Casual with a Little Sparkle

Hi Luvs. I hope all of you are doing everything you can to stay healthy out there! I caught a nasty bug on Friday and I basically didn’t even leave my bed all weekend. Kevin even had to stay home from work today to take care of Molly because I still can’t get out of bed. I have super busy days tomorrow and Wednesday so I’m really hoping that I feel much better tomorrow!

Anyway, while I’m cooped up in my germ infested room and feeling the slightest bit better this afternoon, I thought I would write about mine and Molly‘s outfits in these cute pics! My outfit is honestly one of my favorites because it’s so simple. It’s just a white boyfriend button up shirt and a pair of ripped denim. I really think everyone should own a white button up boyfriend shirt because you can dress it up in so many different ways. You can wear it with different scarves, necklaces, tuck it into a pair of dress pants, or wear it with jeans like I am in these pics. It’s just a very versatile shirt that you wear again and again. I’ve had this one forever.

And yes, these jeans are stretchy which is how I’m able to button them while pregnant. My belly just keeps growing and I honestly think I might be done with regular jeans moving forward. Maternity jeans it is!

And how cute are my sparkly flats! I’ve had them for a while now and I even wrote about them last year! I just love them because they’re super festive for the holidays and/or New Year’s Eve. But since they’re a flat they’re super comfortable! I mean really, have you ever found a pair of perfect NYE shoes that are comfortable?! These are pretty much the only ones I’ve found! And you don’t just have to wear them around the holidays, as you can see with my outfit I dressed them way down with a casual look and I absolutely love them. Every time I wear these sparkly flats I get so many compliments! They also come in a bunch of different colors. Mine are the light champagne color.

The shoes are from Sole Society and so is my clutch/cross body bag. I love that it’s dual function and you can carry it as a clutch or take out the arm strap and carry it as a cross body bag. The detailing on it is so gorgeous and I feel like it looks super expensive. Plus it’s also very versatile! It could be worn with dresses over the holiday season but also easily worn in the spring time with any of your flirty spring dresses!

And finally, how cute is Molly!? Her dress is old and no longer available online but really it’s her socks and boots that complete the luck! I never used to like putting her in dresses when she was younger because it would hinder her crawling. But now that she’s a walking/running machine, I love putting her in dresses with knee-high socks and boots! It’s my absolute favorite look on my little girl!

Anyway, hope you guys enjoyed today’s blog post. Please forgive any typos as I am super sick and feel like I can barely write never mind properly edit this. Ha! Stay healthy my friends!



25 Thoughts

25 thoughts on “Casual with a Little Sparkle

  1. Try boiling water, with two table spoon of honey and 1/2 a squeezed lemon, I get quite sick due to very cold Canadian winters and this remedy my husband makes me works every time I get a nasty bug

      1. This is so much better and honey is a natural antibiotic it, will make you sleep and you will feel so much better.

    1. There’s a difference between being honest and rude. Not neccessary. I think she looks cute:) may not be everyone’s taste and it doesn’t need to be.

  2. Molly looks so cute! Almost ordered the socks for my 14 month old and then remembered here in south Texas she won’t get much use of them. 🤦🏻‍♀️ But I did want to ask if you’d share where your iPhone case is from? Thanks in advance!

    1. From the Mac Store 🙂 And why wouldn’t she get use out of them in Texas? I think she would! They are great for mild climates! It’s been 70-75 and sunny here in LA for weeks and they work perfect.

      1. It’s just always so hot here, but you’re right there are plenty of 70 degree days to make them work. You convinced me! 😉 thanks for sharing.

  3. Hi Ali
    I had a nasty bug & needed antibiotics.
    Hope you feel better soon.
    I love your shoes & Molly’s boots/socks look cute with her ‘old’ dress 😊
    Kevin’s a ’10’ out of 10!

    1. We are trying sooo hard to keep Molly well. I have to avoid her which breaks my heart because she doesn’t understand why Mommy won’t get close to her 🙁

  4. Hope you are feeling better, I was wondering what the face cleansing brush you talked about on your instastories last week was called? I think it would be the perfect gift for my sister.

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