My New Kitchen!

Alright guys! I need some more design help! As you can see from the below photos I have a very white kitchen! And I absolutely love my all-white kitchen, but I feel like I need some pops of color! I’m just having a hard time deciding what color to choose. My gut says to go with pops of yellow. A bowl of lemons on the table, yellow dish cloths, and other subtle yellow pops. Let me know if you have suggestions of ways to add a little hint of color in the kitchen.

But it doesn’t have to be yellow. I’m open to other colors too! What do you think? Leave me your ideas in the comments below. Include links to pictures of kitchens for inspiration! What pops of color do you use in your kitchen?


By the way, having an all-white kitchen has been a dream of mine for a very long time! I’m so grateful for this new home and can’t believe it’s ours. However, I will say I’ve been having a bit of a hard time adjusting. It just doesn’t feel like home yet, and I don’t think it will for a while. It’s gonna be a long time until we fully decorate everything and we had so many amazing memories in our old home, that I think it’ll be a long time before this house feels like home. But regardless, I’m super grateful.

While you guys are here I have to tell you about these pajamas! They are, without a doubt, the most comfortable and cutest pajamas I have ever owned! No really, I’ve never been this excited about a pair of pajamas in my entire life! Ha! They’re just so soft, flattering, and gorgeous. And they’re affordable at just around $50. I know, I know, $50 seems like a lot to spend on pajamas. But I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve bought a $30 pair of pajamas and after a few washes they look like crap. Either they shrink or they just don’t hold their shape. But I’ve had these ones for a few washes so far and they still look great! I do recommend sizing up though because they will shrink a tiny bit in the wash. I went ahead and got a size US 8 and they fit great! And my big belly fits underneath them which I love. Details on my slippers, coffee mug, and rose gold ring are below the first picture!

And don’t go without giving me your thoughts on what pop of color I should use in the kitchen and how I should incorporate it! Thanks guys! Can’t wait to hear your ideas! Oh and I don’t normally sit and stand on my kitchen counters. Ha! It just seemed like the thing to do when we first moved in. I was just so excited!

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126 thoughts on “My New Kitchen!

  1. Your kitchen is so pretty! I think you should do pops of natural wood, yellow and green to tie it all together. Leaning a couple wooden cutting boards against the backsplash would tie warm things up and tie in with your wood floors. I love the idea of pops of yellow but would add green too with a few small plants (real or faux!). If you can find lemons with the leaves still on at a farmers market, even better!

    1. Yes!! That would be so pretty!! Check this guy out he makes the prettiest wood cutting boards.

      JS Woodcraft and Design

    2. Your ideas are perfect and my thoughts too! I might also suggest some fresh flowers of the season to add a personal touch. Keep it simple.

    3. White daisies with the yellow middles, and grass green in the background, not lemons. Yellow bowls, wooden trays , and bowls and green plants.

    4. I agree with all these comments. Pops of yellow will brighten it up and especially be great in summer. IKEA has great fake greenery with silver buckets you can put them in. Those would be really cute too. And totally wood decor. If you have a hobby lobby near you, they’ll have everything like that, and at a pretty good cost. Or you can find someone to make them for you.

  2. I love this one – purple 🙂

    and then the blue one is also pretty:

    I LOVE your kitchen and its a dream of mine to one day own my own house so that I can add whatever I want to 🙂 With the white kitchen, you don’t have to stick with one color. Its easy to change it up from time to time/season with your color of choice. Think red & pink for Valentines and then Orange during Halloween and Green/Red over Festive Season. SO MANY CHOICES, I know I know.

    I also love a white kitchen with all natural wood and green pops here and there.

    ENJOY this time, Ali. Home will feel like “home” sooner than you think.
    xo Sarah

  3. Hi Ali
    Your pj’s look sooo comfy & so do your slippers.
    What do you think about grey/black/stainless steel?
    I accent with red but yellow would look great too.
    Have fun decorating & thanks for including us.

  4. wow — you look so cozy! I am curled up in bed with my little one who is miserable with a fever today 🙁 Doing all I can to keep her comfy, but this reminds me I should also take a little care of myself even if it’s just with some pjs that help me feel good even on crummy days like today!

    I love your kitchen! And I love the idea of yellow touches, though I would maybe add some (very subtle) cornflower blue as well — I think it would make the yellow pop even more!

  5. I’m all about simplicity so I always lean with greens around the window/sink, add in some fresh flowers and natural wood elements like wood bowls and pretty cutting boards. Pops of color in your hand towels but nothing says you need more than that. Just those few things will have it feeling fresh + clean + simple in no time AND clutter free. Congrats on the new place!! 💛

  6. Love your kitchen! I agree with others who mentioned natural wood cutting board, etc. Yellow would be beautiful but right now I’m loving navy blue. It’s so classic with white. And you can still add a pop of color to other items in your kitchen as navy can act as a neutral!

  7. I have a white kitchen too, and I accent with hot pinks, fuschias. A designer I worked with recommended hot pink, iced plum, aubergine (I had to look that one up) or copper. I love all those colors. I’m personally not crazy about the colors yellow or green so I went a different direction. Someone mentioned navy blue and I think that would be very classy too. I also love the brighter purples that are so popular now! Great with white! Your kitchen is beautiful!

  8. Love yellow! Don’t forget some yellow tulips. I love navy blue and white plus a pop of yellow. Add in some natural wood and I think it’s perfect!

  9. We are about to move into a new house too and our kitchen is all white, exactly like yours. But I plan on changing out the faucet and pendants and putting in copper ones to add color. And then I will do wood, black and copper accents throughout! It’s so stressful to move with a toddler (my little one is Molly’s age, my due date was a day after yours). I can’t wait to be all settled and moved into the new house!

  10. If you love yellow than go for it! Something beautiful would be succulents in terra-cotta pots the green would tie in amazingly with helllw!

  11. Ahh! I love this kitchen! And yes to yellow! I love how cheery that color is! What about a lemon wreath somewhere? Maybe that’s too southern? I love accents of yellow and earthy green.

  12. I like the natural wood idea! You can add pops of color with fresh fruit and flowers – that way your not settled with 1 color – you can change with the seasons (I’m from the Midwest not sure if CA has seasons, lol) or your mood 🙂

  13. I would go with natural wood tones and greenery as well to incorporate a farmhouse chic look. I love the all white it’s so clean and classy! Painted fox home has a ton of cute stuff. Congrats on the new baby! My son is about two months younger than Molly (born August 31st) and I’m currently 10 weeks pregnant with baby #2 with practically the same due date! Looking forward to all your advice 🙂

  14. Love your kitchen!! I want an all white kitchen! I agree with some natural wood- cutting boards and maybe a cute wooden sign. And maybe some succulent plants! I love your idea with a big bowl of lemons. Maybe even some light pink accents? Fresh flowers or even floral print tea towels!

  15. I absolutely love light colors in a kitchen. My suggestion is if you want to keep that light scheme you should add some light blue accents and maybe some wood to add a tiny bit of contrast. Your home is beautiful!!

  16. I think you should go with Royal Blue or Navy accents! It would definitely give it a pop of color, and you can change up the fruit in a bowl all year long and the fruit colors will match the bowl. Whether you have pears, oranges, lemons, it’ll look bright and vibrant.

    You can also accent with kitchen towels hanging from the oven rack. The darker the towel, the less you’ll see it wet from washing your hands or cleaning up from cooking!

  17. Adding little accent pieces with pops of colour is a great way to break up a space! Like your ideas, maybe add some coloured appliances (I’ve done a few)? It’s a simple and Cherry way to have something a little different and special too. Also, can never go wrong with some succulents, flowers, or maybe even an herb garden!

  18. The new kitchen is beautiful. With it being white, you could use any colour. I would suggest not getting committed to any one colour scheme and you can change it seasonally (or more often if you want) with different coloured flowers, fruit and whatever else catches your eye. Enjoy your new home.✨

  19. Love the kitchen! If you do a yellow theme, I’d totally incorporate lemons. You can do so much with that. Lemons in a vase, bowl, centerpiece… etc. A bright pop of color will really add contrast.

  20. I would do wood tones…think a couple of gorgeous cutting boards, a wooden carved bowl, etc and then add green. Like a big branch of leaves in a vase, a couple of plants or succulents. I think more than color you need to add texture and interest. Good luck, it’s lovely!

  21. Your new kitchen is gorgeous Ali! I love the idea of pops of yellow but I would suggest to add some greens like succulents and fake plants to add a natural vibe! Can’t wait to see what you will do with the space, good luck!

  22. I’m going to be a little different then everyone else — I LOVE navy! I think navy and white are so crisp together! I think it would look so great in your kitchen!

  23. I like adding the yellow, but think a neutral, like wood tones, would be awesome to warm it up! I also noticed you had glass in some of the doors. This would be a great place to add some color by placing a really cool bowl or colored glasses in them. Let us know how it looks in the end!

  24. I would definitely add wood elements, with some greenery and I love the lemons in some kind of wood bowl idea. This would give it some warmth and texture. Have fun decorating that beautiful new kitchen!!!

  25. Kitchen is beautiful…can’t wait to see more pictures! How about a lime green kitchen aid mixer against the white…keep it simple

  26. I am an interior designer and the neutrals and industrial textures are what’s hot! Using accents of woods/metals/piping/stone and natural elements (greens and colors from real flowers (if affordable) allow you to change to color pops seasonally. Keeping everything else in neutrals (blacks/grays/metallics (like copper and steels)/whites) keeps the design scheme laid out. Bringing in your pops of colors is done with elements that can be changed often as you wish. I currently have an all white kitchen as well with a stone /brick (browns/grays) upper cove above cabinets – tile backsplash(grays)-concrete countertop (white) and silver accents with hardware… my color pops now are green and yellow that I’ve done for spring … simple touches using elects to match theme (metal frames with greenery smashed between glass- and candles in tin cans with yellow ribbons / yellow candles/ clear thin jars hanging in window with yellow “string” with greenery in them and yellow hand towels … hope this gives some help and inspiration- enjoy your new kitchen…

  27. I love the idea of yellow! I think natural wood and a soft or light green would look amazing! It looks like you have great natural lighting from the windows, so those colors along with the natural wood would really pop. Good luck! Your kitchen looks amazing, Congratulations on your new home!!

  28. I would do pops of navy blue and yellow!! I also like the idea of natural wood tones. I think its better to do two colors instead of one, that way you don’t get sick of the yellow! But you can also swap colors out depending on the season to!

  29. I actually have yellow & orange in my kitchen right now. I’ve never been into colors in my other houses but when we moved in our new house I decided to change my thoughts so I’ve got various colors throughout. Enjoy decorating your new house.

  30. Love your blog Ali! And who doesn’t love a beautiful clean slate like this kitchen!? My kitchen has pops of yellow (my FAVORITE color) and mint green. Throw in some black and white buffalo check on a rug or countertop accessories and it adds some cozy flair. If you have a window that needs a window treatment, you could do buffalo check there! Here are some Pinterest links for inspiration 🙂 (want this Smeg toaster so bad!) (This is the color scheme we used in our kitchen/house but also added in some mustard yellow pops here and there. Our dining room and kitchen are joined so I designed everything around our dining room rug here and have received SO many compliments:×11-new-vintage-area-rug-33131231)

  31. I have a white kitchen, some cabinets with glass as you do too. I make sure to store my brightly (red and orange mostly) serving ware there. Usually things I don’t take out too often. Having color in those cabinets will automatically warm up your kitchen. Good-luck and ps – gorgeous kitchen!

  32. I would do teal. Find some nice kitchen bowls or vases etc and utilize the cabinets at the top where you can see in them 🙂

    1. Love this idea! I currently have hot pinks and fuschias as my accent colors in my white kitchen, but teal would be a nice change and not what everyone is doing these days! I like to go with something different than the trends. (And I don’t like yellow, haha)

  33. Le Creuset has a gadget holder which is yellow. I have the red one in my kitchen. Also get a yellow spoon rest. Easy way to get color.

  34. I love natural greens (small plants, succulents, etc) in an all white space. It keeps the clean feeling that an all white kitchen gives.

  35. Have you ever looked at he blog “young house love” they have a white kitchen with lovely pops of natural wood, gold, pink…it’s really lovey. Go check it out!

  36. HI Ali!! Personally I would go with a ‘Tiffany Blue” color and I wouldn’t do it everywhere just in splashes throughout the kitchen, like curtains or hand towels. If you like to keep certain appliances on your counter then maybe an appliance or two of that color. It still maintains the brilliant white, but lets you add touches here and there.

  37. I love your very white kitchen! i have a white kitchen myself and I love it. I would add wood accents like cutting boards. Enjoy it and have fun!

  38. Use natural objects- yellow lemons in a wooden bowl, fresh greenery in a clear vase, accent with cutting boards, use wooden trays to group things together, etc.

  39. Oh my goodness I’m so frustrated because I can’t find a way to send you a picture lol. One of my friends who is a designer has a white kitchen similar to yours that was featured in a magazine this past year and I bet you would love it. I really disagree with people saying add bright hand towels and stuff I do not think that is what it is missing. You need more pops of natural wood and some other natural accents like lemons and a floral peice. You can keep your white neutral and add more flavor without compromising the original look you were going for. If there is a way to email you a pic let me know.

  40. Omg! You should get one of the artisan mixers to have on your counter! There are so many colors to choose from and you have the room for it! Love your kitchen ❤️

  41. Green apple for the accent color in the kitchen. Cute magnetic fridge art, a rug in front of the sink, a vase that you could put real flowers in, cushions on chair seats, coffee mugs on display on a mug tree.

  42. Add color according to the season. Have some red now, green for St. Patrick’s Day, pastels for spring, etc.
    You can then change it up with a few small details, and it will feel fresh.

  43. I love your kitchen! Congratulations on your new home! Hopefully it starts feeling like home soon, and I have a feeling that when you bring your new baby home that will help immensely! As far as your kitchen goes, I like the idea of yellow and also adding in green (think limes) and natural wood, like bamboo. That would be super natural and clean.

  44. Copper, gold, metallic accents! I love this right now and I think particularly copper is gorgeous against white! I agree that some wood accents would also go great and tie with the rustic farmhouse theme you love.

    Love your blog and this is my first comment! Your hair always seems to look cute even on days you’re off set and lounging around. Could you offer some tutorials on your hair and makeup?

  45. I love your new kitchen! I’ve always dreamed of having a white kitchen too! So cue kitchen envy over here but so happy you got the house or your dreams! I like the idea of yellow with green but I myself am a big fan of white with navy blue or cornflower blue like someone already mentioned. I feel like it’s so classic and reminds me of Greece! And don’t worry, your house will feel like a home soon especially after you bring the next Manno home! 😊

  46. Hey lady I think your the sweetest person and very pretty. I don’t know if it’s the cameras or the lighting but your hair looks Grey. Makes you look so much older. Hope its the lighting love ya I read your blogs and follow you on Instagram. Molly is a cutie

  47. I love this kitchen! Mine is white & gray with pops of teal and it’s magical! Good luck with the decision :-)!

  48. Congrats Ali and Kevin. I would probably change all hardware from nickel to a dark bronze color. Since you have open shelving at top, you could add pop of color there and maybe add same color towel and hang over stove.

  49. OMG I LOVE WHITE KITCHENS!! I love pale yellow and used it at my house with Ralph Lauren steel grey paint. Such a gorgeous pairing. You need orchids!! Real or fake they look so amazing and effortless with very little pops of colour! Super easy to look after minimal watering:)

  50. I have an all white kitchen and we have touches of grey and gold 🙂 and I do have a big glass jar of lemons sitting on my counter and love them!

  51. Do you have a sunny window? Lots of potted herbs make great decor for a kitchen. Really pretty and functional too. Cut them back regularly for cooking. You can put them in beautiful, colorful pots. An indoor, functional garden that adds a splash of color! You just need a really sunny spot!

  52. I would stick to gold (rose gold is really popular now too)as an accent and then have interchangeable bowls/vases/small decor pieces in your POP colour. I LOVE white gold and mint green it’s so fresh and light but just the right amount of POP. And then the mint green can be swapped out if u need a change for seasons or holidays. Loving your new kitchen. Enjoy the time in making this house a home.

  53. Our kitchen is all white and I have pops of yellow and natural wood. It’s beautiful! Lemons, yellow tea kettle, and yellow flowers. It makes everything bright and cheery. 🙂

  54. So beautiful!
    The fun things about all white is that you can change your accent whenever your heart desires!
    My parents just redid their house in Florida and my mum went with all white kitchen living room (it’s a big open concept) and she added lots of gold and turquoise – it looks so gorgeous! However, it’s their vacation home so it was to get a bit of a “beachy” feel even after moving away from the ocean.
    I love yellow or orange/coral to brighten up a home. I’m super into gold right now with everything, so I would do little gold vases with simple green or white flowers/plants and either yellow or orange/coral jugs, coffee mugs in your glass front cabinets, decorative plates, etc.
    I went to google yellow kitchen accents and came across this picture and oh boy am I obsessed with it! The turquoise is so gorgeous with the yellow and natural wood.
    But again, with you having all white you can’t really go wrong since you can change your mind anytime!! Enjoy the new home – it’ll feel like home before you know it!

    1. The upper frosted glass panes are a nice design touch….would you consider multi-colored panes? (Maybe every other pane) for your accent colour?
      Hoping Molly has a good night sleep.
      Her parents too. 😊

  55. We used to sneak into our house when it was being built, so exciting and fun! Don’t think I’ve seen an all white kitchen. If you like a modern look, black would go well with your yellow pop idea. Greenery, too. I have a tall two tiered, wire basket with artificial fruit in it. Something with height looks good on a large island. Good luck and enjoy, decorating is my favorite. I sometimes take pix of different decor ideas, and then you can look through them and your favorite will reveal itself. Wishing you the best in your new home!

  56. I read some of the above, I was leaning toward yellow and green which I see has been suggested greatly. I was thinking also of some hints of red or blue depending on your preference, for blue more along the lines of aqua or turquoise type of blue…

    It may be me but I dislike the idea of adding copper unless you go with a little more rustic decor for accents, art etc. if you want more modern go with the pops of color.

    I am happy for you in your new home!!!!

  57. We’re renovating our kitchen so pops of color has been on my mind too! What about a pretty dark hunter green with natural wood?? Lemons and yellows would be easy to incorporate with this type of scheme too!

  58. I would do gold/brass. I like to change color with the seasons. Green plants, Pink flowers some months and yellow/lemons other months. Nice to do Holly and Red Roses at Christmas. It’s nice to have the opportunity to change.

  59. Your kitchen is a dream. I’m renovating mine right now to also be white. It’s so bright and fresh! I like the idea of Wood elements. I think yellow would be nice for Spring. I also think a rich navy would be classic.

  60. Hi Ali!
    Love your white kitchen! If it were me, I’d do some natural wood tones and blush pink. Then, if you wanted, because both are still neutral, you can seasonally add other colors like green, navy, even yellow, but your base pops would be wood and blush 😊. Congrats on your new home!

  61. You could go Gray with a touch of yellow in it or navy blue with a touch small touch of yellow in it. Always adding greenery, silk flowers, always brightens up the space.

    My kitchen has white cabinets, gray and black granite, slate gray appliances, with hints of yellow.

  62. I love the idea of adding some natural wood elements – cutting boards, bowls, a tray or something on the counter. Then you could change the rest of the color scheme seasonally – yellow and green in spring/summer, bring in some gold or copper with a deep green in the winter/Christmas. You could play with it so much! I am constantly changing things in my house – just to keep it exciting. So the idea of a ‘blank canvas’ with the all-white room is DELIGHTFUL. 🙂 Have fun!

  63. And definitely some GREENERY! I am a hardcore believer in the benefits of having living things in the home. 🙂 And a little peperomia or hoya plant would be so cute on the counter or by a window.

  64. Love love love the white kitchen!! Yellow would definitely brighten it up, maybe with some natural wood mixed in it? Like wooden spoons and cutting boards.
    Also, blue/turquoise. That is very Mediterranean though (I’m italian ha!), reminds me of Greece, particularly Santorini, one of my favorite places in the whole world.
    Something like this – (sorry, don’t know how to just add the pic)

  65. Love the white kitchen. I like the idea of wood cutting boards but I think blues and gray with the white would look awesome. Just a thought.

    Love you 😍

  66. Beautiful kitchen! I have pops of pink and it’s so pretty! See how good your jammies look in there! You could add some blue so it’s not too girly. Blue and pink or blush and chambray if you want to sound designery. 😉

  67. Hi, I’m a college student living vicariously through you right now. I’ve always dreamed of a white kitchen with pops of natural wood, navy and gold!

  68. I have an all white kitchen and I did pips of red and it looks stunning. I get so many compliments on it. Because I did the dining room in white and black so the red really looks amazing. I am more of a bright color person though so that’s me. I think maybe like a lime green would look fantastic also.
    You have great taste so without a doubt it will be beautiful. Congratulations 🍾🎊🎉🎈 on the new Home and the new baby on the way. God Bless you and your family. 🙏❤️😘💋

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  70. Ali you look beautiful and I love your home pics, you have great taste! I hope you added those pops of color. I remember watching your season on the Bachelorette and its great to see you’ve settled down and have a wonderful family now. Congrats!

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