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Hey guys! I don’t have time to write a ton about this outfit since I’m on set today. But if you watch my Instagram story you’ll see that Debbie and I both were the exact same skirt today! Too funny! I’m changing for the show, but I had to share this skirt since it’s just the cutest ever! Details on my outfit or below the first pick


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12 thoughts on “Home & Family Outfit

  1. Hi Ali…I love your style and that baby of yours is sooooo cute! I also loved watching you on The Bachelorette! Do you have any contacts for my niece who is a Freshman at University of St. Andrews in Scotland; majoring in International Relations and looking for an internship for Summer of 2018. She is fluent in French and very involved in Junior World Affairs. She wants to work with any women’s organization or association. I would greatly appreciate any feedback. If you know how to get ahold of Sheryl Sandberg, she would be an amazing referral!
    Warm regards,
    Cynthia Keefe for Zoe Pascale Roux

  2. I absolutely fell in love with this skirt but $140 is too much for me I shall look for something similar but a little more affordable for me because I absolutely fell in love ❤️ With it!!! if you find something similar at a more affordable price please share!

    Thank you! Love your style!!

  3. Hi, Ali:

    Totally random, but I was wondering if you could update us on Molly’s 2-1 nap transition? My daughter who is 15 months seems to be heading that way, but I’m afraid it’s too soon. We were lucky with her sleeping. She has been sleeping 12 hours a night since she was 5 months old and was consistently taking two-two hour naps. I pushed her bed time back a little to 7:30 since making it home on time for a 6:30 bed time was becoming tough and sure enough, she didn’t wake until 7:30am, but then she started fighting the morning nap so I may have screwed up her schedule! Anyway, if you can send any advice my way, please do!

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