Date Night With My Husband – And the Perfect NYE Dress

Ahhhh date night. I kid you not when I say that since Molly was born about a year and a half ago (by the way I can’t believe she’s going to be 18 months in just couple weeks), Kevin and I have only been on 4 date nights. I believe one was a show that our friend Bri was in, one was to see Hamilton and the other two nights were for dinners that we went to and we were home by 8:30 PM. 9 PM at the absolute latest! So needless to say, we haven’t exactly had a wild and crazy night out since we became parents!

That’s why we were so excited last week that we were going to go to a holiday party. We got all dressed up, had our friend Ashley come over to take some photos of us to document the special occasion, and we got a sitter and planed to stay out all night long! OK OK, I’m totally exaggerating. But we did plan to stay out til 10 PM which is super late for us! Ha! I’m not even kidding when I say we go to bed at 8 PM most nights.


Leading up to getting ready to go out, Molly had been a bit uncomfortable. In fact, the 24 hours before, she seemed a bit constipated and wasn’t in the best spirits. But we weren’t too concerned since we’ve been struggling with constipation with her for quite some time and we usually always figured out. Plus it had only been 24 hours since she had a dirty diaper so we assumed she was OK since she has gone longer than that before in the past. So we kissed her goodbye, headed out to take these photos and were on our way to our holiday party when we got a phone call from our sitter. Poor Molly was screaming in pain and inconsolable. Our sitter assured us she had it under control but just wanted us to know the situation. However, being the crazy mama that I am I couldn’t possibly go out to a party knowing my little girl was in pain. So we turned the car around and headed home.

Instead of a night out dancing and drinking (mocktails for me and real drinks for Kevin! He’s getting to milk this whole DD thing while I’m pregnant. Ha! He’s DD for a year after this baby comes!). But instead, we spent the night snuggling our little baby. And using suppositories and other gross stuff. But “snuggles” sounds so much better. 😉 But ya know what! I wouldn’t have had it any other way. It’s one of those memories we’ll have our whole lives and will cherish because that’s all that really mattered in that moment. That we were together and taking care of our little girl.

But man, a night out would’ve been nice! We definitely need to plan something substantial before the new baby comes. And when we do have our next fancy night out I’ll have this beautiful green dress to wear! I got it because I thought it was so great for holiday parties because of the green color. But really the rich green tone makes it a beautiful dress for any occasion. Even a New Year’s Eve dress! And it’s under $100 which is great because I feel like it looks like a super expensive silk dress. And it worked really nicely with my baby bump. So if you’re in early pregnancy, it will totally work for you too! (Probably would work for 7 months or earlier depending on whether you’ve had one or multiple pregnancies.) Oh and if you need inspo for other NYE dress options, check out THIS blog post about 3 great NYE options.

The dress is so gorgeous that your accessories can be pretty simple. I wanted to wear all gold tones so I did long gold earrings. They’re only $7 by the way! Such a deal for earrings that look so expensive! And my rose gold clutch is a simple touch of elegance that really completed the look. These pictures don’t even do the rose gold clutch justice. It’s soooo gorgeous in person!

So now I’ll be all set and ready to go when Kevin and I have another nice date night out! Our normal date nights are darts and beer at a dive bar (before pregnancy obvi – which is the last time we had a date night). So we’ll have to plan something a little fancier to wear this outfit to for our next date night! But I’m up for anything!

Anyway, I just wanted to share the story since I think the photos tell one story but the words I’m writing tell a completely different story! I’m sure other parents have been there! And do any of you have tips for helping Molly with her constipation? We give her prunes and mango nectar on a regular basis. And she drinks a ton of water and eats SOOOO healthy. I’m talking quinoa, green beans, black beans, broccoli at almost EVERY meal! We don’t know what to do. We feel so bad for her. Any help you guys could offer would be soooo appreciated.


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      1. Try pro biotics for molly. I used to also put my Baby in a bath of chamomile tea. Make lots of tea and pour in the tub. It helps relax and hopefully movement takes place. Also run her tummy with lavender in the direction of the colon.

    1. We had a few weeks where my
      Toddler was constipated and we gave her watered down apple or pear juice.

      I would ask your pediatrician but certain milks could cause constipation if there’s an intolerance to them. Also sometimes try laying off the broccoli and adding another green vegetable for 3 days and see if that helps. I have a friend who used to eat broccoli daily and it was upsetting her stomach so she switched to another vegetable for a few days to give her stomach a rest and everything went back to normal. Just a thought!! Totally ask your pediatrician though! Hope Molly starts to feel better and get more regular. I know how stressful that can be for you to see her in pain.

      1. Molly LOVES her veggies. I would hate to take them away. But we give her more green beans than broccoli. And she wont drink juice! We avoided giving it to her because we didn’t want her to have it at first (It’s mostly sugar) and now she wont drink it. Only water. So we give her mangonectar in a medicine dropper!!!

        1. My pediatrician recommended apple juice or prune juice….she said do not water it down because it’s the sugar in the juice that helps the constipation not the juic itself….my daughter has been struggling since infancy and she is almost 20 months and she has been given juice since 6months (ppl judge me but if you haven’t experienced constipation then they have no clue) if straight juice doesn’t work we do miralax every other day and that has seemed to help! Some day she doesn’t need anything! I hope it helps! My pediatrician also said we need to get it under control before potty training because if it takes to long, or hurts to poop potty training will be hard to do!! It’s horrible watching them in pain when you know you can do something to help!!

      2. Hi Ali,
        My 6 year old has suffered from constipation in the past and really bad as a toddler. All those foods you mentioned Molly eats are foods that cause gas. My daughter was so constipated when she about 3, they gave her an exray and the doc said there was so much gas built up that it was causing her constipation. Maybe give her a break of black beans and broccoli and see if it helps.

    2. Hey Ali,
      I’ve herd great things about olive oil a family doctor recommended it to a gf of mine . My Sophia struggles a lot as well we’ve been giving her olive oil for about a week and she’s been going comfortably this week . Worth a try . Cook with it and also use a dropper and give her 1-2tsp daily .

  1. Hey Ali!

    My little boy was born July 2016 and was very colicy and at 2 months we started him on probiotics which completely fixed the issue! He’s been taking them ever since and has 3 dirty diapers a day and has never had any constipation issues. I would try that with Molly if you haven’t already; give them a week to get in her system and work 🙂

    Hope you give them a shot and that they help! They have ones meant for littler babes/toddlers.

      1. As I read this post I thought I have to tell Ali to try a probiotic! It looks like it’s been other parents fix as well, which I never knew and love to know! I still can’t believe how we struggled with my little girl Charlotte until the day we started a probiotic, just before she turned 3. She hasn’t missed a day since being on it – brilliant absolutely brilliant!

    1. Man! It sounds like probiotics are the way to go!!! We actually have some that a friend gave to us. I am going to have to start giving to her regularly. Thank you!

      1. Hey Ali – yes probiotics not only help with constipation, colic & other digestive issues but it also increases & improves immunity(fewer sick days for Molly as 80% of our immunity lies in our gut!). Also works miracles on eczema. No other steroid cream comes even close! My sons eczema disappeared three days after I started him on probiotics. I use Baby Jarrows. Congratulations on the new addition btw😊

      2. You have lots of great suggestions! I totally agree with the powder probiotic, and a gentle chiropractor that works with babies (and even pregnant mamas!) can be great- I had the most amazing pregnancy, and I felt that my chiro had a lot to do with it.

        Another suggestion that I didn’t see when scanning the replies… we regularly put epsom salt in our daughter’s baths… the magnesium is great for helping constipation. This is a great post by a holistic pediatrician near us:

  2. Hi Ali, as a mom of an 18 month old, I can completely relate (to both lack of date nights and toddler constipation – who ever thought those two terms would be used together 😂)! I thought I would share what works for our son… sweet potatoes! I typically roast them with other veggies & after eating them for 2 meals, it works like magic for him. Thanks again for your #RealMom post!

    1. This is interesting because we give our dogs sweet potatoes when they have diarrhea. Our daughter doesn’t have any constipation issues so I have nothing to offer there.

    2. Ha! Putting those two things int he same sentence made me laugh!!!

      And we give her a lot of sweet potato. She loves it. Maybe that’s causing it? Sounds like Sara has had a different experience with it. Interesting. I’ll have to ask her doctor! Or I’l Google it 😉

      1. Pumpkin is really great for any bowel problems – whether it be constopation or the opposite! Even better if you can put it in smoothies or bran flax muffins!

      2. Sweet potatoes and carrots always constipated my lil… my peds recommend pear juice to keep her regular and that’s what we do… just enough for taste mixed with water

  3. Try an infant probiotic to take daily. They make all kinds of flavorless ones you can mix in food or water. My daughter still takes one and she is 5. It has really helped tremendously – especially since is super picky with food and lives on bread and cheese. sigh. : /

  4. The pictures of you & Kevin are all beautiful & should be framed!
    I need those earrings!!
    Poor little Molly…..hopefully one of these ideas will help her.
    1. organic virgin coconut oil (2 ml. with water/juice)
    2. psyllium husk (Isabol)
    3. natural/non caffeinated teas that include: fresh grated ginger, mint or chamomile with a little raw honey (cooled) for in between meals.
    always check with her pediatrician & massaging her tummy helps relieve her discomfort.
    Best of luck.
    Looking forward to hearing what works for Molly & about your next ‘date night’
    (i agree that Kevin is the DD after you have the baby) ho ho

  5. Hi There! I had the same problem with my daughter from about 9 months til 2 y 7 mo (potty trained!). My ped recommended giving her miralax every day mixed in her food or water. It worked well for her. Even if she didn’t go every day (which was typical for her to go every other day….) it relieved the pressure built up. Good luck!

    1. This was exactly what we had to do also. Eventually grew out of the need. This was before probiotics became so readily available so I might start there if I had to do it all over again.

  6. I would try to avoid mirlax (it’s pretty much anti freeze) use probotics duo’s choice for infant/toddlers works great. More fiber even if you need to use benefiber or something for now until the probotics work. Elimated dairy it’s hard to digest. Pea protein milk is really good alternative. Sweet potatoes are really good to help soften the bowel movements. Good luck.

    1. I echo the no miralax! My daughter’s pediatrician wanted her to take it every day and said it could be up to a year before it got better. I was not comfortable with her taking Miralax daily, starting putting Garden of Life Kids probiotic powder in her milk every morning and it worked like a charm! No more issues and it’s been 4 years! I swear by good, high quality probiotics!

    2. Pedestrians recommend miralax which does work but also caused anger issues with my son. He is now taking culturelle probiotic kids! It works really well

      1. Ali ~ my son was born 3 months early and has suffered from digestion issues and chronic constipation for 15 years! He has been taking Miralax for 13 years – 2 times a day and as much as 4 times a day! Believe me it does NOT have any side effects other than they finally start pooping regularly! Miralax is a miracle for kids with chronic constipation! We have tried EVERYTHING for our son and it wasn’t until he was put on a Miralax regimen that he has been able to go without issue. Please at least try it – it has no flavor or texture so they don’t even realize they are taking it. My son is autisic and has a lot of oral sensory issues and his main diet is 12 cans of pediasure per day so we are just able to mix it into his pediasure and he doesn’t even know. There is nothing worse for a parent than to watch your child scream in pain because they can’t have a bowel movement. Talk to Molly’s pediatrician and see what they say about Miralax but I assure you my son’s pediatric gastroenterologist swears by it for her patient’s with chronic constipation (yes my son is 15 and he still sees her because she is the best and the only one who has helped him especially considering we can’t really adjust my son’s diet). I hope it all works out for Molly – it breaks my heart that she has suffered so much with this.

  7. Hey Ali! Love the dress, it really does look expensive! I have an 18 month old who is consistently constipated and my dr put her on a small dose of miralax and it works wonders. My baby hates veggies, so I needed another option and this does the trick! Hope she feels better soon!

    1. I am going to start with probiotic. But thank you for sharing your story as I will have to talk to her pediatrician about this in case it doesn’t get better!

  8. Hi Ali,

    I have the same issues with my own daughter. What’s helped is giving her children fiber gummies every day and I checked with her pediatrician and she said it was ok. Since then, she’s so much better … good luck!

      1. I agree with the probiotics! But also I have heard that a little bit of fiber every day is helpful too! My husband’s cousin’s daughter had a lot of issues with constipation and just adding a little fiber in her diet helped. Also some form of sensitivity may cause it too!

  9. Both of my girla struggled with constipation (my 2 yr old still does sometimes) and the only thing that helps keep her poo soft and easy to pass is sneaking Yakult in her cereal or smoothie. I give it to her every other day and it has been a lifesaver!

      1. I will say, for my 7 month old, prunes don’t work, but an ounce of prune juice once a day, usually on the second day, I get the poop I’ve been looking for(who are we as moms, right? I’ve never talked about poop as much in my life!). But I’m going to look into probiotics for my guy too!

  10. Have you tried probiotics for her? We use them daily with our little guy (21 months) and have since he was a few months old when we were fighting constipation. We haven’t fought it since!

  11. Have you looked at what not to feed her for constipation, as well as what to feed her? Bananas, white rice, regular potatoes, white bread, basically starchy grains,) applesauce and buttermilk are all recommended to combat diarrhea. So looking at it in reverse… all of these could be adding to any constipation. Pasteurized cheeses, berries and tomatoes are all recommended foods to avoid during bowel upset/diarrhea. In moderation these can help alleviate constipation.

    I learned most of this while suffering from bowel disease. A nutritionist should be able to help you identify trigger foods as well. The water is a must by the way – glad to hear you’re on it!

    1. Interesting. Great idea! We limited bananas knowing this info. But I thought applesauce was good for constipation. Am I wrong? And we limited white starches in general. Only pasta really.

      1. Avoid BRAT foods. Bananas, rice, applesauce, toast. Definitely start a probiotic. Regular trips to the Chiro can help too.

  12. I was going to recommend no dairy also. I’m not sure what kind of milk she drinks but if it is cow’s milk I would really try a different kind!

  13. Hi Ali! I would take all the foods that Molly typically eats on a daily basis, and maybe eliminate one for a few days, see if it makes a difference (for example, lay off the broccoli for 2-3 days, see if you notice a difference, then if not, do the same with the black beans, etc.). Sometimes, even healthy foods just don’t work with our system. Maybe one of her staple meal items just doesn’t agree with her! Also, since she’s at 18 months now, milk is not quite as important as it used to be. I’m not even sure how much milk she drinks, but you could cut back on the dairy a bit, and instead try some diluted fruit juice on occasion (I know juice doesn’t have the best rep, but I think given in moderation might be helpful, as they do have proven laxative effects).

    1. I love this idea but the constipation comes and goes so I feel like this will be hard. But we will give it a shot. Maybe I will track what she eats and then next time she gets constipated, I can look back on what she ate and do the elimination process with those foods only! Thanks for the suggestion!

      1. Totally see where you’re coming from, it could be hard and get frustrating. I just like to try every option before having to put a little one on some form of medication (i.e., miralax). Seems like a lot of people on this board are all about the probiotics, so that might be the easiest/best solution if it works for her. I’ve never used them with my 22 month old, but I’d be curious to hear about your experience with them if they do work. Also, I’d be curious what Molly’s eating schedule and foods are like. Thankfully my toddler is not very picky, but I feel like I run out of food ideas and I’d like to try some new stuff with her. Good luck with Molly!

  14. Ali!!! This by far is the best color I have ever seen you in!!! Love love love it! Oh and Kevin looks good too 😀

    1. Awwww thanks Amanda! I might have to start wearing more rich green tones 😉 And I think my hubby looks pretty dang hot! 😉

  15. Hey Ali, you guys are absolutely adorable and love the dress!!! Try putting her on the potty when you see her trying to go. Both my boys would hold it because they always associated it with hurting (which obviously only made things worse), once they were able to pass it a little easier without the diaper they weren’t as apprehensive and didn’t associate pooping and hurting 😔

  16. You two are too adorable! Love that dress on you!! My youngest son struggled with constipation as well & giving him probiotics daily has helped so so much! We also take him to the chiro to get adjusted periodically & that seems to help as well. Poor Molly, hope you can figure out something to help her soon.

    1. I totally second chiro for overall health and wellness. I’ve taken my last two babies starting at just 5 weeks old. Find someone reputable and who you can trust.

  17. My son is 21 months, and he’s been suffering from constipation for almost a year now, on and off. We switched him to almond milk, which has helped, but definitely not a perfect fix. We’ve been given the “all clear” from his pediatrician to give him miralax as needed. So, when it gets bad, we put a 1/2 tsp in his milk. We only have to use it for a few days at a time and it works great, every time. I hope you find a solution that works for Molly soon!

  18. My daughter was constipated every time she cutting teeth. We found giving her raisins stopped it completely. And, bonus, she loved them! Good luck and Merry Christmas

    1. That is TOTALLY happening!!!! I didn’t even think of this but it happens when she is teething for sure! Luckily she almost has all her teeth!

  19. Hi Ali,

    Love the photos and I’m a huge fan! I have two kiddos, both boys and my eldest always had gastrointestinal issues. We did suppositories… probiotics… saw a pedi gastroenterologist at TX children’s a few times and then a fellow mommy friend told me something NO ONE had ever said before. Some toddlers have an issue with the whole milk causing the Gastro issues. I understand you may not want to switch, but here’s what we did and it literally changed my son’s life. He started having issues about 12 months until I found out about these few changes… about 18 months old… changed him to organic 2% and with the ok from his pedi used miralax in a small dose until his body told us the correct dose for him but miraLax once a day. It is tasteless and can easily be mixed with yogurt in the morning or even a bottle, just so they consume the full/ correct amount. Once he was in routine with the same dosage, it worked like a charm and he had no issues with bloating or other side effects that some meds have. Truly a life saver! I hope you’re able to find her relief soon.

  20. My daughter was constipated every time she cutting teeth. We found giving her raisins stopped it completely. And, bonus, she loved them! Good luck and Merry Christmas
    My 12 year old granddaughter and I love your blog.

  21. My nephew who is a toddler struggles with constipation too. My brother gives him prune juice. And I dropped off some of the chocolate chip fiber one bars and my sister in law thanked me. She was like he was finally able to go. Try it! Hope Molly is feeling better. Constipation is not fun. Poor baby!

  22. Talk w your pediatrician because constipation in an 18 month old is no good. Try a probiotic and also limit the soy in her diet. And dairy.

  23. That dress is gorgeous and you look stunning in it! I’m a nanny for an almost 18 month old who struggles with constipation, too. We give him yogurt every morning and have been adding a teaspoon of chia seeds to it. We also give him pear juice or prune juice (a little bit and fill the rest with water) as well as a probiotic for little ones. We’ve also been giving him a handful of frosted oat flakes cereal while we get breakfast ready. All of that has really seemed to help him! Hope your little lady gets relief soon 🙁 it’s so heartbreaking when they hurt!

  24. Hi Ali —

    I have a 16-month old daughter who struggles with constipation too. We’ve tried all of the fiber-rich foods, suppositories (which definitely help if it’s been too long, but aren’t a daily solution) and crossed our fingers that more activity (such as walking) would regulate her. But, she still needs help despite all of that, so our pediatrician recommended polyethylene glycol 3350 NF powder (which is basically miralax, but we have our doctor write an Rx because we’ve found the over the counter versions don’t work as well). We put the powder in our daughter’s first bottle of the day, everyday, and have found that to be a huge help in keeping her regular. If you guys decide to give it a try just note you’ll have to find the dosage that makes the most sense for Molly (it’s trial and error with too much leading to really wet stools…but that’s better than the alternative)! Good luck and hang in there!

    Also — congrats on #2! We’re trying for our second now too — love keeping up with your little growing family since it closely mirrors my own!

    Happy holidays!

  25. Just a thought – beans and broccoli can both lead to gas, which may cause her pain. You may want to monitor how much/how often she has them.

  26. Our 16mo old daughter struggles with this too…we used to do prune purée every day (plus lots of healthy, fibrous foods too), and it didn’t really help much. We were planning to be a no-juice family but took our dr’s recommendation to try prune juice. We do 2-3 oz (we dilute it with 4ish oz of water) every morning, and she has been SO much better since we started this. I don’t love that she starts her day with sugary juice, but it has been 100% worth it for how much regular her digestion is 👍🏻 She used to struggle almost every time she went, and would only go once every 5 days or so. Now she goes almost every day and barely ever struggles!

  27. This is random, but we’re big fans of kombucha at my house, and I found out months ago that when I nurse my little girl after having kombucha she has more bows movements. Now she’s 13 months, and every once in a while when she gets a little backed up I’ll give her a few sips of kombucha (which she loooooves) and it really helps move things along, if ya know what I mean 😉💩 It only takes a little bit, we’re talking a few sips here, not cups. Our favorite brand is Humm, especially the Coconut Lime favor. We found it to be less “vinegar” tasting than most brands. Good luck mama! And you look beautiful, as always ❤️

  28. The broccoli and beans are the quilty colpurts…..they are heavy on the tummy and lead to constapation and gas build…..I would recommend sub the beans and broccoli for Rice and other grains and spinach.

  29. Sounds like Molly is getting lots of healthy food and is hydrated with water. Maybe she requires some more healthy fat, as children need more of that then us. Maybe with such a healthy diet she isn’t getting enough to push things along? Just a though. I hope everything works out (literally and figuratively🙂)
    Merry Christmas🎄

  30. I also have a 13 month old with constipation issues. No fun!! Prune juice seems better than the purée, we add a little to her morning bottle when she hasn’t pooed the prior day. And raisins really seem to help. Good luck!!!

  31. My daughter is 4 years old and had surgery when she was 9 months old. As a result of her surgery she deals with constipation issues. She takes a very small dose of miralax each day to help out but these are also some great foods that help with constipation: avocado, blueberries/raspberries, refried beans.


  32. My son with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy who is 8, has always had problems with constipation. He takes miralax once a day to help things get moving. It does take a day or two to start working but keeping him on that on a regular basis really helped. I sure hope she gets some relief soon. Love reading your stories.

  33. I know a few people who get the same symptoms from quinoa, especially when it isn’t rinsed properly – so much so, that they never eat it anymore because it makes them feel rotten. Maybe something to consider? Good luck!

  34. We give our little one culturelle probiotics when he gets a little stopped up. We have it to him back when he was 9 months old for a tummy thing he had and the dr said it’s safe. They sell a kids size packet and we just dump it into his cup of milk in the morning and it helps moves things along.

  35. Wow sounds just like my daughter! When she was a year old she had constant constipation! I had to give her the glycerin suppositories as well. I fed her a lot of yogurt and oatmeal plus prune juice and water. The yogurt really helped her. I think it was the probiotics that is in yogurt. Maybe they have probiotic supplements for babies? Pro biotics is really good for the digestive track. Prevents constipation. I hope this helps! I remember like it was yesterday when my daughter had such trouble! Poor little girl, hope she will feel better soon!! Xx

  36. Hi Ali
    My 2 year oldest has been struggling with constipation since she was around 8 months old.
    For the longest time we thought it was due to cows milk protein, and it may very well still be that. But trial and error is leading us to believe that she may just have a lazy G.I system
    We give her lactulose (mild laxative) every day and make sure she drinks lots of water!

  37. My daughter has dealt with constipation from day one. Finally this year our doctor recommended a probiotic. I found plexus multivitamin/probiotic. She goes everyday now. I can’t wait to start my 18 month old when he turns 2. Until then try juice plus gummies. She can take 1 fruit and 1 veggies. It’s great too but too pricey for me.

  38. Hi,

    Ypur pictures are great. Sorry you didn’t get your night out. Check with her doctor but i think something she is eating or drinking is causing it. Try to find “Gripe water” that might help. Gripe water is very safe (i have seen it in indian and middle eastern stores) and i think now american stores or online has it as well…taste sweet and yummy. ( my mom used to give it to us when we were little tastes like sugar water). I had to use suppositories on my son when he was little too so i can relate to you. ( he is 13 yrs old now). Hope ms moly feels better soon.

    Happy Holidays

  39. Hi Ally,

    In Australia a lot of medical professionals suggest pear juice.
    I’m not sure if that is available in the US (I’m sure it is 🙂).

    1. Yes yes yes! I was going to suggest this. Both our daughters have been adjusted since they were 1 and 2, they are 7and 8 now! They have remained healthy and our oldest had horrible digestion, bowl issues. Less than a week after adjustments she was regular- has been ever since. We also tried all the things listed probiotics, prune juice, etc. None of it seemed to work for her. You should research chiropractics for children, it is not the cracking you think of when adults get adjusted! High recommend!

  40. Probiotics!!! Good, high quality ones (the brand totally makes a difference) Seriously though, they work like a charm! My daughter struggled with constipation at around age 2 and her doctor wanted us to give her miralax every day but I wasn’t comfortable with that so I did some research and tried out probiotics and she’s been regular ever since (she’s 6 now). We use Garden of Life Kids probiotic powder and put it in her milk in the mornings. My son has Celiac disease and struggled with horrible constipation too before we took him off gluten and the probiotics also made a big difference for him. A friend of mine had a daughter whose constipation was so bad that she had been on Miralax every day for FOUR years and she tried out the Garden if Life kids probiotic powder and within 10 days she was completely regular and pain free. I swear by the stuff and it’s totally natural too. Plus, probiotics are so great for your body anyway! Giving specific laxative foods or suppositories only treat the symptoms of constipation but probiotics are a preventative measure that will heal the gut and stop it from happening in the first place!

  41. Hey! I’m sure you get so many comments, but our son has ALWAYS had issues. We have struggled and tried so many things and I will say we still struggle a little every now and then BUT there is an oil Young Living sells that’s just for babies that’s called Tummygize. And it has been a life saver!! Def not trying to sell you anything but it works wonders!! You should look into it if you’re into the oil thing! #iam

  42. Hi Ali,
    My 16 month old baby was constipated once and we found out we were giving her too much milk in a day. Since whole milk is different than breastmilk, my doctor says she should only have 8-12 ounces of whole cows milk per day. We just give her one cup before a nap and one cup before bed and she hasn’t been constipated since. It’s so awful when they get constipated.. hope Molly feels better!!

  43. After 4 years of a constipated little boy, we took him to the constipation clinic at our local Children’s Hospital. It was as simple as a teaspoon of Milk of Magnesium every day added to his milk. Non-addictive and no cramping. Worked like a charm. We had previously used suppositories, castor oil…nothing worked. He is now 21 years old and MOM still works for him.

  44. Even though broccoli is healthy, it can actually cause a lot of bloating and upset stomach depending on how often you eat it. Maybe try eliminating it from Molly’s diet for a couple of days and see if she starts feeling a little better. Also, she could have a lactose allergy, so you could always try switching her to soy to see if that helps any. My niece outgrew her lactose allergy by about 3 or 4, but as a baby and toddler regular formula and breastmilk were so upsetting to her stomach. They eventually figured out the allergy and she was good to go once they switched her to soy formula! 🙂

  45. Hi Ali,
    It’s so hard to see a young one in pain! I would definitely look in to a pediatric chiropractor. It will help so much and is also great for the immune system. Good luck and I hope you get that well deserved date night soon!

  46. Our kids have this issue and we saw a GI for it. If you are not giving a probiotic start there and then in yogurt or a smoothie add oat bran. It’s a great fiber. The GI Dr told us to do this and it seemed to help. If it didn’t she recommended a small dose of miralax. Good luck that’s rough! Dress is gorgeous by the way!

  47. Hi Ali! You and Kevin both look great in these pics! Have you ever given Molly a probiotic? My Dr recommended one for my daughter to help with digestion, so we give her a powder one that is tasteless and you can mix it in any type of drink. Target makes a generic kind, or you can buy Culturelle Kids. Hope Molly feels better soon!

    P.S. Are you going to reveal if you are having a boy or a girl?!

  48. I would follow @markpimentelmd on twitter and ask him who is a good Peds GI in LA for that he does not see children in his Clinic. Foremost md Researcher in the world for #IBS # SIBO

  49. Also great RD in B Hills that works w Cedars Motility is Robin Berlin RD not sure if she has children clients but she is great you can got her or find on twitter too.

  50. Plexus has a children’s vitamin/probiotic all in one chewable tablet… Would love to get Molly on Children’s XFactor… Amazing products for pregnant Momma as well!

  51. Hi Ali,

    My husband and I have totally been there. I remember a time we went out for a date day and our close friend who was watching our son called us and said he had just thrown up all over her and the bed. Poor guy! We came right home.

    In response to Molly’s constipation situation, I was actually born with chronic constipation. I’ve been hospitalized many times due to impaction issues. Fortunately, it hasn’t been a big issue as an adult. One thing my mom gave me was prune juice. It’s disgusting but it works. Also, Miralax. It’s a OTC powder that you mix with her drink. You can also add it to applesauce, yogurt or pudding. Hope she has some relief soon. I know first hand it’s not comfortable. Good luck!!

  52. Hey Ali!
    I’m also dealing with a constipated 13 months daugther every once in a while! So here’s what I normally do (and works for us most of the time): oats and olive oil with meals (We are Spaniards, and here olive oil is basic to our diet. So

    1. (Sorry I pressed enter before time) S:

      So, what I basically do is spreading some olive oil (pure, virgin) with every meal (It can be pasta, vegetables or whatever). I can promise it works!

      Also: kiwis are perfect fruit for constipation!!!

      Good luck girl!

  53. My son had horrible constipation until he was about 2 (he’s 3 now) and we did everything but the thing that seemed to help the most was getting him adjusted by a chiropractor. One adjustment and he’d just let it all go. Hope Molly gets better 🙂

  54. Hey Ali,

    Do you give her any supplements (such as Iron)? These can play a part in backing ones system up if so. I know you mentioned before that she doesn’t drink cows milk and sometimes people will choose supplements to make up the difference in nutrition so it’s just a thought. Good luck!

  55. Can’t say enough good things about having her on a daily probiotic. Do your research, though! Not all are good!

  56. Hey Ali, have you guys ever tried having Molly lay down on her back and gently massage in small circles, starting at her tummy and working down thru the intestines? Also, I know they usually do this for smaller babies, but I see no reason it wouldn’t help at any age: again, while she’s on her back and comfy, hold her feet and do the ‘bicycle’, fwd then reverse. If nothing else, you guys will have some extra time with your sweet girl.

  57. I didn’t read all the comments as there’s a tonne !! But speaking from experience with my 2 kiddos & advice I got , exercise is one if the best forms of stimulant for pooping ! Apparently when they are a toddler they need at least 3 hours physical activity a day! Like not just pottering around the house literally walking outside , soft play, running at the park, climbing etc. Hope that helps 🙂 x

  58. Sorry just thought of something else also, child reflexology ! When my daughter gets bunged up I rub some oil into her feet (you can google the image of part of the foot relating to bowels / intestines etc) and do it for as long as she is comfortable . Never fails to work! Also less stressful than a doctors office for her or someone else she doesn’t know touching her ☺️😘

  59. Hi Ali. Miralax OTC helped my son. I also gave him probiotics daily. Check with your pediatrician first. My son is 16 now. Boy does time fly by. Best of luck 😊

  60. Ok don’t laugh at this. It’s a Murphy’s law thing but it’s worked for me on more than one occasion. Go to the park without a diaper bag. No wipes and no diapers. And I swear she will poop everywhere. 🙂 best cure for constipation ever. 🙂

  61. Love the dress Ali, you’re looking great prego with baby #2. As for the constipation, our pediatrician recommended a probiotic to balance out the bacteria in the belly. They have one for “kids” but it’s for any child over 12 months old. It also supports the immune system. I swear by it! It’s called Cullturelle-Kids. Good luck!

  62. My pediatrician always said to push “P” fruits…..pears, peaches, plums (no apples, bananas) I’d cut out the broccoli & beans too at least for a while. Probiotics would be worth a try too.

  63. Hi, my eldest baby is almost 22 but she would get constipated because she had no sugar in her diet ( shock horror trying to be healthy had detrimental effects) so she was prescribed some sugar water or orange juice from cartons as it has sugar added! All you can do is try! Ps I’m 50 and still copy your hair and looks , I think you are amazing how you juggle everything, and you and your hubby are the most awesome couple, love how you share everything, he’s a keeper! Lots of love to you guys 😘👍🏻

  64. Hi Ali,

    I hope you read this. We have four kids, but our first had this problem too! A super healthy eater and we did everything we could think of.

    One day during my pregnancy with my second I was at the chiropractor and mentioned it to her and she said an adjustment could help. Turns out her sacrum was off and it took about 3-4 adjustments and we have never had an issue since. She is 7 1/2 now.
    If you don’t see a chiropractor I would recommend it, and it’s super great for pregnancy too!!!

  65. Hey Ali! My son is about 3 weeks younger than Molly and my chiropractor has been my lifesaver for his tummy issues. She taught me a tummy massage and points to do whenever he is backed up or just having tummy struggles in general. In addition she recommended a gentle tummy essential oil mixed with coconut oil that I rub on his tummy. It works every single within 20 minutes. Just had the same issue last night, very unhappy baby and did the exercises with oil and pooped twenty minutes later. The brand I use an organic brand called veriditas and is the ibs constipation formula. I can email you the Timmy exercises or explain further if you’re interested and there is a place I can email an attachment. Literally has changed our lives. Sorry to hear about her struggles and let me know if you want more info!

  66. I would definitely try pear juice.
    I have had the same issue and still have the same issue with my daughter and she is now 4 going on to 5.
    I still give her pear juice to this day and it seems to work every time.
    Also some kids can go with orange juice. Maybe you can try that too.
    Good luck. I know the struggle and it’s real.

  67. hi Ali! My 2.5 year old has suffered from constipation. I would definitely recommend seeing a pediatric GI dr- we saw one and she was super helpful. lots of moms have given you all the dietary tips- prunes, prune juice, pear/pear juice, raisins, etc- the other thing we do is use Banza pasta- it’s chickpea pasta and has a lot of fiber. There is also a red lentil pasta we use- it doesn’t heat up that well after 1 or 2 times, but it is packed with fiber. Sweet potato is great too. lots of liquid. And we did do mirilax as well- are now seeing how she does off of it. And probiotics supplement can help. We use culturelle brand- just mix it in with milk/juice- tasteless. and there is now one that has fiber included in it- it’s called Culturelle Regularity. Good luck- keep us posted!!! it’s so hard seeing them so uncomfortable. We have wanted to potty train for months but keep putting it off because of her constipation issues. ugh!

  68. Mirilax!! My son had to be on that for quite some time. It’s safe to use and has no taste. Of course, consult your pediatrician before giving it to her.

  69. Full fat canned coconut milk…add a couple tablespoons to a smoothie! Poop needs fat, fiber, and water! And find a probiotic for her! Good luck Mama!

  70. Hey Ali! First time ever commenting! My son who is a little over 2 has always had constipatuon issues. We tried pear juice but it didn’t work. We do prune juice and he loves it! He’s been on it basically since he starting eating solid foods. At first I added it to his milk but for a while now he loves drinking it on his own! I do add just a splash of water to it and I only give maybe an ounce or 2. I use to have to do it in the morning and in the afternoon but now I’m to once a day maybe every other day. I’d try to stay away from Miralax if you can. Use only in extreme cases or if nothing else works. Probiotics is a great option as well. Hope it gets better for her! It’s horrible when you know why they are hurting but you have to figure out what will work for them. It’s not a one thing fixes all type thing. Good luck and you looked beautiful in your dress!

    1. Thank you so much for commenting. I love hearing from you guys! Means a lot to me. And thanks for the advice! Prunes help Molly too! She loves the pouches.

  71. 1. Warm baths!
    2. Organic Pear juice (watered down)
    3. Maybe some Miralax if the Doctor says it’s okay.
    4. Prunes

    I’m sure you’ve heard all of this before but those are some of the things that I found work for children 🙂

  72. We had this with our oldest, still do on occasion and she’s now 6. We would sometimes resort to giving her “special juice”. We’d give her a small amount of juice with a couple of drops of mineral oil.

      1. Warm water can help! Do you think she’d take a few drops of orange juice mixed with her fruit? That helps. Or even better mandarins

  73. Hey Ali! Been there with our son. So watch the amount of bananas, rice, bread, and applesauce she eats. This may sound strange, but will she drink warm water? Warm liquids help get things flowing. And our pediatrician approved Miralax at an early age for our son, but def ask your doc about that. Hope she feels better!

    1. Oh and we would do a gentle, circular, clockwise massage around his belly button that seemed to help things along.

  74. I see LOTS of people have suggested probiotics, which was my suggestion, too. 🙂 If one brand doesn’t work, try a different one! Since they all use different strains, one may work better for her.

    Also, oatmeal with chia seeds has always helped my kids! You can get plain oats and add what you want to it. I think adding chia seeds helps with the constipation as well at the oats. I also add peanut butter and cinnamon for flavor. You can sweeten with a fruit purée or my kids like maple syrup.

    Last suggestion, if she’s drinking cashew milk, maybe see if you can switch it up with some almond milk or coconut milk. Sometimes too much of one thing, even when it’s healthy, can be constipating.

    Oh and my older two had bouts of constipation around this age…not sure if it’s the age in general or something more specific like changes in their gut….I don’t know! But I know how frustrating it can be, so hang in there. It will get resolved!

  75. This happened to my daughter too! It started around age 1 and continued for a while and I finally figured out it was eggs that was doing it to her. As soon as I eliminated those she was fine!

    1. I guess I should mention that I told my pediatrician this and said that stuff with eggs baked into didn’t bother her only eggs like scrambled, boiled etc and he said there’s a protein in eggs that bakes out but can bother them in cooked form.

  76. I agree that a good probiotic will help with good gut health. Also, make her some muffins, cookies or bread that has flax meal in them. I hope this helps.

  77. Pears help my two year old. There is pear sauce (like apple sauce) at Trader Joe’s. You can probably get it at other grocery stores too. Totally get the lack of date nights; we’ve probably been on six in two years.

  78. Oh my gosh you guys looked so awesome for date night and bummed you didn’t make it but I understand how that goes with the little ones! It sounds like Molly eats so healthy which is awesome but they can get too much fiber sometimes which causes constipation and that is so hard for doctors to understand that a tiny human can eat so well!! but same thing happen to my daughter when she was little and she didn’t like juice either but finally got her to take a little organic pear juice from Whole Foods and that totally helped with prunes too! But I just tried not to give her too many high fiber foods in one setting- if I gave her beans- i wouldn’t give her broccoli too, etc! And yes all this talk about probiotics! They are so great for little ones digestive issues- Whole Foods has great options in refrigerated section- powders you can sprinkle on her food and or natural path doctors have great brands too! And you can get the non dairy ones too- just have to check label! Also, castor oil- rubbed on their belly works miracles- can get a little messy but also can get at Whole Foods! And if doesn’t get better- a pediatric natural path doctor are usually very helpful at natural and safe alternatives to help! usually don’t comment but felt like I have been in your exact shoes and it usually helped me with other ideas from moms!

  79. My daughter is 3 and once she potty trained she started to hold her poop. It was awful! Doctors suggested miralax but I wasn’t comfortable giving it to her at all. There is actually a Facebook page called “Parents against Miralax” if you re interested. Anyhow, my daughter is the FUSSIEST kid on earth. Won’t really drink juice, doesn’t like gummies (fiber)… you name it, I’ve tried it. I mix a little magnesium citrate in her milk (like miralax a flavorless powder). I get it at Whole Foods by the KAL brand. I had to play to get her dosing right but she’s good now, goes willingly and stays regular. Magnesium deficiency is overlooked a lot.

    We also do garden of life probiotics in powder form mixed into her milk. Worked great but unless I add magnesium she goes back to withholding.

    Good luck!

  80. We thankfully don’t have this issue… but I had heard wornderful things about probiotics for general health for kids so I asked our pediatreition about this. Her recommendation was to first try giving our daughter fermented foods to boost gut health. She’s a naturopathic doctor, so they always try to recommend natural remedies before medication. The bacteria in fermented foods is what promotes gut health, and since you guys are obviously mindful about what Molly eats if could be helpful to rotate in some of those foods! She said they’re even more effective than probiotics because it’s naturally occurring bacteria… but that if our daughter didn’t like the foods or if we weren’t able to offer them consistently then probiotics were the way to go. Just something to look into and consider! 🙂

  81. So great that you guys get to enjoy date night! It’s important to spend time just the two of you ☺️☺️ Love the dress! And omg…I want to be Molly’s sitter! 😍😍

  82. Following all the comments! My little one who is 2 and will be 3 in April struggles with constapatation regularly! Our doctor said put some prune juice in their milk! Looking for other ideas my little one doesn’t like juice either!

  83. I’ve loved you since the Bachelorette! I can’t comment on all of this baby talk since I don’t have any babies yet lol! But love that dress! Was thinking about wearing to a winter wedding in Feb! How was the fit? What size did you get?

  84. We have to do the miralax, we only have to do 1 TSP each morning to help, but if the probiotics work I would definitely try that first. (It didn’t work for us). As a mom, I’m going to do what I have to in order to not hear the screams from pain while she’s pooping. 🙁 something else to try in search Pinterest for constipation candies. It’s really coconut oil and a few other things, all really natural. Ours wouldn’t drink juice until after she was three, she never cared for the taste of it, it’s always been water or her milk.

  85. Hi Ali!
    I have never commented before but I k on how frustrating constipation in children can be so wanted to share what has helped my son. He is 3.5 years now but has been dealing with it off and on since we potty trained about a year ago. He also doesn’t like juice but I started mixing prune juice into hot chocolate and it helps him go the day he drinks it. I think the warm liquid helps and I do about 3/4 prune juice warmed up and just 1/4 hot chocolate.
    Also wanted to say I LOVE your blog you are so relatable!

  86. Hi Ali, so sorry to hear about poor Molly! I fee you, as we just went through our baby’s first constipation and to was horrible to see him so much pain and trying so hard to poop 😔
    Leo is only 7 months old, but I can tell you what our pediatrician told us – no bananas, at all (that’s what first induced it for Leo a but then again, we are still in the phase of introducing new food, and we had just started on banana. She suggested never giving banana alone, always mixed with other fruit, preferably pears). Apples, only cooked as when raw can also induce constipation. They suggested we’d add some drops of orange juice to her fruit as it helps. Molly is older so I think she can have mandarins already? If so, they really do help!
    Since she is eating so many veggies, it could be a case of too much fiber and her intestine isn’t fully capable of dealing with it just yet..
    Warm water, or chamomile tea also helped doing the trick for us.
    I really do hope she’s feeling better, sending her big hugs!

  87. Hi ! Did you ever consider taking her to a chiropractor? Mine has done wonders for my kids with constipation! And it’s great just for your overall immunity and well being! And also dōTERRA essential oils! I use them on my kids also. For everything! Best of luck!

  88. I don’t know how you feel about meds, but my daughter struggled with the EXACT same issues from a tiny baby, until she was about 5. Her pediatrician had us giving her Miralax on a daily basis to keep everything moving, and softening up. It was awful, and when I say I understand, I DEFINITELY UNDERSTAND! Q-tips were my best friend at that time. 🙁 Ugh! Good luck to you and that little munchkin.

  89. My daughter is just about a month older than Molly and since she turned one she had been having issues with being quite constipated as well. We’ve used pear nectar, peach nectar, prunes, lots of water, probiotics, she also eats very healthy and has tons of veggies but nothing seemed to work. Her pediatrician suggested we give her some Miralax and so far it has been the only thing to help her. Sometimes she’ll go a couple days in between but the miralax really helps it not be hard and she doesn’t need suppositories anymore.

  90. Hey Ali…

    I use Lennon Behoedmiddel…
    I use it for my baby which is now almost 9 weeks old…
    But i went to the clinic first and doctor to first make sure it is safe to use because i also struggled with constipation with my baby…

    Hope it is useful

  91. Hi! Have you ever done infant massage on Molly? I got certified to teach it a few years ago so I learned all the uses and it helped my son. It can work wonders for constipation, plus it’s great for bonding and even helps with sleep! It may be tricky at her age to get her to lie down for very long but when you’re doing a diaper change is a great time for a quick tummy massage.

    You can find videos on YouTube or try google for particular techniques but make sure you do the strokes clockwise to follow the direction of her digestive tract.

    Also, just a thought. Some kids potty train around her age. Is it possible she is holding her poop because she doesn’t like the feeling of it and then she gets “backed up”? My son didn’t have a constipation problem until he was old enough to be worried about either sitting in it or being made to run to the toilet lol.

  92. Hey Ali,

    My daughter struggled with this too and it made potty training hard. We hired a consultant and she had a ton of good tips. The key for us was to add in good fats. Coconut milk (from the can because that has the fat), avocado, coconut milk yogurt, etc. Extra fiber can actually work against you! We made this smoothie and froze it into popsicles. The coconut components are most important!

    *1/2 can full-fat coconut milk.

    *A couple of wallops of full-fat plain yogurt

    *1 frozen banana

    *A handful of frozen strawberries

    *1/4 cup of pineapple

    *A handful of shredded coconut

  93. My husband is a chiropractor & that can be really effective with constipation. The problem with cutting food out or adding anything to what seems like an already healthy diet is it won’t matter if there’s something mechanically wrong. We’re good friends with Sean & Leilani O’Keeffe so you can ask them about it if you’d like!:)

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