Sweater Weather

I wore this sweater yesterday in a few of my Instagram stories and I got some messages from you guys asking me to write about it. It honestly is one of my favorite sweaters and I was so pumped to see that it’s still available online. I didn’t think it would be because I bought it a while ago and I for sure thought it would sell out since it’s so cute. Lucky for us, it’s still available and not only in the blush color I’m wearing, but it’s also available in a ton of other colors! I’m guessing the sweater is really popular on Nordstrom’s website and that’s why they have it in so many colors and have restocked it. The reviews for it are pretty great too so you know other people love it as well. And it’s under $60! I love a good deal on a sweater and I also love a super comfy sweater. The sweater isn’t itchy FYI! Every time I post a sweater, people ask if it’s itchy so I wanted to let you guys know. It’s totally not! Pure comfort! I’m wearing a medium.

I paired it with a blush pair of statement earrings that I’ve been wearing a lot lately. I know you’ll see these again on my blog in the future. I completed the outfit with a great pair of boots and the best large tote! You can see me wearing the boots and carrying the bag HERE too. I also started the day wearing a plaid scarf with it that’s super cute and only $25. But as the day went on it became too hot for the scarf so I took it off and put it in my bag as a little accessory/flair! Only in LA is it too hot to wear a scarf in December. Ha!

Anyway, I wanted to share this look with all of you since I think it’s a super practical outfit and a great one for Winter! I hope you all have a great day! It’s a busy one for me and I’m feeling pretty stressed because of everything going on in LA right now. These fires are just devastating and it’s hard to think about anything else with all this going on. Also, I’m constantly checking in with home to make sure our house is OK and more importantly that if something were to happen Kevin, Molly and Owen would all get out safely. So incredibly thankful for first responders!



8 Thoughts

8 thoughts on “Sweater Weather

  1. Love this entire look! This is a n adorable sweater with cute color. Sweaters are my favorite outfits. These are ideal for warmth and style. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Nice styles! You are looking stunning. This sweater is so cute and cozy. I am a big fan of pink and can’t wait to try this style. Thanks for sharing.

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