Feeling Gooooooood!

BEST 24-HOURS EVER! Ok, maybe my wedding day and the birth of my child both beat the past day or so, but I have to say that I am feeling pretty good today!!!

I am so excited to share that we finally closed escrow on our house yesterday! We have been in escrow for over 4 months so it’s something we’ve been waiting on for quite a while! Kevin and I were so excited that we immediately started packing up our cars with boxes and moving them over to our new house. We officially move everything this weekend but we just couldn’t wait until then! As  you can tell from these pics, I have a little extra pep in my step today!


I also had a really great meeting this morning. I’m so excited about all the possibilities for my blog in 2018! But of course, even though I have my own ideas, I want to hear from you guys to know what you want to see for me! When you guys talk to me, I listen! One of my goals over the next year is to really connect with you more and I’m trying to brainstorm good ways to do that. Let me know if any of you have ideas! I’m going to continue doing giveaways like I did last year but I’d like to do more! Let me know your thoughts!

And of course I’ll link to my outfit details on this post. How cute is this wrap dress?! I’m wearing a US 8 FYI. I think it’s super flattering. I always feel like when I can wear a dress, and it looks somewhat slimming even though I have this big old belly, then it’s a winner dress for sure! I paired it with my favorite black dress heels. I love these heels because they’re super comfortable. I’ve written about them before and they are by far the most comfortable pair of black strappy heels I’ve ever owned (and I’ve had A LOT that looked just like this but KILLED my feet). They have a shorter heel, but it by no means looks like a kitten heel, instead it just gives you all the comfort you’re craving! I linked my my earrings and purse below the first picture!

Hope you guys are having as great a day as I am!!! Luv you all! And don’t forget to leave me comments for blog ideas and ideas on how we can connect even more!


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31 thoughts on “Feeling Gooooooood!

  1. Hi Ali, I Love your blog mostly for bachelor insights but I also love your style! I would love to hear more styling tips beyond what you wear…more of how you put the outfits together! Also maybe makeup and hair tips would be great!
    As a newlywed I would like to hear some tips on money saving, it seems like you and Kevin are big on budgets…what do you use for all of that?

  2. I’m happy you can move into your new house. How exciting!
    I remember your saying you have someone to help you style it so i’m really looking forward to that because i love designing.
    I hope you were able to find a solution to Molly being uncomfortable with ‘you know?’ (poop)
    (I don’t know how to view your instant stories—-silly, i know)
    Have a great weekend & have Kevin lift the heavy boxes.

  3. Congratulations family, about time. Now you don’t have to be all settled in within 24 hours. Many Happy Years there!

  4. Yeah for moving this weekend! My advise is always: Don’t work yourselves to the bone getting unpacked and settled into your new home. You have the rest of your lives to determine where everything needs to be placed! Just make your bed early in the day and make all spaces safe for Molly and enjoy your 1st weekend at home!🏡
    Has your hair already grown this long or do you have extensions?
    You look darling in this print wrap! It’s one of my favs for you!

    1. LOVE THIS ADVICE! I think I pretty much did that when we moved into our first home and will definitely do this in the future 🙂

  5. Hi Ali!

    Congrats on your big news and big moves! It seems like everything is going so well for your family right now. I hope your hip pain and everything is under control as well throughout this second pregnancy!

    I love getting to follow your (and Kevin’s) Instagram presence as well as this blog. I’m curious if you ever follow Busy Philipps on Instagram? Her stories are super relatable and she really just talks to the camera like it’s her friend that she’s venting to or laughing with. It’s so exciting to get to see your professional pursuits (like all the stuff with Home & Family/Hallmark) but mostly we’re here because we connect with your voice. Your written voice on your blog, but also what your voice has stood for throughout your time in the Bachelor franchise and your entertainment work since then.

    I understand that it’s super vulnerable to sort of open up on social media, and that that may be of no interest to you – no problem! My intent is only to let you know that your fans are here to hear from you, to connect with you and there are no thoughts that you have that would be too mundane or anything. Anyways, those are MY thoughts! That if you feel like downloading more of your thoughts and emotions as opposed to more concrete things – jobs, outfits, etc. – we are here for that!

    Regardless of my opinions, just trust your voice no matter what – and trust all the positivity coming your way from all of us. We’re rooting you and your family on no matter what! These are just my two cents.

    Sister on! From a fellow Clarkie.


  6. Congrats on the new house! That must be SUCH a great feeling!! Would love to hear more about your house -maybe do a before and after tour?

    Thanks for sharing with us and creating this community :)!

  7. Congrats again Ali & co! Once you get settled, we would love to work with you to bring a new look to your blog. We’re two mamas working to make things happen and would love to work with a mama we really admire – not to mention, one whose blog we’ve been following for years! 🙂

  8. Hi Ali I have been a fan for like forever! I follow you daily and would love to see the new house, tour and decor! Congrats on the new house and 2nd baby coming soon ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  9. I’ve been reading your blog for a while and love how happy and uplifting it is! I’d love to see more about Molly, as I am a mom of a sweet girl around her age too. What she likes to play with during the day, what she typically eats, nap time, etc. I love all your styles that work while pregnant and breastfeeding friendly too.

    Thanks for all you share already!

  10. So happy for all of you to be moving! As has been mentioned, don’t stress and make your beds right away and remember, when you need to rest. Do it!

    I love your content mix! I’m a grandma now, and often pass along your “lessons learned” and experiences to my daughter who’s also a young mom — quoting you gives my advice extra legitimacy. Ha!

    Like others, I’d love before and after pics of your new house becoming a cozy home.

  11. Hi Ali!!! Love your blog! I would love to see the house decor! I need tips on decorating badly. I never know what to do! So excited for the new home! Can’t wait to see how you work with the designers. Would love to have some surveys for us to say yay or nah! 🙂 Thanks for being so awesome and connecting with tor fans! Xoxo

  12. Congratulations Ali!! I love your blog! I would love to hear more about what you feed Molly! I’m always up for new and creative ideas since my 18 month old is starting to get very picky! I hate it because she has always been such a good eater. Thank you again for all that you do for the readers of your blog while working and balancing family life…I’m sure it is very challenging but we appreciate it!!

  13. I would love to give you ideas for your new home and share in that. Congrats!

    Would you be able to say whether something you are wearing would be good in plus size? I wear plus size and think this info would be a nice-to-have! I can’t wear certain things.

  14. Congrats! You look gorgeous — and your happiness is the best cosmetic.

    I’m a regular reader and big fan. Thanks for seeking our feedback on the future of your blog.

    Above all, I’m especially a sucker for professional photography! I love seeing images of your cute family and I’d LOVE tips on how to capture better photos of my little family. As a mom, this is a driving force me! Perhaps it applies to photo techniques, perhaps it relates to clothing selection, maybe it’s seasonal and tips to embrace a season (and capture great photos doing so). I can’t get enough of that material.

    Your blog posts about your Christmas card and photo shot were among my favorite for that reason.

    I’d also love to hear thoughts on marriage building when parenting sucks out so much energy. You seem to really affirm your husband as he is vs. trying to change him, which I’d love to read more about. It can be tempting to do the latter.

    I’d also love to learn more about your career. I like to learn about self-employed mamas, how enterprising they are, how they seek out business, build their brand, etc. I bet readers would be fascinated to learn how you secure your sponsors and partners, an inside look at the clothing you get, how you manage it, who snaps your photos, etc.

    I’m interested in how you keep up with family and in-laws, since they’re all out of state.

    And, of course, any and all things “Bachelor” are welcome!

    Keep up the great work. I love that you write every word on this blog yourself and are so responsive to readers’ comments! I loved you as the bachelorette but have come to admire you even more since then. I can tell you’re a fun, honest and big-hearted person. I know we’d be friends if we lived close by, ha! 🙂

  15. Hi Ali!
    I started reading your blog for your bachelor recaps, but now I love seeing your style posts! I would be super interested in seeing more about design, especially as your decorate your new house! Also, it seems like you and Kevin are big on budgeting so I’d love if you could do a post about saving money.

  16. I would love more “day in the life”posts! I love reading them on people’s blogs as it gives us a little glimpse into your daily routine. I always find something inspiring from others’ daily lives that I look to incorporate into mine!

  17. Congrats on finally moving into your new house! I love your style and how you wear your hair. I would love if you could share more on how you style your hair, it looks so cute pulled back in a pony tail or bun! Do you usually let it dry naturally or do you blow dry it? When you curl it, what type of curling iron do you use? I would love it if you could even have a video showing us how you style your hair!

  18. Eeeeeek!
    I’d love to see home decor, recipes, snack ideas (mama in the house!), and your overall favorite things that you use, read, etc.

    Thanks for always sharing so much with your readers! <3

  19. Hi Ali,
    So happy for you guys! I love seeing your vlogs and would love to see more of your everyday life! I’m so looking forward to seeing your new place, I know you have great taste so it’ll be fabulous! Thanks for sharing your life and tips with us.

  20. Your bump is so cute! Congrats on the house. What about doing some vlogs to connect with your readers? I think it would be cool if you would occasionally ask us what we want to know about you and then chose questions to answer on a vlog (like a Q&A).

  21. I love your blog posts that are just genuine and real! It makes me feel incredible when you admit that you are not at the gym twice a day and only eating fruits and vegetables! You are a real person and that makes us all feel better about ourselves and happy with who we are!

  22. AHHH! I am going to a wedding in February and remembered these black heeled shoes you love! These seem perfect for hours at a wedding! I just ordered them! Thank you for your recommendation! life saver!

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