Vacation Dress or Maternity Dress (It’s non-maternity!)

As you guys know we just moved into a new house. One of the major downsides of moving is that you tend to feel unsettled for a little while afterwards. For instance, this house is much bigger than our last house so we have some empty rooms and empty spaces. Which can make the house feel pretty cold and bare at times. However, I tried to make light of the situation the other day and decided to have a fun little photo shoot with Molly against one of the blank walls in an empty room! Always have to find that silver lining right?!

So I threw on this super cute blush maxi dress cover-up that I got recently. I got it because it’s super flowy so I know my big and growing bump will fit under it all summer long and it will be super comfortable to wear during the hot months when I’m 8 and 9 months pregnant. It’s also not maternity, which I love, because I’ll still be able to wear it after the baby is here. I love it as a lounging around the house dress, a vacation dress or a bathing suit cover-up. It is a little sheer so if you wear it as a dress you’ll need a slip underneath. I actually think this dress would be so pretty as a baby shower dress if you’re having a little girl. Think BoHo themed baby shower! And check out the reviews on the dress. People LOVE it, not just me 😉

You don’t want to wear a regular bra underneath though because that would make a dress way too boobalicious, so you’ll want to wear either a swimsuit underneath or a pretty white lace bralette like I’m wearing. I added a gold charm bracelet that Molly absolutely loves to play with! And a gorgeous rose gold layered necklace. I love necklaces that do the layering for you!

Anyway just thought I’d share these pics with you guys! I’m calling them “barefoot and pregnant” He he. Luv you guys!



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21 thoughts on “Vacation Dress or Maternity Dress (It’s non-maternity!)

  1. I didn’t realize Amazon sold clothes! Where have I been?? lol I love Molly’s socks so I ordered some for my niece. Thanks for the tip Ali. Cheryl

  2. Gorgeous color on you, Ali! Molly looks like she has such a fun, happy, curious personality! Is she a super busy little one, too?

    1. Nope. I haven’t announced yet. Just saying this could be a great dress for a girl baby shower 😉 Not saying I’m having one. He he.

  3. OMG Aly, I’m in love with this dress!! Your blog is seriously giving me baby fever, I’ve started to buy clothes that could also work as a maternity🤷🏻‍♀️😃

    1. Are you hoping to have a little one soon? Or in the way future? My non-maternity clothes aren’t for pregnant women so they are great for anyone to wear!

  4. This dress is amazing! And you look stunning! I’m due in July with my 3rd babe and we found out it’s a girl!🎀💕NEED this dress for the summer. What size did you order? I’m only 5’3 so I’m worried it might be too long for me. Anyway so happy for you guys and it’s been fun following your pregnancy since our babes are close! Can’t WAIT to find out what you’re having. (When do you think you’ll announce?) I have one of each (boy & girl) and they are both so fun in different ways! Take care!

  5. Hi Ali!! I was just reading your blog post… I am a curvy girl and am always battling with weight fluctuation. I also have a big butt and cellulite! 🤣 please tell me the life changes you’ve made to look SO healthy and amazing !? Not that you didn’t then… I think that’s why I always loved you! You’re beautiful but also so real. I just have to know, so I can learn, how did you lose the weight and get to your goal body? You look amazing and are always glowing!! Help a girl out! 🙏🏻🙏🏻

    1. And also, why can’t they have any real people on the show anymore!?! They are all super skinny, instagram stars, including the men and women!! Why can’t there be ANYONE with a little cellulite and jiggle? Where are all the genuine people? I’m dying for another season like yours. 🙁 clearly real isn’t what “the bachelor” is looking for anymore.

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