Winter White

Is there a rule or something about no white after Labor Day? Well, I clearly don’t listen! And who made up that stupid rule anyway? I love wearing white and wear it all year long! I especially love wearing it in the Winter because I feel like it’s so romantic. It doesn’t snow here in LA, but we’re hoping to take a trip up to the mountains just so we can walk around with the snow falling and I definitely plan on wearing this coat! Expect lots of pictures then!

Anyway, my white coat is from Nordstrom and definitely something I splurged on and it was worth every penny! You guys know how much I love to shop at Nordstrom. Not only do they have the best brands but what I love about them is that they have a range of prices they fit everybody’s budget. I buy so many of my super affordable looks from there and share them with all of you! And, once in a while I find an item that I really love that I’m totally ok to splurge on. And really, the fact that I can order a ton of clothes and then return anything I don’t want with free return labels is such a lifesaver! I barely ever go to the mall anymore because I feel like Nordstrom just makes it so easy for me to shop from home. Plus, now that I’m a mother to a rambunctious toddler, it’s kind of hard to try on clothes at the mall with her running around. Actually it’s not hard, it’s damn near impossible! Ha!

So anyway, given what I said above, I want to round up all of my favorite winter coats from Nordstrom this season! They’re all below and start at just $37 dollars!!! In fact, I own the $37 coat and wore it in this post from last year. They must keep it in stock every Winter because it’s such a popular coat and such a great price!

I finished this look off with a white clutch, white pumps, and $10 stud earrings! And my purse is 40% off right now and only $32! But the real question is, am I wearing white underneath the coat? Any guesses?! Hehe. I’ll show you what I’m wearing underneath on Insta Story later today!

P.S. This time chnage is killing me. Molly had be up since 5:00am. Hence the early morning post! Anyone else?









15 Thoughts

15 thoughts on “Winter White

    1. I honestly don’t. I mean, I have a lot. But not as much as you think! I donate a ton every season. I am really lucky that I am able to do that.

  1. You look beautiful, as usual. We haven’t heard anything about your hip lately. Can I assume that’s because it’s doing well?

  2. Are you wearing something ‘blush’ under your classy coat?
    I love it.
    Ive heard of that silly rule about not wearing white after labour day but I always think:
    Rules were made to be broken!
    I hope yous visit the mountains/snow & have Fun. ❄

  3. Jacket is great – I love the white!! And oh my gosh the time change is so hard with a toddler! We have been up at 4 for three mornings in a row! 🙁

    1. 4am?!?! You poor thing! 5 is the worst it’s gotten for us. But we have been working for a month to try to push her sleep back. Sigh

  4. Ali, I wanted to ask your advice. I shop Nordstrom all the time. I wanted to get my Stepdaughter a leather jacket for Christmas. What brand would you recommend under $400? I don’t want to pick the wrong one. Thanks, Debbie

  5. Ali,

    I like watching you on Home and Family. Here is a suggestion. HGTV has a lot of flipper shows. I watch these for the decorating as well which is a small part of those type of shows. Why not create just a decorating show? I know I would love it. You could dedicate shows to style of house (mid-century modern) by room, by color and seasonal!


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