The Most Beautiful Gift from Kevin

UPDATE: Heather Tice is the winner of the giveaway! Heather please see your comment below for how to claim your prize! xoxo

Sunday was an incredibly special day. My sweet husband partnered with Hallmark Jewelry and surprised me with the most beautiful and personal gift. As many of you know, I was very close with my grandmother. I not only have a tattoo of her hand writing with the word “endure” on my wrist (it’s a word from a quote she used always say to me), but Kevin and I named our baby girl after her! That’s right, Molly Sullivan Manno is named after my grandma Molly.

Kevin knows how much she meant to me and still means to me. In fact, I first got that tattoo because I wanted people to see it and ask me about it so I could talk about her and keep her memory alive. And then when it came time to pick a name for our daughter, no name seemed special enough for this beautiful little creature we brought into the world. That is, until we thought of naming her after my grandma. I knew by naming our daughter Molly, my grandmother’s memory would continue to live on.

So Kevin, being the romantic that he is, surprised me the other morning with the most beautiful locket from the Hallmark Jewelry collection at Kohl’s. It’s no secret that I’m a fan of Hallmark. I not only work for the Hallmark company, now that I’m a regular on Home & Family, I’ve also been collecting Hallmark keepsake ornaments for 13 years! Every December like clockwork, I go to the Hallmark store and get my favorite Hallmark ornaments.


So knowing this, Kevin surprised me with this gorgeous locket from a company he knows means so much to me. He put two photos in it, one of our daughter Molly and one of my grandma Molly, two people he knows mean so much to me. The fact that he put so much thought into every detail of this gift is so touching! I know it’s gonna be one of those pieces of jewelry that I never want to take off!

If you watched me on Home & Family this morning, then you might’ve noticed that I was wearing it on the show! Honestly, I haven’t taken it off since he gave it to me on Sunday.

I wanted to share this with you guys because I just think it’s such a perfect gift. He put two pictures in the locket, because of the connection with my daughter and my grandmother, but the locket would be perfect to hold one picture as well!

And in general, Hallmark just has the most beautiful collection of jewelry (it’s available online at Kohl’s FYI), at affordable prices that would make beautiful gifts this holiday season! After he got this locket for me, I started looking into their other jewelry and I fell in love with so many of their pieces. I really love this angel wing pendant. And this double heart necklace is just stunning! In fact, since I’m so blown away by the sweet gift Kevin gave me, I wanted to give a gift to one of you as well! So I’m gifting this double heart necklace to one of you! This is all you have to do to enter:

1. Like and comment on my most recent Instagram or Facebook photo
2. Comment on this blog post and tell me whose photo you would put in this locket and why
*Tag a friend in my Facebook or Insta post for an extra entry

That’s it! Good luck luvs! I’ll announce the winner on this post tomorrow! Don’t worry if you don’t win, the jewelry is really affordable and there are actually some really great sales on it right now!

Oh and if you feel like it, head on over to Kevin’s Instagram page and tell him what a sweet husband he is! Actually, you should tag your significant other in my Insta post of this necklace to give them a not-so-subtle hint that you’d like this necklace under you tree Christmas morning. Ha! Luv you guys! Spread the luv today!!! Can you tell I’m all warm and fuzzy inside today 😉 Muah!


This post was sponsored by Hallmark Jewelry

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209 thoughts on “The Most Beautiful Gift from Kevin

  1. Beautiful Locket. My kids mean the world to me, as well as my husband, so they would be the ones I would want to wear around my neck. Could not do life without them.

  2. I would gift this to a special friend of mine whose 6 year old was recently diagnosed with Type One Diabetes to remind her everyday to accept the unexpected and to carry the love and joy of our children close to our hearts and hopefully every time someone asks her about her necklace she can spread awareness of T1D!

  3. A picture of our beautiful daughter. It’s funny we spend so much time with them in a day, but when they are asleep we watch videos of them and talk about them all night because they are our world. I’d look at her photo when away from her but mainly like the fact that she is close to my heart, because she is my heart.
    Merry Christmas xo

  4. I would put my twin boys in the locket so I can carry them with me everyday at work and where I go. Keeps them close to my heart too

  5. How sweet ❤️ I would put a picture of my mother. She passed away from ovarian cancer almost 6 years ago. Every day I feel a piece of me is missing. I have a 14 month old little boy and I love reading your blog! From pregnancy and mom tips, to fashion- I’m buying something you recommend weekly 🙈 Sending thanks from Mass!

  6. My daughter and my Grams! Grams brought me home when my parents were not so “together”. She was my protector and is now my angel. She taught me and my daughter that we are strong and valuable. Miss her everyday. 12 kids and over 35 grandkids, we all say it’s Grams prayers that kept us alive and going.

  7. I would definitely put a picture of my grandmother. If God blesses me with a baby girl in the future she will be named after her as well. My grandma was my best friend and I miss her everyday. I am always trying to find ways to keep her memory alive. Such a sweet and thoughtful gift Ali!

  8. Love the sentiment and the thoughtful gesture. Your husband is beyond sweet, hopefully Mollys future husband treats her the same exact way.
    I would love this locket. I would put a picture of my baby boys in it!

  9. Love the sentiment and the thoughtful gesture. Your husband is beyond sweet, hopefully Mollys future husband treats her the same exact way.
    I would love this locket. I would put a picture of my baby boys in it!

    1. Yay Heather! You won! I randomly scrolled through and landed on your comment! So we will send you the beautiful heart pendant I linked above. Can you send your email and address to my assistant at Thanks luv! Hope you love it!!!!

  10. Kevin did so good!!! I would put a picture of my rainbow baby and a picture of my sweet hubby in it! 🙂

  11. I would put my daughter. My husband and I tried for a second child and haven’t been successful so as much as I thought she was a blessing when I had her I realized she is more like an angel for me.

  12. I would give this to my mom as a gift, if I would win it.. so she can put her mom in the picture slot, she was really close to her mom that passed away from ALS 2.5 years ago. My mom is still recovering for the death of her loved one and it breaks my heart.. I want to make her happy..

  13. Ahhhh! I’ve been looking to purchase a locket for myself and this one is beautiful! I would put pictures of my two baby boys, Joey and Jackson! 🙂

  14. I would put a picture of my one year old daughter Sophie and my beloved little dog Gizmo, who I we have to put to sleep this afternoon 😭 This would be such a lovely locket to win.

  15. What a beautiful locket. I would put the pictures of my kids in it as they are true miracles and they would always be close to me no matter where I am.

  16. The sweetest! I would put my sweet little girl Emma’s picture in there – she’s my whole world and i like to carry her with me even if she isn’t physically with me

  17. Little treasures like these are so sentamental. On that note, I would include two pictures of my two favorite people I couldn’t imagine my life without, my son and husband.

  18. I would put my son in the locket as well as my daughter’s picture when I have her in March. She will also be named after her Nanny on my side and Grandma on my husband’s. They’re the two most special people in my life. My whole world.

  19. I’ve always loved the old world charm of picture lockets! So beautiful, and such a cute picture of Molly! I would add my son’s photo, as he’s my World. ❤️

  20. I would put a photo of my grandpa in it i lost him 4 years ago to a lung disease he was like my dad my grandma and him raised me since i was little. I’ve always wanted a locket to keep his picture close to my heart ♥️

  21. Hi Ali! My two girls (4 years old and 17 months) are my world..I would put their little faces in this locket. Such a sweet and thoughtful gift!! Awesome job, Kevin!! Hope you are feeling great, Ali! 🙂

  22. I would put my sons picture, and my dads picture. I named my son after my dad’s dad (who I never got to meet but my dad said i acted just like his dad). My dad passed away 6 years ago, and never got to meet my son which is 2.

  23. I love that locket!! Such a sweet and sentimental gift! I don’t have any kids, but I do have a pup that means the world to me! Is that weird to put her picture in it? 🤔 ha!

  24. Beautiful locket! I would put a picture of my little girl and my grandmother who means so much to me. Her name is Emily which is also my daughter’s middle name.

  25. I would put a picture of my mother in the locket. She passed away unexpectedly 5 years ago and sadly never got to meet my little Girl (20 months old) who also is named after her. It’s important to me to talk to my little Girl about her but I’ve always wanted a locket where I could keep a picture of her close to my heart.
    Love the idea of a tattoo to keep the conversation going!
    Thanks for sharing! ♡

  26. The locket is beautiful, such a thoughtful gift . I would put a picture of my daughter, she is 11 months old 😍. She is everything to me!

  27. Such a precious momento to your sweet Grandma and your beautiful daughter! I would wear my husband and my son around my neck — the two men that have stole my heart!❤️

  28. Beautiful ! my mother she has helped me so much in the last three months since I had a heart attack she means the world to me and my daughter!

  29. I would put a picture of my son and daughter. I was looking at your tattoo the other day in one of your posts and was wondering about it, thanks for sharing that sweet story!!

  30. I love Molly’s you lil finger! Haha. My mom would definitely go on the locket, her and I are inseparable, she’s my best friend. I recently got married and moved out (I’ve always lived at home) it’s a big adjustment for me and miss my mom! Having her in a locket would make me feel like she’s with me all the time, just like the good old days. 😊

  31. I absolutely love this!! My daughter is also named after my grandmother (her middle name is my grandmother’s maiden name). I have always had a strong relationship with my grandmother and am so thankful she is still alive. There is nothing like a grandmother’s love! So sweet! I would put my daughter’s picture in this locket too! As a side note Hallmark AND Kohl’s are probably 2 of my favorite stores. Especially around this time of year. So special. Thanks for sharing. Love your blog, Ali.

  32. Beautiful locket! I would put my grandpa since he’s such a special part of my life. He was diagnosed with alzheimer’s about four years ago, and has only gone downhill. Recently, he started forgetting our names including mine. After his passing, I will be getting a tattoo of his handwriting as well. It will be my first tattoo on my foot. This locket would mean the world to me..❤️
    Xoxo- Abby, a broke college student just trying to make it :’)

  33. Beautiful necklace- I would put a picture of my 2 children who are 7 yrs and 5 yr old. My youngest is special needs and has rare brain disorder called Chiari Malformation and medically complex. For being in and out of hospital my oldest has been the most supportive and understanding and loving brother during all this. My loves

  34. I would definitely put my husband and daughter in the locket. I couldn’t imagine doing life with anyone else.

  35. I love this Ali. Thank you so much for posting this. I would actually put a sonogram in one and my 4 year old on the other side. We lost our daughter a few months ago while I was pregnant and this would be the perfect idea to hold both of my girls close.

  36. Love your Blog! And your posts. 🙂
    It would be hard to choose. I lost my father in 2015. I also got married in 2015 and had my son Noah in 2016. He has been the most amazing miracle. I love him so much. My mom has always been there for me no matter what. So those four people are the most meaningful people. My son and my father would be the first in the locket. To have them both close since my father didn’t get to meet him.

  37. what a beautiful gift , so thoughtful of Kevin. Romantics are such a rare find, you are a very lucky lady.
    For myself , I would put a photo of my Mother who died when I was 5 and a photo of my 10 month old daughter. I have struggled with raising a daughter without the guidance of my mom but every once in a while, I feel like she’s there, trying to guide me.

  38. I would gift this to my 20 year old daughter and I would put pictures of her siblings in it because she doesn’t get to see them often

  39. I love this!! I would put a picture of my son, Mad six Jacob, who I lost this year and is now my angel watching over us 💙

  40. I would give this to my daughter and put a pic of her dog in it so she knows he’s always with her even though her living situation changed and he is staying with her ain’t a hundred miles away

  41. Love the locket. Kevin did well in the gift department. 🙂 If I were to have a locket I would definitely put a photo of our son Layne and his daddy.

  42. I would give it to my best friend Kacey. She is a 24 year old missionary in Honduras and was fostering a boy with hydrocephelus for 2.5 years when he suddenly died. Jesús was a light to all who met him and this will be her first Christmas without him. I know he is constantly on her mind, but I know she would treasure a picture of him around her neck.

  43. Ali,
    Your blog brought tears to my eyes. What a sweet & thoughtful gift from Kevin and I’m touched you’re gifting one to one of your followers. Thank You! I lost our 1st baby girl when she was just 6 days old. There were complications with her birth, but I was since blessed with another girl and then a boy. I would put photos of all 3 of my children in the locket. ❤

  44. Love this idea!! I would get this for my mom and put a picture of her mom, my grandmother, who recently passed away last January.

  45. I love the locket, you do have a romantic husband. I would put a picture of my son and husband. They are the most important thing in my life.

  46. I love this! I have a daughter whose about to turn 1! We named her after my Grandmother also who I was SO close with! If I had this locket I would do exactly what you did!! 💓

  47. I love your story about your tattoo, because I did the exact same thing last year with my grandpas hand writing, so people would ask me about it so I could let his memory live on. If I got the locket I would put a picture of him & my other grandparents in it

  48. Gorgeous ❤️ How nice and how amazing
    I have two angels in my life my girl Addie Rae and my little man Keegan . I would put their pictures in the necklace as they are my whole world . like you ( tattoo) I have a tattoo of their names and people ask me about it all the time and I just love talking about my sweeties ❤️

  49. So pretty and thoughtful!
    I lost my brother unexpectedly in high school and have always thought a locket with his picture in it would be special. And my grandma lost her battle to cancer earlier this year. Having them both in it would be double special. ♥️

  50. What a sweet gesture from your husband! I love the idea of carrying around your loved ones everywhere you go 🙂

    I would have a picture of my parents in my locket because they have helped me be the person I am today!

  51. How beautiful and sweet! I love lockets! My husband gave me one for our 1st anniversary with our initials engraved on the front and wedding pictures inside. It’s extra special to me because he was deployed to Afghanistan at the time and we couldn’t be together but he was thoughtful enough to make sure I felt loved with a gift anyway.

  52. That’s such a sweet idea! I think I will need to get one to put a picture of my grandmother in. Her name was also Molly, but to me, she was Gummy. She died a year and a half ago while I was in college, and it was the most devastating phone call I have ever received. She was so caring and always wanted to give back to others. Her favorite past time was shopping at Macy’s or Kohl’s with her granddaughters. It is lovely to know that you had such great memories too. While I don’t have kids yet, I have always thought that I would love to name my little girl Molly after my Gummy.

  53. I love it and the meaning of your locket.

    I would put a photo of my mom, she passed away about 3 years ago, she meant so much to me 🙁
    I would also add a photo of my 17 month old. I gave her my moms name as her middle name to always remember her ❤️

  54. This necklace is so beautiful! Way to go, Kevin!
    I’d love for a picture of my two daughters and mother to go in it as my mother passed away. Keeping her memory so close to me would make my heart so happy!

  55. I would put my late husband in my locket. I lost him almost 7 years ago to leukemia at the age of 36 (I was 32 with 3 little boys) and would love to have their dad with us wherever we go ❤️😘❤️

  56. I would put my mom and grandma, the two strongest women I know. They are my real life Wonder Women! <3

  57. I love this!! It is very sentimental gift that can be worn with every outfit.
    I have two beautiful kiddos boy and a girl and they are the ones i would put inside the locket just so they can be with me at all times. Love all your posts❤️

  58. I would put a picture of my grandmother and my best friend in this locket ❤️ Two people who mean so so very much to me!

  59. I would put my best friend’s son’s picture in it and give it to her. She always feels like she’s running around, doing everything, and this could be a reminder that she’s doing it all for a good reason.

  60. What a beautiful tribute and gift! I love your story and like you, I named my daughter Isabel after my grandmother, Isabel. She was the most special lady I’ve ever known! I’d have to say I’d do the same, a picture of grandma Isabel on one side and my Isabel on the other ❤️

  61. I love this! I too was very close with my grandma and I just lost her in October to lung cancer. If I won this, I would put a picture of her and my grandpa in it. He passed away two years ago, and then to lose her just two months ago, its been very hard on me. They meant so much to me and I miss them so very much. I would love this necklace to remember them and always keep them close to me!

  62. Love! I would put pics of my 2 precious kiddos…we were blessed to have them join our family through adoption. They have faced big things in their little lives, are the sweetest bravest souls, and we are so grateful we get to be their Mommy and Daddy. Truly a gift!

  63. It’s absolutely beautiful, If I were to win this necklace I would put pictures of my parents since they are both deceased and I miss them dearly, especially this time of year!

  64. I love this necklace. If I were to win I would put a picture of my parents since they are both deceased and I miss them terribly, especially this time of year

  65. Beautiful necklace. I would put a picture of my mom. She passed away 15 years ago. And I would put a picture of my kids

  66. Hi Ali!
    I don’t have Facebook or Instagram, but I love reading your blog and hope this is sufficient to enter the contest 🙂 Anywho, this locket is so beautiful. I would put my 10 month old son’s photo in and and my grandmother’s photo in it who passed last year before he was born. Blessings to you and your family during this holiday season!

  67. I’m sitting here crying! Such a heartwarming, sweet, sentimental gift! It gorgeous and the meaning behind it does make it the perfect gift!
    I would put a picture of my mother and one of me in the locket. She has Alzheimer’s and just turned 90. I used to be her 24/7 caretaker until the disease progressed beyond what I was capable of handling. It broke my heart when she had to go to a memory ward in a nursing home. She’s still here, but the essence of her is gone. I miss her, being able to talk to her and laugh with her, every single day.

  68. Ali! What a great sentimental gift from ur hubby! Plus, what a great guy u have! My daughter is named after my husbands grandma, which really he considered his mom and my mom!! Her name is Teresa Bridget. I would put a pic of honestly, just my daughter. Her name is super special to us just like Molly is to you and just looking at her reminds me of all memories! Merry Christmas to you and your family! Xoxo
    Insta handle is cams913 ☺️

  69. Omg! Completely amazing and sweet! If I had amazing locket, I would place photos of my grandmother and mother; both are women who stood tall and did what they needed todo for their families! Sacrifices, challenges, secrets, love they did it all! My grandmother taught me so many things growing up and I hope that one day when I have a daughter I get to honor my grandmother’s memory and continue to show the ways of the strong women that cake before her!! Xoxox

  70. So thoughtful of Kevin!! What a treasure of a gift. The locket is Beautiful. I would probably put the pictures of my mother and grandmother (her mom) in mine. BUT then again maybe have a second one for my Aunts. No kiddos yet, so those would be my choices. The strong women in my life that have taught me so much.

  71. That’s so beautiful, you have such a cute and loving family it’s great to see the love you guys share. I would definitely put my parents picture in the locket since they worked so hard to let me study and go after my dreams here in the US. I’ve been here for three years and haven’t had a chance to see them back in Africa since I left.

  72. Hi Ali!

    I would love to give this locket to my grandma and I would put a photo of my grandpa in it for her. He passed away 6 years ago, and I know she misses him everyday because I miss him everyday. I recently got engaged, and I’m getting married July 6th 2019 and I’m most of thoughts about the wedding make me think about how hard it will be that he won’t be there, so I’m trying to think of ways to include him. I’m thinking I might ask my grandma to borrow his wedding ring to be my something borrowed and put it on my bouquet for the day.

    Instagram: tsoutherby

  73. I would put a picture of my sister and a picture of my baby girl in the locket. My sister passed away suddenly almost 3 years ago – just 3 days after Christmas. I think about her every day and, like you, I got a tattoo in her honor. Mine is on my ribs on the left side of my body. When I realized I was pregnant with my baby girl, I knew right away that her middle name would be my sister’s name.

    Your locket is such a sweet gift from Kevin!

  74. What a gorgeous necklace and SO thoughtful of Kevin. I would put a picture of my two kids & husband on one side. On the other side I would put a B&W picture of my yoga mat to remind myself to take care of me as well. I love that you’re doing this giveaway. You’re so sweet, Ali! Love reading this blog!

  75. Love your necklace and Kevin is a thoughtful giver. If I won, I would definitely add a picture of my dad. He was such a strong influence and I lost him in 2012. So that first pic would be him for sure. 2nd would be of my husband…without him, I wouldn’t be the person I am today.

  76. Ali- this locket is absolutely beautiful! I love that Kevin put a picture of your grandmother and Molly in there. I would put a picture of my grandmother too. She lost her battle with ovarian cancer about 2 1/2 years ago. She believed I could do anything and she had the biggest heart of anyone I have ever known. Thank you for sharing your world with us. Love watching your family grow! 😘

  77. I would likely put my sweet boys in there, or possibly my grandma. I lost my grandma this past June and similarly, she was such a special lady to me. We wanted to give a nod to her with our child we were expecting (a boy) and ended making using her birthplace as his middle name <3

  78. Love your locket!
    I’ve been collecting Hallmark Keepsake ornaments for over 25 years! You should start a series for Molly, and buy the series every year, then she will have her own collection started from when you was young! I’ve done this for my boys who are now 20/22!! Cozy Critters series started this year!

  79. Such a thoughtful gift! I would put pictures of my sons in the locket Logan who is 16 months and Mason who is due on Christmas this year! I would put them in the locket to wear them close to
    My heart.

  80. What a beautiful locket of 2 beautiful people. I was extremely close to my grandmother and have special items of hers that she loved.

  81. Beautiful! I would put my husband in the locket. I have bipolar and many other health issues and he has always been there for me. When I have gotten angry with him and forgotten who he is during psychosis he gently tries to bring me back to reality. He sacrifices daily for me without any expectations for return favors. He is truly a man I admire and adore and I could not do this life without him.

  82. Our daughter and son-in-law have a beautiful baby, Karter, age 8 months. My mother-in-law passed away 17 years ago. For our daughter’s baby shower, my sister in law presented our daughter with a pair of earrings that her grandmother had worn. It was a beautiful gift. I’d love this locket to put a picture inside of my mother-in-law so our daughter can cherish this forever in memory! Thank you.

  83. I would keep my husband and daughters photo in it. I am a new mom, and could not imagine life without these two.

  84. I absolutely love your locket !!! The people I would put in my locket are my parents. My father is retired and my mom is almost retired. They want to go back to the place they where both were born in. I want to have a little piece of them everywhere i go. Remembering all the scar fixes they have done for me and my brothers .

  85. What a sweet gift and husband Kevin is! And what a beautiful tribute to both of your dear Mollys. I would love this locket to put a picture of both of my dear grandmothers. I miss them so much every day but they are always with me. Having them close to my heart in a locket would really keep them near me always.

  86. That is so beautiful. I always wish I knew my grandparents better as they passed away when I was young. I am excited my son will have that relationship with my parents and my husbands parents and get to have a special bond with them!!

    I read your blog all the time and love your adorable family. I know I was a bit late to this post but for my entry I would have a picture of my husband and my 3 month old son Landon.

  87. I was diagnosed at 26 years old with an extremely rare cancer while pregnant with my second precious angel. It was almost a year to the date after my grandpa passed away also from 2 very rare cancers. I had to have a medical termination last year to start treatment right away and so my angel now lives in heaven with my grandpa. I would put a picture of my grandpa to remember him every day and to honour that I know he’s taking care of my special boy up in heaven. I would also put a picture of the beatiful son I do have on this earth with me that I thank god everyday I get to watch grow up now. It’s only been a year since my diagnosis so I pray everyday I get to live a long, full life.

  88. How sweet! I would put a picture of my children Henry and Olivia in the locket so they could be with me all day long.

  89. I’m expecting twins in the next two months. My miracle baby boys. I would put their pictures in that locket for sure 🙂

  90. Ali=Love ❤️ You are so beautiful inside and out.

    I would put a picture of my husband and a picture of my late grandpa. A picture of my husband because I couldn’t think of a day that I would never need him, love him, care for him he is everything. My grandpa because he was a strong, amazing, spirited man that I think of often, he would say it like it is and you would definitely know it. A man to look up to always and his and my stars have always been aligned.

  91. Beautiful locket! I would put a picture of my great aunt (she was like a grandmother to me) and my daughter who is named after her. Both beautiful Elizabeth’s! She passed away a few years ago and I miss her terribly.

  92. I would put a picture of my 4 beautiful children on one side and a photo of my grandparents on the other. They were such a huge part of me growing up! This locket would be perfect to keep my 6 dearest people close to my heart!❤️Ali

  93. I need this locket, been looking for one.
    My Mom and Dad passed away this year five months apart, I would like to carry their memories with me all the time.
    Checking now. Thanks so much.

  94. I am getting married this month to the guy of my dreams. I would give the beautiful locket to my mom. I would put a photo of both her Mom and Dad. They have passed, but they will always be close to my heart, and physically to her heart with the locket on the day I say, “I do!”

  95. This is the sweetest gift. My kids mean the world too me even if they drive me nuts I still love them to the moon and back.

  96. I love this locket! I was very close with my grandmother as well. Although, I would put my 20 month old daughter Sofia in it. Recently my daughter was diagnosed with a rare genetic disorder, called Pitt Hopkins Syndrome. She’s 1 of 700 in the world diagnosed. She has become my inspiration, she is the hardest worker I know! She is so close to my heart, so I would love to hang her on a locket! ❤️
    We are from MA, and I have loved you since your first season. I love following your blog. Molly is so beautiful! And congrats on your future addition!

  97. I would put a picture of my grandfather (who I lost at age 16) and brother. Both military veterans and my heroes! Love the necklace!

  98. That is gorgeous! I would put a picture of my grandmother who I never had the chance of meeting but have heard all of the stories and seen all of the pictures. I know she’s my guardian angel. I would also put my daughter in there because she is my world!

  99. I would definitely put a photo of my Gram in there alongside my son, Beckett, who will be one on the 17th. My Gram passed away from a rapid cancer diagnosis before I was born and I know she would have been the BEST grandmother to me and the best great grandmother to my son. She was loved by so many and such a community inspiration. I strive to be like what I know she was like back then. As a new mom, I often “talk” to her about struggles or uncertainties and know she is always there with me to get me through the tough days and celebrating above on the good ones. I wear a ring that was hers every day. To have her photo around my neck alongside my son’s would be incredible.

  100. I would put my mom and my grandma in the locket. My grandma passed away when I was in 7th grade but I still miss her so much. And my mom because I am so much like her (who is so much like her mom!)

  101. Beautiful keepsake locket!! I would put a picture of my daughter and grandma. My daughter is named after her great-grandma. My grandma never met her mom so when she met my daughter she said she felt like the circle was completed and the missing piece in her heart was full 💗

  102. I love you on Home and Family! I watched you this morning and loved you read to Taylor from your “Him” book! (Hanson fan forever here) I would love to win this locket. I’m having a baby girl this December and she’s named after my grandfather. I would put her picture and his in the locket. Love you Ali!

  103. I would put a photo of my 3 children. I have a son from a previous marriage, a step daughter from my husband’s precious marriage, and a daughter we recently had together. All the hardship of each of our divorces has made me even more thankful for the marriage I have now. My children are my whole world!

  104. I think I would either put in a picture of my husband and kids, or maybe my two sets of grandparents. They both have been not only a big part of my life growing up, but they also helped me raise my oldest child for a year or so while my husband and I were finishing our college degrees. We definitely couldn’t have done it without them.

  105. I would definitely put my husband in there along with a pic of my kids… but my husband for sure we spend 14 days apart every other 14 days (14days on-14days off) and it’s so hard when he leaves and I become that single parent to 4… He make our world spin and I’m sooo thankful for him!

  106. Love this, so beautiful!
    I would put a picture of my mom and my sister. They are two of the strongest women I know and they inspire me to be my best and to push myself to be better every single day.

  107. What a beautiful locket! I would put a photo of my husband in the locket. He works in law enforcement and is gone often so it would be so nice to have a photo of him close to me.

  108. Beautiful! I love watching you on Home & Family and seeing your sweet family on your Instagram posts! I would love this necklace and would place photos of my 2 boys. My husband and my son. They are my world!

  109. This is so sweet! My daughter is also named after my grandma who was a huge inspiration to me. I would put their pictures in it as well.

  110. Beautiful locket!! If I won I would put a picture of my beautiful children Callie and Brayden! Have them close to my heart! Like you Ali I would probably never take it off!!!

  111. It’s so beautiful! I would probably put a picture of my mom and a picture of my daughter (who has a twin brother). My mom passed away a year and half ago when my twins were just 5 months old. I think having a picture of Abby and her grandmother would be really special. If I don’t win I most likely will do that anyways. Thank you so much for the idea 🙂 I also like your idea of a tattoo (although I’m incredibly nervous to do that) but would love to find her handwriting and do something like that. She always would tell me “This too shall pass” which is very true :). Anyways thanks again for all these ideas to keep special people in our memories.

  112. Love the locket and you and your cute family!! ❤ I’d put a picture of my boyfriend in the locket because we are going back to long distance (do to school) and I’m really sad about it but this would always keep him close to my heart! ❤

  113. So pretty 🙂 I would put my mom and my Mema (grandma) because they are such strong women and I am lucky to have them as role models.

  114. I would gift this to my mom. I would put all of her kids in it. She lost a son a few years back and it would mean the world to her to have that in a locket.

  115. Ali this is so beautiful!! As much as I would LOVE this locket, I would actually gift it to my mother. We lost Grandma almost 2 years ago and my mom often texts me saying she’s missing her. She was the glue of the family and the holidays haven’t been the same without her. What a great gift idea for my mom! She bought me my own locket one Christmas with photos of her and me in it, and deserves one of her own now!

  116. I have two sweet little daughters that I would love to wear in a locket around my neck! You two are the sweetest & I just love hearing this story!!! ❤️❤️❤️

  117. Ali, that is so thoughtful what Kevin did for you! If I were to win this locket I would put a photo of my son and husband into it. They are both my pride and joy and I would not be the mom or wife I am today without them in my life.

  118. Love this necklace! I would actually gift this locket to my mom. I just got married this summer so this is her first year living alone at home. I know it’s been a struggle for her, so I’d put a picture of me and her beloved dog Peanut in there for her. This way we’d be close to her heart daily.

  119. Thats a beautiful locket, such a thoughtful gift! If I was to win, I would put a picture of my brother in the locket. December 27th will be 7 yrs since he passed away from Pulmonary Fibrosis. I miss him so much. Thank you for the chance to win this lovely locket! Merry Christmas

  120. Soooo cute!!! I would put a picture of my husband and daughter inside! This would be super sweet since I can’t wear my wedding rings all the time due to my job! ☺️

  121. What a beautiful locket and such a great idea for Christmas!!! I would definitely put a picture my sweet husband and my sweet baby girl Lydia in the locket!!

  122. A picture of my grand-father and I since he passed away when I was 5 years old. I have the words ” toujours avec moi ” on my wrist and they mean always with me. I miss him so much!

  123. Kevin is very special to have given you such a thought-filled/intimate gift.
    I’d put my Sister, Gail on one side. (She passed away at the young age of 8 from kidney failure)
    And i’d put Jesus on the other side of the locket.
    Your locket is beautiful, Ali

  124. Such a beautiful piece. I would say that I would put my grandma (Grammies) and my amazing husband who has been by my side through tough times and great times.

  125. Gorgeous locket. The two people I would put in mine would be my mother and grandmother. Two women who have shaped my life as a women and as a mother. Unfortunately they have both passed within 6 months of each other, my mother first and then my grandmother (mums, mum). I would have them in the locker to continue to remind me to be a strong, caring and loving women and mother.

  126. I would put two pictures in the locket. One of my younger brother that passed away unexpectedly almost 3 years go. He was only 15, but in those 15 years he was such an inspiration to so many. A true angel among us. The second would be of my husband who was my boyfriend at the time my brother passed. He was my solid rock during that time. He never left my side. That was when I truly fell in love with him and knew we would be together forever. Now we’re happily married! Those two remind me to live every day with purpose!

  127. I love this! That is so sweet of your husband. I lost my Granny too in 2011, and just like yours, my Granny is so special to me. We were so close and so very similar. We had the same favorite color (yellow), loved watching Jeopardy and The Price is Right, reading, drinking Slimfast, watching Hallmark and Lifetime movies… I would definitely put a picture of my sweet Granny in the locket!

  128. I would put a picture of my husband Tom next to mine. This man I am lucky enough to call my husband is my most precious jewel. His love wraps around me like a warm cloak in the winter. I have kidney disease and Tom has walked this path with dignity and grace beside me all the way. Just the thought of him brings tears to my eyes.

  129. How sweet! I would put a picture of my 4 month old daughter Savannah and my mom Susan who we named her after, who passed away when I was in high school.

  130. It is beautiful and such a thoughtful gift!! I would put my two children’s pictures in it. Their dad and I are divorced and I only get them half the time and it is so hard when they aren’t here!! This would keep them with me always ❤️❤️❤️

  131. This is such a beautiful post.

    I would put a photo of my best friend, Cameron, who died in a car accident when we were 12… he meant the world to me and losing him shaped who I am today. ❤️

  132. I love this, such a beautiful post and locket. I would put a photo of my dad inside. He passed away of cancer 6 years ago. He shaped me into the woman I am today, and I’m so thankful for that. My dad always said “Be here now” live in the moment and live that moment to the fullest, as you’ll never know when it will be your last.

  133. That locket is stunning! I would put pictures of both of my daughters in it. My older daughter Ella is the purest form of love and nurturing I have ever seen. And my younger daughter Molly is the purest form of joy and sunshine there ever was. They both have helped me get through so much in the last year. I thank God every day for them!

  134. So precious!!! I would put a picture of each of my grandpas they have both passed away but I still think of them & miss them everyday and would love to take them around with me all day 🙂

  135. Hi Ali!

    The locket is beautiful, but the story behind it is even more so. If I had one of these I’d put a picture of my son Ethan who is turning 1 years old next week and on the other side a picture of my mom who I love more than anything! She has been there for me throughout this new life of mine either emotionally or physically. I couldn’t imagine my life without both and am glad I still have her to ask for advice with my little guy. May I get to keep her for many years to come.

    Thank you for sharing,


  136. I would definitely put s picture of my 2.5 year old on the locket and come may I would add a picture of his sister. This is absolutely beautiful. I adore lockets but haven’t had one in years.

  137. I would put pictures of my daughter and grandpa in the necklace. My grandpa passed away 3 weeks before my daughter was born. I still really struggle with him not being able to hold her and meet her because my grandpa and I were so close. I do find comfort in the fact that he is watching over us both from above.

  138. Oh, Ali. Your story about your grandmother and Molly hits so close to home. We had our son in September, we didn’t find out the gender but knew our girls name all along, but the boys name we struggled with. We kicked around lots of different options. I really wanted to name him after my dad, if he was in fact a boy, who died from cancer 13 years ago. My dad was born in Italy and his name was Giuseppe Ottavio, but went by Joseph Otto when he came to the US. We love the name Joseph but wanted something that was less common.
    One night after an ultrasound we went out to dinner and my husband declared that he “knew” our boys name. Otto, after my dad, and a middle name Matthew, after my husband. I immediately burst into tears. I couldn’t imagine this new little person having a name that was made from my dad’s and husbands – my favorite men all wrapped up in one! September 29th, the littlest love of my life, Otto Matthew was born.

    I would absolutely put a photo of my son and dad in the locket, and treasure it everyday.

  139. I would put my grandpa’s picture in it. He passed away in January, so this Christmas will be my first without him. I miss him so much, and it has been a rough year without him, but I know his memory will always be in my heart. ❤️

  140. I would put a photo of my son in the locket. We are currently pregnant with baby #2, so when he/she is born, I would add a photo of them!

  141. What a beautiful and priceless gift! My grandmother was my very best friend, also! She always told me how beautiful I was, and she helped raise me, so my mother could pursue her dream of becoming a teacher. I fell in love with everything about her, and when she got sick I begged my mom to take care of her in our home with me. The doctors said she would live 1-2 years tops, and she lived 7! All it took was our home full of love and laughter! Thanks to her I fell in love with caring for others, and I am now a nurse. It only takes one person to change your life, and she changed mine. I would love to have a locket with her picture! <3

  142. You are one of my favorite bloggers! I think you, Kevin, & Molly are the sweetest family. I love that he gave you that gorgeous locket. What a precious and meaningful gift you will treasure forever!
    I am not married and I do not have children, but I would honor two of my greatest friends in the locket. This last month has been very hard because I lost two of my best friends at the end of October. I miss them so much, so I would definitely put their pictures in the locket. I would treasure it so much, and it would be a beautiful way to carry them with me forever.

  143. This is such a beautiful and timeless piece of jewelry!
    I would put if picture of my grandma in mine too. She recently passed away and she meant the world to me! It would be a perfect way to keep her close to my heart. ❤️

  144. Beautiful locket!! My son is the most important person to me in my life and he was named after my younger brother, whom I was extremely close to and who passed away in a car accident at the age of 17. I would put a picture of my son, Michael (who is 10 months old) and of my brother, Michael. I follow you on Instagram as @mzagramonte

  145. I would put a picture of my grandmother as well because she means everything to me and is my best friend. We have gotten so close over the past few years and we talk on the phone every morning. She doesn’t live near me though and it’s very hard to be so far away from her.

  146. That’s super sweet, what a good man! I would put a picture of my 8 month old daughter, Charlotte Grace & my grandma! Her & I were also super close, it’s been over 10 years since she passed and I still think about her all the time I know she & your grandma are in heaven watching over us.

  147. I would but my adorable sons photo (he’s 14 months! and it took us 5 years to get this sweet little boy) and I would put a picture of my Dad who we lost to cancer 6 years ago, three weeks before my wedding. He is my favorite person in the world.

  148. I would gift this to a Special young lady that lost her mother in November to brain cancer. She is the eldest of 5 children and this loss of their mother has been devastating. She is struggling and I think to have that locket with her mother’s picture in it around her neck would be comforting. 💔❤️

  149. I would put a picture of my grandmother in the locket; she was so generous with her love and support. My grandmother taught me to bake. I honor her memory by baking and sharing it with friends and family.

  150. The locket is beautiful. I was looking to purchase a locket to put a picture of me and my dad inside. My dad who was my very Best friend and who I spoke with almost every day, some days many times. He died suddenly this past March 13th, on his 82nd Birthday. He loved me unconditionally with All of his heart. These past almost 9 months have been very hard for my family and I, especially my 3 daughters. This Holiday season has been a struggle, but I am so Very Thankful that he was the man I called dad. I was, and I am, so Very Grateful to be able to say proudly “I am his daughter” I am who I am because of Everything he taught me. Not only by his words, but by his actions. Everyone that met him loved him, Especially me.

  151. Hi Ali! That’s a beautiful locket! I would put my two grand pops pictures in the locket. They are dearly missed. Though If I do get it I may give it to my Grandmom as a gift and put my grand pops picture.

  152. Gorgeous.
    I would 100% use a lot for a picture of three special girls. My Mom, and my two daughters. They are what keeps me going everyday. My mom is so selfless and would do anything for anyone at any moment. And of course my 7&8 year old girls. A picture of those three together in a locket!? Amazing 😍

  153. I have searched high and low for decades for a replacement locket for one I had that was stolen. Back then, I kept a picture of my dad and mom in it.

    About two decades ago, I went through a lengthy divorce. Throughout all the attorney meetings, court dates, etc., I carried a tiny pic of my three daughters in my pocket. That pic and faith got me through those turbulent and painful times.

    I would put that pic in the locket along with a pic of my parents.

  154. This would be the best Christmas idea for my sister! She just became an auntie to my beautiful daughter Ava, came to support us for two months after giving birth. She’s now back in Germany and I miss her a lot and I know she misses her little niece even more. So I’d put a picture of baby Ava in the it and send it to her 💕.

  155. I would love to give this locket to my aunt. I would put a picture of her cat in it. He recently had to be put down. My aunt has no children of her own. She would have loved to but t wasn’t possible, so she put all of her love into her nieces and nephews and her cats. Her cat really was her baby.

  156. I would definitely put my girls in this locket. Sadie & Tatum are my world! Being a Mommy is the most rewarding gifts of all. ❤️

  157. I love it! I would also put pictures of my grandmother in it, as she died two years ago and will forever hold a huge part of my heart. What a sweet gesture from Kevin too ♥️ Can only hope that my future hubby will be as thoughtful!

  158. What a sweet and touching story. This locket is beautiful! My kids are my world so I would put them both in this locket. Xo

  159. If I won the necklace I would give it to my daughter. I would put a photo of her YeYe and Ama (paternal grandparents). We lost her YeYe to cancer almost three years ago and now her Ama has terminal cancer. She’s was/is extremely close to them. It would be special for her to keep them close to her heart.

  160. Love this. If I had a locket I would have a photo of my daughter and my husband, who’s active duty Navy (he’s deployed a lot).

  161. What a sweet and thoughtful gift. It’s very beautiful. I would put a picture of each of my two sons. They both live far away in 2 other states.

  162. Thank you for sharing this with us. 💗 I am a sucker for the sentimental. It’s wonderful that your husband recognizes this in you. It is clear that you love being a wife and mommy. We, too, named our sweet baby girl Ruby Kate after my grandmother, Ruby, who I love and miss very much. I helped take care of her as she lost her battle with cancer when I was in high school. What a treasure to have a locket similar to yours to help Ruby Kate learn about the strong woman for whom she is named after. 💗 P.S. We really enjoy you on Home & Family!

  163. Beautiful locket and so thoughtful of him. I would put a picture of my daughter in it. She is my world and I love her more than she will ever know.

  164. Ali, reading your blog post truly left me in tears. I also shared a special bond with my Grandmother and named my daughter after her. I stayed with her often while my parents worked and she taught me so much. You see, she was in a wheelchair after losing both of her legs to Diabetes, but that never dampened her spirit. She taught me art, music and even made clothing for my dolls to match mine. She was an angel on Earth and a part of her lives on in my daughter, her namesake, Faith. Thank you for sharing your story and for inspiring me to share mine.

  165. I love this so much! We lost my grandpa a little over a year ago and I would love to place his picture next to one of my 2 children. IN his last days, he lost his memory and mind of who people were but he never forgot my kids in those moments. They were the only people he consistently knew and for that i know he will continue to watch over them and us as we move on. ♥️♥️ Thank you for This opportunity Ali!

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