Christmas PJ’s for the Fam for Under $20!

Now that we’ve celebrated Thanksgiving, we are officially in Christmas mode over here at the Manno household! Honestly, we almost didn’t put up any Christmas decorations because we are right smack dab in the middle of moving and it felt like a lot to put up Christmas decorations only to take them down at any moment to move. The reason we don’t know our exact move date is because we don’t know when our loan will be approved. It’s a long story! So basically we could move into our house right before Christmas or right after, and not putting up any Christmas decorations just felt wrong.

So a few days ago we took our family Christmas PJ photo! A couple years ago, I started giving matching PJs to my family as Christmas gifts for all of us to wear when Kevin and I would go home to visit. It’s fun to stay in PJs all day on Christmas! And makes for really cute photos!


Well last year, with Molly being an infant, we didn’t get around to taking any matching PJ photos and this year I wasn’t gonna let that happen! In fact, wearing matching PJs is going to be a tradition for the rest of our lives! Yes, Molly will be 40-years-old and I’ll still be putting her in matching PJs with me, her dad and her 38 year old sibling. Ha!

I know a lot of other families do the tradition of matching PJs so I wanted to share with you guys where I got ours. I got them from eBay! And would you believe that I spent less than $20 on each pair? Mine and Kevin‘s (I got a small in the Men’s PJ’s because I liked them better than the women’s) were just under $20 and Molly’s was under $10! Since Christmas PJs aren’t exactly something we’ll wear all year long, and Molly will grow out of hers come next Christmas, I wanted to make sure I was getting some that were super affordable! So I started doing some research online and realized that eBay has amazing prices! I, like many of you, always used eBay in the past to buy used goods. (Oh my gosh, I remember getting the absolute best deal on a Ted Baker dress that had only been worn once!) But that’s not all eBay does anymore! They sell everything under the sun, most of it is brand new with tags, for crazy good prices! I was actually really surprised to learn over 80% of everything sold on eBay is brand new. And no I didn’t have to outbid anyone. Although I do love a good competition! Ha! Most of the items on the site are “Buy it now” just like any other online store.

So anyway, I thought I’d share this little gem that is eBay with all of you! You know I love a good deal and you really can’t beat the prices on the site.

Sharing some of my other favorite Christmas PJs I found on the site below….

Have any of you used eBay in the past? Did you know that they sell mostly new stuff now? Let me know if you find any other great deals or cute items you love on their site and share them with me with links in the comments below! And tell me what photo in this post we should use for our Holiday cards!!!


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130 thoughts on “Christmas PJ’s for the Fam for Under $20!

      1. I love the last one too! Plus Owen didn’t want to be in these pics (He was sleeping) so I like the idea of it just being Molly since it doesn’t feel like our WHOLE family with Owen. But there are so many other cute ones too!

        1. lol — this whole post I was wondering where Owen was!!

          Such cute pics, all three of you are adorable!

          We just ordered these family PJs ( ), I love dressing our doggie up to match us, and this year our 7mo old baby girl is here to match as well!! These are pricey, but I like that they are grey because I feel like we can keep wearing them after christmas. Well, my husband is not so keen on wearing them afterward, but he’s a good sport about the photos and xmas day. Baby, doggie, and I will keep enjoying! 🙂

    1. Love the family pics… sweet but I did find out that these are counterfeit pj’s not the real #hannajams   

  1. Eeek! They’re all adorable. The first or third pics are my favorite. Love her scrunched up nose smile in the third!!!

    1. Serious faced Molly is pretty dang cute! I love pictures of smiling Molly, but pictures of her not smiling are just soooo adorable!!!!! I might like them better! Ha!

  2. Ali! I love your comments about eBay! I’ve been working as a lister/listing manager for a small wholesale sporting goods eBay site for 2 years and we sell new goods. Sometimes eBay is a struggle because of its “used goods” reputation (everything is all about that other store- the one that starts with an A) 😆 I have a cute eBay story for you! I scoured and found that amazing bp military jacket you love & always wear- on eBay- and swooped it up! However, it was HUGE on me! So I’m reselling it on my Poshmark site, and by chance I found an XS on there to order. I can almost always find what I’m looking for on eBay! Anyway your photos are adorable- you can’t go wrong with any of them for your card!

  3. What a cute family. I love all the photos but my favorite is the one where all of you are laughing and looking at Molly.

  4. So stinkin’ cute! I love the Christmas jammies idea! And jammies all day Christmas Day?! YES! The pjs you chose could, in my opinion, be worn all winter!
    As for a Christmas card pic, wow, could you do a collage @alifedowtowsky? They’re all wonderful and show such different expressions! If pushed to choose, I’d pick #4 or the last one where Molly has her hands in the air. Thanks for sharing! I agree eBay rocks!

  5. I think the winner is the one that Molly is looking at you guys smiling and you guys are looking at her.Love❤️

  6. Love the first one and – who knew about ebay. Thanks for the recs! Hope Molly’s feeling better. My doctor recommended dried apricots (cut them up in cubes if too big) and that helped my son pretty fast. Plus drinking lots of water. And then to prevent it from happening again, not so much pasta and bread (was hard to do but in the long run was worth it). Yogurt and “milled flaxseed” mixed in a bit should help too. Love your family! ❤️

  7. I’ve been doing family pjs on Christmas Eve since the kids were babies and now my kids all know and expect their pjs every Xmas Eve. I usually look for something we can wear all year, but has a winter feel like plaids, but I’ve never thought to go the cheaper route on Ebay for full on Christmas pjs! Thanks for the tip!

  8. So many cute photos! The first, third and last with Mollys arms up are my favorite! So cute! Too many to choose from…you should do a card with multiple photos! 😊

  9. Love the pictures. Especially the one that Kevin has the present, or the one with Molly holding the drum.
    Those 2 show everyone’s faces….🎄❤️

  10. Hi Ali!!
    I loove pics #4, 6 and 7.
    Thanks for the links to the pj’s. His year will be the first Christmas with our baby, so I definitely want to start a new family tradition and love the pj’s idea!

  11. I love all of the pictures! Molly is adorable. I had no idea ebay sold mostly new stuff. I’ll definitely check that out. Thanks for the tip! Cheryl

  12. Ali. This is a tradition my husband and I started last year when our son was born. He is just a little older than Molly. Now he is 19 months.

    Congrats on your pregnancy! Such a exciting news. We would love to start trying soon but I’m so torn. We have our son in a daycare which I hate doing. I would love to stay home with him but we can’t do that everything is so expensive. Daycare costs is another big expense. And if we have a second that will double our expense and I don’t think it will make too much sense for me to work but then we wouldn’t be able to afford things we need. I need a miracle.

    Also when did you start taking prenatal vitamins before you got pregnant??

  13. You have a lovely family! Love the pj’s!💕
    Photo 3 is so great! Others Aldo but I have to pick onze right🙃

    Love from the Netherlands

  14. The one where she has a serious face and you two are looking at her. Pigtails are so cute!! I just bought matching jammies too for my family (5 year old and bou girl 19 month old twins). Happy holidays!!

  15. I like the pic where Molly is standing and there is a side view of her face and hair – she soo looks like Kevin. Or the one with the tree and gift in it. I wish they were numbered! They are all darling.

  16. This. Is. The. Cutest. Thing. EVER!! I love all of the pictures so much, but the one where you and Kevin are looking at Molly and she’s smiling back at you is priceless!! Y’all are the cutest little family ever. (:

  17. All so cute!! I have an unrelated, random question. Do you only use glue on lashes? Or do you ever use more permanent lash extensions? Yours always look so good! I’m newish to LA (by way of SF and originally from nyc) and due with our first baby in January and would love to look somewhat put together post-baby and lashes would help! Any advice on where to go/what to do would be appreciated!

  18. My favorite is the one with Kevin holding Molly upside down….you can really see how much fun you have as a little family and how much you adore your hubby

  19. #3 is so cute girly!! Hope you all have a great holiday and if you ever need an assistant would love to help you out.

    Thank you and have a beautiful day:)

  20. Love all of the pics! But my favorite ones are the one you shared on instagram, the one where Molly is up front and you guys are behind her, (just because it’s a gorgeous shot of her!) and the one where you and Kevin are looking at her and she’s looking back smiling so pretty!! They are all awesome though. ❤️

  21. Definitely #3! LOOK at that crinkled nose on Molly and her smile looking at you two. You can tell by the looks on your faces that she’s your world. That’s Christmas all in a picture! 🎄

  22. Hi Ali!
    This is my first Christmas as a Mommy (my little guy, Ben will be 7.5 months!) and we are doing matching pjs too!! I’m so excited for Christmas now (always loved it, but he makes everything better!). Love all your photos, but my favs are the first and the last-I love the focus on sweet Molly! Congrats on the pregnancy!!!

  23. I love all of these. But 5,6, and 8 are my favorites. Especially Molly’s face in the last photo just says it all. Good luck picking them all I’m sure it’s really hard. Love the PJs you chose.

  24. LOVE your blog and your family is so cute! My vote is the third picture! When are you going to share if your having a boy or a girl? ❤️

  25. I love the first photo posted at the top of your blog post, and then the 4th and last photo after the link where you posted “our Christmas pjs”! I like to have 2 or 3 pictures on our Christmas cards – I’m a front and back kinda gal. If you’re looking for just one photo, the first photo or the 4th photo after the link my 2 favorites! You all look so happy and all your faces are showing! Thanks for always sharing w/ us, Ali-luvers. Happy Holidays!!

  26. Love the one where she is looking up at you and Kevin with the huge smile. I think it is the 4th one. By the way congrats on the baby.

  27. Wow…Hard to choose. They all are great!!! My 2 favs are the one where she is looking up at the two of you. That smile is ADORABLE! My second is the one of just Molly and you and Kevin are in the background, although, her arm is blocking you, still so cute!!!

  28. The first one (the one with you guys looking at Molly and she the camera…adorable! Good luck choosing 😊

  29. I love the 3rd one! Her little face is just so darn cute! All the pictures were adorable! So it’s hard to just pick one!
    By the way I love the matching pjs! So fun!
    Thanks for all you post I love hopping on here after work to “catch up” with you!

  30. I like the 4th one where Molly’s looking up and laughing at you….

    And I like serious face Molly 🙂

    But any one you choose is terrific – good for you – cheers – Michelle

  31. Such a cute idea maybe I’ll steal that idea for my someday maybe future family 🙂
    I love the pic of her in your lap but looking at you and Kevin laughing and the one where she’s striking a pose with you two in the background.
    They are all cute tho! Good luck choosing!

  32. I love them all! Wow Molly’s smile in the last one makes me want to vote for that one but you can’t see you in the background just Kevin. I vote for the one Kevin is holding Molly upside down! Super cute. Congrats on the new baby!

  33. I love matching pjs. We started that tradition last year, but with my LO being only 6 months last year, it wasn’t as fun as I think this year Christmas morning will be with matching pjs (now that my LO in 17 months)
    I think the 3rd and the last picture are the sweetest.
    Thanks so much for the details on the pj deal!!! Can’t wait to buy some 🙂

  34. Number 3 is the best! The way y’all are looking at her silly smile is perfect! It really shows how much love is in that picture! Merry Christmas!

  35. They are all so good! I love the Christmas PJ idea!
    I think #3 or the last one for the card. You have a beautiful family!

  36. Love the pictures. Your family is adorable. Congrats on the new baby.

    I love the picture with you both looking a her while she is looking at the present.

    Love our blog.

  37. My husband rolled his eyes when I first started family pjs on Christmas. Now he loves it!! I love having us all matching on Christmas morning. (He even wore his pj shirt to a holiday party last year!!)
    How long did it take for them to come in? Standard shipping? I’m pregnant so I’ve been slacking on the family pjs this year!!
    I love the last one of just Molly or the one that is under Christmas pjs where she is looking right at the camera! 😍

  38. Well I can see why you’re having such a hard time choosing! What a blessing to have such a beautiful and special family like yours. The last one is super adorable. She’s got Christmas magic all over her face.

  39. I LOVE the one that she’s holding a balloon and you guys are smiling at her but seriously her smile in the last picture is freaking adorable too! You’re one lucky mama to have such a photogenic beautiful baby girl! 💕

  40. They are all so cute, but I think my favorite is the one where you and Kevin are both sitting with your legs folded and Molly is laughing and looking at both of you. So sweet! 🙂

  41. #3 screams JOY! I love it. So much love, happiness, and – you guessed it – joy! All super cute though. Good look choosing 🙂

  42. #3❣️Love Molly’s smile/giggle looking at Mommy & Daddy❤️

    You really can’t go wrong with any of these pics, they are all adorable🎁🎄🎁

  43. Love these!!! The one of Molly, with you guys in the background is my vote! My little guy, Gunner, is about the same exact age as Molly & we totally had these EXACT jammies from eBay last year! And I literally just ordered the next size up for Gunner this year so we can wear them again! Lol! Such a good deal!!! Happy holidays, Ali! 😘

  44. Love all the pics…there r ways of doing a card front with more than one pic. Use the best 3 and 2 can be smaller with the focus on #3pic or something like that…im sure u have seen what im talking about…they r all adorable! Merry Christmas

  45. I think the last one is theCUTEST. Since christmas is so magical for the little ones. They are all cute but the last one is my fav.

  46. My vote is to use a few of them! It’s too hard to decide on just one! You can do a really cute card with 2-3 images! I love the first one, 4, 6 and last one. I would do one or two with the three of y’all and definitely the last one with just Molly. Merry Christmas!!!

  47. I just can’t get over number 3! I know it doesn’t show yours or Kevin’s face too much, but that pure joy on Molly’s face is just soooooo perfect!!

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