Coffee with My Little One

Morning Luvs. Man it’s been a busy week for our family. And today and tomorrow are no different. I’m at Home & Family this morning and then tomorrow I have a photo shoot and an interview. I’m not getting interviewed, I’m interviewing someone else! It’s for a very fun upcoming post on my blog. I can’t wait to share it with you guys!

Anyway, today my post is all about my mommy and me coffee run outfit. And I have to start with her adorable jacket. It’s actually a boys jacket but I loved it so much that I had to get it for her. I have a thing for cute coats on Molly. I’ve gotten a few already. They just look so cute on her! And how adorable is it that she is “drinking” my tea. Don’t worry I was finished with it when she got her hands on it. She has to wait to drink tea and coffee until she’s at least 2 😉


Cardigans are a must-have for the Fall and Winter and I really like the one I’m wearing because it’s comfortable, a great length and affordable at under $50. And it’s really good quality! I’m wearing it over this black fitted dress that I really love. Normally, I stay away from fitted dresses because I still have some “mommy pouch love” around my midsection – to put it lightly 😉 – but what’s so great about this dress is that the ruching in the middle really camouflages anything that’s not so flattering in your midsection. And the dress is just a really great piece for layering this Winter and Fall. When it gets a little bit colder out I’ll wear it with tights to cover my legs more.

OK OK, I have to confess that the bag I’m linking isn’t the exact bag I’m carrying in these photos. The one in these photos is out of stock, but the bag I tagged here is my dream bag! Kevin and I are on a bit of a budget right now so I’m not splurging on items like this. But I’m definitely saving my pennies so I can get it! I rarely treat my self to an expensive bag. I think the last time I did was five years ago. So I think I’ll do that again soon.

I finished the look with one of my favorite pairs of over-the-knee boots that I’ve owned for a few years now. You guys have seen me write about these a ton over the years. But I just love them and the quality is so great that they’ve held up after all this time.

I hope you guys have a great Thursday! Set your DVR for Home & Family on Hallmark Channel tomorrow if you want to check out my segment on the show! I making cute Thanksgiving leftover bags that you can DIY at home.






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17 thoughts on “Coffee with My Little One

  1. Fantastic outfits (both of you!). My baby girl is 6 months old, and I always check out the boys section as well as the girls! Love it!

  2. Hi sorry for commenting here instead of the previous post! I wasn’t sure if you check previous posts’ comments or not.

    Re: natural make up – do you have any recommendations for good natural mascaras? Or do you stick to the lash extensions?

  3. Molly & her Mama are adorable.
    Can’t wait to find out who you’ll be interviewing.
    I’m saving my pennies too. 👜
    (I bought a similar black dress from Nordstrom that I love…when they had that huge sale)
    What face moisturizer do you use, Ali? My face always feels dry in the fall/winter months.
    Sending a smile 😊

  4. LOVE Molly’s coat ! Do you have a link for us Ali ? Would love to buy one for my little granddaughter Abby, who will be 2 years old on Monday.

  5. Is this sweater itchy?? It’s super cute on you and I want to order it but I’m afraid it will itch me to death if it has wool in it! lol. I recently had to return a really cute sweater that looks similar to this one because of that reason so I’m looking for an alternative! 🙂

  6. What size are you wearing in the dress? It’s super cute I’m thinking of styling it with tights and those embroidered booties with the roses you posted about. What are your thoughts?

  7. I bought this dress in maroon and am absolutely OBSESSED with it! Thank you so much for giving us affordable high quality fashion ideas!

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