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People keep asking me how I’m able to wear so many Fall looks when it’s still pretty hot outside. Well, let me put it this way, I finally have a reason to be happy that Molly wakes me up at 5:45 AM every morning. Ha! The first 5 or 6 hours of my day are actually pretty cool here in LA. For instance, it’s only 60° this morning. And yesterday morning, when I wore this outfit, it was in the 50’s for the first few hours of the day. However, by the time noon rolls around it’s in the 80’s so I have to take off my layers.

For this look, I just took off my sweater and had a black tee on underneath. But can we talk about this sweater for a second? It’s not only the cutest, but it is the most cozy sweater I have ever owned! I feel like I’m practically begging mother nature at this point for cool weather so I can wear it almost every day! It’s more than I normally spend on a sweater but it was just so perfect that I couldn’t help myself. I even got it in the off-white color too.

I mentioned this in my blog yesterday but I’ll say it again today, I just think oversized clothes look super cute on girls! And this sweater is definitely oversized and will be on most people. Like I just mentioned, I got the sweater in two colors. I got the black one that I’m wearing in these photos in a size medium and I got the ivory color in a small. I honestly think I like the look of the medium better because it’s extra oversized. But the small totally fits me too and I ended up keeping it in a small. So I really don’t think you can go wrong whether you pick your normal size or a size down. But sizing up might be a little too big.

Since I invested in my sweaters, I saved on my leggings! My leggings are only $19 and I love that they’re high waisted because most of my pants are high waisted these days after childbirth. Any moms out there reading this know why.

And one of the biggest statements in this outfit are the boots! The rose patches on them are such a statement and so perfect for any bachelor or bachelorette fan out there! I also like that while they are a statement, they’re not too over-the-top. Some statement boots are so busy that they barely go with anything. But these boots are simple enough that they will go with so many things since they are mostly black.

Well I’m going to go run a few more errands and enjoy wearing the sweater before it gets too hot out! Hope you guys have a great Friday and a great weekend!







7 Thoughts

7 thoughts on “Cozy Statements

  1. I love your boots. It gives your “all black outfit” a bit of color. I may have to invest in another pair of boots.. Cheryl

  2. Oh man! I looooooooove this sweater but the price is out of my budget for sweaters, at least. If the price dropped some more, I may consider. But, I LOVE sweaters like this!!!! Love this look!!!! Heck, Id probably wear this outfit with my black Nike sneakers! 🙂

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