Our Christmas Card!!!! Thanks for Helping Us Pick the Photo!

As if I wasn’t already in the Christmas spirit, now that it’s officially December, I’m in full on Christmas mode! I wish I could say that our house is beautifully decorated with Christmas decorations but unfortunately, since we’re moving in a few weeks, a lot of the stuff in our house is packed up. That said, we did put up some holiday decorations, including a small tree, to help us celebrate this wonderful time of year!

Since our house isn’t as decorated as I would like it to be. I wanted to do other things to feel festive this time of year. So for the first time ever, we ordered holiday cards! No really, we’ve never sent out a holiday card… ever. I think wanting to get more in the holiday spirit was part of it, but also a big part of it was being parents to the most adorable little girl! We can’t help but send her picture out to all our friends and family!

There are so many options for holiday cards these days but some of them can be so confusing and pricey! So after a little research I went with Walmart! First and foremost, they have the cutest holiday cards with a bunch of different varieties of templates you can work with to create the perfect card for you. But the biggest selling point for me was their incredible prices! I don’t know if you guys have figured this out about me by now, but I’m kind of a bargain shopper. Ha! If you’re reading this blog, then you definitely know that about me!

Given the incredibly good prices (FYI Holiday card stock sets are 30% off right now), I didn’t know if it would affect the quality. I’m super happy to say that I love how our cards turned out. And oh my gosh, it was so easy to do. It took me all of five minutes to create online and I was easily able to place my order and pick them up within an hour at my local Walmart store. I also ordered two of these adorable calendars filled with photos of Molly for my mom and Kevin’s mom. They were only $10 each! I’m really hoping my mom and mother-in-law don’t read this blog post today otherwise I totally just gave it away! Ha! But it’s super cute because I put in photos each month that go with that month. Meaning, I put a picture of her and her Halloween costume in for the month of October. And a picture of her at her birthday party this past year on her birthday month! I think they’re really going to love the calendars! I was also able to pick that up the day I ordered it from my local store. Which is pretty awesome for any last minute gift givers! I know you procrastinators are out there! Ha!

When trying to decide what photo we were going to use for our cards it was kind of a struggle to come up with one! Not for lack of options but because we had so many options! Let’s face it, Molly is a pretty cute kid and I have a lot of cute photos of her. And we also considered using our pregnancy announcement photo since we have another little one on the way! Ultimately, we decided to go with a picture of just Molly, with us faded in the background, because this is her last year as an only child and we wanted to celebrate her this Christmas. It’s crazy to think that next Christmas we will have a Christmas card with two kiddos on it! It’s so crazy how quickly life changes. Crazy and beautiful!

Oh and here are a few of my favorite holiday card options at Walmart…

And other cute personalized gift ideas!

And I want to thank all of you for helping us pick the photo for our card the other day! We ultimately went with this photo because this is Molly’s last year as an only child on Christmas so we wanted it to be all about her! Plus, since we couldn’t get Owen in the photos, it didn’t feel right sending out one with all of us in it without him. What do you guys think? Do you like our choice? Tell me in the comments below!

Anyway, just thought I’d share my experience with you guys. Have you ordered holiday cards yet? What picture did you decide to use for yours?

17 Thoughts

17 thoughts on “Our Christmas Card!!!! Thanks for Helping Us Pick the Photo!

  1. Great Choice for your Christmas Card!
    Yours & Kevin’s Moms will CHERISH the ‘Molly’ calendar.
    Hope you’re feeling well, Ali

  2. Seriously so cute Ali, she is the most adorable little girl and I know your second will be just as precious. Love following you on this journey. 😍

    1. Also can I add I love the idea of Molly being front and center for this card because it’s her last year as an only child! I think you will all cherish it forever remembering your last Christmas as a family of 3. ❤️ (Or four? 🐶)

  3. Love Love Love 💕 💕💕 this Christmas 🎄 Card!!!! Too cute for words and what a great idea for the calendar! Merry Merry Christmas to the Manno’s ❤️❤️❤️

  4. I’ve used Walmart for my Christmas card go to place for years! Love how easy it is to make them, heck I love everything about that site for things like this! Love ur cards and the idea for the calendar. Merry Christmas to you and your family

  5. Hi Ali! Can you please share where your emerald dress you were wearing for work the other day in your stories is from? Also the one you wore to see Santa today? So cute!!

  6. Ali

    Your face and grace are reflections of your sweet soul and enchanting spirit. Seeing you radiant and smiling is the most beautiful and touching of all greeting cards. Molly is definitely the icing on the cake.

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