The Perfect Winter Coat – Even works with my bump!

Hi Luvs! I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and holiday season spending time with those you love! We are so grateful that we were able to make the trip east to Massachusetts to see family. We have a lot going on in our lives right now, to say the least, so a relaxing trip home is just what I needed. The stress of trying to get into our new house while pregnant has really taken a toll on me and I just needed some downtime with the people I love most. It was so fun to watch Molly play with her cousins, Lennon and Blake. And I felt like for the first time in a long line time I felt zero stress. Except for the flights but that’s a whole other story.

Anyway, in some of my Instagram stories you guys saw me wearing this wrap coat and I got some questions about it so that’s what today’s blog post is all about – this fabulous coat! What I love most about this coat is the shape. It’s not a maternity coat, but it works so perfectly with my growing bump since I can tie the waist above my bump. So I highly recommend it for any pregnant mamas out there looking for a great non-maternity winter coat! I just feel like buying a maternity coat is such a waste of money because you only wear it for a few months and then never again! Well, at least not until your next pregnancy. And only if the pregnancy is over the winter. So I love this coat because I was able to use it as a maternity coat but I’ll be able to wear it for many winters to come! And as you can see in the pics below I wore it not only back east to spend time with my family where it was cold and snowy, but I also wear it in Los Angeles when the weather gets a bit chilly. The pictures of me wearing it with these faux leather pants are on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills. So as you can see, it’s a super versatile coat!

And are you ready for me to tell you the price?! I’m super excited to share that this coat is under $100! It’s from Chicwish, one of my favorite online stores, and it comes in a bunch of different sizes. It starts at XS and goes all the way up to XXXL – So it’s great for a bunch of different body types. I’m wearing a medium FYI.

In fact, Chicwish has a bunch of great coats for under $100 on their website. Honestly, it was hard for me to choose this one because there were so many that I wanted. But when I did this blog post a few weeks ago I shared this coat along with some other items and asked you guys which ones you think I should get. Many of you commented saying that you thought I should get this white coat with black stripes so that’s exactly what I did! I love getting fashion advice from you guys too! But the coats below are so cute that I might have to snag one more. Which of the below coats is your favorite? Again, they are all under $100!

Anyway, I just wanted to share this fabulous coat with all of you. I love that it looks elegant and sophisticated and expensive even though it’s not at all! Hope you all have a wonderful rest of 2017. I plan on doing a blog post tomorrow about how we are going to be spending our last few days of the year. Hope you guys check back in tomorrow to see it. Luv you guys!



15 Thoughts

15 thoughts on “The Perfect Winter Coat – Even works with my bump!

  1. So glad you made it home to spend the holidays with your family. I can’t believe Evan has shorts on!!!

  2. Lovely coat! Great family pix, you do look super relaxed! Molly looks enthralled with the snow! She’s quite possibly THE cutest lil snow bunny! ❄️🐰☃️

  3. Such a sweet family photo with the children…they’re all adorable.
    i love your faux leather pants. Hope the flight wasn’t too stressful.
    Welcome home!
    Ps I don’t know how to watch insta- stories…could you or someone explain how. Thanks 😊

  4. Hi Ali, great coat! Where did you get Molly’s coat in the pictures. She is so cute in it and I am looking for a coat for my 16 month old.

  5. Hi Ali I’ve just discovered your blog here in Ireland I absolutely LOVE it love this coat and we aren’t fortunate with the weather here like you are in ca so we practically need coats all year round thanks for letting me know where I can get some really nice ones can’t wait to keep up with your blog happy new year x

  6. I have never heard of Chicwish before but after checking them out because of this post I AM IN LOVE! So cute!

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