Pumpkin Patch Visit in the Perfect Fall Outfit

Happy Monday everyone! I hope you had a nice weekend and are having a good start to your week! Kevin, Molly and I had such a wonderful weekend. We got to spend some time at home relaxing, Kevin got to go to one of the Cubs playoff games, and we got a chance to visit a local pumpkin patch!

I’ve said this before, but I absolutely love everything about Fall. And like I said in my blog post yesterday, October is turning out to be my favorite month! I’m just loving all the fun things that I’m getting to do with Molly this month. Including going to the pumpkin patch this weekend!

And of course I used the opportunity to get some super cute photos! Her little fingers picking up the pumpkin might be one of my favorite photos ever! And since I knew we were taking photos that day, I made sure to wear one of my favorite Fall outfits! If you’ve been looking for the perfect oversized sweater to wear this Fall and Winter, this one is it! I can’t say enough good things about this sweater. It’s perfectly oversized, but still has enough shape that you’re not swimming in it. It’s also such a great price for this type of sweater and really comfy. I’m actually pretty surprised to see that it has mixed reviews online. If you want my review, I’ll tell you that I couldn’t love this sweater more! It’s from Modcloth. One of my absolute favorite websites!  They have the cutest stuff at really affordable prices. And really unique stuff too.



In fact, my whole outfit is from Modcloth. Sometimes if have a certain look in mind when I’m shopping, I like to buy everything from one store to make it easy for me. And I’m so glad I did for this look because I’m obsessed with every single aspect of it.

I wish I had a better picture of the top of my jeans, but let me rave about these jeans for a minute. They are by far, the best high waisted jeans I’ve ever worn! I own quite a few pairs of high waisted jeans and I like a lot of them. But, I saw a few photos of women online that had super fitted high waisted jeans that just gave them a little bit of sex appeal to their outfit. I couldn’t figure out why none of mine look that way. Now that I have these jeans, I’m pretty sure it’s all about the material to get that look. They’re also a great price under $60, and give me such great shape. If you’re looking for a flattering, slightly sexy pair of high waisted jeans, you have to get this pair!



I’m equally obsessed with these boots. I talked about this before on my blog, but I’m always on the hunt for boots that don’t grip my calves. I personally just tend to like a looser boot better than a boot that hugs my legs. I think it’s because the looser boot gives me some width on my bottom half so it balances out my middle section, a.k.a. my mama hips! Ha! These boots give me that loose look that I like without any sagging! And at under $80 they’re such a great price for this type of quality.

And last but not least, this backpack!!! I love all the purses and that’s all I’ve carried in the past, but I’m so digging this backpack. It’s so nice having my hands free so I can carrying Molly easily. I love it! It’s just a super cute chic backpack that you’re gonna see me wearing all the time now.

If I seem overly excited about this outfit, it’s because I’m completely obsessed with it! I’m so confident that if you guys get this look, you’ll love it as much as I do!








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17 thoughts on “Pumpkin Patch Visit in the Perfect Fall Outfit

  1. Adorable pictures Ali! Your outfit is so fun and it looks so comfy! I’m taking my little 15 month old to the pumpkin patch on Wednesday and I can’t wait. 🙂 I love October too!! I wish it would feel a little more Fall like in LA though!! 🤣

    1. I know right! It has been so hot lately. We got out in the mornings since it’s usually around 60 degrees in the morning. Hopefully it cools down soon!

  2. You look absolutely darling, Ali and Molly is so precious! Her skin is gorgeous and her eyes are so big and sparkly! I love her pigtails, too! Pumpkin patches with kiddos is such fun! I have happy memories of those days with our now 33 and 28 year old dons!🎃❤️

  3. Great photos! We plan on taking our girl to the pumpkin patch this weekend. If you don’t mind sharing, where did you get Molly’s cute jumper? All the ones I find are too long and this one has such a realistic fit. Thank you!

  4. Just placed and order for the boots! I was able to get a 20% off code for my first order plus free shipping! Thanks for the recommendation, I have been on the hunt for this style and color boots. Now my outfit is complete for our family Christmas pictures! If only it would cool off in so-cal!

  5. So cute!! Love this look! I ordered the sweater today! It’s starting to feel like fall here in MD, I’m so ready for it!

  6. Hi Ali! Do you have to wear a tank top under the sweater? I am wondering if the sweater is the sheer knit material or if the knit is tight enough that it is not see through.

    Thank you! 🙂

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