Little Red Coat – On Sale!

Happy Friday Luvs! It’s so crazy to think that next week is the last week before Christmas! In fact, my little family and I are celebrating with an early Christmas this weekend. Kevin‘s parents are in town to visit with us and Molly and to celebrate Kevin‘s dad‘s 70th birthday which is so exciting! We absolutely love having them in town and it’s so fun to show off how much Molly has grown to her grandparents. So while they are here (they got here yesterday morning) we are doing all sorts of fun Christmas things like opening gifts, having a Christmas dinner and going to visit Santa! While we’re out doing some of these fun holiday related things I wanted to feel festive so I wore this beautiful red coat. I just feel like a red coat instantly elevates your outfit and can make anything you throw on look like a put together look.

And pretty much everything I’m wearing is on sale which is so awesome! So let me break some of this look down for a minute. The red jacket is currently on sale for 33% off! My necklace that you’ve seen me wear over and over again, because I’ve owned it for about a year now, is on sale for 30% off with code GIFT30. My faux leather leggings are on sale for 35% off and get this, they are under $19! How insane is that?! I actually own a few pairs of faux leather leggings, and to be completely honest with you, I like these ones better than the ones I’ve spent $100 on. I feel like they’re more flattering and the material doesn’t bulk up my legs. And last but not least, my boots are 40% off for under $80! The only thing I’m wearing that’s not on sale is the turtleneck and it’s still only $24 so that’s such a steal. Had to share this look with you guys today when I saw that it was all on sale for such great prices.

And as you can see from one of my photos when I turn to the side, it’s really great for women who are pregnant! The faux leather leggings waistband stretches to fit my belly and so does the turtleneck. And the great thing about this all black base is that you could pretty much wear it with any jacket, cardigan or duster for a different look.

Hope you guys have a great Friday and a great weekend!




9 Thoughts

9 thoughts on “Little Red Coat – On Sale!

  1. Red is so festive! Ali, you’re so darling pregnant! Enjoy your guests, happy bday to your FIL! 🎂🎈 Thanks gor the awesome sale tips.

  2. Looking amazing, Ali! Thanks for the great fashions tips as usual. Enjoy early Christmas with your fam.. spending be holidays with family is the best feeling in the world. This year I am getting to do so too.. and it’s been a while. What’s even better, both my family and my partner’s will get together in Portugal, where he is from, and it’s our baby boy’s first Christmas too!!

  3. I love your bump!! I’m pregnant with #2 also and I feel like I got WAY bigger WAY faster! I’m trying to embrace it- but it’s not always easy! You look beautiful!! ❤️

  4. Wow, you look stunning in red! What a cool outfit!

    A question from your previous post — what white dress is molly wearing in the last photo? It seemed like a cute holiday outfit that is nice but not too frilly. Was hoping to find something like that!

  5. Have a fun Christmas🎄/70th birthday 🎂 celebration with Molly’s Grandparents.
    Your family next!
    You look so pretty, Ali

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