girls seem to get along and there is no drama there and i like a lot of the girls. Just not sure who i see with him??? I love following you alli!

    1. It’s a whole different show with Krystal gone. (Feels like a diff season tonight ).
      Yes, she as edited /cast that way, but it’s also Alotta Charisma.
      I predict she will be pretty winning on Women Tell All. And Arie will just have to hope he can answer for kissing the freak out of EveryBody (except that One girl he refused!!)

  171. Im sooo excited Krystal went home! I kept thinking to myself”do women REALLY talk like that to or about other women?” Its so immature.
    Maybe i missed why Krystal is so hurt? But if that is the case, she needs to work on that.
    People can take the pain they have experienced, & become a better person for it.There is never a reason to talk bad to or about someone. Ever! She should know better.
    I still think she was there as a plant,just to have a “villian”. It doesnt matter now.Its not fun or entertaing to watch people, grown women especially, be catty. BIG turn off to a show. So glad its done.

    I have to look away at kissing scenes. I.just.cant.take it. Lol

  172. Omg Ali I’m so excited that Krystal is gone. I’m watching the episode now but so thankful she is gone. I would classify Krystal as a “bully”. Anyways onto Arie and the kissing… he does kiss a lot. It is uncomfortable. I agree with you!!!

  173. It’s not being old, it’s having a moral compass. In our world right now there is a great push for women equality and protection which is amazing. but then we (women) overly sexuality ourselves like this which is so hypocritical. I’m glad you had a problem with that part of the show and so do I. It was disgusting.

  174. So glad Krystal is gone–her fake voice with Arie was driving me nuts! And to call Kendall out for “being patronizing?!” She was being empathetic and totally more understanding than I could have ever been. Krystal showed no respect for anyone and was very immature….despite her calling out people for being “immature” that were light years ahead of her in maturity regardless of their age (which I think she was secretly jealous of the young beauty that was there). Krystal was just there to win and be seen on TV.

    As for Arie……this is one of my least favorite seasons, and I don’t care for him at all. He comes off as totally insincere. I don’t know if he’s there really to find love or just show himself off and advance his marketability and career since he’s not racing professionally anymore. He was labeled on his last time on the show 5 years ago as the “kissing bandit”. I personally think he’s just trying to fill that role and convince/showcase to the world that he’s the “best kisser ever”–HA! It is just soooo gross. I hate hearing people kiss through a well placed microphone….much less him doing it over and over again to anyone and everyone that moves (and doesn’t…………..remember the bowling ball–ewwww!). Some times it seems this show just showcases the lack of people’s ability to have real conversations, so they just kiss, because they have nothing to talk about….but that could be editing….but I doubt it.

    I’ll still watch of course, but this season kind of sucks because of Arie. He won’t be with the girl he picks 6 months after the finale, mark my word–and I’m being generous.

  175. Definitely agree that him leering at the girls in their thongs was CREEPY. Why is this something they were all okay with? There is a lot of him watching girls try clothing on this season and it feels very objectifying.
    I also agree that it would be really nice to see some body diversity on this show – nobody above a size 0 would be attractive enough for the bachelor to like?

  176. I agree with everything you said. I also think that most of the girls are not into Arie at all. I feel they are going through the motions without emotion. It seemed obvious to me that Lauren was almost repulsed by him. He is too old and too immature at the same time. I don’t think I can continue to watch!

  177. I’ve been watching this show for years. It’s only my opinion but I think everyone that has been the bachelor/bachelorette kiss too much. So I don’t notice Ari being any different.

  178. Wow Ali! I read ALL your posts but so especially refreshing to read this one!

    I hope you have a chance to read this as it really resonated with me your comment on having women of different bodies on the show! I personally auditioned for this season and made it through quite a few rounds. I spoke with a few people in casting and was told I was going to the last round. I was shocked because I’m a healthy size 8 (huge I know!) and I know that’s not the norm on the show. I thought and hoped and prayed that maybe just this once I had a shot but sure enough, it did not work out.

    Listen- we all want to watch attractive people on Tv, I get it but I’m very attractive and in shape, I take pride in keeping myself healthy and fit but no I’m not a size 2 nor will I ever be. It’s honestly so discouraging and downright kinda messed up that the standards are set how they are for the show.

    What’s wrong with curves!? God knows everyone loves a little booty.

    Anyway, rant over- I think there should definitely be more diversity on the show! Snaps for feeling the same way!

  179. Thank you so much Ali for your comment about the outfits on the group date. It was so inappropriate and disgusting to see the show objectifying them in that way and seeing the women allowing themselves to be objectified in that way.

    From what I’ve seen, Arie doesn’t seem to be a gentleman and that’s what turns me off about him. Sean was my favorite bachelor because he was one and so courteous of the women. We need more Bachelors like Sean!

  180. I loved Arie on Emily’s season, I was really rooting for him & loved the passion between them. Now on his season, I find him very insincere, because he’s like that with everyone. It makes it seem like these are just his moves. It’s hard to get into the season when it all feels so disingenuine.

    Kendall really impressed me with her response to Krystal and made me wonder if I should be handling someone in my life differently who is mean to me 😉

  181. Hi Ali!
    I agree with you on having body diverse contestants as well as different age (meaning older). The only Bachelor to marry his finale pick was Sean. I get creeped out as Arie seems to comment on a girl’s appearance plus I notice he checks out girl’s bodies. Ugh. I didn’t like previous Bachelors like Jake either. It’s time to pick a genuinely nice guy as the Bachelor!!!

  182. I totally agree with so many of these points! I really liked Arie, but…. I dunno, he’s making me uncomfortable now.
    1. Sister Wife Vibe: For the first time ever I am getting the creepy sister wife vibe, and I said that out loud too when we were watching! Like, they all kind of have to smile and pretend it’s all good, while he’s “courting” (?) them in front of each other.
    2. Passionate Kissing: I am farrrr from being judgmental about sexual things, but I agree! The kissing is feeling so meaningless now… 🙁 Like passionately kissing one girl, and then exactly the same for the next. It’s creeping me out, like he’s not able to feel actual feelings, but just sort of “collecting” the experiences of the women and getting a high on them all falling all over him. Nothing really seems genuine.. from the kissing to the way he acts on the dates as if he’s put in soooo much effort to make one of them feel “special”.
    3. Krystal: I agree, she was terrible and awful. BUT there were a couple of times I could kind of empathize with her. At the bowling day, when she was upset he didn’t keep his word, I could see why she was upset! And why couldn’t she be upset about that? I feel like Arie is all “if a woman doesn’t like the way I do things, well then maybe I will just dump her”. Like I don’t see any hints of partnerships here, it’s all about Arie having the power (I know, i know, HE is the bachelor), but I feel like if he really wants a connection, there should be less “my way or the highway”….

  183. Oh and I forgot, yet the body diversity! They all run by in a group and we say “How the heck do they all have the exact same body?! Did he specify that he would only date a girl with certain measurements??”

  184. I really like what you said about body diversity! It is so true. Everybody no matter what you look like deserves to find love ❤️

  185. I am so confused watching this season… You don’t know with who he has a true genuine connection! It is in way frustrating me! And yeah so many passionate kisses? Makes me think if it means anything to him? (PS: it is a bit uncomfortable for me to watch…) Don’t get me wrong, i like him and i like the woman on the show, but i can see how all of them are so confident in their relationships, because it is basically the same relationship just with different woman… no one more or less passionate than the other.

    I am confused!!!

  186. I would’ve worn the outfit even though I have a big ass and cellulite too! It’s a “when in Rome” thing. Burlesque is also about body positivity.
    My theory about Arie’s kissing is it’s a sign of insecurity. He doesn’t seem to think much of himself. So he kisses in a way that’s bound to create attraction. And by this point in his life it’s just become habit. This is personal, but hey, it was written in a book by a Bachelor contestant: Courtney Robertson wrote that Arie was the best sex she’d ever had the first time they slept together. I find that just as weird–usually first times are awkward, and they had just met that same day. And we wonder why all the women are so into him! How could you not be gaga over a guy who kisses you like you’re the love of his life and plays with your hair and runs his finger along your collarbone? His physicality is very attractive.

    1. Ooo,
      I love the Insecure Kissing Theory – y e s. He keeps seeking Proof abt who is into him.
      As for Courtney, I’m guessing the narcissistic/adrenaline side of both of them made for Big Fireworks.
      I like him, basically, there is No malice in him, but I feel he doesn’t know himself ( and doesn’t know that he doesn’t know himself)
      Which makes the young chicks make more sense. What *adult* woman could really be serious abt him?
      Congrats on your big ass bravura, btw. We gotta live, right? (like no one is filming) ⚘

  187. The group date made me so uncomfortable! it was like he was having his own personal victoria’s secret fashion show and that really had no purpose. like why did they need to strut in thongs for him? and they didn’t seem to have an option to say no..? with the pretty significant age gap he has with everyone that was there, it was a little cringey.
    Also, I’m confused by jacqueline. She hasn’t really been showed on TV at all. So does that mean his conversations with her aren’t interesting so they don’t show her? or how has she stayed this long with us really knowing nothing about her?

  188. Wow! Just caught up on this week’s episode and clearly everyone had as many feelings about it as I did. Couldn’t agree more re the outfits. Totally inappropriate to put all the girls in a position where they had to wear something so revealing, but the premise of the date was great. What an experience!

    I honestly think this is the first season where I can’t pick who I think will be the winner or even top 2 at this point. Arie’s kissing and the fact that no one has had a second date yet just makes it so unclear. Usually there’s a couple of girls yet to have a first date when the bachelor picks the first second date.

    As great as Bekah is, I think the age gap will end up being too big an issue ultimately. His connection with the other Becca seems to be fizzling a bit so she really needs a second date asap to pick things back up. But if I had to pick, I would tip that Seine might be next to be sent home.

  189. I seriously cannot figure Arie out! I don’t know who he really likes!? I feel like Krystal got the 2 on 1, so he could be done with her. Just walk out and leave her there. That must have been such a shock to her!

  190. Love love love your blog!!! I feel pretty frustrated with a few of your readers’ comments this week, as they contain spoilers. Granted, no names were mentioned, but I feel that your blog is so fun to read the day after watching the show, and now you have people commenting about what happens at the end. Anyways, thanks for your awesome blog, sincerely, I LOVE it!

  191. DEAR ALI
    – we can all help pay for a babysitter if it helps get your Bach Blog on Monday night…P L E A S E🍭🍸🍼🍳🐝🕸⚘

  192. Did anyone else see the boob grab at the end of jacquline date? My husband pointed it out and we hit the pause button. On the balcony they made out and then he totally grabbed a boob! Is that normal on the show but the producers typically cut it out? I’ve been watching the show for a long time and I’ve never seen a boob grab. Ha!

    1. Gotta hit rewind!

      Saw a big Bekah M promo commercial for her GMA visit tues am.
      ABC def hitting the Star Maker machine – seems they see a real star in their midst…are they pitching her for our next Bach-ette?? H m m

      1. Btw: Kendall shed a lot of tears – again – when one if the gals departed Feb 12th

        Happened Feb 6th, too.
        K e n d a l l.
        So Brainy AND Emo.

  193. I am late reading this blog post and I can’t wait to read the one for this week’s episode! I agree with you on so many levels! First of all, I was so uncomfortable watching the girls in thongs like it was no big deal. I would feel so insecure to be pressured into wearing that outfit. And I don’t have kids but I do have nieces and nephews so I totally relate to you and your views with Molly if she was ever in that situation! And about the kissing…I find it disturbing just as you that he kisses the girls the same way! I feel like he’s showing the same emotion with all of them I can never tell who he really likes. When I think he won’t like someone, like Lauren B. Since we have barely seen her interact with him, he goes to say he’s really into her. I can’t read his emotions at all, which makes me wonder how he can choose his future wife in the process. I’m a huge bachelor fan and still follow past couples throughout the years so I know this can work, but I just don’t know about him. I’m totally confused 🤔

  194. I think we should all wait and see if whoever he picks will be a long lasting relationship. Then we will know if he is sincere and if it was the real thing. Could be his actions are for a lot of reasons – insecurity, nerves, etc. And it is a very unnatural setting for falling in love. Only a few relationships have lasted. Most have not. And a lot of the bachelors and bachelorettes have gone on to great careers because of the show.

  195. Idk I might be the only one commenting about this but the kissing doesn’t really bug me, all the bachelor and bachelorettes kiss their contestants I thought, so I’m not sure why everyone is getting so worked up over it… i honest just feel like most peole are just hating on Arie and being sour about him cause Peter wasn’t the bachelor.. amiright?? In all honesty I woulda been pissed if peter was the bachelor, he was so iffy on marriage and jumping into it, so what’s different about him being the bachelor as apposed to him being top 2 on the bachelorette??? Isn’t it the same thing? I think this season of the bachelor is getting intriguing, not boring.

    Anyways, besides that I do agree that he does throw me for a loop every week with who he’s really into… I’m (we all) are usually good about calling the top 2 and at this point I’m sort of in the dark! I have no idea! Which is a good thing, cause the spoilers always get in the way at the end 😂!

    I also 100% commend him for ditching Krystal!! Wahoo!! He saw through her phoney bologna 😂😁 wahooooo wahoo!!

  196. I’m really glad you brought up the thong outfits. That part made me feel uncomfortable. When I was young I had a nice body but I never would have worn that in front of people, I would have been crying in the back with you. It just isn’t appropriate and I get frustrated with all the half naked outfits. But yes, they all have perfect bodies and it seems they’re all wanting to me models. So maybe they’re more comfortable but I just don’t think it’s proper.
    I want to be BFFs with Kendall. She is so sweet and intelligent. I love when she talks, she obviously has thought things through and means what she is saying. Her intelligence and maturity really comes through, along with her caring soul. 💕
    I don’t understand the Lauren thing. She says nothing so I’m surprised he is so into her. But I definitely agree. He seems that into everyone. I must be getting old (40 is creeping up!) but I’m always uncomfortable with the passionate kisses for everyone. I must say I really respected the way you behaved in your season. Although it was obvious from the beginning who you were interested in! Ha ha. But yeah…the make out sessions are whew!! 😂

  197. I’m sorry to say this but I’ve seen this behavior before and it’s been from a guy that’s in the closet. I really loved Arie on the season where he got sent home and was so psyched to see him as The Batchekor. But think about it, he’s just kissing everyone, the same way and now he’s dumping Becca, who I think is terrific for Lauren who bless her heart is so sweet but they don’t even converse with one another. I’m afraid to say that this Batchelor needs to find love with another Batchelor.

  198. I just googled searched “is Ari gay” looking for anyone that may have posted something and found you!!! He’s totally gay! I haven’t been following the bachelor but watched last night. He can’t make up his mind on either girl because he’s not in love with either! Nor will he ever be. It also bothered me how he kept going back and trying to convince the woman he proposed to that he was always truthful to her! Making her feel like it’s something she missed? I’m so glad I’m not the only one who thinks he’s gay!! 🙂

  199. Love ya, Ali! Thanks for your honest perception of this crazy season. It was bland. It was torture at times. I don’t see Arie and Lauren lasting. Becca will be a great bachelorette.. With
    Personality and beauty. Sound familiar? YOU WERE, TOO! God bless you and your family… Thanks for your blog!

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