Afternoon Snuggles

We had some friends visiting this weekend which was so wonderful but by the time Sunday afternoon hit, I was BEAT! I ended up taking a nap on the couch and after a couple hours of snoozing, I was woken up by these adorable little faces!!! Not a bad Sunday 🙂

Had to share this series of photos because they are just too cute.



7 Thoughts

7 thoughts on “Afternoon Snuggles

  1. It is always a joy to see how Molly is growing into such a beautiful little girl. Owen looks so content and happy in these pics! Best of luck on your upcoming move!

  2. Ali, I love reading your blog! My baby girl is 14 1/2 months her naps have been unpredictable lately. She often wakes after 30 mins even though she’s still tired. Any tips? How do you manage naps for Molly? 🙂

    Ps – love that YOU got a good nap in. Every momma deserves a Sunday nap!

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