It’s Hard to Tell What We Love More – Each Other or Denim on Denim ;)

I didn’t think it was possible for me to love my little family anymore than I did before, but man I’m falling in love with them all over again (and even more) right now! Something about being in our new home together and starting a new chapter of our lives just makes me feel more connected to my husband than ever! And makes me more present in what is going on with Molly since I’m hyper aware of how she’s reacting to the new house.

By the way, she’s absolutely loving the new house! Every little thing she discovers is an adventure for her and she couldn’t be handling everything better! Owen (our dog) on the other hand is having a little bit harder of a time. But to be honest, he’s actually way better than I thought he would be. He’s a very anxious little dog and I thought that he would be a wreck. He’s definitely anxious, but not nearly as much as I thought he would be! I know he’ll get used to it.


Since this is our first week in our home, my friend Ashley stopped by to surprise us and take some family photos to commemorate the occasion! So sweet of her! Oh, and the reason Owen isn’t in this photo is because he was at daycare at the time. But we will get some family pics with him at the house soon!

It was actually pretty chilly in Los Angeles on Monday (when we took pics) but lighting was absolutely perfect on our balcony so we HAD to take pictures out there. So I put Molly in her little Sherpa jacket and I put on a Levi’s denim jacket and scarf and we were good to go! (I let Kevin dress himself! Ha! But he pretty much wears Levi’s denim all the time anyway).

I love layering Levi’s clothes when it’s cooler outside. They just have an all American, traditional feel that I absolutely love it. It’s funny because I think last time we took family photos, I put us in Levi’s clothes too! What can I say, I’m a fan of the brand.

Real quick while I’m talking about clothes, I absolutely love the color of my denim jacket! The color is called “All Yours” and I have to say I’m pretty pumped that it’s ALL MINE! Ha! I’m corny I know. I just love it.


And my flannel boyfriend shirt is one of my absolute favorites! I love the shape of it and I also love that it was loose enough for my big belly! After the baby comes, it will be great for camouflaging the extra love all have around my midsection.

Speaking of pregnancy, yes I’m wearing non-maternity jeans. I’m sure many of you have that one pair of jeans that are just your absolute favorite but you can’t let go of. My Levi’s Mile High Super Skinny Jeans are that pair for me! They are really stretchy so they adjust to my changing body, and even though I can’t button them, I still wear them. That’s what hair ties are for! See pic below;) Ha! I’m just not ready to let go!!! I love that they are fitted all the way from the thigh to the ankle. I hate it when skinny jeans are loose around the ankle. A fitted skinny jean around the ankle looks cleanest (and most put together) in my opinion.


And yes, I am wearing denim on denim. Or some like to call it, a Canadian Tuxedo! I actually love denim on denim. What are you guys think? Do you wear it? Or is it a no go in your book? Let me know what you think in the comments below! And I can’t be the only pregnant woman using a hair tie to keep her jeans buttoned right!? Please tell me I’m not the only one! Ha! And just so you guys know, I just found out that EVERYTHING I’m wearing is 30% off from now until the 26th! Just use code 30VIP. Gotta luv that!

Anyway, I just wanted to share these super cute pics with you guys! This little family of mine will be growing very soon with the addition of our little baby! And when that time comes, I plan to do more photos in this exact same spot! Owen too! Stay tuned for that 😉



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28 thoughts on “It’s Hard to Tell What We Love More – Each Other or Denim on Denim ;)

  1. Hey-glad you got moved in alright. I’ll just bet Molly is having the time of her life, at her age life is an adventure. Owen will be there by her soon enough, though not sure how old he is, adjustments take longer with age. Best wishes to your family & many happy years there!

    1. He’s 4. Will be 5 this summer. He is doing ok. Better than I expected for sure! Molly is loving all the attention from Grammie being here. But grammie leaves tomorrow so I am a little worried that she will be sad.

  2. Hi Ali!

    Love your blog! I started reading when you were pregnant with Molly and talked about morning sickness because I had a very rough first trimester myself with my baby daughter Grey (almost 16 months now). You gave me hope that it would get better! ha.

    I used hair ties too until I found Bellabands, which allowed me to wear my favorite pants almost the whole time! If you haven’t heard of them, I definitely recommend!

    Take care!

    1. Oh cool! I will have to check them out! I just don’t want to give up my favorite jeans yet! But I’m getting huge!

  3. So cute, Ali!! I would love to see more pictures of your new house! Can we get a tour? It’s beautiful! Congrats, girl!! So happy for you, Kevin, Molly, Owen & Baby Manno!

    1. It’s a MESS right now. We are still getting settled and to be honest our furniture looks silly in this house since it way too small for the space. But I will share pics more soon!

  4. Love your outfits! Your eye makeup looks really pretty too! Can’t wait to see more pics of your new house!! 🙂

  5. I do the same hair tie trick with my jeans that are becoming too snug for me! I am 19 weeks pregnant and still am not quite ready for maternity just yet, but boy does that hair tie help to relieve some of the pressure jean buttons can create by the end of the day!! Thank you for sharing your style & new home!!

  6. I use a belly band or rubber band for my jeans when I do wear them. Mostly prefer regular leggings at this point (I’m due may 27). Maternity jeans seem to fall off since I don’t quite have a big enough belly to hold them up. Plus my regular jeans seem to fit so much better in the leg. I also hate buying maternity jeans since I live in Florida and hardly ever wear them as it is.

    1. I wear a lot of leggings now too. But I just LOVE these jeans so I am trying my hardest to wear them as long as I can!

  7. So fun! I love denim on denim on others, I just don’t feel like it works when I try! lol.

    Your mention of Owen being anxious made me feel like I should let you know about the medication we have my dog on. She’s 14 years old and lost her hearing about a year ago, since losing her hearing she became a very anxious little dog (rightfully so – she doesn’t understand). I brought it up to the vet and they put her on Zylkene. It’s all herbal/natural so I feel totally comfortable giving it to her. We started with every day, then every other day and now only give it periodically when we notice her getting jumpy (I guess she’s getting used to the world around her being quiet).. I found it made a world of difference for her. Might be worth speaking to your vet about!

    1. Thanks for the info. If his axiety seems to get worse I will look into this for sure! Thank you!

      And you can TOTALLY pull off denim on denim. Just have a layering piece that’s not denim. Like my flannel. It breaks up all the denim.

  8. Hi Ali,
    This post makes my heart so happy- you are all so adorable together!! Wish you guys the best as your family grows and you settle into your new house. Thank you for sharing these milestones with your family 🙂

    Also- never thought I could pull off denim on denim but I’m going to try it out!!

    1. Awwww thank you Clarissa. That means a lot to me. I’m happy to share my life because you guys have been so wonderfully supportive. This community on my blog has become such a huge part of my life. I look forward to responding to comment on it EVERY day!

  9. Ali, you are stunning, but I must say you look so radiant being pregnant.

    I can’t wait to see pictures of your new home. And I must say I am waiting in utter anticipation to hear whether you and Kevin are having a baby girl or baby boy! You and Kevin made a beautiful baby girl with Molly! I have followed your blog all the way, and you are the only blogger I follow.

  10. Ali, I love the denim on denim look on you and your family. I have been told it isn’t fashion appropriate . So glad trends change. So I think I will try it – any fashion rules on the denim on denim we should be aware of ? What about dark vs light colored denim ?
    Thanks for sharing your family with us . Just love following you on your blog

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