Bold Stripes!

You guys know me. My style is usually bright and light colors! I rarely wear all black or darker colors but I’m trying to incorporate them into my wardrobe for this Fall! I guess I always felt like wearing darker colors gave me a more serious look but that’s totally not the case. Especially when you have fun with darker colors and prints. Like the striped dress that I’m wearing in today’s look. This dress is really flattering because of the bunching in the front camouflages anything you don’t want to accentuate in your tummy area. And the stripes keep the eye moving so you’re not staring at one part of the dress at any given time. Also, the dress has vertical stripes which is slimming. And last but not least, the sleeves make the dress even more fun!

I decided to pair it with black over-the-knee boots because I thought it made it more stylish than just pairing it with a black heel. Plus with Fall coming up, I just love using over-the-knee boots to take all of my summer dresses straight into Fall. And really, at the end of the day, I’m just super OBSESSED us with over-the-knee boots!

I finished off the look with a simple black clutch, a staple in any girls closet, and navy tassel earrings. I didn’t have black ones, so I ended up going with the navy, but I actually think it kind of made this outfit cooler than if I had stuck with the black that I have going on in the rest of the outfit.

I think this whole outfit would be really cute for work! Hope you guys luv it!




7 Thoughts

7 thoughts on “Bold Stripes!

  1. Great outfit! I really like the OTK boots with that dress. Heels would give the outfit a totally different look. Cheryl

  2. Thank you so much for always sharing such great outfits! Do you have any recommendations for very flat over the knee boots? My husband is a couple of inches taller than me and I prefer wearing flats, but love these looks! Any suggestions? Thank you!

  3. I am in LUV! I actually just went and bought this dress just because of you. I won’t look as good as you, but I am so excited to wear it!

  4. Love this dress! Do you mind me asking what size you are wearing in this dress? Just for reference because it seems like the sizes are a little different than normal for this dress. Thanks!

  5. Ali-
    Love reading your blog and seeing updates on fashion! I really want to get the boots and I know you have them in black and mushroom. I was wondering what color you think goes with the most stuff? I can’t decide on what color to get so need your advice!
    Thank you!

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