Girl Time and Fun Sweaters! (ON SALE!)

I hope you all had a great weekend. Ours was pretty busy. We had an event to go to and a bunch of stuff to do to close on our house (finals inspections and such), but the best part of my weekend was time with my girlfriend Ashley. Spending time with friends is so important. The older I get, the more I realize this. So thank you Ashley for being such a bright light in my life! You’re the best (P.S. Follow Ashley HERE on insta for GORGEOUS photos)

And I posted some insta videos yesterday of us eating this a vegan restaurant and I got a bunch of DM’s fro you guys asking about it. So I thought I would shar eon here. We went to Lifefood Organic in Venice! It was so yummy! The “meat” in the wrap I got was made from coconut and honestly SUPER tasty!

And of course we had to take some pics when we had lunch and I have to share details on the sweater I wore! I got a bunch of DM’s about it too! It’s on sale right now for 33% off! It’s under $50. And how much fun are these sleeves?! I absolutely LUV it and it comes in 3 different colors. It’s just so much cuter than a plan old sweater. I’m wearing a medium.

My bracelet, purse, and over-the-knee boots are all from Sole Society. The purse has great structure and the stitching makes it look super expensive even though it’s not!  And my bracelet is so simple but gorgeous. I basically wear it everyday now.

Hope you all have a great Monday! It is Bachelor Monday after all! Yay!



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5 thoughts on “Girl Time and Fun Sweaters! (ON SALE!)

  1. Happy ‘blue’ Monday! 💙
    Seeing 2 pretty smiles brightens my day.
    Spending time with a friend is the best. 👭

  2. Hi Ali!
    I keep trying to post on your Facebook but I don’t think it’s working! I was hoping you could possibly help me! I have my daughters baptism coming up and I have an outfit in mind and I can’t find it anywhere! I am awful at putting ideas for clothing together on my own so I was wondering if you could help! I am 5’2 so I don’t know if I would be to short to pull this outfit off, if so I have another outfit in mind. (I am trying to show you the pictures but I have no idea how ha!)

  3. Hey Ali! I am just sitting here thinking about you while I watch back Jake’s bachelor season. It was the first bachelor franchise thing I’ve ever watched hears ago and I always thought since then that you a such an amazing beautiful smart girl. You were my favorite by far and my hapiness just went through the rolf when you became the bachelorette and I could watch you for several more months on tv! Anyways, it brings me such flashbacks to my own life back then and seeing where you were then and where you are now makes me just feel in awe of the wonders of life. I really do hope you are happy and fulfilled, it seems at times that you go through some serious self-doubt moments and I know we all do! I hope you can just embracr your amazingness, let go of the small and unimportant things in life and just enjoy the present moment and all that life has to give you. I’ve loved you gor years and I’m super excited for the possibility to follow on your jorney thanks to the social media actoss half the world! This is crazy! Who would thought back when I first saw you on tv years ago pre-facebook that I would be sending you a message right now. Anyways, keep healthy, keep happy, keep being the yellow-dresses wearing, beautiful , amazing Ali that you are! Hugs from Norway :)))



  4. i love those Earrings and Sweater but don’t you think they are a bit expensive to order ? i just wanted to send gift to my niece this weekend. you are just a wonderful women.
    keep up the good work
    love xoxo
    Cathy Williams
    get into pc

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