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As you guys know, I love getting professional Family photos taken! I just feel like photography is something that is worth investing some money on because these are beautiful memories in my life that I want captured so I can remember them forever!

We’ve done a bunch of family photos in the past. We’ve done photos all dressed up, photos at the house in our comfies, and even photos wearing matching Christmas PJs! But I really wanted cute, everyday photos that capture us as a family. I know I know what you’re thinking. Where is Owen? Trust me, I would love it if he could be in all of our photos! He is my baby after all! However, it’s hard enough wrangling a baby/toddler for family photos, never mind trying to get a baby and a dog in pictures. Trust me, we tried many times and it just wasn’t working! That said, we do have a lot of photos of us as a family that Owen is in as well. But, sadly he won’t make it to every family photo. But I just want to say that he is as much a part of our family as anyone one of us.

If you guys saw our Christmas PJ photo I posted last week, then you know that I’m a fan of dressing as I’ve been matching outfits! Kevin is not a fan as much is me. Ha! But he’s a good sport about it. So for these photos, I obviously didn’t want us to be in matching clothes, but I thought it be cute if we had a theme of sorts. And I thought an All-American theme would be pretty perfect! So where better to look for clothes then Levi’s! Literally everything we’re wearing in these pictures is from Levi‘s. If you’re looking to do family photos and you want to have everybody complement each other but not wear matching clothes, then buying everything from the same brand is a really great way to go! That way you get a similar overall feel with what you’re wearing but you’re not dressing up like Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake. Does anyone else remember that all denim dress and suit they wore to an award show one year? I mean really, how could you forget! Ha!





I’ve been a fan of Levi’s for years, not only because they have super cute stuff, but their products last for, well, years! I’ve had jeans from them that have lasted me over a decade. That’s when you know you have a quality product. The jeans I’m wearing in these photos are so cute and come in a bunch of different washes and styles. Some have ripped holes in the knees like mine, which I really love, and others don’t.

I also couldn’t love this Rolling Stones T-shirt I’m wearing more (I’m wearing a medium). And the shirt I’m wearing over it is a go-to of mine. And yes, that’s Kevin wearing my jacket. Ha! I totally steal his clothes and yes, sometimes he even seals mine. But that’s one of the great things about a lot of Levi‘s clothes, they’re pretty unisex.

But enough about us, can we talk about that adorable little girl in between us! How stinking cute is she in her little Levi’s tee and denim jacket.

I mean really, I think I should call Levi‘s and see if they want to put us in a commercial becasue these pics turned out so cute! Ha! I think Molly’s cute little face might just sell it for me 😉

Oh and of you sign up for emails on Levi’s site you can get 20% off plus free shipping! FYI 😉

Anyway, just wanted to share these cute family pics we took! What do you think about the set up? Do you like that we wore all the same brand? What about the backdrop? I like keeping the background simple and classic. I almost feel like it looks like a barn door or something. Let me know your thoughts!






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22 Thoughts

22 thoughts on “Family Photo’s

  1. Excellent family photos albeit no Owen. You mentioned wrangling a toddler to sit still, I’m amazed you can always do her pony tails, I don’t know, just guessing she’s a mover but 9 times in 10 she is smiling. Make it a Happy day

  2. Absolutely love the family photos! Can’t get over how many great shots you got- usually if I get one good shot with my two little ones smiling, I’m happy! I don’t have a dog so I guess it’s hard for me to understand, but I never quite get why people feel the need to apologize to other people for not treating their dog the way they treat their child. Your daughter is a human being and a person, and while your dog is important- it’s an animal! Apologies if I’m ranting- like I said, I don’t have a dog so I guess I just don’t understand. Keep up the great work on your blog, and stop apologizing! You’re doing a fantastic job all around it seems!

    1. I’m a counselor and found myself apologizing for not being able to help a client more. When I noticed myself doing this I reflected with a coworker and she said it’s a well studied thing that women always feel the need to apologize and be better. We do so much as it is- work, take care of our children, maintain a house. We could all use a reminder to be easier on ourselves and eachother. No need to apologize you are doing a great job 🙂

    2. Here is my unsolicited two cents lol 🙂 For some people their pets are like their kids because they just naturally have a maternal nature towards animals and for some people who cant have kids (or haven’t been able to have any yet), they choose to put that maternal love into a pet/animal. I happen to identify with both of these and know of others who feel the same way, Neither opinion is wrong, just different. I don’t think we should criticize people who view animals beyond just being an animal nor should we criticize people who don’t see their animals as family. But I draw the line at animal abuse and neglect, obviously. Anyone that thinks that is okay is not okay with me. But no one should be making Ali feel bad for not having her dog in a photo. To each their own 🙂 I actually added our cat to mine and my Husband’s Christmas card, from Shutterfly, because why the heck not LOL 🙂 I call him my little boy (he is 9) and I don’t apologize for it HAHA!

  3. You guys are so adorable — great idea going with a single brand for the outfits!

    I think my favorite pic is the one of molly and kevin smiling at each other! I just love that baby+daddy bond! Though the one where you two are smiling and molly is frowning is just *too* cute!

  4. Hey Ali! Such a sweet family! If you guys are ever out in the DC area & are looking to have family photos made, please contact me! I would love to work together with you guys to capture some awesome photos for your family!!


  5. What beautiful pictures! I love the one where Molly is sulking and you and Kevin are smiling..All of the pics are great! Cheryl

  6. Every photo isn’t just good, but GREAT! I get a kick out of Molly’s mini me clothes, I mean, LOOK at that lil jean jacket! So fun seeing her different expressions. Beautiful family, Ali! 💕

  7. Absolutely darling pictures of your family! I love the one where you and Kevin look radiant and Molly has a grumpy face. That is such a great pic of you and Kevin! Molly looks adorable in ALL of the pics! She obviously feels very comfortable with your photographer!

  8. Love these. What do you do with all these pictures? Do you hang a lot up or create an album? I would love to just showcase all my pictures. But not sure if it’s too much or is there a better way to showcase so many?

  9. Hi Ali! I have watched you since the Bachelor, and you have always been my favorite contestant! Congratulations 🎉 on the announcement of baby #2! So exciting! I follow all your blogs, pictures, etc.
    I hope what I have to say will be taken with the ❤️ And not to be mean, but Kevin hair drives me nuts! You always look so put together, everything perfect w you and Molly, but Kevin always looks like he just crawled out of bed…with bed head, greasy and messy.

    1. I disagree! 🙂 Kevin’s hair and style is super cool to me! To each their own~ Beautiful family photo Ali!!!

  10. SO stinking cute!! Molly looks adorable when she’s got her big grin or when she puts on that little stink face 🙂

  11. CAN YOU PLEASE TELL ME THE RECIPE for the pasta you eat all the time? Maybe you have already written about this but I missed it .

  12. Levi jeans are the best & they just get better the more they’re worn. 👖
    ALL the photos are very nice.
    Hope your hip is still feeling better, Ali.

  13. Ali,
    Could you write a blog post about how you get Molly to smile in photos? You take SO MANY photos of her, surely you have a couple go-to tricks for getting that smile when you need it!

    1. You literally read my mind! I was about to post the same question! Please do this post, I have a toddler and it’s near impossible to get her to SMILE and BE STILL at the same time. Picture a laughing toddler blurred out by motion or a perfectly posed toddler throwing a fit.

  14. Hey girl – just a friendly FYI – no apostrophe in “Family Photos”. Apostrophes aren’t used for simple plural forms (photos, babies, mommies, walks…etc), they’re for the possessive (the baby’s hair… my mommy’s coffee… etc). I’m a tired, overworked, busy, HAPPY Mama, too! Our kids are alive and well… so we are doing it right!

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