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Today’s post is really important to me. I love using my blog to talk about all the things in my life that make me happy, but I also think it’s important for me to use my blog to speak out about things I believe in. I’ve been so inspired by the Times Up movement and I think it’s important that we talk about it and recognize the people that are supporting it.

As a woman, I have certainly experienced my share of sexism throughout my life and have sadly witnessed and experienced sexual harassment many times. However, I don’t think I ever realized how big of an issue it was until I became an adult. It’s almost like it was ingrained in my head that that’s just the way the world works, and I didn’t even realize that sexism existed in so many aspects of my life. Now that I’m a mother to a daughter (Molly) I see it even more. And I want more than anything for her to grow up in an environment where she is treated equally and valued the same as any person standing next to her.


That’s why when I was shopping online this morning I was so happy to see that one of the online stores I shop at all the time is supporting the Times Up initiative. I was browsing eBay for some “belly friendly” dresses for an event I have coming up (I call them “belly friendly” because I’m still trying to stick to non-maternity clothes, but since my belly is getting so huge these days, it’s getting harder!), and I saw that eBay has teamed up with Vogue and the Times Up initiative to do a charity auction. As soon as I saw the auction, I jumped right on my blog so I could share it with all of you since it ends tomorrow morning at 9AM Pacific time/12PM Eastern time. But until then, you can go to eBay.com/timesup and bid on the most incredible red carpet dresses from celebrities like Reese Witherspoon and Meryl Streep! How cool would it be to own a red carpet look from one of those huge celebrities?!?! And don’t worry if the dresses are out of your price range, you can also donate just $25 and be entered into a sweepstakes for a chance to win a dress of your choice! I think that’s pretty cool! Plus you know your $25 is going to such a great cause and you have the potential to win something priceless! It’s a win/win situation.


So today on my blog, I’m wearing this black dress in support of this important movement. And have also decided to choose a black dress from eBay for the event I have coming up in support of this wonderful cause. I guess I just really want to support a company that stands for individuality and celebrates diversity and equality. So thank you eBay! You’ve got a customer for life out of me!

And while you guys are here can you help me pick out a dress for my event? I’m deciding between the five dresses below and can’t choose! Help me! Luv you guys!

P.S.What does the Times Up movement mean to you? Please share your stories in the comments below. I’ll do my best to respond to every one!

P.P.S. How gorgeous is this dress? We might do a babymoon soon and I think I am going to have to buy it for that. It’s affordable and would be gorgeous for a nice dinner on a vacay!

26 Thoughts

26 thoughts on “Time Ups

  1. Thanks so much for talking about this very important subject Ali! You look wonderful and Molly is a cutie pie 🙂

    1. I want to find more easy ways for ALL of us to contribute and get involved! I know people are busy so I thought this was a great, easy and small step to support!

  2. LOVE this! I’m a big fan of supporting companies that take a stance. What size did you get in the dress? We are the same size, but I’m about 2 months behind you in pregnancy. I never would have thought about this dress for a growing belly but it looks great on you!

    1. The dress I’m wearing isn’t the EXACT dress in the photos. It’s just a similar dress for $10! I suggest sizing up from your normal size. I REALLY think that fitted dresses look SO good on pregnant women. And if you are worried about your butt, just wear a duster or jacket over it!

      1. I love the dress you’re wearing! And how awesome it’s only $10. You look beautiful. How far along are you? I’m 14 weeks with my first pregnancy and barely showing, I can’t wait to pop! My vote is the second black dress with the bell sleeves. Very classy. I’ve been a target for sexual harassment all of my adult life, and I always thought I just had to “accept” it because that was the way of the world. So glad to see change!

        1. I’m 22 weeks. I popped A LOT sooner with my second pregnancy. I was barely showing at 14 weeks. But your belly will start growing quickly!!! It’s fun and exciting to see you belly grow!

          1. I remember being SO eager for my belly to pop with my first! And by number 4 I just wanted to hide it a little longer!! 10 weeks and everybody was guessing. I guess that’s what happens when you have 4 babies in 5 1/2 years! ha ha.

            Thanks for the auction info! So nice that’s there’s a donation option!! Makes it easy to contribute 🙂

          2. That makes sense. You look flawless btw! I’m excited to start showing more! I can’t wait to kick this nasty cold though, has not been fun while being pregnant

  3. This is so awesome. Thank you for posting Ali!

    I’m so happy the Times Up and #MeToo movements are HERE… It’s about time right?! I’ve left 2 jobs as a result of sexual harassment from C-levels (“oh you’re looking hot today”) and even an HR director (“you need to lose some weight”) and honestly, I thought that was just how it was supposed to be. I was so so wrong and finally, people are aware and pushing for change.

    It’s amazing how alone you feel when something like that happens at work; no one should have to choose between their dignity and their career.

    1. I’m sorry to here that happened to you at two different jobs. That’s truly awful. Hopefully future generations of women won’t have to deal with it as much!

  4. Any one of the black dresses would be flattered to be worn by you. ✔ The Times Up movement effects so many.
    I ask myself ‘why?’ But don’t want to know….no excuse is acceptable.
    Your blog is very well said, Ali.
    Thank you!
    (& thanks for the auction lead) 😊
    Sending you a hug.

  5. Wow, was just talking to my sister yesterday, how times have changed from our youth, Yes, history may call us the Greatist Generation but likely not in so many respects, sadly sexism/racism was the norm in those days. I’m sorry, I wasn’t bought up that way, My parents are long gone but were good people. I am glad for this ME Too long overdue and I hope Molly and your future child grow in a happy free world to realize whatever they want, I won’t be around then but sincerely – best wishes!

  6. Thank you for speaking up about a very important issue. I was raped when I was 15 and we are approaching 9 years next month. No woman nor soul should have to endure the hell I did. Thank you, Ali, for expressing your voice and doing so much good for this movement!!

      1. Thank you so much, Ali! Sending you a hug back!! If I can come out and share my story to inspire others, I’m more than happy to do it!!

  7. I hope that young women do speak up and they stand up to those who are acting in bad taste but I also hope that we are not crucifying those who have not done anything more then just made a mistake in judgement. Not everything that is said or done is done to harm or cause damage to you or anyone else. We as women should be able to put a man/woman in his/her place and end it whether it is our boss or someone on a date. I as a senior woman have had a number of situations in my career had to do just that and in some cases it cost me but they were not moving forward either in the situation. Sometimes you just need to stand your ground at the time with dignity and respect and not allow anyone to disrespect you regardless of the outcome. Please know that keeping your mouth shut isn’t the answer either. Don’t wait for years to report an issue because it isn’t believable when you do that is the problem with so many today. When you are equal to those who abuse or your are a subordinate it doesn’t matter. YOU Matter, always report it to someone right away. No matter the outcome you will always win

    1. Ali. I love the off the shoulder dress and the strap dress with sleeves. You are lovely and always look so beautiful in everything.

  8. I like the Pappell dress best. I really like her dresses, but usually have to size up one size because the bodices are too narrow. If the fabric isn’t stretchy, how will any of these narrow, waisted dresses work with your sweet, growing bump? I have to admit, I didn’t read about each dress fabric, but you are always such a good judge of style and fit and I’ve never seen you in any dress that doesn’t fit you nicely!❤️

    1. I am pretty certain the fabric is stretchy with these dresses I picked out! And I always buy a back up just in case it’s not! I LOVE a fitted dress while pregnant. Most of my dresses are non-maternity and fitted. I just look for the stretch!

  9. The third dress with the bell sleeves is my favorite, although I think you would look good in any of the dresses. Cheryl

  10. Hi Ali!
    You would look gorgeous in all of those dresses but I love the off the shoulder and the one with the big bell sleeves. Congratulations on your new house & beautiful growing family! So fun following along on your journey & wishing you much happiness! 💗

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