Pretty Florals

Morning Luvs! I’m back at work at Home & Family this morning. I know I say it over and over, but man do I feel lucky to have a job I love so much. I really look forward to going to work. And I feel like that is such an enormous blessing.

I’ll be taking you guys behind the scenes on Instagram story today and I wanted to post this dress to my blog beforehand because I usually get a lot of questions about my outfit on set. The dress I’m wearing today is under $100 and it’s non-maternity. But my bump still fits underneath, it just looks a little more fitted around my mid section obviously. I love the 70s vibe of the dress! I kind of feel like I could be Austin Powers leading lady in it! Ha! And oh my gosh, ignore the string hanging off my left shoulder. You know those straps that are inside of clothes so you can hang them on a hanger without them slipping off? Yeah, apparently I didn’t realize I didn’t tuck it in when I took these photos. It’s been an early morning. Molly’s a wild woman today. And I’m pregnant. See what I did there?  I’m trying to give myself as many excuses as possible. Ha!


I love the pretty floral print on the dress and I thought it could be cute to wear these stud bee earrings I have. Bees love flowers right?! And even though these earrings are technically bees, you can barely tell because it’s so subtle. But I love them and think that they work perfectly with the floral dress. I finished off the look with a white pump to play up on the 70’s vibe and added a simple rose gold ring.

Anyway, today on Hoe & Family I making SUPER cute “Galentine‘s day” treats that you can make with your girlfriends or for any Valentine’s Day party you’re going to! I’m lucky to have my husband and my daughter as my Valentines this year. Owen too! But I do love a good Galentine’s Day with my girlfriends! The treats I’m making will air on Home & Family tomorrow morning on the Hallmark Channel. Hope you guys tune in!

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11 thoughts on “Pretty Florals

  1. Ali, do you mind sharing what size you are wearing? Also, did you size up for the bump? I’m looking for a dress for my baby shower and I’m wondering if I could get away with this 🙂

  2. I love this dress, especially the sleeves. It looks great on you. Can you tell me where you got your bee earrings? When I click on bee earrings, it takes me to the dress. Thanks for sharing. AS usual, you look great! Cheryl

  3. Just wanted to say Thank you for sharing your outfits with us.
    Also thank you for keeping some of the outfits at a reasonable price for us..
    Have an amazing day!!!

  4. I was wondering how many weeks you are now? Also when do you plan on finding out the gender of baby #2? Congrats!

  5. Thanks for sharing Ali! I love that you include us non-moms in your blog. My niece is just a few months older than Molly & my sister is due with her 2nd in April. I share a lot of your info with her & I get great gift ideas! I also appreciate your inclusiveness because sometimes us non-moms get treated like we’re less important because we don’t have kids. You never do that and I love that about you!!

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