My New Years Resolutions

Happy 2018 Everyone! I hope you all had a great time celebrating last night. Kevin and I stayed in and were in bed by 9pm. So we celebrated with the east coast 🙂 He he.

Anyway, I wanted to take this opportunity to share my New Year’s resolutions with you guys. Do I think New Year’s resolutions are helpful? Not necessarily if it’s a one time commitment. Here’s my theory. Any day is a good day to remind yourself to either try something new or make positive changes in your life. So I’m using today as another one of those days. But don’t get me wrong, I’m continually trying to remind myself to be better for not only me but for my family too. So this year I have two New Year’s resolutions. These are things that I hope to keep reminding myself to “resolve” to do throughout the year at various times.

Well before I get to my resolutions, scroll down and check out the progression of these photos. I just feel like it so perfectly captures what life can be like with a toddler. In the first two pictures you can see Molly’s in a great mood. Laughing and smiling and just having a grand old time! And then in the next moment she’s screaming her head off in one of her finest toddler tantrums. I used to let these moments stress me out. And by “used to,” I mean I probably did last week. But I’m hoping to remind myself today and every day that I can be patient and a better mom. And I’m certainly going to have to remind myself of this even more often when baby number two comes along!


So what is my first resolution? I want to be a better mother. I know I know, that can mean so many things. And that’s why I’m trying to be more specific on what I mean by that when I make this resolution. I want to be more patient and present in Molly’s life. Patient, when she has her little mini-meltdowns. I want to be able to look at my husband and smile during those moments (without letting her see of course). I want to be able to take a deep breath, know that it will pass, and let her see her mom keep her cool and positivity in moments where she’s feeling distress.

And I plan to be more present by doing things like putting my phone away for at least an hour a day while I spend time with her. Don’t get me wrong, I spend a lot more than an hour a day with my child. I’m usually with her all day. But for an hour of that time I want to make sure my phone is not in arms reach so I’m not checking email or Instagram. I’m just totally present with her. And I know this is a baby step. But I feel like quantifying your resolutions is how you can make them more successful. That way you can check in at the end of the day and ask yourself, “did I put my phone away for an hour today?” And there’s no ambiguity in that question. You either did or you didn’t.

My second resolution has to do with living a more full life. That’s why I bought this LIVE A LITTLE shirt honestly. I feel like every time I put it on it will be a little reminder of this resolution to me. So what do I mean by I want to live more? Well, ever since I became a mom, I found that sometimes a month will go by – even two months – and I’ll realize that I haven’t done one social thing. In fact, I’ll realize that I haven’t even left the house on a weekend in months. And then I’ll get myself in that Instagram rabbit hole where I start looking at other peoples photos or Instagram stories of them out with friends and family and I’ll start feeling down on myself. And I’ll start thinking “am I really even living my life?”


I know I’m not the only parent that feels this way. And that’s why I want to be so open about it on here. I’ve talked about it a little bit with you guys before in the past. About how I feel like I barely do anything social anymore and I don’t interact with many people outside of the people I see at work and Kevin and Molly. So this year, my resolution is to live my life more fully! And given my first resolution of being a better parent, I really feel like I can do these two things hand-in-hand. So to quantify this resolution I’m giving myself the goal of spending some time outside with Molly and Owen at least 5 days a week. Some days that will mean time at the park. Other days that will mean 15 minutes of playing outside in our front yard. But I just wanna make sure I’m making a conscious effort every single day to get outside with my family. There’s other things I want to work on doing too. Like making sure Kevin and I get out more just the two of us. I know I’ve mentioned to you guys before that we’ve only been on four date nights since Molly was born. She’s one and a half! I feel like it’s insane that we haven’t gone out just the two of us more often. I want to reconnect with my husband and do more things like we used to do before kiddos.

Anyway, I just wanted to share my goals for 2018 with all of you. I know as moms and dads we can be hard on ourselves. And I’m definitely hard on myself when it comes to parenting Molly. But no matter what we think of our parenting, I always think there’s room to grow and be better. Sometimes that means taking more time for yourself, and sometimes that means being more present in your child’s life. I for one, don’t get much time for myself and I’ll have to work on that one at some point too. But for now, I want to be better for her.

I hope you all have a wonderful start to 2018! Cheers to another wonderful year ahead for all of us! And before I go I can’t not mention that the Bachelor starts TONIGHT!!!!! EEEEEPPPPPP I am soooo excited about that. My final resolution is to watch loyally with all of you and blog each week! So make sure to come back here tomorrow to hear ALL my thoughts on Ari and his ladies! Can’t wait! I will also be live tweeting and doing insta stories so make sure to follow along!


Oh and for anyone wondering about my outfit. I’m wearing a medium in both the Live A Little T-shirt and the faux leather leggings. And my purse is under $40 and comes in a bunch of colors! I love this black one I own but there’s a blush one that is so gorgeous too! And for those interested, today and tomorrow are the LAST days to shop the Nordstrom Half Yearly Sale! The do this huge sale after the Holidays to keep people shopping (I assume) – and the sales do NOT disappoint!

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39 thoughts on “My New Years Resolutions

  1. Ali I absolutely love your honesty because it is SO relatable! Patience is something I certainly struggle with, with my son Ari who is 4 (yep like the bachelor which I can’t wait for tonight!). It’s incredible how these little people really get our own emotions going! I love that idea about putting your phone away, I don’t realize how often I’m on it until he says, mom put it down and just play. Which breaks my heart but keeps me in check! Anyways, happy new year to you and your sweet family!

    1. Thanks Jessica! I guess that’s because it’s all the truth! And I know so many moms and dads struggle with these things. I do for sure. Hopefully we can help remind each other to stay present (and patient) in our children’s lives throughout the year!!! xoxo

  2. I want to live my life more fully too.
    Going to buy a ‘live a little’
    t-shirt. ☺
    (I’m also going to break away from my phone more often)
    You & Kevin are both great patents!
    Enjoy the Bachelor show.
    Happy new year!

    1. It’s so easy to get caught up on our phones or to stay in every night because we are too tired to go out But I really want to make more of an effort to do things other than errands, work and staying home. Let’s do this together!!!! xoxo

  3. It is crazy how your life changes with a little one! My guy is 9.5 months and my husband and I haven’t gone out without him since he was born! We have family that comes to visit and they always say they will watch him but we always tend to get busy with family stuff and never do! Maybe this year! It’s so hard bc I feel guilty leaving him anymore than I do for work. Mom guilt is real! Anyway- good luck with your resolutions!!!!

    1. For me not going out is less about guilt and more about being too tired! (Although I feel mom guilt about plenty of other things!) I suggest going out at night after our little guy is in bed. Maybe you wont feel as guilty then!

  4. Happy New Year Ali!
    I can relate to your resolutions so much! So much that I’m stealing yours and making them mine! 😐 sorry! I really need to step aside when my lil girl is having a temper tantrum, instead of getting frustrated with her. Also, getting out of my house more! Although right now in PA it’s FREEZING, I gotta try, even if I get dressed up and sit inside, at least I got out of my PJ’s 🙈

    1. Yeah the winter in the cold states does make it hard! But I think that’s a GREAT idea to just get dressed and ready for the day. Even if you are staying home!

  5. Great resolutions! Something that I’ve found so important as a mom that kind of goes into both of your resolutions is planning “me time” into each month. Whether it’s going to lunch with girlfriends or getting a pedicure, it helps recharge me and makes me feel like the pre-kiddos me. We often put ourselves last when it’s healthy to put ourselves first sometimes.

    1. That is definitely next on my list of things I want to do! I just didn’t want to try to commit to too many things right off the bat! 😉 But me time is soooo important!

  6. No I wasn’t up either and never was into resolutions but all the best in yours. I don’t know what set Molly off in those photos but hey, we all have those moments whether at 1 1/2 or 25 1/2. My sons were 3 yrs apart & though those days are hazy now & life happened & we’ve all gone our ways. I think you & Kevin are doing great & your photos bring a smile. As my dad used to say, always keep positive and positive will flow back to you, Best wishes in a big 2018 Ali!

    1. I love that saying by your dad! So true! Honestly my 3rd resolution is to be more like my friend Jonathan – who is super positive and happy all the time!

  7. I need to steal your resolutions. I get so tense when my toddlers throw fits (twin 2 yr boys). It makes me nervous for some reason, like something more is wrong….. I need to CHILL! It’s a bit of a relief to read your blog and people’s comments….. it makes me feel less crazy. And a little less alone. 🙂

  8. I can so relate to your goals. I can really get sucked into my phone or trying to get a perfect picture of my kiddos. I can even feel like a slave to my it sometimes since I check it often and that I’m watching the world go by in other people’s Insta-stories.

    Another goal for me is to spend more quality time with my husband. Sometimes we’ll get the kids down for bed and sit next to each other on our phones. It’s so ridiculous! Do you and Kevin ever do that? I want to spend more time doing quality things with my husband like date nights or board games even. Hope you and your growing family have a great 2018!

  9. Hi Ali,
    I love reading your blogs and following you on Instagram. Like another fan mentioned, I love and appreciate your honestly and feel that I can totally relate. I have a 4 yo son and an almost 20 mo daughter. Trying to balance being a mom, wife and 2nd grade teacher is challenging so my New Years resolutions are basically the same as yours. I want to be a better mom too by being more patient (not letting the stresses of the work day affect my patience) and also I want to really try hard to put my phone down more and just be present for my kids – no work, no checking social websites, etc. I also want to make sure to take care of myself so that I can best take care of my kids by taking a little “me time” every now and then and not feel mom guilt over it. Being a parent is the hardest and best job all in one. You are a wonderful mother and I wish you all the best in 2018!

    Can’t wait for the Bachelor tonight! 😉

  10. Hi! You wrote for some time ago that your sweat girl get constipated, and what you give her. When you give any person beans it given a lot og air in the system that isn`t easy to get out for some people.
    There are some who cannot have more than a few and then the system is in aching mode.
    I would recommend you to not give her beans every dag, take it totally away for two weeks, beans and lentils.
    Try oatmeal.
    It is not easy beiing a mom. But the fact that your daughter gets fed up some times is normal for many years to come. Some times it is actually a sign of trust, that she can get her feelings out. Keep up your good work!!! She is so lucky to have you as her mom, who knows when to ask for advices and also reflects on what you can do better. All she needs 😀

  11. The best advice I got as a new mom (37 yrs ago!) was from our pastor. He said, “Remember that the focus will be on the children for awhile, especially when they’re infants, but it is important for them to see Mommy and Daddy go out without them, too. It gives them reassurance when you come back, and it shows them what grown up love looks like.” He also said, “If your focus is always the kids, once they’re gone, you don’t want to look across the table from your spouse and wonder what you’re going to do now. Always put your spouse ahead of the kids. He/she’s your partner.” I kind of thought he was just a bit off for that, but as my kids got older, I saw he was exactly spot on. You find your way, one day at a time. Best wishes for a grand 2018, Ali.

  12. Oh my gosh Ali, I feel like we are the same person! Lol

    Our littles are the same age and I also am pregnant with our second baby. All the things you are feeling and struggling with are the same exact things I want to work on as well. Parenthood is wonderful, but no doubt it is also humbling. Being everything to everyone is damn near impossible, but we live in a day in age where we are almost forced to compare ourselves to our Instagram feed. Wishing you a wonderful 2018! May we live our lives fully and find some balance! Good luck mama!

  13. Hi Ali,

    I could really use these resolutions in my life as well. Especially being more patient with my 17 month old daughter. I also work at a daycare with a classroom of 12 two year olds so I feel like my patience is already worn thin by the time I get home, I have none left for my daughter Penelope (Penny). So I definitely might steal your resolutions, as well as putting my phone down more. We are all so guilty of too much screen time. I also want to make a resolution of being a better wife. I am guilty of not paying enough attention to him as well. I just want to be a better person overall in 2018. I wish you the best in the new year with your new baby and family. I love your blog so much and all your Insta stories. I look forward to seeing your stories and blog everyday! Thanks for sharing your life with the world so honestly and openly!!


  14. Hey! Happy New Year! It’s always good to reassess and see where you can be better, but don’t be too hard on yourself! I’m sure you’re a great mom!
    As far as putting down the electronics and playing, walking, skipping, bike riding, hiking, et. more outside, I think everyone can take that advice. That is a great goal!
    Also, from someone who’s been married for almost 30 years…take the time for “date nights”! As much as your relationship and time with the kid(s) is important…it is equally important as a couple!! Enjoy 2018! And you are STILL my favorite Bachelorette

  15. Happy New Year, Ali! I love your blog, your honesty is refreshing and are so relatable as a mom. I totally agree with your resolutions, patience is definitely something I need to work on.. I am still in the phase where I get very stressed out of baby is crying/not sleeping enough/not eating properly, etc. –
    Pretty much anything that varies from he’s usual habits.
    Ditto on mom/dad time too. Our baby is 7 months old and we went for a date to the movies last week, first time since he was born. Took all my power to leave baby behind with my parents. It’s so crazy.. it’s like my brain knows it is totally fine and he won’t feel abandoned if I get some “me” time every once in a while, but then my heart melts and I just want to say with him.. Ha!
    Looking forward to the bachelor’s seasons and your posts about it 🙂

  16. Have you heard of bullet journaling? I have lately joined the craze and I love the creative outlet of it, the practicality, organization to the max and holding myself accountable to my goals (no phone time, water consumption etc)!

  17. Ali, I mean this in the best way possible, but I am so glad your time on the Bachelorette & Bachelor didn’t work out! You were my favorite Bachelorette, EVER! (I remember first thing I thought how your yellow dress matched your bubbly personality!) But I love watching your growing family & you just seem so genuinely happy! 😊

    1. 😱 I didn’t say WHY I was glad so that sounded so rude. I’m so glad it didn’t work out *because* I feel like your little family is perfect and sweet and it just seems meant to be!!

  18. Happy New Year!
    My children are 8 and 16.
    My husband and I have always gone away a week each year of their lives without them. It’s healthy and essential for all!
    We started when the first daughter was 8 months old ( yes Pumping breastmilk in the convertible car in Kauai !) we are In Jamaica right now ( without them).
    Kids are great, but they grow up and leave and you’re with your husband..

    Who you want to still like! 💕

  19. Happy New Year Ali! I always enjoy reading your blog and I am so glad that I can relate to you on so many different topics! My husband and I made a similar pack with our phones, we are not really over social media much anymore, when our daughter came along we pretty much cut it out. Let me tell you it made a world of difference and allowed us to focus on our little girl, and our pooch is happier too because he gets more playtime at night when the little one goes to bed! I hope you can stick to the goal! After all nothing negative can come out of it! 🙂

    My husband and I have been on about 4 dates too in 2 years, mainly because the only person we trust is my Mom and her child care. I just about cried the other day when my husband suggested that we put her in daycare for the day while we had our own date day. I got over it and we had a great day and felt incredibly refreshed afterwards! And it was good for her to be at school and see her friends and have a little break from Mommy and Daddy.

    Best of luck on your New Years Resolutions! I cannot wait to read up on your Bachelor updates!

  20. Hi Ali and family

    I love your resolutions and hope that you can do them. Getting out as a parent if very important. As a mother of a now 37 yr old and recently diagnosed with an immune deficiency and have to be very careful where I go and who I am around i never realised how much my hubby and I did go out and socialize until we had to basically stop with this diagnosis. You never know what tomorrow brings so get out there and live life to the fullest!

  21. After having a little bit of a rough day filled with mom guilt, your blog gave me some peace and comfort. We are all trying our best to balance family with work and life itself. Thank you so much for your honesty! Hope you’re feeling well!

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  23. Hi Ali… You are so right… I live in Colombia And I start going out with my toddler (almost 3 years old) and you’ll see a positive change in her… Now my boy has less meltdowns, he is more social, he is learning faster And we are living New more things… Even if it is Just a bug in the park.

    Happy New year 🙂 and thank you for your blog it is helpful not only in the US hehe

    Adiós 👋

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