The Bachelor – What the Beeeeeep!? (Pardon my French)

This blog is titled “What the Beeeeeep?” Because I really can’t keep my feelings about Krystal to myself anymore. Some of the things she said just left me speechless. And trust me I know a lot can be bad editing on this show (I always try to give people on the show the benefit of the doubt), but I also know that there is a reason all the other girls are getting a bad vibe from her. I’ll get to Krystal in a minute, but first let’s talk about the other girls/dates.


Sienne date

I really like Seinne. She just has a cool laid-back vibe. And she’s obviously smart. We all know she went to Yale and even Arie can’t stop talking about how smart she is. But I think she’s even more than just “educated”. I say that because it seems like that’s been the main focus on her so far this season. And I think she and Arie have pretty cool vibes together. But something just seems missing to me. Maybe it’s passion? It’s almost like they’re really good friends rather than potential husband and wife.

Group Date

This date was a bit intense. I’m not even sure of the name of the girl who almost drank her own urine but I find it horrifying that someone even got that close. What if she just quickly took a swig and Arie hadn’t stopped her? I would be so embarrassed and upset if I were her if that happened. Obviously it didn’t happen, but man that was a close call

Anyway, was it just me or did it seem a little inappropriate when Arie put his arm around Krystal in the hot tub in front of all the other girls? I feel like we kept seeing the same clip over and over to make it seem like his arm was all around her longer than it actually was. But I still just thought that was inappropriate. I remember when I was the Bachelorette I made such a point to not have that sort of physical contact with a guy when I was hanging out with a group of guys. Just out of respect. Don’t get me wrong, contestants always happened to peek in on situations they shouldn’t. The producers make sure the contestants get a good sneak peek at a good make out sesh. But he was sitting right in front of all the other girls which I just don’t understand.

Kendall and Arie are soooo a-dork-able together! Right?!?! If he doesn’t pick her, can I give her a rose and ask her to be my BFF for life? I’m kind of obsessed with her. But really, at the beginning of the season I didn’t see her going very far. Now that I see how similar she and Arie are, I really think they could have something great.

And now we have to talk about Krystal. Ugh. Last week I said I was doing my best not to say negative things about her because I really believe in treating people the way you want to be treated. But she’s really digging herself a hole here. She keeps talking about how all the girls are juvenile and how she feels like she’s at sleep away camp, but really she’s the only one who I see acting in a juvenile way.

And I have to say the thing that made me the most mad is that when she talks to Arie she seemed so sincere and genuine. She said that she’s the type of person that comes from a place of love with everything she does so it hurt her to be misunderstood and judged. Yet every interview we see, she’s talking badly about the other girls and it’s coming from a place of jealousy and hate, not love. I mean really, what the F@$&!? The things I want to say about Krystal‘s behavior last night is why the shirt I’m wearing is just too perfect for today’s blog post. Because pardon my French, but I really can’t keep it to myself anymore. And I’ll end my little rant by saying that I KNOW people can get a bad edit on this show. Knowing that, I try so hard not to be quick to judge. But what Krystal is saying to Arie and what she is saying in her interviews just seem like two completely different people to me. I’m sure she’ll watch the show back and wish she handle things a bit differently.

Bekah Date

I honestly don’t think I could love Bekah more! I was a little unsure of her at the beginning of the season because she seemed a little bit like she was too prepared with some of her questions and answers and it almost seemed like acting to me. And I’m pretty certain that she’s a nanny in LA while she pursues an acting career. That’s just my guess since she’s working as a nanny in LA and absolutely stunning. I could be totally wrong though. However, the past few weeks she’s really been growing on m, and on last night’s episode I just thought she was awesome. But here’s the thing. A 14 year age difference at 22 and 36 is just way too much! Is it possible that it could all work out? Of course it is. Is it likely? Absolutely not. But I do think she’s mature for 22. She certainly has an advanced vocabulary and is very well spoken. And I like the way she thinks about and looks at life. But even a mature 22 is still young. I think I was a mature 25 when I was the Bachelorette and looking back, I was barely ready to get married. I think I could have if I had found the right one then, but I had just gotten to a point in my life where I was ready for something like that. And I don’t know, when I see them together I just feel like she looks like she could be his daughter. They just look like they have a huge age difference. Something about it makes me feel uncomfortable. If he doesn’t end up with her, I would love to see her as the Bachelorette. But in a few years! I would love if they brought her back a few years from now just like they brought Arie back this time around. I think Bekah would make an incredible Bachelorette!

And let’s talk about Arie’s reaction to finding out her age. It’s pretty obvious that he was visibly worked up about it. I feel like it was the first time we saw actual, real, raw emotion coming out of him the season. His initial reaction was shot and then in his interview with the producer we saw him really stressing about it because I think beyond his initial reaction he knew the age difference was just too much. But I absolutely loved their conversation about it. It was one of the most organic moments ever seen on the show. They have an incredible connection there’s no doubt about that.

Rose Ceremony

On so many seasons they have a rose ceremony where the cocktail party is abruptly canceled. Let me let you guys in a little something. I would’ve canceled every cocktail party on my season if I could have (except the first two). Every week I knew who I was sending home going into the rose ceremony. Those few extra moments with people at the end of the week isn’t going to change the way you feel about your connection with them. Unless something huge happens. But for the most part, you know who you’re sending home well before the cocktail party.

Last random thought. I dig Chealsea now. Episode one she came off kind of bad (could have been editing) and now she seems so cool to me. Thoughts? In fact, let’s discuss EVERYTHING! What are you thoughts on Krystal? Do you think she is making bad choices in what she says? Or do you think it’s a bad edit? What about Arie and Bekah? Anyone else love their real and raw date last night? Could they really make it as a couple? Would you watch her as the Bachelorette? Let’s discuss in the comments below!

215 Thoughts

215 thoughts on “The Bachelor – What the Beeeeeep!? (Pardon my French)

  1. Hi Ali! I look forward to reading your blog every week!! I 100% agree with you on so many things here! Since episode 1, I couldn’t stand Krystal and it appears as though next week Arie will finally see a side of Krystal that we see. I would be interested to hear from Arie now about his views on Krystal, if he’s watching the show back. Watching last night’s episode, I was so appalled by Krystal in the interviews. However, I think she was finally getting a taste of her own medicine. She has always been aggressive in getting her time with Arie and I think she didn’t like it that other women were starting to act more like how she has been! I love Seinne, I think she should be our next Bachelorette! It’s great that she’s smart, but come on, there’s more to her than her level of intelligence. I want to see more sides of Seinne! As for Bekah, they have undeniable chemistry and a connection that I don’t think many of us can form into words. But, that age difference definitely makes me uncomfortable too! I think if Arie decides to let her go because of the large age difference, it will definitely be a hard decision for him.

    1. You are sooo right! She was always saying that you have to be aggressive to get time and then when she saw the other girls doing that she called that “juvenile” and said something about them seeming desperate.

      1. The show has been waaay too predictable last couple seasons! Krystal was the last one to get a rose.. I was so hoping she wouldn’t! Her voice drives me nuts.. lame I know but WT.. bleep!!
        My front runner is the perfect age, beautiful, smart girl, Becca from MN! I’m guessing he’ll chose her! Wait and see! And yes I’m biased being from MN and having met her! She used to hang out with my daughter when they were in High School! Beautiful girl inside and out! So Team BECCA all the way and bye bye Krystal.. soon I hope! Love you Ali💕

        1. I completely agree with you!! If she doesn’t end up with Arie it would be because they aren’t a great match but so far I think she is the best girl in the house. I would love Tia or Becca (if he doesn’t end up with her) to be the Bachelorette though! I do think Bekah is just too young at this point and aboslutley think she is living in LA as a nanny to become an actress which turns me off from her a little bit.

        2. I’m from MN too and I totally am #teamBecca

          She is cute, charming and the perfect match for Arie.

          As far as Arie and Bekah, (22 yo) I believe he is just infactuated with her. It’s not love.

          I’m not a fan of Krystal either

          Sometime I think these types of personalities stay longer to create an actual drama based show.

      2. Worth noting, that Marquel is 23. I can’t say there is a huge difference between 23 and 22…..even 25 and 36 is a huge difference. What is 3 years really when it comes to Bekah and some of the others. She seems more worldly and mature than many of the older ladies!

        1. I agree! I see other girls on the show who are 23 and still think that is a large age difference. But not sure why everyone is making a fuss about Bekah? Maybe it is just part of her storyline??? Either way – I love Bekah! She is probably my favorite this season – even if she is 22! 😉

    2. Ali you are spot on! I also think and no offense to Arie but he seems too old for all of them – he is a bit boring Becca is adorable but way too young at 22 for it to work with someone like him who wants to lay low and have quiet days etc
      I really don’t understand why beautiful 25-30 year olds all would want to go this show anyway to find love or why they cry being sent home!? You barely know him. Anyway – love your posts. Good luck in the new house too!

      1. I think he’s a bit boring also. And Bekha is adorable. I was broken hearted when I found out how young she was and the age difference. He obviously will let it affect his decisions from here forward. Aly said it best, she would be great as a Bachelorette in a few years…that is if she is still single after this show !

      2. Anyone else think Bekha and Arie are like Richard Gere and Winona Ryder in that movie Autumn in New York? They resemblance is CRAZY!!! Lol google it if you haven’t seen the movie! Lol

    3. I am now convinced more than ever that the Bachelor or Bachelorett have to keep a crazy person on the show for TV ratings, although when Arie picked Krystal ( the last rose of course ), I am pretty sure I am done watching this season….
      If Arie wants to keep Krystal around with that voice and Better than everybody else attitude he may be just as crazy as Krystal.
      I would love your input on this thought Ali??

    4. Ali, you are spot on with these girls, especially Krystal and her actions while on camera vs off camera!! She’s super annoying! Becca is sweet but young and I just don’t see it long term. I absolutely have loved Becka K from day one. I thought I was going to love Arie as the Bachelor but nope…. I honestly think he still loves Emily deep down, sorry!!

    5. I thought in the beginning Chelsea was going to be the season witch. Krystal came across as a saint. I’m stunned and so disappointed by her behavior. I hope he sees through it. But she’s so different around him. If I was her mother I would be sooo disappointed and embarrassed by her. Wait till Ari watches this back. If he picks her I’m gonna die! As far as young Bekka I was thinking when he was 18 she was 4 eeewww! I think if she was 30 and he was 44 it wouldn’t matter. Too young.

    6. I agree. I think if Arie doesn’t let Bekah go shell
      Regret it and especially if she looking for an acting career. He’s ready to settle down she’s just getting started.

  2. Completely agree with you about Krystal! She drives me nuts and is just way to much drama! I tried to give her the benefit of the doubt at first but I just can’t anymore after her rude comments last night.
    I am torn about Bekah…I think it’s so obvious how much Arie likes her so I really want to root for her but a big part of me thinks that they won’t last in the real world.
    Overall I’m loving this season and am hoping that it ends happily for Arie!

    1. I feel the same way. I think Arie is sooo into her. But is she really as into him? I’m not sure she’s dorky enough for him. Dorky in a good way!

      1. I agree with ALMOST everything you said. You can’t just say a 14 year age difference is too much. I am 12 years younger than my husband and we celebrated 22 years together in December. We’ve honestly never been happier. I’m sure we had plenty of people that thought we were crazy…. but love doesn’t see age. Love your blog Ali 🙂

        1. My mom was 21 when she married my dad who was 32. They celebrated 40 years of marriage before he was taken from her. She has never remarried. He was her “one”!

        2. My grandfather was 18 years older than my grandmother! They had 8 child, 48 grandchildren and 50 years of beautiful wedded bliss. Only downside is that my grandmother is a young widow and still has so much life to live! I know she wishes she had someone.

      2. Question: Does the Bachelor or Bachelorette have ANY input into the contestants that are chosen for the show? Like, do you get to specify an age range or what activities or places to go? It just seems odd they would have someone as young as Bekah if Arie wasn’t ok with it (at least on paper). They do seem to have great chemistry and he seems genuinely smitten with her. I found myself thinking maybe her age is a positive since her biological clock isn’t ticking like crazy…🤪

        Truthfully though, I find Arie pretty boring. Yeah, yeah, he had this exciting life as a race car driver but now he just seems blah. He did really perk up on the paragliding (?) with Seinne.

        1. I had the same thought but also there are some 25 and 26 year old who are still 10 yrs younger. Which to some is also a large difference

    2. Anyone notice Krystal’s baby soft voice then she forgets to fake it and sometimes talk normal. She’s not being true to herself much less to Arie.

  3. I read spoilers that Tia is in the top four- she’s my pick for Bachelorette! She has so much personality, is funny and a “guys girl” like Raven, is beautiful, and I think the show would want to play up her friendship with Raven and have Raven make an appearance.

    1. I love Tia!! I think she is just so “cool” which is exactly how I felt about Ali, Becca Tilley, and Jojo. I totally get that same fun vibe from Tia.

  4. Hi!
    I feel like something is “off” about this whole season. Other then his connection with Bekah, I don’t see any real chemistry with him and any of the girls. Ever thing seems forced, and half the time Ari seems like he’s zoning out of conversations (except when kissing)! Bekah’s date seemed to be the only time he has come “alive.”
    I recall liking him on Emily’s season, but he’s kind of boring me to tears this time around.

    1. I feel the exact same way. He seems to not really be genuine. His emotion with Bekah was the only time I didn’t feel like her was acting. I really didn’t mind that they chose a old bachelor but I just wonder if his intentions are real or if it is for sponsorship.

    2. I also feel the same. There just seems like a total disconnect between Arie and the girls. I am uncomfortable watching the show. As for Bekah, you can see that he is into her – but is it because he is following his same pattern since Emily’s season? He said last night that he has dated people in the last few years that he knew were not ready for marriage. Maybe he still isn’t sure. I just can’t get engaged in this season with Arie. Not enjoying the show.

    3. Yes agreed! I don’t feel like much communicating goes on between him and the girls. Which could be why I don’t feel like I know many of the girls very well. He seems to kiss them instead of having to talk to them. A very dry and boring season which I’m sad about.

      1. I agree the beginning of the season felt like that, but last night I thought he had some thoughtful conversations about what he’s looking for, both with Sienne and Bekah, therefore I think he’s getting past his initial kiss-lock & stating to make sure theirs compatibility beyond the physical.

    4. Maybe it’s because Bekah is the only one he’s really interested in…
      I think just because you have 25 women before you doesn’t mean every single one of them is your future wife LOL. I think Bekah with short hair and Becca with the long hair are his two he is torn between, honestly.

      1. I agree! As much as I’m loving this season and several of the women, Bekah has been his only real conversation. I can’t tellwhere this season is headed!

  5. I didn’t like Bekah’s response when Arie brought up a very genuine, “I feel like I’ll be completely let down if this doesn’t work out” type of moment. She said, “Would it be worth it?” which just seemed like my attitude in college, when I was very young and not ready for marriage. I totally had that flirty vibe where you want their reaction and want them to want you. I feel like she just wants Arie to want her. She’s way too young for a 36 year old man. I also think in a few years she would make a great bachelorette once she has time to live her OWN life for a bit! Agreed with every point you made in this whole post!!

    1. I didn’t see your comment before I posted mine, but it’s nice to hear someone else have the same opinion of Bekah as I do! I think she has a bit of an attitude too and doesn’t take this as serious as Arie does. But that’s what you can get with a 22 year old! You can definitely fall in love and get married young (my husband was 23 and I was 24), but we were in the same place in life. I couldn’t imagine marrying someone 14 years my senior at that age.

      1. EXACTLY! Also, I hate to think this way but it almost seems like Arie kind of likes the “thrill” of having someone 14 years younger. Like he obviously sees physical chemistry there, but I personally don’t see any chemistry between them on a deeper level – at least not any genuine chemistry. She seems fake to me like she’s doing it all for the show! 🙁

        1. I think there’s always the chance Beulah just wants to be on tv. I mean come on it is a lot of exposure and many of the bachelor
          Family have gone on to do bigger & better things. Just sayin

    2. Agree 100%, that’s her true answer. She’s NOT ready to get married. She’s in it for a Love affair.
      When your looking to get married seriously you don’t waste time with “would it be worth it”

    3. I honestly just keep thinking that whoever he ends up with can’t be thrilled to see this. It just seems like he’s keeping her around even though he KNOWS it won’t work because this is his last chance to date someone like her (assuming he really does want to get engaged/married through this – which I believe he does). Like, can you imagine being his fiance and seeing this? Obviously it’s kind of what you signed up for, but not with someone that he basically admitted to not seeing a future with but keeping it around. Anyway, I get on a basic level why they had this interaction and why he ultimately decided to keep her in that moment, but I think it’s not the best long-term thinking and planning on his end. I feel like they may have a pretty intense Rachel/Peter type break up in the future.

    4. Yes!! She’s the only woman that doesnt seem to be insecure at all about whether he wants her or not. She’s just very “I’m sexy, and I know men want to chase me!” They don’t know anything about each other, and when they are together it’s just coy flirting and extremely sexual make out sessions. (On last week’s episode, she was straddling him while they hardcore made out). This is horrible to say, but I think he’ll keep her until the fantasy suite dates just to sleep with her since their entire relationship is just based on sexual chemistry at this point IMO.

  6. I haven’t been a fan of Krystal since the beginning, but like you said, some people just get bad editing to fit the role the producers want… someone HAS to be the villain. However, last night really solidified that she is just not nice! Then that last ditch attempt at the rose ceremony? I wish Arie would have said no, we can’t talk now. Even though his mind was already made up, that was so unfair to the other girls.

    Bekah – I think I am struggling to connect with her because even though they have very strong chemistry, I can’t get over the age gap. Like you said, he LOOKS so much older than her. It’s always been a little weird to me. My personal opinion, while trying to be kind myself, she comes off a little bratty to me. It’s like she knows she’s cute and that he likes her and she knows she has some control. Again, thatcould be due to her age. All that to say, she’s young and fun, but probably won’t end up being the girl to settle down with Arie.

    1. Kimmy, I totally agree with you. I thought I was the only one who thought she was a little bratty. She seems to be deliberately trying to cultivate a femme fatale persona – like when she asked him, “Do you know why you like me? It’s because I’m dangerous.” Eye roll!

      1. So agree with your comments on Bekah! I laughed when Arie states “she challenges me”…, he liked her because she is “dangerous”…..a dangerous nanny!!?? She is saying & doing sexy acts as she is 22 and he is 36yrs…of course he would get turned on!! None of the other woman are playing these games, as they are not young like her. 22 is crazy young, compared to 25….just is. Plus she can say whatever she wants, as she did not come on the show to get married to him! She is on the show for exposure. plain. and. simple. For sure wanting to break into acting or modelling! I feel for the person Arie eventually does pick, as watching this episode will be a bad thing to get over!!!

    2. Kimmy, I completely agree with you. Arie should not have disrespected the other women at the rose ceremony and agreed to talk to Krystal. Not fair to everyone. I can see why he did it, he had no idea what she needed to talk about.

      Bekah and Arie have chemistry no doubt about it. But they are not in the same place in life regardless of age. I think if he had more time to think about it she would not have gotten a rose.

      Chelsea surprised me this episode. I was not a big fan in the beginning but as she gets more comfortable her true personality is coming through. I loved the conversation at the end about glam shaming. One thing I will say is don’t spend your time talking about the other girls with Arie. Time is precious to us all.

      I have to end with a comment on Tia. I can really see Tia being a good fit for Arie. She seem like an all around awesome person.

  7. I am not a fan of Krystal just the way she talks down to the girls. One of the things about the show is how much the girls get to bond. You can already see that friendships have formed. I think it’s so rude and disrespectful the way she talks down to the women. She has put herself on a super high pedestal and EW, just EW. I am almost embarrassed watching her scenes because she looks so ridiculous. I know the show thrives on drama so I’m sure she’s going to be around for a long time. (insert eye roll!)
    PS…I love Seinne!!! Not so much for this show, but I would love to watch her as a Bachelorette.

      1. How can someone like Krystal be a candidate for a bachelor like Arie, but someone like me (mature, good job, knows what I want, basically has my sh*t together) can’t find a decent man? 😂 🙁

  8. Did anyone else notice that Arie didn’t seem to be upset AT ALL about Maquel leaving? I bet he was planning on sending her home anyway. They made her exit so vague. I fully understand why she needed to leave but I was expecting Arie to say something about hoping she would come back, or really anything more than what was said/shown.

    I also found Krystals rose ceremony conversation with Arie to be very annoying and unattractive. She was basically begging for him to keep her there. It would have been a red flag to me because she’s so insecure about their connection and if there was something real between them, she wouldn’t have felt the need to do that.

    I enjoy Bekah as well, but I think Arie knows at this point that he won’t end up choosing her because he’s obviously torn about the age difference. I think it’s unfair of him to keep her any longer and string her along when he isn’t but confident she’s ready to get married and he is. I do think he is keeping her though because he has a lot of fun with her and their connection is real.

    I wish they would show more of Jacqueline, Ashley and Jenna! Every rose ceremony, I keep assuming that’s who is he sending Home because I haven’t seen them at all and he keeps all 3! I’d love to know why!

    My top votes are Tia, Becca and Kendall! Love them!

    Love reading your blog! Thanks for the insight!

    1. I agree about not seeing enough of the other girls that he continues to keep and those are my top the picks too! I hate to say this, but this is one of the more boring Bachelor seasons I’ve seen in awhile.

  9. Love your recaps and little “inside info”! I LOVE Bekah…that was definitely the most “real” convo I’ve ever seen on this show. I know it’s gotta be weird with cameras all around but she just doesn’t seem to care and I find her refreshing! Arie is still a bore….zzzzzzzzz

  10. I love Chelsea too!! Did you see the outtake at the end of the credits?! WTF Mariyk?! Calling Chelsea “anti-glam” hahahaha hahahaha 😂😂😂😂😂😂 I think Krystal is a very arrogant person. In almost every interview she mentions how she is so far above all the other girls and how she is on a different level. UGHHHHH.

    1. This was my favourite part of the episode! I laughed so hard! Chelsea handled it well when she put it on the record that she was, “pro-glam” haha!!

  11. I am so glad you brought up the age issue. I got married young and while I don’t regret getting married I feel like I have changed a lot as a person. There is so much growth (more mentally than physically) happening in your twenties and I think it’s difficult to grow and figure out your life with someone who has already done it. I really hoped Arie would make the decision to let her go because he is 36 he has experienced what i am talking about. He should know better in my opinion. I think Kendall and him seem good together but I feel there is very limited sincerity from him. He doesn’t seem genuine, to me he seems a bit fake and at some points a little creepy and inappropriate. Anyways, thank you for sharing your thoughts!

    1. I understand why everyone might be skeptical about Arie and Bekah, but I got married when I was 19 to my husband (he was 33). Present day, I’m 39 and he’s 53 and we’re STILL TOGETHER and HAPPY! So relax… sometimes age differences work and sometimes they don’t. But you can’t determine that by their ages, only by their love and commitment.

      1. I ‘m right there with you Cynthia… The age thing and people freaking out about it makes me frustrated. My husband is in his 50’s and I’m 30… I don’t think that makes me a bad person nor does it make him a bad person.. but so many people can’t see beyond the “age” Age is a number… If you genuinely love someone then you can see past that…

        1. It has nothing to do with Age, it’s just a logical, practical easy excuse. They are in completely different stages in life. He wants to go to bed at 9 and get up at 6 and smell the roses. Were as she wants to go rock climbing, party and live free. And has no intentions of settling down

      2. I agree. My husband & I have a little bigger age difference than they do, I am older and it works because he is an old soul. When we tell people we have an age difference, they usually ask, “who’s older”. We dated for 4 years and have been married for almost 6 so together for almost 10. It’s so much more than age. 🙂

  12. You didn’t meantion how you felt about Krystal interrupting the rose ceremony to talk to Arie. I thought that was so rude and selfish! She definitely isn’t doing herself any favors. I think Arie is starting to see how desperate she’s acting also!
    Even though they didn’t show much of her last night, Becca (his one on one 2 weeks ago) is my number one pick for Arie right now! 🌹

  13. I’m curious as to why you didn’t mention Tia at all? She was given the group date rose even after Krystal mentioned her negetivly to him, I thought that showed a lot about how he feels about Tia AND Krystal…

  14. Hi, Bekah and Arie together makes me cringe. and AFTER he found out her age, he still kissed her. I get that there is a passion there but come on!! She is just passed drinking age. It’s gross! Krystal drives me over the edge, her voice when she talks to Arie is over the top.
    I absolutely loved Caroline. I would’ve loved to see more of her. She would make a great bachelorette. Or Sienne (beautiful and intelligent…a full package).

    1. Totally agree with you! Every time he is kissing Bekah, I want him to stop because she is a CHILD compared to him. Ugh.
      Also, I want to mute my TV when Krystal is talking. Can’t stand it anymore.

  15. I think Krystal is on he show to promote herself and her online fitness business. She wasn’t doing that great before the show aired but now she has more finstagram followers and I really think that is her #1 reason to be on the show (I’m sure it’s is other women’s as well, it seems like these days everyone can quit their jobs after being a contestant and just get sponsors!) I also think she’s had a rough upbringing and just hasn’t learned yet how to appropriately function in hard situations.

    As for Bekah, I LOVE her. Not for Arie, but as a person. She’s so herself and not afraid to say things most people would never say on the show (“Then why don’t you dump me and pick someone who isn’t safe?” Women don’t normally ever talk this way.) And you could see tears in her eyes toward the end of the conversation. I agree, so refreshing to on see a very raw and real conversation. That lady is going places, I just don’t think it will be with Arie.

  16. This season is honestly a little weird/ awkward in my opinion. I have no real words for Krystal, other than she seems FAKE! I loved Caroline and so wish she hadn’t of went home. I believe he and Bekah are too far apart. Don’t get me wrong,I got married early but I wasn’t on National television looking for love either.

  17. I agree with you, I think we finally saw Arie’s raw emotions when he and Bekah were talking about her age – it was a relief! Something about this season has felt rather “off” to me and I think it’s because we haven’t been able to connect with Arie because he’s been closed off? Maybe after this week he will show his emotions more and be more relate-able – I hope so!

    I really hope Krystal will go home soon… it makes me wonder how Arie hasn’t seen through her yet? I agree with you – it was awkward that he had his arm around her in the hot tub!

  18. I like Sienne, but agree not alot of chemistry. I feel like he does alot of big group dates, which I think is harder for the girls, cuz then they really feel more competitive with one another. I agree with you that he shouldn’t of had his arm around Krystal in the pool, but I did like how the other girls were putting their arms around each other to point that out to him. I can’t stand Krystal, she’s not nice to the other girls and I can’t stand how she uses a different voice when she talks to him, then when she gives her interviews. I like Bekah, but I do think she’s to young. I think there’s nothing wrong with an age difference if both people are say 30 and over, cuz by that point you both know what you want in life. I feel like people change so much in their 20’s, especially in the early 20’s you are trying to figure out who you are and,what you want out of life and he knows what he wants and is settled in life and career. She even shared she had the same concerns he had. I think he knew he should’ve sent her home, but really likes the physical chemistry with her. Overall, I think this is the most boring season ever.

  19. Krystal drives me nuts with everything she says. It looks like the girls might fill Arie in on her next week—Can’t wait! As for Bekah, he was totally taken back by her age and almost seemed uncomfortable. I get that he is/was into her before knowing her age, and I think he only keep her because he doesn’t want her to think age is an issue. I think she’ll be sent home soon. I mean if it were me I would just think about what I was like at that age. I totally would watch her as the bachelorette—in a couple years when she’s maybe mid 20’s.

  20. No one has said anything about the age of some of the other girls. I can’t remember which is which as far as age goes but at least one of them is 23 and another is 25. I’m sure there is extensive questioning about what the Bachelor/Bachelorette is looking for before choices are made as to who makes it on the show so maybe age wasn’t one of his concerns. My husband and I have liked Becca and Bekah from the beginning.

    1. Hey everyone—- what’s your take on the one whose a Mom? I think she’s toned it down but I don’t see much chemistry. I don’t think he would keep her away from her child but —- she’s still here. Your thoughts?

  21. Ughhh yeah Krystal is the worst! Bad vibes from her since the beginning. The way she treats everyone and carries herself…she is just a super rude person who thinks waaaay more highly of herself than she should. I like bekah and I think arie would choose her in the end if she was more his age and they were at the same stage in life. Love her personality and the way she carries herself. Very genuine and just puts herself out there—this is me- take it or leave it kinda thing. But at the end of the day—She’s too young for him and 22 and 36 are 2 tooootally different stages of life. Would love to see her as a bachelorette in a few years-love her personality! I have come to like Chelsea and the taxidermy girl more and more as well! Becca from Minnesota is still my favorite.

  22. I’m feeling exactly the same way! I was on the fence with Krystal. I was trying to give her the benefit of the doubt but she flat out lost me last night. I’m honestly questioning why she’s even there. It seems like after the very first date she was hooked and he was hers and that was it. She knew she had it won. We’ve seen this a few times in the past but Krystal is on another level. She talks constantly about the other girls being insecure when it’s her that’s insecure all along.

    I LOVE Bekah!! I wasn’t a huge fan at first because I thought she was just there to further a modeling career but she’s honestly great! I love her personality and she’s honest and real (or so it seems) and they are really cute together. Do I think they will end up together? Honestly, no. The age gap is too large in my opinion.

    I hated Chelsea at first but she’s growing on me. Jury is still out but I’m beginning to really like her.

    All in all I don’t really have a favorite yet but we’ll see….

  23. I feel like they should give Krystal the #flawless and it should appear on the screen instead of her info from now on!

  24. Personally, I don’t really like Bekah for Arie. She is very charismatic and well-spoken, but I feel that she isn’t really looking for long-term. It seems more like she is using the show to put herself on the map in the entertainment industry. I could be totally wrong, though. Her answer to Arie last name about being ready for marriage seemed like a dodge… she didn’t say yes, she said she couldn’t really know because she has been never in the right time with the right person… Arie has said earlier in the show (I believe it was earlier) after talking about his little brother getting married, that when you know you know. I don’t know, seems if Arie believes that then Bekah’s answer would not give any reassurance and that would be a red flag for me. Hello, Peter repeat?

  25. I have to say the Krystal is really getting to me, the way she talks to Arie is so crazy. It is like she changes her tone of voice and becomes this scared person who talks all soft and what not. I think she need to go because she really doesn’t seem to be here for him.

    As for as Bekah 22 is very young and even though they have a great connection, you can tell when Arie found out he was really unsure of what to do. I felt let his whole image of her and their life together crumbled right in front of him. I think Bekah is a great person but just a little to young for him.

    Chealsea at first bugged me a lot but as you said that could have been editing. But I have to say now she is one of my favorites along with Tia. I think Tia (like Raven) has a great personality.

  26. Oh my goodness! Krystal was driving my boyfriend and I up the wall! She is definitely a different person with Arie and when she is talking with the girls as well as doing the interviews. I understand that you are not there to make friends with the other girls, but you need to be respectful of the other girls. She is not being truthful and I think more juvinile than Bekah who is much younger.
    I know that 14 years is a distance in age, but the way she is, she doesn’t seem that young and seems like she could be ready for the long haul. I know my boyfriend and I are 13 years apart and we compliment each other soo well. We started out as friends over 10 years ago and started dated a little over 3 years. I know it’s not like that on the bachelor, but if it feels right, then go for it! Life is too short 🙂

  27. Ali, you took the words right out of my mouth. I found myself absolutely adoring Chelsea after last nights episode. I think the reason she came off strong the first night, as we now know, is because she is a mother. She needed to know right off the bat if there was a connection, otherwise, she needed to get home to her kiddo if there wasn’t one. Krystal seems like she may have some deep issues that she may need to work on and hopefully after seeing herself she can self reflect and understand how she is behaving is not kind.

  28. Love this season. They are pushing Krystal hard right now with the edits, however, she has lots of insecurities….this season reminds of Sean’s season where we didn’t see him and Catherine’s chemistry, I feel we’re not really seeing who he’s into too, besides Bekah. There’s someone else there…

  29. On the Bekah thing: my mom met my dad at 18, he was 32 and they got married 4 years later. It takes a mature person/old soul to take on a serious relationship like that. I think the hard thing for Bekah to graspe is going to be engaged at the end of this after only knowing him such a short time. I really do like her though and see the potential! I don’t think Arie should be so up in arms about it potentially not working out in the end because from the shows history, not every relationship works out. Nothing is a guarantee.

    1. yeah, it is nice to see someone finally agreeing with my thoughts that they should keep on going and not worry about the age difference. LOVE them together! I was under the impression that the bachelor/ bachelorette gave producers the ages they would get serious about. Guess I was wrong

  30. I have to disagree when you use the term “love” for bekah. I truly feel that she is to young and immature for a real commitment. I don’t trust her one bit because her confidence comes across as cocky and like she’s better than the other girls there. With Krystal, yes her motives and actions aren’t genuine, but I did few uncomfortable for her when Caroline and tia were “joking” around in front of her and Arie. That showed jealously and immaturity too. None of these girls have class and I’m so disappointed with this season.

  31. Couldn’t agree with you more!! Becca and Bekha are my front runners and only because of the age difference I think Bekah will be the one accepting the final rose.

  32. Oh my gosh, let’s talk about the butthead move Krystal pulled during the rose ceremony. I think one of the other girls said it, Arie made it very clear his mind was made up. She is super insecure. He will see it soon enough. As far as Bekah. I do like her, but at 36 and 22 even if she is ready, it won’t last after if he chooses her in the end. My top three: Becca K, Lauren and a tie between Bekah M and Chelsea.

  33. Hi Ali! I love your blog, I’m on it daily … except sometimes if I have the bachelor recorded and have to watch it later in the week I have to force myself to not go snooping around your page lol can’t have a spoiler! (LOL) anyway, I puke this agree more with your stance on Krystal! Which makes me sad because she was my front runner the first night! She was so spunky and fun, but now she’s just bitter with jealousy and it’s frankly ugly on her, unfortunately! I also luv LUV luv Bekah! Yes, 22 is young! I’m 22 and in no way could I ever imagine being on the bachelor and SO invested as she is. I’m comparison to myself, she is much more mature than me and I can see exactly why her and Aurie are hitting it off! I’m a bit on the fense though about why she waited so long to tell him her age. The other girls in the house were comparing hiding her age to hiding being a mom, which I disagree with – in no way are those two things comparable! On one hand, I think Bekah was right to not disclose her age right off the bat, in fear that he and everyone would only see her through her age! I found myself doing that right after she told him! She looked so much younger to me and her smile looked so youthful! It was bizarre that knowing her age already made me see her as an equal to me, whereas before I felt she was so much older than me! And on the other hand I think Aurie would have been less shocked and thrown off if the conversation occurred before there was such an emotional tie … but then again, if she had done that, would there be an emotional tie? Ugh this show makes me crazy sometimes! I can see how the girls in the mansion get so worked up, too! Thanks again Ali! Look forward to reading more! 😘 xo

  34. Krystal has talked about her bad home life growing up. I think she is very insecure and has no confidence. She comes off badly, but I feel sorry for her and I hope she can handle the backlash she will get emotionally.

  35. Love these blogs! I really don’t think it is far to say that people aren’t ready for marriage at 22. It is more of what you want out of life and there isn’t a golden age for when someone is ready for marriage. Although, I really don’t see Arie and Bekah together because I feel like Arie’s personality and hers don’t match. But people really shouldn’t discredit her because of her age. Marriage is about a commitment not a formula. I might be biased because I’m headed into my 4 year of marriage and am only 22! I feel like they put her on the show to just ruffle feathers.

  36. Why, oh why did they give a 36 year old man a group of girls with an average age of 24?? Did he ask for this? Because otherwise ABC is just setting him up for failure. Is it due to Hollywood’s prejudice against “older” women, because above 30 is not “older.” Is it because there are fewer above 30 women that apply?” I’m so frustrated that they are so young for him. At least give him a chance of finding someone in his same stage of life. Most of the time, he looks tired and talks about cardigans and going to bed early, while the women are like little puppies with endless amounts of energy.

    1. Every contestant who was 30 or older has been dismissed from the show. Maybe there was a not a huge pool of 30+ women looking to apply?

  37. First time reading your blog and I couldn’t agree more with everything you said. I’m so over Krystal. I was 22 and my now husband 36 when we met so I feel like a hypocrite saying how awkward it seemed last night watching them. But it was, i was texting my friends saying it almost seemed creepy. We dated for 5+ years before getting engaged, then another 2 to marry, and 3 years after that our first and only daughter. I had so many people tell me it wouldn’t work and it’s definitely difficult at times, especially when you’re only thinking in the moment. I wouldn’t obviously change anything cuz I have my daughter who is my world, but I definitely had blinders on at the beginning and not thinking what the age difference might look like down the road. And I’m guessing they haven’t thought about that yet either. I expect her to make it to hometowns and I’ll be curious how that goes over with her family

    Thanks for such a great blog!

  38. I couldn’t agree more with wanting to be BFF’s with Kendall! It’s rare to find someone with her level of quirkiness who is still really down-to-earth and is completely socially adept, but she has such a perfect balance. Also…anyone else think she looks like a hot version of Luna Lovegood from Harry Potter? Oops sorry…my dork is showing! Lol!

    I wanted so badly to like Krystal from her intro package, but she’s definitely making it difficult each week. I actually don’t mind her natural, husky voice one bit, but it’s totally in the way that she utilizes it when she’s trying to charm/whine to Arie that makes be believe she’s inauthentic.

    On a side note, I adore following your sweet life here and on social media, Ali! I’ve enjoyed your personality since Jake’s season (you definitely side-stepped a land mine there!) and continue loving what you stand for now as a grown-ass woman, wife, and momma! Thanks for being so open to sharing your journey with us who follow you, and I’m so excited for you guys moving into the new #MannoPad!

  39. I can’t take anymore of Krystal’s pouting face and whining voice!!! In all seriousness, she doesn’t need a husband. She’s needs a counselor. She’s looking for a man to give her self-worth instead of finding it within herself.

    As for Bekah, I don’t see the passion there that many are mentioning. My friend’s brother is 8 years older than she is. So, when she and I were in elementary school, her brother was in high school. He liked spending time with her because it was sort of an escape…he got to be a kid again. And who doesn’t, at one time or another, wish they could go back to being a kid. Whenever I see Bekah and Arie together, I’m reminded of the camaraderie between my friend and her brother. So, understandably, I feel a bit ill every time I see Bekah and Arie kiss. Ick!

  40. Oh my goodness. So much to comment on! I’ve been watching this show from the very beginning and it always drives me nuts when the editing showcases only ONE contestant for most of an episode. I get so tired of seeing that person. And when we get to the rose ceremony I’m like who’s that? And who’s that? To the contestants they forgot to show us! Anyway I think that’s what happened to Krystal but I also think she talks too much.

    And Bekah is DEFINITELY too young for Arie. She shouldn’t end up with him let alone anyone at her age. She has so much growing up and learning to do that being married to him (or anyone) would keep her from reaching her full potential. Heck I got married at 33 and still don’t think I’ve reached my full potential! Hah. I just think she will end up getting bored with him and want more of a life.

    Must get the Pardon my French shirt. That’s so me.

  41. My husband and I are 13 years apart. When we met, I was 21 and he was 34. He thought I was older, I thought he was younger. HA. However, I grew up with 2 older brothers, 12 & 14 years older than me, so I have always been around older people in my family and well as surrounded by cousins who are all that much older than me as well. I have always been mature for my age and I think Bekah is the same way. Yes, when I was 21 it sounded so young to be dating a 34 year old, but honestly age is just a number. If they truly both was the same thing, i.e. marriage after this (which is the only thing that I’m not sure Bekah really knows yet) I think he shouldn’t let the age bother him. Of course time will tell how this all plays out, but I do think they probably have the strongest connection and relationship so far and I could tell he wasn’t ready to let that go and that says something too.

  42. First impression of Chelsea was not good. But I think that was her way of being “remembered.” I like how she has taken a step back and let the other girls just fight it out. She very mom-like but that’s a given. I think she would be a good solid, dependable choice for Arie.

  43. I love Bekha. They seem to have a real connection and I love her spirit. Ari doesn’t need to be boring at 36…wow. My mom was 23 and my dad was 35 when they married…they were married for 50 years. If it’s real, it’s real. You only live once. Why pass up on something that could be beautiful just because of age. They are both consenting adults.

  44. This whole season is a little boring, and Arie doesn’t seem to be really connected other than a LOT of smooching! He doesn’t seem to know WHAT he wants, and seems to be drawn to the girls who look like Emily (sorry) Becca is adorable, and seems much more mature than her 22 years, but I STILL like the first date Becca, and she’s still there, sorry can’t remember their initials. So let’s get on with it already. Krystle has GOT TO GO!!!! I don’t think I could even be civil to her, she is just ridiculous, and I think the reason the producers are featuring her so much is this season is just boring…..I might just have to be done and go read Reality Steve to find out what happens.

  45. I love the idea of bringing Bekah the nanny back in a few years as the Bachelorette. I was so sad that Arie sent Caroline home 🙁 I know there wasn’t much of a connection, but I really like her. I can picture her as the next Bachelorette too and if Sienne doesn’t make it all the way in this season she would be a great candidate too! What do you think Ali? Also, I really hope Krystal gets eliminated soon, I don’t understand how Arie doesn’t see how manipulative and fake she is. I totally agree with you about Arie putting his arm around Krystal in front of the other girls in the hot tub, it was SO inappropriate.

  46. I feel like the editing on this season is strange. We know so little about Arie and his connections with the women because all that is shown seems to be when they kiss. I feel like we have also seen so few conversations, but have seen way more drama instead. I understand most of this is for rating, but this season especially seems hard to get into which is disappointing. I love this group of girls and wish we saw more of their time with Arie.

    I personally would love to see Tia or Sienne as the next bachelorette. I also love your comments about how dorky Arie is because I completely agree! A good dorky- but dorky nonetheless.

    As far as Krystal- there is no coming back from saying you are flawless- editing or not she had to say it at some point..

  47. So many of those girls are too young for him! (In my opinion). I agree that there’s nothing wrong with getting married young if you feel that you are ready for it. BUT I can imagine that it would be very different if there was a large age gap between you and your partner since you would be at very different stages of life! Like a 40 year old and a 53 year old is one thing, but a 23 year old and a 36 year old is very different, in my opinion. I am 23 and there is no way I could date a 36 year old at this point in my life!!! We would just be way too different, even if we did have a good connection.

    I guess what I am trying to say is that I think it is so frustrating that the producers keep doing this on the Bachelor. Why do they cast such young twenty-somethings when many of the bachelor are 35 or 36 years old (Arie, Nick, Brad)? It is easy to fall in love on a TV show but they are so obviously just trying to make good TV rather than trying to set up the lead and his pick to actually have a successful relationship in the real world. Which I think is sad.

  48. I really don’t understand why everyone is making a huge deal about her age. People get married young all the time. If you know you know. You can live to be 36 (like Arie) and never find “the one” and then you meet people who are 25-26 been married for 3+ years already. They obviously have a connection together and I think her age should be dismissed and he should go off of his feelings for her. Arie kept saying that he could go all the way to the end with her and then her not be ready, but the same goes for her. She can go all the way to the end and he choose someone else. In love it can end in heartbreak regardless of age. I think if he puts too much thought into the age difference he could lose someone who he actually has potential with. They are seriously so cute together.
    Also umm Crystal needs to go ASAP! I try and remember editing, but her fake voice and being a cry baby to Arie about the girl “making fun of her” was a little childish.

    1. If it doesn’t bother Bekah it should not bother anyone else. She actually seems more mature than some of the other females on the show. She might actually be ready to marry after listening to her talk about the people in her life.

      Did Krystal say she was “flawless”?

  49. Oh girl, watching Bekah with Arie just give me the creeps. Arie and I are the same age and being 22 feels like a lifetime ago.the fact is when we were 22 she was 8😳. My nephew is 22. At my wedding he was in elementary school! Her maturity has nothing to do with it, the fact is there is just not the same amount of life experience…. I think she is just caught up in the experience. She is bright and spunky and super interesting…. but Arie is way too old for her and in my opinion not nearly interesting enough for her. Were it not for him being the lead on this show there is no way she would have dated him. I don’t understand why they do not have any women Arie’s actual age…. his preference for younger girls makes me question his maturity and character. I don’t think he actually knows what he wants and I think a lot of these girls have more to offer than he does and they just can’t see it yet.

  50. I never liked Krystal from the beginning. I knew she was fake and she’s going to be famous for it but that’s how it is.

    Bekah is waaaaay to young and frankly I think too young to even come on this show especially when Arie is 36 years old. Do you think it was smart of the show to let her on? I also don’t like how she kept her age from him. I mean even she knew she was too young. Her fashion sense is also a little odd but I think that’ just me. I agree with you that he could definitely be her dad and that right there should turn him off. You could see how bothered he was by it and I think keeping her was a mistake.

    I was also really sad when Caroline left. She seemed real and normal and I think he would definitely vibe more with her than Krystal Bekah or Marik (or however you spell her name). Speaking of her, I was dying at the credits, when she got so offended and Chelsea was like uhh okay? haha

    Finally my favorite is definitely Becca! (spelled the right way :)) and I also like Sienne, Tia, and Jenna!

    Thanks for such a great blog! Love you Ali!

  51. Oh my goodness!! I can’t stand Krystal. Not. At. All. I’ve tried to like her but she’s SO annoying. ‘Eye roll’

    Now about Beckah…..she’s far too young for Arie. 22 and 36 is HUGE!! He’s mature, has lived life, knows what he wants etc. she’s still a child who’s barely legal! Lol. I can’t. I hope he sends her home.

  52. Oh I so love Kendall too she’s such a fun personality and gorgeous on top of it. I could totally see Bekah and Arie together they have total chemistry and good communication but she is too young. If she was only like 26 I would be all on board for this relationship.

  53. A few comments
    1. I told my husband last night that the Producers shifted their focus off Chelsea and onto Krystal for editing and creating the drama…seems we are seeing a completely different Chelsea then they showed during Episode One. She seems sweet, but she is not Arie’s girl.
    2. Krystal Krystal Krystal – watching her makes me Cringe! I 100% agree that she puts on this sweet, victim, pouting school girls act with Arie, and then is such a bitch to the girls (Pardon my french). I did not think the other girls in the hottub playing games with her or taunting her as she indicated. Maybe that was not shown in the edit, but I think they were just making the best of the awkward situation with Arie’s arm around Krystal since they were like the third wheel.
    3. Bekah with the short hair! She was my favorite (and my hubby’s) from the first time we saw her personal video clip about herself. She is feisty, wise, comes off pretty mature for 22 “an old soul”. However, they spirited feisty sassy personality she has, makes me think she would get bored with Arie very quickly. She is still seeking the thrill and adventure in life, and she would really have to sacrifice that for her love. I do like she doesn’t throw herself at him….she doesn’t talk to the other girls about being their for Arie’s heart, etc. She definitely seems like she is “along for the ride” just for the kicks of it. Do I mean she isn’t genuine? No, but she when questioned about her goals, she never gives affirmation “yes! I am ready to get married and pop out babies” she says, I am ready to see what this adventure might look like. Bekah for Bachelor in Paradise! Keep her as a franchise staple, let her play the games and have fun! She brings spunk to the screen!
    4. Arie – really? the most boring bachelor! This week was not as bad as last week…but his conversations really lack depth with the girls. He is always just standing around not doing much but observing in group dates. I want to see him really push not only the girls, but himself, into some adventures. Instead, the producers are really playing up his age…he is 36, he is past that wild side, he is boring with his early to bed, up with the sun, cardigan wearing self! DUDE wake up 36 isn’t OLD! LIVE A LITTLE!!! Lighten up!

    1. Yes, I don’t know what it is but I feel like Arie is NEVER talking to the girls. I think that’s why the Lauren from last week was so babbling and didn’t feel like she was acting like herself (she was filling the silence), and I feel like that’s part of why it doesn’t feel like he has any chemistry with Seinne — because she had to ask him SO many questions to keep the conversation going. He almost never asks the girls questions that we see. The people he has connections with are the people he just spends the whole time kissing. Which, if that’s what he wants to do, fine, but… he’s not really setting himself up for success in marriage by not actually getting to know these girls.

  54. Ali,

    I completely agree with you about everything! Krystal is too much, and despite editing, I think she is acting way too inconsistent between Arie and the girls. That being said, I definitely think she will last a little bit longer. First, because did you see him staring her down when they were talking?! It looked like he wanted to jump her. Secondly, I think they have to keep her around for the drama! There’s always one person that can guarantee drama and friction, and this season, it’s Krystal!

    As for Bekah… I absolutely love her. Not only is she stunning, but she’s smart, well-spoken, asks Arie questions, and isn’t afraid to call him out. Nobody else does that. While I think they have great chemistry emotionally and physically, I think you’re right – the age difference is real. It makes me sad, but I do think it would affect them. If not now, eventually.

  55. I love to read your blog Ali.

    I must agree on everything you say. I think Arie and Bekah’s conversation was absolutely real and mature. (Very unlike Bachelor /Bachelorette stuff that usely gets aired). But with that said I can not see them end up together.

    I honestley prefer the older Bachelor/Bachelorettes. I think they are maybe more invested to really find someone and make it last.

    With that said I love your Instagram page Ali. Molly is SO sweet. Oh my gosh!!

    Lots of blessings from Cape Town, South Africa.

  56. I am totally lovin Chelsea at the moment! The whole glam shamming, pro glam and uggh millennials was my favorite part of the show!

  57. I agree! Krystal has got to go. She is a huge hypocrite… Looks like she might be going next week. I wasn’t sure if I liked Bekah until this episode. I do like her. She seems more mature than her age, but I do feel she is too young for Arie. I think she needs more time before marriage and babies. I think Kendall is almost perfect for Arie! She’s so cute and sweet! I was sad to see Caroline go. I was hoping they would connect. Can’t wait to see what happens next week.

  58. Great thoughts Ali! Krystal definitely needs a therapist and is the most childish of the bunch. But she is gorgeous and makes for good TV! All do seem too young given where Ari is in his life.
    My husband and I laughed for so long about “are you glam shaming me?” 😂😂

  59. Hi Ali!
    So here goes. I think Bekah is too young for Arie. Yes, she is adorable but I think he needs someone who has lived life a little longer to where settling down is where she needs to be. It’s ashame but Inthink she should come back in a few years after more experience. Now, Keystal. Yes she is beautiful but she is trying way too hard. I may get some slack for this, but the way she has had to fight for things all of her life, I feel this is part of a game to her. I know there is other competitors but I wish everyone could just be genuine. Maybe past season relationships would work out.
    I think Arie has some genuine girls there to get to know. I think & hope that Arie is realizing that Krystal and Bekah are not the women for him.

  60. I’m curious who you think the 2-on-1 date will be this season.I feel like Krystal for sure but she doesn’t have drama with one particular person. After yesterday I want to say it may be Tia.

  61. When it comes to age, I really want to tell people to speak for themselves. I got married at 22 and it was just the right time for me. I get not every 22 year old should get married but there are some serial monogamist out there who are WAAAAAAY older than 22. Maturity is a choice and I get development in our brains in our 20’s is a real thing but the issue of maturity and when people are ready for something is SUBJECTIVE. I saw the ages of some of these girls and most of them are still in their 20’s. If Arie is 36 that means he’s 9 years older then Becca with the long hair. Chelsea the Mom is 29 which means she’s 7 years younger than him. OH, and Maquel, the photographer who went home was 23. That is a year older than Bekah. So, why wasn’t her age brought up?? LOL. It’s just silly to me, honestly.

    I just think if we cant talk about Krystal without getting upset, than we probably shouldn’t talk about it at all. I think she’s said some poor things and made some poor choices but so have some of the other girls. The date with Arie did seem like highschool camp. I would have been miserable. I think all of these ladies are probably really lovely and to be honest, I cant blame them for some of their feelings. But I think how we handle other people in life is a great lesson. It’s one I am still learning.

      1. Oh and I should add with my age comment that I am turning 34 this summer and I am still married to the love of my life that I married at 22. He is three years older than me. I get 3 years isn’t a big deal but we were both young when we got married and it was right for us. Could we have waited, sure! But, everything worked out as it should I believe. We’ve been together for almost 13 years total and married 11 years this summer. We grew UP together while some couples grow apart, and I think that’s the difference.

    1. Good point! I also think the age/maturity thing is totally subjective. All of my close friends got married in their early/mid 20s, and they’re all happy and thriving 10+ years later! That being said, I’m 30 now and soooooo glad I didn’t get married at 22. I was so selfish and immature – I would have been a complete wreck trying to share life with someone else. 😉

      I think in this case it’s the difference in Arie and Bekah’s lifestyles and priorities that make her age so ‘scandalous.’ But it is totally played up for TV. Maybe she is ready for marriage, we can’t possible judge her on that. But do I think she could marry Arie and ‘settle down’ with him? Not really.

      1. LOL- I totally get it. I am turning 34 this summer and I look back at my 20’s and think, “Oh boy…” lol. There was just a lot of growth and healing in my 20’s but that is still happening in my 30’s LOL. And that is a great thing in my opinion…to always be growing no matter how old we are. I feel very fortunate I found a guy who was willing to grow with me and we help/ed each other be the best version of ourselves. I wish everyone could find that because it’s cool. I think some people act like we arrive at 30 and we completely know ourselves and we’ve gone everywhere and done everything and that’s not true. At least for me, that’s not true. I hope to live until I am 100 so there is a huge life to live yet if I am Blessed to live that long. Wow, I cant believe how philosophical this show gets me LOL.

  62. Ugh! Bekahhhhhh! She is so FREAKING adorable, and seems so sure of herself, especially considering she’s 22. Although I get a slight Pot-Stirrer vibe from her, I admire her confidence, and her connection with Arie is plainly evident. Their personalities seem to work well together even though they’re so different. (I especially think Arie likes her devil-may-care approach to life because he errs on the cautious side.) Soooo I see them falling in love and being heartbroken when they inevitably part ways. Because really, there’s no way they’re in the same place in life or want the same things! I think she’ll be on future Bachelor shows though. She’s charismatic and refreshing in a world of bad hair extensions and limited vocabulary. 😉

    Arie’s reaction to Bekah’s age and the subsequent conversation were my favorite. I personally LOVE it when we get to see normal, raw conversation instead of the same old Bachelor cliche’s. #relatable 😉

    And Krystal!!! Girrrrrl. I mean, the baby voice and the pouting…..I CANNOT. Lol. Although I really don’t think she realizes how insincere and manipulative she is coming across. In some ways she drives me bonkers, but I also love watching her and trying to figure out how she makes her decisions. So I hope we see her on Women Tell All. I wonder if she’ll recognize and take responsibility for her poor choices, or if she’ll truly believe she’s just the victim. Unfortunately I’m expecting the latter, but maybe she’ll surprise us.

    And lastly, I thought peeing in the mugs was actually hilarious. But girls, if you are so desperate to ‘impress’ a guy that you will drink your own urine, you might want to reevaluate your priorities. 😉

  63. Can we take about how funny Chelsea’s reaction to “Glam-Shaming” was?! I about died…I had to rewind and watch it again.

  64. Also, just because it made me LOL – ya’ll need to watch Jimmy Kimmel’s “Most Annoying Voice in Bachelor History” compilation. It is *hilarious.* (Sorry, Krystal. 😛 )

  65. Hi, Ali!! I like Sienne, but I agree that there’s something missing. I can’t stand Krystal, she seems so fake to me. She told Arie that because she got a one-on-one so earlier in the beginning that she feels like she has a target on her back. Becca K got the first date and it seems no one has a problem with her. The reason Krystal has a target on her back is because she’s a bitch. Which brings us to Bekah M. I really like her, despite her age. She does seem more mature than some of the other woman. I can see why Arie would have concerns about whether she is ready for marriage at her age though. I know for a fact that big age differences can work. My parents were 17 yrs apart in age(my dad being the older of the two) and they were married for 33 yrs before he passed away.

  66. I LOVE your write ups every week. So real and honest and I agree with you! I try to give everyone a fair chance. I started out not liking Chelsea, but now – I really like her!

    Krystal – I am tying really hard to find something to like about her, but I can’t, other than her hair and style 😀 I find her to be very pretentious, fake and a shit stirrer. I can not stand her voice. She is playing the victim and it is not a good look.

    Bekah – I am not feeling it or her. I don’t dislike her and the age thing doesn’t even bother me. I like her, but I don’t like them together and I don’t see it lasting for the long haul.

    Tia – she is wonderful!! I hope for a one on one soon! I think it’s poke volumes when he gave Tia the rose after Krystal told him her story about Tia and how she was mean to her. It is so hard to know where they stand with all the women.

  67. Ali, you NAILED it!!! I am completely obsessed with Kendall, too! And though I love Bekah, I do think that she’s too young. I’m a year older than her, and kind of in the same state in life (working a job while pursuing acting, except I’m in NYC, not LA), and I’m nowhere near ready to get married. Maybe if she and Arie decided to pursue a relationship instead of get engaged at the end of the season—if she’s his pick, of course—then it could work out, but I don’t see them getting engaged. I also do agree that she’s make a great bachelorette (as would Kendall!).
    I don’t think that Krystal’s true colors really came out until after her first date with Arie. She seemed pretty amazing on the first night, especially after seeing her intro video. She just seems to think that she’s going to win no matter what, and no one else there matters. Hate to break it to ya, sister, but that’s not how this works! What really bothers me about her is how condescending she is to the other girls, like she’s somehow better than them.
    I’m looking forward to reading your thoughts next week! Love the tee!:)

  68. It’s such fun to read all of the comments today. I agree with so many of them, but I have a different take on some of the girls and their behavior as well as my opinion of Arie. My favorite girls are not all the girls I think would be a great match for Arie. First of all, I think Arie has been very transparent regarding who he is and what he wants in life right now. He has shared that he was so into car racing that he didn’t even take his high school education seriously. He has spent the almost 20 years since high school graduation focused on his career as a race car driver and only recently, semi-retired from that to become a realtor. He wants to get married, settle down and have a family and clearly wants to continue living in the Phoenix, AZ area. He is who he says he is. He is a sweet, mellow, kind man who loves his family and friends and to many of you that is boring. For some of the ladies on this show this season, that lifestyle would be boring and they’d be miserable. I see Becca, Kendall and maybe Chelsea and Tia as ladies he appears to like a lot who might be happy getting engaged to Arie, but I certainly want to see him spend more in depth time with each of theses women. There are many women he’s kept that we have seen almost zero interaction with him, too. I love Bekah but I think she would be bored with the lifestyle he is ready to live right now. She is smart, charismatic, fun and adorable. I agree with many who have posted today: She is probably living in L.A. working as a nanny because she wants to find her way to Hollywood. I worry that she’s been acting so far, playing her role to a T with the right words and actions, just to stay on the show longer and give herself more exposure. That seems disingenuous to Arie who has been falling for her. He KNOWS what living he did from 22-36 and I think he just cannot imagine anyone being ready to settle down without living the adventure of those years. He is looking at her thought the only lense he can–his own. Seine is a terrific woman but she and Arie have nothing in common. I would love to see her as The Bachelorette. She would grow bored of him quickly. Krystal needs to go before she totally destroys her own reputation. She so desperately wants to find someone to love her so she can settle down and live the life she did not get to live growing up in her sad and dysfunctional family. I was not sorry to see Caroline go. She spent too much of her solo interviews whining about Krystal and that is one thing I do not like about Tia, too. Take the high road ladies and don’t waste your time and energy cutting other people down.

    1. Totally agree about Caroline and Tia—they spend too much time gossiping about Krystal. I was neither surprised nor sad to see Caroline go. I think she was having a better gossiping with the other girls than actually hanging out with Arie!

  69. I agree with everything you wrote about Krystal. Her edit is bad but so is what she says. I do see a connection with Bekkah and Arie has been know to date really young women (info from other blogs). I think he like Becca and last night he seemed really into Lauren B. Do not see a connection with Kendall or Seinne at all.

  70. I was thinking the same thing about Chelsea while watching this episode! I actually really love her now. My favorite girl without a doubt is Tia! Krystal is to much to handle, the way she talks drives me crazy but mostly how fake she is and I agree the only person being juvenile is her!

  71. I was so mad at the rose ceremony when Krystal pulled him away. He didn’t want a cocktail party, so out of respect she should have let him go on with his choices. And if he gave one girl time he should give it to others too.

  72. Does anyone else get the vibe that Krystal REALLY wants to be an actress or get a show of her own after this? I mean her voice at the beginning and her voice now are com-plete-LY different. It’s like she’s just a reaaaallllllly bad actress that’s trying too hard. I kind of adored Tia and Kendall last night. Especially Tia who could not hide her gag reflex in terms of Krystal cray-cray but did her best to hide it from Arie. And when Arie and Bekah were talking they BOTH said the word “like” so much even Valley Girls rolled their eyes!

    1. Haha! I noticed that he started saying, “like” more too and I told my husband that! It’s like he suddenly started trying to bring himself down to her age all of a sudden!

  73. Oh can we also discuss that “Glam-shaming” thing??? I don’t know what was funnier, that the gal was upset about it, or Chelsea’s reaction to the whole thing. Also I’d like to thank the Bachelor for making my hubby realize what a great catch I am every week! 😉

  74. I like Bekah with the short hair. She is quite mature for her age. She acts more mature than any of the rest of them. She seems secure in who she is. Unfortunately, Arie had a strong reaction to her age. I could see it in his eyes. I am glad he kept her but I am afraid he will get rid of her next week or two. I think they had the best conversation about the age difference.

    Krystal has to go. Does she really believe what she says? Yikes! There have been others like her in the past. They really do think they are better than all the rest and all the rest are beneath them. I hope she goes soon.

  75. I’m not getting why everyone is freaking out about bekah and arie age difference when other girls are only 23???? I don’t remember 22 and 23 being a huge difference. Lol. But it’s all we hear with bekah…her age. Just saying.

    1. Yesssssss! Maquel is 23 why is there such a focus on Bekah being 22?? I do not think that Bekah is the right choice for Arie but there are other girls who are 23-25 years old (still a huge age difference) Is there anyone over 30??

  76. Every season I end up yelling at my tv and last night was no exception. All I did was say “ughhhhh” with Krystal. I have not liked her from the beginning – meaning as a contestant – and I feel she is not authentic, that her persona is fabricated. I thought for sure he’d eliminate her but when he didn’t I remembered every show needs a villain to create tension and drama. Re. Bekkah – she annoyed me at first but now I like her. And yes! I instantly saw in his face how destroyed he was because I KNOW he knows in his heart that for him, it’s a deal breaker. And I believe it is too. I think you are dead on about her wanting to be a future actress. I love Sienne. She should be the next Bachelorette. I also still like Tia and I missed the first 30 mins so what the heck happened with the other Becca? I like her too. Re. the taxidermy one – I think he might end up with her? I was sooo put off by her weirdness in the beginning but I fell in love with her last night and I think Arie did too. I don’t think Arie is boring – wanting marriage and family just makes you appear more boring but the tasks of this stage definitely are different and don’t look like extreme sports or adventure. But he is Sooo ready and he definitely needs to pick someone who is in the same place as him. I continue to really like him.

  77. I agree with Victoria………Becca from MN should be the one he chooses. She is smart, beautiful, classy and does not act aggressive or cause any drama like so many of the other girls. So tired of Krystal but knew the producers would make Ari keep her around. Will be glad when she finally goes home. Like Bekah but do think the age gap is too great between them. Would love to see her as an upcoming Bachelorette.

  78. Regarding the age difference thing, the odds are probably not in their favour to have a successful long term relationship because of it, but I am proof that it can work and I just wanted to speak up for people who make a big age gap work! I met my now-husband when I was 24. He is THIRTY years older than me!! It was very difficult at first, particularly with my parents etc (rightly so!) but I loved him so much and simply knew we were meant to be, regardless of our ages. We have now been married for over 7 years and just welcomed our second baby together. Yes, he gets called Grandpa all the time, but we are happy and our kids have an amazing Daddy who doesn’t really care how much younger Mommy is 🙂

    Thanks so much for keeping this blog Ali! I’ve been a fan since your Bachelor days and I’m so happy to see you with a beautiful family of your own now!

  79. Is it just me or is Arie just kind of boring? He is way better when he is obviously interested in a girl but otherwise he is just a snore! I had such high hopes for this season because I LOVED him on Emily’s season and I was super excited when he was announced as the Bachelor but now I just can’t help but feel like the wind has totally be taken from my sails. I’m really hoping the rest of the season goes up from here. 🤷🏻‍♀️

  80. I totally like Chelsea now too but didn’t for the first few episodes! She must have made a good friend in the house to help calm some nerves. That’s my guess. The Bekah age gap is too much and too creepy. Sorry to dog on Arie, but his initial reaction to her age would have made me cry if I was her. Props to her for holding it together! Also when he held her head in his hands and shook it a little and said “I need a wife” uhhh that was weird. I felt like after he found out her age he totally started treating her like a child and no longer like an equal. So many thoughts on Krystal! But I don’t see her lasting another week. Pulling him off before the rose ceremony was most rude to him. I think he was annoyed by it.

  81. Krystal with a K (I love to say that every time) is wacky. She literally is a week away from boiling a bunny in a pot. I think she is the one insecure, juvenile and so condescending. It’s awful to see her talk to some of the girls.

    Glamshaming is pretty much where I fell in love with Chelsea. She is my new favorite! I must admit I wasn’t giving her a fair chance at the beginning. When she made that comment over millenials, I think we all cheered!

    1. This comment made me laugh—boiling a bunny in a pot! Why is it so easy for me to picture her standing in front of the stove about to lift the lid on a huge pot of boiling water with that insane smile on her face?!

  82. I have the same thoughts as you with Krystal, i’m getting to the point where I cannot even stand her voice anymore! Ugh get over yourself🤷🏼‍♀️ Anyways Bekkah and Aries date totally shocked me. I think the age difference isn’t gonna put her far in the show. He should have sent her home last night knowing there were more cons than pros. Yes, she is very mature for her age, but yes she so looks like she could be his daughter. Not good together at all. I loved Maquel even though none of us knew her well, she seemed genuine and soft spoken. I’m sad she had to leave but did anyone else know she was just a year older than Bekkah?? I think Bekkahs looks just throw a lot of people off! OMG Tia!! Gosh I better not even start, I love the girl too much!! She’s absolutely awesome and amazing.

  83. Hi Ali!

    I’m a fellow 413’er and have always been a big fan. Congrats on baby #2! I just had my second 4 months ago. Get ready for a wild ride!! My girls are just a touch over two years apart.

    Your insight this week is so spot on. I absolutely agree on Chelsea. I wasn’t really digging her until this week. I’m excited to see more of her hopefully they get 1:1 soon.

    I look forward to watching along with you!


  84. Here’s a thought. I did start to feel uncomfortable when Arie was kissing Bekah last night after he found out her age but why did it suddenly make us feel uncomfortable when we all pretty much knew her age the whole time? Also. Arie is really the first almost completely gray bachelor so far and there have been other couples that have had pretty big age differences that you never heard a word about. If he weren’t completely gray, would it be bothering everyone so much? If his hair were brown & he didn’t look so “father like” with her, would we even be talking about it? Also, Tia is one of my favorites but she does act a little younger than her age (sorry Tia 😚), even more so than Bekah at times but because she’s 3 or 4 years older than Bekah, we don’t hear a word about it? I feel like he is with a much younger girl when he is with Tia sometimes-again it may be the gray hair.

    As for Krystal. Wow. She just gets better and better (sarcasm). I find it interesting that she keeps saying that the other girls all seem so desperate but then in an act of shear desperation, begged him to give her a minute, after no one else got one and then ever so desperately pleaded with him. I really think he’s starting to see through her..he HAS to be, and just keeps her for the ratings. It’s also obvious when they don’t get a long with any other girls, that there is an issue.

    I love Becca but don’t see him giving her a lot of attention. I also love Seinne, she’s so classy and has an adorable personality. I like Chelsea better then I did at first…I was pretty sure she was going to be the villain but they took the focus off her and moved it to crazy Krystal. Kendall, of course is adorable and down to earth.

    My top 3…Becca, Kendall, Seinne

  85. Speaking as a 20 year old, I could not imagine being ready for marriage in two years. No matter how great of a connection they have, I do not see it lasting long term. He obviously wants to settle down and move on to the next stage of life. While I do not doubt that 22 year olds can get married and be perfectly happy, I feel like Bekah still wants a lot of adventure and freedom in her life. I just don’t think she would be able to get that by marrying a 36 year old. A big part of finding “the one” is timing. They both need to be in the right stage of life for their relationship to last and I don’t think she is at the same place that he is.

  86. Bekah M. Is very young, but they do appear to really like each other. Crystal comes off as fake! Chelsea had me cracking up with her pro glam comments! Tia and Kendall both seem very fun. I wish we could get to know more from Lauren and becca K. And I hope Maquel comes back!

  87. Ali, there are so many comments, I’m not sure you’ll even see this one, but I just have to add that Arie has a trait that I haven’t noticed in other Bachelors and that is that he doesn’t hide his feelings very well.
    He is so into some girls and it’s very obvious. But, you can instantly tell which ones he is NOT into, because he barely has anything intelligent to say to them! It’s almost bad TV!

    At least pretend to be interested in them, for goodness sakes! But his body language changes and he starts drinking or eating and the lulls in the conversation are embarrassing!

    It’s kind of painful to watch, honestly.

  88. Hey Ali! Yes Krystal is a crazy one for sure! Part of me believes the producers plant one crazy one each season. I hope Ari sends her home soon. She doesn’t deserve to be there. I really like Sienna. She was very genuine and adorable. Beckha is way too young. Even if she makes it to the end their relationship would not last in the real world.

  89. My thoughts 1) Bekha I think she is so cute but believe the age difference is too much at this time in their lives. Arie was pretty spot on when he said how much life could she have lived at this time. I don’t see her ready for marriage or children at this time and don’t see him waiting 5 years. 2) Krystal was so disrespectful to the other women. When she told Caroline and Tia about them disrespecting her to Arie I would have to speak in my own defense to him. She talks about the others being desperate then pulls him away just before he started giving out the 🌹, how desperate was that. I really thought he was going to send her home. Interested to see what happens next week when Arie was talking about her questioning his integrity. 3) I really liked Kendall and how they interacted and also liked Lauren. 4)Sienna liked her but don’t see them together, the conversation seemed strained. 4)Becca still my favorite

  90. Just got done watching the episode and I can’t stop laughing about what Chelsea said at the end~ for the record, I am and always have been pro glam. 😂😂 that whole interaction was so bizarre, but Chelsea was hilarious and has totally grown on me in a short period of time, ironic since it looked like she was going to be the villain.
    Krystal- 😩 I really hate when woman play the victim when in reality they are the cause of all the drama, and that is what she is, drama. I think she got a really high opinion of herself and where her relationship was at with Arie because she got to meet Arie’s parents for their first date.
    Becka – she is so young and like you said could it possibly Work ? Sure ! Is it likely to work? No ! I had to grow up really fast when I was young and care for my sister and I and having a rough upbringing can mature a person very fast ! That being said at age 22 you are still developing into who you are as a person ! Your interests and likes and what you want out of life can change, Arie is at a point where he knows without a doubt what he wants. Again could it work, yes. A handful of people on here have been lucky enough for it to have worked out for them, but should Arie be taking a gamble at his age that he will get lucky especially when he has an opportunity of a lifetime to find the one right now who is ready? I don’t think so but that’s just me 🤷🏻‍♀️
    Speaking of Arie lol so many people on here are talking about how boring he is and I can see that, he doesn’t seem as energetic in his conversations as other contestants on the show have been but everything I’ve read about him, ex girlfriends and such have said he is hilarious and loyal and er good in bed 🙃 so maybe he’s very self conscience in front of the camera ?
    I’m totally rooting for Tia, that girls is so cute and seems to have a good head on her shoulder, crossing my fingers for her 🤞

  91. Arie is from Scottsdale. There are very few men who date their own age here and he is in high end real estate sales so he knows that. A 40-50+ year old would think 22 is just perfect if not as wife #1, but definitely wife #2 or 3 (and so does the 20-something women who date and marry these guys, or get them to pay their college tuition) as long as the $$$ goes with it. Go to the Barrett-Jackson luxury car show or the Phoenix Open next week and you will see what I mean! 14 year age difference is nothing here – almost the norm!

  92. I love your bachelor/bachelorette blog posts (and your blog in general ☺️). I generally agree completely!
    I really like Chelsea! I’ve actually really liked her from the beginning even though she came off a little strong at the beginning. I never felt like anything she did was rude and she didn’t like brag or boast about their kiss at the beginning. I feel like she’s a sweet person that knows what she wants but isnt rude or in your face about like Krystal. Plus she’s a mom (and seems like she would be a sweet one!) so I was a little biased on that!
    I agree completely with Bekah! She’s fun, spunky, gorgeous but the age gap really makes me uncomfortable. She’s the same age as one of my little sisters, and I just can’t help think of if my sister dated someone that was 36. I really wouldn’t be a fan. Like you said, can it work, sure! Is it likely to work, not at all! I really feel like they are in different stages of life and that it would reallu negatively affect their relationship outside of the show. But, I would LOVE to see her as the bachelorette in a couple years.

  93. Krazy Krystal strikes again! She definitely seems like a weirdo who was planted by the producers, and I knew she was going to get a rose at the end of this episode. She’s one of the main reasons to watch the show this season! That being said, if Arie was ever genuinely interested in her, I think his interest is waning because more than once he was looking at her with that dead-in-the-eyes look he was giving Lauren S. on their date. I think he is dunzo with her but probably has to keep her around for the drama and ratings. I don’t know if Krystal is being Krazy because that’s actually who she is or if she’s being pressured to act that way for the show, but there is something so creepy (Kreepy) about her that makes me think she’d marry Arie and then keep him locked up in the basement for the rest of his life. She makes my skin crawl!

    I’m convinced Chelsea got a bad edit on the first episode or two. I loved that bit at the end with her talking to Marikh. She seems way more chill now; she’s definitely growing on me. I’m rooting for her a bit because she’s from New England (MA in the house!).

    Arie’s date with Bekah M. really seemed to throw him for a loop. I think the age difference will ultimately cause him to reject her (and my doubts have nothing to do with his hair color, ha!). I think he needs to ask her if she is ready to have kids and commit to raising a family within the next 12 months and see how she reacts. Is she ready to trade Saturday morning rock climbing in Palm Springs for before-sunrise feedings and diaper changes? That’s what he wants; I am not so sure it is what she wants right now.

    I really want to see him spend more time with Becca K.! They had such a good date, and I think it would be sad for him to lose sight of her.

    I also want Kendall to be my new BFF. She seems like she would be so much to hang out with! She’s another one who, like Becca K., was able to keep the focus on herself and not get caught up with the drama.

    1. I totally agree Krystal gives off a creepy vibe. I think most of the stuff she’s done and said is her but I’m sure the producers have encouraged her to be more aggressive. I get this feeling she’s use to being able to manipulate people and seems to currently work on Arie but not the other girls, so her way to respond is act like the victim and to criticize them

  94. Krystal has rubbed me the wrong way from the beginning but last night—over her! Did anyone else catch her saying that she comes across flawless to the other girls. I think that just shows she’s living in her own world and sees herself better then the other women. As for Bekah, I will say that she comes across really mature for 22 yet at the same time immature—if that makes sense? Once Arie knew her age she almosted seemed to plea with him to keep her around and I don’t recall ever hearing her say why or if she’s ready to get married. As a 24 year old, I remember thinking at 21/22 I was ready to get married and now looking back I certainly wasn’t and am not sure if I still am, why rush—enjoy being single in your early 20’s!
    I would though be open to seeing her in paradise or as the bachelorette in a few years!

    1. The flawless comment was like the straw that broke the camels back for me! I was trying to like her…but the whole episode rubbed me the wrong way, and then that comment!

  95. I agree with you on almost all of your blog! I want to love Arie and young Bekah but it just isn’t realistic that it would work… now with the other first one on one date Bekah I can see potential.

    Krystal I want to love her but ugh! Last night was so disappointing!

    Chelsea, Kendall and Tia are definitely looking like they will go far.

    I guess we shall see! I must say I wasn’t originally excited about Arie ( I have watched every Bachelor and Bachelorette) and I must say I am thoroughly enjoying him and this season!!!

  96. I love reading your blogs every week and you are so spot on with everything but here I disagree with you on the age factor and marrying young. My entire family has been married young and are still very much in love and married after 30 years. So I don’t think being married young is a bad thing our society just frowns upon it now. For instance I was more then ready to be married young and am very mature for my age and I get looks and shocked faces when I tell people I’m married and I don’t feel I’m losing out on life because of it. My husband and I very much have each other to experience life together and that to me is more amazing then doing it without each other. Yes it’s more challenging but we grow and learn together.

    Now on the age factor my husband and I aren’t far apart in age, but I know people 20+ years apart and there is nothing wrong with that love is love and if someone is ready to commit then that’s it. You can’t put a number on love and they clearly have connection and it upsets me that everyone is so judgemental towards it. Bekah is clearly very mature and seems up to par with the other ladies maturity levels and to me that speaks levels.

    Just my opinion 🙂

  97. Krystal….OMG. Last night I was so over her. The part that I think made me the most mad, was when she said that the other girls just see her as Flawless, and they are jealous and juvenile. Sorry hunny but you are NOT flawless, and you are very insecure. Her tears to Arie are sooo fake…I can’t take it!
    By the way Ali, I love reading your posts, and loving seeing videos and pictures of your little family! So adorable!

  98. Here is the thing about Krystal. The woman actually said, on camera, that the other girls felt insecure around her because she comes off as “flawless.” Only someone incredibly FLAWED would say something like that. That is a woman with a lot of issues. She needs to go.

    1. The only time I’ve seen them able to use phones is when they have children at home (which I think is limited) or when there has been an emergency. I assume the families have some kind of emergency line to call and then the contestants can call them back.

  99. I haven’t been able to handle Krystal since the beginning, and it just keeps getting worse. Excited to see what goes down with that next week.

    As someone who got married at 19, it bothers me a little bit when people question whether early 20s is too early to be ready for marriage, I don’t think the age you are determines that, and I get what she was saying about how can you ever know until you know, HOWEVER, I married another 19 year old! We were in the same stage of life, we were best friends and had known each other for years, and we grew together. A 14 year age gap is TOO much. It makes me cringe actually, and he is absolutely right that their lifestyles are more than likely so different from each other, and her concern about them getting along with each others friends, etc, is totally valid. She’s an intriguing person, but that’s not enough, and I don’t see it working. I’m confused though why they are building up the concern over her being 22, but not over Marquel being 23? I assume it’s because he didn’t have as strong of a connection with her and she’s probably not coming back? I just can’t see him worrying about 22 , but not 23, or even 25!

    I agree about Chelsea, she is growing on me! The end clip is still confusing me…

    Ps: our babies are due just a week apart 🙂

  100. To those of you curious about Arie’s reactions when he gets to watch the episodes himself, he posts on people magazine’s website under the “tv” section about his thoughts on the episodes after they air!

  101. Krystal is so sweet in real life, I swear! This isn’t a accurate representation of her. I am certain she watches this and wishes she had done things differently though.

    1. I never get sucked into drama like this but I had to say something because your comment is the kind of comment we should see more of.
      I am extremely tired of the hypocritical women who keeps saying that they want to build other women up and support each other but all see here is assumptions, criticism, pure bs. I wonder where they find all this time and energy and if they put it into something meaningful this world will be a much better place!

  102. Yes! Love your description of the conversation between Arie and Bekah as “organic.” I just loved how real and raw and emotional it felt, but I couldn’t come up with the word to describe it. It felt to me like they weren’t surrounded by other people having a recorded conversation. I loved that moment between them because of that. And I also agree with you that regardless of how mature Bekah may be, 14 years is just too much! I really like Arie. It’s very obvious that he is so genuine about wanting to find a wife and settle down.

  103. Ok so obviously I haven’t read through all the comments but I just want to touch base on bekah’s age. The age difference is large, but my parents are 16 years apart and are very happy. It could work! I also think it’s not fair for other people to decide for Bekah if she’s ready to be married or not. That really bothers me. I got married when I was 18 and I of course was immature but I’ve grown into myself with my husband and we are perfectly happy together! Everyone’s journey is personal and honestly the only person who knows if Bekah is ready for marriage is Bekah. She knew what would potentially happen when she signed up for the show and she seems so genuine and sure of herself. Everyone grows and matures and it never stops so I think as long as their connection and vibes are good I don’t thinks its fair or right to focus on her age. Age doesn’t make a person.

  104. There’s an equation you can use to test for age creep factor. 1/2 age + 7 = youngest you can go.
    Arie 36 so 18+7=25. She’s too young for him and it’s plain creepy to watch.

  105. Hi Ali,
    I love your reaction about this weeks episode! I felt really bad for how much I disliked Krystal up until this point! However, this week just sealed the deal!! Since I record the episodes I usually fast forward through her talking.. that is how much I can’t even deal!!
    I think the age difference is going to have to be something everyone decides on their own. There is no age difference between my husband and I but we were engaged at 22. We knew we wanted to be together and no matter what outsiders said.. that is all that mattered to us.
    It needs to work for your relationship. And it could work for Bekah but not for Arie. Only time will tell. I think they are super cute together but I can understand Arie being nervous!!

    I enjoy reading your blog each week!!

  106. Who cares what you have to say and I feel like I just wasted my time reading this. All you are doing here is judging others and who gives you the right to? Ridiculous.

    1. Such a nasty comment…if you don’t like what you read then obviously you know not to read this blog again. No need to be nasty and leave a horrible comment ESPECIALLY when you are in the minority! Learn a lesson here girlie and live and let live.

      1. Who the hell are you? Do you want to write a blog about how you dislike me as well? You are the cruel ones!!! Just read all the nastiness that you and she have written about someone they don’t even know! I will resist making any further comments as you should!!!

  107. The woman is 30 and not married even though she thinks she is perfect. She talks out of both sides of her mouth. Reminds me of Courtney (the skinny dipper) on Ben’s season. I’m done with Krystal’s shenanigans.

  108. I’m always so late on commenting, but I love in Italy and have an 8 months old boy, soooo.. always takes me a while to catch up!
    I love Chelsea! I think they tried bad editing on her in the first episode, but it’s clear the villain of the season definitely isn’t her. The last bit of the episode with her and the other girl about the “glam-shaming” was just hilarious! I would love to see her as the bachelorette is she doesn’t end up with Arie.
    I am a bit disappointed Krystal is still around (over Caroline for example who is just too sweet!). I mean, come on. She is two totally different people. But even when she’s with Arie, the way she acts and talk seems very fake to me. I do hope she won’t stay around too long. And this interrupting thing she’s got going on since episode 1.. it’s really annoying now!
    One last thought about Bekah.. totally agree with you. I wasn’t too sure to begin with, but she’s actually pretty cool. I still do think the age gap is too much.. not necessarily because it’s 14 years, but for the stages they’re at in life. One thing is to be 22 and dating a 36 years old. Quite another is to be 40 and be with a 54 years old one. It’s just a matter of what you’ve experienced, what you still have to discover in life and so on. I loved their time together though and their very honest conversation.

  109. Wow…so many comments and so many opinions. But I have to get my two cents in too! I think that Krystal thinks that because she got the first rose and first date that she has some kind of special “connection” with Arie. I mean she sure speaks to it enough. Enough so that she is going to speak her way right out of it! Im not a fan of hers and she seems the least “genuine” of the group. I do love Bekah and think she and Arie would have a good run of it but because of her age I dont think she is ready for marriage and kids yet. My pick so far is Tia…she seems very genuine, smart, loving and has a good heart. He seems to like Seinne and Kendall as well and they may end up as contenders in the end. I am enjoying watching this season because the women seem so much more calmer and less bitchy than in other shows. Well that’s my story and I’m sticking to it!!!

  110. I totally agree on all the above! I watched all the Krystal comments with my hand over my face watching between my fingers and still could hardly handle the awkwardness. Is it just me or does she like live in slow motion? I feel like her thoughts her words and even her movements are v e r y s l o w ! ! Sometimes I want to scream at my tv SPIT OUT ALREADY! La la land. She thinks very highly of herself, which confidence is great but to put others down because of how you view yourself is when it’s unbalneced and isn’t right.

  111. Ali,
    I can’t stand Krystal and who she is. She’s faking and gross. It seems like a “pitty me” for Krystal to Arie and it’s dumb. She needs to leave. Gives me anxiety just watching her interactions. Thanks for your insights!

  112. I want Vanessa Grimaldi to be the next bachelorette. She looks like a strong girl and not a pushover like a lot of girls that come to the bachelor. Also incredibly pretty!

  113. Hey ali ! Your blog is so raw!! Love it 🙂

    Personally I kind of dig krystal. Shes a go getter… ya i get the other girls want time and want everyone to “take a turn” but aren’t you there for love? Maybe i’m wrong because i am not in their stilettos but she is not there for the other girls nor is she there to make fans or friends? She is there for herself, to be with Arie? Shouldnt that be how it is? If Arie wanted more time with others or thought she was interupting too much wouldn’t he have told her ? Perhaps she is a B**** butttttttt perhaps they are simply making drama with her clip edits.. who knows.

    Ps: love Becka M & Sienne (final 2 😙)

  114. Chelsea has grown on me too, I didn’t like her at first either but this episode I really started to like her! I liked Arie & Kendall’s interactions also. as you said about his and Bekah’s date feeling real and raw I thought the the flirtation between him and Kendall was very organic also! And yes, Bekah and Arie’s date really drew me in!! Sometimes i catch myself daydreaming or wandering off on one of one dates (all in all, not just this season) but this date really grasped my attention, I so agree we finally got that emotion and real ness from arie! I was sort of on the edge of my seat (not to sound dramatic) cause I honestly was very curious to see how it would end 😮

    Also, can’t stand Krystal either, she’s just on the show as a fame seeker I think and definitely not there “for the right reasons” cause she is just so wishy washy!

  115. I’m a bit behind on episodes, so speaking like this is the most current one: I feel badly for Krystal. We have learned a bit about her family life and her brother; and assuming it is all true, I can understand her insecurities. I suspect this will be a true learning experience for her and think it would be a difficult one to have be so public.

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