The Bachelor – Early Front Runners

Wow Arie is already starting to form real relationships with these women! It’s fun to watch! Well sometimes the kissing is – how can I say this – too much to watch. Ha! But overall, I am already loving this season.

Becca’s Date

Every season, there’s a day where a contestant gets some sort of shopping spree and are spoiled with fancy things that the Bachelor or Bachelorette “gifts” them. Normally, I absolutely hate these dates! One, we all know that Arie isn’t the one giving the dresses and the fancy shoes, the show is. And spoiling someone like that isn’t exactly the best way to start out a relationship. However, Becca made me think totally differently about her date with Arie. She completely appreciated all the nice things that she was receiving, but she made it a point to say over and over again that those things weren’t what mattered. She was appreciative of them, but always brought the conversation back to Arie and that she is there for him. I just like her. She’s cool, down to earth, and just an all-around rad chick.

And I love how into her he already seems. At one point during their conversation right before the Neil Lane jewelry came, it looked like he wanted to go in for a kiss and hesitated because she looked down du

ring their conversation. I totally don’t think she meant to at all! But I think it made him feel a little nervous and I love that!

Becca will be in his top three at the end of the season no question. There’s definitely something special between the two of them.

Krystal’s Date

Honestly, I’m pretty shocked that Arie took Krystal home to meet his family. At first, when he brought her to his hometown it seemed like it was more about him than about her so I didn’t think too much of it. But then when she got to go to his parents house, that really changed things in my mind. At first I though that he must really see a future with her at this point if he would already introduce her to his parents. And good for her for handling herself so well. Arie’s mom seems like a hard person to read and I think Krystal did a great job of keeping the conversation going and holding her own.

Notice above I said “at first I thought that he must really see a future with her “. The reason my opinion of that changed is because at dinner when he explains to her why he brought her home to see his family, he didn’t say anything suggesting that he could see a future with her or that he thought she was the one. Instead he said that he thought she would be a “bright light” for his mother to see for his mother to feel assured that he was meeting great women on the show. I thought that was extremely interesting. And I’m honestly wondering how Krystal felt deep down about him saying that. It was obviously a beautiful complement, but not exactly what you want to hear from the guy you’re hoping falls in love with you over 20 other women.

The next morning when Krystal didn’t open up to the girls about her day, I honestly think that at first, deep down she was doing it out of respect for, both the girls, and for Arie. She wanted to keep the relationship between them, and she probably didn’t want to rub what they did in all the girls faces. But I think in this situation, you have to be more open. You can be honest and say that you feel really bad because the other girls didn’t get the same experience you got. But it really feels like she rubs a lot of the girls the wrong way. However, I don’t think that was her intention at all. All that said, she really blew it during the rose ceremony. I’ll get to that in a little bit.

Group Date

Oh my gosh. This date seemed soooo fun! I have to find a place to do this. After I have this baby of course.

But let’s just get right to the nighttime portion of the date because that’s where the interesting stuff happened. Look, I’m not the biggest fan of Chelsea. But I will say this, being a mom and coming on the show is a huge sacrifice. The other girls cannot possibly understand the sacrifice of leaving your child at home unless you’re a mother yourself. I understand that they’ve all given up something to be there, but leaving your child at home to do something like this would be unbearably hard. I’ve only spent one night away from Molly since she was born a year and a half ago and that was to go to New York City for a business trip. I literally flew into New York, went to my event and flew back all in 24 hours just because I couldn’t stand being away from her for more than one night. So I feel Chelsea. She has sacrificed more than the other girls. I never would’ve been able to understand her sacrifice before becoming a mother myself.

Having said all that, leaving her child to go on the show was her choice and that doesn’t give her the right to have more time with Arie that any of the other girls. I think the reason the girls aren’t understanding of her sacrifice, is not because she didn’t sacrifice more, but instead because the girls don’t really like her. And at the end of the day, it doesn’t really matter who sacrifice more. All that matters is who connects with Arie.

And it’s pretty obvious at this point that Arie isn’t into Brittany. The fact that she went to some sort of medical treatment to get checked out after the derby, and Arie didn’t go with her or even go to check on her at any point in the night makes it pretty clear to me that he was more focused on the other girls on the group date. I know the way the show portrayed it made it seem like she just wasn’t feeling great but it seemed to me at the cocktail party that she may have had a minor concussion and went to get medical treatment. Even if it was minor injuries, if Arie was really into her he would’ve been by her side.

I like Bibiana but she is going to have to get control of her emotions if she wants to stay on the show. And I feel for her because I know how frustrating it is when you just want a chance for some time and don’t get it, but if she doesn’t figure out a way to keep her emotions in check, there’s no way there’s any sort of future for her and Arie.

My last comment about the group date is about Becca, holy moly was that kiss between her and Arie passionate! Honestly, I kind of had to look away because it felt inappropriate to watch it. But he’s definitely into her and why wouldn’t he be, she’s absolutely stunning, articulate and it seems like she’s fun to be around. All that said, from what I’ve heard from all of you, she’s only 22 years old. Which would mean she was a minor when Arie was on Emily’s season. I just can’t get that out of my mind. And when they were kissing I actually thought about it and it really disgusted me. I don’t know, I just think there’s way too much of an age difference between them. And the fact that she wore a real fur jacket to the rose ceremony just makes me so disappointed.

Rose Ceremony

Krystal really blew it during the rose ceremony. She put a huge target on her back and it’s gonna be really hard for her to recover from it. I get wanting a minute to see Arie even though she has a rose. Honestly, I didn’t think it was an issue at all when she went and saw him the first time at the cocktail party. Mainly because this isn’t about getting a rose each week it’s about developing a relationship with somebody that could potentially be a lifelong relationship. However, when she went out and interrupted Bibiana’s time, I just couldn’t give her the benefit of the doubt anymore. I think that was rude and extremely disrespectful.

It’d be easy to say that after last night’s episode, the front runners are Becca, Bekah and Krystal. However, right now the only one I see making it in the long run is Becca. I think that the girls not liking Krystal is going to get back to Arie and somehow mess up the relationship. But if that doesn’t happen, there’s a good chance he’ll end up with her. And with young Bekah with the short hair, I think he’s going to find out how old she is, pretend like it’s not a big deal, but ultimately send her home because he knows in the back of his mind it is a big deal. But only time will tell! Who do you guys think the front runners are? At this point, who do you think he’s going to end up with in the end?

I’m actually on Access Hollywood Live today talking about this episode so tune in this morning and let me know what you think!

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74 Thoughts

74 thoughts on “The Bachelor – Early Front Runners

  1. I haven’t watched the second episode yet, but after reading this post, I can’t wait to get to it! I totally agree with your opinion of Chelsea and how making a big sacrifice to be on the show is understandable (although not necessarily relatable) but it does NOT entitle her to spend more time with Arie than all the other girls. I’m also a little weirded out that Bekah is only 22. A lot of people say age differences matter less the older you get, but I disagree. They’re in two totally different stages of life. I think being on the show for her is an adventure/thrill, whereas Arie has done a lot of soul searching and is looking for the real deal, not just an exciting experience.

    1. I totally agree, with that said, so many times in bachelor/bachelorette history, they seem to pick the “fun” girl, or guy that is totally wrong for them ie Emily, who picked Jeff over Arie. I Hope he can over see the fun, and really search long and hard for his actual soul mate, and true love. Xoxo

    2. I agree with you that Bekah is probably doing this for the experience and adventure of it all. I’m 23 and not ready to settle down but if I was offered the opportunity to go on this show I would, I mean it’s a once in a life time chance!

  2. Hey Ali! Love the blog. I agree mostly with all your predictions, but I also hope we get to see more of Caroline! She was the first out of the limo and the real estate agent. I think her and Arie could hit it off more than they already have, or more than the show has let us see. And Tia! I think she’s the one that knows Raven- I hope she gets more time because she’s soo funny and there was a part in the last episode where you could hear Arie telling her that she was his type! Eep! And finally, can we talk about the blonde girls exit last night?! “I’m sad to leave my friends, I’m not sad about leaving you.” WHAT?! Makes me question who really is there for him and who’s just trying to build their own platform and social media following…..

    Anyways, I look forward to reading your blog posts! Thank you for all the work you put into them 🙂

    1. Oh my gosh, that girl’s exit! So rude and so immature. Definitely showed he made the right decision sending her home. I think she made that comment though about being more sad to leave her friends than him because she really was upset, but didn’t know how to handle herself.

      1. Oh that girl’s eye rolls were baaaaaaaaad! Who was she? She just looked angry the whole rose ceremony. And the hands on hips attitude when he tried to talk to her??? Puh-lease do not put her on BIP. Oh can we also talk about this Bachelor Winter Games promo?

    2. ALSO!!! Did you notice that Arie’s Instagram bio includes his “favorite things” that he told Bekah in their conversation on the first night? Is that a hint?!?!

  3. Hey Ali! Loving these recaps! To chime into the post, I TOTALLY agree that it was interesting that Arie told Krystal he took her to Scottsdale to prove to his mom that this was a good decision for him and that he is indeed meeting great women. She must been not on board before? Probably due to how it ended with Emily in the past? In my opinion, Krystal plays with the camera WAYY too much. If that makes sense. And I think there is more to her story than what she told Arie just about her brother.. Maybe we will find out, maybe we won’t. And while on the topic of her, when she interrupted Bibiana (who had NO CHILL about having no time with Arie), it can’t be a coincidence that she chose to disrupt them, right? Tell me the producers have to be encouraging people to go step in, simply for making drama? Maybe they all get told, but only a few will, revealing the kind of person they are?

    I laughed at the comment about Bekah’s fur coat… was it actually real fur? Wow.. & YES their make out was INTENSE, and maybe a bit too hands-y?! I wasn’t sure if I should rewind and watch again, or turn and look away! Ha ha! Arie appears to be a low key aggressive kisser.

    Lastly, my favorites are Becca K, Tia and Sienne. We haven’t seen a whole lot of the latter two, but I think they are both special! I also think Maquel, Marik, and the Lauren’s need more air time!

    Anyway, love your posts!! Always looking forward to the weeks to come! xoxo

    1. I really like Maquel and Mariqh. I think they are two of the prettiest girls there so I hope they get more air time. However, I really haven’t seen any connection with them and Arie.

    2. Yes, if your brother was living on the streets, don’t you just take him in? There has to be more to the story there.

      1. There are many homeless people that choose to be homeless, I’m sure it occurred to her to offer him a place to stay. You can’t force someone to accept help.

  4. Love your recaps– Just wanted to mention that Bekah tweeted that all of her furs are faux this season. Didn’t want anyone getting a bad impression! 🙂

  5. Love Tuesday mornings drinking my coffee and reading your blog!
    I love Becca also! When she got the first date i was stoked. She carries herself so well. I liked that she seems mature and also can laugh and cherish the small things.
    Krystal I can’t put my finger on just yet. She seems nice but I just can’t vibe with her at all almost as if something is just really off. She definitely placed a target on her back, you are correct!
    I aside from Becca, really like Annaliese. Although, after the episode I hope she is just a sensitive human rather than a hot mess (it looks like she might cry a lot). However, in the time it’s shown her she seems sweet.
    Thank you for your blog! It makes watching the show more interesting because I just love your perspective on everything. Also, you have a beautiful family and congrats on baby 2!

  6. Love Becca K!!! She is so cool and laid back and they just seemed very natural and comfortable together right from the beginning of the date! I feel like she was perfect for that date because she doesn’t come across as materialistic at all and she really did come across as so appreciative but that she didn’t expect any of it!

    Arie kissing young Bekah on the group date was SO uncomfortable to watch eep! I mean, I get that he’s a passionate guy but hello people, did you forget about the cameras? Wowza! His time talking with Seinne was really great! She is so poised and put together. She seems incredibly mature and I like her a lot! I think she surprised him!

    My hubby is rooting for Annaliese but even he was questioning all the tears from her. She seems really sweet so I hope she can keep it together and be around for a while! My picks at this point are Becca K, Tia (because she’s hilarious and also down to earth) and Caroline!

    Also, Jenny’s exit was SO rude and disrespectful to both Arie and the remaining girls. Everyone put their lives on hold to be there to try to find a partner. She obviously wasn’t there for the right reason and I think Arie handled it so well when she complained that she didn’t want to leave her friends. The whole thing is about so much more than that as he said. She just showed her immaturity. Too bad.

    Love your blog Ali! Thanks for sharing the insights! I can’t wait to join in on the mommy talks soon! We’re expecting our first in August! ♥

  7. Ali, I have to turn my head when Arie kisses any of these girls! Uck! And the way he puts his hands all up in their face and hair! lol
    I hope short hair Bekah isn’t really 22. I like her spunk! And she’s cute as a button. Love the other Becca too. And Caroline is so beautiful – why isn’t she getting any air time? Is that producer’s doing?
    One other question…do the producers place the girls at the rose ceremony or do they pick their own spot?

    1. Ouu good question! I often wonder that too! Do they pick their own spots or are they placed by producers??

      1. I feel like that has to be staged by the producers. Bibiana was standing right next to Krystal. Based on Bibiana’s fury earlier that night, I feel like if it were up to them, she would have been waaaaay on the other side of the room!

  8. Hi Ali! There’s NO WAY Arie ends of with Krystal! His body language towards her on their date was so closed off. Arms crossed, he didn’t kiss her very much (that was shown) and at the end of one of their conversations at the cocktail party, he just hugged her.

    And I LOVE Becca! She seemed so genuine during their date!!!

  9. I love Arie with Becca! They just seem to fit so well together and watching their date it felt like she was someone who would last with him long term after the show ended. Arie seems like a great guy and I am really hoping he finds the girl he’s going to marry this season.

    I could not believe he brought Krystal to his house AND to meet his family. Even though she got this really special date, I don’t think she’ll make top 4, at least I hope not. Also not a huge fan of Bekah with the short hair. I have friends with an 8 year age gap, but I can’t get past Arie and Bekah. He’s super into her, but honestly, it makes me cringe a little.

    I’m still not sure if I have enough favorites yet to create a top 4, but besides Becca, I really like Seinne! I was happy to see her get time with Arie. She’s beautiful and so poised. Looking forward to seeing more connections grow next week!

  10. See, I almost felt like Arie was even a little annoyed at Krystal when she interrupted the second time! But that could’ve been me projecting my own annoyance… ha!

    I don’t see Bibiana lasting super long on this show just because of her strong negative emotions. I don’t blame her for them, but this looks like it’s going to be a super unhealthy environment for her, and I think there’s only so much she and Arie will be able to take of it (if Arie sees that side).

    I’m not as creeped out by Bekah’s age as I’d have thought…but I think that’s just because 1) Arie doesn’t know how young she is yet and 2) Arie didn’t KNOW her when he was on the show before — so it’s not like he knew her as a minor. He only knows her as an adult. I do think the age difference will be too big a barrier to overcome though.

    I agree with you about Chelsea too. I think the other women would understand how much of a sacrifice it is for her a lot more if she didn’t lord it over them like she was more important than them because of it. (Which, of course, we don’t know for sure that that’s what she’s doing — but that’s what the edit suggests. Especially last week’s preview for the season where she said she deserves more time with him because she’s a mom. I think this week she kept it to “that’s why I’m going after him first,” but I can’t quite remember)

  11. Bekah commented in her Instagram chat saying her fur wasn’t real before the show started! Just a heads up 🤗

  12. Ali- I love reading your blog after watching The Bachelor! I loved the first date with Becca. She is classy and down to earth and I could totally see her ending up with Arie!

    I can’t quite figure out Krystal. Is she sincere in her sweetness or a ticking time bomb about to explode? I’m sure we will see more of her in future episodes. I totally agree that her interrupting Bibiana was not very nice and I hated how she wouldn’t share a little more of her date with the other girls. It made her look shady.

    Jenny’s exit was one of the worst that I have ever seen on the show. It showed her immaturity. Arie not choosing her had more to do with him not feeling a connection than anything negative about her personally. It was too bad she couldn’t see it that way. Why would you ever want to be with someone who wasn’t into you? I’ll never understand!

    I’m looking forward to a great Bachelor season and enjoy reading your thoughts! Congrats on Baby #2. You are a darling mama!

    1. I think Jenny was trying to hurt Arie by saying that she wasn’t upset about him and was more upset about leaving her friends because she was trying to consolidate her feelings of rejection. It’s a very negative and immature response, but after she left she said “I’ve been dumped for the first time ever.” She is clearly not experienced at handling rejection and did not know how to deal with it. It seems she has a lot of growing up to do, and it’s a good thing Arie let her go early.

  13. I also think Becca’s the front runner! Noticed how towards the end of their date he asked if she was going to stick around next week? That made me go awwww 🙂

  14. I agree about the kissing this time! Way toooooo much tooooo fast! I think if I were a front runner I’d play a bit hard to get in the kissing area. I’d tell him – when you stop kissing so many girls then you can kiss me!!! Otherwise I’d feel like I was kissing all those girls that he was kissing also. Yucko!!!

    1. Makes my skin crawl to see how he moves in for the kiss! And, touching/rubbing the women’s knees and legs is just too much too soon! Very uncomfortable to watch, to say the least! Hugs would be so much more appropriate for first week or two.
      Liking Becca best, so far!
      I enjoy your blog, Ali, and think that your little munchkin is adorable!

  15. Yay we are on the same page with Becca, I just love her and think she will be in his top three as well, along with Bekah. Another one that I liked was Sienne so those are my top three as of now, and yea I am not a fan of Krystal at all.

  16. Love your thoughts! I think right now he actually connects truly-
    only with Becca. I think she is for sure going to be a front runner. She’s classy, fun and it just seemed natural with them. She just seems normal! LOL

    I agree that Bekah is young. But he does seem genuinely into her! Also, one thing I think people didn’t know was.. Brad Womack was 38. Emily Maynard was 24. Granted she was a mother, so it did up her maturity level. But still – it was a major age difference and people didn’t seem to notice/mind. We’ll see if she goes far in the show. Their chemistry is definitely there!

    I don’t believe Krystal is a front runner. For some reason I think Arie was turned off when she interrupted AGAIN with him and Bibiana.
    Excited to see how it unfolds!

    Thanks for your posts!!

  17. I love your blog. Remember Chris ( I think ) was the bachelor that took a first date to meet his family and the girl went home weeks later. So him taking Krystal home I think was just his way of introducing his family back to the bachelor family.
    I think the young short haired girl is cute but not for Arie. Maybe she got picked to get air time to maybe be the next Bachelorette. Have we had one that young before or one with short hair?
    I don’t care for Biabana she as some issues. I think she should STEP up if she wants more time with him instead of passing out orders ( this ones going , then this girl etc.)
    Anyway thank you for your blog and congrats on baby number 2 I hope it’s a boy. You and Kevin are so cute together glad you found your love and still are apart of the bachelor nation.
    God always has great plans for us.
    Love you and your family!!!!

  18. Having married a man 13 yrs older than me (the first time) I have to say that the age difference doesn’t start affecting the marriage/relationship until you are older. Trust me!! My 2nd hubby and I are the same age… much better.

    Ok so I love Becca… not just because if her name but she’s real. Krystal is as fake as the come and I read her from the instant she started talking on the promo. I think he’s very impressed with Sienne and well he should be. Smart and beautiful.

    I think Becca will be the last one but aren’t there issues at the end with an ex? Help me here Ali

    Oh and I too love reading your blog. Another former Bachelorette writes one that I used to read but now she has an assistant write it. Not the same.

    1. Yikes, I wonder if the season preview we were shown at the end of Week 1, when we hear a male voice-over saying he wants his girl back, was Becca’s boyfriend of 7 yrs.? And if it was, it takes me back to JoJo Fletcher, during Ben Higgins season when her former boyfriend tried to win her back! I loved Becca and Arie together, and I’m hopeful, but we are still so early in the show.

  19. I am so up in the air at this point about all of them! And Arie kisses too passionately at this stage in the game! I think after the next two or three episodes there will be much more clarity on the true front runners, and I also think it’s going to change a lot! I bet Krystal and Becca won’t be in the top 4. Bibiana has got to go! Her self wallowing and anger is going to get worst!

  20. I would like to formally retract my comment from last week where I said I loved Krystal haha I got such a different and fake vibe from her this week it was very disappointing. She acted very superior saying that she was checking on Bibiana and then calling Arie baby while other girls were within earshot. My husband said it was clear to him that Arie was a little annoyed and I agree. I love long hair Becca! She’s so down to earth and totally there for arie, I’m so glad he seems to like her a lot. Short hair Bekah needs to go. It seems unlikely because he really likes her but, she’s a child lol at 22 years old there’s no way they should be together. I know age is just a number but come on they’re in complete different stages in life! When they kissed I immediately thought omg he was proposing to Emily and she was taking her geometry finals!!! And thank you for mentioning the FUR! That was super disappointing and gross. Thanks for the blog Ali I look forward to it every Tuesday!!! You’re the best!

  21. The kiss between Bekah and Arie was a little to much to watch. I think he’ll keep her around for awhile because she’s fun and he’s clearly into her. But I do have to agree with you Ali, he’ll act that age doesn’t matter when it really does; I mean he was already a teenager when she was born—gross! Any early predictions on who would make a nice Bachelorette?

  22. I really like Krystal. I hate how people are judging her voice and personality as being fake. Judgement, criticism, accusation, and assumption are not automatically facts. People can think that but they may in fact be wrong. I just took a college class that touched base on this and we as humans falsely judge people because we think we are all knowing about who someone is. I’ve done it before and it’s honestly something I still need to work on.

    I think the joy, smiles, and positive outlook on life she has are from the fact that she has had a rough life. Sometimes you cant appreciate the joy in life until you have suffered through trials. I can relate to this. Cant we all if we choose to? However, I was bummed out by her choices at the rose ceremony. I do think she meant well in that she wants to connect with her man but it’s totally a different situation than in “real life” because it’s The Bachelor 🙁

    Becca and Arie…oh my gosh! I can see the sparks coming out my tv! 🙂

    Bekah reminds me of Marilyn Monroe. She just as this look about her minus the hair color 🙂 Absolutely gorgeous and such an interesting gal.

  23. Totally agree with Becca! She’s sweet but not annoyingly so, and seems mature. They look very easy together. I definitely think they will go the distance.

    I really like Bekah’s energy. She’s adorable for sure and I do think she will stay for a long time. I think it’s interesting the producers chose not to put her age. Why not scream “we are looking for some drama.” I am not really creeped out by the age difference, until I think about her only being a year younger than my daughter! Then i think yeah she’s too young. She would be a great Bachelorette for sure, with guys closer to her age.

    Bibianna has valid complaints but she’s not emotionally ready for this. He needs to do her and send her home. Or shall I say the producers need to let him 😉

    Krystal… oh boy. First am I the only one who thinks he brought home the one who looks the most like his mom? Ha! She seemed like a nice girl, but not as nice as she was trying to make him think (clearly). Not a classy move interupping! She really sounds needy and fake at times. When he said she looked pretty she said something like “do i really?” That’s obnoxious. Just take the compliment. She seems to have a lot of baggage and emotionally I think she is one bad group date away from a breakdown.

    It’s definitely going to be the most dramatic season of the Bachelor!

  24. I also had to look when he kissed young Becca. She somehow reminds of Corinne and think she’s there to have fun and not to find a husband. I think the top ones right now, are The older Becca, Sianna, Kristal, and the young chic. Almost looks like father and daughter when they are together🙈

  25. I love your recaps Ali!! I like seeing what you thought!! I totally agree with you on the recaps! I love the first date with Becca! I love your blog!!

  26. You really are spot on with all the girls and share all my same thoughts:) Becca was my favorite after week one and after their one in one date I like her even more! I hope she makes it to the end!! I won’t get into Krystal because I don’t want to be rude:) I’ll just say she’s not my favorite and leave it at that. I also really like Seinne. She seems really sweet and intelligent and she’s beautiful! I don’t know how long she’ll be around because honestly, I just think she’s too smart for him. It’s definitely going to be an interesting season and I can’t wait to see what happens!!

    And Ali, you are seriously the cutest and I love seeing you’re beautiful family! So happy for you and your growing family!! ❤️

  27. I don’t know if I see the chemistry between Becca and Arie (YET). I do love that she seems down to earth. I feel like their relationship will simmer slowly and at a more normal rate. Still not positive she will be one of the final handful!

    I had to stop watching that kiss between (young) Bekah and Arie, too! It felt way too intimate—and way too soon for such steam! I kind of wish Arie hadn’t jumped right in with kissing all these girls so soon. Having chemistry with someone is important, but so is building a foundation.

    Krystal. Oh man! I liked her at first, but I think she may be dealing with insecurity. The first time she interrupted another girl at the cocktail party, I could maybe justify it (though I would be frustrated, too, if I were one of the other girls without a rose). The second time, she truly seemed like she was the insecure girlfriend who needed to spend every second with her beau and know who he is talking to and what’s going on. Nothing against her, but she seems like she may need to focus on her own confidence and insecurities before she’s ready for a serious commitment.

    I hope Arie really thinks about what he’s looking for and isn’t just thinking about who would be a fun girlfriend!

    1. I also noticed that Arie told Chris Harrison right before the rose ceremony that some of the girls he connected more with and others fell back. I feel like he was talking about Krystal and how she kept interrupting the other girls time and acting childish. I love Becca and thought they had great natural chemistry on their date! I watch the show with my mom each week and she covers her eyes every time he kisses a girl and “ugh he’s tongue kissing again”😂😂

  28. I agree with you, I think long haired Becca is adorable and is one of Aries front runners. I hope she goes to the end….I think Bekah with short hair will get cut eventually, that kiss was so hard to watch….I had to turn my head….

    I can’t stand Krystal, I liked her at first but that went away as soon as I seen her in…although Bibianna has valid points, I think she will get into more confrontations with Krystal before it’s all over……….there is still a lot of show to be seen yet and I’m hoping tia, and a few others move to be the front runners.

    I think this season is going to be one of the better seasons to watch…

  29. Why must he kiss like that every time?! If I were watching the play back and engaged to him, it would make my stomach churn!!! And this is horrible to say, bc I do really like Arie , but my first thought was he would keep short hair Becca through Fantasy suites dates just to sleep with her. How awful does that sound?!! But really, it is extremely obvious that they have sexually chemistry but nothing beyond that. She’s too immature and catty. Leaving her age out of the equation and only basing my opinion on how she acts around him and the girls. Did you catch the tiny segment after their first make out session she whispers to him something like she didn’t like drama. I forget exactly what was said. Any ways so far the first Becca gets my vote by far but there are so many girls that isn’t getting air time that I want to see more of! Krystal is gonna be a hot mess with lots of personal problems. Not a match at all. She’s gonna get way over attached and like a leach. I’m sure she has a good heart but she’s got some deep issues that she needs to work through before involving herself with any relationship.

  30. Totally agree with everything you said Ali! And those kisses with the young Bekah were intense, but I feel like she’s kind of like Corinne in Nick’s season. A young girl, who he chemistry with but its not going to go much further than that. And I’m glad I wasn’t the only one rubbed the wrong way by Bekah and her fur! With Krystal, part of me feels like she is putting on a show with Arie and for some reason I don’t buy her as being genuine. I guess we’ll see what happens! You’ll have to let us know on the blog where we can all do one of those group date derby things! It looked like so much fun!!!

  31. Hey Ali! I haven’t read all the comments on your post, but how do you guys know she’s only 22? I actually was thinking the opposite. I was thinking she’s gonna be 35 or 36 and she’s too ashamed to say how old she is in front of all these twenty-somethings! Is that a possibility or do we know for sure already that she’s 22? Just curious how your readers are getting their info. Maybe they read spoilers? Either way, which is it? Is she 22 or 35?? I hope it’s 35 cause I do like her and I think them being closer in age would actually be super great!

    Anyway, love your blog, love your Instagram, love your little family and look forward to reading next week! xo

    1. Nevermind. I just did two minutes of research and it’s everywhere, including on her own Instagram, she’s 22. That sucks. It’ll never work between them.

  32. Ali, I guess my question would be, can they or do they strongly suggest to the bachelor to keep a certain person on the show early on and give her a rose for drama sake only? It just seems too convenient that the girls who fight and argue are kept on together.

    Interested to know….

  33. I like Becca. She’s reserved, intelligent, sweet, and classy.
    To me, Krystal seems kind of stalker-ish, insecure, and needy. I think that will grate on Arie’s nerves real quick.

    Bibiana , way too psycho. She has no impulse control and acts extremely immature. I was shocked she got a rose. I question if he wasn’t ‘encouraged’ to give her one to keep her around gor the drama aspect.

    I’m sure there are some other lovely women, they just really really focused too much on Krystal and Chelsea. Agreed she can’t play the :‘ I left my child to be on the show’ card. No one made her and the other women w/o children shouldn’t get less time with him! Her personality seems conniving to me and I bet she plays dirty.

    Sienne is very cool, down to earth, intelligent, friendly, and seems to have piqued his interest. I hope we get to see more women’s personalities soon!

  34. So Arie and I are the same age. And I keep thinking, could I be into a 22 year old guy. And the answer is absolutely not. Could I kiss a hot, 22 year old guy… probably. But it could never be more than that. I doubt Bekah will get to hometown dates.

    I really like Becca. And as for all the others, I just can’t get a good read yet. We’re still in the early part of the season where the producers make us focus on petty drama and suddenly we are left with 6 girls who’s names we don’t know. Ha!

    Thanks for the recap!

  35. Hey Ali!

    Totally agree with you on most fronts! Esp when it comes to Bekah and her age. Wanted to let you know (not sure if anyone else has said it already) but I saw on Bekah’s Instagram that her fur is faux! Phew!

    Love reading your recaps every week!!!

  36. Did anyone notice that Arie was drinking milk during the group dates?!! 😂 It at least looked like milk! Thought that was interesting.

  37. Does Becca really get to keep all of the amazing dresses and shoes? Sorry if that was previously asked. If so, she is a lucky gal! Love their chemistry!

  38. I definitely think Becca is a front runner like you said. I also think we haven’t seen a few of the girls yet who have potential to be front runners like Caroline, Lauren S, and Tia. I also think Siene is going to go far! She is absolutely STUNNING!!!! I am not sure if he will end up with her or Tia but it will interesting to see. LOVE The blog

  39. I really like Becca too, they definitely have something. I think Krystal is starting to look like a stage 5 clinger! She came across as so desperate and needy at the rose ceremony and I don’t think Arie will like that after a while. I think he will keep Bekah around for a while because she’s fun and why not? But ultimately he won’t see her as a wife.

    But one of my favorite moments was after the rose ceremony when the blond (Jenny?) was cut and upset. He went after her to make sure she was ok. I really loved what he said something like “I know you made friends here, but it’s about more than that”. Bam! Totally called her out for not taking the relationship side seriously!

    Love your blog as always Ali! Wish we could be friends IRL haha 😘

  40. Good recap. I really like Sienne… She’s so beautiful, smart, and put together. I hope she makes it far, if not to the end. Not a fan of Krystal.

  41. Great episode. I have a hard time watching Krystal in scenes, especially at the Rose Ceremony. I’m sure she is really sweet and its just how she is getting portrayed though. I think its so early to not be thoughtful of others you are sharing a house with!! I was watching a YouTube video blog from someone at ET and I thought she said she was there for the filming of Becca’s 1 on 1 date and that Arie paid for all the dresses himself. Which if that’s true, might be telling and support the thought of her making it far this season. Her down-to-earth nature has made her a favorite of mine this season. Sienne, Tia, and both Lauren’s also have my attention. I feel like the Lauren’s haven’t been given much screen time yet, so maybe they will be standouts farther along? The energy feels good from a majority of the girls. Although I don’t agree with how Chelsea presented herself on the group date, she is rubbing me the wrong way like she did Night 1. Really looking forward to this season.

  42. Love you Ali! Totally agree with you on everything in your blog. By the way im going to be a mother in july 🙂 congrats to you and your family! Love from sweden

  43. I definitely see Becca as a finalist because they seem to have really good chemistry already. I honestly think that we haven’t really met the girl that Arie ends up with. I think that there are some girls that he really likes but we haven’t gotten to see their time together yet. I only say that because I don’t really see him ending up with any of the women we have seen him with this far.

  44. I’m just curious about your comment about the fur coat… I mean this in no disrespect but why does that bother you so much? I have a mink fur coat that was my great grandmother’s and I love to wear. It’s an old heirloom, and I don’t think it should just go to waste. I don’t know very many people with furs but everyone I know who has one it is also an heirloom. That could be the case with Bekah’s, right? Honestly, just curious…. Everyone can have their own opinions on fur, but I was just wondering why it bothers you.

    1. Jianna, I think that maybe Ali, like a lot of us are turned off by the idea of real fur. That is absolutely nothing against your family heirloom that probably helps you feel close to your great grandma when you wear it. I was more alarmed when Bekah said something like “I always have to be in a fur.” That definitely doesn’t sound like she is wearing them for sentimental reasons. Also, I was relieved to see that Bekah tweeted that the fur she was wearing was faux 🙂

  45. I am just not feeling it this season. It’s too blah! He’s not too into it or he’s just too conscious. Or am I missing peter still wishing it was him! Does anyone else feel the same ??

    1. I am hopeful that he will start bringing the emotion, or humor, or something. I agree that so far he is a bit boring.

  46. As a mother myself, I do not think that Chelsea gets a pass for her “sacrifices”. I understand that she likely loves and misses her child. But, she chose to leave her child and go on reality television. No one forced her to. Just my opinion. 🙂

  47. Hey Ali, I know you sometimes have info on the girls’ outfits and I loved Krystal’s outfit for their date. Her boots and tank were so cute, I didn’t know if you had any info on those? Thanks!!

  48. Ali, Bekah M. has said on Instagram that it wasn’t real fur. You might want to put in a correction because I’m seeing people in your comments jumping on the bandwagon of something false. Yikes!

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