Staple Fall Outfit – Travel Attire

Hi guys! Kevin, Molly, and I are headed to NYC today! We’re super nervous because Molly is at an age where all she wants to do is run around and get into everything. So we’re anxious about how she’s going to be on the flight. We’ve flown cross country with her multiple times but it was so much easier when she was a baby. As she gets older it’s gotten a little bit harder each time. So we have a whole arsenal of things were packing to take on the flight that hopefully keep her distracted! I plan on posting a blog post after our trip to let you guys know how it went and what worked for us to keep our busy toddler occupied while on the six hour flight! So stay tuned for that! But if you have any advice for us please share in the comments below!

I wanted to be comfy on the flight but also look put together since were meeting up with friends once we land. The reason were able to meet up with friends is because my mom is driving down to New York (from MA) to stay with us and watch Molly so we can have some time out with friends in the city. So, I wanted my outfit to be super comfy for the plane but also cute enough to wear out to dinner with friends once we land. I also love layering when I fly. Why is it that sometimes airplanes are super hot and then other times they’re freezing cold?! It’s always important to have layers so that you can take things on and off as the temperature on the plane changes.

I just love the plaid scarf I’m wearing by Sole Society! It’s super cute, and I think it looks really expensive even though it’s not! Plus my scarf doubles as a cover to put over Molly when I have her strapped to me so she can take a nap on the plane. I just loosely put it over her head so it blocks out the light.


For me a large purse is essential when flying because I have so much that I have to put in it. From my laptop to diapers for Molly, to my wallet and earphones. I need to have a big bag to fit it all! And this one is so well-made and the neutral tone make it go with so many things.

I went back-and-forth on whether not I was going to wear sneakers on the plane or these boots! But I’m just so obsessed with these boots and they’re honestly easier to take on and off through security than sneakers that need to be tied. And when we land I just want my outfit to look extra put together and these over-the-knee boots to do just that! Otherwise I’m really just wearing a simple white shirt and jeans. The boots make the entire outfit!

A good white tunic is essential for everyone to have in the closet for fall. It’s a great base to where all your cute scarves with all Fall and Winter long! Plus I like that they cover your butt for when you want to wear them with leggings. This one comes in a few different colors and is really affordable.

Hope you guys love this look! Wish us luck on our trip to New York with Molly! I’ll fill you guys in on Insta stories!




20 Thoughts

20 thoughts on “Staple Fall Outfit – Travel Attire

  1. First off…I think you are great! I love love love reading your blogs. So much fun. I really loved the white tunic. Went online to buy, no smaller sizes left in any color! Whew. Any suggestions as to where I could get something similar in style? I enjoy seeing all your outfits.

  2. I’m obsessed with this outfit! I’m a big believer of having white t shirts! Also I love the big purse idea. I travel better with a big purse! Have you ever tried a chic backpack? Good luck with Molly on the flight!

  3. First off I want to just say I love reading your blog. Love your sense of fashion. Keep posting!!! I really love the white tunic you posted today, but went online and all shaker sizes are already sold out in every color. Do you have any suggestions on where to get one similar?💛

  4. Hi I have found booking night flights so that they sleep like they usually would at night has been great for us we get on the plane and our son loves the vibrations and just goes to sleep hope this helps

  5. Hi Ali!

    Been following you and your story for years over here in the UK. I have 2 children, and my 4 year old is lucky enough to have visited the US 4 times as we have family in California and Florida. It can be daunting travelling with a lttle one, but when my daughter was 16 months, we did a 9 hour flight to Florida and she was an angel. Fascinated by everything around her. I took a few presents on board to give her every hour or so- silly little things that were cheap but would keep her occupied. She also loved playing with apps on out iPads, there are great learning apps out there for that age. Best of luck! Xx

  6. I always enjoy reading your blog, Ali.
    God bless Grandmama for driving to meet yous to spend time with her Grandaughter 💕 that’s so sweet of her.
    Have a fun time with your friends &
    Safe travels

  7. Love the outfit! You always look so great! 😀 Shirt is sold out too!😞 Travelling with a toddler can be trying at times- change her right before going on olane- it’s pretty hard to do it in airplane bathroom. Also load some educational games on the computer- they always love that. Pack some healthy snacks for you as well- plane food is limited. Have so much fun in New York!

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