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The absolute best Fall outfits are the ones that are effortless. If you type in “Fall outfit ideas” on Pinterest most of the things that pop up are really basic looks (FYI you can pin any of my looks to Pinterest from this website by clicking the “pin” button in the left hand corner of each photo. It would make my entire life if one of my outfits popped up on Pinterest when you search Fall outfits! Ha!) Back to today’s look. What I absolutely love about it is it’s super cute, comfortable, and completely effortless! And as a mom to a toddler, I’m especially grateful for having all 3 of those things in one outfit.

The top is a simple white tunic with a little bit of detailing but I really believe the top completely makes the look. Well really the top and boots do. And did I mentioned it’s only $27?! It’s definitely a lighter material (And ever so slightly sheer so you could wear a cami underneath but I didn’t). So you’ll most likely be wearing it under a jacket during the colder months. But for these warmer in between weeks where we want to break out our Fall boots but it’s still pretty hot out, it’s really perfect for to wear outdoor. Or here in California he tends to be pretty cool for the first few hours a day and then get really hot in the afternoon. So today I’m wearing it with a jacket this morning and then will take off the jacket when you gets warmer in the afternoon. FYI today’s pictures last weekend. But I’m wearing the outfit today, as you’ll see in my Insta stories, which is why am posting about it today!

Oh and it only comes in 2 sizes. S/M and L/XL. I’m wearing the S/M but if it was even a millimeter smaller in the arms it would be too tight. So if I were to buy it again, I might even size up to the L/XL. The great thing about sizing up in this shirt, is you can’t really go wrong since the point of it is to be flowy and a little oversized.


The key to making this work work is a really sturdy, chunky, over-the-knee boot. I really didn’t want my boot to have a heel because I wanted it to be the most comfortable I could possibly be so I could run errands with Molly today. And I also thought it was important for my look to wear a boot that didn’t cling to my calf or thigh – again the oversized look. Ever notice so many fashion bloggers out there are usually 5’3″ 110lbs and looks super cute in all their clothes!!! (I mean the cutest!!!!) After years of purchasing their stuff, and it just not looking nearly as cute on me, I realized it’s largely because many of the clothes look slightly oversized on them and therefore, in my opinion, look extra cute! At least the Fall looks do. There’s nothing cuter for the fall and a big oversized scarf, oversized sweater, or oversized boots! There’s this one blogger I always see online (who I don’t know personally) and every single pair boots she wears I want to buy because they look oversized on her. Meaning they don’t hug her calves. But then I buy them and they just don’t look that way to me. Ha! But these boots are an actual oversized boot in my opinion. Obviously we are all different sizes, so it will vary on each of us. But I was just so happy to find a boot that looked oversize on ME even though I’m not petite. I’m 5’7″ FYI and 140lbs to 145lbs (depending on the week). Oh and use code ALILUVSBORN for 15% off until 11/15!!!

During the Fall and Winter months, I always feel like we’re lugging around more stuff with us since we have to dress in layers. That’s why I love to carry a large purse during the cooler months – something to put all those layers and as I take them off throughout the day. Also, now that I’m a mom, a large purse allows me to leave my diaper bag at home and throw my diapers and wipes in my purse! Which is an extra plus for me.

I finished off the look with a long gold necklace that adds just as a bit of polish to the overall outfit.

What do you guys think of today’s outfit? Would you wear it this Fall? As always, let me know if you get any of these pieces and tell me what you think about them! And if you do buy anything that I write about here on Ali Luvs and you post something to Instagram, tag me so I can see it and comment on it! Luv you guys!






22 Thoughts

22 thoughts on “Pretty Fall Outfit

  1. Hi Ali
    Cute outfit!
    I like the ‘effortless’ look.
    I watched Molly’s cooking video last night….what a darling, patient Chef!
    Have a peaceful weekend

  2. Hi! I see the jeans from express you post on a lot of your outfits and the link doesn’t work when I pull up? Do you know the name of the style of these? πŸ™‚
    I love this outfit too! I bought the shirt yesterday!

        1. I ordered this shirt on the day this was posted and I still don’t have mine yet! Hoping I actually get a chance to wear it before it gets too cold where I live!

  3. I was just wondering if that white top is a very thin fabric? I’m worried about it being see thru? It looked great in your pictures and I couldn’t tell just from the pictures

  4. I love this simple, fall look! So soft and pretty. I sometimes buy boots with an extra wide calf, not because I need it, but to achieve the oversized look. I would really enjoy if you did a post on colored jeans. I super love all the pretty fall colored pant that are coming out, but I struggle on styling them!

    1. That is smart! I will look for extra wide calf boots too! And I will keep an eye out for colored jeans. Can you post a link of an example you love?

  5. Going to buy that shirt! Now that I know we are the same size, I don’t have to worry about what size I should but πŸ™‚

  6. One of my favourite things about your blog Ali is how you share with us your height and your weight. I feel like so many bloggers try to avoid sharing those to discourage us focussing on numbers, and to promote how we are all beautiful regardless of the size/numbers on the scale.. But they don’t know how nice it is for us readers to know FOR REFERENCE! Like you said, sometimes I look at the pictures online and LOVE what I see, but I buy it and it looks nothing like the image on me! With different angles and posings nowadays it’s so hard for us to distinguish body types, and that’s just not helpful, you know? Comparing each other isn’t always about insecurity or lack of self love, sometimes it’s just about practicality, so for that, I thank you for being real.

  7. Thank you for the great posts Ali! I wish I could order things you post more often than I do!!

    I know this is an older post at this point, but I just want to warn anyone looking at the shirt that shipping is extremely slow! I ordered 18 days ago, and my shirt only just shipped today (and will take another 8-12 days). I didn’t realize it was coming from China, or I might have been a little more wary. Anyways, I’ll just wait for it to come and hope it looks as cute on me as it does on you!

  8. Ali,
    I love all of your outfits! I have been wanting to get these boots, but cant decide on a color. Do you have the tobacco distressed and petro distressed? Which do you feel you get more use out of? I love both of them! Thanks for sharing, love your blog!

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