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Feeling so incredibly grateful this morning to wake up safe in my home with my family. I’m having a hard time processing everything that happened on Sunday night. I, like I’m sure many of you, have found myself in tears at various moments throughout the day thinking of the horror that unfolded in Vegas. Those tears usually turn into sobs when I see the photos and hear the stories of the people that lost their lives during this horrific event.

So what am I doing today? I’m holding my daughter a little closer. I’m telling my husband I love him and making sure he knows how much I mean it. I’m giving Owen extra treats and extra snuggles. And I’m allowing myself to be sad.

However, I’m also not letting life stop. I’m going to take Molly to her baby class so she can play with all her friends. I’m going to laugh and smile on Instagram story. And I’m going to keep writing my blog because it’s what I love to do! And I hope all of you keep doing the things you love to do too! We must remember those who lost their lives and fight to make this country safer! But we also must live!

So in the spirit of that, I’m going to share some of the details of my outfit and home decor in this picture because writing this blog makes me feel happy. It’s my passion and not something I’m going to let that horrible man take away from me. He has already taken so much from others.

The top I’m wearing is one of my new favorite T-shirts. It’s so comfortable, really flattering, and slightly oversized which I like. If you don’t want the oversized look, you can size down. I’m normally a medium and I got a medium.

And yes, I’m wearing all white after Labor Day because heck, I feel like it! I’m so not one of those people that believes you can’t wear white after Labor Day. I absolutely love wearing white and wear it all year long! These particular jeans I’m wearing are super flattering white jeans by the way.

And how pretty are my new blush sneakers!? I just got them from Nordstrom and they’re actually pretty affordable for brand-name sneakers. And I just love the blush color! Putting them on in the morning actually makes me feel like maybe I could go outside for a run. Notice I said “maybe?” Ha! Probably not gonna happen but at least I feel inspired to go! I’d rather just wear them with my outfit and look cute. Ha!

The details on some of my room decor are below….

I hope you guys find time to mourn today and also find time to smile! Please share what make YOU happy today in the comments below. I’ll try to respond to everyone!  Luv you guys!










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22 thoughts on “Find A Reason to Smile Today

    1. Thank you Doha. This blog is my outlet. My way of expressing myself. Means a lot that you read everyday!! xoxo

  1. Loving Molly’s rainbow onesie — She’s the rainbow after this awful storm! My heart breaks for the families that lost loved ones in this tragedy. I’m counting down the minutes until I can leave work to snuggle my little girl, as well! Thanks for keeping your blog such a positive, welcoming space!

  2. Thanks for posting this Ali. My daughter, Camden, is a few days younger than Molly and I gave her extra love yesterday too. It’s so scary as a parent to see these things happen, but we must rise above and teach our children to LOVE. Thanks for shining some light on this and your family is so precious 🙂

  3. Does Molly go straight for your coffee mug? My 15 mo old is obsessed with my coffee mug every morning… makes for some close calls with spills! 🙂

  4. Well said Ali! I did the same things whit my kids and husband. It makes me realise how vulnerable we all are. It makes me sad when I think of my 3 little children. But I also want them to see how beautiful live can be. Thank you for writing your post. Love from the Netherlands!

  5. What makes me happy is when my 21 year old daughter at college calls to talk to her 15 year old sister. Their giggles are priceless. Then they FaceTime so my older daughter can see our 2 dogs and 2 parrots. This world is a scary place, so enjoying simple moments is important.

    I love your blog. It is truly my most favorite out of all that I read. It’s always positive and uplifting with the added benefit of great clothes being profiled. Love seeing Molly at all her cute stages and remembering back to when my girls were doing the same thing. Keep being your awesome self!!

    1. Thank you for sharing that happy story!!! So great that they Facetime!

      And I am soaking up every moment with Molly 🙂

  6. You and Molly and sweet Owen look adorable! Here’s to you wonderful sentiment regarding how to live our lives! ❤️🐾❤️

  7. I have a baby boy just a couple weeks younger than Molly. I felt so sad that this world I brought him into can be so cruel. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and helping me to see the good for a moment during this very sad time. Your a beautiful woman and mother. We can’t let this stop us from living. We just need to always love as much as possible. Thank you

  8. It was hard to comment on this blog and just mention the clothes and decor without sharing a little thoughts and feelings I have about Las Vegas. First off, my heart goes out to everyone in this situation! Everyone involved, everyone mourning, everyone…! You will be in my thoughts and prayers…

    These shootings are really showing me that it’s a “heart issue” at the end of the day. Not medically but morally. All these laws that we DO have aren’t keeping people from breaking them. I understand we can have even more laws in place then we already do but I have to wonder if it will ever be enough? It doesn’t mean we shouldn’t do anything MORE but I am not having the expectation that it will stop, sadly. I wish I didn’t feel that way but I do. Hope for the best and prepare for the worst. It’s sad and scary but it’s things like this that make me cling to my beliefs in Jesus, as a Christian, even more.

    I have to say that, personally, I get emotional when people are so quick to say that “praying isn’t enough” or “prayers are not working” in situations like this. I attend(ed) Umpqua Community College where a shooting happened two years ago. I didn’t have class the day of the shooting but the incident happened in a classroom in the same building where my class met earlier that week. A lot goes through your mind at times like that…all the what ifs. I just had class in that same building, the same week when the shooting took place. I can tell you clinging to my faith, beliefs, PRAYER was/is vitally important.

    But…I get it, praying doesn’t negate not doing anything. For me, personally, PRAYER is paramount and the first step I want to take to all situations in life that happen to me personally or I see happening around the world. Prayer is where I start and where I find peace AND DIRECTION as to WHAT TO DO in the situation. Prayer is where I can “hear” in my heart what Jesus wants me to do.

    We all have different beliefs and if someone disagrees with me that is OKAY 🙂 I just felt compelled to share my feelings because I have been seeing the topic of prayer talked about in a negative way online. This Las Vegas shooting, for me, isn’t going to keep me from praying before I take action or whatever it is I feel led to do or not to. We all have to do what we can 🙂

    Now for the sweet things in life like clothes and home décor. Love it!!!!!!!!!! White is sooooo gorgeous this time of year. I love white pumpkins and white snow 🙂 I have a ivory colored oversized sweater that just got a stain on it and is currently in the wash (hoping the stain comes out!!!!!!!!). Love the blog, Ali! Thank you for sharing your passion with us!!!!

    Thanks for the reminder to hug our families and not take them for granted 🙂

  9. I love your blogs Ali! You are such a breath of fresh air and I am so glad I can always count on you for a smile. Thank you for sharing Molly and your beautiful family with us! You are truly so inspiring and this mama would be lost without your blogs!
    Hugs from Ontario Canada

  10. Ali thanks for putting everything in perspective. We can’t let fear paralyze us, we have to live our best life. Everyone needs to take amoment to let our love ones what they mean to us. My hope is as a nation we will come together and do whatever we can to stop or at least speak out against hate. Love to your family give them extra hugs today

  11. Ali I love your rug, how do you clean it?? I have one very similar and have tried so many vacuums, but it gets stuck in most.

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