Maroon Florals on Sale!

Happy Thursday! Today is a VERY exciting (and anxiety filled) day for us! The  gas is supped to get installed in our new house. I know I know, such a lame “adult” thing to be excited about. Ha! But if it goes in as planned today then we should be able to close escrow next week! Eeeepppp! Send good “gas meter” thoughts into the universe for me!

Anyway, I’m at work at Home & Family today and I’m wearing this floral dress so I want to share details on it with all of you. And it’s on sale for 40% off right now! So if you love it like I do, that was definitely the time to get it! I love it because it’s comfortable, flattering, and the rich colors make it look very expensive in my opinion. I also absolutely love the bell sleeves. They’re so fun! And this is a great dress to wear if you’re in the middle of your pregnancy like I am. It’s non-maternity, but when I bought it I just sized up and got a large so I was sure it would fit with my bump (I’m normally a medium). The medium might’ve worked but it would’ve been a little snug.

The reason I’m OK with sizing up when buying non-maternity clothes. Is because I’d rather spend a little bit of money after my pregnancy to get the clothes taken in, then blow a bunch of money on maternity clothes that I’m never going to wear again after this baby. I told you guys this before, but we don’t plan on having any more kiddos after this one so I definitely find it hard to spend money on maternity clothes especially at this point in my pregnancy. Once I get closer to eight or nine months I’ll have no choice. And I definitely have to do maternity jeans and leggings right now. But for dresses and tops I’ll stick with non-maternity as long as I can!


I’m wearing earrings, boots, and caring a tote bag all from Sole Society. This tote bag is super functional, such a pretty color, and really want mean. I love it with the stress because the stitching in the tote bag is maroon and is really brought out by the colors in my dress. You can see me carrying it with another maroon dress HERE.

And I love the detail on my boots! I have a couple pairs of booties and these are my favorite because of the criss-cross straps around the ankle. It just makes them extra special.

Finish the look with relatively simple earrings that are gorgeous, and a simple cross ring.

If you want to see the dress in action you can check out my Instagram stories today as I’m wearing it on Home & Family. And the episode will air tomorrow morning! Hope you guys luv!


22 Thoughts

22 thoughts on “Maroon Florals on Sale!

    1. oh my gosh, really? I think it’s SO flattering. I am pregnant and have a huge belly under this dress. I feel like you can barely tell!

      1. I totally disagree. You look adorable and it’s the perfect maternity and non-maternity dress. I’m 36 weeks and might be buying this for a post-baby look.

    2. Crazy! I think this is one of the best outfits you’ve worn in your pregnancy. And I love the last photo!!! I adore this dress.

  1. Ali, such a cute dress on you!

    I’m going on a babymoon, too, and I’m hoping you will do a post soon for beachy, non-maternity clothes. I love how you try to incorporate non-maternity pieces so you will still have a wardrobe after baby #2 is born. Keep up the good work! 🙂

    1. When are you going? I am hoping to do a vacation outfits post mid February since we think we might travel late February.

      1. Could you please do vacation outfits in early February? I’m going mid Feb and have no idea what to pack! I need inspiration!

  2. Hi Ali! I have been following your blog for years, and this is my first time commenting – love all of your posts and following your family! I think it is wonderful how you are so willing to share and be honest about your life – it makes the blog great and so much more relatable!
    PS – Love this dress is great and it is super flattering on you!

  3. Sending good wishes that the gas installed.
    my Friend, Trevor would be happy to do it for you! (yesterday!)
    You look sweet as always
    I really like your booties

  4. Hi Ali! I was so excited when you posted your pregnancy announcement since I am currently 17 weeks pregnant, so only a few weeks behind you. I love that I can still get fashion recommendations and pregnancy tips from you! You mentioned you are wearing maternity leggings these days and I just wanted to see if you had a favorite pair. Since most places are online only for maternity, its hard to tell before buying them.

  5. Hi Ali, I love all your flowery dresses. The lipstick you have on matches this dress perfectly.
    What’s the name of the lipstick?
    Thank you. 😊

  6. Hey melody she will never share her lipstick or any make up colors for that matter. She says she will but never does. Also, she brags sooooo much. It’s really off putting. I’ve totally been turned off by her and no longer will follow as of now.

    1. I have to kindly disagree. She replies to many questions and comments personally- no staff, only a photographer. Her replies are personal not just a “xoxo”. Ali is also a full time mom, works part time and is pregnant. If you look she shares the good, bad and ugly of her life. That is brave and rare! Is she perfect? No, but neither is anyone else. Lets spread more kindness and be women who support other women! 🙂

  7. Ali, you look so stunning!!!! Love the dress and the perfect accessories! Always love to see what you come up with! You’re adorable! Hope the house plans went through yesterday, sending positive vibes. ❤️

  8. Ali, I love seeing all of your posts! Your outfits are always so cute. I had my daughter 2 weeks after you had Molly, and I’m actually pregnant again! I love this dress but am wanting to order it for something we have in a couple months. How far along are you now? Just wondering if it will fit me then.

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