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Hey guys! Happy Friday! It’s been a bit of a roller coaster week for us over here. We were so confident that the gas meter was going to get installed in our new house this week, meaning we could move in within another week, but unfortunately that didn’t happen. We just feel so out of sorts to have been living in limbo for as long as we have. We packed up a lot of our house when we had an open house almost 6 months ago now and haven’t really unpacked. So we’re definitely ready to get settled in our new home.

Anyway, wanted to share this casual look with you guys today. I call it my “running errands” look. It’s just easy to throw on, and because it’s a few simple layers, you look put together. I’m wearing the same outfit today but I actually took these pictures a few weeks ago. I totally forgot about them until I put the outfit on today and remembered that I took these a little while back. That’s why my bump isn’t quite as visible. But I’m still wearing maternity jeans! My bump is just way bigger now!

The base of the look is my striped shirt with the elbow patches. Would you believe me if I told you it’s under $10? Well it is! The shirt is only $9! I got it, along with the clothes below, from SheIn. I always recommend only buying clothes that I have reviewed from the site. I’ve had a few misses when buying from there and I wouldn’t want the same thing to happen to you guys. So let me buy and review before you do! I’ll be the guinea pig! But this striped shirt is a winner for sure! I layer it with different things all the time. For example, you’ll see me wearing it often with my favorite black overalls. It’s just a cute shirt and the elbow patches give it an extra something.

Here are other items I OWN and LOVE from SheIn (see last pic for a pic of me wearing the $15 “weekend” shirt”)…


I layered a navy vest over it. I love a good vest for layering. And the great thing about this one is that it comes in plus sizes too! Check those out HERE.

I finished off the look with my $14 sunnies. By the way, these sunglasses used to be $12. You guys have seen me write about them on my blog time and time again. But they just upped the price to $14. Probably because they’re so popular! But they’re so worth it at $14!

A pair of white chucks, a crossbody bag and maternity jeans finish off my look. I love this outfit because it’s not only cute and comfortable for the every day girl/mom but it’s affordable too! Hope you guys love it as much as I do! Have a great Friday and an even better weekend!


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12 thoughts on “Casual Fashion

  1. You’re the cutest ‘guinea pig’ & I’m going to buy the striped t-shirt.
    I hope the gas meter doesn’t take much longer to be installed.
    Ps Are you taking the 15 min. Outdoors ‘live a little’ after your done doing your errands? ☺
    I’m trying!
    Have a good weekend.

  2. Oh Ali! I am in the exactly same house situation than You 🙁 Our new house is ready but there are details still missing.. I am beggin God for moving any time soon because everything at home is packed and being a clean and organize person I am just getting really anxious but let’s trust that God’s time is perfect.

  3. You look darling in these pics! I am hoping you and Kevin, Molly and Owen will be able to move into your new home VERY SOON! Having torn down our old house and rebuilt a new one, and having to redo the long driveway, bulkhead and entire front and back yard, being told it would take 9 months which turned into 17 1/2 mos.!…I empathize with you! ❤️

  4. This is so random – I hope you know the answer! Any idea what color lipstick/gloss you are wearing in your insta stories today? Your makeup was done by Emma Willis – you’re wearing this same striped shirt! It’s so pretty!! 😊 Love following you!

  5. I bought the striped shirt from SheIn and it was a total MISS. This is the second time I’ve tried buying from there and I think I’m giving up. I ordered a large and it fits like an XXS.

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