Transition Summer Dresses to Fall

Morning Luvs! I hope you all are having a great Tuesday so far! I for once, have a pretty chill Tuesday. Today is all about mommy and Molly time! Really my biggest concern is keeping her up long enough to make it to our Toddler and Me class before she takes her afternoon nap. With Daylight Savings it’s been hard to keep her nap at the usual time. Yesterday she went down for nap at 11:30. And that’s when her toddler and me class starts! So I’ll be pushing it today and hoping she doesn’t have a mental breakdown! She’s usually pretty preoccupied at class so I think will be OK.

Anyway, we started our morning with a walk to the park. My girlfriend came along with us. I’ve actually been finding lately that if my girlfriend comes over with her son in the mornings for play dates, the kids keep each other occupied while us moms are able to catch up for a little bit and then catch up on work stuff on our computers. It makes me want to have a sibling for Molly even more! She needs an everyday playmate!

Anyway, I wanted to wear one of my summer dresses but dress it up for Fall before the Winter comes. I love how soft and romantic this dress is. It’s definitely a lighter material though so it might be too cold were some of you are to wear that now. But if you love it like I do, you could always get it for the spring time. When I first got it, I thought it might be too short for me because I’m 5’7″ and it felt on the short side (so great for someone shorter than me!). But whatever I feel that way with a dress, I just pair it with a pair of over-the-knee boots and it totally doesn’t feel short anymore. During the summertime, I wore it to the beach as a cover-up so it certainly didn’t feel short then. I’m wearing a medium FYI. Oh and it’s lower cut in the front, so if you have bigger boobs you might need to wear a bralette with it!


Speaking of over-the-knee boots, The pair I’m wearing today are my favorite pair right now! I love the tassel detail in the back, and I love the neutral color because they go with so many things. Also, I just feel like sometimes a little bit of a heel is necessary with some of my outfits and doing a booth with heel is just so much more comfortable than an actual dress shoe heel. You can see me wearing these boots with THIS LOOK with jeans and THIS LOOK too (which is one of my favorites ever!)!

What do you guys think of my new blush cross body bag? I’m obsessed with it! I think it looks like one of those super expensive designer bags but it definitely doesn’t come with the designer bag price tag! Plus I’m pretty much a sucker for anything blush. It’s from Sole Society FYI and so are my earrings!

Let me know what you guys want to see more of on my blog below! I plan on doing a post soon about what I feed Molly and a post about holiday gifting! What else do you want to see?!



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20 thoughts on “Transition Summer Dresses to Fall

  1. Hi Ali!!

    I’m super interested in reading about what you feed Molly! I have an 8-month-old and she is SO over baby food and only wants to be fed the food we eat! It totally has me stressing because we don’t always eat the best. She’s breastfed and we tend to offer food twice a day. Any advice would be awesome!! Also, I know it’s premature but I would love to read about your home decor plans for the big move!! Share all the deets!!

    1. Oh good! I will try to get that post up soon! I’m having trouble remembering what we did back when she first transitioned so it’s taking me a minute to write!

      And I don’t have decor plans yet! I JUST started talking to a designer and she and I are going to document to whole decorating process on my blog! It will be fun! Hope you enjoy following along!

    1. Would love to hear more about how you manage Molly’s naps! Does she nap easily? My little one wakes after 20 mins in the crib and wants to continue her nap in my arms!

      1. How old is she? Have you read my blog on sleep training? If not you should! Just search sleeping training on my home page in the right side bar.

  2. Would love to hear more about how you manage Molly’s naps! Does she nap easily? My little one wakes after 20 mins in the crib and wants to continue her nap in my arms!

  3. I love your purse & your whole outfit.
    (I have several purses but have a favourite that I use most of the time)
    Yeah for girlfriends! 👭
    Have a great day

  4. I would also love to hear more about how you get Molly to take her naps. My eleven-month-old daughter will only nap on me! She wakes up within a couple minutes if I put her in her crib. I’d also love to hear more about how you manage and coordinate/time dinner time for your family. I know you and your hubby have such busy (and very different!) schedules.

    1. Try reading my blog on sleep training. It might help. We sleep trained Molly for nighttime sleeping and naps back when she was 9 months and it was the best thing we EVER did! Search Sleep Training from my Home Page in the right side bar.

  5. Hi Ali! I love your dress! So cute and perfect for wearing in different temperatures. I would love to hear more about what you feed Molly. I have a daughter the same age (16 months) and I love hearing about new ideas…I think it’s easy to get stuck in the same old food routines and it’s good to give them different things. I would also love to hear if you do meals for the whole family and then give her the same or if you cook separate meals for her. This is my greatest challenge!!

    1. I struggle with it too! SO I hear you! But Molly actually eats WAY healthier than me so I tend to give her her own meal and then I eat pasta 90% of the time. Ha! I do love Hello Fresh too which makes it easy to give her variety. I will get the “Molly eating” blog up as soon as possible! Still working on it!

    1. Is your comment coming from a ‘curious/kind’ or ‘rude’ place? From the way you worded your comment, it came off a little rude to me. Especially ending it with “just saying”. Usually when a comment is ended with that, it comes off condescending, to me at least. I hope I am wrong and maybe I am out of line with this comment. Ali is just sharing her day with her daughter and showing a cute outfit idea. Let’s just be kind to each other 🙂

    2. To the commenter named Lucinda:

      How you worded your comment definitely comes off as rude. What is wrong with you? If you have nothing nice to say or a genuine comment/question to ask just please don’t say anything. Do you enjoy hurting other people’s feelings?

  6. I would love to hear about a holiday gift guide on a budget! Also, some hair/makeup tips would be cool too! Looking forward to it! 🙂

  7. Hi Ali!

    Love this dress and want to buy it for my Family Holiday Photo Pics <3 I'm also 5'7" and wear a small or medium depending on the dress. Can you tell me what size are you wearing in this dress?


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