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Happy Halloween everyone! Well I guess Halloween really starts tomorrow but I’m wishing you a Happy Halloween now because tomorrow is a crazy busy day for me. I have a fun filled morning with Molly as always. Tuesday’s are when we take Molly to her “toddler and me” class and tomorrow all the kiddos are getting dressed up for a little Halloween party. So Kevin, Molly and I will all go to that! And then immediately following that, I have to drive to Santa Monica for a meeting. The meeting is about a potential show in the future! I’m not sure how it will all pan out but I’m always happy to go to those meetings because they can potentially turn into great things! Anyway, I wanted to wear something that was professional but also festive because it is Halloween after all.

Luckily I have these burnt orange high waisted pants that are just perfect! I bought them a few weeks ago  because I really liked the color and thought they were great for Fall. They really work perfectly to wear tomorrow. But I was honestly super bloated when I took these pics (a week or so ago) so I feel like they don’t look as good on me in the pics as they normally do. But I absolutely love them! I’m also bummed that these pictures didn’t come out better because I think the pants look so much better in real life than they do in these photos. Plus I’m just a sucker for high waisted pants in general. I’m wearing a size US 6 FYI.

My top is super affordable at $37 from Chicwish. However, it was available a few days ago when I checked but today it seems to be sold out. You can sign up on their wish list to get it when it comes back in stock. But for now, I found a super similar shirt on the same site that’s also totally affordable! The great thing about the high wasited pants is that really you could wear any top with them and it would look good.

And overall I just love the color combination of the burnt orange, white and navy so much. That’s why my navy Sole Society purse goes so well with this outfit. And it’s just a great quality purse. I love the structure of it. Makes it look expensive. But it’s not!

Wish me luck at my meeting tomorrow! And I hope you all have a wonderful Halloween! We will be handing out candy at our house tomorrow night. I’m hoping Molly stays up for some of it so she can see all the kiddos dressed up! She’ll be dressed as a little skunk (see her in her costume HERE). She loves her costume. It’s so cute!








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12 thoughts on “Office Wear

    1. Thank you Collette! I might go to my meeting with Halloween Cat makeup on because I’ll be leaving Molly’s Halloween party.. Is that weird? Ha!

  1. Happy Halloween Ali! Your outfit is adorable. Good luck with your meeting and have so much fun celebrating Halloween with Molly & Kevin!

  2. Hey Ali! Thanks for the information on the Grove and everything! I really love reading your blog and definitely get a lot of fashion tips and tricks from you! Question: could you do a blog post about how to style distressed denim and a neutral color hoodie(like olive green) and what shoes and or jewelry would go with?


  3. I bought these pants because I adored the outfit you put together! They are gorgeous (but thank goodness for free Nordstrom tailoring, the legs are for Amazonian women ha!)

    As a long-time follower, I wanted to extend a big congratulations to you and Kevin for Manno baby number 2! Wishing you all the best 🙂

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