The Bachelor – Let’s All Play Nice :)

The theme of my blog post today is all about being nice (hence my “be a nice human” shirt BTW, I LOVE this shirt and think everyone should own it and wear it so we are all nicer to each other!))! I’ve talked about this before, but when I write by blogs I always try to remember that I am writing about real people with real feelings and there is even a chance that one or some of them could read this. So in today’s blog, I want to talk about how I wish the wrestling ladies were a bit nicer, I’m pretty impressed with the lack of drama by the girls, and I am challenging myself to be nicer as well. Especially since it looks like next week things might get a little more intense. So let’s get into this…

Oh but give me a pass this week for typos. I’m sick right now 🙁 I’ve been sick THREE TIMES this pregnancy already. It’s kicking my butt!


Group Date

I totally felt bad for Bibiana and Tia on the wrestling group date. I would not have done well on that date. I totally get what the GLOW wrestlers were trying to do by getting the girls worked up, but I definitely think they took it too far. They singled out a few of the girls, especially Bibiana and Tia, and didn’t make it clear that they were acting. I think it just took some of the girls by surprise and it prevented them from having fun with it because it seemed real rather than playing a part. I get that and I truly felt bad for them.

But can we talk about Arie wrestling for a minute? I know the girls were trying to be nice saying that he “killed it”, but all I saw was a dorky skinny kid getting his butt kicked. Ha! Don’t get me wrong, I love dorky! My husband’s a dorky skinny kid! But it would be comical to see Kevin in a wrestling ring just like it was comical watching Arie supposedly beat Kenny.

Anyone else totally get a little girl crush on Maquel after last night?! She totally owned her lunch lady wrestling roll and I loved it! Based on her getting out of the race car the first night it seemed like she was going to use sex appeal. Almost like Karen from last season. But I love that she didn’t try to “sex up” the lunch lady (by altering the outfit or something), instead she just took it totally seriously and it was hilarious! I like her so much now.

But I was pretty surprised they didn’t put Bibiana against Krystal. I think that would’ve made the show so much more interesting. I mean, they made the big finale Tia versus Bibiana, but obviously the two of them are friends so it didn’t really cause drama. Who knows, maybe the Bachelor producers are trying to focus more on the love story and the emotional aspects of the show this season. But at the end of the day, I think viewers love the drama. As much as we all hate to admit it.

It’s hard for me to honestly write about Krystal without saying negative things. The whole point of this blog post is to encourage everyone to be nice to each other. But Krystal is really making it difficult for me. That whole story she told by the pool about how her friend’s boyfriend in eighth grade wanted to be with her so her friend said she would never bring another guy around her again. It was basically Krystal’s way of saying that all guys want her and all girls are jealous of her. It’s just really hard for me to defend her when she says things like that. It’s OK to say that she thinks that the girls might be intimidated by her connection with Arie because that very well may be the case. But to bring up the situation in eighth grade, suggesting that all girls are jealous of you because men want you, is just ridiculous. I hope she watches that scene back and realizes how silly it was.

Lauren S. Date

When Arie kept telling Lauren that he could see himself living the quiet life in Napa and being super happy I kind of felt like it was his way of hinting to her that they’re very different. Lauren obviously has a lot of energy and talks with her hands and Arie has commented on it in the past. So I almost feel like from the very beginning he was laying the groundwork to show their differences. So I wasn’t surprised at all when he didn’t give her the rose at the end of the day. Plus she said it herself, the date was super awkward and a train wreck and she wasn’t herself.

Dog Group Date

Oh my gosh, Annaliese is killing me with her traumatic childhood stories. I couldn’t help but giggle last week at the bumper cars story and the reenactment the editors put into the show. But even though it was funny, I still felt bad for her in that scenario. But now with the dog story as well. It kind of makes it hard to believe that these things even really happened. Is there a chance they did? Maybe. I honestly could see the producers knowing these stories about her from earlier interviews and then purposefully planning these dates to freak her out. But I feel like that scenario is unlikely. The dates are usually planned well before the season starts.

I don’t really have much to say about the nighttime portion of the date. Except for maybe that it seems like he kissed a lot of the girls! And maybe this happens every season, but it’s just the way Arie kisses them that make it seem wrong or something. He kisses each one of them so passionately and slowly while rubbing their faces, it seems like that’s the way you kiss someone you love. I really hope that whoever he gets engaged to at the end of this isn’t watching these episodes back because it would be extremely hard to see him kiss other women that passionately this early on in the game.

Rose Ceremony

Arie did the right thing by sending Annaliese home before the rose ceremony. I think he could tell how torn up she was feeling and he didn’t wanna put her through any more stress. Annaliese is a sweet girl but this environment just wasn’t right for her.

What did you guys think of last night’s episode? Let’s discuss in the comments below!

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149 thoughts on “The Bachelor – Let’s All Play Nice :)

  1. I think Krystal is very insecure. Perhaps from her childhood. She didn’t get to have much of a relationship with her parents. Her insecurity is making her act in a way that no other woman could get along with.
    Also, I wasn’t surprised Babiana went home. She was too much into making her own drama to get any real time with Arie. And what about Arie using her set-up for other women? Very funny!

    1. I thought that was hilarious and really wanted her to say something about it as she was leaving, like, “hey btw the way your welcome for your make out spot tonight!” 😂

  2. Loved the episode! It bothers me, too, that he kisses them all so passionately, but that seems to be what he does. I didn’t like the wrestling stuff, but I think the girls handled themselves pretty good! As to the dog part…well, I’m partial because we were there with our four kids during the filming! Haha! So that was fun getting to see Arie and the girls before the show even aired. Have to say the chemistry between him and Becca was strong during the filming. 🙂 I feel bad for Annalise. She’s so sweet, but she really doesn’t seem like the right fit!

  3. I really didn’t like the episode that much. I thought both group dates were really lame and low class. They didn’t even seem like things Arie liked. He said himself he didn’t know anything about wrestling. It just seemed off the wall. I felt so bad for Bibiana setting up that whole thing for Arie at the rose ceremony, and then she didn’t even get to tell him, and he used it for other girls! That kind of broke my heart for her. But, I agree, she seemed to be causing drama for herself and I think she had high expectations of time she would get with Arie, and it just didn’t work out that way for her. Krystal is really starting to get on my nerves. She definitely came off sweet in the first episode, but now, I can’t stand her fake voice and most of the stuff she says is a backhanded slap to the girls. She’s THAT girl, who annoys all the other girls, and ultimately, all the girls tell Arie about what she does, and she eventually goes home. That’s how I see if playing out. Long haired Becca is so cute and I really like them together. I see her for sure as top 4 material. Bekah M is still super cute and fiesty and he likes that, but I’m interested to see how he takes the age question next week. My husband and I have an 11 year age gap, so I can’t honestly sit here and say it wouldn’t work between them, BUT, this is reality tv, and the likely hood that a 22 year old on a reality show is ready to get married, is highly unlikely. I see him as wanting to get married soon, not 5 years down the road. I do think she’s just adorable and so fun, but I just don’t see her as ready to settle down. I also worry that she wants media attention. None of the other girls are really noteworthy to me. Long haired Becca is who I’m pulling for and so far seems like the only one with a genuine connection with him. Plus, they’d just be so cute together and make adorable babies.

      1. RE: Kenny….maybe. But he didn’t even speak. So it was fun to see a familiar face, but it could have been anyone that came to wrestle him b/c they gave him 0% screentime or much attention at all.

  4. I think Becca looks so much like Rizzo from Grease! Even her smile lol but she’s way too young for Arie, it’s hard to watch. She seems like his little sister.

  5. I was trying to figure out why it bothered me so much to see him kissing so many women…all the bachelors do it! But you nailed it when you said the kind of kissing Arie is doing is usually something you do with someone you love. It’s the intense face touching that bothers me so much because it’s so personal.

    On another note, I too had a bad experience with bumper cars as a child. I got stuck and got rammed into over and over. Now it sounds funny but it was very traumatic as a child. I never went on bumper cars again. So yes it does happen! lol

  6. Well, Arie was just being honest – she asked him point blank did he see this going anywhere, and he answered her question. So it’s not like he asked her to leave for doing something wrong as we’ve seen in past seasons, it was a mutual understanding and decision. Asking her to allow him to walk her out was a courteous gesture.

  7. Ali…totally agree with Arie and his kissing…Its the same with each girl…except poor Annaleise who missed out. The dog trauma was funny, especially with the flashback dramas the producers added. Maybe if she told Arie, he would have guided her through it, or not. Crystal is over the top, Arie will string her along for a while before he lets her go. I haven’t found my pick yet, although I do enjoy Rebeks spunk and determination. The age thing may be a deal breaker for Arie. Wish the girls, Arie and his dog could just chill in jeans, sweats, no makeup, hair in ponytails and just hang out without the goofy things like wrestling each other. Go to the grocery store, Target, or the gym…maybe out for pizza? Have an impromptu rose ceremony in Target! 🌹

    1. Haha Susan, I love the idea of more chill dates, especially a rose ceremony in Target! 😂 Too funny! I thought the group dates were pretty stupid as well. I love dogs, but it was just a poor idea of a date. The wrestling match was so dumb. I got so angry at the Glow girls. How dare you call out someone’s mother for giving them a different name!!😡 Even if it was part of the “game”, I would’ve gotten pissed too! I really love spunky, little Bekah, but like everyone else is saying, the age gap might be a deal breaker. Who knows! 🤷🏻‍♀️ It may not bother him! I just think she is the cutest!! Not many women could pull off that cute haircut. As far as her being too young at 22 to settle down, I got married at 23 and am still very happily married now at 28! We shall see! Krystal is driving me crazy. 🙄 And poor Annaliese and her stories. Lol She was very sweet, but I agree, not the right environment for her. My top girls are, Bekah M, Becca K, Tia, and Caroline(I think these will be the remaining 4). I also like Maquel and Lauren B(is she still there? Can’t remember).

  8. I’m pulling for Becca and Tia so far! I feel they have genuine connection. It would be hard for me to watch back if I was the one he picked in the end, especially the girls that straddled him. I did a workout last night to the show. Every time Arie kisses someone I did 10 push-ups and 10 sit-ups.😂🙈😬 Let me tell you, it was rough! I kept yelling “no Arie don’t kiss her!”

    1. Bahahah that’s probably a better game for your bod than take a drink when he kisses someone! I may just try to push-up/sit-up game next week!

  9. First of all, I feel for you with being sick and pregnant! I’m 32 weeks right now and had this horrible cold for 3.5 weeks. It made everything very difficult. Power through!!!! It might seem like it won’t end, but it will!!

    Totally agree worh Arie sending Lauren and Annaleise home. There just wasn’t chemistry there and their interactions were forced. Krystal is REALLY rubbing me the wrong way… She’s acting like this is some big game. She even said at one point that she felt like her and Arie already know it’s going to be them at them end, but they just have to go through the motions (of the show). She knows this at week 2?! Even the way she talks with him vs. how she talks with the girls and during some of her interviews shows how different she acts. I’m still rooting for Becca (long hair). Speaking of which—I think a couple of the girls got a little too hot and heavy with him. 😬

  10. I’m not digging Arie…I think he is a snore…kind of like Nick. I was SO psyched for Nick to be the Bachelor and he really let me down. Arie just does not seem that into it all unless he’s making out with someone.

    The girls though!! love them! This is great season of girls!!!

    1. I feel kind of the opposite haha. I really like Arie! Maybe it’s because I am getting older and he seems like a man ready to settle down. I hate to say it, but I am not a huge fan of the girls they casted this season. There are some great girls, but don’t seem right for Arie. The only girl I can see him with is Bekah (long hair). Too many of the girls just seem to be in a different place of life than he is.

      1. I agree…great girls…but not right for him….and maybe that’s why he just doesn’t seem that into it…..and I agree about Becca with the long hair…. 🙂

    2. Yup not into Arie either! He lacks personality and doesn’t seem very funny. If he picks short haired Bekah it would be over before after the final rose. She would be so bored of him. She is far too spicey and fun!

    3. THANK YOU for saying that, I thought I was the only one! I find him totally boring and with zero personality. He hasn’t said a single interesting sentence so far…

    4. I totally agree. I was looking forward to Nick too… snoozeville. I think Arie might be the most handsome bachelor so far and… what a disappointment. No wonder he’s 36 and not married lol AND it got to the point when watching after about an hour I had to turn my head from the TV while he was making out with the other girls. Nothing sexy about it. Just gross.

  11. Thank goodness someone noticed the “traumatic experience” pattern with this gal. I get the dogs if she got bitten (she does have a faint scar from the looks of it). But bumper cars? Come on! Even my husband groaned “not A-GAIN!” when she started her traumatic story from last night. Now the poor girl has a traumatic kissing experience to haunt her for life. And Arie? Arie who kisses anything with a pulse, would not even give it a whirl? Seeing that he kissed everyone else, that rejection seemed a little harsh. Something tells me Annalise and her trauma are going to show up on BIP.

  12. The editing this season is so funny! I love the fake flashbacks to Annalise’s childhood. Too bad we won’t have anymore. That said Annalise must hate them!

    I also wish Bibianna told Arie about her set up and how he used it to make out with everyone else. I bet he felt terrible watching that back.

    I love this season so far. I even got my husband back into watching. The women are so gorgeous!

      1. Beth- I totally agree with you about the flashbacks. I’m a teacher and think frequently about my students’ and colleagues’ mental health. I can’t help but watch the show from a similar lens. Don’t get me wrong…I love the show and all that’s entertaining about it, but these flashbacks went too far. If Annaliese really does have anxiety related to trauma, they are exploiting her. I’ve never really been a fan of how mental health conditions are mocked on the show. Not all contestants on the show know what they need to know about their mental health, and it’s sad that the show takes advantage of this.

        I was so happy last season when they showed Rachel and Peter sharing that they’ve benefited from therapy for what I thought was the show attempting to normalize mental health support. It felt like a step in the right direction for the show.

        On another note, I’m glad that Arie seems to be respectful of the women’s emotions because this doesn’t always happen on the show!

    1. I was SO wishing the same thing about Bibianna! At the end, she should have said..”Oh, by the way, that couch you made out with everyone on, I set that up, so thanks for nothing!”

      She would have never lasted though. She was too angry all the time.

  13. Arie is such a snore. Really boring and it makes me cringe to watch him kiss. I agree with the commenter above about the wrestling date being about bringing Kenny back, but then they hardly showed him! Probably because he was more interesting than Arie. All the girls got really genuinely excited when they saw him and then toned it down and started cheering for Arie.

    And I’m with you about the mean wrestling girls. They should have been clear about the expectation. I would have been so upset if I was Tia. The hair pulling was mean.

    And Maquel is hot! We need more screen time with her.

  14. I am a huge bachelor/bachelorette fan. I have said multiple times no matter how disappointed I am in the lead I will watch. Same went for this season; however, Arie is really disappointing me as a fan. I can’t stand the passion he gives to every girl and also he kind of comes off extremely rude when he isn’t in to someone. He should at least try to make the women feel comfortable and I’m not seeing that in most instances.

    1. Yes! I felt that way with him on the date with Lauren S! He made me upset with his lack of interest, or at least how the show portrayed it. A little respect and eye contact man! I thought she was such a catch for him! & the vineyard stroll seemed to be good! Gorgeous, ideal age. I hope she finds someone soon, she was a favorite of mine!

        1. Haha I thought the same thing! Once I saw him chowing down on his dinner I knew he wasn’t interested and she was going home 😐

    2. Yes, the break up scenes were a little uncomfortable for me. I could almost feel the heartbreak and disappointment from the gals…like they weren’t even given a chance. Perhaps he did give them a chance and we just didn’t get to see it, unfortunately.

  15. The drama does always get ridiculous and way over the top most seasons but I don’t think Arie has the right personality for this kind of show. I’m a loyal watcher and I’m already bored and we have a long way to go! My top 5 are Maquel, Becca, Tia, Caroline, and Kendall. Hope it gets a little more exciting or I’ll have to resort to actually reading a book!

  16. Not since Juan Pablo’s season have I been so not into the show. While I liked Arie when he was on Emily’s season, I now find him to be boring and unintelligent. How many times did he use incorrect grammar last night? And the hands on face when kissing is driving me nuts. Not sure I can even watch anymore.

    1. I agree!! Very creepy on the touching! Inappropriate timing, usually when the girls are speaking. It is as if he is not listening to them but rather just wants to get it on. He seems a bit daft. He didn’t even get the weiner joke Tia made when she introduced herself.
      I don’t think I can continue to watch. It is so boring and he is just not lead man material.

      1. Omg, that is sooo true! My husband even said “it looks like he’s not even listening to what she’s saying” in one scene with Chelsea and he was like playing with her shirt strap.. he just wanted to think about “other things”! He was pretty cold when he dumped Annaliese too. I don’t think everyone realizes he’s probably a hardcore player in real life, he is rich from racecar driving and is probably used to getting whatever when wants (ew)

  17. Painful to watch. The group dates were both terrible. I wouldn’t appreciate some girl grabbing my hair even if she was acting, the fact that one of the girls actually was the designated pooper scooper, I would’ve walked away from both dates. Arie is the most boring bachelor in the history of the show in my opinion! Hence why they focus on so much of the girl drama! Disappointed with the season as a whole 🙁

  18. Is it me, or did Jenna (white dress at cocktail party) seem super drunk when she got on top of him and straddled him lol

    1. I thought the same thing! At one point in their conversation she totally slurred her words and looked like she was going to be sick before pouncing on top of him. I do not see anything between the two of them at all!

  19. Did I miss what happened with Bibiana and her romantic setup? I feel like she didn’t bring it up to Arie.

    And why does he have the girls always dress in costumes? Seems fun maybe the first time, but the dog date seemed weird.

    1. She didn’t even tell him! Meanwhile, why wouldn’t you go straight outside and say, “Oh I see you’re enjoying what I set up?” They did not have chemistry anyway though, but I think it was super weird of Arie to take multiple girls out there to the same set up and make out? Sorry, but I think he is just so awkward!

  20. It bothered me when Krystal asked Arie how she should handle the whole situation and she took his response as to be more aggressive. I think she’s going to get way too aggressive that more girls won’t like her and maybe even Arie will find her to be too aggressive.

  21. Bibiana deserved a lot, lot better. Surprised that somehow the staff didn’t step in so she could have shared the whole setup she orchestrated with Arie instead of having it go up in smoke. Not very empathetic or caring on the part of those in charge of the show IMHO. And she is a catch, maybe too much for him…..

    1. I couldn’t stand Biblana. She whined too much and she was mean. If she is as tough as she thought she is she should of told Arie that she set up the bed and lanterns. I’m glad she is gone.

  22. So Ali, can I still be a nice human and say that Arie just seems so boring? I’m sure he is a nice guy, but I find myself almost wanting to fast forward the show! And I’m a big fan usually. I mean, the dates have been a snore too. Almost all the same, bumper cars?, wrestling, dog show? Whattt? What is going on? The Rachel Zoe was the only one interesting and they barely even showed her!? What didn’t they have her style them both for an event? Just a weird season if you ask me. Hope you feel better!!

  23. So, Arie is way too passionate in all his kisses! I called it last week and said the same thing. I also felt bibiana was definitely going home sooner than later. She’s extremely defensive and negative and whines. All in all, I’m not liking Arie that much. Cute to look at, but he just doesn’t seem to connect, other than passionate kisses, over and over again. I’m not sure where this is all going on an emotional level. Crystal seems to be way over confident, but Arie sure seems to like that in her. I’ll keep watching, but I’m already feeling annoyed with Arie. 🧐

  24. Why is it so far fetched for someone to have more than one fear or traumatic experience? I’ve been in car accidents, had a scary experience on a plane, etc. These things don’t stop me from getting in cars and going on planes but I have had fears that have brought me to tears before like Annaleise. I would certainly be questioning people in my life if they reacted with a lack of compassion or empathy towards me. I am aware, at times, when I am lacking empathy or compassion towards someone. We want a lover and a friend who are going to be by our side. It’s one thing to joke around but if the person you are joking around with isn’t laughing, then it’s not a joke.

    If ya’ll notice, Annaleise’s fears didn’t stop her either. She got in the car and she played with the dogs. And we all got to see her beautiful smile! She was a human on this show! But even if she didn’t get in the car or play with the dogs, I think she deserves a guy and a friend who would give her hug and encourage her, not berate her and roll their eyes.

    If we want more kindness in the world, let’s all try to be more empathetic maybe:) Kindness comes from the heart…

    1. Sorry, I am a little fired up about this. I just thought Annaleise was being made fun of on the show and it triggered something in me.

      This show gets me emotional sometimes! LOL 🙁

      1. I AGREE!! Lots of people have fears. Be kind and empathetic! No one was being that way. Says a lot about a person. She was sweet, and she ramped it up anyway and did the things she feared. It was just lame that the show set her up to be made fun of! Almost like bullying. definitely NOT kind.

  25. Bibianna was a hot spitfire of a young woman. She and Arie would never have gotten along, even though I kind of liked her. I was hoping she would have said something to Arie on camera about setting up the makeout place. SOMEONE needs to stay on Krystal’s back or she’s going to be the drama mama of this season. As much as I wanted to like her, she appears disingenous and honestly, does ANYONE on the show, or watching, care about her 8th grade experience?? She’s clearly into herself. I still like long haired Becca….she stays in her own lane and isn’t ridiculously into herself. And the kissing? Every single show, it happens, so why is everyone disgusted? Nick was worse in my opinion…did everyone forget Nick, Corinne, and the bouncy house humping? Yuck!!

  26. I have watched the Bachelor from the beginning (total guilty pleasure). I am disappointed in Arie. He is dry and boring. I just do not see that he is truly looking for love. He got rid of two of the few women that was close to his age. The date with Lauren was painfully awkward because he showed no interest in her. He was rude to Annalise when she asked about their connection and lack of kissing. She seemed like a sweet girl. I thought it was a nice gesture to send her home before the rose ceremony. He has spent his time kissing mostly younger women instead of making any real connection.

    1. Agreed. I find myself fast forwarding through most of it (especially the creepy kisses) and I may lose interest al together.

  27. What about all the kissing that involved the girls on top of his lap. Too much heat for me.

    He’s way into Becca. I can’t wait for next week when she reveals her age.

  28. I actually know one of the professional wrestlers in real life. I met her not even knowing her profession until later. She is literally one of the kindest, most nurturing people I’ve met. That being said, her role is all dramatics and acting. While I agree that they came off harshly on the show, it’s very obvious to me that they were encouraged by Production to play up the mean role. I also wouldn’t be surprised if editing played a big role in the final product we saw. Just wanted to point that out. I’d hate for people to think this woman was a horrible bully when I’ve literakly never known her to be nothing but selfless, generous and always kind.

    1. Jen, thank you for sharing this about one of the professional wrestlers. I know from experience that it is not fun to watch someone you love and know get misunderstood.

  29. What do you think of them showing multiple girls straddling him while making out? I don’t think I’ve ever seen a girl straddle a bachelor on this show! Am I wrong about this? Caught me off guard! A bit too much to see, felt weird!

    1. It happened once on Bens season a while back. I know this because it was on most awkward bachelor kisses hehe. (: I agree on it feeling like too much!

  30. You could not be more spot on if you tried Ali. I literally said to my husband last night” He’s creeping me out with the way he’s kissing every girl so passionately and identical. It makes it seem less “ SPECIAL” and Authentic.

    And every other comment was also very well observed and articulate. As sick as you are you did a great job. I too have been sick for nine days and this flu cold bug is brutal but at least I can take medication which you cannot. My heart is breaking for you. Get well

  31. I totally agree with you about the wrestling women. I was not into their behavior. If this was a wrestling show I’d get it but these girls did not sign up for this. And to talk about Bibianas mom was too far. I didn’t like that at all. I’m still totally loving long haired Becca, she’s so cool and genuine. Also, short hair bekah impressed me how she calls Arie out and says she doesn’t NEED him. It’s just hard because she’s so young. Also, is it just me or can you totally tell when Arie is disinterested in someone? I feel like he makes it so clear with his body language and lack of effort. I mean, he NEVER made an effort to get to know Bibiana and that whole Napa date last night it was so obvious she wasn’t for him. I love how you try so hard to be positive but crystal really does make it hard. She’s SO condescending!!! She’s always like oh they got time together that’s cute I’m really happy for her. It’s just very obvious that she thinks Arie is only there for her and she’s letting the other girls have a few minutes with her boyfriend. I hope he catches on to this soon! I can’t wait to hear your response to how Arie reacts when he finds out Bekahs age next week! Should make for a good moment!

  32. The wrestling date did not sit well with me. The type of honesty Tia showed by taking some time away from the activity because she felt disrespected made me respect her, that showed more strength than any of those matches combined. I’m Canadian but after seeing women like Raven & Tia on The Bachelor I have come to really love the Southern Belles & the way they carry themselves. Last thought on the wrestling date, I found the costumes were tacky, that whole bit between Marikh and one of the blondes (sorry Ali, they all look the same!) where she pulls out money and throws it onto her was …gross?

    Now onto Krystal – beautiful woman, insane body but the cockiness has completely turned me off. Arie made some sort of comment about finding it hard to focus on anyone else when she’s around (ok, I admit, I too can’t stop looking at those abs), at which point she responds “I know”. WOWZA. Where can I buy that sort of confidence?! As my mom always taught me “if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all” so lets move on…

    I wanted to comment on Arie’s kissing. I mean it has me feeling all hot & bothered for sure, but it’s the SAME thing with all the women – and cue the licking his lips, putting his hand on the girl’s face, lots of tongue rolling, lots of awkward kissing/sucking sounds that makes me have to turn down the volume because the walls in my condo are super thin. With Emily it was easy to see the passion & sexual chemistry between the two of them, now it just seems like the same thing over & over again with everyone he locks lips with. All the crazy sexual tension makes me wonder if some women feel like they HAVE to grope & straddle him to make an impression. Sometimes less is more.

    PS – I’ve tried to like to Bekah, really I have, her play hard to get words during cocktail hour really blew me away and sort of turned me off damnit – but watching them kiss was a teeny tiny bit cringe worthy for me. I love the secrecy of her age, for it’s the only reason my fiance will willingly watch the show with me.

  33. 1) The group dates were super lame and very cheesy on this episode. I hated them! The GLOW ladies were horribly mean, I would have definitely punched one of them…or at least stood up for myself and told them it’s never ok to speak to and degrade another woman like that. They should have been empowering the women, not tearing them town. Their comments were totally uncalled for. 2) I’m shocked Bibiana didn’t mention to Arie that she was the one who setup the bed and telescope at the cocktail, I felt bad for her but she definitely created her own drama. 3) He will see through Krystal eventually, they always do. Her 1-900 sex operator voice kills me! 4) Arie is 36, why on earth would Casting have so many young girls? I think Arie got gipped in that dept. The girls are all really pretty, but far too young and immature for him. He’s ready to settle down soon, now wait 5 years.

  34. ****Before I ask this let me give a disclaimer, I am not making fun of this, I just am curious. ****

    Does the girl that climbed on top of him with the white/cream color dress on have Tourette’s or a clinical condition? Did anyone notice how she is very spastic and stuttered on her words?

  35. Oh, Ali, you were playing it too safe in this post! During the entire episode last night, I was telling my husband that I couldn’t wait to read the blog today because there were so many ridiculous moments for you to comment on!

    First off – who plans these dates? They go from totally spoiling Bekah on the first date, to making the other girls wrestle with some washed up lady wrestlers and training dogs? Every season I say these guys are selfish. They put these girls in ridiculous situations, that any real wife would be saying “UH, no! Not doing that!” Are the guys looking for a guy friend or a wife????

    But, the thing that totally rubbed me the wrong way (and maybe it was editing) was how he treated Annalise last night. He made it so obvious that he wasn’t into her and he probably knew it from day one. Why put someone through that?

    He’s boring me.

    But, the flashbacks and dog trauma was cracking me up.

    1. And poor Annalise was the pooper scooper lady, maybe because of her fear for dogs but come one…that’s what they made her do???

  36. Can we talk about how Babiana made the little one on one romantic thing for them to try to get to know her, and i felt he never really gave her a chance. Also make out with other girls on the couch and not even ask who was thoughtful. Aria had to know someone did that for him and he never cared to ask. He just was like oh look a make out spot.. Kinda an ass move on his part. I think highly of him. Also scratchy annoying voice Crystal reminds me of Vienna. Anyone else’s thoughts?

  37. This season is tough for me to watch. Between the girls that have no chemistry with Arie trying to force something and Arie very intimately kissing literally every other woman (occasionally pulling them on top of him) it’s so cringe-worthy. I hope he toned down the intimacy and limits it to the women he really feels a strong connection.

    I also agree with you that it’s hard to not say something mean when talking about Krystal. I had a bad feeling about her from night 1 and she just seems to get more annoying and passive aggressive with every scene she’s in. They way she speaks just doesn’t sit right with me. Having watched the show since your season I totally understand she’s most likely a really nice person, the show just makes her come across as fake and insincere.

    I hope now that most of the women who have no connection are gone it’ll get a little easier to watch. I’m very excited to see how Arie reacts to Becca’s age and how everything with Krystal goes down.

    1. I agree. I am having a hard time watching. I cannot pick a “favorite” because I don’t really see this working out for any of them. Between the age difference and lack of chemistry, I do not see Arie marrying any of these girls. I like Becca with the long hair, but I doubt he picks her in the end. Arie is boring and way too paternal with these girls, but then creepily makes out with all of them.
      I can’t believe he doesn’t have a clue about Bekah’s (short hair) age. He has to realize she is about 12 (22, same thing).
      I may not make it to the end.

  38. I felt last nights group dates were so weird ! My husband and I always watch it together and even he commented how he could barely watch some parts! haha
    I have to say Krystal seems so fake and it’s really hard to watch her without cringing!
    I’m really gunning for Tia or Bekah.. The short haired Becca is super cute & fun but parts of me thinks she is too young and their relationship would be just physical.

  39. Is anyone else finding the group dates this season so unbelievably awkward? I mean the actual activities they’re doing! I don’t understand how wrestling the other girls, and performing in a dog show are helping Arie get to know these women. It’s like he’s just watching them act ridiculous and get humiliated. There’s nothing romantic about any of it…I’m all for fun and games and showing off your goofy side or whatever but these dates have been really terrible! It’s like Arie isn’t interested and the women certainly aren’t interested in the activities! The only one that made sense was the demo derby since Arie is a former racer but the others have really seemed like a joke.

    I felt last night like it was very obvious who was going home right from the get go. It was painful to watch Annaliese get rejected, and she knew it was coming but it didn’t make it any easier. And Bibiana seems like a really great catch but just way too emotional for this type of show. They are both great women and I am sure they will find love, just not on the Bachelor. I wasn’t surprised by either one getting sent home.

    Lauren S going home was a bit different, I was rooting for her…the beginning of their date seemed like they were having fun, though it did seem more “friend-zone-y” than romantic, even in that beautiful setting. She recognized too that she wasn’t being herself and said that she didn’t feel like she could be around Arie…red flag, time to move on. She was pure class about it.

    Can we just talk about how cute it was that Arie set up that special spot for Tia though? I think they definitely have something and have to agree with an earlier commenter, these Southern Belles are AWESOME! They are sweet and genuine but would definitely kick your butt! 🙂 If Raven and Adam weren’t so dang cute together, I would LOVE to see her as the Bachelorette but sooooo happy that she already found love!

  40. Do you have an early thoughts on the season’s front runners yet? Caroline hasn’t gotten much screen time but I feel that she will emerge as a front runner soon. I love her! She seems so classy yet fun. I also love Becca (with long hair) and Tia! I think the younger Bekah is not ready for marriage. She’s very wise and mature for her age, but the difference is just too great and noticeable in my opinion.

    P.S. Has anyone noticed how utterly transparent Arie is with his emotions, more so than any bachelor I’ve seen this far?! You could totally tell he wasn’t into Lauren S. or Annalise but he’s really into both Beccas.

    1. Caroline is one of my favorites, too. Becca as well. As spunky is Bekah is and what she said about not needing Arie, like some other women he dates (moms), I find her fun, but this isn’t about fun and just making out, he’s looking for a wife and I am not sure she’s it.

  41. I actually really enjoyed the show. I didn’t understand the wrestling and dog dates, I mean those aren’t real dates that normal people go on. Pushing the women out of their comfort zone and having them do things is fun to watch but those dates were just boring. I feel like the women are trying really hard to see how far they can get with Arie just to brag to the other women about what they did. His kissing is very passionate with every woman so it seems to me like they are pushing it farther (hence the straddling) to make it seem like they have more of a connection with him. I really like Becca because their connection seems genuine. I was happy when Arie was named the next bachelor and am really enjoying watching the show because of him. To me the women are making it hard for me to watch because of how aggressive they are being. (But I have a feeling that may be more of the editing done for the show than the actual women.)

  42. One thing you missed on the blog and was painful to watch was the setup Bibiana had for Arie and he kept using them with other girls and Bibiana didn’t even get a chance to talk with him. Although I wasn’t a big fan of her, I felt so bad.

  43. I wasn’t going to watch this season because the little news I read re Arie, post his season with Emily, made me decide he was just a playboy. Then I decided to watch Ep. 1 and came to the conclusion that he is a nice man. For the most part, he’s kind, sweet and a gentleman. He’s not very worldly, and admitted he barely graduated from high school because he was so into car racing. The majority of the girls this season are very attractive, appear to be bright and successful in life. I think many of the women are too bright, educated and well rounded to be happy marrying Arie. They’d be bored far too quickly. With Arie being marketed as The Kissing Bandit, we should not be surprised by his fairly constant, passionate kissing. He has repeated that if he’s not feeling it, there is no point in keeping a girl strung along. He’s very obvious when he’s decided there is no chemistry for him with a woman. He was not into Lauren S. or Annalise, and was gracious and honest in letting them know it was best for them to go home. Nick was the same way, and he’s a very bright guy. I don’t think Arie is very bright, but I could be wrong. So far, I think he’s been clearly the most comfortable, relaxed and happy with Becca. I do not care for Crystal, but I do think she’s had a difficult life, is a strong, hard-working woman who deserves love and happiness. She is too desperate to find a man, to me, and Arie is not the one for her. Becka, with the short hair, is fun, confident, bright and feisty, but she would never be happy with Arie. She’d be bored silly with him, I think.

  44. What’s up with his hand on all their faces. It’s now laughable. It doesn’t even seem natural or like he means it. To me it looks like a player move cause it’s the EXACT same for every girl. No girl has a unique kiss connection with him. Also I felt bad for bibiana making the bed and telescope setting for them and ari took like all the girls there except for her! And when she did come, he made her wait. He didn’t ask any of the other girls to wait.
    I’m sure Ari is a nice guy and ready for a wife, but man he is acting like he is on just to mess around with girls. There is no way he is going to pick the 20yr old. And sooo funny she was acting like she knew what it was like to be in a serious relationship. She broke up with a guy from age 17-20. Too young!! And she is super insecure. She says all the right things and smiles away. She is playing “cool girl, I don’t need a man.” If ya don’t need a man, what are you doing in the show? I am married for 10 years and I need my hubby. We need people. So for her to act like she doesn’t need anything is silly to me. It’s so obvious she is young. She is cute like a little girl. Ari looks like he could be her daddy and not in a sexual way. I hope he is serious about finding a Grown up woman.

  45. Having a SUPER hard time with Krystal. Her voice, her attitude, her behavior is all so annoying to me. But I actually think Arie is starting to see it too. But also I think Bibiana needs to take more control she doesn’t make any effort to connect with Arie.

    I felt like the wrestling date was inappropriate in how the GLOW girls treated the women. I don’t feel like it’s promoting the right attitude and behavior toward women in general.

    The Napa date was like my dream date. He totally made the right choice with Lauren and I agree about Annalise. The edited stories are so rediculous. Something is up with all these childhood traumas.

    I love the genuine feeling I get from Arie I think he is a good guy which I don’t often feel from the guys. Sean is another one who was always a truly good guy. However, he should probably calm down with the kissing 😂

    Your season was one of my very favorites and I so enjoy reading your blog and following you!! 💜💜

  46. I really wanted to like Arie as The Bachelor but he is so stiff and doesn’t have much of a sense of humor. I think the group dates have gotten so lame and one of these days somebody is going to actually get hurt. I like Becca and Tia but he seems to somber for Tia. Anybody ready to see who the next Bachelorette might be. I see Kristina on Instagram and wonder if she is being groomed for it. Anyone excited about Bachelor winter games.

  47. I just love Becca K. She had the very first one on one and I honestly felt the show was at the end and he picked her.
    She’s super easy to be around, she & Ari just connect effortlessly. She is also so naturally beautiful & so easy going. No drama with her so far which I love. Can’t stomach Krystal, she needs to go

  48. I know Krystal personally and I have something wonderful to say about her. She gives of her time to instruct her yoga for free to a homeless class. She gives of herself in other ways for the homeless in honor of her brother. She’s been on her own for a very long time she got herself through college and she made a career in physical fitness. She inspires through her classes and she is a positive motivation for many in her career. Sometimes they give a really rotten edit to a really good person that may be a little different from other people but she has a heart of gold.

    1. Thank you for posting this comment. The season premiere of The Bachelor I LOVED Krystal. I have to admit I wasn’t happy with her choice for interrupting the gals times with Arie (to an extent). Some of it I completely defend her for though because you want to spend all the time you can with someone you are pursuing! There have been times I have questioned her motives and intentions with things she has said and done BUT I’ve been a victim of being misunderstood plenty of times. I misunderstand people all the time. I need someone LIKE YOU to totally correct me. None of us viewers really know who any of these women are to judge them based on a few minutes we see them each episode. We can disagree with Krystal on things but that doesn’t mean calling her names, etc. I see she has a heart of gold just based on things she does in her actual real life…helping the homeless, etc. So sweet 🙂

      1. She probably has. And maybe editing plays a part in that too. But the way she kind of talks down to the other girls and the way she interrupted other girls’ one on one time didn’t help her cause. That’s not saying she is a bad person. Maybe that dating environment just doesn’t bring out the best in her.

  49. Agree! These passionate kisses are unreal! It’s odd! Honestly – He isn’t very sexy – not my type at all – but he seems kind. The girls seem too young too – not sure he will find what he is looking for. But I’ll keep watching 🙂

  50. I totally agree about Annaleise and Krystal. I also totally agree with you about all the kissing. My mom and I just discussed this last night!! smh

  51. Arie is dull but it’s not about him — it’s about the women. He’s like the groom at a wedding. More and more I’m liking Caroline. No spoilers please.

  52. Arie is a definitely a very passionate kisser. I’m no fan of Krystal’s either, she seems so fake. I already have my favorite ones picked out….Becca K – he seemed to really be into her and blushing a bit during their conversation…..I also love the other Bekha…..although she is definitetly very young and on the wild side, but most guys like that in a woman. Dont think he will pick Bekha but he may keep her around for a while to have a good time with er.

  53. I was so disappointed with the entire episode. I feel the wresting ladies bullied Bibianna and were completely inappropriate. I felt so bad for her… and Tia. But all the ladies handled it extremely well – I would have lost it! I can’t stomach Krystal at all… just like Caroline, I would not mind if she went home already.

    1. I didn’t like the wrestling part either. In fact I pretty much didn’t watch the rest of the episode until that part was over – which was most of it. I do like that Arie let Annalise go, but I didn’t like the flashbacks that seemed to mock her past traumatic experiences. I also agree with others about the way he kisses! I do continue to like Becca as the frontrunner.

  54. I read through alot of the comments and can’t believe I didn’t see anyone comment on Jenna’s kiss at the rose ceremony. She was ALL over him with this sloppy mouth kiss. I think she was drunk. I had to fast forward through it.

    1. It was SOO AWKWARD!!! My husband and I were freaking out for her. She was rubbing her chin on his and usually he has his hands all over their necks and face, but this time he kept his wrists bent with his hands AWAY from her face! She was probably a little too tipsy, but I was so uncomfortable for her.

    2. Take a look at Arie’s blog on He comments on how Jenna isn’t getting much screentime, but he thinks she is awesome. I wonder if we will see more of her soon.

  55. Ok I caught some last night that I remember Emily saying to Arie 5 years ago! He used her line when they were on the Carosel on their group date that he used on Bekah! He used the line, “ Who are you, and where did you come from?” I don’t know but it was irritating! I was like really? I remember Emily said that to him. I can’t wait to see his reaction when he finds out her age!

  56. So as per usual I’m with you on most points… I loved Arie on Emily’s season but kinda how I feel about nick’s season I’m not loving. I am not seeing tons of real potential in terms of the girls as I’m just not seeing any real life chemistry. I know people are loving short hair Bekka or Becca but I’m not liking her as much as everyone else, something about her is rubbing me the wrong day. I fast forwarded 70% of the episode because I was too bored. I guess I’ll have to hold out for Bachelorette.

  57. I thought the episode was good. I know Krystal is rubbing everyone the wrong way, but I actually like her. She is way too sure that she and Arie are going to end up together, but I like her confidence. And her voice? I think it is just her actual voice and not an affect. I felt terrible for Annaliese in that he kisses EVERYONE super passionately and couldn’t even give her a sweet little kiss to make her feel less stupid.

  58. Big fan of you, your little family, and your blog Ali! I have to say I really hated the wrestling date – it was so awkward, uncomfortable, and honestly degrading. I wish they would get rid of this “type of date” in future seasons. Since Annaliese went home before the rose ceremony, I thought he should have taken Bibiana aside too instead of going through an entire rose ceremony knowing she was the ONLY one going home at that point.

  59. I think someone taught Arie how to kiss when he was an awkward teenager and he’s gotten such a reaction from it that it’s just how he kisses now. I don’t think it’s true passion. I think he’s just doing what he THINKS women want. But kissing ALL the women that way basically makes it meaningless and sad.

  60. I really like Becca (long hair), Tia and Lauren B. I also still like Chelsea, although I agree with what you said about the fact she is a mom. It is for sure a great sacrifice she’s making, but she’s he one who decided to nonetheless, so she really can’t say she deserves time with hmmore than other girls.
    Even though you could kinda see that Bibiana would be going home, can I just say that I felt terrible for her.. she set up the star gazing station as a romantic gesture and everyone ended up using it (and making out on it!) except her.. poor girl.
    Krystal, oh man.. don’t even know where to start, while trying to be nice. She really does come across as fake and terribly condescending. Maybe that was not her intention, but she sure is doing that. The pool side story had me think “are you for real?!” And the time of her voice when she talks to other girls… argh!!
    Finally.. about all the kissing.. can we take a second to discuss the heavy make out session with the girl in the white dress straddling him at the cocktail party?! Not sure who she was, but daaaamn!

  61. Arie seems like he’s really enjoying kissing a LOT of women! I don’t find him that attractive, for a few reasons, so that doesn’t help. Won’t keep me from watching though!

    Also, side note – I’m also on baby #2 and basically had a cold on and off for two months, ugh. Hang in there 🙂

  62. Oh my gosh Ali I love reading your blog each week 😂 you crack me up! I totally agree with you about Arie’s kisses all being so passionate and a little uncomfortable to me. Did you also notice that multiple girls strattled him while making out on this episode? That made me super uncomfortable to watch so early on! I remember reading Courtney Robertson’s book and she mentioned that she slept with Arie after she and Ben broke up, and how it was so good because he gave her so much attention and made her feel so special. That’s a great trait, but also hard as the Bachelor, because how are the girls going to know if he’s being genuine if he is doing the same for all of the other girls? Anyway, can’t wait for your recap next week!

  63. You are spot on about everything! Watching Arie kiss all of the girls is really uncomfortable to watch. Krystal won’t last. I think she’ll stick around for awhile but just for the drama. I can’t wait until next week when Becca brings up her age. I’m curious what his reaction will be. I think he won’t care. Thanks for blogging every week! I love watching your insta stories and Molly is so cute. Can’t wait to see your next little nugget! ❤️

  64. I am not a fan of Krystal at all. Her voice makes her hard to watch, her innocent act is fake, and she is down right rude when she talks about other girls.
    I adore short hair Bekah and the sassy personality she has. I don’t think she is right for Arie though….she has a lot of life to live and I think she would be bored with Mr. Early To Bed Cardigan wearing Arie (he said that about himself). I would love to see her on BIP or something where her sassy personality can really shine.
    I am finding this season one of the more boring seasons of all times. I think I have been watching them since season 3 or 4. This one ranks about equal to Juan Pablo’s season for me. I am just not connecting at all. The dates are pretty boring, the conversation among the girls at the cocktails parties is lame, and that doggie show was a train wreck. I like to see them do community projects, have fun and competitve games, and really show their personality and adventurous sides. I hope this season get better quickly…it’s a major snooze fest right now.

  65. I just can’t get into this season, I find him boring as well. Is it just me or does Arie come off as effeminate?

  66. Did anyone else think Arie was going to say “just kidding” when he was telling Lauren she wasn’t getting the rose?? It was very strange. Also, correct me if I’m wrong, but he’s sent home quite a few of the “older” ladies…hmmm. I cannot get into this season. Blah!

  67. I finally watched episode 3! Becca K. is my pick for Arie. She is by far the most stable and sincere girl on the show at this point.

    Krystal is kreepy with a k. Maybe an uppercase K. She comes across as desperate, and that makes me think she is very possessive and jealous, neither of which is healthy. She’s way to clingy and cloying. Like, stop smiling when you are not happy. It’s so fake and weird!

    Chelsea got on my nerves big-time in the beginning but I am warming up to her. She’s not my favorite by any means, but I like her more now than I did at the start.

    Annaliese—oy! This girl has issues like magazines. So many “tragic” incidents in her life. I loved the producers’ reenactments, though. I laughed so hard at the end of the episode when they interviewed her and played the snarling Chihuahua on the screen. That poor girl. It was so hard to watch her dates with Arie because he was clearly not interested, and she seemed way too self-conscious and was trying so hard to act like she was not bothered by what was happening. I’m glad she left; this wasn’t the place for her.

    I’m also so glad Bibiana is off the show. I have no doubt she is an awesome person, but that girl complained so much! By this episode, I was SO tired of hearing her whine about not getting her time with Arie. Way too much complaining, total turn off. The other girls tried to clue her in by telling her not to use her time with him complaining about not seeing him. Her gesture with the telescope and daybed was sweet, though, and I felt so bad that the other girls ended up using it first.

    Bekah M. is just, like, a mouth for Arie to kiss at this point. I thought their moment where he asked her if she really wants to get married was very telling. She hesitated in her answer, and the fact that he had to ask her to begin with makes me think he knows she is perhaps not in the mindset for marriage. I don’t see her being marriage material; she seems like she has another 10 years of thrill-seeking adventure to get out of her system before she’s ready.

    And about the gropey-hands-on-the-face kissing with EVERY girl—yuck! It’s so intimate and intense and just weird. I also think he could be nicer to the girls he is not interested in. He looked so bored with Lauren S. and Annaliese. But yet, somehow he entertains that weirdo Jenna, who acts high or drunk half the time?! I’m less impressed with Arie every episode, but at the same time, I can’t stop watching. This show is nothing if not entertaining!

  68. I kinda liked Arie the first two episodes, but this past week he’s lost his appeal. I like a more manly man, and he’s lacking in that aspect! He either doesn’t have meaning conversations or the producers aren’t airing them? And basically everyone on the season (including Arie) has this lame “yea” response when having a conversation with someone else. “The weather is nice today”, “yea”. “I have a great family”, “yea”. “I think you are great”, “yea”. “Your lips are like pillows”, “yea”…..etc. ???

  69. I thank Becca is way to young for him, I;m not saying shes not ready to settle down because a lot of people marrys young, she is just to young for him, also I think Krystal is just going to be a trouble maker, I think he sould send both of these girls home.

  70. Hi Ali!
    I’m always a week behind on your posts because I don’t have cable so I watch episodes on my iPad.. but at any rate, i always love your breakdowns on the episodes because they are exactly what I’m thinking! I completely agree with it all..

    One thing I did notice that you didn’t write (I’m pregnant and sick too I totally 100% understand) was about Bibiana at the cocktail party.. she set that whole thing up for her and Arie and didn’t step in at all to show it to him instead she watched him take 4+ other girls to it! I just don’t understand that scenario at all? Why didn’t she step in? And why didn’t he get a clue?

    Anyways I’m 32 weeks pregnant, I can totally relate to you being sick! I myself have been sick multiple times my pregnancy/ winter season 🤧☹️I hope you feel better!

  71. Arie sits down with lady and his hand automatically goes to her upper thigh. Even when he knows the lady will not get a rose, he does not hold back on the groping and the kissing.

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