The Bachelor – Serious, and I mean Serious Bowling

Before I get into last night’s episode (who knew bowling could be SO serious!), I have a random bit of behind the scenes info for ya. Have you guys ever noticed that when the date cards arrive, all the girls are huddled around the couches? Whether it’s at the mansion or in a hotel suite. That’s because the producers gather them altogether beforehand. So basically all the girls know when an ID card is coming. Wouldn’t it be weird if they all just spent their days huddled around as a big group together? Ha! Trust me, people are off doing their own things and trying to get away from the big groups as much as possible. Especially when they don’t all get along. Plus, in this environment, sometimes you just need some time to yourself! Anyway, I just thought I’d share in case any of you were wondering.

So last night was once again all about Krystal and I will get into her in just a minute but let’s start fro the beginning…

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Chelsea’s Date

I don’t have a ton to say about Chelsea’s date. I honestly thought there was a good chance she could go home on the date. I think Arie respects her and I think he’s definitely sensitive that to the fact that she’s a single mon, but I just didn’t see much in terms of chemistry between them. Yes they were making out, but it just seemed like making out for the sake of making out. I didn’t feel any real depth or emotion behind it. But then again, I’m not them and can’t say for sure what they were feeling. But I’m really glad we got to see another side of Chelsea other than what we saw in the very first episode. The power of editing is amazing (and awful) right!?

Is it just me or does it seem like Arie is hardcore making out with so many of the girls? Looking back on past seasons I just don’t remember this much hardcore kissing. There’s always been kissing, but I feel like he has passionately made out with at least 10 girls now. Am I wrong? I’m not hating on him or anything. I just feel like all the kisses can’t seem genuine to me. Like the romance doesn’t feel real because it doesn’t seem to be leaning towards any particular person. Honestly I’m totally stumped as to who he’s going to end up with in the end because right now he seems super into a bunch of the girls. Well, at least he’s super into passionately making out with a bunch of the girls.

Group Date

Krystal really started to lose me in last week’s episode. But after this week, she has completely lost me as a supporter. I just find it extremely immature and a huge overreaction to get so upset about Arie inviting the other girls to the second part of the date. If she were on the losing team, she would be so grateful for that extra time. She’s just a really sore loser. Well, I guess technically her team won so in this case she’s a sore winner.

Bekah (yes, the 22 year old) was even mature enough to call Krystal’s reaction exactly what it was, a “temper tantrum.” I also absolutely loved it when Bekah called Krystal out on changing her mind about coming to the party. If she can change her mind then why can’t Arie change his? It was so smart of Bekah to point that out and I love that she didn’t let Krystal back away from her question. I just love Bekah!

And I’ve said this many times on my blog, I still do believe in being kind to people when you speak about them. However, Krystal has some serious life lessons that she needs to learn. And all the negative responses she’s going to get because of her behavior are going to be huge learning lessons for her. I still think we need to be careful what we say about others, but she needs to know that her behavior is ridiculous and extremely immature.

Arie’s decision to go see her during the night portion of the group date was a poor choice. By going to see her right away before spending any time with the other girls, he basically gave her exactly what she wanted. I was happy to see that he didn’t give into her BS, but then again I was really hoping he was just going to send her home immediately. I think he was flooded with emotion and anger at the moment and he didn’t want to make a decision based on anger which I respect and understand. Because obviously Krystal doesn’t have the ability to control her anger in a similar type of situation.

Tia’s Date

Tia is super cool. We’ve all known it from the very beginning and she proved it once again on this date. But by far the most fascinating part of her date to me was her conversation with Arie about religion. I honestly can’t recall another time on the show where religion was discussed and two people were so open about their different opinions on it. We’ve heard religion discussed on the show before but only when both people talked about how important it was. I just found the conversation extremely interesting, honest and real.

Cocktail Party

Kendall might be my favorite person on the show ever! She just seems so levelheaded and chill. First, I’m dying to know what the rest of the questions are in her book of 100 questions. Number 99 was so weird and bizarre that I can only imagine what the other questions are. I feel like she should put those questions in a book and sell it. I would buy it because I honestly bet it’s a good way to get to know somebody. Also, I loved that she was the very first person to tell Krystal that she would sit down and talk with her one-on-one. I felt like she did it because she knew that she could be helpful to Krystal by letting her know why she upset everyone. Kendall, if you’re reading this let’s be friends! Ha! I’m not kidding, I need a Kendall in my life!

And in the end, he gave a rose to Krystal. But really was that a surprise to any of us? It was so obvious at the beginning of the rose ceremony when he told people to trust his judgment that she’d be getting a rose. At first I thought it had to be the producers begging him to keep her another week. But when he gave her the rose he rubbed her back very subtly. I know that’s just a small gesture but to me it was his way of reassuring her in that moment. Did anyone else notice the way he called her name to get the rose was almost in embarrassment. It’s like he knew tat giving her a rose would make him look bad and would make the other girls think differently of him. But he did it anyway. Hopefully this nonsense is over soon and she doesn’t last much longer. But then again, all the Krystal drama is the most interesting part of the show to me right now. So I kind of feel like the season will start getting boring if she leaves. I hate admitting that, but I have to be honest with you guys! What do you think? Do you want Krystal to leave? Or stay for entertainment purposes? Let’s discuss in the comments below!

We’ll see what happens next week. Until then…



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236 thoughts on “The Bachelor – Serious, and I mean Serious Bowling

  1. It’s kinda grossing me out how much he kisses these girls. Like hardcore makeout, then moves on to the next girl.. gross.

        1. This morning the radio announcers were talking about Arie and his makeout sessions with the girls. One of them said that when Arie goes in for a kiss it looks like he is going to swallow their face. I laughed so hard when he said that! That being said…I am really not liking this season much because of all the making out. It seems like that’s all he wants to do. It makes me feel awkward and uncomfortable.

    1. It is definitely a bit excessive but maybe it is how he affirms his feelings. However, I am not sure I want to be one of the many he kisses in one night.

    2. I know! Arie seems to be kissing some of these women for the sake of just kissing. Like for instance, Jaqueline, we haven’t seen much of her yet this season and then last night Arie is mkaing out with her. When he probably already knows she isn’t the one for him. I get physical connect in a relationship is important, but if he doesn’t see a future with someone why kiss them?

      Also is it just me or does all of Arie’s make out sessions seem so passionate? Like the way you would kiss someone you’re in love with?

      1. I thought the same exact thing about Jacqueline. Like we haven’t really even seen them together now they are having a hardcore makeout session?? What the what?

    3. I’m not a fan of how he kisses all the women the same way. If you kiss someone so intensely or passionately it should have real feelings behind it…it just seems like he’s all kind of physical at this point, like he just wants some action instead of meaningful and intentional conversation. Truly, his stern talk with Krystal (literally sounded like he was scolding a toddler) was the most authenticity I’ve seen out of him yet this season. Will agree that his talk with Tia was a nice turn on the sincerity scale for him.

    4. I agree soo much. I liked him soo much in Emily’s season because he seemed soo sincere but this passionate kissing with EVERY girl is toooo much!!!

  2. Krystal has to go!!! I’ve had enough of her. I want to see his relationship blossom with other girls. She is truly just a distraction and it isn’t entertaining anymore. Just my 2 cents 😊

    1. I 110% agree with you!! She makes the show almost stressful to watch because you just want to shake some sense into her.

    2. her voice drives me crazy – I feel like you can tell when she’s faking a sweet voice, ugh! I’m sorry I know that’s not nice, but she just needs to go! Go Bekah for the calling her out at the party!

        1. Thanks for posting that link! It is amazing it just goes to show you that every single word she says on the show is definitely in a fake voice. I’m not sure why she thinks that that voice is attractive because it’s so not.

      1. I find it disappointing that Bekah was literally mocking her. If she has a problem with her address it and move on. I don’t see the value Bekah or the others get out of putting Krystal down. Too wrongs don’t make a right.

        1. I so completely agree!!! It actually made me like Bekah with the short hair less. I get that Krystal is way out of line, but Bekah making fun of her like that, in front of everyone, was uncalled for.

          1. Meg,

            Agreed. Being only 22, Bekah still needs to mature and grow up in certain areas, but Krystal needs to get out of Dodge NOW! Send her home, Arie!!

  3. I agree the making out is getting a little out of hand. I also don’t like how much he says “I LOVE” this about you and I “LOVE THAT” about you. He says it so much to girls. How can they not fall for someone who is feeding them compliments like that? It’s just a little over the top. I really think Arie is just so attracted to Krystal that he can’t help but touch her all the time. I think that distracts him a bit. I mean, she is insanely beautiful. I will say Arie has very real conversations with these girls. It seems less awkward than other seasons I’ve seen where they’re struggling to find something to talk about. I still have a feeling the other Bekah, the one whom he went on his first date with, is going to be with him in the end.

    1. Ahhhh! It drives me crazy how much he says, “I LOVE that about you!” He says it so often and to many of the women.

    2. I think the kissing is overkill he’s always stroking their necks too or their hair. It’s like fake passion. And yeah sharing way way way too much spit.

      He kisses rather than conversing. My opinion. He’s boring overal I hate to say. I was more interested last night in the commercials for the winter games version of the Bachelor. Lol. I actually fell asleep a few times before the rose ceremony.

      1. Arie is so boring, I’m almost ready for Ashley I’s crying at the Bachelor Winter Games!!!!

        I’ve had enough of viewing this man kiss to last me another lifetime. He seems disingenuous with a lot of the ladies, and after the trouble Krystal caused, keeping her made me disappointed in his character. You keep a woman who talks badly about you behind your back and throws a temper tantrum to boot, yet you keep her over someone else that might be a better fit for you??? Wake up, Arie, and smell the coffee!!!

    3. I don’t find Krystal to be pretty at all but that could be because of her personality. Her dress last night for the rose ceremony was beautiful though.

      1. Exactly. My husband said Krystal is pretty, but once she starts talking she goes from a “9” to a “4” …….she’s a hot mess!

  4. I think Krystal has a lot of growing up to do. I think Bekah is more mature than Krystal is but I think Bekah also has a lot of growing up to do. She spends an awful lot of time judging and making fun of Krystal in her one on one packages. She made a comment on her one on one time with Arie abojt there being a hurricane and then referred to it as hurricane Krystal. While I was amused, I just think it makes her look childish and catty. She’s young and it just makes me look at her like she’s 22. However, I was married at 22 but my husband was 23 so we were growing up together. Especially since we married 2 months after we started dating. He proposed 1.5 months into our relationship and 2 weeks later we married. We are coming up on 12 years and we have had a lot of hard lessons. I think Bekah could handle it being so young but I don’t see it with someone who has had a lot more life experience than her. I go back and forth because she seems like she has an old soul but then she makes comments that reminds me she’s young. I think if he sends Krystal home the show will get super boring, but man, Krystal is SO annoying. At this point, the only person I really LOVE is Sienne. I think she’s classy, gorgeous, intelligent and she doesn’t seem to be caught up in the drama. She kind of stays away from it and keeps her mouth shut. I think that’s very smart on her end.

    Btw…. I could have missed something in past episodes but I was blown away that Tia is a Dr. Not that I think she’s dumb because I don’t. But, I just didn’t see that coming. I already really liked Tia but the fact that she’s a Dr is really cool to me.

    1. I don’t think Tia is a Dr. I think she is working on her medicals license in physical therapy, because I think she said when I finish I can work anywhere. She is very bright and has so much more going for her then Krystal and so much more beautiful and doesn’t put a show like Krystal. Have you noticed that with every activity they do she has had a problem in life that is surrounded that activity. (really weird)

      1. I did notice that about Krystal. Really? You grew up in a bowling ally? It just didn’t seem like that was legit. I felt like she was making stuff up to “justify” her behavior to try and dig herself out of the hole she dug. Had she just said “You know, I messed up. My behavior was totally out of line and I said some things that I regret in the heat of the moment and I’m sorry.” I think that would have held a lot more merit and gotten her some brownie points. She just needs to grow up.

        I’m pretty sure Tia said she’s completed her doctorates in Physical Therapy. She’s already completed he schooling. She is just awesome.

        1. Krystal’s full of crap. She uses those “stories” to pull his heart strings. If those things come into play as an adult – get some therapy!

      2. Tia is very smart. She does not have a medical doctorate of MD she has a PhD in physical therapy. Her education allows her to live anywhere in this world because we all hurt ourselves or are in an accident or get old requiring a Physical Therapist. A PhD is 10 years of university where a Medical Doctor is 12-15 or more depending on the specialty. I would love Tia to treat my bad back

        1. It’s actually a DPT. Doctor of Physical Therapy. And you don’t actually call her a doctor. But I agree she is both down to earth and intelligent.

          1. Well you can call her a doctor… She has a doctorate. Most people don’t refer to PTs as doctors because not all practicing PTs have a doctorate. I think the profession discourages it in order to not undermine those currently practicing without a doctorate.

        2. She has a Doctorate of Physical Therapy. It’s a separate degree and not a medical doctorate or a PhD. It’s the same type of degree as a dentist or a vet. I know this because I have the same degree. So obviously I’m rooting for her! Plus I think she’s really genuine and sweet. I love that she swears and doesn’t seem to be caught up in the drama!

      3. All physical therapists have graduated with Doctor of Physical Therapy degrees in the last decade or so. She sounded to me like she works in a skilled nursing facility or transitional care facility. I believe her age is 26, so she could have graduated 2 years ago at best.

    2. I got the same feeling feeling about Bekah last night. As much as I like her…..last night she came on a little strong.

  5. Can we talk about the fact that he licked a bowling ball!!!
    I felt like his talk(s) with Krystal made us see the real Arie, how he would be in a relationship. Calm and honest. I loved how he told her not to come to the party although he should have just sent her packing right then and there. I’m a little bummed because I don’t know if I see any of these girls long term with him. :/

      1. I would not go out with Arie… He seems like too much of a player, and he knows he’s attractive. Way too much sucking face and not enough talking about real life.

        1. Totally agree! Why is Arie still available at 36? Somehow I sense a bit of selfishness or that he is a little shallow.

      2. Yes finally it was brought up with the bowling ball!!!! So gross and awkward!!! Krystal needs to go! I wonder what he is thinking watching all this now?

    1. that was nasty! did anyone notice the ball was only 10 lbs!? way too light for him. i bowl with a heavier ball than that! lol

  6. By keeping Krystal, he has to let other great girls go home. If it is a wife he is after, then it is a shame he keeps Krystal around for drama!

    I’m still loving both Becca and Bekah but I think 22 year old Bekah is who Arie is really intrigued with. And she’s wise beyond her age.

  7. Ohhhhh my goodness, WHERE do they get these fake, immature people? I swear they are picked on purpose. Arie blew it big time by leaving the group to give Krystal exactly what she wanted, and every single one of the others knew it. They should all leave and let him have her. Arie has lost my respect completely, and I’m really not sure why I’m still watching this season!

    1. Think about it – in previous seasons they’ve had lots of ladies who were really outrageous . I think the recruiting team must look qualities to be “disturbers “. Also it’s happened before where the bachelor or bachelorette invited the losing team to the cocktail party so if Crystal has watched previous seasons she would have seen that . I thought the most interesting thing Arie said was he is thinking of after the show.

  8. I could not agree more with what you said about the make out sessions! I am so used to getting butterflies and FEELING the love when watching past Bachelor/ette seasons. This season, I am almost just cringing because he is giving the same passionate kiss to EVERYONE he kisses. This is kind of upsetting because it’s usually my favorite part of watching – actually feeling the love from two people and their chemistry together.

    1. Very well said, I totally agree with you. It’s like Arie lets the girls finish talking and he goes in for the kiss. Some of it looks so awkward.

  9. This was the most boring show of the season, if not ever😪 so glad I tape it. Uggg! It was all about Krystal. I dont like it when grow girls or young girls talk “catty” at one another. Its really annoying. She is really annoying. To be honest, the show would be better w/out her. Im sure shes there for ratings.

    I even have this weird feeling, she is a ‘stand in’ or ‘fake’ lady vying for his attention. I dont think she really likes him. Its a show to her.Its all about winning.😝

    The kissing… dont get me started😛 I look away. I cant stand it. Lol

  10. I hated Arie’s response to Tia when she said she was falling for him🤦🏽‍♀️ “Are you really?” So weird hahaha

  11. I have spoken with many people who no longer watch Bachelor/ Bachelorette, or who have watched this season and are SOOO ready to shut off the TV. The reason is always the same….. too much emphasis is put on the person who causes the most drama. In this case obviously, Krystal. I wonder what percent of the show we actually heard her whining! I used to know a lot of people who watched this and probably could have had a party on Monday nights. Now its just my daughter and I and she is ready to stop because of Krystal. Producers, PLEASE stop the putting the focus on these attention grabbers.

    1. I always wonder this too. Do the producers do research and think this is the kind of crap we want? A little drama is fun…and normal I’m sure since all these woman are living together and “dating” the same man…but UGH…too much! More fun dates….more conversations so we can see if there is an actual connection. Leave the drama and massive makes outs to Bachelor in Paradise!!!!

    2. P. S. I love the kissing. There has to be passion in any relationship and I believe Ari is keeping this second after the ability to get along and feel comfortable.

  12. I agree with all the kissing. It’s all intense but all the same so I can’t figure which girls he is actually in to. The Bekah kissing to me is just lust. She is not going to be his wife I just know it. Tia won’t be the wife ether because you can tell how important her faith is and Ari doesn’t believe in a higher power. That can only go so far. Religious views are sooo big in a relationship and it can def break a couple. I do Like Tia though! She needs someone though who also believes In a higher power, at least something. Ari’s body language to me said he is not interested in believing in something bigger than ourselves. Krystal is there for the drama for sure! The show always needs a few crazy’s to keep people watching 😁

  13. I really think it’s time for Krystal to leave. She does add drama to the show and I know people like that, but it feels like it’s all about her. It takes away from getting to know the other girls more and seeing their relationships with Arie. I think she has some serious growing up to do and I just hope it isn’t too painful for her to do it through this venue.

  14. I’d be very curious to know, from Arie’s mouth, why he continued to keep Krystal. There’s so much we don’t see but after this week & the way she acted she’d be going home. He says he’s worried about Bekah’s age, is he also worried about Krystal’s temper tantrum? Proof right there that age is a just a number. But I do have to agree, she’s good for entertainment, I find myself giggling a lot when she’s on. The Women Tell All is going to be fantastic!!!

  15. I wonder if Arie really does see a different side to Krystal? I thought it was cool how he called her out on the way she acted tho- and I think he will see the true person she is in due time. I’m sure that’s a crazy environment of jealousy to be in. I can’t image having to share a guy with several other girls.

    1. I think Arie might see some other side to Krystal that we and the other women aren’t seeing. Yet, from the conversations we’ve seen of Arie and Kyrstal , she comes across fake and as if she is the victim of everything. I also had a hard time believing her story about the bowling ally memories; I think she just came up with this story to justify her actions rather than owning up to them like an adult.

  16. Let’s be honest with ourselves, this is a tv show. TV shows need ratings. Without the ratings it loses a lot of fan and sponsor interest(and it loses fan interest without the drama, too). I’m not saying editing a show to focus on all the drama is the right thing to do, or absolutely necessary for every episode, but Krystal is good tv in that sense. We all want to see the connection, but a lot of the fans love the drama, too. It’s what makes a show entertaining. That’s the only reason why everything is so focused on her. I can’t stand her, and I wish she would be gone. But once she is, I honestly feel the show will be incredibly boring. But we all could be wrong, and we will actually see true feelings forming once everyone can focus on that instead of Krystal.
    Do I feel like he has a lot of real feelings for anyone, I’m not exactly sure because of all the kissing and the way he responds to everyone. It’s hard to know if the chemistry is authentic on his end. I can feel it from the girls, and I know he has made connections, I just find it hard to read him sometimes.
    Kendall is one of my favorites! I find her to be charmingly funny and creative. She’s also really calm, and even though she was upset about the whole Krystal thing, she made it a point to make it more about her and Arie than the drama. Shows that she is down to earth. She’s extremely interesting and I’m glad she is getting more screen time.
    What were your thoughts on Lauren B. this episode?

  17. I try every week to like Krystal, but she’s very unlikable. What bothers me the most about her is the way she plays the victim and claims everyone is bullying/picking on her over and over yet has no problem saying she is above everyone and treats them less than. I don’t know what he sees in her. I found her explosion over the bowling so unattractive and immature. Becca and Jenna were so wise with everything they said.

    I liked both one on one dates with Chelsea and Tia. Tia has been a favorite of mine since the beginning and I see her going very far.

  18. I agree it is time for Krystal to go. Her self centered behavior is over the top. That is probably a big part of why she is single. I also think the making out is very excessive. I almost wonder if he is trying to assure the girls that he’s interested. I think he is really worried about the age difference with Bekah because he continues to mention it. I have a few favorites but, at this point, not a true front runner in my book. Honestly, I would rather have more air time getting to know the other girls than the childish, immature behavior.

  19. I couldn’t agree more with everything! Krystal NEEDS to the end of the episode I was getting so angry at my TV. I definitely think chelsea had a great date though I saw the passion during there dinner and the performance. My final three is Becka, Tia, and Chelsea.. BUT lauren is also a good contender. UGH why is this so hard in the beginning!!

  20. I might be most hated after this comment but I’m an honest person so here goes. I think Krystal has been dealt some very tough blows in life. Even at her age, it doesn’t seem like she’s been able to process through some of those hurts so she can handle this type of situation. I think her self esteem is low though she tries to make it seem very high with words, her actions speak louder. Hurt people hurt people and I think Krystal is a hurting person. You know the saying, there are two sides to every story and the truth is in the middle? If you pay attention to Krystal, the pain in her soul is evident. Add to that, Arie taking her to see his family on date one. That was a very special thing to do. I’m not sure this wasn’t engineered to draw a response from Krystal. She’s said over and over her childhood was bad and she doesn’t have a good family structure. Being in the limelight and going to meet a family like Arie’s, watching videos of his happy childhood had to evoke pain and I think that she started to crumble a little. At this point I think she’s trying hard to save face and not look emotional in front of everyone. Sadly, she really does though. I would like to see her go home and get into therapy so she can put some of her demons to rest once and for all. My two cents.

    1. I agree. I think Krystal (is that really her name?) has found a way to survive, from the terrible kitten voice to the way she has learned to portray herself as a new-age goddess, and, unfortunately, the producers are exposing all the ugly undersides of this role. I suspect this role has only worked to a certain extent in her life, and she is hoping that someone will see how special she is and save her. Then along comes Arie who chooses her to go to his “normal” home, and makes her the special person she longs to be. I too hope she can get some help and find the love she needs, and I hope she will leave the Bachelor franchise to reclaim her dignity … if she chooses to change. It isn’t fun to watch.

      1. Someone said she’s got way more followers now and it’s all a ploy for her business. Maybe because that VOICE. The Jimmie Kimmel segment on her was hysterical.

    2. @ Kristy Amjad- I couldn’t agree more with your comment. Of course I am not a professional counselor but more than anything I just have compassion for her. I am not on the hate Krystal train at all. What I find off putting about the show isn’t Krystal, it’s just all the drama between Krystal and the girls. It’s the subjects that make Krystal and the other ladies fight. I just think it’s petty and in the grand scheme of things not worth fighting over and being at odds all season. These are real human beings with feelings at the end of the day. I imagine they will all read these comments about them and to think that they don’t impact a person is ignorant of others. I hope these ladies understand that they can get along and be at peace with each other.

  21. I don’t think Krystal is right for Arie. But even if she leaves, I doubt it’ll be he last time we see her. She seems like just the type to go on BIP. And who am I kidding, I’ll prjvably still watch it even though she drives me crazy!

  22. One thing that really irritated me about Krystal was after she got the rose she was so flaunting of it. Like just accept the rose and be gracious about it. We don’t need you to be flaunting it for the camera, it just makes her look immature.

    I think Krystal has a lot of growing up to do. Her conversations do not seem genuine. And am I the only one who just wants her to stop talking to the group before cocktail parties?! Bekah M seems way more mature and I’m not even a fan of hers. I do like how she called Krystal out about being hypocritical. It’s ok for her to change her mind not Arie?! Go Bekah!

    1. I totally agree her conversations don’t seem genuine. She comes across as saying what Arie wants to hear and to make herself seem sweet and innocent. The conversation about reliving her memories at the bowling alley because her mom worked at a bowling alley, seemed like complete BS. Arie almost seemed caught off guard by it.

    2. After imbarrasing herself, she still got a rose..

      I would have been so appreciative and would have humbled myself… But NO… She had to flaunt that rose 🌹 to the camera and say a sarcastic remark..

      Can’t wait til she sees the replay and cringes..

  23. Krystal was making me so mad last night with some of the things she said. Man, I really wish there were cameras on that bus! But one thing she said that stuck out to me was that if Arie gave her the rose, he was willing to get down and dirty, but if Arie didn’t give her the rose, he was taking the easy way out with her. It seemed so misguided to me. He saw how she handles conflicts and it’s something he has seemingly almost no tolerance for (because she stormed off instead of talking to him about it). How couples resolve conflicts together is SO important in relationships, because no matter what, conflicts will happen. And if you have completely different conflict resolution styles, that is going to make it so much harder. So deciding that that’s not something you can live with is not “the easy way out” — at least in my opinion. That’s just being smart and knowing yourself well enough to know when something is too much for you.

    Also, it was not surprising at all when Krystal got the rose. (I believe you have said before that you don’t actually watch it on TV and that the show sends you tapes and that’s how you can watch with the East Coast, yes? So you probably don’t have to deal with the commercials?) There was a commercial early on that said something about how next week they were traveling and showed Krystal saying “We’ll always have Paris.” … to tie in as an ad for something else, but they totally spoiled that she’d be staying. Here’s hoping that next week she either turns it around and realizes she needs to change her behavior or that she gets sent home!

    1. It’s hard for me to comprehend that he even kept her after the conversation that they had when he went down to her room. I was certainly glad that he didn’t Embrace her and give her a kiss after that one stunt. In their conversation he mentioned to her that if she made it to the end of the show there was going to be all kinds of obstacles with media that she would have to deal with. I really don’t think she is up to it and I really don’t think she is Arie wife material so why the flip is he keeping her!!??

  24. No one makes Krystal say things like:
    “glitter that’s glitter”
    do they?
    I wish the girls world have told Arie that Krystal was so angry she packed her bags 💼
    He should have gone up and asked her if she needed help packing them

  25. I agree the kissing seems to be too much. Hopefully whoever Arie choose, hasn’t been watching the show back because that would be extremely difficult. I feel like he’s kissing some of these women for just the sake of kissing. As for Krystal I’m fed up with her! I agree Arie made the wrong choice of going and talking to her right away on the group date, that’s exactly what Krystal wanted. Except I think she was caught off guard when Arie did not ask her to join them. Krystal seems like a girl that is use to getting what she wants and having things going her way. Which is making this experience difficult for her. I do agree with the other women who have noticed Krystal always plays the victim and blames others for her actions. Looks like more of her drama next, here’s hoping Arie makes the right decision and sends her home. Hopefully Krystal can learn and grow from this experience. I’d be open to her being on Paradise.

    1. Also, when Krystal tried to explain her actions to Arie, I felt like her story about reliving memories at the bowling alley was completely BS! It seemed like she just thought of that right on the spot to justify her actions rather than taking responsibility for acting immature.

      1. Krystal is so full of BS and I agree with you that all her horrifying memories relating to everything they do is way to convenient. It is almost laughable. JMO

        1. Totally too convenient! I’m also sick of all her speeches before cocktail parties or group dates. As well as her wanting to talk one on one with the girls last night, did she really think they weren’t going to be harsh or question why she is still there? And once again tried to be the victim. Then after getting a rose she had to rub it in others faces.

  26. Ali, how influential are the producers on keeping certain people around? And at what point do they lay off… for example, when it’s down to the final 6 they stop.

  27. I felt like a few of the girls really handled themselves with maturity when talking to Krystal one on one. It was sad to see that even in that setting Krystal couldn’t be open minded enough to actually listen to what anyone was saying and continued to play the victim. I think Arie really saw through her facade this week and was definitely turned off by the drama. It was sad that Maquel went home after she just got back but I feel like in this setting, missing even just a little bit of time is really hard to catch up from even though her reason for having to go was completely legitimate. I wasn’t surprised that Marikh and Ashley were sent home. We didn’t see much of Arie’s time with either of them and I didn’t notice any real kind of connection.

    By the looks of next week’s sneak peek we could see Krystal going home…I’m all for a little drama but this is supposed to be about finding a partner and agree with a previous commenter that this level of drama should be saved for BIP. I’d actually really enjoy seeing his relationships with some of the other women blossom rather than having everything focus on one girl who is clearly not right for him or for the show in general.

    Clear favourites to me are actually Bekah (even though she is young, she is certainly mature for her age), Chelsea (yeah, she grew on me) and Tia. He seems to have the strongest connection with them in my opinion.

  28. I think Arie is tiring of Krystal and her nonsense and will kick her to the curb next week. I also think that the time with Bekha will come to a close soon as well due to her age, she is far more mature then her years but when you get right down to it 14 years at this time in their life it is a lot. (10 years from now not so much but right now in her life it is huge, they are just in two different places) Tia’s faith will be a real deterrent very soon and she will be gone because he will find it will come between them and even though she says it wont we all know that faith is always an obstacle that can break up any marriage / relationship if you aren’t really grounded. That doesn’t really live to many left with any real shot at making to the end with any really serious shot with Arie and his lifestyle being Becca, Lauren, Seinne, and Chelsea and any one of those women would be great with him but it all depends on it they would put up with his nonsense or not. Me I don’t think I would give him the time of day because I don’t think he really is ready to be a husband or knows how be a life partner. He give way to many full blown passionate kisses to each of them like he is in love with them all not saving anything for that special one. He also tells them how he loves so much about them instead of say he like something about them. He needs to slow way down and lets be a friend and get to know each other a bit even if it is fast tracked on here. You can still really like someone’s traits and not mislead them. JMO

  29. I haven’t read any spoilers, but my guess is that Krystal will stick around for a bit and will probably be part if the 2-on-1 date.. with Bekah, maybe? I don’t think there are better girls (for drama purposes) better than them! Ha! I’ve watched this show for too long…. I’m starting to think like a producer or something! Ha! What do you think?

  30. Hi Ali! My sisters and I are huge fans of yours-you have always been one of our favorite bachelorettes! After watching last nights episode, I agree with you that in the past two episodes Bekah and Tia have had some of the most real conversations during the dinner portion of the one on one dates that I’ve seen on the show. It’s so refreshing! I also love that Kendall and Bekah are calling Krystal out on her nonsense-nothing I love more! There are a lot of strong, independent women on this season! In previews for next week, Krystal and Ari seem to continue to discuss the events of last night so it makes me think Ari’s decision to keep her was encouraged by producers?! I also agree that if she leaves there may be no more drama, and I’m definitely enjoying watching the other girls stand up to her!

    1. I know, right? I said to my mom, “Wonder who the first girl to kiss him will be after that.” And then when it happened, I shouted, “It’s Kendall! Oh, wait…Kendall ate a worm. She probably doesn’t care that he just licked a bowling ball that thousands of germy hands have touched.”

  31. Hi Ali- I love your blog, I read every post and I agree with a lot of what you said about last nights episode. I too love Kendall and was wondering if you would be able to tell us where her dress from last night’s cocktail party was from. It was so cute! I am just loving a lot of the girl’s fashion choices this season.

  32. Did anyone catch bekkahs’s reaction when Arie called Krystal to receive a rose? Omg if you didn’t catch it, go back, rewind and rewatch. I was cracking up!!!!! She’s seen in the background holding her eyes up the longest eye roll I’ve ever seen! Haha.

  33. I just have to ask, why are people making such a huge deal about Bekah being 22, but not the fact that Maquel is also only 23?!!!

    1. They are making a big deal about her age because she went on the show keeping it a secret and she does look way younger then the other girls.

  34. I have a lot to say…

    I’m sort of DONE with… the group date setting, the “mean spirited” side interviews (of all the ladies, quite frankly), their unhealthy conflict resolution in just about every scenario with Krystal (although a few of the ladies, like Kendall, actually tried some healthy conflict resolution with Krystal!), and most of the comments I see anywhere online about Krystal (they are horrible and totally not justified)…

    Those are comments Krystal could read. She is a real person. I think people criticizing her voice, the way she talks, and calling her ugly, psycho, and crazy are completely uncalled for. I literally read these comments online this week and it was really upsetting. And then we wonder why there is so much conflict between people in this world. Isn’t how we are interacting with each other? What we say online?

    Admonishing someone and using constructive criticism about a person’s behavior is KEY in life. Krystal admitted that she didn’t react the best. She has been through a lot in life with her childhood and as an adult. Where is the compassion towards that? I even thought Arie, although he was upset with Krystal, didn’t really seem to exhibit any compassion or empathy for the story Krystal shared about her mom and men in the past. That was a red flag to me and made me question if Arie is thinking a marriage is butterflies, kittens and rainbows and his partner wont have any things from her past that she is still healing and growing from. I am married (for almost 11 years) and I can tell you there is nothing better than going through the trenches of life and having your spouse be a soft place to land. I didn’t see Arie being that for Krystal and I think Krystal needs to find someone who can be that. Maybe Arie will be that for his future wife BUT why not be a soft place to land for a friend, stranger, or just a human in general? Just because he may not be into Krystal doesn’t mean he cant show some compassion for her story she shared.

    We cant talk about improving the stigma around mental health and then when we are faced with it, completely shut it down. It’s like the world just likes to “say” we should have mental health awareness but we really don’t want to do anything to improve it. I think it starts with how we talk to people, how we empathize with them, etc.

    When I look at Krystal, I see pain in her eyes. Knowing the story of buying herself a comforter when she was a little girl, her mom not really being there for her, issues with men and her mom, and her brother being homeless. How can that not impact someone’s life and be something they are continually struggling with??? That was the final straw for me where I was like these ladies just need to stop, talk, and hug- SERIOUSLY. Krystal is hurting and hurting others and these ladies are hurting and hurting others. And then it’s all coming out in anger but I think hurt is the source of it. And STRESS. These ladies are in pressure cookers.

    BUT- these ladies, while admonishing and using constructive criticism, lace it with condescending, patronizing, teasing, sarcasm that it’s not entertaining whatsoever. I get that they don’t like Krystal and Krystal doesn’t like them but these arguments and complaints are just really foolish and petty. They don’t have to like each other but how you choose to respond to someone says more about you than it says about the person you don’t like.

    I’ve been the mean girl before, even as an adult and it took my Dad getting sick (and then eventually passing away) where I realized I wanted to be a better person. I have made conscious efforts to be a better person and for it to come from my heart. It will be a lifelong process, though. I am not perfect. But I do want to be a kinder person in this world…

    So, I guess this is me trying to be constructive (although I may be failing here) and share from experience that you are going to meet people from all walks of life, different dispositions and flaws (we all have them) and you just have to learn to get along- to be the kind and civil one in the group. I think if the whole world lived by this mentality, it would be a better place. Not perfect, but kinder.

    1. I completely agree with you. It is very easy to forget Krystal is an actual human being who can read the extremely hurtful comments. As Ali says, she will have a lot of learning lessons from this experience but I would hate to see her not be able to have an amazing life that very person deserves because of the pain cause from anonymous internet comments about a person likely over dramatized by a TV show. I’m not sure Krystal and I would get along in real life as I have met her and spent anytime to be able to form an option.

      My comments on the episode. I agree with Ali I don’t think Chelsea and Arie appear to be a good fit. In comparing Chelsea’s date with Tia’s date this week. I think Tia has a stronger connection with Arie.

      The group date. Good lord that was more of a wrecking ball than a bowling ball. I’m not sure I can late one more episode with it being entirely Krystal centered but I don’t think there is much else the producers can do to keep us interested. Arie said it himself he is at a boring easy going point in his life and that is not making great TV. I will continue to watch as I am invested now and want to know how it ends and who has the boyfriend from the season preview.

      One thing I really liked about the after bowling party was Lauren who said in an interview something along the lines of she hopes the Krystal drama does not affect her Arie time and she did a great job of making it about her and Arie and them getting to know each other. From what we saw this was pretty consistent with all the girls.

      Bekah and Kendall are two people from the show I would love to meet and talk with. Bekah for 22 is not letting that get in her way. She looks young but she questions things and speaks very maturely. Kendall just seems like an around awesome people, she tried to help Krystal and explain the situation. I think she may have been the only one to show Krystal compassion.

      I have no idea how I would act in these situations the girls are in but I hope it would be with grace and humility.

    2. Thank you for the comment, it is very insightful and compassionate. It just seems like everybody is jumping on board to gang up on Krystal. There are two sides to every story and when you put production and editing into consideration I think it all has gotten very crazy.
      I have spent time with Krystal and I am good friends with some of her family members. I can tell you that she is self-made, college educated and she has navigated through some tough stuff in the past. She is incredible with her Fitness instruction and she has taught yoga to the homeless free of charge. She’s found her Peace through Yoga and through her current lifestyle so the pain is not there anymore. I can tell you that after the episodes air and the blogs and podcasts start, it is exhausting for her family.
      This is a silly show where she may have done some silly things but the Krystal glitter effect has been blown way out of perspective.
      I’m not worried about Krystal though because after the show she will land on her feet. She is driven, tough and independent.

  35. This opinion is definitely going to go against the grain… but I just do not like Bekah. I think she is a cutie but I find her extremely immature. I think she just makes little snide comments that aren’t necessary and nobody notices because they’re about Krystal, so people tend to agree! And I KNOW Krystal is in the wrong. Is also very immature and has a LOT of growing and learning to do. Her actions are definitely why she is getting the backlash from the other girls. BUT. Maybe it’s the editing.. but I just don’t know why Bekah can’t talk about anything else when she is with the other girls! So while Krystal is definitely in the wrong, and should definitely leave, I don’t find Bekah as innocent or funny as everyone else does. And the way she was talking to Krystal… sorry but that was more of an attack. Kendall could say what she wanted while remaining calm and not getting into a yelling match. Maturity, y’all! I think both girls have a lot of growing up to do and neither one will be final 3.

    1. I agree…

      I don’t care how much someone doesn’t like someone-they lose me when they start teasing and being catty. Some of the girls, including Bekah, imitate and make fun of Krystal’s voice, etc. and just say really mean spirited things in their side interviews. I’m like, “Girl, I get it, I’m with ya…but you can communicate the same frustration without teasing or bringing someone down that you don’t like. Constructive criticism, with kindness, is cool and pretty!”. It’s how I used to operate (just being mean girl spirited) and it’s something I’ve had to take a step back and recognize that I don’t like about myself over the years. So, as much as I want to judge, I’ve definitely been guilty and still am at times. We’re all work in progresses 🙂

    2. Joining this bandwagon, ladies. I think she is VERY immature, and when it comes down to it, it’s not really age because I know many older people who are also immature. I think she has a very young, flip way about her, though. Not criticizing her, just saying she is way too young for Arie!

  36. I’m not so sure that Krystal won’t be there till the end. ☹️ I listened to the Ben and Ashley I podcast last week, and he didn’t say she would, but he kind of glossed over some of the problems. I hope not, as there are so many other great possibilities, but just saying…

    1. I agree with Allyson but at the same time I’m thinking there is a lot more time between them that we just haven’t seen because of editing. Yet still early, most wait to say those feelings till their 2nd 1-on-1

  37. I don’t know, Ali. It may be a close call, but it’s quite possible that Bob Guiney made out with even more girls than Arie has.

  38. Hi Ali,
    First of love what you are doing with this blog so thanks for doing this.
    I agree 100% no chemistry with Chelsea, I said exactly that to my husband.
    I love Bekah too and think she would be a great Bachelorette! Just a thought.
    Tia is my front runner now!
    Keep up the blog it’s great!

  39. Early in the episode I’d you caught the preview for next weeks episode it has Krystal in it so I knew she wasn’t going home this week. He does a lot of kissing and honestly I’m struggling finding him genuine at all. My prediction is whoever he ends up picking in the end the relationship won’t last.

    1. I wholeheartedly agree with this comment! He behaves the same way with all of these women, so it’s hard to say what it is about each one that interests him. I feel like he’s going to pick the prettiest one (although they are all gorgeous, so maybe that’s why he keeps saying it will be hard to pick someone!).

  40. I totally think it is producer motivation that Krystal is still there. If she wasn’t, it would be the most boring (taking first place over Farmer Chris) bachelor in show history. Just think, it would be the all kissing bandit tv all the kissing bandit time.
    I think the subtle back rub on Krystal after she received the rose, is because he is a nice guy. He knows he wants to send her home, but to keep her. Arie has a little guilt thing going on for keeping her. The back rubber was a kind of kissing bandit reaction thing going on. Kinda thinks he subtly back rubs in all hugs.

  41. I honestly think the only reason why he kept Krystal was because he wanted to put her on the two on one date and see what happens.

  42. Krystal actually kinda reminds me of Courtney (winner of Ben F’s season) in some ways and she didn’t get along with others was all about herself.. As we know she wrote the book “I didn’t come here to make friends” and she also dated Arie and off for years and I think is still friends with him.

  43. Arie does not seem genuine, he seems like a player. I will be surprised if he lasts long with whomever he chooses. Time for Krystal to go!! She is extremely self centered.

  44. Once I saw Krystal ‘sprinkle’ some glitter, I knew she had to go. That…and the many other things from last week and this week. My favorites are the Bekahs.

    1. Time to remember Moana and Michelle Money ( Travis Stork and Brads Return).
      Krystals *glitter* reminds me of Michelle, whose prior intense scenes made humor appear mean or off.
      Moana was a front runner, too, stuck by herself and was mocked by the *gang* – some of whom later admitted to being jealous, and came to root for her

      I saw Krystals humor there, and I see isolating as a way of coping. Not great, but she seems alone in that world. She literally overheard a bunch of them speaking against her.

  45. Where to start…. my opinion of Arie is just getting worse and worse each week. At this point, I’m only watching the show because I want to get to know the girls that are Bachelorette material. First, I think the amount of girls he’s made out with is a little uncalled for. Call me old-fashioned, but I just feel that the way he kisses those girls is something that should be reserved for the women that he has deep, genuine connections with. I can’t help but wonder if the women that are watching this back are frustrated with Arie because they see how he kisses all of the women the same way. Second, I love Kendall! I’m so glad they brought her out of the pack this week. I hope that she gets some more one-on-one time with Arie very soon! Third, I thought the group date interesting in general. I wonder if he changed his mind because he was secretly hoping the other team would win? If I was on the winning team, I probably would have been upset for a second but then I would have gotten over it. I would NOT have acted like Krystal! I was really hoping that he was going to send her home right away when he went to see her after the group date had started. But alas, we were let down when he decided to let her stay. However, I will give him some credit for telling her to stay in the room the rest of the night! I agree with you that when he said her name, he didn’t say it with the same inflection that he had with the other women. I also think that the producers are probably influencing his decision here!

  46. One thing is we all have to remember is that the producers are most likely telling Arie that he has to keep Krystal on because shes the dramatic one and that’s what makes the show interesting and keeps the fans watching it. It’s not because Arie really likes here.. and I don’t believe that she will end up with him at the end. But its really sad that Maquel and the other girls had to go home because of her.

  47. I agree with you Ali and what many other people said about Krystal. Besides all the Krystal drama I was surprised to see Arie’s interaction with Jacqueline, she probably isn’t a front runner being there hasn’t been a whole lot of screen time for her. I was also presently surprised by Arie and Lauren B’s conversation and chemistry, she is adorable. I look forward to what looks like her 1-on-1 date next week. I also love Kendall, she seems genuine and I too loved her book of questions. I actually would love to see more of her—Bachelorette!

      1. She would be new and fresh for the show. She comes across so sweet and real. Plus I love her personality, so different from other girls.

  48. Love the blog!! The only thing I have to say is I actually did not like Bekah mocking Krystal. It’s one thing to be angry at her (rightfully so) and want her to leave, but sitting there and making fun of her and mocking her is also immature and poor behavior. I also felt like she was too emotional while talking to Krystal when they were one on one and would let Krystal really speak. I just find her a little immature. I LOVE Kendall though. She is really well spoken and confident! Love her!

    1. I agree with you regarding the mocking Bekah did. In some cases she is so mature then she does things like mock Krystal as you are instantly reminded she is 22.

    2. Bekah is almost as charismatic as Krystal – she is a little gang leader for the We Hate Krystal Klub on set.
      I admire her fashion style, and she is bright, but she is not kind, and actually prides herself on being *entertaining* while imitating Krystal, at length.
      (Krystal has a sexy voice – some women seem jealous – I saw somewhere she worked at a radio station ).

      Bekahs walking away from Krystal in the one on one *conversation* was the same failure of character she was accusing Krystal of : being selfish and pissed, and unable to handle things not going her way.
      At least Krystal admitted to being wrong, once she composed herself.

    3. I agree…I love how Kendall handled that conversation with Krystal and I think Krystal hands down handled the conversation with Bekah much better than Bekah did. But, Bekah wouldn’t even have a conversation with Krystal. She didn’t sit with Krystal to have a private conversation she just went over there to yell at her and walk off. To be honest, I’ve done the same plenty of times in life and I recognize that I can learn so much from Kendall and Krystal to just remain calm and actually talk through conflict LOL. 🙂

  49. Love that you do these posts, Ali!

    I would be SO happy to see Krystal go home. A night of drama is one thing but honestly, my favorite part of the show is the romance and falling in love and I would just love for that to be what we see for the rest of the season.

    About the girls being together when date cards come, is there someone designated to go get the cards each week too? There never seems to be a fight over who will get it. Haha

  50. Well I think show is boring anyway with or without Krystal. I am big fan of the show but Arie is boring. The way he kisses all these girls so passionately just turns me off watching him

  51. I feel like he is really here just for the make out sessions. If you watch his body language, the dude doesn’t even want to sit back and talk. He immediately begins leaning in for the kiss. It’s so awkward! Some girls will try and giggle it off, but he just doesn’t back down. If you are going to sit next to Arie on a couch, he is gonna swallow you up! I don’t see a sincere proposal at the end of all of this.

  52. I figured the producers gather them for the date card, but when it’s the lead that shows up and the date starts immediately do they tell the girls to just be ready to leave? Chelsea was totally ready to walk out the door! Thought I’d ask a question since I already agree with all your opinions:)

  53. I love that you talk so positively about everyone even Krystal. We could sit here and rip on her but like you said she has a lot of life lessons to learn and hopefully she will after this show.

  54. I agree with several of the comments, in reference to Krystal staying until the 2 on 1 date! It seems like they are doing this more and more. Keeping the most controversial person around for ratings and then sending them home in that particular date. I just can’t think of who the other party is going to be, unless they are setting it up to be Bekah!?!? It will be real interesting.
    I am also a Kendall fan and I like Tia too!

  55. I’m not feeling good about Arie, at all! He almost feels like a predator to me. Yikes! Every woman getting passionately kissed, and rubbed! And everyone of the women feeling like their chemistry is the best! And then keeping Krystal, was downright ridiculous! Bringing up the fact that she met his family, puts her ahead of the other ones? She is just so obviously self centered and controlling and mean! It seems like his physical attractions are overtaking his emotional attachments with all these women. I don’t think this will end well for him. He may pick someone, but longevity may be a problem, because at this point there are too many front runners, and someone should be more obviously in his corner. If it’s Krystal, he’s in for a lot of problems

  56. Completely grossed out by how many ladies he’s kissing and kissing so passionately. It’s painting a picture of Arie that you can’t help but see. I wish him the best, but by far my least favorite of ‘The Bachelor’ seasons and I’ve been watching since Trista.
    I had my hopes high when I saw he was a friend of Sean and Catherine. Sean was by far, the best season to watch. Loved how he respected the women, despite dating so many at once.

  57. I have lost respect for Ari in that he kept Krystal after her latest temper tantrum. Krystal is using her beauty and sexuality to manipulate Ari. Krystal’s games are as old as time but it makes me sick that this type of behavior is rewarded over intelligence and genuineness. I don’t think Krystal will ever be a good spouse or wife because of her childhood. She needs to address her broken self in therapy. She can only use her looks so long before her beauty fades and most men don’t want a manipulative drama queen. When Ari didn’t send her home I lost respect for Ari in he is rewarding behavior that is histrionic/narcissistic appearing. I think the Bachelor franchise needs to go back to beginning and make it about romance not about a candidate who drinks too much or has personality issues I do not find it enjoyable anymore as I knew before rose ceremony Krystal would be staying 👎🙄

  58. Ok for reals – Arie is THE BACHELOR. It’s kind of the nature of his role to be a “player” – literally the entire premise is dating multiple women at once. LOL. 😛

    The kissing is gross to watch, but I think production is playing up his ‘kissing bandit’ reputation. (So stupid.) And it takes two to tango, and none of the women seem the least bit upset about it.

    At this point, I really don’t see him ending up with any of these women. We’re already at episode 5 and no one other than Bekah M. stands out to me as a true frontrunner. And the Bekah ‘issue’ has already been discussed ad nauseum. 😉

    I do like Tia, but not for Arie. And I think (based on a tiny clip from the teaser trailer) she goes home right after hometowns. So my spidey-senses tell me they’re grooming her to be the Bachelorette. 🙂

  59. This whole Krystal drama is such an embarrassment for the show and the girls there. It all seems incredibly staged and it’s just for entertainment purposes which at this point is also boring. Arie needs to stop making out with everyone too. It’s not genuine and it does not look good for him or the girls. I love every single one of the girls this season (except Krystal for obvious reasons) and I feel like they are being taken advantage of while this drama plays out. They are beautiful, educated, and willing to find love so let’s quit wasting their time and get rid of Krystal (looking at you producers) so one of these girls can get what they came for! Love! …. even if it unfortunately is with the makeout king Arie. Also. BEKAH FOR BATCHELORETTE because she rocks my socks and is the coolest most mature 22 year old ever! Seriously. I need to be her friend!

  60. I really like Chelsea. I didn’t at first, but she seems sweet. And that story about her ex was heart breaking.

    Again, Krystal has got to go… It’s not the type of ‘entertainment’ I like to watch. She’s mean, vindictive, manipulative, and a very sore winner or loser. However you want to put it. I think she is one of the worst “villains” on the show.

    I think Kendall and Tia will be good for him. Both ladies are in my top 3.

  61. I feel like this is a very boring season of the bachelor and I only keep watching because I want to see what Krazy Krystal will say next.
    Yes, Arie makes out too much! There’s something about him that really bugs me and I can’t quite put my finger on it. I feel like he doesn’t like to talk, any time a girl starts asking too many questions he just starts making out with her. Is it just me?
    Also, it looks so passionate, but not, like he’s trying too hard to be a romantic kisser. I don’t know, it makes me uncomfortable.
    I love young Bekka, but I don’t get why everyone thinks she’s so young but the half the other girls there are 23,24,25. They’re all young compared to his 36! But nobody says anything about that… I love her and I hope she stays.

    1. I also agree that he should never have gone after her when she left the date. It’s disrespectful to the other women and giving in to her tantrum, that’s exactly what it was.
      He did look really uncomfortable calling her name at the end tho.

  62. Can we just talk about how awesome it was to find out how educated and successful Tia is?!? That was really cool to learn. I’m officially team Tia. Love her. Also, Bekah shows so much maturity and the way she talks through situations. Honestly, after thinking about it I met my husband at 21 and here we are 9 years later so hey, who am I to judge? Kendall may be the coolest person ever and I want to be her friend Too. She’s smart, level headed, direct, and totally authentic. I was worried when she said she’s never had a relationship longer than a few months but it only takes one time I guess. I agree about the makeout sessions. I mean he was so passionate with Jaclyn and my husband and I are like, who even is she?! He’s just passionate with everyone. All I’ll say about Krystal is it’s time to go. Thanks Ali for always bringing kindness to your blogs. I love reading your take on things!

  63. I agree Krystal needs a one way ticket home!
    Not a rose 🥀 I thought they were keeping her for ratings until you pointed out the back rub! Hmmmm .. what’s up Arie?? Let it Go!

  64. Who will be the Two on One?
    – the producers seem to be editing the show towards Bekah and Krystal. It would also be Arie’s easiest way to test Bekah (and justify Krystal).

    He knows Bekah has to go.

    I believe Krystal would rise to the occasion – show more depth than Bekah. Not that Bekah is shallow, but a comparison would help Arie decide Bekah too young for him. It would also help reveal how deep the cracks go w Krystal – if he thinks she isn’t roadworthy he could ditch both of them. Or will his desire for them overule what we are seeing?

  65. Every week I start to think I see why he is the bachelor but then Krystal drama happens. I was applauding that he told her to stay upstairs and not join the date, but then I agree with everyone saying he should have sent her home. She’s just too much. She should go home! They will find more drama. I totally agree that Kendall is awesome and mature and level headed. Still some good girls. Pick wise Arie!

  66. I agree, I didn’t seem any chemistry between him and Chelsea. Like, it seems that they have a hard time finding things to talk about. And they sure haven’t shown her actually talking about her son a whole lot. Maybe she just doesn’t want it televised. Regardless, i definitely don’t see them ending up together. I love Becca and wish we’d see more of them together again. I thought their one on one was great and she seems super down to earth and genuine. Not caught up in the game of the show. I do like Bekah but man, he’s super physically attracted to her, but he knows it’s not going to work. Too many doubts about her age. It’s only a matter of time before he lets her go. Don’t even get me started on Krystal. Just let her go already.

  67. I think he could lay off heavily making out with every girl. I mean, enough already! Also, it amazes me how the crazy girl always seems to get through episode after episode. It happens every season. It makes it hard to believe that the producers aren’t just creating this show that they want by keeping the people with the most drama.

  68. I’m with you, Ali. Krystal is there for entertainment purposes only at this point. I hope when she looks back on this 5 minutes of fame that she realizes her behaviour and grows up. But the show at this point would be kinda boring without Krystal. I mean all that’s left is kissing, and more kissing, oh did I mention kissing?? It’s like a traffic accident when Krystal is on, I just can’t look away! 😳

  69. What are your thoughts on Reality Steve? I don’t want to post the spoilers i’ve read just in case no one else has but i’m curious as to your thoughts.

    1. I don’t believe him. I listen to Kaitlyn Bristowes podcast and she said his spoiler was that she got dumped during the rose ceremony proposal and went home alone lol I’m almost positive she said that

    2. I haven’t read them in a few years. I think he is extremely cocky and rude and I stopped following. In regards to if he’s right, I think each time it’s 50/50.

  70. Up until very recently, I felt the same as most people do about Arie… all he does is kiss, there’s no substance, he’s boring, etc. But then I listened to The Almost Famous podcast hosted by Ashely I and Ben Higgins last week where they had Arie on the show. It was really interesting to hear his perspective on the show so far and how he’s being portrayed, and Ashely and Ben totally did not let him off the hook on certain questions! Definitely recommend listening if you’re wanting to get Arie’s take on everything so far.

    Krystal really is quite immature and has a ton of growing up to do! However many of the girls in the house are letting her get the best of them in my opinion. If you want her to go away, then stop giving her all the power by constantly talking about her. Like when Arie asked where she was… just say she’s not coming and leave it at that. Let Krystal have to explain it herself and dig her own grave. But again, this is a show and people do need to get involved in drama to keep it interesting!

    I love Tia and though their date went really well! But could she seriously honestly be falling in love with him already? I feel like this is the earliest someone has expressed those types of feelings and the “falling in love” talk doesn’t usually come until a bit later. Again, we don’t know how they truly feel, but I just feel like in relation to other seasons it’s still very early for the love conversation! Side note on Tia, but does she remind anyone else of JoJo?!

    We’ll have to see how everything pans out! And Ali, I love you and your blog!! You are still one of my favorite Bachelorettes and had one of the most memorable seasons! I look forward to reading your bachelor posts every Tuesday!!

  71. Ali, I must know… does the Bachelor/Bachelorette get to rinse out their mouths between make out sessions? I seriously don’t understand how these ladies are ok with this assembly line kissing action.

    Oh, and “Bye, Felicia” should now be “Bye, Krystal”.


  72. Ali — I had the same impression you said you were getting at first, that the producers might be begging Arie to keep Krystal another week. But, that made me wonder… do the producers “plant” someone each season that will stir things up?
    Thinking back to previous seasons, I feel like it could even be some sort of deal that they make with a contestant, where they will pay them to say/do certain things right from night one! Or, maybe it’s less deliberate than ‘hiring’ someone for this purpose… ? But I have heard that they do, at times, give contestants lines to say, and suggestions for things to do on the show….would love your input on this!

  73. I feel sorry for you Ali F for being such a bitch that you have nothing better to do than to sit behind a screen and criticize and belittle people you have never met!!! Plenty of people disliked you on your season but didn’t blog about it because they are better than you and all the psychos in here.

    1. People are allowed to have their own opinions! Just because someone’s opinion is unfavorable does not make them a b*tch. I think everything Ali has said in her recaps has been honest and respectful. She is not trashing anyone or name-calling, unlike you. You could learn something from her!

  74. I’m not really an Arie fan. I’d love to see a new hot bachelor on the show. I was really in the air about whether to even watch. I really can’t stand Krystal she’s an immature drama queen. Bet you 10 bucks he keeps her and she wins. She’s really pretty like Emily and comes across really sweet to him. He’s not seeing the mean girl side. Wait till he watches this! He’s being babboozled! It wouldn’t be the first time the bad girl got picked.

  75. I think Krystal showed her real self last night and it wasn’t very pretty. Ali I agree with you about him going up to talk with her being disrespectful to the others and have her exactly what she wanted. There is something about how he kisses that makes me uncomfortable. I think he is probably a nice guy and hopefully there for the right reason but he seems kinda monotone to me. I usually like to go back and rewatch the episodes but I haven’t done that on any of his. And yes kissing the bowling 🎳 was gross

  76. I knew exactly who was going home before the rose ceremony even aired. My husband was so impressed with me. It was easy, though. It was literally the only three women he didn’t kiss! Krystal needs to go soon, I can’t take much more of her.

  77. Wow! Lots and lots of comments today! In spite of not liking watching the amount of time Arie is appearing to passionately make out with almost every girl, save the 3 girls he sent home last night, he DOES spend time asking lots of questions of each woman. That is more than can be said about most of the last few bachelors, a few whom I really liked, too. I see Becca has being the best choice for Arie with Kendall or Lauren also being pretty good choices. I like Tia a lot but her serious feelings about religion will probably be a deal breaker. I like Bekah and Sienne, for many reasons, but neither will be his final choice, I am quite certain. The life-experience gap between he and Bekah really concerns Arie and Sienne is just too educated and worldly for Arie. She would be bored with him quickly. I like Chelsea, Jacqueline and Jenna, but unless there has been a lot more relationship interaction than we’ve been shown, I don’t see them ending up with Arie. I do not care for Krystal. Her life story is very sad and has been very difficult, but her phony, sugary, woe is me behavior around Arie comes across as pathetic, needy and off-putting to me. I do think she looks a lot like his mother, too. In the future, I think bachelor and bachelorettes should wait a few weeks before they decide who to take to meet their family. I almost feel sorry for Krystal that she was the woman chosen for that visit. She looked so uncomfortable. Other than Krystal, the women this season are impressive. Arie has sent home 19 women so far, none of whom I would have sent home before Krystal. I hope she finds happiness and success in her search for love, but I hope it is not before she spends some time in therapy healing her broken heart and spirit from her difficult childhood.

  78. Firstly, I like Tia, Becca and Kendall – and Lauren and hope these are the final four. I agree about the kissing but he seems to be most passionate about Becca. There is just so much comfort and chemistry between the two – and this was here from the minute they met. I really do love Tia tho and also Kendall! I agree w/ you Ali! She is so quirky and so cool and therefore so sexy! Krystal – never have I rolled my eyes so much while watching TV. I think she really saw how her manipulative whiny stunt back fired. Good!! Although I thot it was rude for Arie to play right into her hands, I at least liked how truly pissed he was with her. This whole “I’m just on a higher level b.s. has got to go. The only reason she is still there is bc of the producers for dramatic tension.

  79. Has anyone else here noticed how Arie uses the same line on a lot of these girls? When he was talking to Chelsea last night, he said something like, “I thought you were so mysterious when I first met you, I was like, who IS this girl?”

    That was at least the third time he has said that very thing to one of these women. It is SUCH a line, and a bad one at that. You can tell the women are flattered by it, though, so Arie has obviously had success with it in the past, but geez, zero points for originality. It makes him seems so fake.

    Last night I thought for the first time that I’m not sure how genuine he really is. Chelsea was telling him about her ex and how he was the kind of person who took advantage of her at a young age and tried to shape her into who he wanted her to be…and I couldn’t help but think Arie comes across that way, too. I don’t see him having a unique or soulful connection with any of these women; they seem like playthings to him because of how smoochy he is with ALL of them and how bored he looks when they talk about their lives.

    I have warmed up to Chelsea, but I don’t sense a lot of chemistry between her and Arie. Their time together felt like acting. We sort of went from dramatic scene (reenacting the Titanic moment) to dramatic scene (making out on one jet ski) without seeing how they got to each of those moments. For Arie to say he wouldn’t waste a minute of her time is sweet, and yet I don’t think he is truly serious about her.

  80. I LOVE that you pointed out the fact that he’s passionately kissing every single girl. It makes it insanely hard to tell who he’s having a real connection with! I feel like Jordan and JoJo are a really good example of this, because any time they were on screen together, it felt very natural. With Arie, I don’t get that vibe with anyone…

    Also, Tia is awesome. I want to go frogging with her haha.

  81. I think Arie is kissing so much because he was already known as the “kissing bandit” and maybe he’s got to live up to that. I like Bekah (22) but in this episode she really showed how not mature she is. She was like Alex in Jojo’s season and seems fixated on Krystal. When she asked Krystal “why are you here?” Well isn’t it obvious? she’s there because ARIE WANTS HER THERE! Also, Bekah said that many other girls DESERVE roses more than Krystal??? Really, DESERVING roses? I thought the show was about Arie finding someone he wants to spend forever with? DESERVING has nothing to do with it, it’s about who he wants to pursue to see if there’s something lasting there….. Bekah needs to remember why they are all there? Krystal is not showing her best side for sure, but I think Arie has his alert up on Krystal and Bekah. He sees what’s going on and has voiced that he is cautious. I think Krystal was the front runner but he’s seen some things that concern him and he’s giving her a chance to redeem herself because he does like her so much. I think Arie is a very old 36 yr old. He seems to be down for slowing life down a bit since his racing days made for a pretty fast lifestyle. I don’t think Bekah is at the point to slow life down yet. I really like Arie though and I think this season is pretty good. I just wish it wasn’t so much Krystal. It seems the “villan” has been getting a lot of time on this series the last few seasons, starting with Chad on Jojo’s season.

  82. Ali you are so correct in your assessment of Monday’s episode. It grossed me out that he feels a need to “test drive” each girl he is attracted to, you know the ones he is not feeling the chemistry and there’s the ones he kisses to make them feel he is interested when he is not.

  83. I saw absolutely NO chemistry between arie and tia! I like tia but she doesn’t seem to be into him at all haha
    And I think Bekah M is just as immature as Krystal. Not sure why she thinks openly mocking someone is ok and lashing out of anger isn’t? Just doesn’t seem to match up.
    And all of the kissing 😖 it’s just too much! Arie is going to completely mislead these girls by being so physical so quickly with them!
    Loving Kendall BUT I feel like there’s no point to wasting time confronting other girls on the show. Make friends with whoever but if you don’t get along, just be civil and don’t waste your time trying to fix them.
    Love your post ali! But have to disagree on Bekah M. I just think she’s too young for the show!

  84. Does anyone else think that he’s just not that into Tia? I appreciate that he feels a connection to her, and that you cannot share your emotions freely on the Bachelor, but when someone says I think I’m falling in love with you, and the answer is “You are?” That’s so awkward and I just don’t think Arie feels the same way.

    The only two girls I can actually see him lasting with are Becca and Lauren.

  85. I’m surprised that people aren’t talking more about the religious conversation between Arie and Tia. Definitely the most interesting part of that episode. I was just a little taken back that she expressed how important her faith is, yet when Arie said he doesn’t believe in a higher power and he makes his own destiny, she said that she typically dates people opposite of her. Being from the south myself, I know how important religion is to southern girls, and I guess I was just disappointed that they didn’t explore that conversation a little more. I feel like her feelings are so strong for Arie that in the moment she said that it didn’t bother her to marry someone that doesn’t have the same religious beliefs as her. However, in the long run if they were to end up together and have children, I do think that would be something that would end up being important to her. I do see a lot of chemistry between them and if he doesn’t pick her I would like to see her as the next bachelorette.

    1. I agree with you 100% Amy! She just said she accepts his beliefs because she wants him. It majes me feel her faith really isn’t that strong.😞

  86. I agree that Krystal’s storyline is the most interesting right now. However, she really bugs me and I would love to see her go. When one drama ends, another is sure to begin among the remaining women, because after all, they are still a group of girls competing for the same man.

    If she leaves, a new interesting drama (either girl-girl or girl-Arie) will likely begin! So no need to root for the villans for that reason.

  87. This episode Bekah really lost me. I didn’t like how much she talk bad about Krystal when the Becca would sit there and not join.
    I just love Tia. From the beginning she’s been so real and it’s obvious they have Chemistry.
    Krystal just need to go home and we all need to quit giving her attention.
    Becca K and Tia are by far my favorites!

  88. I’m still thinking about Tias faith and he said he doesn’t have any religion.That could cause problems later if they end up together. I can’t stand Crystal and her jealousy. She needs to keep her mouth shut and stop trying to get the girls to see her side. I like both brunette Beccas.

  89. I must be the only person on Krystal’s side. Her meltdown wasn’t really about Arie’s “lie.” She is a monster that Arie created. He treated her too personally on their first date–having her meet his family, look at home videos from his childhood, and go to his house. This created a belief in her mind that she was special and the one he wanted to be with. When he decided to let the other team join the after party, this demolished her belief. I honestly feel so, so, so bad for her. Now Arie doesn’t like her anymore and is being cruel to her by telling her not to come to the after party and threatening to dump her if she doesn’t do what he wants.

    1. Yeah, I thought Arie was a bit paternalistic/punishing toward her. (*stay in your room, little girl*)
      And: I wonder what the producers didn’t show us when Krystal went back down to the party – surely she sought out Arie…something tells me it went just fine (probably kisses included).
      I also wonder about the Lost Bus Footage – what are they hiding by not showing us?
      As for K meeting the parents, home videos included – wow – that was a Major. How could her head Not be reeling with the downgrade since. And how could the other girls not be reeling over how much he is into her.
      It looks like hell to be in such close quarters.

    2. Yes…I agree. He created her by making her think she was special and taking her home to see his family. Totally WRONG MOVE!! That should be saved for the special girl not the first one. She totally misinterpreted that move and now she thinks she must be special and have a special connection with him because of that.
      Im not in her corner but she should wake up and smell the coffee!!

  90. My family and I watch together and my girls think he makes out too much as well! It is very apparent that he likes to kiss. Which is okay..its just that it seems to be a bit too too much this season. Not my favorite part to see. I disagree with you on the Krystal leaving part. I don’t enjoy the drama and seeing a person like act like she does. She is entirely fake in her voice, her actions, etc. It is so obvious! I surely hope that he doesn’t end up with her because she will be “trouble” for him. I wish he would let her go so that he could concentrate on the women that are real and genuine. Tia is one of my favs, as well as Bekah but I still maintain that she is just a bit too young to settle down into the life that Arie seems to want. I think if he picks her, they would run “hot and fast” for a while, maybe even years but then she would break off and go on her own. Unless she is adamant that she is ready to start a family and be a wife but she hasn’t said anything like that – that I have heard of. At this point it is still a competition between the women. No one wants to go home and I think that they do this show entirely wrong. There are too many women to start with…how can he get to know anyone other than to just start with physical attraction which we all know can not be trusted! I think they should just start with like 15 women…and no group dates. One on one only so that he can get to know each one and give each one a chance. Then no one gets upset and then and only then after the individual dates then they can choose who they want to know better. That way to me seems more interesting and more fair. Anyway…im Team Tia so Im rooting for her. Can’t wait for Mondays!!

    1. I love your less is more idea.
      A dozen incredible women would be Amazing to start with.
      This 20 plus stuff just droves everyone schitzy.

  91. Sooo.. this week Krystal has reached a whole level of ridiculousness and immaturity. I totally changed my opinion about Bekah M. now, she wasn’t afraid to call her out on her BS and didn’t let her avoid the questions. the excuses Krystal made to both her and Kendall didn’t even make sense! Yes the Krystal drama is entertaining but for once, what I really like is how the women are actually addressing their issues with her in a mature and open way, rather than just bitching behind the villain’s back and then complaining to the bachelor as it usually happened in other seasons. Good for them, they really seem like a good bunch of girls!

    I agree with you that at this point Arie doesn’t really show any preference towards one or more girls.. and that makes it hard to guess who he’ll pick.

    For now my top 3 are long hair Becca, Lauren B. and Tia. I really like Chelsea too, but as you said, didn’t really see much sparks between them. It sucks cos she seems real nice and her story made me really sad. I really hope she finds love soon!

    Can’t wait for next week, to see if it’ll finally be the time Krystal goes home!

  92. Sorry to jump in here late but I DVR’d it and didn’t watch it until last night. Someone above had a very insightful comment about Krystal and her childhood and I think she hit the nail on the head. Despite “editing” we still are seeing glimpses of these girls true characters. Yes Krystal’s reaction to the bowling afer paty was a bit immature but to be so judgemental behind the keyboard is unfair. We’ve all had those moments in life (pretty sure I had one with my husband last week) but the average person doesn’t have it in public for millions of viewers. If people watch Arie’s body language he’s hardly touched Krystal in the last two episodes. Just because she went home with him on the first date (they hardly knew each other) doesn’t really mean they are “further along” as he said to her- personally I see his other relationships progressing much further. Okay on to Tia. She’s like an improved version of Raven- same sweet southern heart but has a little more vulnerability and intellect. She’s very likeable and I think will only improve with age- she’s going to be such a great wife for someone someday. My current favorite is Chelsea. I don’t think she and Arie are in the right place to be together but I think outside of the show and in different circumstances they could have worked. She’s classy yet laid back, and being a mom gives her a different take on life (I’m a mom and too and it changes you) than some of the younger girls. Arie is kind of dorky and laid back with a need for adrenaline and I do think she would allow that but also challenge him. She’s also into real estate. I’m not going to talk about young Bekah because I believe that’s just a lustful crush- a firework that will quickly fade out. I like longer haired Becca a lot- they have a quirky fun connection and comfort level. I’m not sure I see a lot of passion (but it could grow) but I see her being a family orienated girl next door and I think Arie wants that. Lastly- last week I was thinking Lauren B was a dark horse. She’s just so quiet in this setting. She’s one to watch but I’m not sure they have what it takes to go the distance. Thanks for letting me share my thoughts!

    1. Two dark horses – blonde Lauren and brunette Jacqueline – can’t wait to hear what you make of tonight’s race for Aria ~ who likes variety, far as I can tell!

    1. I was hoping someone else would check in…i did feel bad for Krystal being left there – So Unclassy for the Bach to not walk her out – but that is the 2 on 1.

    2. Also: it was Kendall who was sobbing at the rose ceremony when Chelsea and the other girl had to leave. Interesting.

  93. Great intell on Bekah M, Lindsay.
    Wow indeed ( if only for the whack pic of such an image savvy girl ).
    Just reeling from tonight’s episode. It’s like The Most Dramatic Season in Bach history for real, and Ever.
    Turns out: Arie digs brunette w a y more than we thought.
    Jacqueline has the brains of Sienne, the chic x factor of Bekah M, the big baby brown eyes of Tia, and the uniqueness of Kendall. Hmmm….will he be willing to wait Six years to start making babies? And then there is Lauren B…the blonde who looks most like Emily Maynard.
    O Arie!!

  94. Idk not much to say about the episode except the Krystal drama was gripping.. however, I do love how you gave a little behind the scenes scoop on the episode, you should do that in every post just for fun! Whether it’s juicy or something little! It’s cool reading stuff like that!

    1. Yes, I’ve always wondered how much input the Bachelor/ette has on what dates are chosen. I think Emily Maynard fleshed out a bunch of stuff- because she wanted little travel time away from her daughter…but that may have been unusual, if Ali’s experience still holds true.

    2. And wow, the show def got it’s money’s worth on Krystal. Overall I am glad I got to watch her. Alot to think about .

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