Staple Fall Outfit – Boots, Stripes, and Plaid

I know I keep saying it, but man, I am so stinking happy that we’re finally getting some fall weather! I, like many people, love the Fall! There’s just something so heartwarming about Autumn that makes you feel all warm and cozy inside! And you get to dress all warm and cozy too!

Today’s look is a staple Fall outfit! First and foremost, any good Fall outfit needs a killer pair of boots. I own quite a few pairs because, well, I run a fashion blog. But that’s not normal! Most people need a couple pairs that will last them all season and these over-the-knee boots are a GREAT option. They are really well-made and super comfortable. I have them in grey too, but I liked them so much that I had to get the “tobacco” color as well.

Remember last Fall I used to always write about my favorite pair of leggings that were only $19? Well, I still love those leggings but this season they came out with a pair of high-waisted ones for only $19. Any of you moms out there will understand why that makes me so happy. High-waisted pants suck my mommy tummy in! You can’t go wrong at $19.

One of my favorite combos for Fall is a plaid scarf with a striped shirt. I went with a higher quality shirt for my striped shirt because I know it’s something I’ll be wearing a lot this fall. And my plaid scarf is under $20.

What your go-to Fall outfit?! Tell me in the comments below! Hope you all have a great Monday!


16 Thoughts

16 thoughts on “Staple Fall Outfit – Boots, Stripes, and Plaid

  1. mini model Molly is wearing an adorable outfit!
    Your scarf is very pretty. I seldom wear scarfs (except on cold/snowy days) but i’m planning on trying your style with a scarf, now that it’s fall season.
    my favourite go-to-fall outfit is black leggings with a longer sweater.
    I need to order the high waist leggings for the ‘tummy tuck’ effect πŸ™‚
    happy Monday, Ali
    p.s. How are Owen’s paws?

    1. Owen’s paws are much better! Although he still wants to lick them a lot so we have to keep a close eye on him. Thank you for asking!

  2. Love the look! How did you get your scarf to drape so perfectly? I am terrible at tying scarves. You made it look so effortless and perfect!

  3. Love this out and the boots! You are always on point! Gorgeous!
    I can’t find the velvet tank you had on in NYC., do you have a link to that product?

  4. I LOVE THOSE BOOTS!!! Too bad they donΒ΄t ship to Germany πŸ™
    Your Style is so unique I love to look at it and get inspired on how to dress. Also how do you fold the Scarf like that? Somehow I usually end up looking like the Scarf is choking me πŸ˜€

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