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Happy Tuesday Luvs. Man it’s been a pretty rough couple weeks. As many of you know, we just sold our house and put an offer on another house. Our offer was accepted! Which is wonderful! However, it’s definitely giving me quite a bit of anxiety since we went above our original budget to get the house of our dreams! (Don’t worry we have enough saved to afford it and feel comfortable. It’s just scary.)

That said, I just don’t do well with change. I think change is hard for a lot of people, and it especially is for me! I don’t know, I love change, but at the same time it gives me a ton of anxiety. So needless to say, I really haven’t been myself the past week or so. You’ve probably noticed I haven’t posted many outfits and that’s because I haven’t really been getting dressed and getting ready most days. When I get anxious I kind of become paralyzed and can’t function like I normally do. However, I know it’s only temporary and I’m already starting to feel a little bit better. I think I’m also just sad to leave our house since this is the house that we got engaged in, came home to as a married couple, and brought Molly home to! So it’s super special to us! I’m sad to leave it.

It’s good that I’m feeling a bit more like myself today because it’s a busy day for me! I have a baby class with Molly this morning, a lunch meeting this afternoon, and a work dinner with all of my colleagues from Home & Family tonight! Since I basically have to go from my class with Molly straight to my lunch meeting I wanted to be in clothes that were appropriate for our baby class. But then looks put together enough for a lunch meeting. So that’s why I decided on today’s outfit!

The base of the look is really simple. It’s one of my favorite white tees and a good pair of jeans (these are 40% off right now FYI. Almost the WHOLE SITE is 40% off). Have you guys gotten this tee yet? It’s so good! If you take the time to brush your hair and put on a little make up, all you really need are jeans, a cute pair of shoes or boots, and a quality white tee to have a pretty put together look.

So that’s what I wore to Molly‘s baby class today. But I wanted to add a little bit of polish for my lunch meeting so I put on an olive green duster over my outfit. The one I’m wearing only has limited sizes left, I’m wearing a medium FYI. But I found a super similar one by the exact same brand that’s fully in stock. Also, here’s another cute green duster/jacket that is AFFORDABLE and can be worn to get a similar look.

I finished off the look with these taupe booties with a tassel on the heel and this large satchel (both from Sole Society!) that I love and carry all the time. You can see me carrying it HERE and HERE too. Oh and the watch I’m wearing is SUPER similar to THIS WATCH that’s on sale for under $10! It’s the same brand. I own this watch too FYI.

Anyways guys I just thought this was a really cute and simple look that would be great to wear all Fall long. Hope you guys love it and I hope you all have a great Tuesday! Wish me luck at my lunch meeting today. It’s for a potentially pretty cool opportunity! I’ll obviously fill you guys in if it ends up happening!





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26 thoughts on “Everyday Outfit

  1. Hi Ali
    I can relate to how you’ve been feeling with the changes you’re going through with the sale of your house & buying another home. I had the same feelings of stress going through these major changes myself. I hope all the support you receive has helped. I heard on a tv religion program that a little stress & aniexty is healthy for people as it makes us choose a path in life that will make us stronger in the end. I think you’ve chosen the right path.
    I hope my saying this helps.
    Good luck at your meeting.
    Ps I have the same watch & always get compliments!

    1. Thanks Dixie! I certainly hopes this make me stronger! I think I’m also struggling with the idea of staying in LA. I want to be around family and we don’t have much family here.

      1. you took the words out of my mouth just then. we are in the midwest and thinking of settling down, but a lot of family and friends aren’t here. they’re in another state. so it’s a mental struggle all the time for me. it’s exhausting to think about and a huge decision

    2. I can relate to this! Mine and my Husband’s family are about 4-8 hours drive away (8-16 hour roundtrip), which on paper isn’t long, but when you are close and want to see your family often the drive isn’t always realistic or doable every single week. I couldn’t do it every week even if I wanted to. My Dad passed away (we were really close) but my Mom and I have a super close relationship too. It’s the type where if we lived closer we’d probably see each other every week and multiple times a week. To go from that to not seeing my Mom for weeks at a time is hard. But this is just my life, my struggle. Everyone is different. I am thankful I get to see her at all but that doesn’t mean I cant wish to see her more. I try to make a trip once a month or every other month, holidays, summers, etc…but I wish my Mom and I lived closer so we could just meet up for lunch on any random day. We used to meet halfway at a restaurant which was nice. I think it will be especially hard if we ever had children.

  2. Congrats!! I’m so sorry you’re in a gloomy mood! I feel the same way about change — I just found out I have the potential to grow within my company and stress of the ‘unknown’ is really clouding my vision. Will I regret making the jump? Ahh! Change can be so exciting and stressful all at once. Sending good vibes for your meeting today! You’re going to rock it!!

  3. I appreciate your honesty with tough moments…it helps to break down the stigma relating to anxiety and struggle. As someone who has the tough moments as well, it’s incredibly powerful to join together with others to lift each other up. And on World Mental Health Day, too!

    1. Oh wow! I didn’t know it was world mental health day. I always want to be honest with you guys. Many people lives, including my own, seem “perfect” on instagram and that’s just not the truth. So I want to share EVEY side of myself with you guys.

  4. As a mom of 2 young girls (4.5 and 1) I just need to tell you THANK YOU! Since having kids I have lost all my sense of fashion, for reasons I can’t explain. But your blog has helped me so much! It has given me much needed inspiration to take some time for me and find clothes that make me feel good while wearing them.

    And just remember in a few months you will be looking back at this time of change and be feeling so greatful! Yes, it is scary but the life that lies ahead in your new house is JUST as exciting as everything that happened in your starter home 💕

  5. Thanks for sharing this part of your life with us here on your blog! I think it helps a lot of people feel better to know they’re not alone with personal struggles at home. Just remember that everything always works out in the end and if it doesn’t then it’s not the end! 🙂

  6. Thank Ali you for sharing how you feel! I went through a similar thing early this year except we bought another house before we sold the first. It was a very stressful time.😬 Thank goodness it only took 3 months to sell the first home, but the change was really hard for me. Change has always been hard for me. I’m glad I’m not the only one who struggles with change. It’s comforting to know I’m not alone in the struggle. It took a few months for our new house to feel more cozy and like home. As we add our personal touches to the house it feels more like home. The thing that caused me the most anxiety was not how I felt but how my 4 year old daughter felt and how she didn’t completely understand. She is now adjusted and very happy 🙂 We are so happy we made that leap and decided to make our dream a reality!

  7. Hi Ali,

    I am looking for a great pair of jeans as my last ones ripped (ahhh!) The link from express you post for the jeans never works. Is there another one you can send?


  8. I hope everything works out for you. You deserve success! I love your outfit too. I have a pair of booties like that only in black….Cheryl

  9. Totally get the love of change and the anxiety of it, sometimes, too! Hope it all works out in the end 🙂 Love this outfit too!!!!!!!!!!

  10. I can totally understand how you feel and react to change. We are making a big move to CO next year and I’m terrified. But, also very excited! I love new adventures, but the change still scares me.
    Just hang tight to your adorable family and know there are amazing things to come.

  11. Thanks for your honesty. I have been experiencing lots of anxiety lately too related to decisions with our house- deciding whether to do an addition or just move. It is so stressful, and like you’ve expressed, change is so hard! Reading your blog post today made me feel a little more normal and not as alone! Xo

  12. I think you will be fine. Your husband’s love will complete plus Molly’s will surely wipe away your being melancholic not being with family.

    My family is ten thousand miles away across the globe but my husband shows me great support and more importantly his unconditional love. I am doing so well and with free video calls in Facebook, it couldn’t be any better.

    The only constant is change, we are more resilient than we thought when changes in our lives occur, I am sure you will be fine! 🙂


  13. Hey Ali! I can totally relate. There are just some things that even if the change is a good thing, you hold on to certain sentimental moments that can’t be replaced. I guess that’s how it is with kids…you don’t want them to grow up / get bigger because of all the memories you have with them as babies / toddlers but with growing, comes new and other exciting adventures. Hoping for many new adventures and memories in your new home! <3

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